Haider, OHF here. :D





So, this ish my first quick camp, or quickie for short. ;)

Yeah... you'll be split up into 2 teams of 3, and do a challenge. Losing team PM's me teh votes, most votes is out. This continues, final 2, jury vote, blah blah blah, winner gets... the joy of winning. ._.



  1. Draven -1dra7
  2. Wes-Wes Holden
  3. Kim- Webly
  4. Daemon - Mrdaimion
  5. Nate-Natedog14
  6. Stefani- Shadowgeoff


O: Ohaider. :DDD

Holden: I hate u all

Draven: :D

Nate: Who is Ohaider? (this time he is stupid But still popular :D)

OHF: Ohaider = Oh hi there.

OHF: Time. >:D

Nate: Whats that, a pizza? *Takes OHF'S shoe and bites on it* UM pizza!

Week One

O: CHAT. :3

Holden: me must sleep

Draven: Hi.

Kim: I'm in it to win it.

Holden: *sleeps*

Stefani: *comes in in hair clipping dress* I now outshine those like Demi Lovato.


O: Oh dear. We have a Lovatic in the house. x.x

Draven: I don't likke Demi Lovato.....

Nate: *punches Dra in the Face* ALL HAIL DEMI LOVATO!

Draven: >:o You are so going home first.

Holden: agreed.

Draven: I vote Nate, even though it isn't voting time.

Nate: *Gets hit n the head with a pole, and suddenly hates Demi Lovato* DEMI LOVATO SUCKS


Challenge Uno

O: Simple. Im thinking of a number.. between 1 and 10...

Draven:..... 7.

Holden: 6

Nate: 10

Stefani: 3?

The number was... 5! Draven, Stefani and Holden are only competing now. Thinking of a number between 1 and 4.

Draven: I pick 3. (He said I could since Stefani and I both were the same amount away from 5.)

Holden: 2

Stefani: I pick 4?

O: ^ Fail. I said between. XDDDD Anyways, it was 2. Holden wins immunity! :D

Week 1 Elimination

O: Yeah. Vote.

Draven: Nate.

Nate: I vote Demi Lovato, SHE SUCKS

Holden: Daemon cause he didn't do the challenge

Stefani: Nate. His Poker Face sucks.

O: 2 votes Nate. He's ah-ah-ah-ah-ah out. Oh.. wew oh oh oh. I'll get him hot, show him what I got. Carry my, carry- o_o. Nvm. Nate. You are out.

Nate: i revote for DaeMon

O: No changing. If you didnt joke around, it would have been a tie, and no one would be eliminated. TOUGH LUCK. :P

Week 2

LOL. Almost forgot the teams. :P

The Slores

  • Nate
  • Stefani
  • Draven

The Quickie's

  • Wes
  • Dameon
  • Kim


Draven: ....No teams. >:|

Holden: they voted out someone on thbeir own team XD

Stefani: ...My teammates are crazy. *pulls out doll made of meat and stuffs it into a magical unicorn wardrobe* >.>

Week 2 Challenge

O: Whoever says, I WIN first, wins. :P

Stefani: I WIN.

O: Yes you do. :P

Week 2 Elimination

O: You know the rules.

And sooo dooo iiiiii!!!! Never gonna give you up - Never gonna let you down - Never gonna--


Holden: I have no idea what just happened so I jsu vote Daemon again

Draven: Daemon.

Stefani: Daemon. The Paparazzi will never love him. :P

O: You know who's out. :P

Week 3


Holden: final 4

Stefani: Woot. -w-

Holden: two more till final 2

Stefani: Looks like you know how to count. I don't, because I was born this way. <.<

Holden: fine but I'm still going to beat you in the end.

Draven: Derp.

O: Wewt. Tension.

Week Tres Challenge

Jaja, wow. Usted es inteligente, si usted entiende esto! : D Mira, esto es en español, por lo que fueron lo suficientemente inteligentes como para ir a Google Translator, o si sabes español. XD De todas formas, si usted entiende esto, escribe en el chat ", jaja, yo entiendo que WIN:..)"

Stefani: Yeah, I understand that I win.

O: Wewt.

Holden: I have to leave so I quit

Week 3 Challenge

SG, pick 2 people to eliminate

Stefani: >:) I eliminate Draven and Wes.

Le gasp. You heard the man. XD Kim and Stefani are the final 2. :P

LOJK. ;) Kim is out for missing too many challenges, so the final 2 is WES and SG. ;D

Stefani: ...Yay. -_-

O: Haw.

Week 4 - Finale

O: This part is all the challenges combined, PLUS a jury vote. >:D

Part 1 - I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 20.

Part 2 - Escribir gano.

Part 3 - Eliminated contestants vote for the winner

GO. :s

Stefani: 17?

O: Wow. One shot? XD Yes. It is 17. :P

Stefani: When If I win, I will use the money to pay for my overly-expensive music videos and widen my philantropy. So a vote for me is a vote for charity. :)

O: Meh. I'll choose the winner. v,v SG. YOU WIN. :33333

Stefani: :DDDDDDDDDDDD *melts away revealing SG*

SG: Now I can stop playing a Lady Gaga parody... v,v :P

Nate: WHY MUST A DEMI LOVATO HATER WIN *turns into Demi Lovato mand takes the money and runs away*

O: Ugh. *takes out laser gun and shoots Nate, killing him* Here you go. :3 *gives Sg the money* :D

Demi Lovato's Mom: You Killed HER! I AM GOING TO SUE YOU FOR A MILLION DOLLARS *Takes SG'S money and Runs away in her car*

SG: -_- *steals back money* Nate, stop. -_-

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