Yeah. You get the picture. xD

People Here

  1. Noah - TrentFan
  2. Derek - S321
  3. B - S321
  4. Ginger - LightningandDakotaFan6
  5. Lightning - Sunsummer7
  6. Izzy - ParaGoomba348
  7. Mike - Totaldramamike13
  8. Cody - Totaldramamike13
  9. Brick - S321
  10. Roxanne - ParaGoomba348
  11. Jeanette - Franky494
  12. Juan-Juantheawsome
  13. Jo - Scienceboy0
  14. Dawn - TrentFan

Playa de Losers

Lightning: *relaxing in pool*

Brick: I despise this place! I want to leave badly and explore Australia!

B: Yeah, me too!!!

Lightning: You'll be fine once you get used to it. Check out my hands! *shows them, they are nearly healed* So, what's your take on Tommy? I like him.

Brick: He got me voted out! I didn't want Jo to outlast me either! It's so unfair! I hate you Jo!

B: Yeah! I want to still be in the game!!

Lightning: Well, B. Technically Tommy didn't get you out, but I can understand your pain, Brick.

Brick: At least you weren't voted out! I want to make it back into the game and outlast Jo again! I never want her to outlast me!

Lightning: Hmm, *gets smoothie* Smoothie?

Brick: No, I'm too angry to drink anything! I need to figure out a way to make it back into the game and prevent Jo from outlasting me again! I'LL SHOW HER WHO'S BOSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Lightning: *to B, Brick, and Derek* So maybe you guys could scheme and form a plan. Have a meeting with each other and when you all agree on a plan, you do it. Then I'll sit in the theater and Derek will be there, using walkie talkies.

Brick: Ok. We'll take down Jo and I'll manage to outlast her!

Lightning: Uh... you can discuss now. *runs off*

B: Maybe we can pretend to be ghosts and scare Jo to the point of wanting to get voted out, and then Chris will love our scheme and let us re-enter the game!

Brick: That's genius!

Lightning: *comes back* Sorry, I was getting a smoothie. But Jo's still pretty tough.

Brick: Still, we're not giving up.

Lightning: I'm gonna watch Full House.

Izzy: Wow! This is awesome! (Swimming in pool like a shark) I can't believe that there's another one of these places! Though I'm a bit surprised Roxanne's still in the game.

Kangaroo: *drops Roxanne* Not anymore. *jumps away*

Roxanne: Well, I guess this is what I wanted.

Lightning: Yep.

Mike: THis is the Life!

Cody: Heck yea Getting ot of the game is a real treat!

Lightning: So, Mike and Cody? What do you think of Tommy?

Mike: He is the reason why im out but i think hes playing a good game

Cody: I was no threat but he voted me out

Lightning: Who do you think will win? I think it's gonna be Tommy. He eliminated Derek, Ginger, Izzy, Mike, Cody, Brick, Roxanne, Jeanette, and Juan. 9 eliminations out of twelve. That's 75% of the exits this season. He's playing hard, he deserves the win. Am I right?

Mike: Thats True But Dawn Is Not active what so ever!


Lightning: *watches Full House*

Roxanne: Full House? I remember this show. Always used to make me laugh. You know, when I still did.

Brick: I really hope that Jo goes next, then Tommy. I have a feeling that he's not as wonderful as everyone claims. He's already leading a crusade!

Derek: Yeah! Something seems a little odd about him.

Juan:im here thanks to that Tommy and Johnny

Lightning: To be fair, he's just playing the game. You're probably just butthurt.

Brick: I guess, but it still sucks.

Derek: I agree with Brickhouse.

Juan:will i hope they belive what i said i warned them about them

Brick: Maybe he will. I just hope he doesn't.

B: I want Jo to get blindsided, then him.

Juan; mind if i change it to My td vs customes *changes it* hahahaha Jo is gonna get eliminated

Mike: If we get to vote the winner id definately choose Dawn Paper Or Tommy

Cody: I Agree Mike there the 3 That Needs to win

Mike: Well Juan Was Right jo than dawn than paper than jonny than tommy!


Opinions on Tommy

Juan: even though you got me out i think you will win

Mike: Great game very stratigic

Roxanne: He's a really strategic guy, but he's not all freaky about it.

Jeanette: I really don't want him to win because he a strategic Backstabbing Traitor

Opinions on Johnny

Juan: you will make it to the final 2

Mike: You Dont talk much


Opinions on Paper

Juan: your next after dawn

Mike: You WIn This thing too!

Jeanette: I Like you

Opinions on Dawn

Juan; your out after Jo

MIke: You Awesome WIn This Thing

Jeanette: Well Done Dawn, Good Luck

Roxanne: She's nice, I'll give her that.

Opinions on Jo

Juan; your out next

Mike: Intirely i dont think Jo deserved it as much as Paper or Tommy Becasue she dubued she dident work as much

Izzy: This girl's lame! She's not crazy, just very manly!

Jeanette: Jo, I hope u make the final 3

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