Merely a matter of weeks after the events of Jigsaw's Revenge, the first case of the "new Jigsaw", he captured another bunch of people, to make them duke it out in traps once again, all wanting one thing: Another chance at life. After this, only one will survive, and will from now on truely appreciate life. Good luck.

© Mrdaimion, 2011


  • DO NOT GODMOD! If I see you godmodding, I'll severely injure your character, and they won't make it past the trap, if they're in a trap.
  • If you're out while inactive, please don't get mad at me, I try to take it slowly, and only make him hurt you when you're online to the best of my ability.
  • You are allowed to kill each other in this game, but if you godmod while doing it, or you godmod to not get killed, you're going to end up being the killed one.
  • I may role-play as your character at times for story parts, and when I do it will be in bold.

Sign-Ups (Closed)

(Note: Sign-ups close at twenty. If you were in the previous Jigsaw's Revenge, you cannot use the same character, unless you used Crystal or Logan. One per user.)

  1. Billy Bob Joe - Robbed a bank -Mrdaimion
  2. Logan-shot a police officer-teamnoah123
  3. David- Set a house on fire-Snow
  4. Janet - Drowned her little brother at a community pool. - Kgman04
  5. Brandon - Stole from a retirement home - Aimers
  6. Elenaz- Stabbed her teacher - Mrodd
  7. Mark - Shot Lindsay Lohan - TDA ROCKS
  8. Tasia - Got drunk then farted on her little sister - Toadgamer80
  9. Keyshia- Murdered Justin Bieber's fan girls- Leshawnafan
  10. Eve- Stole a car after her dad wouldn't buy her one- Shadowgeoff
  11. Xalia- Put acid on a policemans donut which he shared with his children-izzynsierrafan12
  12. Artie - A Drug Dealin' Druggie - Mr. E
  13. EvilTweek- Weed, Beer, Smoke Addict, Psychotic, Attempted Killing JB, Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton, Pyromaniac, helped with 911 by using a time machine-Theeviloctorock
  14. Draven- Helped Angela-1dra7
  15. K.C - Downloaded music illegally then killed the judge after she was sued by the RIAA when they tryed to fine and throw her in jail then snuck out and ran to canada- Kevvy9
  16. Zoey - Killed Paris Hilton after she stole her boyfriend. Dakotacoons
  17. Emelius, the Conman - Fanny
  18. Blade-owned illegally purchased swords and knives-Sunslicer2
  19. Reddy - failed to pay a speeding ticket - Reddude
  20. Stephanie- a Russell fan- Platypus09

Pre-Chat: Before the Abduction

(Note: None of you know you're going to get abducted by Jigsaw or anything, so don't make references to it, unless it's something like: "Hey, have you heard of the Jigsaw Killer?")

Billy Bob Joe (BBJ from now on): Hey y'all, have any of ya folks heard of the Jigsaw Killer? Supposed to teach people lessons through death, yesireee.

Brandon: Urgh...a hillbilly -__-'

David: And geek.

BBJ: I ain't no geek! >.>

David: I meant the Jigsaw Killer.

BBJ: *pulls cowboy hat over the front of his head* Good, cause ya have better not been talkin' 'bout me...

David: *Pulls out his lighter* I wasnt.

BBJ: *glances at the lighter* Ya smoke?

David: No this is for burning houses down. What do you do?

BBJ: ... I manage to scrape by in life, let's leave it at that...

David: Like Robbing a bank!

BBJ: ... I don't know where you got that idea, nosiree, I didn't even hitn torwards that...

David: You were my helper Steves roomate in jail.

BBJ: *laughs nervously* You must be thinking of a differet Billy Bob Joe...

David: Why are you... POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBJ: *puts hand over David's mouth, and whispers to him* Want me to tell them that you burn down houses too?

Brandon: -__-'

Xalia: Hahahahaha! I heard abotu Jigsaw! He seems awesome! Good thing that physco doesn't know about me! Hahaha!

Brandon: Jigsaw is who? O.o

David: Some geek.

Xalia: Supposively a great guy! HE JIGSAW! I put acid on a police man's large donut which he shared with the police!

Brandon: And I thought I was bad -__-'

David: I burn down houses!

Logan:Say what you want about the Jigsaw, that guy tried to kill me!

David: I heard he has a helper. ohhhhh whoevers helping him is s dead

Logan:Dont worry, I think Sam was the helper, and I saw him die.

David: A new one.

Brandon: Urgh... Why am I here with you all? *starts listening to tike tok*

David: *To Logan* Dork.

Artie: Heeeeeeeyyyy!

EvilTweek: *Eating Human Flesh of a skull* Sup

David: Youre EvilTweek that F*** who tried to vote out my girlfriend!

EvilTweek:*finishes eating the flesh and throws the skull away* Maybe I did and Maybe I did'nt

David: *Burns EvilTweeks hair off* Stay away from me *Walks away*

EvilTweek: Hey! I just got thaat dyed *walks away*

David: *Hifives BBJ* Geek.

Logan:*to David*Who BBJ or Eviltweek?

Draven: Hello...*kisses Picture of Angela*

David: EvilTweek.

EvilTweek:*walks back*Dude,Im Sorry I just got a little uhhhhhhhhhh Violent. Friends *Pukes*uuuuuuuuh *faints*

David: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Rachel would not like that.

EvilTweek: So

David: Survivor: Tiki Island You voted her off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EvilTweek: oh Yeah Robert told me to.

David: Robert. *Calls Rachel*

EvilTweek: What are you doing?

Rachel: *On phone* IT WAS ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K.C: Hey guys

FLASHBACK: Zoey: *at court* You don't understand! I was framed! *gets acquitted* Yay!

EvilTweek: So K.C what have you done bad

BBJ: *has a cowboy hat drooping over his eyes, and starts going to sleep on a hay stack*

EvilTweek:*pulls out his lighter* hmmmmmmm Should I?

Zoey: Please don't. Smoking is bad!E

EvilTweek: No, I meant burning BBJ but thats good to *starts smoking*

Zoey: *walks to the corner and sits by herself* I don't belong with these people.

BBJ: *starts to wake uo, and mumbles* Belong with what people? (This is before you're kidnapped, remember that.)

Zoey: Everyone here! I did nothing bad! She's the one that took my boyfriend. She deserved to die.

BBJ: We all did somethin' bad? Well, hit me with a pickled pickle... *goes back to sleep*

Draven: You guys know the Jigsaw killer? He is mine, and Angela's idol.

BBJ: *wakes up again* Didn't he kill Angela?

Dakota: Who's Angela?

Zoey: OK...

Billy the Puppet: *rides in on a bicycle* Hello. I'm here to play a game. *mouth opens wide, and a bunch of sleeping gas pours out, putting everyone to sleep.*

Day One: Held Captive

  • Everyone wakes up, inside of a strange house

Elenaz: What... Where are we?

Keyshia: I'm confused...'

Zoey: *wakes up* Last thing I remember, we were talking about Angela...


Eve: *wakes up* Ugh, who's the wise guy that crammed into the same house as these losers? *folds arms*

Xalia: *wakes up* This place is cool!

BBJ: *starts waking up, his blond hair being total bed hair right now* Huh? Where are we?

Mark: *starts waking up* Where am I?

Brandon: Oh guys again -__-'

Zoey: *gets into fetal position* This is so creepy. I'm afraid.

Pig-Mask: *dead body falls from celing, with a tape-recorder with a tape inside attached*

Keyshia: *Screams* What the heck was that?

Mark: *looks at the dead body* Oh-no.

Elenaz: Stop screaming... * Plays*

Brandon: .... We should probably listen to it

Mark: It's probably a trap if we touch it.

Zoey: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Don't touch it!

