Basically signup as a pas total drama character this is supposed to be a series and im really looking forward to it!


Put your name beside the conestant you want to be. 2 min

Leshawna - Jomack (host)

Geoff - BB

Lindsay - Samey

Ezekiel - Surfer

Beth - RJ

Duncan - Nemo

DJ - Nemo

Heather - XrosHearts

Noah - Lance

Cody - Surfer

Gwen - Nemo

Trent - Samey

Courtney - Nemo

Eva - XrosHearts

Bridgette - Pary

Harold - Lance

Sadie - XxAquaInfinityxX

Katie - RJ

Izzy - XxAquaInfinityxX

Owen - Pary

Tyler - BB

Justin - Jomack (host)

Elimination Order

22nd Place - Eva - XrosHearts

21st Place - Harold - Lance


Screaming Gophers








Eva Eliminated 22nd Place




Killer Bass












Prechat Camp Wawanakwa

Chris: Lets welcome our contestants!

Justin: Hey *stands as wind blows his hair and everyone drools over his hotness*

Leshawna: You think you are the hottest, ill show you big baby!

Ezekiel: Yo, it's Zeke! (CONF) Eh, I'm not gonna lose this game!

Cody: I packed my SPF 1000 sunscreen!

Justin: Yo, uh.... Zeke is it? How you doing?

Zeke: Eh, I'm pretty good man! Get to hang with all the ladies, eh!

Justin: (CONF) I don't know what he is talking about, obviously I will be the one getting all the ladies.

Chris: Welcome Ezekiel, Justin, Leshawna, and Cody!

Zeke: (CONF) Eh, he seems like the type to think he's gonna get the ladies. Eh, it's clearly me!

Duncan: *to Zeke* You are a loser. You're not going to win.

Gwen: Hey! Keep it easy! I know you are a jock but, make people like you!

Zeke: Eh, who do you think you are??

Leshawna: Calling people losers? Ill show you big baby!!

Chris: Welcome Gwen and Duncan.

Zeke: *pretends he's huge* I'll punch your face in, eh!

Gwen: Oh no.

Justin: Woah, cool it guys.

Duncan: Cody! Help! *points to Zeke* He's punching me!

Cody: Uh, he hasn't touched you, and I think you can handle it anyways.

Lindsay: Hi guys.

Duncan: Well, thanks Cody, I guess... *punches Zeke in the Abdomen*

Gwen: Um, Hi.

Justin: *unveils six pack* Hey!

Zeke: Ow my abdomen

Gwen: Erm.............

Duncan: Bit sharp eyesight.

Noah: Nice to see every one is getting along so well *rolls eyes*

Lindsay: *smiles*

Courtney: Hello.... See you on the other side. *smiles at Lindsay*


Harold: *Gets off the boat* *face plants on dock* Ow!

Lindsay: Hi Courtney.

Tyler: *arrives from a boat* WOOOOO *tries to jump in water but lands on the dock* I'M OKAY!!!!

Duncan: Hey! *points to Harold* Here's the guy from my high school, *points to Tyler* And here's that guy from my team.

Welcome Tyler, Lindsay, Noah, and Harold.

Owen: Woohoo! Is it too late to order a pizza now?

Bridgette: Um, if we're getting a pizza, no meat. I'm a vegetarian.

Justin: Hey Bridgette! *shows off six pack*

Chris: Were not ordering a pizza now go to your teams cabins (listed above) and get to know one another.

Episode 1

Screaming Gophers Cabin

Justin: I call top bunk! (CONF) Of course ill take charge of this team. Im the most beautiful and good looking person here!

Duncan: You're not the team captain, loser! (CONF) I don't know who's the captain here.... (END CONF)

Justin: Never said I was, just called dibs.

Courtney: You don't make the calls, Justin. I am the real team captain.

Justin: Who died and made you queen?


Justin: *looks at Courtney with his hotness* Your right im sorry. *grabs her hand with his and kisses it and walks away.

Owen: Oh, how smooth.

Courtney: *spits and sputters*

Duncan: *rolls eyes* Pathetic.

Killer Bass Cabin

Geoff: Whats up dudes and dudettes?! The name's Geoff and I am so stoked to be here! I just hope we can have a gnarly summer.

Gwen: Um hi, I'm Gwen.

DJ: And I'm the team captain. (CONF) No, wait. Gwen is.... Ouch...(END CONF)

Leshawna: Yo, how ya doing gurl?

Tyler: When did we decide the team captain?

Bridgette: We should at least vote.

Leshawna: We have no time. We have to go the challenge.

Tyler: OH Yeah! Time to show my athletic skills! *Runs to door but falls*

DJ and Gwen: *leaves, ignoring Tyler*

Immunity Challenge 1 3:00 pm est

Chris: Welcome to your first challenge, you have to jump off this cliff and say a number between 1-20. Each team has been assigned a number once a person has said the right number for their team they win immunity! GO!

