Episode 1: "It's Gonna Be Warfare"

Day One


Chris: Hello! I’m Chris McLean, we’re here in Raja Ampat, known for it’s exotic beauty and culture. 16 canadians will now be faced with the harsh conditions, they will be secluded from the world with no touch to outside civilization. They must adapt before they are voted off. By the end of the 39 days, 1 will remain. And will be rewarded with one million dollars!

Dramatic shots of Raja Ampat

Chris: *standing in a grassy middle area, with a body of water next to him* I think I hear them now!

A speed boat of 8 of the castaways soon approaches the shore

Courtney: [CONF] I know how to win-- I’ve been doing it all my life! I always strived to be the best, I’m a C.I.T, I have experience! No matter what anyone tries to pull, I’ve got this in the bag.

Noah: [CONF] Not gonna lie, I don’t really want to be here. But I’ve got nothing else to do… I’m certain I am the smartest guy here, so, I might as well win.

Blaineley: [CONF] I’m BLAINELEY. The co-host from Celebrity Manhunt. I know how to play dirty and make things dramatic, and I’ll make sure everything stays interesting...

Dwayne: [CONF] Leaving my son and wife and the office behind is hard, but I came here to win for my family, and that’s just what I’m gonna do. Old Pops can do some damage!

Laurie: [CONF] Being a vegan, I’m used to being laughed at and made a fool of. But I’m gonna play with integrity and honesty. You don’t have to play dirty to win this game.

The speed boat stops and Laurie, Anne Maria, Courtney, Blaineley, Tom, Dwayne, Topher, and Noah get off

The next speed boat soon approaches, with 8 castaways as well

Taylor: [CONF] My daddy usually does everything for me, but like, this time I’m like gonna school these chumps. They will all epically flop. I’m gonna be more rich then I am already! *grins*

Brick: [CONF] I’m large and in charge! With military experience, I have no doubt I’ll excel in a game like this. I’m all about teamwork and honesty, but I will lie if I have too.

Rock: [CONF] When others were 18, they were moving out of their parents house, getting jobs… me? I still live in my mom’s basement! I need this money, I need to get my life together. I’m ready to fight and win this game!

Sky: [CONF] Being as athletic and social as I am, it’s easy for me to solidify myself. I know how to push myself AND others. I have no dilemma’s in a game like this. I’m going for the gold!

Alejandro: [CONF] Look at me; I’m gorgeous… I am pretty confident I’m the smartest person here. Meh, if I have to play dumb and just look pretty, I’ll do it. But watch out Castaways. You won’t know what hit you.

The speed boat stops, Crimson, Taylor, Sky, Bridgette, Rock, Brick, Geoff, and Alejandro come off

Chris: Hello! And welcome to the first season of Marooned!

Everyone: *claps*

Chris: Is everyone excited?

Everyone: Yes!; Woohoo!; Totally!; No.

Chris: Two of you will be here for at LEAST 39 days! *points to Courtney* Hey, how great is this opportunity?

Courtney: It’s awesome! Y’know, it’s such a brilliant idea and to be on the FIRST season? This is such a great opportunity! And I can’t wait to see what happens.

Chris: Well let’s not keep you waiting! We have split you into tribes… on the Salawati tribe we have… Crimson! Taylor! Sky! Bridgette Rock! Brick! Geoff! andddddd Alejandro! *throws red buffs to them*

Sky: *puts it on* Nice.

Geoff: Radical brah!

Chris: On the OPPOSING tribe… which will be formally known as Waigeo we have… Laurie! Anne Maria! Courtney! Blaineley! Tom! Dwayne! Topher! andddddddddd Noah! *throws blue buffs to them*

Topher: I will look SO good in this shade of blue! *puts it on*

Anne Maria: *shrugs and puts it on*

Chris: Okay, supplies are at camp, BUT first, you guys have to FIND your camp. *throws map and compass to Courtney* Courtney will lead for Waigeo and *throws map and compass to Sky* Sky will lead for Salawati. Good luck castaways, your first challenge starts TOMORROW. So get rest.

Salawati walking to camp

Crimson: *walking*

Geoff: [CONF] Out of everyone, Taylor seemed the most unbearable...

Taylor: *whining* UGhhhuaghH! Are we there yet?! We’ve been hiking for like EVERRRR! If you guys get my shoes scuffed you are SO dead.

Sky: Hold on Taylor, we’ll get there soon.

Bridgette: *nods as she walks*

Rock: *yawns* I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m at camp, I’m goin’ to bed!

Alejandro: *to Sky* It’s very awesome of you to lead us senorita… you’re very smart and talented.