Elenaz: Too Late, I already did

Keyshia: Well, now we know who to blame if it is a trap.

Brandon: *stares at the body* Weird...It has a pig mask...Something only Jigsaw use- Oh God...

Eve: Oh, that's just great! *folds arms* *looks worried*

Draven: *holds Keyshia's hand*

Brandon: Isn't Draven a bad guy monster or something O.o

Elenaz: Pff. I want out as much as you all do.

Tape Recorder: Hello. I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here. Well, the answer is quite simple: I want to play a game. A game where all of you will fight for survival, to learn to appreciate life, threw ingenuis traps of my own creation. Don't worry, no traps today, I'll give you some time to rest. Good luck. *turns off*

BBJ: ... What the hell?

Keyshia: *Slaps Draven* Don't touch me!

Mark: *breaks the tape recorder* Screw you Jigsaw. >_>

DAvid:" Yay

EvilTweek:oo food *starts eating the dead guys head* Brandon: Oh well this is just lovely -__-'

Tape Recorder: *had a key in it*

Mark: *breaks the tape recorder* Screw you Jigsaw. >_>

Draven: Hmm,...I need someone to be with during this. I can't stay alone. I finally escaped Angela's curse. I am not a murderer. She is,..And Jigsaw is not my idol...My horror. Screw you Angela!!!!!!!!

Elenaz: * Picks the key up* Well, I wonder this is for.

Mark: *snatches the key from Elenaz*K

Keyshia: Are there any doors around this room?

Brandon: .............

Draven: Someone open a door!!!!

Elenaz: hey! Give that back! Please?

(MrD: I have to go, but before I leave, you aren't supposed to use the key yet.)

EvilTweek: *grabs the skull and trys breaking the door*Nope that wont work

Mark: *give the key back to Elenaz*

Elenaz: Awww, Thanks! * Hugs*

Brandon: Maybe the key is laced with posoin that kills peopole who touch it ^_^

Eve: *snickers* That would be nice.

Logan:Wait then couldnt we just use gloves?

Keyshia: Do you see any gloves around here?

Elenaz: * Gently rubs the key onto every one's face.* Now if that were the case, we all die.

Eve: *rubs face* Don't touch me.

Zoey: I'm afraid!

K.C: What does the riddle mean?

EvilTweek: hhmmmmmm *rubbing his face with the dead persons clothes*I GOT IT we use the clothes as gloves

Eve: Ew! There is no way I'm touching some dead person's clothes. *folds arms for the billionth time*

EvilTweek:Fine you dont have to*rips clothes into a glove*

BBJ: I don't think there's anything on the key, no sir.

Keyshia: *Wipes off her face* I ain't taking no chances.

Sleeping Gas Can: *falls from the sky and turns on, with a note attached saying: "About there being no traps today, I lied..."*

Xalia: cool! *falls asleep*


Billy Bob Joe's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello. I want to play a game. You robbed a bank before, and yes, I did check your criminal record. Now, you're going to have to be the one being robbed. Of what, you may ask yourself? Blood. *room lights up, revealing that there's a saw in here, and a bottle* Pour four pints of your blood into that bottle using the saw in order for the door to open. Good luck. *stops playing*

BBJ: *keeps cutting and cutting himself until he loses four pints of blood, and he pours it into the bottle, and stumbles out of the room now that the door's open* (I get permission to godmod, since I couldn't nessecarily do it in multiple edits with no-one else to edit this trap... However, for all other traps, I will leave a message after every edit.)

David's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello. I want to play a game. You set a house on fire, killing innocent people before. Now it's your turn to pay. *lights turn on, revealing that she's in a replica of a house, with a lighted match dangling above a bunch of gas spread on the floor of the house* You're going to have to get out of the house when it starts burning, without... You know... Dying. Good luck. *tape stops playing, and the match is dropped, and the house catches on fire*

David: *Picks the lock*

Fire: *started at the door, and makes her catch on fire for her magically teleporting to the door from the other side of the room*

David: *Gets Out* YES

Fire: *was freakin' on David, and burns him to a crisp killing him, for godmodding a second time -.-*

Janet's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Janet. I'm here to play a game. You, with a cold heart, drowned your little brother before, am I correct? Well, now you'll know how he felt. *lights turn on, revealing that the room is slowly filling up with water* You're going to have to find the way out. Good luck. (In other words, this is a thing of luck, guess a number 1-10 in paranthesys, wrong number will cause more water to fill up the room, right one will let you find the way out. Five wrong numbers will cause you to drown.)

Janet: *bites lip, looks around the walls* (4)

Way Out: *is found* (... You're a really good guesser. >.>)

Brandon's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Brandon. I'm here to play a game. You, for some reason, stole from a retirement home before. Now, the elderly will have their revenge. *lights turn on, revealing he's surrounded by old people with hand guns* They will now try to rob you, hurting you in the process. Good luck. (Yes, this is basically a joke trap. =P Don't worry, most traps will be serious.)

Elderly Person: Lemme at him! >.>

Brandon: -__- Oh Great...The elderly... *attempts to take a handgun from the oldest woman*

Oldest Women: Gah! *has the gun taken from her, and attempts to hit Brandon with a cane*

Brandon: GAH *attempts to run from the old woman* All I did was steal a pocketwatch!! Elderly people! Forgive me! I won't shoot you unless you attack me!

Elderly: ... Meh, we're going to die soon anyways... *fires in his direction*

Brandon: *attempts to dodge the bullets* Ok then...You oldies are so on now -___- *fires bullets in the direction of the elderly*

Bullets: *are dodges by Brandon, and kill some of the elderly*

Elderly: :o *fire some more at him*

Brandon: You elderly really annoy me...I was just trying to be nice! *attempts to dodge more bullets and fires more bullets towards elderly people*

More Elderly: *are also killed, and two jump at him in an attempt to grab him*

Brandon: o.O You guys are so old! How can you jump like that?!?! *attempts to smack the elderly with his gun while firing at the same time*

Elderly: *die except for one, who fires at Brandon, hitting his shoulder*

Brandon: AUGH, I hate you elderly >.> *continues to shoot bullets towards the elderly* This hurts a lot!!!

Elderly: *are all killed, and the door opens*

Brandon: YES! Sorry asked for it...*runs out of trap clutching shoulder*

Elenaz's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Elenaz. I'm here to play a game. You stabbed your teacher, right? Well, karma's come back to get you. *lights turn on, revealing that she's in a library maze like thingy* Find your way out of here, or else all of the book cases will topple over, and kill you. Good luck.

Elenaz: * Puts her Right hand on the right "Wall" And begins walking* This is how mazes work... I hope

Maze: *is still there*

Elenaz: ( LAWL) *Continues to drag her hand,* This is a big maze...

Tape Recorder: *turns back on* Indeed it is.

Elenaz: Creepy! * Turns right, Still following the wall*

Maze: *allows her to make another edit*

Elenaz: Boring Maze! * Starts to run, and Turns right, following her hand once again.*

Exit: *is seen, although the bookcases start to fall over*

ELenaz: MEEP! * Pulls her hand off the ÈWallÈ And sprints for the exit, just as the last book case falls, she slides into the door way*

Mark's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Mark. I'm here to play a game. You shot Lindsay Lohan, am I correct? Well, you know what they say, Karma's a b***h. *lights turn on, revealing a bunch of L<indsay Lohan standees are filling up the area* You're going to have to break through all of these in order to get to the exit and not drown in them. Good luck.

Mark: *smashes his way through several standees* Hiyah!

Mark:*destroys a couple more standees* I hate you Lindsay: >:(

Mark: *starts kicking and smashing Lindsay standees* DIE DIE!

