Jomack: Welcome to JBB1! This is our first season and will most definitely have, twists, drama, and backstabbing alliances! Heres the deal, Once a day there will be a Head of Household (HOH) contest the winner will put two other people up for nomination. Then there will be a Power of Veto (POV) contest. The Power of veto can save a person that is already up for nomination. If a person is saved from nomination the current Head of Household must select another person to put up for nomination. Then the entire house will vote on the two nominees to see who will go home, this will go on until on person remains they will receive 100,000 dollars!


Place Name Episodes


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
? Adriana
? Bonshaquita
? Deltrese
? Hanya
? Jacob
? Jimmy
? Keisha
? Lexi
? Nemo
? Taylor
? Tororo
? Victoria
? Willow

Alliances (you may edit all of these)

Jacob and Taylor

Jimmy and Adriana


Taylor and Jimmy


Jimmy and Adriana


Please put your name stereotype and age. (12 - 18) ATLEAST 2 PER USER

1. Jacob - The Malevolent One - 12

2. Lexi - The Wannabe Princess - 16

3. Jimmy - The Short, Smart One - 16

4. Taylor - The Lazy Child Model - 12

5. Hanya - The Oriental Babe - 18

6. Tororo - The Cool Man - 17

7. Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea - The Gossip Lover - 17

8. Bonshaquita'Lafondria - The New Girl - 18

9. Adriana - The Smart One - 16

10. Nemo - The Heroic Gamer - 16 - Nemo

11. Victoria - The Giving Christain - 18 - Nemo

12. Willow - The Spiritual Hppie - 16

13. Keisha Fabo - The Gossip Finder - 18

14. Deltrese - The B*tch Named Deltrese - 18


Jomack: This is where you can talk as they arrive into the house.

Jacob: Hello. (CONF) Well this may just completely ruin my plans im 12! (END CONF)

Jimmy: Hello! (CONF) I'm so excited, you might as well just say my electrons are on their next highest energy shell! *snort*

Taylor: *lounges*

Jomack: Welcome, Jacob, Jimmy, and Taylor!

Taylor: Ugh, whatever.

Jomack: That is gonna get old!

Taylor: So is you speaking. GEt out of my face.

Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea: Ho mah gawd! I heard Jacob is only 12!

Jimmy: Twelve? Psychologists say that the type of stress we face in the BB house are enough to mess up someone of that age significantly!

Taylor: Got a problem with twelve year olds, b***h?

Jacob: (CONF) DOn't judge a book by its cover ahahahaha (END CONF)

Jimmy: I don't, but science does! Which basically means I do... So yes, I do have a problem with 12 year olds.

Jomack: Jimmy you might want to stop talking.

Jomack: Welcome,Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea!

Adriana: Hey Jimmy *falls in love*.

Jimmy: Uh... (CONF) A girl who finds short nerds attractive? This is quite the interesting predicament... (END CONF) *nervously* How about them quantum mechanics?

Adriana: Love them! (CONF) A guys who is into quantum mechanics whoah! (END CONF)

Jacob: * to Taylor* *whispers* Hey Taylor I can promise your safety if you do what I say!

Jimmy: Wow, me too! Sub atomic particles are literally my favorite. *laughs and blushes* (CONF) I hope it's not obvious that I'm into her!

Taylor: *whispers* Twelve year old alliance to slay these losers? Sounds good.

Jacob *whispers* We will have the upper hand they will think so little of us since were young then we will strike cool?

Adriana: My favorite too! (CONF) I hope it's not too obvious im into him (END CONF)

Taylor: Yeah! (CONF) Nice. He'll do all the dirty work while I ride him to the end.

Jimmy: Wowser! (CONF) Did I just say "wowser"? *facepalm*

Jacob: (CONF) Little miss princess thinks she is safe she is..... for now. Till I can find someone else who is loyal. (END CONF)

Adriana: *whispers* Hey Jimmy wanna make an alliance? And be friends?

Jimmy: F-friends? Uh, sure-e! (CONF) So she doesn't feel the same. But it's ok. She will eventually.

Adriana: (CONF) UH NO! I ruined everything he hates me *cries*.

Jimmy: *sits awkwardly next to Adriana*

Adriana: Uhh Jimmy.... I have a question .*nervously twitches*

Jimmy: Uhh yes?

Adriana: Will you g-... go ooooouuut ...... wiiiiiith .... me?

Jacob: Wow *whispers to taylor* OKay Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea is the first to go.

Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea: (CONF) These people think they sleuthing, but I hear all they whisperin!

Bonshaquita'Lafondria: Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea let's form an alliance, gurl.

Jimmy: Like outside? (CONF) I've never been asked a question of this type before. My brain does not compute.

