Episode 1: The Face of a Circus Clown

Day 1

Blaineley: Koh-Rong. A small island only a few kilometers off the coast of Cambodia in southeast Asia, it's scorching hot temperatures and crippling humidity have together gotten the better of many a foreigner. *footage of 3 medevacs from Survivor: Kaoh Rong* Due to the difficult conditions, there is the looming threat of a medical evacuation that will hang over our competitors.Today, 21 Canadians have begun the adventure of a lifetime where they will battle both a hostile environment and their fellow adventurers, in order to last 39 days and win one million dollars.

Footage of the cast walking around a local Indonesian village.

Jo: (CONF: Three years as the star of the Ontario Women's Wrestling League has taught me one thing: winning IS everything. I'm ready to kick ass and win a million bucks while doing it.)

Logan: (CONF: I consider myself a competitive person. I live for the competition. I have brains, beauty, and brawn, so as long as people are too blinded by their adoration for me, I'll be that snake in the grass that will strike to make that victory lap.)

Topher: (CONF: The name's Topher Pearson: you'll be hearing more of my name very soon. *winks* I think winning this thing is going to help my future career as a reality tv host, and who's a better RTV host than a RTV winner?)

Blaineley: In a struggle to keep your sanity against sleepless nights and paranoid frenzies, who will crack?

Scarlett: (CONF: I'm currently studying quantum mechanics and European early modern history at one of Canada's most prestigious universities. My appearance may lead them to assume I'm not a threat, but my intelligence makes me more cunning and dangerous than 95% of the population.)

Dave: (CONF: I'm stretching my comfort zone out here. I'm not a very "outdoorsy person" but you know what? How bad is a little dirt, or not bathing for a month, or staying outside where insects can crawl all over you, or contracting a few parasites? *facepalms and mumbles* This was a terrible idea.)

Claire: (CONF: So, I'm Claire. If you want to know a little about me, my favorite Starbucks drink is hipster chai and my favorite channel is tv static. I get a new piercing for every one of my victims that I abduct into my cult. *monotone* That was a joke, lol.)

Blaineley: The castaways are going to have to think individually from day 1 if they want to win the gold.

Scott: (CONF: Back on the farm, we subsist off of dirt and sweat. Heck, we eat dirt and sweat! Everyone will think I'm dumb, but none of these city slickers know that the Scott train is about to strike at full speed. You will remember me. *cackles then begins coughing*)

Andrea: (CONF: When you examine yourself, I think most people will find out that they're pretty self-centered. *laughs* I don't have some gigantic ego so I'm not afraid to admit I may be pretty selfish. Poker is my hobby and I've been playing for years now: if your tells give away that your sending out bs, I will end your stay on this here island.)

Geoff: (CONF: A bro-down is what I'm looking for, man. I just want one massive party for 39 days, and some gnarly dudes and dudettes to chill with. And hey, who says that a million buckaroos wouldn't be nice to have to get a YACHT. Imagine the parties!)

Heather: (CONF: I'm confident in my ability to manipulate. All you gotta do is find someone's insecurities and rip them into shreds. As I have no insecurities, it's like high school all over again. I'm the winner, and these losers won't win. They'll just lose.)

Blaineley: I'm Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran... and this is Koh-Rong!



The three tribes each stand on their different mats. On Bayon, stand Alejandro, Claire, Dave, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, and Noah. On Preah, Andrea, Courtney, Izzy, Jo, Justin, Leonard, and Lightning stand. Lastly, on Angkor, Dakota, Geoff, Logan, Scarlett, Scott, Sugar, and Topher have grouped together.

Blaineley: Welcome to Koh-Rong. It is here that each of you is going to be on an adventure for over a month with 20 other people struggling alongside you. Now, woman with the blue hair, Gwen?

Gwen: You're right. Congratulations, you get a sticker.

Blaineley: Someone's got a sharp mouth. Hope you keep that to the confessionals sister. *laughs* Anyways, from what you can make of it, are you happy with your tribe arrangement?

Gwen: No. *her tribe laughs*

Blaineley: Guy with the skull shirt, Duncan? *he nods* Do you agree with her?

Duncan: Just taking a glance around... yeah, pretty much. *his tribe laughs* But for real, I get a good feeling from everyone and think we have the strongest team.

Jo: I think that's debatable.

Blaineley: Woman with the hoodie, what do you think about being selected to compete on this show?

Jo: Not that surprised. I know that they casted the most cunning and ruthless people they could find *camera pans to Dakota doing her makeup* because they want this to be a competition. I hope that these people are going to be able to put up a good fight, cause I know I am.

Blaineley: Excellent response. Now guy in the pink shirt, what do you make of the environment here?

Geoff: Just spending a minute on this beach, I'm already feeling pretty hot bro. It's a good thing I brought my lucky hat, otherwise I wouldn't be able to see jack! Just hope it can chill down a bit for when the main party starts.

Blaineley: Speaking of the main party... Sugar, isn't it?

Sugar: Why, yes it is.

Blaineley: How do you think this competition is going to go?

Sugar: Well, I personally believe that the prettiest girl here should win, that being me.

Dakota: *stops applying make up* Excuse me?! Do you know how much Daddy spent giving me this nose job? I'm the prettiest one here!

Topher: Ladies, save the catfighting for the main game.

Blaineley: Speaking of the main game... it begins now. Each tribe is going to vote out one member before the game begins in earnest. *everyone gasps* Being wheeled in behind you is a booth with an urn, pens, and parchment. You will write the name of the person you want voted off and stick it in the urn. You vote now.