Mark: *continues beating the crap out of standees* DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! >_<

Mark: *puinches through standees* DIEEEEEE B***H! >_>

Door: *is accessable*

Mark: *goes through the door* YES! :D

Tasia's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Tasia. I'm here to play a game. You farted on your little brother, causing him to die from the stench, am I right? Well, he's going to have his revenge today. *lights turn on, revealing a gas is being seeped into the room* Find a way to stop the gas from coming, before it kills you. Good luck.

Tasia: *pulls out a bottle of water* Aaah, there we go.

Tasia: *pours it on the gas* Good.

Gas: *pauses for a moment, then appears again*

Tasia: Darn it!

Gas: *is still coming*

Tasia: *builds a brick wall*

Gas: *passes through wall*

Tasia: *breaks through the wall, then leaves* YUSH!

Keyshia's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Keyshia. I'm here to play a game. You murdered innocent people just because they had a certain taste in music. Now music will have it's revenge. *lights turn on, and reveal she's surrounded by radios* These radios, combined, will make such an obnoxious noise it will cause your ears to bleed, and maybe kill you if it's on too long. You need to turn all of the radios off quickly. Good luck. *all of the radios start playing Baby (=P)*

Keyshia: *Starts to turn the radios off* Ahh it's already annoying me!!!

Keyshia: *Continues turning more radios off* What a horrible way to die! I'll be so embarrassed.

Radios: *are still playing*

Keyshia: *Turns more radios off* Is there no end?!

Keyshia: *Turns more radios off* There's no way I'ma die in here!

Radios: *are almost all turned off*

Keyshia: *Turns some more off* Almost there!

Radios: *are turned off, and the door swings open*

Keyshia: *Runs out, with her ears beginning to bleed*

Eve's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Eve. I'm here to play a game. You stole a car before, am I right? Well, you're going to get karma's payback today. *lights turn on, revealing there's a car in the room* In a few seconds, this car will go hay wire, going randomly across the room at 30 mph. You're going to have to avoid it long enough. Good luck.

Eve: *goes into corner, digs nails into wall, hangs on for dear life*

Eve: *hops onto car* It can't kill me if I'm on it, right? *chuckles nervously* Unless I fall off. *eyes widen*

Car: *starts going, and reveals it has no seat belts, and the top of it falls off, making it easy to fall off of*

Eve: Oh my gosh! *looks around, jumps into trunk and closes door*

Car: *has been going for a while, then, due to a remote Jigsaw has, the trunk door opens wide*

Eve: *grumbles* Okay, no more Ms. Nice Girl! *reaches over and opens gas tank, causing gas to spill out*

Car: *runs out of gas, but before it does so, causes Eve to fall out, hurting her, but the door opens*

Eve: *groans in pain* *stands up* *walks through door*

Xalia's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Xalia. I'm here to play a game. You killed a police officer and his family through acid, correct? Well, the law will get back at you today. *lights turn on, and reveal that there's a bunch of acid in front of her, and at the end of it there's a door* You'll have to swim through this acid, that isn't as painful as most, in order to get out of here. Good luck.

Xalia: Sweet! *chucks her bag in the acid and sits on it* Easy!

Xalia: *grbas out two tampons and attemps to paddle* Oh crap! IT's sinking! *tries to paddle with her tampons faster*

Xalia: *her legs up to her knees go under water* Oh f*ck! GRRR! *starts swimming as fast as she can and is almsot out*

Xalia: *finally makes it out of the acid and gets out* I am burning! But I like burning things!

Door: *is open, although Xalia's burned severly*

Xalia: *exits the room*

Door: *slams shut right as Xalia is about to walk through it*

Tape Recorder: Since I think you used steroids that trap (AKA you godmodded) new trap! >:D Find out how to open the door, but do it quickly, for a posionous gas is filling up the room. Good luck.

Gas: *quickly fills up the room, killing Xalia* (In all honesty, you were gonna die anyways, that was an impossible trap. =P I was originally going to kill you instantly for godmodding, but I decided to do this instead.)

Artie's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Artie. I'm here to play a game. You have given many people drugs before, am I right? Well, drugs will... Meh, too lazy to come up with something witty. *lights turn on, revealing that there's a key to the door in a bunch of needles, which people use to inject stereoids* You're going to have to get that key, if you want to live, at least. Good luck. (Yes, I did take this from Saw II, but it's hard coming up with traps. >.>)

Artie: Not cool. *tries to remove the needles*

Key: *is still down there*

Artie: *reaches down the hole* (Artie's a Dumbass, xD)

A Bunch Of Needles: *get stuck onto his hand*

Artie: *rips them out* Ow! Damnit that hurt, what's in those?

Tape Recorder: Posion... Just kidding, nothing.

Artie: What!?!? *thinks*

Artie: *removes some of the needles*

Artie: *get key and runs out of the room*

Evil Tweek's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Evil Tweek. I'm here to play a game. You have... Done many bad things before... And now it's time for karma to get payback. *lights turn on, revealing that the area he is in is falling down, with another tower falling near it* You're going to have to not be killed by this thingy falling... And stuff... Good luck.

EvilTweek: *Starts running away from the falling stuff* pfffff Easy

Window: *falls from a tower, and starts to fall where he is*

EvilTweek:*goes left and grabs a large thick peice of the building*

Building: *falls over, hurting EvilTweek*

EvilTweek:OW lucky that I went through a window *gets out of the building*

Window: *still shattered hurting him, although the way out is now accessable*

EvilTweek: ow I wish david did'nt burn my hair *sprints to the exit*

EvilTweek: *gets outta there*phew that was difficult

Draven's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Draven. I'm here to play a game. You helped Angela in "Clock Tower", am I correct? Well... *lights turn on, revealing that he's on the face of a giant clock, the second hand going around very quickly* Don't die by this replica of a clock. >.> Good luck.

Draven: Umm,...*jumps over the clock hands as they spin around*

Clock: *is avoided for a little, but after he jumps over it five times the second hand starts hitting him*

Draven: GAH!!!! *hops over towards the door*

Door: *is locked for the moment*

Tape Recorder: Oh yes, last long enough on the clock for the door to open.

Second Hand: *almost hits Dra, but barely misses him*

Draven: *jumps on top of the hand*

Second Hand: *is spinning around quickly and Draven falls off, but the door swings open now*

Draven: *begins to stand up, but hand chops left hand off, so Draven Falls again.* UUGH!!! *jumps back up and hops to the door*

  • Draven escapes the trap

K.C.'s Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello K.C. I'm here to play a game. You downloaded music illegally, am I correct? Well, karma has it in for you. *lights turn on, revealing that he's on a piano, with robot fingers jamming down on the key's, possibly crushing him at any second* Avoid being crushed... Good luck.

K.C: I think there's a key and the piano keys must stop being crushed

K.C: *runs to the piano*

K.C : *runs 3 feet away from the piano and throws her ipod from her pocket at the guy playing the piano*

Hands: *continue playing quickly*

K.C: *runs to the guy and punches him in the face then runs 3 feet away*

Guy's Face: *doesn't exist since these are just hands like stated earlier, and K.C. is crushed by the man's fingers, killed*

Zoey's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Zoey. I'm here to play a game. You killed a girl who was stealing your boyfriend. Now, that girl will have her revenge. *lights turn on, revealing that she's in a ball shaped like a heart, that's rolling torwards spikes* Find a way out of this ball. Good luck.

Ball: *continues rolling*

Zoey: I have to do to this what she did to me. Break this heart! *begins to pound on ball, which she discovers to be made of glass*

Heart Ball: *has a hole in it now*

Heart Ball: *rolls into the spikes, killing Zoey, and making the ball break into many little pieces*

Emelius's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Emelius. You're a conman, correct? Well... *lights turn on, revealing he's in a cage with a lion* Don't get killed, and find the way out of this cage. Good luck. (xD)

Lion: *scratches him*

Emelius: Oh! This should be simple. *takes out a Pop-It Up Mini Cage* I once sold this to a woman, telling her Johnny Depp got trapped in here once. *traps the lion in the mini cage* Now, how to find a way out of this larger cage.

