From Johnny's Mini Camp came a new series Island Drama where a group of teens are left on an island with a host and compete in challenges at the end the last one standing wins $1,000,000 dollars.

Sign-ups (Closed)

  1. Rachel, The Very Nice Queen Bee- Russelrules44 23:07, January 11, 2012 (UTC)
  2. Felicia Furrypaws, The one who thinks she's perfect- Russelrules44 23:07, January 11, 2012 (UTC)
  3. Natalia, The Sweetheart - XrosHearts
  4. Davis, The Friendly guy - XrosHearts
  5. Michael, The Mystery Man - BlazeHead 51
  6. Shadow, The Emo - BlazeHead 51
  7. Tyker, The Game Junkie - Vick0971
  8. Dee Jay, The Stong Silent Guy - Vick0971
  9. Paul, Psychotic Country Boy-Prince Doopliss
  10. Niki, Party Girl-Prince Doopliss
  11. Lance- the soft, sarcastic nerd- tdiLanceknox
  12. Chandler- The Nice Athlete- ACTN
  13. Matt: The Trusty Smart Guy- ACTN
  14. George- The Villain- S321
  15. Amanda- The Tomboy- S321
  16. Jack- The Quiet Dude- Zoom


The Recording Cameras


The Writing Scripts

Dee Jay




Merged Team









Lance (4th)

Rachel (3rd)

Davis (2nd)

Chandler (1st)

Elimination Table

Winner(s) Cameras Cameras Cameras Chandler Lance/Davis Jack Jack/Chandler Chandler N/A
Eliminated George Dee Jay Micheal/Shadow/Tyker Felicia/Amanda Rachel/Matt Niki Paul Natalia/Jack Lance Rachel
Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Davis WIN WIN WIN Felicia/Amanda Matt Niki Paul Rachel/Jack IN IN
Chandler George Dee Jay Tyker Felicia/Amanda Niki Niki Paul Davis/Jack IN IN
Rachel WIN WIN WIN N/A Drop Out* Returns Davis/Jack IN OUT
Lance WIN WIN WIN Felicia/Paul Matt Niki Paul Davis/Jack OUT
Jack WIN WIN WIN Felicia/Amanda Matt Niki Paul Rachel/Davis
Natalia WIN WIN WIN Felicia/Amanda Matt Niki Paul Rachel/Jack
Paul WIN WIN WIN Felicia/Lance Matt Niki N/A
Niki George Dee Jay N/A Felicia/Amanda George Paul
Matt George Dee Jay Tyker Felicia/Amanda Niki
Felicia George Niki Tyker N/A
Tyker N/A N/A Felicia
Shadow WIN WIN Quit
Michael George N/A Quit
Dee Jay N/A N/A
George N/A

     This person was on the Recording Cameras team.

     This person was on the Writing Scripts team.

     This person won that week.

     This person did not win but did not get a vote.

     This person got a vote against but did not get eliminated.

    *Rachel had to drop out due to being too sick to continue.

An awesome second table: From Zoomer. :3

Contestant Original Team Merged Team Day Out
George Scripts No Day 1
Dee Jay Scripts Day 2
Micheal Scripts Day 3
Shadow Cameras Day 3
Tyker Scripts Day 3
Felicia Cameras Yes Day 4
Amanda Cameras Day 4
Matt Scripts Day 5
Niki Scripts Day 6
Paul Cameras Day 7
Natalia Cameras Day 8
Jack Cameras Day 8
Lance Cameras Day 9
Rachel Cameras Day 9

Beach Party Setup


Johnny: After Natalia won with the loser's votes a new series is born now 16 characters, old and new will come to the island and know participate in movie genre themed challenges to see who'll win a million dollars.

Natalia: Yay! Back Again.

Felicia: Hello, Twerps.

Rachel: S'up Natalia?

Tyker: Hi everyone

Dee Jay: *waves hi*

Natalia: Hi Rachel

Paul: Hey y'al!

Shadow: hm.

Michael: hello, it's a pleasure to meet you all.

Tyker: (CONF) My mom made to come here so I can win and stay off my games, stupid mom *notice that his mom maybe watching* oh I mean I love you, mom.

Niki: Wahoo! I'm glad to be here!

Davis: Finally! I made it and I'm here to win!

Felicia: *slaps Tyker* Seriously, This is a game! We are here to win!

Rachel: Now Felicia, That's not nice.

Natalia: *To Rachel* I think we found the Amber of season 2.

Tyker: What is your problem Felicia and I was in the CONF so will you let me be *plays DS*

Amanda: *runs in* Hey everyone!! I'm Amanda!!

