It's been one year. An entire year since Jigsaw died, at the hands of Gordan. Now, someone decdied to follow in his foot-steps, figuring he had the right idea. He gathered twelve people, all having a criminal record of some sort, and put them all in a deserted house, to fight against each other, the winner gaining the best prize of all: Another chance at life.

This camp was brought to you by Mrdaimion

Sign-Ups (Closed)

Sign Up Key: Character's Name- What they did wrong in life - User who's controlling the character's name

  1. Sam - He's a drug-dealer - Mrdaimion
  2. Zacharia- Murdered his twin- Mrodd
  3. Angela- Murdered 50 people in Clock Tower-1dra7
  4. Crystal- Drug addict- MidnightDan
  5. Jake- Burned a house down- Tdifan24
  6. Hayley - poisoned her mom, dad, sister, and dog - Kevvy9
  7. Logan-Shot a police officer-Teamnoah123
  8. Henry- Stabbed his brother- Codydude818
  9. Harriet-Sold her Soul to Oogie Boogie-Sierra ( I like Nightmare Before Christmas!)
  10. Sylvia - Started fire in mall which killed hundreds, pretended to be innnocent - Kgman04
  11. Albert- destroyed a school and blamed it on someone else.-tdiLanceknox
  12. Rex - Killed the guardians of elemento - Kokori9 (they were evil at the time)


  • Sign-up to the correct format.
  • I may role-play as your character if you're inactive, in order to kill him/her, or for all users in story parts. When I role-play as your character for a story part, it will be in bold.
  • You are allowed to kill other players at any time, as long as you don't godmod, and since there are some team traps I wouldn't advise it.
  • No godmodding.
  • If I belive you're godmodding in a trap, I'll injure your character severly, and put them back in the trap.

Pre-Chat: Before the Abduction

Sam: *talking to a stranger* Hey, you. Want some coke? It's good...

Crystal: *coverd up so no one can see who she is* Hey I heard you sell stuff.......(to Sam)

Jake: I'm a pyro

Sam: *smiles at her* What kind do you want?

Hayley: I love animals.

Angela: Hehehehehhehehe. *stabs cute stuffed animal*

Sam: Uh... Are you high or something? Cause I don't recall giving you drugs...

Angela: *still holding knife* Grr. *stabs Sam's arm*

Henry: *sees Jake*

Sam: *holds his arm* What the hell was that for?

Angela: uuuuh,....*stabs Sam in the head*

Henry: Think fast! *stabs Sam in the arm*

Angela: *helps attack sam*

Henry: *stabs Sam in the chest several times*

Sam: *threw cocaine at their eyes shortly before to distract them, then replaced that with a dummy of himself to fool them to think it was him* (That counts as godmodding. =/)

(Dra: No, we already did it. YOU"RE GODMODDING)

(MrD: I get to in order to avoid being murdered in the pre-chat by two godmodders.)

(It isn;t godmodding. We're attacking Sam. Not pulling out random bazookas and lazers.)

Henry: Take that! *shoots at Sam*

Logan:*holding a knife in the fetal position in the corner*

(MrD: You're stabbing me in the freaking head, which kills people, and you aren't even saying "attempts", you're saying you did. And yes, pulling a gun out of mid-air totally isn't godmodding. -.-)

Angela: AHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAHAHHA!!!! *begins beheading cute Teddy Bears*

Henry: *tranquilizes Angela* (Stop godmodding Codydude, seriously. -.-)


Crystal: So about the stuff, do you have any mariguiana? *whispers to Sam*

Sam: *pulls some out* Right here.

Crystal: *reaches out to grab it* (to self) His voice sounds familiar like someone Ive meet before.....*shrugs and grabs it*

Sam: Seventy-five dollars, miss.

Albert: what a cruddy place. I can fix that.

Zacharia: Mmm. Druggies.

Crystal: *reaches out to grab money when suddenly coat falls off*

Hnery: *shaves half of Sam's head*

Albert: *hides*

Angela: *pokes Crystal*

Sam: *gets the money, and hands her the drug* Here you go, kid.

Logan:*raises hand*Can I buy drugs

Sam: Give me the money first...