Emelius: (conf) What?

Emelius: *notices the lion is angry and about to pop out of the pop-it up cage any second* Dangit. *starts filing the corners of the cage with a nailfile* I remember this once. The one that supposedly belonged to Selena Gomez. And then I got it thrown at my hand.

Lion: ... *stares at it, confused*

Emelius: *quickly files the bottom of the cage and walks out* Too easy.

Lion: *realizes he left, and growls, clawing at the cage*

Blade's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Blade. I'm here to play a game. You have a bunch of illegal weapons, correct? Well... *lights turn on, revealing that there's a bunch of guns, swords, and knifes all pointed at him* Find a way through the weapons without getting killed. Good luck.

Tape Recorder: ... I'm waiting...

  • Weapons all fall down, since they weren't supported by anything, and Blade simpily walks out.

Tape Recorder: ... Should have thought that out more... (MrD: I remembered Blade won't be able to log on today, so I'm getting him out of the trap.)

Reddy's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Reddy. I'm here to play a game. Once, you failed to pay a speeding ticket. Now you shall pay. *lights turn on, revealing that he's stuck in a room with a fan, and a bunchy of paper* Avoid the fan killing you from papercuts! >:D Good luck. *fan turns on, and blows the paper at high speeds torwards him*

Reddy: I shall do what I do best! *grabs papers and rapidly draws pictures on them* Yay! Drawing! Wheehehe!!

Fan: *is still blowing*

Reddy: Meh, I'm bored. *throws pencil into fan causing it to begin to malfunction* :P

Fan: *explodes due to malfunction, injuring Reddy, although the door swings open*

Stephanie's Trap

Tape Recorder: Hello Stephanie. I'm here to play a game. You're a... *shudders* Rusell fan. Now, you shall pay. *lights turn on, and reveal that there's a bunch of tennis ball automatic throwars around, filled with idols* You're going to need to avoid being hit by those idols... Why you ask? They're actually bombs. >:D Good luck.

Stephanie: *grabs 2000 real hidden immunity idols from Russell's souvenir shop and uses them to make a wall*

Idol Wall: *is blown up instantly, and the explosion hurts Stephanie*

Stephanie: *uses her looks to flirt the idols into not exploding*

Exploding Idols: *hit Stephanie and blow up*

Stephanie: *weakened* Umm... *plays a recording of Russell saying: "I'm Russell Hantz, and I'm the greatest player evah!" *

Exploding Idols: *hits Stephanie again and explode, almost killing her but not quite, and the door swings open while the idols stop firing*

Stephanie: *crawls through door barely alive*

After-Trap Chat

Brandon: Someone patch up my shoulder *groans in pain*

EvilTweek: Sooooooo ow'd you guys go? What injuries d'ya get?

Artie: *falls over with needles in his body* AAAAAAHHHHH! Please, get, them, OUT!!!

Eve: *angrily, sarcastically* Oh, y'know, just your average cuts and bruises on your legs.

EvilTweek:so you got shot in the shoulder, and you got needled *starts taking the needles out*

Brandon: *waits patiently for hose shoulder wound to be attended to*

Reddy: *flies in from his room, covered in soot* Wow... That was so worth it! :D (XD)

Brandon: Hey Reddy, can you patch up ma shoulder?

Eve: Hello! Isn't anyone going to help me? *smiles and gives puppy dog eyes* Pwease?

EvilTweek:*still taking needles out*Hi. Yeah I just got some glass in my head no biggie

Mark: I had fun killing Lindsay Lohan standees. -w-

Reddy: *handsa brandon paper from his trap* -w-

EvilTweek: aww you got the good one

Stephanie: *crawls in, barely alive* Ouch...this is almost as sad as when Russy got voted out in RI ;(

EvilTweek: You look awful

Stephanie: *crying as she rewatches Survivor: Samoa* This is so...annoying. *TV starts to fall backwards onto Logan*

Eve: *sighs* *walks up to Reddy* Hey, Weddy, why don't cha gimme some papor? *does puppy dog eyes*

Elenaz: * Grins* Whos not here?

EvilTweek: David is'nt

Stephanie: *watches as the TV is one inch away from Logan's head*

TV: *is blown back by a fan, and misses Logan and just hits the ground*

Artie: *crying slightly* I'm sorry, I want out!!!

EvilTweek:OK! *gets gun out*Eyes or Mouth

Janet: *with soggy pants* Hm, I don't think that's what he meant...

BBJ: *stumbles in* Man, my trap was brutal... What was all of yours?

Keyshia: *Sprints in, holding her ears* That was the worst thing I've been through in my life.

Brandon: *bandages himself with Reddy's paper* Thanks!

Draven: ALIVE!!!! YAY!!!!! *finds a large wooden area, rips off some wood, and begins crafting a wooden hand*

Logan:*sitting next to the TV that fell almost fell on him*................Im not going to make it through a second game of this am I?

Artie: *is still crying* Needles, SO MANY NEEDLES!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

Draven: You are afraid of NEEDLES? I'm afraid of being trapped in a room with Brandon, tied upside down, while trying to swing to the open doorway. :P

Artie: Do you SEE the needles in me!!!

Brandon: -__-' What's wrong with me?

Emelius: *to Artie* Would you like a needle remover?

Brandon: My shoulder feels better already :D *groans in pain* well, only a little...

Janet: There's sixteen of us here, so, the other four are like...... dead?

Keyshia: I guess. At least we're all still here though.

Logan:Yeah, but for how long......................................................................................................................

Eve: *cover cuts with paper Reddy dropped* *pulls out folding chair and thermos filled with tropical drink* *puts on sunglasses* Feels like home already.

Day Two: Another Day in Hell

  • Everyone wakes up, and discover BBJ missing

BBJ: *runs in* Sorry, I was just... Preparing things...

Brandon: Wow that was totally not suspicious at all -__-'

BBJ: ... I was treating my cut... *holds up hand, and a big cut is down it* Idiots...

Draven: You're a cold hearted murderer.

Eve: *quietly draws knife*

Draven: *quickly draws knife as well*

Mark: I'm scared if one of us will die today.

Brandon: At least my shoulder feels better...Silly elders with handguns...

Elenaz: * Looks around* Four dead.

Mark: *glares at Logan* >_>

Brandon: Urgh, I wish we could all just get out of this....

Eve: No kidding.

Draven: We survived Hell for a night. Let us see if we can do it again.

Keyshia: *To BBJ* Why did you have to leave the room to treat your cut? There's stuff in here that you could've used.

BBJ: I was using a hot pipe from the boiler room to close it up, trick I learned from Gordon, a Saw survivor...

Keyshia: *Shruga* Whatever you say.

Brandon: Meh, Believable enough...

Artie: *sigh* Thank god I got those needles out.

Mark: BBJ, you need to let us in on things, you're apart of surviving with us too.

BBJ: Well, why would I wanna wake all of you up, just to let you know I was burning myself?

Mark: Fine.. I got my eye on you.. >_>

BBJ: *shrugs* Have an eye on me, then.

Brandon: Hey, someone look at my shoulder...Does it look better?

Stephanie: Wow....lulz as much drama as Russell! :D

EvilTweek: Wow I Am Glad I did not get hurt much

Emelius: Not even a scratch!

Elenaz: That can be fixed...

Artie: *to Stephanie* If you talk about Russel ONE MORE TIME, i swear...

Emelius: You'll kill her? Why don't you use this dagger that was plunged into Abraham Lincoln's back by John Wilkes Booth?