Niki: Hi! I'm Niki!

Lance: *arrives*

Matt: Hey guys!

Chandler: What's up guys?

Dee Jay: *snaps finger*

Tyker: *plays DS* Yes! 100 kills, thats awesome

Paul: What game are you playing?

Tyker: Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. *plays DS* Yes 150 kills and the cops are after me, that cool

Lance: *walks around*

George: *runs in* Hey guys!!!

Amanda: I feel gassy right now!!

Dee Jay: *walks away from Amanda*

Amanda: *farts* Oops, excuse me. *blushes bright red*

Paul: Woo wie! What a stinker!

Niki: Good thing I have a nose clip.

Lance: thats nasty

Felicia: Ew! Sick!

Rachel: Yeah, That is kinda gross.

Amanda: *blushes more*

George: Yeah! Nasty!!

Lance: *slowly walks away*

Tyker: oh thats nastee!

Dee Jay: *covers his nose*

Lance: *sprays air freshener*

Johnny: Now for the Teams


Johnny: Today's theme the beach movie the first team to make an awesome party wins and is sa from elimination.

(What happened to the challenge/)

Tyker: Dee Jay and I pick the music *look for music to play*

Dee Jay: *Look for music to play*

Paul: *looks for music*

Niki: *grabs three suit cases with party stuff* This party is going to be good*

Michael: (grabs a chocolate fountain)

Shadow: (starts to bake a cake)

Chandler: *gets food and drinks*

Matt: *gets decorations*

Felicia: *gets beach ball*

Johnny: That's it clearly the winning team is the Recording Cameras and now it's time for an elimination.

Writing Scripts Vote 1

Voting ends 1/15/12 @ 12:01 AM

Johnny: Writing Scripts it's time to vote!

Michael: my vote is for George, he hasn't done a thing...

Felicia: George, Your cool but the team has spoken.

Niki: George.

Matt: George

Chandler: George

Johnny: With the majority of the votes thre is no need for another George is out! Go to the Dock where a boat will take you to loserville, and we'll see you at the reunion.

A Hunt is a Hunt



Johnny: Today it's the Pirate movie so you guy wil have a treasure hunt each clue will lead to the next keep the clues cause they are important if you want to win so go!


Natalia: Where can that be?

Paul: We have to find out. *heads north*

Niki: Maybe it's chocolate gold coins! *heads to a place where you record*

Rachel: Maybe it's in the east. *runs to the east*

Chandler: Scripts its in the recording studio!

Matt: *runs to recording studio*

Niki: Duh! I can I forget. *follows Matt*

Davis: Duh! It's the same island as last season only stuff had been added so it has to be the mountain.

Tyker: *follows Matt*

Dee Jay: *follows Matt*

Niki: It shouldn't be much longer. *still heading to the recordinf studio*

Paul: The sea should be after the forest. *enters the forest*

Davis: No one listens to me

Natalia: I do

Niki: *enters recording studio* Wahoo I'm here.

Paul: Hmm am I'm lost? *pulls out a map*

Lance: *runs to forest*

Chandler: *enters recording studio*

Matt: *enters recoridng studio* Now what?

Lance: *goes to the sea*

Niki: Hmm, we better look for it. *starts looking for the next clue*

Paul: *Reaches the sea* Now what does it mean by the place where everything is what you see?

Lance: Could it mean the dock?

Davis: You can see the entire island from he mountain.

Lance: There's a mountain?

Johnny: It's the same island from last time only stuff had been added.

Lance: *runs to mountain*

Natalia: *run up mountain*

Davis: *runs up mountain*

Paul: *runs up mountain*

Niki: Could it be a turtle's nest? *heads to the beach*

Natalia: Maybe its the underground cavern maze.

Lance: perhaps.

Paul: Let's go *heads for the uderground cavern*

Niki: Now that I'm at the beach, time to see if I'm right or wrong. *looks for turtle nest*

Michael: hmm...(heads to the beach)

Shadow: ,,,must be...(heads up mountain)

Lance: *gets to underground maze*

Matt: *runs up mountain*

Chandler: *runs up mountain*

Paul: *enters cavern* Time to go through the maze.

Niki: Here's a turtle a nest, but maybe it's not it.

Tyker: Must be

Niki: Really coudn't be anything else, right?

Natalia: *starts going throught the maze*

Chandler: *reaches nest*

Matt: *reaches nest*

Lance: *follows natalia through maze*

Paul: *reaches the end of the maze* I guess I'll just sit here and wait.