Courtney: Aw, this sucks. :( (CONF: I need this money if I want to pay off law school! I need to think about my future here, and thinking about my future, I decided to vote for Leonard as I believe the rest of the tribe will be voting him as well. He's scrawny and his taped on beard kind of creeps me out.)

Scott: (CONF: I think Paris Hilton needs a wake up call. It's a tropical island, not a movie set! Stop putting on make up and pay attention to what's going on.)

Noah: (CONF: This choice is only so difficult because I already can't stand 6 of them.)

Blaineley: I'll go tally the votes. *goes and gets each urn* First, I'll read Preah's votes. If you receive the most votes, come stand over on the mat next to the helicopter. Alright... Leonard, Leonard, Lightning, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, and Leonard. Leonard, come on over.

Leonard: *grumbling* Too many hexes to choose from.

Blaineley: Alright, Angkor, time to read your votes. Let's see... Sugar, Dakota, Dakota, Sugar, Dakota, Dakota, and Dakota. Dakota, your goose is cooked.

Dakota: What?! But I it's barely been 3 minutes! My daddy is going to give you hell when he hears about this... *begins texting on phone until she's thrown onto the mat and her phone goes flying into the ocean* NO!

Blaineley: *smirks* On to more important matters, it's time to read Bayon's votes. First vote is Claire, Dave, Noah, Dave, Claire, Dave, and... Dave. Dave, come stand on the mat.

Dave: *sighs* Expected. I guess that's just luck of the draw. (CONF: *crying* It really sucks being first voted out when you could do nothing to control your fate, you know? *sniffles*)

Blaineley: As luck of the draw would also have it... Leonard, Dakota, Dave, your games are not over, but they have just begun. You 3 will fly back to camp to make an important decision for your tribe, while your tribe mates will have to go through a 2-mile hike through the jungle to get there. *collective groans are heard*

Angkor Camp

Dakota: (CONF: So, when I finally got to camp I saw like, a note stuck on the machete. Because I didn't want to get my fingers chopped off by touching it, I decided to leave it there and go tanning on the beach.)

Dakota: *sitting on the beach while having her sunglasses on* Ahh... this is what I signed up for... what's this? *suddenly a hot air balloon approaches camp, with several flashes of light emanating from it* Why, is it my paparazzi? How did you ever find me? Oh right, my text. *begins posing for the flashes of light* (CONF: It seems that looking good just comes natural to me. *tries to do a hair flip but some of it falls out* F***, my extensions.)

Dakota: Hey, maybe I can attempt some modeling shots in the water? *goes running off into ocean and splashes around before going back to tan*

Dakota: (CONF: Overall, I think this was very successful "Dakota" time! I got a lot done, *shot of empty camp* and got a natural tan out of it to boot! I'm off to a fantastic start.)

Preah Camp

Leonard: (CONF: I decided to read the message provided for myself from the lords of Koh-Rong!) *looking at note* As the outcast of your tribe, you have been given a choice. You can either get an extra bag of rice, or you can both grab a clue to a hidden immunity idol, which can be played after the votes are cast but before they are read, negating the votes for you. Hmm...

Leonard has begun pacing back and forth at the empty camp.

Leonard: (CONF: After a bit of critical thinking, I came to the conclusion that it would be prudent for me to collect more sustenance for my muggles that will share this beach. Even if I can conjure up roasted boar and bountiful greens at my will, it will deplete the mana I require for challenges. Alongside this, it is a wizard's duty to use his powers selflessly. If I shall claim the dragon's eye, I will do so with honor and dignity!)

Bayon Camp

Dave: *reads note and then thinks* Hmm... (CONF: I'm not stupid. I know that I'm already an outcast, and if I'm going to be stuck at this gross place, at least I'm going to have a safety net. So yeah, I went looking for an idol using the clue, even if it's likely in some grimy pit... or the murky water... *slaps himself* Focus, Dave!)

Dave: *is walking through jungle looking at trees* (CONF: The clue said something about the idol just hanging around. I looked through the jungle for a while, but I couldn't find anything. When I went back to camp to rest, it showed up in plain sight.)

Dave: *sighs and leans on the pole of the tribe flag when he notices a slightly different color on the tribe flag pole. He quickly gets up, grabs the idol, puts it in his pocket, and sits down* (CONF: Oh. My. Gosh. I found the idol! Okay, calm down Dave, play it cool. You don't want anyone to know that you have this, and will only use this as a secret weapon.)

Dave: Since I'm safe anyways... guess there's no harm in a little nap... *rests by the pole*

Angkor Camp

Logan: (CONF: Once our team had finished our exhausting hike, we saw Dakota lying on the beach, taking a nap.) What are you doing?

Dakota: *wakes up* Hm?

Scott: *kicks sand at Dakota* Get up! Tanning times over, honey.

Logan: (CONF: Some of us were quite peeved.)

Dakota: *sunglasses shield her eyes but she coughs up sand* What is WRONG with you? Does it look like I can get this natural tan without extensive effort?

Scott: *mumbles* There's nothing natural about it.

Dakota: *gasps and slaps Scott* You take that back!

Scott: What is WRONG with you? Geez, I take it back! Now come back and help us with the shelter.

Dakota: *pouts* Fine.

Logan: Alright, in order to get this shelter built, we need to collect materials to get this done. The guys will collect firewood and bamboo while the girls will weave palm fronds. Sounds good to everyone?

Scarlett: Despite the chauvinistic implications of the division of labor, I will comply, and I suggest everyone else does as well. We need to be prepared for the immenent tropical monsoons, as it is rainy season in southern Cambodia.

Geoff: What's a monsoon?

Scarlett: A downpour of precipitation that is customary for this degree of latitude in the eastern hemisphere. *Geoff blinks* Lots of rain. (CONF: *pinches nose* I may have to... use smaller words if I want to communicate effectively with my teammates.)