Adriana: Oh uh no. With m... me? (CONF) *Shaking* HE HATES ME!

Jimmy: OUt, like, shopping? (CONF) Is she asking me out? NO WAY!!!

Adriana: Uh no... on a date? (CONF) * bangs head on wall*

Jimmy: Like where two people eat? And stuff? (CONF) She must think I'm a freak!

Adriana: Yes a date *kisses him* see you in the kitchen at noon * walks away*

Jimmy: *faints*

Taylor: *looks at Jimmy* Freaks.

Jomack: Okay everyone meet me in the living room.

Jimmy: *goes to Living Room*

Taylor: *goes to Living Room*

Lexi: Hola a Todos

Bonshaquita'Lafondira: Lexi puta!

Jacob: Hey Bonshaquita'Lafondria.

Bonshaquita'Lafondria: Who the f*** are you?

Jacob: Im Jacob.

Bonshaquita'Lafondria: I'm Bonshaquita'Lafondria. You best step yo' f***ing @$$ off.

Jacob (CONF) Well you just got yourself eliminated hahaha.

Tororo: Hi!!!

Bonshaquita'Lafondria: Mmm *bites lip at Tororo* T h u g D a d d y 

Hanya: *flips her hair* Hello.

Tororo: Hi @Bonshaquita how are you? 

Bonshaquita'Lafondria: Good now... Mmm... *twirls weave so hard it falls off into the pool* f***

Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea: Ho meh ghey! I heard Hanya is a washed up hoe! But ya' didn't get that from moiiiii, gurllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

Bonshaquita'Lafondria: who tf that hoe thinks she is? I'mma cap her ass sideways!

Lexi: Esa pizza es deliciosa.

Jomack: WE are waiting for the final three houseguests to arrive.

Adriana: (CONF) What should I wear? what should I say? Will he hate me?

Willow: Hola ya volvi.

Jomack: Welcome Nemo and Willow! I am going to tell you guys this okay? Somewhere in this house is The Gold Jomack Award! It will not only keep you from any votes ( one time) But will automatically give you the power of veto twice whenever you choose. To find it you must search, it could be any time before any challenge, and guess a random number between 1-50! I will say when someone finds it but not who!

Jimmy: 6!

Taylor: Like, 12. As in the number of years I am.

Jomack: Now we wait for the other two houseguests to arrive, man we are still waiting and the tension is already huge!

Jomack: Okay the final houseguests have arrived first Heah Of Household tomorrow at 1 pm eastern time

Jomack: You guys may head over to the first challenge and talk their while I get it setup.

Episode 1 (Prechat)

Jomack: You may talk here until I say to begin the challenge.

Jacob: (CONF) Taylor needs to stop making everyone else un the house her enemy I cant save her if she is put up for elimination if they are all voting for her!(END CONF)

Taylor: (CONF) I don't care if I have to be the biggest b***h around! I'm gonna beat these losers, and no one can tell me how to do it.

Jacob: *whispers* If you win HOH nominate Wilow, and whoever you want cool?

Lexi: (CONF) Wow yo hago pizzas todo el dia.

Willow: Si exelente.

First Head Of Household Competition 1 pm eastern time

Jomack: Okay as you can see all of you have a paintball with unlimited ammo shooting someone takes one line if you are hit you are out last person standing is Head of Household, you may post after 10 minutes or after someone else posts. Ready.. Set? GO!

Jacob: *shoots willow*

Taylor: *shoots Deltrese*

Jimmy: *shoots Ashwana*

Adriana: Mice shot Jimmy *shoots torro*

Jimmy: *shoots Nemo*

Taylor: *shoots Victoria*

Jacob: *shoots Hanya*

Jimmy: *shoots Lexi*

Taylor: *shoots Bonshaquita*

Adriana: *shoots Keisha*

Jomack: Only, Jacob, Adriana, Taylor, And Timmy are left!

Jimmy: *shoots Taylor*

Jacob: * shoots Adriana*

Jomack: Down to jimmy and Jacob!

Jimmy: *shoots Jacob*

Jomack: Jimmy is the first Head of Household!

Nomination Ceremony

Jomack: Okay Jimmy start off by saying who is safe then end with your two nominations!

Jimmy: OK, so the Livia to my Augustus, AKA Adriana, is safe. Just don't kill me like Livia did. Next is Taylor, then Jacob, Lexi, Hanya, Tororo, Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea, Bonshaquita, Willow, and Keisha. The last person who's safe is... Deltrese. I've nominated Nemo and Victoria.

Jomack: Okay, now we will have the Power OF Veto Competition. Obviously competing, Jimmy, Nemo, And Victoria. Also competing is Willow, Keisha and Bonshaquita!