Logan:*throws him a credit card*will this cover it

Sam: Alright. *hands him some drugs*

Logan:*walks back into corner*

Rex: i shouldn't have a criminal record, they added killing the guardians to my previous perfect record, but they were evil.

Sam: Wait... Are we all criminals of some sort?

Crystal: Well... I am a junkie, as you all should have figured out...

Sylvia: Ha ha, well I never did anything wrong! *glances around the room nervously*

Anglea: I killed a-lot of people before...

Sleeping Gas: *comes out of nowehere, and puts everyone to sleep*

Day One


(Note: If you're in the middle of a trap, you can not edit here.)

Angela: *limps out* Oooh,... *lays on floor* Yes,... *crawls up to strange, metallic door and knocks on it* HELLO!? ANYONE IN THERE!?

Chamber She Knocked On: *is Henry and Hayley's trap*

Hayley: *bored* I'm bored

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a huge television screen once everyone either died or is out of their traps* Godo job on surivivng my traps. However, you shall not be let go next. Only one of you will be allowed to go free, by beating all of my traps. However, I'll let you rest for now, and there will be more traps up tommarow. Good luck. *dissapears from T.V. screen*

Angela: Yes!!! *lays down on large medical bed*


Sam and Crystal's Trap

Sam: *looks around after waking up* Where are we?

Crystal: *recently woke up too* I don't know...

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a television screen* Hello Sam and Crystal. I'm here to play a game. You wasted your entire life being surrounded by drugs, intoxicating yourself with them, thinking you'd get lucky and escape. There's no escape this time. *crystal meth starts pouring in* This room is about to become both of your graves. You're going to need to find the key inside of here that opens the door. Here's a hint to where the key is: *the television cuts, and shows that it's inside both of their legs* Good luck. *TV turns off*

Crystal: What the hell are we going to do?!

Sam: Ugh... Let's look for something sharp...

Crystal: Will this wolk? *finds saw*

Sam: Yes... Hey, want some more marijuana? It's for free.

Crystal: Stop it with the marijuana! ....... *thinks* Do we know eachother?

Sam: Not that I know of, although there was a girl with the same name I met on a reality show once... *shrugs* Probably doesn't mean anything. Anyways... *sighs, and uses one of the drugs as a painkiller, then starts cutting into his leg*

Crystal: *grabs a drug to and saws trough leg* Damn it this hurts!

Sam: ... You do know we only need one key, right? *sawed enough to get the key, and he hands it to her* Carry me to the exit, I can't move my leg...

Crystal: Good thing I didn't saw trough all of it! *grabs key and drags Sam to the door*

Door: *swings open once Crystal puts the key in*

Crystal: *gets out of room and drags Sam and thinks some more* Wait....... aren't you Sam from Total Drama: The Sequal?

Sam: Ya, what of it?

Crystal: It's me Crystal remember we were close friends and I tried to set you up with Jade...

Sam: It's you? You seem so different now...

Crystal: *hugs Sam* It's been so long since we were on Total Drama: The Sequel.

Sam: *hugs her back* I know, right?

Crystal: How did you become a drug dealer?

Sam: *sighs* Only way to pay the bills...

Crystal: *sighs* Well we better get out of here *leaves dragging Sam behind*

Jake and Sylvia's Trap

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on television set* Hello. I'm here to play a game, with you two, the pyromaniacs. You, Jake, burned a house down, and you Sylvia burned an entire mall down, and never got caught by the police. However, that doesn't mean no-one ever found out. Anyways... Your crimes with fire will be used as karma today. *room erupts into flames* Try and find a way out. Good luck. *dissapears from the televsion*

Jake: Crap, that's not good. Lets get out of here!

Sylvia: O.O Uhhhh, uhhh.... :( Okay. *feels around the walls*

  • Sylvia finds a fire extenguisher

Sylvia: Aha. :D *uses extinguisher to, well, extinguish the fire*

Extenguisher: *was emptied out of the substance that exteguishes and is filled with fuel, making the fire bigger* (I was feeling evil. =P)

Sylvia: Oh, HELL no. -_- *continues to feel around the walls, notices a tiny ventilation window-thing* Hey, I think we can get out of here! It's pretty small, though...

