Info (The Game)

Okay, welcome to Killing Spree! This is basically a game I have made up in my head. Sixteen regular old people, from ages 13 to 20, have signed up to compete in a competition for a luxurious mansion! But, what they don't know is that instead of it being like the show survivor they will fight to the death! One person every two days will be chosen as the killer. Once those two days are up if thy have not killed anyone they will die. If they have, they will be safe from being killed by the next killer! If someone finds out who the killer is the killer dies and whoever found out is the new killer! This will go one until only one remains. They will all stay in the hotel for the entire competition, but only one will stay for the rest of their life! In order to find out who the killer is there will be a completion winner gets to be the killer! And yes, they can be the killer the whole game if they keep winning!



Dave - 18

Joey - 20

Troy - 13

Derrick - 14

Quantillius - 14

Brock - 15

Jonathan - 18

Flint - 17


Maddy - 16

Haley - 19

Jessie - 20

Desiree - 13

Kaitlyn - 14

Valerie - 16

Taegan - 17

Amanda - 18

Day One

Everyone walks into the giant mansion thinking they are waiting for Jeff in the game of survivor.

" Hey where is Jeff?" Dave asks. " And why are there two thirteen year olds here?"

" I cant stand to wait!" Flint says. " Well, if this is survivor where is the island? Where are the challenges? And where do I get to win?" Flint asks.

" Howdy yall. Im Taegan DONT TRY TO MANIPULATE ME!!" Taegan warns.

" Yo, I only came here for da girls!" Quantillius says. " If there are only ugly girls here I ain't staying." Quantillius demands. He then tries to leave but the door appears to be lock and then he hears all of the other doors being locked as well. " Hey yall hear dat?" Quantillius asks.

" Here what?" Jessie asks. " You know what. IM not staying around here." She says. She tries to open the door but it is locked. She does this to all the doors and they too are locked.

" Why are the doors locked?" Brock asks. He and Quantillius both try to pry open the door but the fall and hurt themselves.

Then, a TV pops out of the ground and shows all of their faces. Below there faces are green bars that say 100 % health. Except for Brock and Quantillius which read 95 %. Then a robotic voice says," Brock and Quantillius. Minor damage." The TV then shrinks back into the ground.

" What was that!?!?" Valerie asks. She is answered by the tv and robotic voice," Now, you have all signed up for the game of survivor. But, this is actually a game of Killing Spree. A game that will result in someone being killed everyday. Every two days a killing challenge will occur those still alive will compete and who ever wins will be the killer. But you will participate one at a time with only one player alone to leave the house and participate. If you have won you will be notified by myself in private. If the killer is not able to kill someone in those two days, or is caught they will be killed. This will go on until one person remains. Goodluck." It shrinks again.

" Woah." Amanda says. They all turn their head back to the TV which has now risen back and shows a map of the hotel, with their head scattered across it.

" What is it?" Desiree asks.

" I think it shows where we are in the hotel." Maddison says. She then walks upstairs and her head follows her. " Yep." she says.

" Dang, this will make it harder to kill you all." Dave says. He then walks upstairs and chooses the biggest room for himself. " Anyone try to take this from me and I will kill you even if im not the killer. Joey notices a cockroach crawling under Dave's bed.

" It's all yours man." Joey says. He then finds himself a medium sized room with a fridge and pops open a coke will he lays on his bed and reads a book. "Better enjoy this stay while y'all can, cause only one of us is getting out of here alive." Joey says.

" Am I the only one who thinks this is a joke?" Desiree asks.

"Yes, if this were a joke don't you think we would've been told it was by now?" Derrick explains. He then decides to share the room with Joey and they start bonding.

The TV that previously had shown the map of the hotel now speaks once more," If you still think that this is a joke, let me show you it's not...


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