&nbsp Your in the woods,in your treehouse,talking to your friends about what to do. Then,they get hungry. They Go with you to go get snacks,but on your way, You 4 get ambushed. Somthing sprays you,knocking you unconscious. You then wake up,Finding out your in a room.Everything is larger then you. You realize,Your shrunken!

Don't edit bold,bold is larger people/things around you. (Megan's sisters,Mother,Toys,Etc.)


  • You Can't cuss.
  • You can't just leave the area the group is in.
  • You can collect items,Just 4 at a time.


  • You can Die,by falling from a hight,getting stepped on, and getting something dropped on you.
  • This Doesn't end untill....It's a Surprise!
  • If you edit bold,If you do Your injured automaticly. Bold is people around you. (Megan's sisters,Mother)

Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

Audition on the talk.

Audition like this: (Name-Gender-Sterotype)

  1. Ilis- Female- The Welsh pretty girl-BlaineleyRox222
  2. Rex - Male - The Link Enthusist - Rex (If you want i'll do the large word coding for you :3)
  3. Ty- Male-The Speed Demon-Takeonthekiller1
  4. Dora- Female- The Nervous Indian Chic-Cree
  5. Chexon-Male-The Strategist-Takeonthekiller1
  6. Jacob-Male-The Anti Alejandro-RR44

Elim. Table

Person Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 How They Died/Got Injured
Megan Survived Survived Survived
Dora Debuts Day 2 Survived Survived
Jacob Day 4 Debuter
Rex Survived Survived Survived
Illis Survived Injured Survived DEAD 2:Sweety Sat on her, Making her Limp. 4:Sugar Stepped on her.(Deja Vu?)
Chexon Debuts Day 3 DEAD He dissappeared.
Ty DEAD Sugar Stepped on him.


Your in a room. Everything appears bigger than you.

Rex: O.o this is like that time i wen't to my crazy uncles house X.X we all got shrunk and a cat tried to eat us.

Megan: We don't have pets. My mom's allergic to cats.

Rex: right... my other uncle, who was evil, got killed when a snail melted him xD jk it was a game xD i never got shrunk xD

Megan:Well,Now you are.

Ilis: *wakes* *screams* Everthing is giant!!!!!

Megan:Ummm Yeah. We Were ambushed in the forest.Remember?

Ilis: Oh, yeah.

You hear Loud footsteps. You Look up and see Megan's Sister,Sweety.

Ilis: *screams*

Megan: Sweety!!!!

Sweety: *Looks Down* Huh? Megan? Why are you small?

Ilis: u...da..muh....meep.

Megan:*Moves Finger Signaling Come here*

Sweety: *Is Laying On Ground* Yes?

Ty: I'm freakin out man! *crashes into a toy chest*

Megan: Put Us On The Coffee table.

Sweety: *Puts Them On the Coffee Table*

Megan: Ok, We'll Push The remote off the Table when we need you.

Ilis: *Sits and cries*

Megan: *Slaps Illis* SNAP INTO IT!

Ilis: Oof! *Stops* But Everything Is GIANT! *In a muffled voice no one can understand*

Ty: Chill, ladies. *falls off coffee table*

Ty: My kiwis!

Megan:*Rolls Eyes* Your Such an Idiot. *Lowers String down*

Ilis: Tut, Silly Boy.

Ty: You try falling off a giant coffee table and landing on a wood floor!

Ilis: Okay. *falls* Ow!

Megan: o3o Their Dluisional. We are in my living room.

Ilis: *climbs the string*

You Hear More foot steps.

Megan: It's my mom! Act Like a Toy!

Rex: *pulls sword from his backpack and poses*

Ilis: *poses like a doll*

(Rex: i'ma just gonna change my stereotype :P this one won't do xD sorry...)

Megan's Mom:Sweety, no more Leaving your toys in the living room.*Walks up the stairs to Sweety's room*

She Puts us in the doll house. She closes The door.

Ilis: Oh! beds! Yay!

Rex: *opens closet door (in doll house) then shuts it immediatly* uh guys.. don't be alarmed BUT THERE'S A SPIDER IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 1

Escape from Sweety's Room

Ilis: So, what do we do now?

Megan:Escape from Sweety's room. We might be small enough to fit under the door.

Ilis: Maybe.

Megan:Wait...Where's Ty?

Rex: i wonder if i should kill the spider...

Megan: Let's Get out of here! *Runs to the door*

Rex: what about Ty? and the evil spider >~<

Ilis: *follows Megan*

Rex: I'LL DEAL WITH THE SPIDER >:) *swings sword around*

Megan: >.< No You won't GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!