Geoff: Ooh. Well, we better get on the grind dudes! *goes get firewood*

Dakota: Do either of you know how to weave these things together? *holds up two mangled palm fronds*

Sugar: Just let me handle this! *grabs frond and rips it in half* Whoops. *laughs while glaring at Dakota*

Dakota: I had to go out into the jungle to get that! Now I have to go back, and, like, these designer heels weren't built for walking!

Sugar: We're in the jungle anyways, you ducker! Yer gonna get some mud on you anyways! God, I've met donkeys that are smarter than you!

Dakota: Excuse me, but I got all A's in school! I mean, Daddy paid some of the teachers to bump my grade up just a bit, but I like totally earned one of them! *sighs* P.E. was so easy.

Sugar: Who gives a darn! Just go get another one and make yourself useful. I'll be lookin' for food in the meanwhiles. *grabs a chunk of mud and eats it*

Dakota: *visibly disgusted* Whatever.

Scarlett: *pinches her brow ridge* (CONF: Both of my female tribemates are rather unintelligent, but both are also rather caustic and unaware of the malaise they are inflicting upon us, their tribemates. Living with my little brother for 16 years, I'm used to dealing with these types of people. You just have to let them get on others nerves, and then you sabotage their toys to attack them in the night every day since they were 12.)

Geoff: *carrying some firewood on his shoulder* So like, dudes, where you guys from?

Scott: *trying to climb a tree but failing* Good question. It's Nonyabusiness, Saskatchewan.

Logan: *rolls his eyes* I'm currently living in Montreal and studying at university there.

Geoff: Awesome. Party a lot?

Logan: Not that often, no.

Geoff: Oh dude, I have got to show you this tattoo on my butt that I got when I blacked out from drinkin'... uh, kool-aid. Look! *pulls pants down and shows the other guys. Logan and Scott looked shocked while Topher looks impressed.*

Scott: *holds a block of wood on his head* Be careful, don't want to get bug bites on the family jewels.

Geoff: *gasps and pulls pants back up* Smart idea, bromigo!

Scott: Don't call me that.

Topher: You can call me that! (CONF: In order to become truly famous, you have to endear yourself to your fellow stars and the audience. By being loveable and a positive presence, the cast of the show will love you, and hopefully petition for you to swap spots with the host.)

Geoff: (CONF: I think the dudes are beginning to really hit it off! We're like a happy family, and everyone's pitching in to the party!)

Logan: (CONF: I can't believe I'm going to have to deal with these morons for 39 days...)

Bayon Camp

Duncan: *drops supplies down on a sleeping Dave who screams and gets up*

Dave: I've been sleeping... on the ground... for how long?!

Alejandro: Well, it took us about 2 hours to hike here.

Dave: *screams and runs into the ocean*

Duncan: *stretches* He's got the right idea. God damn, it's nearly as hot out here as a prison cell.

Heather: You would know, wouldn't you?

Duncan: Actually, I would, missy. (CONF: Yeah, I went to juvy for a few years and was recently in jail a few months for "public indecency". Apparently, being naked and running down a strip mall with a santa hat while bashing cymbals is "indecent". I'll never understand folks that can't let loose for a while and have to follow the rules. After all, no rule will stay unbroken.)

Alejandro: Why don't we all introduce ourselves? I'll go first. I'm Alejandro Burromuerto, I was born in Spain, I'm the son of a diplomat and have travelled to over 30 countries, and in my spare time I play the accordion in my local Salsa band.

Noah: Hi. I'm Noah. My hobbies include reading, sleeping, reclining, resting, and napping.

Claire: Seems me and you share something in common.

Heather: Can we get on with this please? i'd rather go on to do something more worthwhile.

Noah: Such as?

Heather: Not this.

Claire: Insightful. *Noah smirks*

Heather: Excuse me for not going to Sarcasm Academy, alumna you.

Gwen: And a few others.

Noah: You could benefit from a semester or two.

Alejandro: Now, let's not get too heated. We will have to keep our team bonds strong if we are to succeed in the challenges.

Heather: Team work, more like geek-work. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go work on my tan.

Alejandro: *sighs* As you insist.

Duncan: *in jungle with Claire* You. I like you. When'd you get your lip piercing?

Claire: When I was 13. My stupid typical white suburban mom was complaining about my teal lipstick, and from there I got into the beauty of body art.

Duncan: Nice. I got my first one done in prison, my cell mate had lots of experience with it.

Claire: Doubt it was the only piece of "experience" he shared with you.

Duncan: *laughs* You're right about that. (CONF: I like Claire. Unlike most girls, she's into the punk and pretty cool shit like death metal. I wouldn't mind lasting a while with her.)

Claire: (CONF: Duncan's cool, I guess. I never did talk to boys much, or anyone for that matter much, but I sure enjoy talking to him a lot more than I did the meatheads and cheerleaders at my old school. We just really connect.)

Alejandro: Alright, does anyone have an idea for how we could get a fire going this early?

Gwen: Why don't we leave some dry wood in the sun for a bit? It's basically an oven out here.

Alejandro: I need serious ideas.

Noah: Adding on to the dry wood, *nods at a dripping Dave* I think we could get two sticks and rub them together to try to get a fire going.

Five hours have passed. Noah, Alejandro, and Gwen are rubbing sticks against each other in an attempt to get an ember.

Alejandro: *furiously rubbing his stick on the other* You know... I appreciate both of you greatly for assisting me with this endevour. It truly is admirable to be working this hard around camp.

Gwen: Meh.

Alejandro: *frowns* Surely a beauty with such transcluscent skin as yours must be dealing with severe burning issues out in this sun.