Natalia: *continues through the maze*

Rachel: *runs wildly* kjfheihgrighoewITHIGHERJQIHGIRHGTROTROTRJHOBEOBHEBUEROBHJROHB!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TREASURE! I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!11 *Gives her team the treasure*

Felicia: *slaps Rachel* Weird girl.

Johnny: That's a fake.

Chandler: I guess I'll wait for the next clue.

Matt: Same here

Lance: *heads down mountain*

Chandler: Is it back where the trailers are?

Matt: That's a possibility

Davis: We either have to go to the cabins or the dock.

Lance: *at bottom of mountain*

Niki: Hmmm, Maybe it's the trailers. *heads to the trailers*

Paul: I'll check the dock. *heads towards the dock*

Davis: *Heads toward the trailers*

Chandler: *goes to the trailers*

Matt: *goes to the trailers*

Lance: *runs to dock* *trips and falls* Ow my face.

Chandler: *arrives at trailers*

Matt: *arrives at trailers*

Lance: *arrives at docks*

Paul: *arives at dock*

Niki: *reaches trailers* A chest. *jumps on the chest* is it real or fake?

Johnny: *gives lance the chest* The cameras win (Next time don't assume you win, you may have not won)

Lance: Yes!! Lets see whats in here.

Johnny: Chips, soda, and immunity

Lance: WOOO!!!!! *chugs soda*


Cameras' Clue # 1

Head north towards the sea

go to the place where everything is what you see

Scripts' Clue # 1

A place where you record

shows, movies, or even a chord

Scritps' Clue # 2

Your smart but now for a test,

your next clue is in a nest,

it's not up top,

so don't do a flop.

Cameras' Clue # 2

Good, now go under,

but not in slumber,

finish the maze,

before your in a haze.

Cameras' and Scripts Clue # 3

Congratz on making it this far,

for your final test don't go in tar,

go back to where you came from,

unless your a bit dumb.


Johnny: Vote!

Ends 1/18/12 @ 8:10

Chandler: Dee Jay

Matt: Dee Jay

Niki: Dee Jay. I made a mistake and hope my team gives me a chance to make it up.

Michael: Dee Jay. sorry bud.

Felicia: Niki. She's almost unbearable!

Johnny: And Dee Jay is out, why didn't they eliminate Felici...ah I mean go to the dock where a boat will wait to take you to loserville where you will wait untill the reunion.

It's just not good enough


Natalia: My team keeps winning.

Lance: You got that right!

Rachel: WE'LL KEEP WINNING! *Gone crazy* Sorry, I've gotten a rare case of hiagopotis.

Paul: We are going to wipe-out the other team quicker then a bullfrog eating a fly.

Tyker: (CONF) Poor Dee Jay he didn't get to say one word


Johnny: Today's Genre the Fashion Movie and now the challenge is to create a dress for one of 3 models. Me and 2 others will judge each outfit, you'll recieve a score out of 30 (Up to 10 per judge) the team with the most points win. You have until This Sunday at noon EST.

Challenge Chat

Michael: Um.. Johnny me and Shadow want to quit

Johnny: Okay I'll get a boat to take you two to loserville.

Jack: (I have my pic on my other computer, I'll enter it when I'm able to) Let's win again, team! :D

Natalia: Okay!

Johnny: You have 19 hours and 30 minutes left.

Davis: Gotta hurry.

Johnny: Time's up! And now here to help me judge is Lady Gaga, and Selena Gomez



Chandler and Matt's Dress

Johnny: It was terrible so I give it a 4.

Lady Gaga: I would have never imagined box skirts, I give it a 7.

Selena Gomez: I kinda liked it but it could have been better so 5

Johnny: So since 2 worked on the same outfit they each get half so they both have an 8

Natalia's Dress

Johnny: It was good ... 5 points.

Lady Gaga: It's good so I give it a 5.

Selena Gomez: I loved it I want that to be my wedding dress it gets a 8

Johnny: Natalia gets an 18.

Jack's Dress

Johnny: It looks like a school uniform so I give it a 6. Lady Gaga: It's okay but not for my tastes it gets a 2.

Selena Gomez: It's cute I would wear it, so it deserves a 8.

Johnny: And Jack gets a 16. So the winners are the recording cameras!

Writing Scripts Vote 3

Johnny: Since Chandler and Matt actually did the challenge they get immunity.

Voting ends 1/24/12 @ 4:00 PM

Chandler: I vote Tyker

Matt: Tyker haven't heard from him ever.

Tyker: I vote Felicia (sorry guys, I been busy)

Felicia: I vote Chandler.

