The Resort for jury members.

People Here

Nobody except jury members are allowed here (until the winner, when everybody is allowed here).

  1. Sorrel - Sorreltail18
  2. Sunshine - Sunshineandravioli
  3. Tatiana - Anonymos
  4. Ben - Nalyd Renrut
  5. Noah - TBTDIF
  6. Greg - TBTDIF
  7. Jack -RockSK8R
  8. Tyra - TDI19
  9. Nalyd - Nalyd Renrut


Chris: Welcome!

Sorrel: *in a depressing voice* hey chris

Sunshine: *arrives* Darn that Nalyd... Sorrie!!! *hugs her, then holds up her immunity idol* I probably shouldn't have kept this, huh?

Sorrel:*niffles* huh oh yea you should've chucked at heathers small brain

Chris: So who do you girls want to win?

Sunshine: Christin, Tatiana, or Tyra. NOT NALYD, THE MEANIE!!!!!!!!!

Sorrel: my two friends who are still in Tatiana and Jack

Sunshine: So, what can we do here? I booorrrreeeddd...

Sorrel: talk about how Nalyd is such a jerk and Heather is such a big meanie back stabbing waanabe

Sunshine: I wonder who the other jury members will be?

Sorrela; really idk

Sunshine: I hope Nalyd and Heather... that means they won't be final two!

Sorrel: *cheers up* yea

Sunshine: Ha ha! I'm bored again. Let's break something!

Sorrel: we shall`

Sunshine: *grabs mallet* Let's go!

Sorrel: he he he

Chris: In their defense, Sorrel dropped out and Sunshine had an idol she didn't play.

(Sunshine: I was offline during the vote! UGH! I always get voted off while I'm offline!!!)

Chris: Okay, I take it back, except abotu Sorrel. And, Sunshine, what did Nalyd do to you?

Sunshine: Well, it all started about seventeen years ago when we were both hippies fighting for the rights of caterpillars... (LOL)

(FLASHBACK) Nalyd: *has long hair, wearing tye-dye* Caterpillars have rights too, man!

Sunshine: *looks exactly the same, except wearing a tye-dye apron* Yeah, man! Like, people disregard them until they're, like, butterflies and stuff, but they should have rights all their, like, lives!

Nalyd: Yeah, man!

Bystander: Hey, Nalyd, who is the man?

Nalyd: I don't know, man, but we fight the man!

Bystander 2: But what if it is somebody close to you?

Bystander: Like your mom?

Nalyd: Oh no! My mom's the man, man! Wah! My mom's a man! *gives up hippie ways and decides to go to harvard, resulting in his adventures at the ravioli academy*

Sunshine: Wait, so you're, like, going to become, like, smart? You, like, traitor!!!


Sunshine: And that's only the beginning! You would not BELIEVE what we went through...

Chris: Go on....

Sunshine: Well, after Nalyd graduated from Harvard, we met up again and started dating for a few months. (LOL awkward!!! XD) But then he accused me of cheating on him for Duncan, so I broke up with him. And that's not the half of it...

Chris: (LOL) And then.... o.O (This is ratings GOLD!) (IDEA FOR A NEW SHOW: We lock Sunshine in a room with a mirror and see what she does and what she rambles about! LOL! I LOL'd TWICE! LOL! RANDOM! I hate random! Whats wrong with me?) What happened next?

Sunshine: Well, there was that one incident with the plague of locusts and a hair dryer... oh wait, that had nothing to do with Nalyd. Oh yeah. Then there was my bro's camp... no further explination needed.

Chris: But you two have only been seen getting along on that camp! Is this whole conflict because of caterpillars and Duncan?

Sunshine: His voting me off sure didn't help either. Oh, and there was that one time he got a banana split in my hair... don't ask.

Chris: *gasps* ZOMG! We have a deleted scene from your brother's camp!

(CONF) Nalyd: When Sunshine doesn't have invincibility, she's going. Huge threat!

Chris: Wow.

Sunshine: Did you seriously just say ZOMG? o.O

Tatiana: (Arrives.) Hi Sunshine and Sorrel!!!! I can't believe they voted my out... But at least we're togethor again!

Ben: Hey guys!

Sorrel: hey taitana *hugs her* at least 2 of my best friends are here

Medic: (drops off Noah) Noah'll recover tommorow. We've run some tests, and he's fine.

Chris: Awesome! It turns out Ben is okay now too!

Sorrel: whts wrong with him!

Ben: My knee got really upset.

Sorrel: ya ok

Sunshine: When did they get here? o.O

Greg: *sighs* Hey.

JacK: Hey guys *seems sad* Sorrel!

Ben: How'd you guys get voted off?