Eve: *rolls eyes at Emelius* Abraham Lincoln was shot.

Emelius: Yes he was, Eve. But when John Wilkes Booth jumped from the theatre he plunged a daggar in his back.

Eve: Whatever. I need my beauty sleep. *curls up onto the floor and goes to sleep*

Janet: I wouldn't go to sleep in a place like this...

Emelius: *raises his dagger over Eve's head, and quietly places it in his pocket*

Television Screen: *turns on, and Billy the Puppet is on the screen* Hello. I'm here to play a game, with a guest... *camera pans out, and it there's a pig-head on the camera too* You see, we decided many of you are very un deserving of life. So, we'll weed out the ones who do deserve another chance at life, and as for the ones who don't? Well, we have ways of killing them... Make your pleas to the pig-head of why you should survive. Good luck. *TV turns off*

Judgement Chat

Emelius: You see, I was childish. I scammed people for their money, now that's not illegal but I feel bad for it. This show is giving me another chance to learn from my mistakes!

Stephanie: I should like, tooootally deserve to like, totally live, because like, liking, like, the best player ever, like, isn't a crime! D:

Keyshia: Well, if you really think about what I did, killing Justin Bieber fan girls isn't bad. They're the only reason why he's famous, which he shouldn't be. I was doing the world a favor. We don't need anymore of him or those stupid girls who are always screaming.

Mark: Shooting at Lindsay Lohan wasn't that bad.. yet I think everyone here deserves another chance except some people I don't trust. My crime hasn't killed anyone I just strongly dislike her but if anything's wrong is killing your own "brother" now that's messed up. I've learned a valuable lesson and that's life is only precious with the friends you make along the way. A favor was done for a cause of regret and I doubt I'll ever shoot again.

Elenaz: Ok... So I stabbed my teacher? She was like mad-inlove with my dad, I DID NOT want her to replace my mom. Just no. It couldn't happen! I Love my mommy, not that freak of nature teacher.

Eve: *now awake* *sighs* Well, I stole a car. It sounds bad, and I admit it was. I regretted it as soon as I got out of the Burger Queen parking lot. I let the cops arrest me. I only got a two-month sentence because there was no damage to the car and I was only in it for about thirty seconds. I think I deserve to live beacuse I've learned from my mistakes and am ready to obey my father and the law, and pay the fine by working at *shudders* the Justin Bieber amusement park. Think about it, that's worse than death.

Logan:I should live because I understand what I did was wrong, This experience has taught me to treasure and value life, and that what I did was wrong. If you kill me now, I would never be able to try to teach that lesson to others.I should have never stole that $3.92 worth of candy, which somehow lead me to having to kill a cop.

Brandon: So, as I already mentioned in my trap…I only stole a pocket watch which is clearly not as bad as some of the things other people did…I really believe I deserve to stay because this is teaching me to appreciate life…I’m fighting for a chance to survive and I even have a bullet wound as proof that I will never give up no matter what…Please Jigsaw, give me a chance, I will become a better person…I should never have stolen that pocket watch and I I'll never do anything bad again...

Draven: Angela,...She trapped me. I was forced to murder. Now I am put through this crap? I deserve another chance in life. I was forced to kill and kill...I cannot handle what sbe made me do,...please let me live!!!!!!!!

Judge: Interesting... Continue.

Janet: I did something horrible, I will admit. I killed my little brother, that's probably one of the worst things someone could possibly do. And ever since that day, it's been haunting me forever. I was just so angry that one day, that I just... it just overpowered me. I completely regret it. I will learn to make the most of life. The water trap made me realize... life is short. And I need to fulfill it by making myself and others happy. And... *talking to the ceiling* Darren, if you can hear me, I'm sorry! I'm truly, honestly, without-a-doubt, incredibly, undeniably... sorry.

Blade: Honestly, owning illegal weapons isn't that bad. It's not like you've gotten all of your weapons for this legally. So I'm on the same grounds as you... just in the position of almost dying because of it.

BBJ: Well, I only robbed that bank because I had to to live at all, yiseree, I never shot a single fellow out in there bank, I didn't steal that much money, indeed I did not, and I gave myself into the police when they caught me, yes I did.

Artie: I had actually stopped dealing AND doing drugs over two years ago, and that is my only crime. I deserve to live, as I have turned my life around, and I have a wife and kids I need to support.

EvilTweek: It's not my fault I'm bad I have to or I die. You see I dont wont to My species despice's you Humans so if I dont they kill us. Thats why I take Weed so I have a reason not to cause disaray. *sniffs* I never wanted to kill I always wanted to be on showtoons *tear drops from eye*

Judge: Alright, I'm ready to judge. First off, are the two people who didn't submit. Reddy, while you didn't say a speech, you really shouldn't be here for a speeding ticket, so you'll live. Talia, you however, murdered your brother through a disugsting way and didn't submit, so you're in the danger zone. Now, time for the others... Emilus, your speech wasn't very good, so you're in danger tonight... Stephanie, your speech was terrible, but you shouldn't be here either, so you're free to go. Keyshia... You know what? I'll just say who's in danger:

  • Talia


  • Emulius


  • Blade


  • Draven


  • Elenaz


  • EvilTweek

However. only two of you out of those six will die... And it isn't Blade. *a marshmellow falls from the sky and lands in his hands* Or Elenaz. *another marshmellow falls from the sky* Emulius. *he gets a marshmellow* And... The person surviving here is...

Draven! *marshmellow is given to him, and two guns come out from the walls and shoot EvilTweek for commiting so many crimes and Talia for killing someone and not having a speech* By the way, Janet, you had the best speech by far, so you get to skip the next trap! Buh-bye. *television turns off*

After Judgement Chat

Mark: The next trap can't be that hard. Right? o_o

Draven: Hopefully, it won't be.

Eve: All we can do is hope. *sits down*

Artie: *sigh*

Janet: :o Phew! :D

Keyshia: *Sighs* Hope would be nice, but when you're stuck in a place with a pyscho who's trying to kill you, it's not easy to have hope.

Logan:Have hope, I've made it out of here once, we might all live from here on.

Day Three: Mysterious Disappearances

  • Everyone wakes up, and discovers that BBJ, Emelius, Draven, and Blade are all missing, then they hear a door slam from the boiler room. (Note: If you're one of the four (not including BBJ) missing, you can't talk until I say you can.)

Elenaz: Uh.... What just happened?

Mark: *finds a cockroach on the floor* I'll name you Jerry. :D

Elenaz: Im stuck here... with him! Where is every one else? WAKE UP EVERY ONE!

Keyshia: *Wakes up* Ugh, you people annoy me to no end.

Logan:*wakes up*WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING!!!!!

Stephanie: OMG!! That noise must be Russell coming to save me! :D

Eve: *wakes up* -_- Hm. Four less people that annoy me. :D

Artie: *slaps the back of Stephanie's head* Delusional b*tch.

Elenaz: Ugh!

Brandon: *runs into the boiler room to see what the noise is*

Pig-Head Corpse from Day One: *is lying on the ground with bullet holes in his shirt in the boiler room, with a tape recorder in his hand, and near-by is a television screen with a DVD inside of it, ready to be played*

Elenaz:... * Plays the Tape Recorder* Wish me lUck <3

Tape Recorder: Hello. I'm here to play a game. Have you noticed Emelius, Draven, Blade, and BBJ missing? Well, the first three play a special part in today's trap. BBJ, however, well... Look at the footage on the DVD to see what happened to him. Anyways, all three of those people had a special sleep potion in their marshmellow, and Elenaz would have been asleep by that but she didn't eat it, lucky her (AKA I forgot to say she was missing >.>)... Anyways, you're going to have to save whichever person you're assigned to from certain death, because if you don't, you die along with them. Who you're paired up with will be revealed soon. Good luck.

