File:Pictionary Outcome 1.png

In this camp, I will draw a picture, and 8 people will have 1 guess to guess what I drew.


  • If you miss 2 challanges,your out.

Sign-Ups (OPEN) (Sign up as a USER)

  1. The Obvious Winner
  2. Izzynsierrafan12
  3. Zannabanna
  4. RR44
  5. Snow
  6. Johnny
  7. Flamethrower12
  8. Rex


No one Can Edit Here but Syle!


Day 1 2 3 4 5 6


What it was Couple,Love Nyan Cat Suicide Grade Cloud Trophy Flames United States Flag


Contestant Place Stats Total Votes Strikes Picture Eliminated Jury?
Jacob 9th OUT 3 1 Love,Couple (1) No
Snow 8th OUT 4 1 Nyan Cat (2) No
IN$F 7th OUT 6 1 Suicide (3) No
Mr. E 6th OUT 2 0 Grade (4) Yes
Johnny 5th OUT 0 0 Cloud (5) Yes
Survivor 4th OUT 0 0 Trophy (6) Yes
Zanna 3rd OUT 0 0 Flame (7) Yes
Rex 2nd IN 0 0 United States Flag (8) No
Liam 1st IN 0 0 NA No


User Who they want to win
Mr. E Liam
Johnny ???
Survivor ???
Zanna ???


Syle: Hello! I'll be Hosting Pictionary! Let's welcome our first 3 contestants, Mr. E,IN$F,and Zanna!

Zanna: *enters from Limo*

Syle: Not to be rude, But IN$F are you a guy?

Zanna: I think it is a he

Mr. E: Hello.

Zanna: hey

Syle: :D 3 more! :3

Jacob: Hey guys.

Syle: Whole Wheat, Lack of girls! D:

Jacob: What?

Zanna: It went to 4 to 8???

Syle: No, It went from 4 to 6 to 8. There was a 7 for like 2 minutes because of Lucas... >.>

Zanna: 3rd Round of Song Tournament is up, also I think after Total Drama: Art 2 I'm retiring from making camps......

Syle: Great, another great camp maker. Gone. I'm so cheesed off because of that. D:<

Zanna: Thank You and I said maybe, I'm actually starting to believe this wiki is dying. Someone snap me out of it

Syle: I'm gonna shake you till I wake you from this bad dream!!!! *Starts Shaking Zanna*


Syle: I have no idea.

Liam: Syle,change my name from Lucas to Liam.

Snow: Im the only girl? Wow.

Johnny: Zanna at least do what blommin did

Rex: *walks in* darn it... too late >.> *walks away*

Syle:*In A Demonic voice* NO, YOU STAY!

Rex: *in even more demonic voice* SURE!

Syle: *coughs* Ow. Anyways, Hey Rex,Long time no see;Challange 1 is starting now!

Challange 1

Welcome to challange 1! Here is your picture:

File:Day 1-Pictionary.png

Take a good look,and Guess! You have untill The 14th at 3:45PM EST.


Zanna: Kokori just so you know a lot of people Will Love......

Rex: whatever *sits down in corner and draws*

Zanna: *thinks about callbacks he has in 2 days*

(Zanna: What I just said is true. I got a callback!)

Syle: Zanna, Just 1 guess. Try again.

Zanna: 1 guess, so if I choose 1 and the other 1 is right I dont get a point???

Syle: X.X No. You can only put ONE Thing for your guess. Ie: User-Car

Zanna: -_-

Snow: *is mad*

(Snow: Lucky! Im an actress too)

(Liam: What kind of acting have you done?)

Snow: Can i be pink?

Syle: No. Why? If I let you have pink, others will ask me if they could have another color

Liam: I hope I am right....So Syle,I was wondering if you could do me a favor.

'Syle:What is it?'

Liam: Could you make a hedgehog of Flynn? (I am thinking of changing my account)

Syle: Who ever says "Hi" and your not competeing, Your now competeing! (Well don't.)

Liam: I am gonna change my account later.

(Zanna: Liam I do musical theatre and I've been in a commercial, and Trying to make it to the big time.)

(Syle: What's the commercial for?)

(Zanna: A store)

(Syle: The Store's name?)

(Zanna: D & M LLC)

(Syle: Can I see a link to the commerical? :3)

(Zanna: Giving it out would be giving out personal info, but I will give you hint It's on a website you post videos on)

(Syle: YouTube?)

(Syle: It is D&M Tile LLC?)

Johnny: HI!

Jacob: I know what this is, It's 2 people who love each other!