Rex: I thinkth the spider hasth Ty...

Megan:No. He's Still Down Stairs. Let's go!

Rex: *grumble* fine >~> *swaps his sword for his hookshot and shots it at the door but smashs into it* OWWWW!!!!

Megan: *helps Rex*

Ty: Guys? HELP!!

The Door

Rex: *searches through backpack* now where was that fire wand... hmmm *throws the items out as he says them* arrow, arrow, arrow, bomb, sword ... I left it at home -_-

Ilis: Megan, Theres something behind the door....

Megan: What?

ilis: I dont know but I can hear it...

Megan: let's Find Out Then! *Crawls Under Door*

Ilis: *follows Megan*

Rex: oh right i keep it in my pocket xD *pulls it out of his pocket* now to burn this... hey where are you going?

Ilis: To see whats on the other side!

Rex: *shrugs and crawls under door* (i lov LOZ i love LOZ i love LOZ!)

Ilis: *sneezes*

Megan: Bless You.

Ty: *At The Bottom Of the Stairs* There you guys are! I was worrying you would not find me.

Ty Turns Around,And Sees Sugar,About to step on him.

Sugar Steps On Ty,Thus Killing Him

The Stairs/Upstairs Hallway

Everyone is out in the hallway,

Megan: D: Ty!

Ilis: Oh no!!!!!

Sugar Walks Into her room,and Screams and Yells "MOM,THERE'S BLOOD ON MY SHOE!"

Megan: D: Sugar! SHUT UP!

Sugar:Huh? Who Said That?

Megan: Me,You Idiot! You Stepped On My Friend!

Sugar:Megan? *Stamps Foot,almost stepping on us*

Megan:*Grabs Ilis and Rex, Lifts Them up on the Railing of the steps* Jump down,You'll Land on my very soft couch! Do it! I'll Be down afterwards!

Ilis: *glug* Okay. *jumps* WHEEEEeeeeee...

Megan:*Pushes Rex Down* Go!

They Both Land Safely on the couch.

Megan: *Jumps off Through the railing* WHEEEEEE!!!!

Megan Lands Safely.

The Group is on the couch. They sit up, And Try to stay hidden.

Megan:Be as Quiet as Possible. We can camp in the couch for the night,And In the morning,*Yawns* We Can Continue our adventure.

Ilis Lies Down and falls asleep.

Megan and Rex Do the same.

Day 2

The Couch-5:30 AM

Rex: *yawn* :3

Megan:*Wakes Up* Hey Rex.*wakes Illis* Ok, Here's The Plan,At 7:28 AM Sharp, My Sister Sweety gets up, She sits on the couch,and watches My Little Pony,after she sits down, she Pauses the TV gets up and gets a bowl of Lucky Charms. At 7:28, We Ask Her to take us to the kitchen. After that, We Make a Break for the Basement door.

Rex: should we worry about the spider? I think it broke out overnight (spider xD)

Megan:No. Sweety Called Mom Up and she killed it. Ok, We Try to get down the steps, after that,We Make a Break for the door. It's Rex's Time to use his Fire thingy. We go through the hole he Burns, And We Will Stop There for awhile.

Rex: sure *searches through backpack again* ice wand, ocarina, empty bottle, empty bottle, ah here it is :D *pulls out fire wand*

Megan:Keep That Safe.

Rex: don't worry, my backpack is special :3 i never lose anyth- hey where'd my fire wand go?!? (xD)

Megan:*Rage Guy*

Rex: joking xD *pulls it out of backpack* if i lose anything it gets teleported to my backpack xD that's why it's special :P

Megan: Oh.

Rex: i wonder what time it is...


You Hear Loud Footsteps. Sweety Comes Down and Sits On Illis. Illis is killed.

Megan:7:28. (Yeah, Time Is like the sims on here. Every Second is a Minute.) Sweety! *Climbs on Her Shoulder* Your sitting On My Friend! Also,Take us to the kitchen!

Sweety:I'm Soooo Sorry! Also,It's 7:30! *Takes them to the kitchen*

Rex: poor Illis...


Sweety:We're Here! *Sets Them on the counter*

Rex: *pulls out the two wands* one to burn and one to make sure your house doesn't get destroyed :3

The Counter

Megan: Ok. Use your Fire wand to make the hole, Then The Ice wand to stop the fire.

Rex: *uses the fire wand* YAY FIRE >:D *tries to use the ice wand but it doesn't work* come one D:< wait... i don't have any magic power left Dx I can't stop the flame...