Jake: I'll do anything to get out of here

Fire: *grows intensily hot, getitng closer and closer to them, engulfing the TV set in flames*

Jigsaw Puppet: *is on the television set one last time before it burns* You might wanna go through it soon...

Sylvia: NYAH. D: *hops on Jake's back, kicks vent cover off and crawls in*

Jake: *starts crawling* Uh oh!

Fire: *engulfed the room, and starts coming into the vents*

Jake: HURRY D:>. *Crawls faster*

Sylvia: *continues crawling* D: It's getting hot in here!

Sylvia: *kicks open the other vent window on the other side and crawls out* Phew! Jake, you okay?

Jake: Yeah. Lets get the f*** out of here >:(. *crawls out*

Fire: *is put out by a machine of Jigsaw's creation in order for it to not burn out the mansion*

Henry and Hayley's Trap

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a television set* Hello. I am here to play a game, Henry and Hayley. You both caused a slow, painful death for people. You, Henry, stabbed your own brother. You, Hayley, posioned everyone in your family. You shall pay for it now. *lights come on, and reveal that Henry is tied down to a metal platform high in the air, and a saw is slowly swinging down torwards him, and Hayley's blindfolded at the start of a maze* Hayley, you're able to save Henry, and get a reward, or leave him to die, have one less person for competition, but get a disadvantage later on in the game. In order to stop the saw, you must navigate through the maze with your blindfold on, take it off and the saw drops down and kills him, with Henry telling you directions. Once you get to the end, there will be a lever, and you'll need to pull it in order to stop the saw. Don't do this in time and Henry dies. Good luck. *television turns off*

Hayley: Henry, help me

Hayley: I'll just find my way to you myself *walks forward*

Hayley: *turns left then walks*

Hayley: *walks 10 steps then turns right and walks*

Hayley: *walks straight for 1 mile then turns left and walks for a 1/2 mile*

Spike: *is stepped on by Hayley, injuring her*

Hayley: Owww!! Did I just step on glass?

Angela: *from outside window* SPIKE!!!!!!

Hayley: Oh *turns right for a 1/4 mile then turn northeast for a 1/2 mile*

Angela: *from window* LEFT!!! LEFT!!! *notices Drill getting closer* HURRY!!!

Hayley: *turns left and walks a 1/2 miles*


Hayley: *turns right and walks 2/3 a mile*


Hayley: *turns right and walks a mile*

Angela: Hayley, listen to me. Henry is about to die, and you are too far away. Hurry!

Hayley: *runs 3 miles*

Angela: HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TURN,...*large metallic board flies up and Angela can't talk to them anymore*

Hayley: *turns left and runs a 1/2 mile*

  • muffles from Angela are heard

Hayley: *turns right and walks a 1/4 mile*

  • saw gets closer to Henry

Hayley: *turns right and walks a 2/5 mile*

Hayley: I can't save Henry *takes off her blindfold*

  • The saw drops down and kills Henry, and Hayley sees she was right next to the lever to stop it

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on the television screen as the door opens* Oooh, so close! Now, you may be wondering, "what would my prize have been?" Well, it would have been the oppritunity to skip the next trap! But, now you can't...

Hayley: *bored* Can I leave now?

Jigsaw Puppet: Oh, yea, sure. *door opens*

Hayley: *walks out*

Angela and Zacharia's Trap

Jigsaw Puppet: Hello. I'm here to play a game. Since both of you are cold blooded murderers, I decided to put you both in the same trap. Now, you may be wondering, "how is my partner a killer?" Allow me to explain. Angela, you killed countless people in some supernatural place called "Clock Tower", you Zacharia murdered your twin. Now, you shall have to pay for your crimes. You're going to have to get a key to unlock the door and get out of this room, and there's only one way to do that... Here's a hint... *picture shows a key inside of a manaquien's head* How far will both of you go to appreciate life? Good luck.

Angela: Huh? Where am I? Ooh,...*looks for Manaquien*

Zacharia: I dont like this....

Angela: Wait, I'd bet this is one of us! *holds up nearly destroyed knife* I'm a pro.