Tyler: I'm  up first! *Jumps* I AM NUMBER ONNNNEEEE *hits something while falling*

Geoff: *Jumps* TEEEENNN!!!!!

Justin: *jumps* SIX

Owen: *jumps* I choose EIGHT!

Bridgette: I choose.. *trips and jumps* TWO!

Only post after 3 minutes or after someone else does.

Noone has yet, but when someone guesses right I will say so.

Lindsay: *jumps* NINE!

DJ: *jumps* Eleven!

Gwen: *jumps* Seven.

Courtney: *jumps* Twenty.

Duncan: *jumps* I am codename Four.

Chris: Sorry, i was on the phone with the producers. The Killer Bass win!

Elimination Ceremony (1) Screaming Gophers

Chris: Okay, vote here. Once the votes are cast I will give out marshmallows to the players that are safe.

Justin: (CONF) I vote for Eva. Not thinking that Im hot. and not helping in the challenge!

Courtney: (CONF) See yuh. *votes Eva* (END CONF)

Duncan: (CONF) I vote Eva. She's also really strong, and I want to be the strongest on Eva!

Zeke: (CONF) Eh, I vote Eva.

Chris: Im not going to hand out marshmallows. Even though this is the first elimination ceremony, the votes were to lopsided. So, Eva your gone!

Episode 2

Screaming Gophers Cabin

Killer Bass Cabin

Immunity Challenge (2)

Chris: Okay, campers. Today's challenge is all about pushing your competition off their pedestals. Last camper standing wins it for their team. GO!!

Geoff: *pushes Duncan*

Lindsay: *pushes Justin*

Tyler: *pushes Owen but also falls off*

Courtney: *pushes Geoff off*

Gwen: *pushes Zeke off*

DJ: *pushes Trent off*

Cody: *pushes Courtney off*

Chris: Okay, the people who actually pushed someone off were put into a randomizer website, Geoff wins it for the killer bass!

Screaming Gophers Elimination Ceremony (2)

Chris: Screaming Gophers, here you are again. Since this is your second time, you know the drill. Vote someone off!

Owen: (CONF) I like everyone here! Also, food. But I guess I'll vote Harold.

Justin: (CONF) I vote Harold.

Chris: Can't say im shocked about this. Marshmallows go to Owen, Justin, Trent, Courtney, Izzy, Ezekiel, Sadie and Duncan! Katie and Harold this is the final marshmallow, it goes to.......... Katie! See ya Harold!

Episode 3

Screaming Gophers Cabin

Justin: Come on guys, we lost twice in a row!

Courtney: That is because of your worthless trash. I am the team captain.

Duncan: I feel sorry for him. I never had any interaction with Harold.

Killer Bass Cabin

Leshawna: Yeah! Two wins in a row baby!

Lindsay: Fruits.

DJ: Oh! Good Idea Lindsay! *holds up 11 glasses of punch* A toast....

Gwen: Why am I do it? *rolls eyes

Challenge (3)

Chris: As you can see, you are all on a ball court. With dodge balls in the middle, you have to grab a dodgeball, one line, throw it at someone, two lines. First team knocked off loses! Since it takes two line to throw it, you have a chance to dodge, one line. GO!!

DJ: *grbas dodgeball* (1)

Gwen: *grabs dodgeball* (1)

Duncan: *grabs dodgebal* (1)

Courtney: *grabs dodgeball* (1)

Noah: *grabs dodgeball*

Lindsay: *grabs dodgeball* (1)

DJ: *throws at Justin* (1)

Gwen: *throws at Katie* (1)

Courtney: *throws at Lindsay* (1)

Duncan: *throws at Heather* (1)

Lindsay: *throws at Owen* (1)

DJ: *throws at Justin* (2) BOO YEAH!

Gwen: *throws at Katie* (2)

Courtney: *throws at Lindsay* (2) Take that!

Duncan: *throws at Heather* (2)

Lindsay: *throws at Owen* (2) Yay

DJ: *grbas dodgeball* (1)

Gwen: *grabs dodgeball* (1)

Duncan: *grabs dodgebal* (1)

Courtney: *grabs dodgeball* (1)

Lindsay: *grabs dodgeball* (1)

DJ: *throws at Izzy* (1)

Gwen: *throws at Owen* (1)

Courtney: *throws at Geoff* (1)

Duncan: *throws at Leshawna* (1)

Lindsay: *throws at Ezekiel* (1)

Chris: Okay, the ones who did the most damage to the other team will be put into a randomizer! The winner is Lindsay! The Killer Bass win their third straight immunity challenge!

Screaming Gophers Elimination Ceremony (3)

Chris: You guys are really helping the other team, you will be down too eight members tomorrow! Meanwhile, the Killer bass will still have eleven! VOTE!!

Justin: (CONF) I vote Izzy.

Duncan: (CONF) I guess I'll vote Izzy too.


Ezekiel: (CONF) Eh-zzy

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