Gwen: I'm fine. I brought sunblock.

Noah: Just make sure a certain hypochondriac doesn't eat it.

Dave: *shown trying to drink a bucket of seawater, but he spits it out onto the people working on the fire* Turns out the salt does not kill the bacteria... when will we have some freshly boiled water already?

Noah: *yells to Dave* When the fire starts itself! (CONF: I don't appreciate Dave. There's only room for one lazy smartass on this island, and we're already 3 above the limit.)

Heather: *walks back up hill from beach* Have you dolts gotten any progress made? I'm thirsty.

Gwen: ...From what exactly?

Heather: Um, excuse me weird goth girl, but some of us prefer to not wear foundation that Caspar the friendly ghost uses.

Gwen: It was just a question.

Heather: It was a stupid question. (CONF: Why do I have to be the only smart person here? They're all breaking their backs over something we're going to get in 2 days for free anyways. Like, you don't buy the new top when there's gonna be a sale in two days.)

Noah: (CONF: Heather seems to think she's on the top of this tribe, but as far as I'm concerned, she's a total bottom.)

Preah Camp

Courtney: Let's get to it! (CONF: I appreciate being placed on this team. As a C.I.T. and soon to be just a full S.C.C., I have knowledge on good teams and bad teams. This is certainly a good team, and I'm glad the hard workers like myself are all able to just go in automation to get what needs to be done, done!)

Lightning: Let Lightning handle this! *climbs up tree, shakes it for a while, and soon coconuts rain down to the applause of his tribe* Sha-sweet!

Justin: Ooh, nice. Doesn't coconut milk act as a form of skin lotion?

Leonard: It's an active ingredient in a concoction I have made many times. Through the simple magic of alchemy, you can prepare yourself anything at any time! Observe. *screams* LOTIONICUS EXPERIMENTICUS! *nothing happens* Darn.

Izzy: Ooh! I took alchemy during my semester at Hogwarts! I like totally summoned a walking tree in the middle of class once, and the teacher got SO mad. *sees Lightning in the tree* Hey, hey hey! I can do a backflip while starting from a handstand! Watch! *does a handstand* Alright, one, two, three, go! Ooh, my tongue can totally be wrapped around my nose! *falls to the ground and gets up* Watch! *grabs tongue and tries to pull it up to her nose*

Jo: I think that's more than we need to be seeing, and as tribe captain, I'm ordering you to stop!

Courtney: Um, excuse me? *raises hand* I don't believe we have democratically decided upon a leader?

Jo: Well then, that doesn't make this a democracy, does it?

Courtney: *frowns* I've studied the history of our proud Canada extensively, and the ability to vote is something that we have cherished for a while.

Jo: That sucks then. I have the know-how, the strength, and the leadership capabilites to lead this team.

Courtney: Excuse me, but I was a C.I.T. at a summer camp in Muskoka! I have training in how to-

Jo: Run your mouth? Just be quiet for a moment and listen to my orders!

Andrea: Damn. (CONF: It looks like there's some beef brewing between our two iron ladies, Imma just let them get their lives and chillax around camp for the while being.)

Andrea and Lightning are sitting on the shelter and Justin is tending to the fire. The two have been flirting on and off for the past hour while Leonard has been collecting materials by the beach and Courtney and Jo have been "getting firewood", actually looking for the idol.

Andrea: I like your muscles. You're really cute, I bet hoes practically throw themselves at you on a daily basis.

Lightning: Well, if there's something that the Lightning is, it's sha-sexy. That's what you get when you were QB for your football team 4 years straight and have spent yo entire life out on the field.

Andrea: I bet you're used to givin' girls like me help.

Lightning: The Lightning can just about do anything: ask and you will receive.

Andrea: *giggles and spoons with Lightning* If there's something Andrea likes her, it's a football player. (CONF: I'm not afraid to use a little bit flirting if it means I can wrap a guy around my finger. Lightning's one heck of an easy dude to fool: all you gotta do is butter him up, tell him he's a stallion, and he'll be too busy admiring himself to notice you just got him to agree to an alliance.)

Justin: *sees the two cuddling and frowns* (CONF: I'm what you may know as a fashion model. I spend all day posing in front of photographers for knee, elbow, chin, chest, leg, and butt magazines. The ladies should be after my piercing blue gaze and certified-gorgeous smile.) Oh, Izzy? Would you mind fetching me a bucket of freshly boiled water?

Izzy: Oh, sure! *goes to fire, grabs the water that is boiling, and tosses it at Justin's face. He screams and runs into the ocean, while Izzy cackles madly*

Justin: *submerges under the waves and comes back up minutes later, with his face visibly red compared to the rest of the body* (CONF: DON'T LOOK AT ME... THIS ISN'T THE FACE OF A MAGAZINE MODEL... IT'S THE FACE OF A CIRCUS CLOWN! *ugly cries*)

Jo: (CONF: Seeing that Courtney was so fierce about contesting my leadership, I decided that a few pawn were in order so I can take out the team. The clearest and most obvious weakling is Leonard, and that makes him the perfect alliance-mate.) *pulls Leonard into the jungle alone* Leonard, I have selected you to be my loyal alliance member. Do not take this position lightly, as I don't choose just anyone to be with me. You have to be the best to ally with the best.

Leonard: Hmm... I shall ponder your proposition. Allow me a moment?

Jo: We have 38 more days, bud. I think we can spare more than a few moments.

Leonard: Alright. *humms* *humms* *humms gradually louder* *humms very loudly* *basically screams humming*

Jo: *covering her ears*

Leonard: ALRIGHT! After taking on the advice of the Nohanian Council of Six I have decided to accept your proposition of the amalgamation of the forces of alabaster and frankinsence!