Zacharia: If you think for one second, that im going to let you put that into my head... Your an idiot!

Angela: Exactly!!!!! *runs to door and tries to insert knife into the lock* No use!!!!! *thinks* Zach!!! Start trying to vomit!!!!

Angela: Hold on, in our heads,...look!!!! *points to loose wall flap*

Angela: *runs to it and rips it off, and places it over Zach's face* Trust me. We will all get out of here.

Zacharia: I don't like this.... Not one bit... But fine.... But If this doesn't work I am so going to kill you.

  • zach eventually passes out by me pressing down on one of his pressure points

Angela: Okay then, *uses knife and cuts out Zach's eye* Is that it? I think so,...

  • Angela finds nothing but blood

Angela: *cuts out other eye*

  • Angela finds nothing, and now Zach's blind.

Angela: This is wrong,...Wait!!!! *feels for a bump on Zach's head*

Zacharia: * Begins to wake up*

  • Angela feels nothing

Angela: No!!!!!! *presses the pressure point again*

  • Pressure point is ineffective

Angela: *feels Zach's ears*

Zacharia: What are you doing to my ears?

Angela: I'm sorry. *holds up knife and chops off both of Zach's ears*

  • Once again, Angela finds nothing.

Angela: You've been through enough. I'm VERY sorry. I love you. *kisses Zach* Bye, *attempts to slit Zach's throat*

Zacharia: * Winces in pain from the Ear-chopping, allowing him to avoid angelena*

Angela: Come on,... *attempts to chop through Zach's head*

Zacharia: * Is chopped* ( Yeah for being paired with the biggest idiot on Earth <3)

Angela: Goodbye. *finishes chopping*

  • Angela finds nothing inside his head

Angela: More fun for me. *begins mutilating Zach's body*

Jugsaw Puppet: You really suck at this, don't you?

Angela: Jigsaw!!!! we meet again... Come face me!!! COWARD!!!! Uuugh. *begins to chop on eye out*

  • Eye falls out, and she finds nothing

Angela: NO!!!!!! *feels ears*

  • She feels nothing

Jigsaw Puppet: Oh yes... If you don't find the key soon the room will blow up... Forgot to mention earlier...

Angela: *feels nose and head*

  • Angela finds nothing

Angela: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hint! HINT!!!! *feels all over body*

  • She finds nothing


  • She finds nothing on her body, and nothing on the floor

Angela: *stabs the walls and video screen*

  • She doesn't find anything in the walls, and there is no video screen

Jigsaw Puppet: *was never once told to be on a television screen, and he explodes, injuring Angela severly and the key flying out of his head*

Angela: *crawls over and grabs key and unlocks the door*

Logan and Rex's Trap

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a television set* Hello. I'm here to play a game. Both of you have shot someone (I know it never officially says Rex shot someone, but I was running out of ideas so play along) before. Logan, you shot a cop. Rex, you shot your guardians. Now you're going to pay. *rooms lights up, revealing that they are both pointed with a gun in both of their hands* You're going to need to kill each other, and I'll open the door. Yes, I couldn't think of anything very creative. Bye. *television set turns off*

Logan:*points gun at rex*

Logan:Any last words?

Logan:..........I guess you dont have any last words.(Is it godplaying if I shoot him now)

(MrD: Yes, if he doesn't respond by tommorow feel free to kill him, however.)

Rex: *drops gun* i'm better with a bow *pulls bow out of backpack* (Rex killed the guardians of the land he comes from becuase they turned evil... and they weren't human... >.>)

Rex: Let's see you shoot me if you have no idea where i am *starts runing in random directions, making the illiusion that there are multiple hims* (I was at my nanna's wedding annaversary today)

Rex: i was taught this by the guardian of shadow... before he became evil >.> so face SHADOW ARROW STORM *while running fires arrows everywhere, and also picking them up to fire them again* If you take one step you're dead (it hits everywhere except one point, at the moment that's where logan is standing)

Logan:*looks around*Ohh crap*starts shooting at Rex but barely missing*

Arrows: *were coated by poison earlier by Jigsaw when you all were sleeping, and it kills Rex*

Door: *swings open* (That's what you get for godmodding. =/)

Logan:*carefully steps out of the door*

Rex's dying breath: but how, how did you...