Mark: Well this is fun. *gulps*

Logan:Yes, really fun...

Elenaz: Well... Good for me? * Pushes play on the DVD Player*

DVD Player: *starts playing*


BBJ: *wakes up in the boiler room, and a tape recorder is in his hands, so he presses "Play" on it.

Tape Recorder: Hello Billy. I'm here to play a game. You have two choices: Either leave this room immedietly, abandending everyone else to die, or you can stay here and save them.

Static: *is on the screen for a while, then when it comes back BBJ is walking to the door*

BBJ: *is about to open it, then he looks through the peephole, discovering that if he opens it a shotgun will activate, and he chuckles* Nice try Jigsaw. *runs into the main room and gets the Pig-head corpse, then opens the door, using the corpse as a shield. He then throws the pig-heasd corpse behind him and runs out of the room*

Eve: >_< He left us here to DIE?!?! That... *camera goes to static* *back to normal* Ugh!

Elenaz: He... Was Helpfull.

Mark: I told you we couldn't trust BBJ. >_>

Eve: Should've killed him when we had the chance. If I get out of here, BBJ is a dead man!

Mark: *pushes play* o_o..

Brandon: I hope the kidnapped are okay...

* A list rolls down from a wall, having this written in blood:




* Three doors are now revealed, thanks to a little extra lighting, one having "DRAVEN" on the front, another "EMELIUS", the last "BLADE".


Draven's Trap

* Draven is shown dangling in the air, held by chains, slowly being lowered to a saw that will cut him in half, triggering a bomb blowing Reddy, Eve, and Elenaz up.

Tape Recorder: Hello. I'm here to play a game. You can see that Draven is being lowered to a saw, and if he falls onto the saw, you will all blow up. However, there's a way to stop this from happening: You'll need to kill one of your members by killing her on that different saw, *points to a smaller one twenty feet away from the bigger one* and then Draven will be released, unharmed. Good luck.


Reddy: *pounces onto Eve* Sorry little lady, but one of us has to go down, and I'm willing to throw any one of ya into hell to get out of this for a measly speding ticket.

Elenaz: Thanks Reddy * Glares at Eve* So long.

Reddy: *dragging Eve to sww* I've got a bad feeling about thius...

Draven: AAAH!!!!!

Elenaz:*Grabs her feet* Are you ready?

Draven: NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reddy: >P_< *throws Eve at Elenaz and grabs Elenaz by the feet* you want people to die! *drags her to saw*

ELenaz: You Need Me. I have th ekey that will get us all out of here. Kill me. And you lose the key.

Draven: KILL EVE!

Reddy: Liar! You want people die! *lifts up elenaz and slams her into the saw* DIE!

  • Elenaz DIEs, and Draven is dropped onto the saw, cutting off his arm, but the bomb doesn't go off, and the doors swing open

Draven: *runs through door*

Emelius's Trap

  • Emelius is shown tied to a rope in a room with it's walls slowly sliding in, and all of his protecters under him, in the same room.

Tape Recorder: Hello. I'm here to play a game. You're going to have to find the hidden button to stop the walls from moving and crushing all of you. Good luck... Ya, not much to say here...

Mark: *slides down to find the hidden button* Oh yeahh!

Emelius: *swings a satchel off his body* Here! Look for my infared glasses! They can show you the secret button! Plus, Willy Wonka wore them in the 1971 classic! Hurry! I'll give them to you for 5.99 if I don't get crushed!

Emelius: (conf) People never learn, teehee!

Logan:*starts looking for button*

Mark: *looks and finds a small, lingering firgure* O_O

Stephanie: Russell told me how to find small items, and the button is one of them! *searches for the button*

Mark: I found the button *presses it* :P

Button: *wasn't the real button, and the walls close in faster*

Mark: Uh-oh. o_o (keeps looking)

Stephanie: *finds the button and hides it in her breasts* (CONF) Russell told me to keep all small items hidden! :D

Mark: *notices Stephanie* Press the button! D: *punches Stephanie off it and reaches for the button* YES!

Button: *is broken since it was supposed to be attached to the wall but she broke the wiring, but the door out of the trap is still wide open*

Mark: *runs out the door of the trap*

Stephanie: *runs through the door*

Logan:*runs through the door of the trap*

Walls: *close in, crushing Emelius*

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on television screen* Shoulda thought that one out more...

Blade's Trap

* Blade is shown hanging from a rope, around a bunch of bombs

Tape Recorder: Hello. I'm here to play a game. Protecters of Blade, you need to find a way to get Blade out of here without him setting off any of the bombs, or else... Well... You all go boom. Good luck.

Brandon: -__-' Oh great....... *head carefully over to Blade* I need to untie you!

Brandon: *begins untieing Blade* Guys? >.>

Keyshia: *Begins untieing Blade with Brandon*

Brandon: *unties half of the knots* Almost done......

Keyshia: *Keeps untieing*

Artie: *untieing*

Brandon: *Unties more* (Are we done yet? >.>)

Blade: *is untied, and the door opens*

Brandon: Come one guys! *sprints for the door*

Artie: *runs out the door*

Keyshia: *Sprints to the door*

Brandon: *runs out the door*

Blade: *is about to run out the door, when he accidently hits an explosive, and blows himself up*

After-Trap Chat

Stephanie: Thanks to my thinkful thinkfulness, we are still alive! :D

Mark: Keep talking and I will slit your neck, Stephanie. >_<"

Stephanie: Slitting necks! Just like Russell does!

Mark: *takes out a shattered piece of glass* This will be your death, Stephanie. :)

Stephanie: *breaks a soda bottle and uses as a weapon* Don't threaten me...

Mark: *attempts to Stephanie* It's over I've been to juvie way more than you.

Stephanie: *cries* He's bullying me! D:

Mark: *grabs Stephanie* Time to die! >:(

Stephanie: *steals his piece of glass so he can't hurt her*

Artie: *injects her with an empty needle (creating a air bubble in here heart) he saved* There. (It doesn't do anything)

Draven: *attempts to stab Stephanie through the head with his wooden knife*

Mark: *grabs his glass back and punches Stepahnie in the boob* ;)

Stephanie: *runs away far from the others and puts up a wall of idols* Don't hurt me? What did I do to you???

Brandon: Guys, stop! We all need to get out of this together!!!

Mark: *charges after Brandon* DIE!

Eve: (CONF) I actually thought I was going to die back there. Then, Reddy killed the biggest threat: Elenaz. And then there's Draven who wanted to kill me. *pulls out gun* The feeling is mutual.

Brandon: ...... Wow *Dodges and trips Mark* Stop being a jerk....

Mark: *grabs Brandon's leg and jabs a piece of glass into his skin* DIE! >:(

Stephanie: *secretly throws an idol from the corner that jabs into Mark's ankle*

Reddy: *holding Eve in his arms* I have slain the beast! Elenaz is gone!

Brandon: HAW steel ankle guards (Dude stop >.>) Backs away from Mark

Mark: *runs at Reddy and swings a punch at him* DIE! >:(

Reddy: *quickly dodges and jabs Mark's pressure point, knocking hnim out*

Keyshia: *Runs in* Woot, another trap successfully beaten!

Mark: *passes out* x_x"

Brandon: Maybe we should put him out of his misery >.> Well I don't care...I guess we should let him live...

Janet: *counts* Only half of us are left. :s *stomach grumbles* Eugh, I'm getting hungry. *sees Mark passed out* Hm...

Mark: *wakes up* Uhh..

Janet: O.O *hides fork and knife* Hi, Mark. ^_^

Day Four: Half Gone...

  • Everyone wakes up, and there's surpisingly nothing strange, for once.