Johnny: You do know that he has immunity.

Felicia: Tyker......God.

Tyker: (CONF) Well I'm dead, do you think will get a spin-off after this? *cameraman shake his head no* Who ask you?!

Johnny: Tyker see ya at the finale.

Tyker: Spin-off show here I come, bye other losers see none yall at the finale. haha!

For all the money in the world


Johnny: It's the merge!

Lance: Yeah!

Chandler: Alright!

Matt: (CONF: I need to form an alliance if I want to stay alive)

Natalia: *Whispers to Rachel* Wanna make an alliance.

Rachel: *whispers to Rachel* Yeah! We can get our old alliance together again!

Natalia: *Whispers to Rachel* But we need more people.

Jack: Yay. :3 Hey guys, can I join? :D

Matt: I wonder what the challenge is

Natalia: Sure Jack!

Lance: I'll join.

Johnny: You a choice do the challenge now or tomorrow.

Chandler: Now

Matt: Now

Paul: Tomorrow

Niki: Now

Natalia: Now

Davis: Now

Johnny: Then we have it later at around 6:00 PM EST

Natalia: Anyways ya Lance you can join.

Rachel: Sweet, New people on our alliance!

Natalia: We should give it a name.


Johnny: Today's genre is ... the bank heist movie for this challenge you guys have to try and rob a bank with a police in it if you get caught then you have to help catch others, after you get the money you have to bring it to the base 1 mile away from the bank, your goal is to take the most money you can and bring it to the base anyways you can only carry $1,000 dollars at the time. Here is a tip, the officer goes after whoever has the most. GO!

Chandler: *sneaks into bank*

Matt: *sneaks into bank*

Jack: *follows the others, very quietly*

Lance: *crawls into bank*

Rachel: *extremely quiet get in the bank*

Chandler: *gets into vault* *takes $1,000*

Matt: *gets into vault* *takes $1,000*

Lance: *rolls into vault* *takes $1000*

Chandler: *runs to base*

Matt: *runs to base*

Rachel: *Steals $2,000 and teleports to base*

Felicia: *allready finished with $100,000 stolen* (CONF: I totally cheated)

Lance: *get money to base* *heads back to vault*

Cop: *Chases Rachel*

Natalia: *Steals $1,000*

Lance: *gets back in bank and steal another $1000.*

Felicia: *slaps Cop and runs to get more money*

Rachel: *helps cop up*

Lance: *gets back to base*

Johnny: Rachel is now a cop if she catches anyone else they have to help her.

Chandler: *sneaks into vault* *takes $1,000*

Matt: *sneaks into vault* *takes $1,000*

Natalia: *reaches base*

Chandler: *reaches base*

Matt: *reaches base*

Lance: *runs back to vault* *takes another grand*

Natalia: *runs back and takes $1,000*

Davis: *grabs $1,000*

Lance: *gets back to base* *runs back*

Natalia: *goes back to base*

Davis: *goes back to the base*

Cop: *Catches Davis and Lance*

Paul: *takes 1,000*

Niki: *Takes 1,000*

Chandler: *sneaks into vault* *takes $1,000*

Matt: *sneaks into vault* *takes $1,000*

Cop: *Catches Matt and Felicia*

Chandler: *gets back to base*

Lance: *chases after Matt*

Chandler: *sneaks into vault* *takes $1,000*

Cop: *Catches Candler, Jack, and Natalia*

Johnny: That's it! And the winner is ... Chandler!

Rachel: Congratuations Chandler!

Chandler: Thanks Rachel :D

Merge Vote 1

You have 24 hours to vote.

Johnny: Vote!

Natalia: I vote Felicia.

Davis: I vote Felicia too.

Lance: Felicia.

Niki: Felicia. She is creepy!

Paul: Felicia.

Jack: Felicia.

Chandler: I vote Felicia

Matt: Felicia has to go.

Johnny: And Felicia goes, but wait ... guess what? DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Chandler isn't safe now so vote!

Lance: I vote Paul.

Paul: Lance.

Niki: Amanda. I haven't heard from her in awhile.

Natalia: Amanda.

Davis: Amanda.

Chandler: Amanda

Matt: Amanda

Jack: Amanda.

Who dun it?


Chandler: I wonder what today has in store.

Matt: Yeah same

Rachel: *sickly cough*

Natalia: Are you okay Rachel?

Rachel: No, My sickness has gotten worse, I fear I may have to......drop out of the game.

Natalia: But we were going to go as far as we could.

Paul: Yeah Rachel! (conf)I know I ain't done alot recently, but I'm going to try.