Power of Veto Competition

Jomack: So, you challenge is to race to the box with your name on it (one line) grab your name tag (two lines) race to your puzzle ( two lines) and put the puzzle together (four lines) GO!

Jimmy: *runs (1)

Nemo: *runs* (1)

Victoria: *runs* (1)

Nemo: *grabs piece* (1)

Victoria: HEY! NO FAIR! *grabs piece* (1)

Jomack: Lets go people! challenge ends at 10 pm eastern time if noone is finished, whooever has the lead will win!

Nemo: *grabs piece* (2)

Victoria: *grabs piece* (2)

Lexi: *runs* (1)

Nemo: *grabs name tag* (1)

Victoria: *grabs name tag* (1)

Nemo: *grabs name tag* (2)

Victoria: ERRRRRGH! NOT AGAIN! *grabs name tag* (2)

Nemo: *Runs* (1)

Victoria: *Runs while chasing Nemo* (1)

Jomack: 18 minutes!

Jomack: Dues to some issues ( nlg goding) Victoria Wins!! I think we know but im obligated to ask would you like to use you veto power?

Victoria: People that cheat don't win, but I'm giving it to Nemo. He tried his best.

Lexi: (CONF) Yo amo la pizza.

Nemo: (CONF) Ooh. Thanks. *grabs a slice and eats it* (END CONF)

Lexi: es la pizza es la mejor.

Jomack: Jimmy you now have to nominate another person who?

Jimmy: I think the best option is probably Willow.

Willow: Por supuesto.

Lexi: Wow pizza con queso y pepperoni. Mi favorito.

Eviction Ceremony (1) Willow and Victoria

Jomack: Vote for either Willow or Victoria

Jacob: (CONF) I vote Willow.

Adriana: (CONF) I vote Wilow.

Lexi: (CONF) Yo voto Willow.

Taylor: (CONF) I vote Victoria.

Willow: (CONF) Yo voto Victoria.

Jomack: Voting ends at 10 pm eastern time

Nemo: (CONF) Willow. You are the biggest target in this season as of right now.

Victoria: (CONF) Willow. I'm sorry.

Jomack: Bye Willow!

Episode 2 prechat

Head of Household

Send me a beautiful picture! I will judge. (I will not compete this episode)

Victoria: This is beautiful...

Nemo: This won me last time. This has to work.

Lexi: Mi foto 

Lexi's pic

Jomack: I say that NEMO wins Head of household!

Nemo: I am going to nominate Lexi and Deltrese.

Lexi: Me gusta la pizza.

POV (2)

Jomack: Lexi, Nemo, Deltrese, JAcob, Victoria, and Keisha! Compete in todays power of veto! You have to run to the kitchen (2 lines) make me food (3 lines) then bring it back for me to eat! (1 line) First person back with food wins power of veto!

Nemo: *runs to kitchen* (1)

Victoria: *runs to kitchen* (1)

Lexi: *runs to kitchen* (1)

Jacob: *runs to kitchen* (1)

Lexi: *runs to kitchen* (2)

Nemo: *runs to kitchen* (2)

Victoria: *runs to kitchen* (2)

Lexi: *makes Jomack food* (1)

Victoria: *makes Jomack food* (1)

Nemo: *makes Jomack food* (1)

Lexi: *makes Jomack food* (2)

Victoria: *makes Jomack food* (2)

Nemo: *makes Jomack food* (2)

Lexi: *makes Jomack food* (3)

Nemo: *makes Jomack food* (3)

Victoria: *makes Jomack food* (3)

Lexi: *brings it back for Jomack to eat*  Hurra!

Nemo: *brings it back for Jomack to eat* *sees Lexi* F***. That motherf***ing Spanish freak.

Victoria: *brings it back for Jomack to eat*

Nemo: *eats Lexi's food to Jomack*

Lexi: Perfecto.

Jomack: Lexi wins the power of veto! Are you gonna use it on yourself?

Nemo: I think she's keeping it.

Lexi: Yo amo la pizza.

Jomack: Nemo, who do you nominate?

Nemo: *facepalm* I was right....

Lexi: Eso fue Fantastico.

Nemo: She said she dosent want to, so I still nominate Lexi.

Lexi: Muy bien.

Eviction Ceremony (2)

Jomack: Vote for Lexi or Deltrese.

Jacob: (CONF) I vote Deltrese.

Adriana: (CONF) I vote Deltrese.

Nemo: (CONF) Deltrese didn't do anything so far, so I vote her.

Victoria: Deltrese.

Lexi: (CONF) Yo voto Deltrese.

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