Janet: *looks around* Everyone who's still alive is here... no poisonous gases coming out of vents... no suspicious doors... Hm.

Keyshia: Something's not right. There should be people missing or something, but everythings fine...

Brandon: ....

Mark: I'm not killing anyone. xD


Television Screen: *turns on, and Billy the puppet is on* You all are probaby wondering why everything seems so... Normal today, correct? Well, that's because I needed you all here. Why, you may ask? Today, we're going to do a trap that involves everybody. There's a bomb hidden somewhere in this house. I'm not going to tell you where it is. You can, somehow, manage to find it, and you might be able to turn it off... But I wouldn't risk it. You need to kill two of the people here in this very room, with no "weapons", and I'll make sure it doesn't go off. Simple as that. Good luck. *TV turns off*

Mark: *starts looking for the bomb* Oh, boy more adventure...

Stephanie: I say we should look for the bomb instead of kill people.

Billly the Puppet: *rides in on a bycicle* Tick tock, time is running out...

Artie: *Is looking*

Draven: *chokes Artie*

Eve: Hmm... *crawls into vents* This should lead me to the bomb. *creaking* *piece of vent falls down with Eve in it* *completely crushes Artie and Draven*

Janet: O.O

  • Artie and Draven are crushed (Meh, Draven was handless anyway, and Artie wasn't too active. =P)

Television: *turns of again* Congradulations. You survived. By the way, for those of you wondering... *TV opens up, and reveals the bomb was inside it*

Mark: Wow, Jigsaw is crafty..

Eve: *crawls out of vent, shrugs* We wouldn't have been able to open the TV anyway.

Logan:Well at least we all lived. *looks at Artie and Draven*......

Mark: *disarms the bomb*

Brandon: O__O Eve! least we survived...

Eve: It's not my fault I fell! Besides, you should be thanking me for saving your butt!

Day Five: Who Cares About These Names?

  • Everyone wakes up

Brandon: Yawn...another day

Eve: Fighting for our lives is boring?! *rolls eyes*

Stephanie: Eeee! Another day to be the bestest playerz everz!!!

Keyshia: Ugh, enough of the squealing.

Janet: We've gone from 20 to 8 so quickly. I really hope he'll just let us go....

Mark: I'm really starting to wonder if he'll just kill all of us. x_o"

Logan:He has to let one person live,doesnt he.......

Eve: Didn't he let two people live last time?

Logan:Yes, He let me live but brought me back for some reason.


Television Screen: *turns on, with Billy on it* Hello. I'm here to play a short, simple game. Vote for two people. Those two people will die today. Good luck.

Eve: I vote for Brandon, because he's the most likely to kill me, and Stephanie because I'm thinking about becoming nicer and I can't have someone so annoying around.

Janet: I'm.... gonna vote for Reddy and Stephanie. I chose at random! Don't hurt me! D:

Logan:I am really sorry to have to kill anyone, but I have to say Stephanie and Reddy.

Mark: Stephanie and Reddy.

Stephenie: Wait...he didn't say the MOST votes get booted. So does that mean everyone who gets voted dies? I'm finding loopholes :D Anyways, I vote for Mark and Reddy.

Reddy: I'm on your side. I vote of Mark and Stephanie.

Brandon: O__O I vote Stephanie and Reddy...

Television Screen: ... You all failed. Not a single one of you put their lives in front of your own, and voted yourself. Your reward? All of you die. *a few guns come out, shooting Logan and Keyshia (they were the least active...), then suddenly stop.* Actually... I'll let the rest of you have one final chance, tommarow. Don't mess it up. *TV turns off*

Stephanie: :o Now I'm all mad-siez at you guys :@

Eve: Said the girl who voted for Mark and Reddy! Hypocrite.

Brandon: O__O EVE! WHy did you try to kill me?!!? >:( I forgive you though :D

Day Six: The Final Day


  • Brandon, Eve, and Mark are all dangling from ropes towards a saw when they wake up, and a television screen turns on where Reddy, Stephanie, and Janet is.

Television Screen: Hello. You know the drill by now. You three can only save one, one of the people dangling from the saws, and you need to vote for it, whoever gets the majority is saved, if it's a tie... I'll decide who's safe. Who will you choose? Let's find out.

Janet: Uhhh, um... I vote Brandon. No offense Eve, but you had enough on your shoulders, along with killing Artie and Draven... and, I dunno, Brandon's a cooler name than Mark. >.>

Stephanie: I don't vote anyone because ALL THREE voted for me last time before I voted them :@

(Alright, I'm continuing this without Reddeh's vote...) Television Screen: Very well. *Eve and Mark are dropped into the saw's, while Brandon is let free* And for not voting... *a gun appears, and shoots Reddy in the head* The next trap will be revealed shortly...

Brandon: O____________O

Janet: There's blood all over my skirt. D:<

Brandon: *wipes the blood off of Janet* There is only three of us left D: We need to work together ^__^

(A door opens up, and reveals a bunch of traps ahead)

Starting Trap

This trap is the first trap you'll encounter. In it, there are five tiles in front of you, all with a different number on them. Four of these do nothing. One of them fire a gun at you. Which one will you choose? Oh yes, you can't repeat tiles. (Do *steps on tile -number of tile-*)

Stephanie: *steps on tile 4*

Janet: *steps on tile 5*

  • The tiles do not go off.

Brandon: O________________O *steps on tile 1* BEEEEEEEP

  • The tile does not go off.

Dancing Saw Trap

This trap has saws juggling (not literally by the way, just speeding) across the room's floor. Becareful where you step here, for the saw might just hit you, taking off a few limbs, if not killing you on contact.

Stephanie: *puts glue on feet and starts to walk on the walls*

  • Stephanie falls off.

Brandon: O__O Stephanie!!!!!!!!

Stephanie: *lands in Brandon's arms* Well...stupid glue-proof walls :@

Brandon: :D Your safe ^__^ Sorry about trying to kill you earlier....We all need to work together to survive this meess ^__^

Stephanie: Yeah...we should work together. So...what do you have with you?

Brandon: O__O Umm...*checks pockets* An Ipod, a magnet, and a watch...Not much :(

Stephanie: A magnet?? Hmmm... *uses the magnet to try to attract the saws to get into a straight line*

Brandon: Where did Janet go? O________o

Stephanie: *aligns the saws so that they are still and are in a straight line* Let's run across!

Brandon: What about janet? O__O

Stephanie: *runs across* Hurry up, she can make it on her own!

Brandon: *runs across right behind Stephanie* Janet!!! Where did you go D:

Stephanie: *on the other side* Janet!!! *throws the magnet to Janet* There.

Janet: What? Oh. *catches magnet* :D Uhhh, alright. *moves magnet around*

Janet: *finally gets them aligned* Oooh, alright. *runs across*

Grave-Digger Trap

In this trap, you'll find that there's nothing ahead but a locked door and a corpse. You're going to need to open up the corpse with whatever materials you have and extract the key in order to move on.

Stephanie: Hmmm... *takes out 20 hidden immunity idols* That's all I've got.

Brandon: Hmmm...I still have the ipod and watch...Nothing too helpful :(

Stephanie: Umm...we should wait for Janet.

Brandon: *waits* :D

Stephanie: Hmmm.... *starts using the idols to pry open the corpse*

Brandon: *helps out*

Stephanie: *opens corpse* I see the key!

Brandon: *continues to open corpse more to make it easier to remove key*

Stephanie: *opens it fully and gets the key* Should we go ahead or wait?

Janet: Oh, hi guys, sorry about that, the magnet was, uhhh, malfunctioning. o.o

Brandon: Iguess it's time to move on,..

  • Everyone goes through the door to the final trap.

Finale Trap

A room with no windows, one locked door with the Pig-Head corpse from day one leaning up against it, a tape recorder, and some planks of wood.

