Chapter 1

All he wanted was to make a successful camp. All he wanted was to be heard. All he wanted was to be in one user fanfic. But. That never happened. And one day he snapped......

As Jomack worked hard on his computer, desperately trying to make a camp. He noticed that in chat Solar had given everyone the address of an amazing hotel and almost everyone was invited. But not him, there was simply "not enough room". But, in turn they would all join his camp. Or so he thought, that really meant sneaking away to the hotel without him knowing. As Jomack got terrible feedback on his latest episode of his fanfic, he slammed his head on his desk then looked up slowly shaking his head angrily. He looked at the address for the hotel. He then smirked and hopped out of the computer desk, and grabbed his car keys. As he hopped in his car he looked int the backseat and saw the guns, the knives, the rope the ductape. He saw it all and said, " Insanity is key". As he looked at the people who where invited he read there names aloud.

" Derpy, Solar, Surfer, Maria, Wendy, Serenely, TDN, Blake, Booty, Dark, Xros, Pary, Izzy, Mirnish, and Milk." " Fifteen so called good users but no Jomack!" He says angrily.

As he speeds down the highway a cop pulls him over. As the cop gets out of her car and approaches his he grabs a gun and holds it underneath the car door out of her sight. When she is reading his drivers license he pulls the gun out and says," Insanity is key."

When he shoots her directly in the head, she drops dead and he takes off once again.

" I will have revenge..."

Chapter 2

As Jomack drive down the highway he had killed another police officer just an hour ago. As he drove to the hotel, he wondered what his plan will be. Who to kill first and who was to suffer the most. Various names popped up in his head but one stuck. That one was to die a easy and quick that one had done nothing to him, and he therefore had no reason to torture them.

As he drove he remembered the times he was idoled out off all the camps he had been in and died first in all the horror camps. Remembering this made him drive faster as he wanted to see the blood spill from every single user and look them in the eye as they died.

He drove for thirty minutes before coming to the amazing hotel. He looked in awe and was now furious he wasn't invited too such a magnificent getaway week long vacation! As he looked he could see one thing. People. He could see every single wiki user. But, he had the one in mind. The one who had to die first!

" Hey who's that sitting in their car?" Mirnish asked. He then walked down the stairs that were connected to the hotel. As he approached the car Jomack noticed Surfer and Solar talking to one another. As Mirnish got closer Jomack got out the car with a gun behind his back.

" Hey, Jomack. " Xros said. Xros pondered at why Jomack had shown up but decided not to question it. As everyone now approached Jomack he grinned.

" Listen Jo, im sorry but there is no room!" Solar said. Jomack knew that Solar obviously didn't want him there. He thought about how to do it then coming up with a plane, he executed perfectly. First, he gave out a warning shot just to make them panic. That's when he took the shot at Milk. Milk somehow saw him and got behind a table. Infuriated and wanting to kill he walked up to the table and slammed Milk's head on the glass. Knocked out and dizzy, Jomack easily wnet to his car and got the rope and ducktape. He tapped Milk's mouth shut so he could scream. Then dragged him to the middle of the driveway with everyone watching he put Milk on his knees went behind him and shot his head. As the blood splattered on the concrete there were various screams. Jomack got a boom mic from his car. He used to announce the following message.

" Listen, we are going to have fun! Lets see who wants to live!" He then smirked and walked towards the hotel where windows were being boarded and the wiki users had barricaded him out.

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