Jo: Whatever the hell that means, great. *shakes his hand* It's a deal. (CONF: Even if he's kind of crazy, that makes him even better. He'll be too busy listening to the council in his head to notice I'm manipulating him into following my every whim.)

Day 2

Angkor Camp

The entire team is weaving palm fronds.

Sugar: Ya know, I have experience weaving. For my most recent pageant, I knit a sweater on stage.

Scarlett: What was your placement?

Sugar: That's irrelevant! We're all winners in our hearts!

Scarlett: *shrugs* I suppose. A unanimous victory increases the self-confidence of the participants.

Logan: *rolls eyes* They're competitions, only one person should win.

Sugar: I agree.

Logan: (CONF: Sugar is a contradictory person. The best word I'd use to describe her is... idiot. I can't stand her constant rambling about her experiences in pageants. I have a newsflash for you: no one cares. If you can't bring an immediate advantage to our tribe, you're getting an immediate back door. I don't tolerate weakness in real life, and I certainly won't here.)

Sugar: Oh yeah! I starred in a commercial for some caterin' caterer back in Lloydminister! I think the toony went somethin' like this: ahem, "Come eat here, don't be scared! Our food won't crawl in your ear! Chicken head, fish's brain, down at Darwin's Food Safari!" (CONF: I'm a charmin' person! By tellin' all these stories to my teammates, they're all gettin' a good laugh! That's what you need in times like these. Laughs! *giggle snorts*)

Logan and Scarlett are all standing in the jungle.

Scarlett: Considering you dragged me all the way into the heart of darkness, I assume you have some sort of proposition?

Logan: In fact, I do. As the only intelligent people on our tribe, I think we can work around these morons easily.

Scarlett: As a juxtaposition against our less gifted tribemates, I do believe we have superior mindsets.

Logan: "Juxtaposition" is probably the only word on this island I've heard so far that had more than 2 syllables. *laughs*

Scarlett: So we have reached an understanding?

Logan: I think so. Alliance? (CONF: Reaching out the olive branch to Scarlett was a calculated move. She's the only person on Angkor that could contest me in a battle of wits. I don't think the barnyard brats, Paris Hilton, frat overlord, or our resident diva Topher could think of strategy more complicated than which position to sleep in.)

Scarlett: (CONF: I personally find Logan to be a reasonable partner on my team. He's the only one here I'm able to have an intelligent conversation with, and that's not something I'm going to be able to take for granted.)

Scott and Sugar are resting on the shelter.

Scott: Scarlett and Logan have been gone for a while, haven't they?

Sugar: Mhmm. *using a stick as a nail file* I wonder if they're lookin' for the... uh...

Scott: Idol?

Sugar: Yeah! They're probably out searching for an idol or a dress to wear at the talent portion!

Scott: Er... sure. (CONF: *flatly* Sugar's a dumbass. But I thrive with those kinds of people, I LIVE to manipulate them. They're like putty in my hands: all I gots to do is tell them what to do and they will.) I think us country folk have to stick together, you feel me?

Sugar: *chewing on her nail file* Mm.

Scott: I don't trust those city-slickers... especially Scarlett. (CONF: My strategy is to throw the challenge and take out Scarlett right now. I could let the idiots bicker for the moment and kill each other, but I wanna take out the head honcho, and that's Scarlett.)

Sugar: Yep. Yup yup yup. *farts*

Scott: *waves his hand and laughs* Nasty. Think I smell some chopped beef.

Sugar: *laughs*

Bayon Camp

Everyone is sitting at the shelter, besides Heather who has gone to the beach to wash her hair.

Noah: Hope she doesn't find too many split ends.

Gwen: Maybe the sea water will wash out her attitude. *snickers* (CONF: Even if I'm goth, Heather's negativity is a new thing for me. The people I hang around, we write poetry about the bleakness of life and create art about the frustration of the soul. All Heather is doing is whining about her lack of beauty products, and it get really tiring.)

Claire: You know, she's just really mean. *laughs* I feel like a bitch for saying this, but she's just a debbie downer.

Duncan: Don't worry, you're nowhere near as bad as her. None of us are.

Alejandro: (CONF: My assignment is to lay low at the moment. Let the castaways vent their feelings. All I have to do is say the word and the information is relayed.)

Heather and Alejandro are standing in the jungle by the well.

Alejandro: You know, chica, you aren't quite popular amongst our tribemates.

Heather: *puts bucket in well* Do I look like I give a crap? They're all just jealous and are taking it out on me behind my back. Fake people are everywhere.

Alejandro: You need to think strategy. If everyone is going to be so negative right now, what will they say when it comes time to vote?

Heather: Your point?

Alejandro: (CONF: My experience as the son of a diplomat has given me first hand examples from which to draw upon when dealing with uncooperative people.) I feel you may be in trouble. (*continued from last conf* When it comes to people such as Heather, you have to let them come to their own conclusions when it was you who planted the seed. Let them till the soil and perform the labor.)

Heather: Wait... I should go look for the idol and take out one of those jerks! That way I'm safe and they'll feel so secure they won't scramble at all! Alejandro, you're the only one here I trust, and I want you to know that.

Alejandro: Muchos gracias. (CONF: At the end of day, as long as I get the harvest at my table, I don't care who farmed it. If Heather finds the idol, she's my puppet. That makes me the puppetmaster.)

Preah Camp

Andrea: *drops log next to shelter and pants* You sure this is enough firewood?

Jo: Eh. You could put in a bit more work, but I feel you've done your part.