Johnny: Ya

Liam: In two days,look for Flamepuck12.That will be me.


  • Mr.E- Amore. (Love)
  • IN$F- People staring at a heart.
  • Zanna- Love
  • RR44-
  • Snow-Young love
  • Johnny- Guy loves gal
  • Liam- A couple about to get married
  • Rex- Love (Copy me and I kill you... I have enough people copying me at school already >.>)


The correct answer was "Couple". I'll take "Love" though.


Vote for IN$F,Johnny,or RR. You have untill September 15 (Tonight), at 6:00 PM EST.

Johnny: Sorry RR but no vote?

Zanna: I'm sorry RR but, I vote for you. Nothing personal. It's just that INSF at least tried when you didn't. Remeber nothing personal

Mr. E: I vote for RR, I mean, at least INSF tried.

RR: Mr. E, What kind of name is Mr. E?

Syle: No.Vote for IN$F Or Johnny.

Johnny: Why me I put Guy loves gal which is similar anyways I vote IN$F


Rex: *holds up two signs. The first says I vote for RR. The second says I LOST THE GAME! NOOOOO!!*

(Zanna: Callbacks at 7....Yay)

Syle: I LOST! Anyways, check my new siggy! Now is not a good time to photo copy your butt and and staple it to your boss's face! Oh No! 21:50, September 15, 2011 (UTC)

Liam: I changed my account!

(no one edit.)

Challange 2

It's challange 2. AKA Double elimination. Get ready. You must name the item as a whole. Not "------'s Face". It's making the picture go to the top of the page,so I had to put it in a gallery. Sorry.


Liam: What do you think of my new user name?

IN$F: ..... this mind boggles me!

Rex: *logs on, crying* Some jerk just punched me and gave me a black eye

Johnny: *punches Rex in the other eye* and thats for trying to win the easy way

Syle: D:< Rex is really hurt; I believe him, I lost an eraser today and I was crying, I got over it. Johnny, that wasn't nice punching Rex, say sorry and if you don't, you get an auto strike. >:D

Johnny: Sorry latly i've been having a double personality


  • Mr. E- Well. I honestly have no idea, but I'll just say Nyan Cat since I think that's what you would make it be.
  • IN$F- This is hard, but it reminds me of a Japanese letter I learned at school. So a Japanese Letter.
  • Zanna-Nyan Cat
  • Snow-
  • Johnny- Nyan Cat
  • Liam- Maze
  • Rex- The face of the general of Nyan Cats, Nyan Cat (so long xD)


Some of you failed. EPICLY. The correct answer was Nyan Cat.


Vote for: IN$F,Liam,or Snow. Remember, 2 of the 3 are leaving!

Johnny: IN$F But 2 completly wrong

IN$F: Snow, because she didn't participate. At least I did.

Rex: *has an ice pack over his over eye* I wish I could vote Johnny >~> ... But I vote Snow (dude, I do actually have a black eye. My nose could even have a fracture :'()

Johnny: (I believe you your my pal) Sorry I had to go to *voice change* H*** and Kill *voice change* the doctor

Mr. E: I'll vote for Snow, since INSF and Liam tried at least. Snow should go over them.

Johnny: This might change your mind

Liam: One Word. IN$F

Zanna: Snow left the wiki unless peace comes so I vote her and I vote INSF cause he was in the bottom lest week. Remember this is nothing personal

Rex: oh right... double vote... I also vote for Liam ^_^ cuase IN$F will never leave this early D:<

INSF: Oh, and I vote Liam aswell, since I have to vote for two.

Syle: X.x I meant 2 were LEAVING not a double vote. But, Since Rex has a black eye and a possible nose fracture, IN$F isn't leaving! Good-Bye Snow!

Challange 3

Wow. Challange 3! I have the correct ammount of contestants! Again, with the fail.


Rex: If my nose has a fracture it would only be a hairline one and it will heal...



  • Mr. E- A guy commiting suicide.
  • IN$F-
  • Zanna-Suicide
  • Johnny- A guy commiting suicide byjumping off a skyscraper
  • Liam- Free falling off a building
  • Rex- A guy with a mental disorder commiting suicide by jumping off a building.... he might not have a mental disorder though xD (even longer than last time xD)


:| It wasn't supposed to be 'Suicide'. It was orignally 'A guy accedently falling out a window'.

I guess Now it's 'Suicide'.


Vote for IN$F or Liam.

Rex: How were we meant to get 'falling out a window' from that? Anyway I vote IN$F... sorry buddy your streak just ended...

Syle: See the two rectangles in the biggest one? Winders.