Jack: My freinds turned on me.

Tatiana: I thought that Christin and I were friends... guess not... I still want her to win...

Sorrel: *walks out of the bushes* hey Taiana and Jack you got voted off?!? *hugs him*

Jack: Hey. How's it been?

Greg: Hey, that's weird. Sorrel, Sunshine...why do you look so familiar? (walks down the line) Hey *cringes* Noah...Ben...and Tatiana.

Sorrel: great! my 2 friends were here so that made it a lot more fun!

Jack: *kisses Sorrel, sees Nalyd and glares at him*

Picks to win

Ben - Nalyd, he's playing a gret game.

Sorrel: jack....duh!

Tatiana: I remember this from last time, I hope Nalyd wins.

Chris: No, really, this is picking who you want to win. Too controversial.

Sorrel kk

Tatiana: Right... So anyway, if it's what I think it is, I hope Nalyd wins, and if not, I hope Christin wins.

Sorrel: if jack doesn't win i go for christin!

Greg: I'd go with Tyra.

Nalyd: Christin!

Back to camp.

Chris: Go back to camp guys. Ask the finalists questions then we'll vote.

Hooray for Christin

Nalyd: You did great Christin!

Tyra: *comes in with press* OK, here is your surprise, Christin! I arranged for you to be on the cover of Star magazine! I took the liberty of getting you this nice, sparkly, white, dress and shoes!!!

Christin: Oh my... Tyra! Y-you shouldn't have!!! Really? Me???

Nalyd: Christin, you desevre it.

Christin: *blushes a little* I'm not that pretty... I'll look weird as a covergirl...

Nalyd: Trust me... *in a richard simmons voice* It'll be fabulouth! If you believe in you i believ in you! (LOL! Poor Richard Simmons. Why do people always pick on her?)

Christin: ...okay...

Sunshine: *holding her sawdust cannon* Can we break stuff now?

Heather: (Arrives.) Congratulations, Christin!

Tatiana: (Arrives.) Yeah, congrats! Say, Heather, when did you start being so nice to Christin?

Heather: Since we made up.

Christin: Yep, a clean slate. Like the camp never happened.

Chris: Except for the million dolalrs.... *brings out lots of food*

Heather: Exactly!!

Tatiana: Tyra, could I be on the Star Magazine cover too? That would be awesome!!

Sunshine: Seriously, do we get to break stuff now?

Tyra: Hmmm... I know! The Top 10 can all be in the background! Also, I have an announcement for Christin.

Chris: ME too! You first.

Tatiana: That would be awesome!!!! Thanks!!! Oh, but, what were you gonna say?

Christin: Announcements?

Tyra: Thanks Chris! I am taking this as the official announcement that Christin, you will be doing a little more reality TV work.

Christin: M-more?

Tatiana: Does that mean that you got excepted into TDI's Next Top Model Cycle 2?

Tyra: You spoiler! Tatiana!

Christin: *gasps* I got in? I got in!!!

Tyra; Yup! YOU GOT IN GIRL!!!!!!! Wooo-hooo!!!!!

Chris: Oh, this isn;t very good news. I should wait.

Tatiana: You know, I was considering auditioning for Cycle 2, but it sounds too late now...

Christin: *gulps* Wh-what's the bad news?

Tatiana: Tyra, is it too late to audition for Cycle 2? Cause I really wanted to, but was to busy to submit a photo.

Chris: Well since you, my niece, won, th enetwork won't let me host. So guess which favorite uncle is moving in?

Nalyd: Oooh, thats cold. Congrats Christin!

Tyra: Oooohhhh... that stinks. *to Tatiana* Between you and me, I have only chosen a few so far. You have time.

Tatiana: Yay!! I'll submit my entry tonight!

Izzy: *flies in* This isn't Chuck E. Norris's, right? Is it?

Sunshine: Man, poor Christin. So, seriously guys, can we break stuff now???

Christin: *sighs* Great...

Nalyd: So who is signing up for season FIVE???????????

Sunshine: I WILL WWWWIIIIIIINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heck, I've still got this! *holds up immunity idol*

Tyra: I think I will... I mean I made 4th!!

Tatiana: You better believe I'll be back!!

Heather: What the heck? I'll be back too!!

Christin: I don't think I'll come back. I already won this camp, it wouldn't be fair.

Izzy: *Still there* What are you talking about?

Sunshine: *sudden realization* I'M AFRAID OF CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah: I gonna nise uh for Season 55..with Coddhee...

Greg: I gotta stop following him around.

Sorrel: yah Christin won!

Nalyd: Christin! You gotta come back! You'd do awesome!

Tatiana: Christin!! Please come back!!

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