Tape Recorder: *is turned on* I'll make this trap plain and simple: Since not a single one of you appeared to die... FIGHT TO THE DEATH! You can use the wood as weapons, and once there's only a single person left alive, the door will open. Good luck.

Stephanie: Is this one of those things where we should put others instead of ourselves again?

Tape Recorder: No. No it isn't.

Janet: But, I don't wanna kill any of you guys. DDDDDD: *awkwardly throws planks of wood at Brandon and Stephanie*

Brandon: :o this is horrible! *pokes Janet* WAH

Stephanie: *catches the planks and slightly touches Brandon with one of them*

Bryan: *takes a plank and awkwardly grazes Janet's arm* THIS SUCKS!!!!!! *notices that he cut a vein wide open on Janet's arm* DDDDDDDDDD: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo Curse You Jigsaw!!!!

Tape Recorder: ... Kill each other or you all die.

Brandon: AUGHGISDHKDSGF *stabs Stephanie in the arm* WAIT NO!!! I SHOULDT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!

Janet: *whacks Stephanie over the head with a plank* Sorry. D:

Brandon: *Also hits Stephanie with plank* Sniffle D: *stabs Stephanie in the heart* O___O THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT

Janet: ..... *pokes Stephanie with a plank* Is she alive?

Brandon: DDDDDDDDDD: I didnt mean to kill her...I didntn mean too!!!!

Brandon: Sniffle...I don't want to kill you Janet DDDDD: *lightly grazes her arm* DDDD: I made you bleed!! :(

Janet: I don't want to kill you either..... I don't wanna die, though. >.> *whacks Brandon across the face with a plank*

Stephanie: *barely breathing* I...alive...don't...kill...that's just...what he

Brandon: Augh! Stephanie.....Don't die...We didn't mean to :( Stay with us DDDDDDDDD:

Janet: Wait, what? D: Jigsaw, what's your problem?! :@

Tape Recorder: I'm a sadist, alright?!

Brandon: I..Don't...Know...What...To..DO DDDD: *swings stick wildly but hits nothing* DDD:

Stephanie: ...Janet...stop...Bran...

Brandon: *has gone insane* AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH *starts stabbing the walls*

Janet: O.O Brandon.... umm.... :( I don't want to have to do this, but.... *smacks him on the back of the head with a plank, that has a piece of wood jutting out of it*

Brandon: AAAAAAAH *stabs the fatally wounded Stephanie, killing her and then "dies" on the ground* X__X

  • random note falls from Brandon's hand*

Note: Dear Janet, Thank you for freeing me from this insanity. I can now be happy knowing that I was able to live my life satisfactory...Goodbye

*Janet walks out, and the pig-head "corpse" rises from the ground

Pig-Head: *takes off mask and costume, revealing he was wearing a bullet proof vest underneath, which is why he didn't die from the shotgun door earlier, then looks at Stephanie and Brandon's corpses* Game over. *walks out, and closes door behind them*

A Few Hours Later...

  • Police arrive with Billy Bob Joe from earlier, and they all search the house.

BBJ: *running through, searching the house* He has to be here somewhere... *comes into a room with a television, and it starts playing*

Television Screen: Hello Billy. Sadly, your game isn't quite over yet. You see, you skipped your previous one, so, I'll give you this one plain and simple: Fine the bomb located in the room. Tik tok tik tok, time is running out Billy...

BBJ: Crap... *searches*

Television Screen: Warm... Hot... On the sun... Oooh, cold again... Freezing... Artic...

BBJ: Will you shut up?! *pauses, and hears a ticking noise coming from the TV. He puts his ear closer, then runs, but he's still caught in the explosion, and he's unconcious, with his leg blown apart*

A Remembrance of the Departed (Elimination Table)

Victim 1 2 3 4 5 6
David DEAD
Xalia DEAD

Reason They Died

Xalia- Xalia was in a room, in which she had to swim across a pool of acid in order to get to the door out. However, she had to do another trap for use of steroids (godmodding), and that trap was getting the door open when it was stuck shut before posionous gas filled up the room and killed you. This turned out to be an impossible trap, so Xalia died from the gases.

K.C.- K.C. was stuck in a trap, in which he was on a replica of a piano, with robot fingers hitting the keys. K.C. was hallucinating and thought the hands had a face and tried to punch the face, getting crushed and killed in the process.

David- David was stuck in a replica of a house that was set on fire, since it was covered in a flammable liquid, and a lighted match was on it. While David tried to pick the lock, he was set on fire, and although he ended up getting out, he was burnt to a crisp before he could do anything else.

Zoey- Zoey was in a trap, in which she was stuck in a heart shaped glass ball, that was rolling towards spikes. Although Zoey managed to make a hole in the ball, she couldn't get out in time and rolled into the spikes, the heart shattering into tiny pieces to represent a "broken heart".

EvilTweek- EvilTweek, like everyone else, was in a trap, in which they had to plead to a judge to deem them worthy of life. While EvilTweek didn't give a bad speech, he was chosen to be one of the two dead, as he committed many, many crimes to become Jigsaw's victim.

Tasia- Tasia, like everyone else, was in a trap, in which they had to plead to a judge to let them live. Tasia didn't give any speech, and she killed someone earlier, so she was chosen as one of the bottom two, and was killed.

BBJ - BBJ was stuck in a trap, in which he had the option to abandon everyone, or stay behind to help them. He decided to abandon them, and was almost killed by a shotgun door, but he realized it was a trick first and he used the pig-head corpse from day one as a shield to block the bullets.

Elenaz- Elenaz was in a trap along with Draven, Reddy, and Eve, in which they had to kill Elenaz, Reddy, or Eve in order to save Draven from falling onto a saw, and blowing the room up, killing all of them. Reddy was originally going to kill Eve, but after hearing Elenaz's chants to kill Eve, Reddy changed his mind and killed Elenaz instead, for wanting him to kill somebody.

Emelius- Emelius was stuck in a trap along with Mark, Logan, and Setphanie, in which everyone else in the trap had to find the button to stop the walls from closing in on the room in order to save them all, as Emelius was unable to do this since he was hanging from a rope. Stephanie accidently broke the button, making stopping the walls impossible, however the door was left open, and everyone but Emelius ran out, and since Emelius couldn't, due to being tied to a rope, he was crushed to death.

Blade- Blade was stuck in a trap along with Brandon, Artie, and Keyshia, in which they all had to untie him, so he wouldn't activate any bombs and blow them all up. While they succeeded in untying him, as he was running out, being the last one to do so, he accidentally hit a bomb, and he blew himself up.

Artie and Draven- Both were fighting each other, for reasons unkown, when Eve was traveling through the air vents. In the trap, you had to kill two people to save yourself from the bomb, and she unintentionally fell on them, killing them. It was then revealed the bomb was in the television that told them of the trap.

Logan and Keyshia- In the trap, you had to vote off two people to kill. While Reddy and Stephanie got the most votes, he revealed it was a trap inside a trap, and whoever voted themselves would survive. However, since no-one did, he started to kill them all, but after killing Logan and Keyshia, decided to give them all another chance.

Eve, Reddy, and Mark- In a trap, Eve, Mark, and Brandon were suspended on ropes, and Reddy, Janet, and Stephanie had to vote for who to save. Janet voted for Brandon, and Stephanie voted for no one since they all voted for her to die previously. Reddy didn't vote. Brandon was saved, and Eve and Mark were dropped into the saws. However, since Reddy didn't vote, he was also killed.

Stephanie and Brandon - In the last trap all contestants were forced to kill each other, and the last one standing was the victor. Janet and Brandon both teamed up on Steph, killing her first, and then Brandon died soon after.

Janet - She survived.

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