Andrea: ...ok. (CONF: Jo and Courtney are havin' a bit of a power struggle. Courtney's annoying at camp *shot of Courtney babbling on to a disinterested Andrea* but Jo is more controlling. At the end of the day, I'd rather neither be leader, but I think annoying is better to make it to the end with than, uh, controlling.) *to Lightning* Jo's got quite the ego complex, doesn't she.

Lightning: Lightning shined on the football field, not in the language class. What's that mean?

Andrea: Doesn't she just give off that she thinks she's better than us?

Lightning: She does, sha-tbh. No one's better than Lightning, that's for sure. (CONF: As the sha-very best, it's my duty to make sure that Lightning maintains #1 throughout the game.)

Andrea: I hope that ego is enough to keep her on this island. *laughs* (CONF: If we go to tribal tonight, Jo is definitely on my shitlist. She's a dead woman walking, and she's about to get her legs chopped off.)

Izzy: *swinging machete at a tree*

Justin: *walks up on her* Uh, what's this?

Izzy: The tree insulted me! He has to pay in blood!

Justin: I didn't pay attention in biology, so don't quote me on this, but I don't think trees can talk?

Izzy: You don't have to talk to communicate! There are certain looks and silences you take note of, and this tree is too quiet! He's hiding something! *takes another chop at the tree*

Justin: *rolls eyes* Need a hand?

Izzy: Izzy's got this under control.

Justin: Okay then... (CONF: I wasn't being serious. These hands weren't made for handling weapons. I make thousands off of these, plus who wants to ruin this? *flexes pinky and the pinky is ripped af* So, instead of helping her with doing nothing, I decided to go for the idol.)

Justin: *is shown walking in the jungle and sighs in frustration* (CONF: Getting the idol is a huge advantage in this game. If I want to get my name out there to the agents, I have to keep calm and carry on. And hopefully sooner than later, get my hands on some lotion.)

Izzy: *continues chopping tree until she sees a capsule hanging from the tree* Huh? *throws machete at the rope of the object and it falls down, and Izzy picks it up* Congratulations... you have found a clue to the hidden immunity idol. (CONF: Izzy knew that Izzy had to keep this to Izzy's self! Hopefully Izzy can find the idol, and when Izzy get's her hands on explosives... ohohoho, Izzy goes away and Explosivo comes in. BOOM BOOM! Ahahahaha!)

Day 3

Immunity Challenge

Blaineley: Now, we will welcome our 3 teams to their very first immunity challenge. For today's challenge, you're gonna swim out onto a boat. Once all team members reach your boat, two team members are going to dive down to retrieve paddles. Once you have all 4 paddles, you will race to shore where you will convert your boat to a cart, and push that cart to the platform on the top of the hill. Once you reach the platform, you will then choose either to do a puzzle with 25 pieces or a dexterity challenge. First team to win the challenge gets a massive firemaking kit and a immunity. Second tribe to finish gets a measly flint and steel, not that bad considering you also get immunity. The tribe that comes in last will receive nothing, and will be forced to attend tribal council where someone will become the first person eliminated from this game. I'll give you all time to strategize, and then we'll get started.


Jo: So, I'm diving and I'm not going to hear anything to the contrary.

Lightning: Lightning dives as well.

Andrea: *points at Courtney* Puzzle?

Courtney: *nods*

Jo: Okay, that leaves Izzy, Justin, and Leonard to paddle.


Geoff: I'll dive bros! One time at my pool-

Logan: I'll dive as well.

Scarlett: I believe the puzzle suits my capabilites.

Scott: Puzzle. That leaves the blondies and Topher on paddling duty.


Alejandro: I shall dive. After all, I can't let 10 years of olympic swimming training go to waste, can I?

Claire: Meh. Might as well count me too.

Gwen: I'll work on puzzle, and Noah will too. *Noah nods*

Duncan: So that leaves me, Heather, and Dave paddling? *Alejandro nods* Cool.

Blaineley: Alright, let's get started. For immunity and reward, ready, set, GO!

Each tribe quickly dives off the platform and gets on the boat. Angkor is quickest, soon followed by Preah.

Blaineley: Now's the time to dive in and get those paddles quickly! Time is essence here.

Alejandro and Claire are the first to drop in and very quickly begin untying the knots. Lightning and Jo follow quickly after, and Logan and Geoff too.

Blaineley: Looks like Bayon is off to advantage early on, and they get their first two paddles! So do Preah! Angkor seems to be having a bit of trouble underwater right now.

Geoff: *comes back to the surface and gasps for air* It's so hard to see under there.

Topher: Uh, what happened to your goggles?

Geoff: CRAP! *dives back down as Alejandro and Claire come back up*

Blaineley: And Bayon has all their paddles! They can start rowing out. So can Preah! Angkor is really going to have to dig deep to avoid falling out of the race this early.

Bayon has reached about 3/4 the way to the shore, while Preah is halfway. Angkor is still waiting on their boats on Logan to get each paddle.

Logan: *comes up with the 4th paddle*

Blaineley: Angkor can finally get back in this!

Bayon is the first team to reach the shore and encounters trouble turning their boat into a wagon. Preah meanwhile passes them, getting their boat in the cradle easily. While they work on clipping it in, Angkor begins paddling out to the shore.

Blaineley: Angkor is finally getting their groove on in this challenge, but will it be too late? Seems so, as Bayon finally has their boat in the cradle!

Bayon and Preah both reach the puzzle as Angkor finally reaches shore, and smoothly gets their boat in.

Courtney: Puzzle. *unbinds puzzle box*

Noah: We're doing that too.

Blaineley: Both teams choose puzzle, while Angkor is catching up to both teams very quickly!

Courtney and Andrea begin working on the puzzle for Preah, while Gwen and Noah do it for Bayon. Angkor reaches very soon after and chooses the puzzle was well.