Sky: *fake smiles* Haha… thanks. [CONF] Alejandro is sketchy to me… he’s obviously a flirt, and I just get this bad vibe around him. I’ve got my eye on him. And NOT because he’s stunning.

Waigeo walking to camp

Laurie: *humming as she walks*

Anne Maria: *swatting away flies* Ugh. This is NOT good for a lady.

Tom: The flies are very annoying.

Topher: *nods* But whatever. I can’t WAIT for my close up! *squeals*

Noah: *rolls eyes* Let’s just hope we get there soon. *reads book* [CONF] I feel like I’m losing brain cells every time they speak… but I’ll have to get used to it I guess.

Courtney: *walking forward* Ugh. This map is dumb!

Blaineley: *yawns* Yeah whatever sweetie. Just get us to camp like… right now? I need to get my tan ready for the promos.

Dwayne: *points to their camp* Ey’! I think we found it! Courtney: Yes! Woohoo!

Team: We did it!; Yeah!; Cool!

Salawati camp

Sky: We finally got to camp everyone!

Crimson: *deadpan* Woohoo.

Taylor: Yeah! Like; finally!

Brick: *puts hand on Sky’s shoulder* Good job m’am!

Alejandro: You really did great Sky… *looks into Sky’s eyes*

Sky: *blushes* [CONF] I know I shouldn’t fall for him… but ugh… those eyes!

Rock: I’m gonna hit the sack! See y’all later! *about to walk away*

Geoff: But dude, we have to build the shelter and stuff!

Sky: Oh yes, Geoff’s right. Let’s get too it!

Taylor: That sounds STUPID. I’m going off on a walk. *walks off*

Team: *looks at each other unimpressed*

Alejandro: [CONF] That senorita is a ticking time bomb… but a ticking time bomb I can take advantage of. *smirks*

Taylor: [CONF] Why would I build a shelter with these people? Like hello? I’ll get my nails scratched. I’m C H I P O T L E. And when I’m out here, nothing is touching my face or any other part of me. Like, look at this! Do you KNOW how much this cost? I’m like worth more than a trillion so…

Sky: *building shelter with the the rest of her teammates* This should go over here… *moving bamboo*

Geoff: *using a machete to cut bamboo* [CONF] Sky immediately took the leadership role, she kind of was a little bossy. Like slow down dudette! There’s time to socialize AND build the shelter!

Brick: *carrying bamboo*

Bridgette: *helping Rock with the roof of the shelter*

Crimson: *stands and blinks*

Geoff: This shelter is pretty rad brah!

Sky: *smiles* It is really nice.

Alejandro: Let’s rest. My mother always said, the key to success is a full night of rest.

Geoff: Aight!

Sky: *yawns* Sounds good to me. [CONF] I know this fun and social part of the game is gonna end soon… I can tell. It’s gonna be Warfare very soon. I just need to make sure I get out unscathed.

Day Two

Waigeo camp

The tribe has already finished making their shelter.

Laurie: *takes out rice* I can make some rice! I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry. 

Courtney: Okay, but don't use too much-- we are here for 39 days.

Noah: [CONF] Courtney's taking the leadership role... she's either screwing herself or garanteeing herself the merge. It's a strategy, but a strategy that could easily self destruct.

Tom: *talking to Anne Maria* Girl, those hoops are SO cute. And your eye-liner? Glamorous!

Anne Maria: Ahw doll, ya' makin' me blush! [CONF] Me and Tom are besties. He's so cute I just want to pick him up and put em' in my pocket!

Tom: *smiles* [CONF] I know it's a trope, but Anne Maria is so my bestie! I could totes see us in the finals together.

Topher: *yawns and sits in the shelter* [CONF] My strategy now is too lay low. And then strike like a viper! A devilishlly handsome one of course. *smirks* 

Blaineley: *looks around confused* [CONF] No one is going off to 'talk' to eachother in private... what is this, Boreooned?! I don't know about anyone else, but the first thing I want to do is make a alliance. 

Blaineley is now with Dwayne and Topher in private. 

Blaineley: Hello boys... what do you guys say about... a alliance? *smirks*

Dwayne: Uhahhh... I have a wife! 

Blaineley: A game alliance...

Dwayne: Oh. Like, *whispers* keep eachother safe?! Well uh... sure!

Topher: Hmm... why not? [CONF] Why not?! Because that immediately puts a target on your back! Like, why is she playing so hard so fast? Seriously. This is the BEGINNING of the game. Cool down the gas and cruise. *smirks* I am gonna be so popular when this show comes out, EEE! 

Blaineley: Fantasic. See you later boys. *walks off*

Immunity challenge

Waigeo wins Immunity and Reward-- Flint.



Vote Table

Confessional Count


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