Logan:*turns back*Im so sorry*leaves*

Rex: *jumps up* i knew i could trick you, i knew about the poison, but it was on the arrow tips *accidently falls and touches tons of arrow tips* oh no *slowly dies*

Albert and Harriet's Trap

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a television set* ... Ya, you're only paired together cause you were the only two remaining... *coughs* Anyway, Albert you destroyed an entire school, and blamed it on an innocent soul. Harriet, you sold your own soul, something very important, to some evil demon called Oogie Boogie... (On a OOC note, I love TNBC too! =D) Anyways, both of you did something bad in life. Now you will pay for it. *room lighten's up, revealing that they're in a room with saws sticking out of the ground, and a hole* You will need to cut each other's limbs off until you have six (cause everyone has a head, two arms, two legs, and a body) dismembered limbs, and you'll need to put them in the hole in order to escape. Good luck. (Note: Both of you can survive, by sacraficing three limbs or something like that each, but you'll be put at a huge disadvantage rest of the competition)

Harriet:*cuts off Albert's right arm*

(MrD: I'll let you off the hook this time Harriet, but this counts as godmodding for me. Next time use "attempts", makes it a-lot less forceful. This may seem stupid, but I'm weird, so oh well.)

Harriet:*cuts off Albert's other arm*

Harriet:*cuts off Albert's head*

Harriet:*cuts off Albert's left leg* (MrD: Alright, not even giving him a chance is godmodding. You can cut off his head if he doesn't respond by tommorow*

(Sierra:Well sorry! I wanted to get this over with!)

(MrD: It's fine.)

Harriet:*cuts off Albert's left leg*

Albert: *tries to cut off Harriet's arm but falls and cuts off his other leg*

Harriet:*cuts off Albert's other arm*

  • Albert dies of bloodloss, and the door opens

Harriet:*walks out*

Albert: *dying breath* I always thought it would be the electric chair.

Day Two


  • Everyone wakes up from sleeping, to see the giant television screen over head turned on, with the Jigsaw Puppet dileviring a message, and Hayley missing.

Jigsaw Puppet: Hello. I'm here to play, yet another, game. Like in one of the original Jigsaw's naster plan, I have now infected the house with a toxic gas, that will, with time, kill you all. However, there are antidotes to the gases scattered around the house, and it's your job to find them. And... Just so you know... You can take antidotes from more then one trap, in order to prevent other people from getting them. Good luck.

Sam: *coughs* Oh boy, it's already taking affect...

Angela: Huh? *starts coughing*

Sam: * stumbles around, looking for a trap room*

Angela: *coughs* I know! *runs to trap room 3*

Sylvia: Hmm.... *walks into Trap 7*

Crystal: *walks into trap 1*

Crystal: *drinks antidote when gets out of the trap*

Sam: *limps into room* Man, that trap was tough... *uses antidote*

Gas: *kills everyone who hasn't taken the antidote, A.K.A Sam, Crystal, and Logan are the only survivors*

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on atelevision screeen* Well done. Only three left alive. I'll be happy to see which one lives. *dissapears*


(Note: You can talk in the mansion at any time before and after a trap, and you go in a trap by saying: "Character: *enters the trap room*" in the trap you want to enter. Also, Hayley, you can't talk until I tell you you can.)

Trap One

Crystal: *walks into trap door*

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a TV screen* Hello. Welcome to, what I like to call, "The Dancing Saws Trap". *lights turn on, and reveal an antidote in the middle of the room, surrounded by a bunch of turned on saws, rotating quickly, moving around the room in no pattern* You're going to have to reach the antidote, and try your best to not let the saws hit you. Good luck.

Crystal: Ah crap! *starts walking and tries to doge saws, tries to dodge the first saw*

Saw: *is sucessfully evaded*

Crystal: *tries to dodge the secound saw* (by the way, how many saws are there?)

