The Religious Carpe-Diem
Personal information
Age 20
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Relatives Father, Mother
Team TBA.
Relationships None
Friends Riley, Nightwolf
Enemies None

Jasmine, labelled "The Religious Carpe-Diem", is a contestant on Sanctuary. She was placed on the "Queen of Hearts" team.

She also appeared on Survivor: Disaster Island, where she was placed on the "Dolet" tribe.


Jasmine has been brought up to love anything and everything even remotely related to God and the Christianity religion. She would religiously visit church with her grandma every Sunday, until the day her grandmother died. After that event, Jasmine severly questioned and scrutinized religion on a whole, but her mother, who is a strong Catholic, convinced her very cunningly that everything happens for a reason and managed to eventually convert her into a Catholic. As a child, Jasmine's father was never interested much in his family as he was a businessman, which left Jasmine's mother to pick up the pieces during her growing up phase. Jasmine signed up for Sanctuary as a getaway from her life back home, and to help other people as much as she possibly can. Does the "Religious Carpe-Diem" have what it takes to eventually win the competition, Sanctuary?

Audition Tape

Coming Soon.


In If We Lose Our Hope...

In ...That's the Real Disaster...

Survivor: Disaster Island

Coming Soon.



  • Jasmine is the oldest contestant, at the age of 20. 
  • Jasmine was the first contestant to be in multiple stories.

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