Blaineley: Both teams have blown their lead getting mired down in this puzzle, while Angkor has made a massive comeback. Scarlett and Topher are now working against our other two pairs.

Scarlett: *putting blocks in* Topher, just pass the blocks to me.

Topher: Bu-

Scarlett: Just do what I told you to do! *Topher squeals and complies*

Gwen and Noah are nearly finished with their puzzle, while Andrea and Courtney are re-examining theirs. Scarlett blitzes through the puzzle and is down to her last piece.

Blaineley: And Scarlett performing the comeback of the century with her performance here, but will she seal the deal?

Scarlett: *puts in final piece*

Blaineley: Angkor wins immunity and a fire making kit! It looks like Noah and Gwen are nearing completion of their puzzles, while Andrea and Courtney are still reshuffling. Will they be quick enough?

Noah: DONE!

Blaineley: Would you look at that, they aren't! Bayon wins immunity as well, which means Preah will be sending someone home tonight! *Bayon and Angkor cheer while Preah sighs* Angkor, Bayon, enjoy fire and immunity. Both won't last too long out here. Preah, I'll see you at tribal council tonight.

Jo: (CONF: A lot of the factors of us losing the challenge were out of our control, but one that wasn't was Courtney blowing our huge lead. If I have anything to say about it, she's dead meat. Looks like you weren't "fit" to be out here, C*ntney. *laughs*)

??? Camp

Preah returns from the challenge looking dejected.

Andrea: (CONF: Losing this challenge sucks. I was hoping I wouldn't have to whip out the guns this early, but now's the time where we got'ta talk to people before they get their shit together.)

Andrea: *standing with Lightning and Courtney* Just so you know, I'm totally with you against Jo. She's blamin' us for the challenge when it was no one's fault. Like, we didn't choose not to have someone with an IQ of 300!

Courtney: I agree totally! (CONF: I'm really nervous after this challenge. Jo has been rude and condescending to everyone here, but think that makes her better than us. A real leader listens to the advice of others as well as their own.) I really think that Jo needs to go tonight, wouldn't yall say that.

Lightning: The Lightning follows whatever his girlfriend wants him to do. (CONF: I don't make the plays, I just run them to the team. I'm fine votin' for Joe. He acts like he's in charge of this team. No dude, the only star player here is ME, and you certainly ain't coach.)

Andrea: I say we go with Courtney and take out Jo.

Lightning: Aight.

Meanwhile, Jo and Justin are laying around the shelter.

Jo: *looks around and sees Andrea, Lightning, and Courtney gone* Psst, pretty boy.

Justin: *has wet leaves on his eyes* I'm assuming you're talking to me.

Jo: No, I'm talking to the other 10/10 on the island. (CONF: If Courtney expects to see me go home tonight at tribal, she has another thing coming her way. normally, you mess with me, and you get a few limbs snapped. Sadly, our stupid contracts prevent me from ripping that prissy little snob into pieces. So I'll settle with humiliating her on national television.)

Justin: *flattered* So... what? (CONF: Even if Jo is at best a low 4, it's nice to finally be getting some female attention around here.)

Jo: Me, Leonard, and Izzy are all going to vote for Courtney tonight. I hope you will as well, considering how annoying she's been to everyone.

Justin: Mm.

Jo: So, is it settled or not? Courtney? *offers Justin a fist bump*

Justin: *takes leaf off of eye and frowns* I don't do first bumps, it damages the knuckles. And if you've seen these knuckles, you can tell they're a model's.

Jo: *rolls eyes* (CONF: I don't roll well with these high maintainance types, but if it's to get the numbers and send Courtney out, so be it.)

Courtney: *wading in ocean with Justin and Andrea* Me and Ann are going with Jo. Just wanted to let you know, and we hope you'll go with the numbers on this one.

Justin: *soaking in the sun* Mm.

Courtney: :) Great! (CONF: Am I nervous about this vote? Very, but the key to success is to fake it until you make it. *smiles* I'm confident Justin will do the smart thing and go with me, Andrea, Izzy, and Lightning, and get out Jo.)

Justin: (CONF: It looks like both sides thought Izzy was on their side, so I went off into the jungle to find her and see where her head was at.)

Leonard and Izzy are currently shoving flowers up their nose, and when Justin sees them after he walks up to talk to Izzy, he reels back in disgust.


Izzy: *flowers sticking out of her nostrils* Interior design!

Leonard: For your information, we are gathering flowers because they are a neccessary ingredient in my potion that allows telekinesis. We shall use that to claim the dragon's eye!... that's dwarvish for one million.

Justin: More like geek for "I'm a loser".

Leonard: *gasps and holds back tears* Wizards are cool!

Justin: About as cool as wearing horizontal stripes. *points to trail* The principal's office is that way.

Leonard: *runs away crying*

Justin: With a certain nerd out of the picture... Izzy, I came here to talk strategy.

Izzy: *now eating the flowers that were up her nose* Mmmhmm?

Justin: Despite how disgusting that is, I'm telling you that we're siding with Jo. Courtney's goose is cooked.

Izzy: Ooh! Fun! :) Just fyi though, one of my alternate personalities may kick in during the vote, and Izzy Esquire is the exact opposite of Izzy, and will vote how xhe pleases!

Justin: *frowns* Then we're voting for Jo.

Izzy: *laughs* Silly chordate, the only person I'm listening to on how to vote are my fellow plants. *swallows the flowers* They speak to me on many levels.

Justin: (CONF: Izzy's insanity is going to be the determining factor tonight. Right now the tribe is split down the middle with Jo and Leonard against Andrea, Courtney, and Lightning. I'm leaning towards "Beauty" and the geek, but at the moment, I'm just trying to predict what Izzy does. The last thing I want is to be in the minority on the first vote.)