Saw: *barely scratches her, but she's fine* (Five. -w-)

Crystal:*tries to dodge thrid saw*

Saw: *is succesfully evaded*

Crystal:*tries to dodge fourth saw*

Saw: *scratches Crystal's leg, but doesn't cut it off*

Crystal:*tries to dodge the last saw*

Saw: *is succesfully evaded*

Crystal: *gets antidotte* (does Crystal have to go trough the saws again?)

Back Door: *opens* (Nope.)

Crystal: Thank you god *walks out*

Trap Two

Trap Three

Angela: *enters*

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on the TV set* Hello. You want that antidote, right? Well you're gonna have to work for it. *room lights up, revealing a antidote lying on the ground, and Hayley hanging from a rope, lowering down into some saws* You can either take the antidote and leave, saving yourself and having one less member of competition, or, you can take the antidote, attempt to save her putting your own life at risk, and save someone's life. Good luck. *TV turns off*

Angela: Seems easy enough. But um,...*takes Antidote and walks out* bye Hayley!

Door: *is opened, and has a loaded shotgun behind it, and the shotgun is fired killing her, and Hayley is let free, unharmed*

Trap Four

Logan:*Enters the trap room*

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a T.V. screen* Hello Logan. You want that antidote, now don't you? Well, you're going to have to work for it. *lights turn on, and it gas spread all over the floor, with a lighted match dangling from a rope, and an antidote tied with the same rope right next to it* You're going to have to remove the antidote, then run like hell out of here before the match hits the ground, setting the room on fire. Good luck. *TV turns off*

Logan:*Starts carefully going up to the rope*

Logan:Wait, couldnt I just put the match out?

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears again* ... Yes...

Logan:*blows on match to put it out and starts untieing the antidote*

Logan:*unties antidote and starts running for the door*

Door: *opens*

Logan:*walks out unharmed*

Trap Five


Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a TV screen* Hello. I bet you want that antidote, right? Well you're gonna have to work for it. *lights turn on, and reveal that there are three antidotes lied out in front of her* You sold your soul to a gambler. Now you're going to have to gamble yourself. One of these "antidotes" is really an antidotes, curing you. Another antidote shall make you lose your arm, but still cure you. The last of the three, however, shall make you lose both of your arms, with no cure. Good luck. *TV turns off*

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears again* Any day now would be nice...

Harriet:Umm.*drinks 2nd drink*

Trap Six

Jake: *enters*

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a television screen* Hello. I'm here to play a game. *lights turn on, and reveal that there's a guy who's painted red, has play horns on him, and has a trident (whatever weapon the devil has)* Kill this man, and I'll give you an an tidote. Simple as that. Good luck. *dissapears from television screen*

Masked Man: *attempts to hit Jake with trident*

Masked Man: *hits Jake, severly hurting him*

Jake: *dodges and hits man*

Masked Man: *is hit and stumbles, then tries to hit Jake again*

Trap Seven

Sylvia: *walks in*

Jigsaw Puppet: *appears on a giant television screen* Hello. You want an antidote, don't you? Well, you're going to have to work for one. *lights turn on, revealing that she is on a pair of stairs, and there's fire coming from the bottom* Ironically similar to your last trap, you're going to have to make it to the top of these descending, *the stairs start to slowly move down, like an escalater* stairs, while avoiding the fire. At the top, there's a fire extenguisher, antidote, and a fire exit. Good luck. *TV turns off*

Sylvia: Crap! *begins to aimlessly run up the stairs*

Fire: *head skyward towards Sylvia, traveling up the stairs quickly*

Sylvia: Hm. *hugs against wall, hugs against it and mounts a few inches over with sneakers* This might work. o.o *goes upward*

Fire: *gets closer and closer to Sylvia*

Fire: *burns Sylvia slightly, very close now*

Trap Eight

Day Three

  • Crystal and Logan wake up from sleeping, and see Sam holding two blades in front of each of their necks, grinning

Sam: Hello. I am here to play a game. *nods over to a room nearby* Get in, if you want to live.


Logan:*frantically*What are you doing?

Sam: Shut up. *hits him with the side of a blade* I'm the Jigsaw Killer, and both of you are here to play your final game. *shoves Crystal in there, and walks out, locking the door* You're going to have to fight each other to the death, winner gets to go free. Good luck.