Megan:Great,Now, You have to use the one Where it wont burn my house down.Now,How Do We Get down?

Dora: I know!

Megan: Who Said That? And You Do?!?

Rex: well if i had some mint and some apples i could make a green potion... then i could use the ice wand...

Megan: My dad Like Mint, on apples So we have them both! *Shows Rex a Bowl With Mint and Apples In it Labeled "Dad"*

Dora: Emm... Hello?

Megan:Oh Sorry. Do You Know how to get us Down? This is a 5 foot drop. Which can Kill us.

Dora: Emm... I've got no idea ^_^ I said that, couse I wanted you to notice me xDD Yeah... Sorry... xP

Megan:I have an Idea.Rex Finish that potion And Make a Ice Slide Down to the floor.

Rex: K *climbs up into the bowl and starts making the potion* i forgot how many bottles i have xD

Megan: You Had 2.

Dora: But he can hide some more of them xDDD

Megan: LOL

Rex: *stops and counts* i have at least 20... *continues making the potion*

Dora: ;) As I said... xDDD

Rex: *finishes and starts pouring it into the bottles* I'm never gonna have to buy green potions again xD

Megan: Ok. Start The Slide!

Rex: *drinks one bottle* x.x i ate the taste *puts the flames out and starts the slide*

Megan: *Starts Sliding on the Slide* WEEEEEEE

Dora: Here we go! *start sliding*

(Your On The Floor.)

Rex:*slids head first then spins around on the slide* WAHOOOOOOOO

Dora: *stand on the floor opposite to the slide*

Megan:*Grabs Dora and Rex and heads for her basement door*

(Cree: Ok, I gotta go now, cuz it's almost 0:30 >:D I won't be able to get on my computer for some days, so pleaaaseee... Don't kill me >XD

(Syle: I won't.)

The Stairs-8:30 PM

Megan:*Pulls Rex and Dora Under The Door* Let's sleep here for the night, *Yawns* We'll continue the plan tommrrow....

A Weird Cloud of gas Comes under the door. The Group Falls asleep.

???:*Evily laughs* You'll Never Make it to your treehouse! I'll Kill All Of You! All Of You! *Ties Them above A Deli-Slicer*

Day 3

Deli-Slicer Escape

(Don't edit, The Group is still asleep.)

Rex: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Megan: *Singing in her sleep* If you do the cookig by the book, Then you'll have a Cake! You gotta have it made! You know That I love cake! Finally It's time to make a Cake! If You do the cooking By The Book;

Sugar: Cake!

Rex: *wakes up cuase of suger* GAH! why are we tied up?!?!?

Megan:*Wakes Up Because Of Rex* Gah! A Deli Slicer? Sugar? Why Do You Have a Bucher Knive? D: You Were Trying to-

Sugar: Yes. I Hate You.

Megan: Your Nuts.

Sugar:Yes,I have nuts. *Pulls out a Conainer of peanuts*

Rex: whose Suger?

Megan: My Evil Older Sister! She was nice to me upto when I was 15, Now she hates me.

Rex: I have anouther question. Why are your sisters named after flavors?

Megan: I don't know. I Guess I'm The Odd One Out. My Dad's Name is Citrus,and My mom's name is Flour.

Rex: *snickers then burst out luaghing*

Megan:*Swings Over,Bumping into Rex,and Braking the rope more* Uh oh!

Rex: *cuts the rope that's binding him with his sword then ties it around his hand and hangs* nnow just to get anouther item from my backpack xD (anouther?!?!? xD)

Megan:*Is Freaked Out* What Are You Doing?!?!??!?(We are all tied in the same rope.)

Dora: Yeah...

Megan:*Pushes Rex and Dora To Safety* Now, If Some one dies, It I'll Be Me!

The Rope is At the the Point of breaking.

Megan: Someone Help Me!!!

Rex: *pulls a grappling hook out of his backpack and swings it around Megan* (sorry... it's just when you said 'swings over' before it made me think we weren't tied together...)

Ty's Ghost: *floats* Sugar...

Ilis: *Walks in, limping* Ow, I think someone sat on me! Oh, right. *climbs the ice slide and shuts off the slicer* There!

Ty's Ghost: Iiiiilllliisss..

Ilis: Uh, AAAAAH! Gho- oh its Ty. Yes whaddaya want?

Ty's Ghost: Nnothing. I will be watching over all of you! *vanishes*

Ilis: Yeeeah..... Anyway whos the indian chick?

(Ty :BR222 check ur talk)

(Blaineley: I sent you a message ;))

Dora: O.o Me, I gusse...

