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New Constellations is a reality and competition original series written by Peppermint Princess that focuses on the themes of success and becoming a world-wide known superstar. Characters are divided into three groups ― singers, actors and writers ― with each group containing four contestants, each with ambition to win the contest in order to be offered a million dollars so they can proceed with their careers. The first season features twelve characters and episodes.


Everyday entertainers are aware that success is hard to obtain, and it takes a big portion of time and effort for one to become popular at whatever they're aiming to do. Whether it's music, acting or writing; everybody in the entertaining industry knows that the best way to succeed is through talent shows, which offer you big opportunities for the lowest costs. The meaning of a talent show does vary to some, however. Several producers came up with the concept for Starvation, a talent show for wannabe stars of all three main kinds of entertainment and shortly after sign-ups for the show were announced, it quickly became popular.

Twelve contestants were chosen, and they were sent plane tickets to Osmines, an island located in the Atlantic ocean. Although none of the contestants had heard of it, they just went with it because they were completely blown away for the fact they were accepted. They only discovered what Starvation truly was all about after entering the island and being put away from society in a far away forest with no exit, with access to little-to-none of the luxuries many of them were expecting.

They were shocked to discovered that Starvation is not actually a talent show, but rather a show about surviving in middle of nowhere and having to compete in everyday challenges. For the first six episodes, contestants from each group would have to compete in a challenge related to what they specialize in doing, and one by one, they would be chosen by the jury to be eliminated, until the last two from each category stood still. After that, all remaning six contestants would compete in more varied challenges and be elimated the same way. The host, Gary, watches as they fail and their dreams of becoming superstars shatter, and enjoys seeing them suffer in name of art. They will battle on to be given the chance to follow their dreams.

New Constellations depicts each of their struggles and successes whilst participating in Starvation.


Singers ♫

  • Brinique Hughes
  • Dorothy Clark
  • Rene Morgan
  • Will Burns

Actors 🎬

  • Aaron Thompson
  • Casey Hill
  • Eddie Scott
  • Scarlet Bailey

Writers ✒️

  • Jesse Brooks
  • Lucas Oliver
  • Nathan Parks
  • Phyllis Vasquez


Season one

No. Title Synopsis
1 To be added. The contestants arrive in Osmines and discover the true concept behind Starvation. The singers are given their first challenge and one of them is eliminated.

Elimination table

Season one

Warning: Spoilers surrounding the elimination order follow.
Finish Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
TBA. Brinique
TBA. Dorothy
TBA. Rene
TBA. Will
TBA. Aaron
TBA. Casey
TBA. Eddie
TBA. Scarlet
TBA. Jesse
TBA. Lucas
TBA. Nathan
TBA. Phyllis

     This contestant was part of the Singers.
     This contestant was part of the Actors.
     This contestant was part of the Writers.
     This contestant did not participate in this episode.
     WIN: This contestant won the challenge.
     SAFE: This contestant was up for elimination but survived.
     LOW: This contestant was the final contestant to be safe.
     OUT: This contestant was eliminated from the show.
     QUIT: This contestant quit the show.

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