Rex: you should've drawn the guy underneath one of the windows... That would have made abit more sense to the original meaning xD

Liam: IN$F of course.I wish i was a better guesser....

Zanna: Sorry INSF but I have to agree with what Rex said, your streak has just been ended. :(

IN$F: Goodbye everyone! *disappears*

Rex: Has anyone else noticed that so far everyone who was eliminated didn't do the challange in the episode where they were eliminated?

Liam: Strange isn't it?

Syle: Ok! IN$F Is out! and If your up for elim, YOUR VOTE DOESN'T COUNT.

Challange 4

'Final 5, challange 4. Ugh. So many Fail's.



  • Mr. E- A+ on a test, perhaps?
  • Zanna- Grade
  • Johnny- Writing a star paper above A+
  • Liam- Grading a test for someone who got an A+
  • Rex- The grading on a test ^_^ You got an A+ ^_^


The Correct answer was 'Grade'.


Vote for Anyone but Rex, Zanna,or Liam.

Johnny:I vote for MrE

Syle: As Much as Mr. E and Johnny would LOVE Voting, their votes don't count.

Johnny: Fine!

Syle: The reason? Their up for elimination.

Liam: Mr.E.

Johnny: Thanks Liam

Zanna: Hard *randomly shuffles* Mr. E I'm sorry

Johnny: Than you Zanna and its 2 votes already so MrE is gone

Syle: Rex still needs to vote. >:D

Johnny: Won't MrE still be eliminated

Rex: I votes *points at a cloud* That cloud! ^_^

Syle: Ok, The votes are in! Mr.E, your leaving with 2 votes!

Challange 5

Mr. E. left. He's the first member of our jury! The next eliminated will join him, and then they will vote who joins them. Anyways, here's your picture.

No one BETTER Say Sheep.

You have untill Tuesday the 20th.



  • Rex- That guy I voted for last episode xD
  • Liam- Cloud.
  • Johnny- A sheep's Wool
  • Zanna-Cloud


The correct awnser was Cloud.


Johnny, you were the only one who got it incorrect. That means your eliminated. Sorry.

Challange 6

Welcome to the final 3! Please chat here. Your picture:

File:Day 6-Pictionary.png

The fails are over! :D


Syle: Final 3, I want to tell you guys; You each will get a Userbox for acomlishing this far. The final 2 will get a picture of whatever they want, and the winner will co-host a camp with me,a userbox,and another picture. The userbox code is "pf3". Also, a plus is there will be a season 2, each of you will be a garenteed spot. Also, I'll welcome Survivor! Since there is 1 new contestant, after the next user is eliminated, the userboxes are awarded!

Liam: Awesome *does air guitar*


  • Liam-A trophy
  • Rex- The trophy for winnign the camp, like the one I won in anouther one of syle's camp ^_^
  • Survivor- a spittoon
  • Zanna-A trophy


The correct answer is.......

A trophy!


Survivor, your going out the same way Johnny did. Good-Bye.

Rex: And the final three get Userboxes! ^_^ YAY!

Liam: Yes! *high fives Rex*

(Rex: Stop editing the tables Liam, Syle said your not allowed to >.>)

Challange 7

Welcome,Final 3! I have a plus for you all! The pictures are now colored! xD Picture:


Syle:Template:Pf3 There's the Userbox for you all!

Zanna: When is this due. Also, I have an idea. Maybe the jury can vote, but the only real vote that should matter is Your's syle

Jacob: ........Uh, What am I doing here?


  • Rex- The flames that come out of the portal of evil, when you spin a paintbucket around fast enough, that releases the king of all demons and everyone shouts out without realising 'THE END IS NIGH. WE WILL WEAT YOUR BRAINS' *luaghs manically* ... Like I said, flames >.>
  • Liam-Fire
  • Zanna-Fire


Wow,Rex...o.O...That was...Deep. The correct answer is Flame,Fire.


Everyone was correct. This is the 1st time this has happened. I will bring a special voter this week...

RANDOM.ORG! Whoever is at the bottom of the list, is eliminated from list 2. Whoever is on the bottom of List 2, is eliminated.

In order of randomed:
  1. Zanna
  2. Rex
  3. Liam
Random List 1
  • Liam
  • Zanna
  • Rex

Rex is on to the final 2.

Final List
  • Liam
  • Zanna

Zanna is eliminated.

The Final Day

Syle: Chat Here as I fix some things.

Liam: Rex,I have enjoyed competing against you this season.

Challange-Part 1

This Finale is strange for a camp like this. First, I quiz you on the eliminations this season. Next, The guessing of what I drew. Last, A Jury vote. You can only get 4 votes.