(Who's Ty's Ghost? I didn't say there was a Ty's Ghost.)

Megan:Ok, Race Down the Ice slide! *Slides down* WEEEEEEEH!

Sugar Angryly Races to Turn the deli slicer back on. Everyone hurries up to the Slide,They Slide down,and the make a dash for the door,They Make it, But they Realize, Someone's Missing! Crack The Mystery to find out who's in the group!

1.The Guy that has a Backpack is in the group.

2.The One Who's name is the oddest in her family.

3.Who was the one who got sat on?

4.This person has the name of a cartoon character.

Who Is the one who is missing?(Out of the 5 in play. Megan,Rex,Ilis,Chaxon,and Dora.)

Dora,Rex, Try again. This is not a Quiz.

(Rex: 5 are in play)

(Syle:Oh. *Face Palms*)

Rex's Guess


Illis's Guess


Dora's Guess


Chexon's Guess

The Right Characters Get to live untill day 4. (You can Choose Yourself.)

(Is it ilis?)

(Is That Your Guess?)

(No, I think its Dora :P)


Megan: Hey, Where's Chexon? But Any ways, We have to make it down the steps. *Starts climbing down the steps*


Megan:*Halfway Down the steps*

Chexon:I am here guys! (No Your Not. Your Dead.)

Dora: O.o

Megan: Come on!

Rex: *jumps down the steps* do you have any plan to get back up after?

Megan: We Don't need to. I think if we make it back to the forest path where we wer ambushed,We might grow back to normal size.

Rex: that makes sense :3 *makes anouther ice slide and slides down it* WAHOO!!

Megan: *At The Floor* Hey, Couldn't you make that before I started down?

Rex: *crashes into megan* x.x no

Megan: Owch.

Rex: Sowy <:3

You Hear a Radio Blaring. This Song Is Playing over and Over again.

Ilis: Gah! My head! Stupid song.

Dora: Argh! *cover her ears with her hands*

Illis Trips,and falls down the steps. Megan Catches her at the bottom.

Megan:Are You OK?

Ilis: Yes, thanks to you.

Megan:Dora, Come down!

Dora: I'm comin' on! *come down*

Megan: Let's Rest Here, then We'll do the plan.

Day 4


Someone (Jacob) Comes and wakes everyone up.

Megan: Huh?

Dora: What's up!?

Ilis: Huh?

???: Hey guys.

Dora: Who the heck are you!?!

Jacob: I'm Jacob. Y'know, The person who builds many roller coasters. Like Iron Wolf. Wanna see?

Dora: Sure, but... WE'RE TOO SMALL!!! ==" Try to think gringo!

Jacob: I also make small coasters like Taxi Jam. Wanna see?

Megan: Yeah We are all shrunken.

Jacob: *Gets out his roller coaster wand and poofs out a small dragon wagon roller coaster they call Taxi Jam* Let's Ride!

Dora: Wow! I'm in!

The Radio is now playing "Friday".

Megan: Me and Rex are gonna Check out the source of the Music. *Drags Rex to source of music* (Keep Chatting here.)

Dora and Jacob are on the Taxi Jam

Jacob: Isn't this awesome?

Dora: Yes, it iisss!!! Yaahooo!!! :D

Jacob: Well it's gonna get better! *Gets Roller Coaster Wand and changes the roller coaster into the Runaway Reptar roller coaster* YEEEE HAWW!!!!!!!

The Door from Upstairs opens; and Sugar comes down, stepping on Ilis. Ilis is Killed.

Jacob: What the? STOP THE RIDE!!! *Rides stops and Jacob and Dora get off to see* OH MY GOSH! THEY KILLED ILLIS!

Sugar Walks back up the steps, stepping on the Roller Coaster.

Dora: Ay, caramba! *run away*

Jacob: *Runs away*

Megan and Rex Return. A sock comes flying through the door, landing on Jacob.

Megan: D: Jacob. A SOCK? Why were you going through my Laundry?

(Syle:I'm thinking of deleteing this camp. I mean, No one is active anymore,and the last edit was 2 or 3 weeks ago.)


Megan and Rex are the only two left,and the make it to the forest clearing. They take a moment to remember Illis,Jacob,Dora,Ty,and Chexon. Dora died because Rex accednely caught her on fire. Jacob died beacuse of the coveing by the sock. Megan and Rex ran though the forest clearing, and made it to the treehouse. They then met Sweety,who grew them to normal size. The two then told Megan's parents and The grounded Sugar. FOR LIFE. The End.

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