Tribal Council

Blaineley: Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab one, and dip it in the flames to get fire. In this game, fire represents your life, and once your fire is gone, so are you. *everyone sits down* So, Courtney, what happened at the challenge today? Your tribe clearly has the physical strength over the other tribes, but that puzzle really took a toll on you all,

Courtney: I agree completely, but in reality it was less so the puzzle being difficult or the people solving the puzzle's incompetency as it was the other teams having good puzzle solvers.

Blaineley: Andrea, let's talk about first impressions. When you got the chance to see who was on your tribe, what was your first reaction?

Andrea: When I saw all the muscles on this tribe, *glances at Lightning* I knew that we were going to be strong. But with strength comes a lot of pride, and lately it seems that our two Regina Georges have been going at it.

Blaineley: Who are these "Regina Georges"? Or would you rather it remain discreet?

Andrea: I'll tell you right now, Jo and Courtney. Both of them act like they're head honcho and all that dynamic is gonna get us is more losses.

Blaineley: Lightning, how is the topic of romance coming up with these co-ed conditions?

Lightning: Well, Lightning says that there's one dime in particular that's caught his eye.

Blaineley: A showmance? Dramatic. Care to share?

Andrea: Well, if you insist, me and Lightning have been flirting on-and-off for a bit. We even cuddled a bit in the shelter.

Blaineley: Justin, isn't there a connotation in this game that romance is just another word for alliance?

Justin: I think everyone's been too busy dealing with the drama by ignoring it or trying to stop it to really stop and think that, hey, these two seem to be getting close. Hey, they're a duo now. Those are very dangerous this early on, but hopefully they aren't going to dominate this game.

Blaineley: Leonard, how has the drama been effecting camp life? Have there been any confrontations?

Leonard: *scoffs* I'm too busy with actually important things to concern myself with the actions of the muggles around me.

Justin: *mumbles* Eating flowers isn't exactly important.

Blaineley: *annoyed* Okay, whatevers. Justin, do you have anything to say about this?

Justin: All I really have to pitch in is that the stress is giving me wrinkles. The power struggle needs to be taken down a notch.

Jo: It's not a power struggle. it's just some upstart yuppie whining about not being able to boss everyone around. Not everyone can be a chief, and some people have to be Indians.

Blaineley: Why don't you elaborate on this Jo. Why does Courtney clash so much with you about the leadership?

Jo: Honestly, it's probably because she thinks she's better than us.

Courtney: Wait a minute, you're just describing yourself! I was a C.I.T! I have experience with team-building and organizing in an efficient manner!

Jo: Blah blah blah, just sounds to me like our Type-A control freak wants to get her hands up everyone's butt and make us her puppets.

Blaineley: It has been made very clear that Jo and Courtney's personality clash has made for a tough 3 days for you all. Izzy, it's the first vote and a difficult decision. What's going through your mind?

Izzy: In Izzy's opinion, it reminds her of some of the ant gladiator fights she's put on in her backyard. Just when one ant seems to be winning, the other ant pulls out their ant wings, flies up, and crushed the other ants organs under its weight.

Blaineley: That's what this game is about, wouldn't you agree Lightning?

Lightning: Yeah, it's kind of like that I guess. The back-and-forth is like a particularly close game: you have your eyes peeled and are tryin' to think, what's best for me?

Blaineley: Excellent summation for an eye opening tribal. It is now time to vote. Courtney you're up.


Courtney: (CONF: *is shown writing Jo's name down*)

Jo: (CONF: *voting for Courtney* Hasta la vista, C.I.Can't.)

Andrea: (CONF: *voting for Jo* Get yo' life.)

Justin: (CONF: *voting for Courtney* Your yelling is hurting my ears, and this perfectly sculpted face is priority number one right now.)

Izzy: (CONF: *shown biting open the pen and writing down a name*)


Blaineley: I'll go tally the votes. *walks off, then back with the urn* If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so...

No one stands.

Blaineley: I'll read the votes...

Blaineley: First vote... Jo. *Jo sneers*

Blaineley: Second vote... Jo.

Blaineley: Third vote... Courtney. *Courtney frowns* Right now it's 2 votes Jo, 1 vote Courtney..

Blaineley: Fourth vote... Courtney. 2 votes Courtney, 2 votes Jo.

Blaineley: Fifth vote... Jo.

Blaineley: Sixth vote... Courtney.

Courtney: ?

Blaineley: We're tied at 3 votes Jo, 3 votes Courtney, 1 vote left....

Jo: *looks frightened but then glares at Courtney*

Courtney: *holds head on hands and glares at Jo*

Blaineley: Seventh vote and first person voted out of Koh-Rong... *flips vote*





















Blaineley: Courtney. Time to bring me your torch.

Andrea and Lightning gasp. Courtney sighs, gets up, and brings her torch to Blaineley. Jo is grinning while Izzy looks confused.

Blaineley: Courtney, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs Courtney's torch* It's time for you to go.

Andrea: *whispers to Justin* You've got a lot of explaining to do.

Justin: *smiles*

Blaineley: I think this tribal without a doubt saw the victor of the power struggle come out. Now, if that victory will be a lasting one is something we'll have to see. Your visit to tribal council hasn't been totally in vain. *tosses flint and Lightning catches it* You now have fire, and as you know, fire represents life in this game. Hopefully this fire will bring back some life into your games.

Final Words

Courtney: (CONF: I'm rather... disappointed about my loss. I didn't expect Justin... or Izzy... to betray me... excuse me. *walks off screen and screams incoherently*

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