This quizing format is like Let's Take A Quiz! You should both know how. (You guys were in both seasons.) The Quiz sescton is due Friday the 23rd.

  1. Why Was Zanna Eliminated?
  2. Who was the 1st eliminated?
  3. What did Rex say was weird about the first 3 eliminations?
  4. Who was the first in the jury,and what place did he get?
  5. What did I say on Day 1 about the genders?


Liam: Good job to the jury.

Syle: Liam, What do you want your picture of?

Liam: A cloud! JK,A random hedgehog character.

Syle: I'll be on it! Clothes or not?

Liam:yes clothes.

Rex: hmmm... I want my winner thing to be (if I win) a portal to the kingdom of the demons that is activated by paint bucket ^_^ *super demonic voice* DEATH TO ALL WHO SPIN PAINT BUCKETS *luaghs evilily in a really crazy and creepy way*

Rex: Liam changed one of his answers in the first challange and in the second challange >.> DETAIL IS MY THING LIAM >.> xD

Liam: Rex,sorry. Let's not fight though,ok?


  1. He lost the randomization after I survived and Liam did too
  2. Russel, who insited on being called Jacob xD
  3. They got eliminated in the epidoes where they did not do the challanges
  4. My mysterious buddy, Mr.E and he got eliminated after Russel, Snow and IN$F and before Johnny, Survivor, Zanna, whoever is eliminated from this episode and the winner, so 6th
  5. You said 'Whole wheat, lack of girls D:' cuase you love bread and Snow was the only girl and she was eliminated second round :P
  1. Zanna lost the randomization,but Rex survived.
  2. Jacob (RR44)
  3. They did no challenge that episode.
  4. It was Mr.E,and that guy came in 6th.
  5. Whole wheat,lack of girls.D:


You both got them right.

Part 2-Guessing

Part 2! Hope you 2 are EXCITED!!!

File:Final Pictionary.png

This is the final picture of season 1! Guess Well!


  • Rex's Final Guess: I don't feel like doing a super long guess like before, in every episode, giving alot of detail and going off track, so this will be straight answer, starting now, I mean now... aw forget it, it's the flag for the United States and there's like 52 stars each for one state... *looks at answer* darn it, it's long x.x
  • Liam's Final Guess: American Flag! And it has 52 stars!


It Doesn't have 52 Stars. D:< But both of you were correct. Again.. It was an American flag.

Rex: I said like cuase I think that's the number on the actual flag... there's like 52 states or something...

Johnny: Its 50!

Rex: soorry. I'm Australian not American >.>

Johnny: Thats one of the reasons everyone likes you.

Rex: awww.... and i was pretty close... only two off xD

Part 3-Jury Vote

Quickest Finale EVAR. Anyways, I will ask 1 jury member who they want to win and why. The reason has to be good.

Mr. E, Who do you want to win?

Zanna: 1? Really It is called a Jury not one person but whatever

Johnny: Can't we all vote but ask questions to the finalists like in survivor

Syle: I'll ask everyone 1 at a time. And no,Johnny.

Mr. E: So... it's Liam and Rex? Meh. Liam. :P

Syle: Why?

Mr. E: Cuz. 8D

Syle: o3o Ok,Johnny. Same question. Who do you want to win and Why? The reason can't be the same as Mr. E.'s.

Johnny: Liam , caue he voted for MrE's elimination instead of mine.

Syle: Survivor.... Also, you only get a picture if you win.

Rex: I voted a cloud... isn't it still in xD

Syle:I guess....It only gets to vote. >.<

Cloud:Yes. I want Rex to win, because he played a good game.

Syle: :\ This finale isn't moving along.....I guess Survivor won't vote. I'll get someone to vote for him >:D. Zanna, vote and then our surprise voter will vote.

Syle: Never mind... Survivor, Who do you want to win and why?

S321: Liam. I like him a lot and he's really cool!

Syle: I know who Zanna will vote for.

Rex: whatever *throws a smoke bomb to the ground and escapes from the camp* ^_^

Syle: I'm not sure though. If He votes Rex, It's a tie. I'll make ask someone to vote to break the tie.

Syle: Wait.... Liam has 3 votes.... So Liam wins no matter what.....I'm proud to announce.... The winner of Pictionary.....


After Winner Chat

Syle: I invite Rex and Liam to season 2! Good-Bye every One! Remember to Support on Featured Camp!

Zanna: And me I'm in Season 2 I got official spot for being in final 3 :D

Liam: Yes!!!!

Syle: Bye Everybody!

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