Logan:*pulls out knife and starts backing away from Crystal*Crystal, I dont want to hurt you.

Crystal: Why are you making us do this!!!!! *screams and starts crying*

Sam: To learn a lesson, idiots. You wasted your life away, I'm here to make you appreciate it.

Crystal:*takes out gun and hands it to Logan*

Logan:Crystal, why are you giving me your gun?

Crystal: I want you to kill me.....

Sam: Hurry up, someone kill someone, I have a life to live, and need to collect the next victims... *chuckles*

Logan: Im sorry*starts crying**shoots Crystal*

Gun: *explodes in Logan's hand, knocking Logan out and his hand blows up and Crystal away while the door opens*

Sam: You can both survive consider yourselves lucky.

Main Door: *opens, and Crystal runs out dragging Logan, and Sam's about to come out when he's shot in the head, and a tape falls out of his pockets inside a tape recorder, just as Logan begins to wake up* (Play the tape, if you can't figure out what to do.)

Logan:*plays the tape recorder*

Tape Recorder: Hello Sam. I'm here to play a game. You got people's trust, and betrayed them before as a drug dealer, right? Well, you're going to have to do it one final time. Act like Jigsaw and lure them into a trap for a fake "Fight to the Death", in which neither will die. However, doing this will cause you to be killed. Not doing it will cause your family to die, with only a chance of Crystal or Logan surviving, but your guaranteed safety. You can either put your life in front of all of theirs, or sacrifice it to save them. Good luck. *stops playing*

Logan:What do you think we should do Crystal?

Jigsaw's Puppet: *rides in on a bike, with Billy taped to his stomach, revealing that's the puppet's name* Congradulations. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not either of you. Not anymore. *starts riding back out as the main door opens, and Logan and Crystal walk out it*

Sam: *starts to get up, long after Crystal and Logan left* Wait... I'm still alive...

Jigsaw: *wearing a mask, although you can see that he has brown hair, blue eyes, and a scar across his hand, and he walks up to the door of the room* Game over. *slams the door shut*

The End

(You can still talk to each other after this however in the camp, sort of as an "epilouge". -w- I'm just making it end since you both would have survived anyways, and I wanted to make a sequal. =P)

Record of Those Who Passed Away (Elimination Table)

Placing Victim 1 2 3
4-7 Hayley SAFE DEAD
4-7 Sylvia SAFE DEAD
4-7 Harriet SAFE DEAD
4-7 Jake SAFE DEAD
9th Rex DEAD
10th Albert DEAD
11th Henry DEAD
12th Zach DEAD

How They Died

Zach -Zach was in a trap with Angela, and in the trap, Angela made Zach blind, deaf, and then finally, killed him, all with only her knife. Humourously, as it turned out, the entire trap was a trick, and Angela never had to kill him.

Henry - Henry died in a trap with Hayley, in which he was tied to a metal platform with a saw coming down at him and Hayley had to find a lever to save him, but alas, he didn't direct her, and although Angela tried to help, in the end Hayley gave up, took off her blindfold, and the saw dropped down and killed Henry.

Albert - In a trap with Harriet, they had to kill one another in order to survive. Albert never even laid a finger on Harriet, causing his death.

Rex -Rex's death was caused when he was in a trap with Logan, in which they had to shoot the other person in order to escape. Rex, by choice, decided to use a bow and arrow, but unknowingly to him, the arrows were coated in posion Jigsaw put on while everyone slept, causing his death.

Angela - Angela was in a trap, in which she could either save Hayley and leave, and she chose to leave.However, it was a trap by Jigsaw, and when she opened the door it triggered a shotgun, killing her.

Jake, Harriet, Hayley, and Sylvia- They all didn't get an antidote, so the gas killed them.

Sam- Sam had to act like the Jigsaw Killer and put Logan and Crystal together in a trap, in order to save his family's life. He did so, and fully knowing this would happen if he did, was shot in the head. Although it was revealed it didn't kill him, Jigsaw slammed the door shut on him leaving him in there to die, saying "Game Over" as he did so.

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