Rachel: It's too late for me.............*almost dead* Natalia...........Your the leader of the alliance now.........I'm gonna tell Johnny if I can see the doctor.............*wobbly sees Johnny* Johnny, My sickness is worser than ever now! Do I have to drop out?

Lance: Dont let it get the best of you! Fight it Fight it! Don't give up!

Paramedics take rachel to loserville.

Johnny: Rachel is gone. We'll keep you updated on how Rachel is with the help of a doctor.

Lance: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: *to Lance* Don't worry, If the operation goes as planned, I might return on episode 7. Maybe, Maybe not.


Johnny gets murdered. The only clue left behind was lipstick.

(Johnny: Solve who did the murder, it can be anyone competing I randomly picked someone but they don't know it. P.S. clues will be given throughout the challenge.)

Chandler: *picks up lipstick* Seems like the culprit is a girl.

Matt: There's only two girls left! Niki and Natalia!

Natalia: It wasn't me!

Chandler: Well then, let's interrogate Niki.

Matt: We don't know that for sure. She could've been framed!

Davis: All I know is that if we ask the real culprit if they did it then they will only deny that.

Chandler: Good point. Now Natalia is way too sweet to commit a crime plus she said she didnt do it.

Matt: So let's find Niki

Lance: Someone could've stolen their lipstick and framed them.

Chandler: Well let's see right now we have Natalia, Me, Matt, Lance, and Davis

Matt: So right now we're missing Niki, Paul and Jack

Natalia: I think it just became nighttime.

Matt: What do you think we should do Natalia?

Chandler: We can't question people who aren't here

Lance: I say we all stick together until we find the others

Natalia: Guess who dun it.

Chandler: I have no idea who?

Matt: Do you know Natalia?

Natalia: Nope.

Paul: Felicia?

Niki: She is eliminated, so how can it be?

Jack: Well, lipstick means it is a girl. So, Natalia, or Niki. They say it's not them, but they don't know. Someone was framed. So, just as much as they think it is someone else, it could have been them. Natalia, Niki, front and center. When we get more clues, we'll investigate you both.

Lance: yeah we need more clues before we figure out the suspects.

Paul: More clues would and Niki, it could be someone eliminated. Wait for more clues.

Niki: It's Natalia!

All the lights on the island turn off, Natalia is found dead when the lights turn also to reveal a piece of male clothing.

Lance: Hmmm well that makes things interesting

Davis: So the killer will kill anyone we guess wrong.

Paul: That's not my clothing!

Niki: Hmmm...It's Chandler!

A black out! Light go on and chandler is dead and beside everyone but Niki is a knife covered in blood.

Lance: Well now we're down to six suspects

Niki: I know Paul!

Paul: No! I ain't me ya'll hear!

Davis: It's Niki!

Both Niki and Paul are found dead, and now a paper with Davis and Lance written on them.

Matt: Oh my god! Stay away from me you two. *ties up Davis and Lance*

Lance: *tied up* well this is ironic

Matt: Last man standing! Well this could be the end to a perfect mystery

Lance: We were framed! Framed I SAY!!!!

Matt: I'm paranoid so I'm just gonna leave you tied until we get to the bottom of this and if I'm wrong then I'm sorry

Lance: *to Davis* so.... seen any good movies lately?

Jack: You guys seem to be forgeting about me... Okay, guys, it is one of us. We're all boys... So... Do any of you guys wear makeup? O_O Wait a minute, I'm not trusting you guys. *ties up Matt with the other two* NOW TELL ME WHO IT WAS. :@

Davis: Maybe MATT!!!

Matt is found dead and everyone else freed

Lance: Now its down to four.

Davis: It's clearly Jack!

Jack is found dead and Chandler has a red stain on his shirt.

Lance: It must of been Davis.

Everyone appears from a locked room.

Johnny: Lance guessed it, by the way it was fake davis helped put everyone in here and set up the clues.

Merge Vote 2

Johnny: Lance is safe and so is Davis.

Voting ends 1/26/12 at 12:01AM EST

Jack: I vote Matt. Come on alliance, he is such a threat! If we want to get farther, we've got to vote him out. Sorry. :c

Chandler: I vote Niki

Matt: I'm gonna ignore that Jack and vote Niki

Lance: I'll vote with my alliance and vote for Matt.

Natalia: Matt

Davis: Matt

Niki: George. Has anybody heardfrom him?

Paul: Matt. I'm going with the alliance!

Johnny: Niki george was the first to be eliminated and now Matt is, see-ya!

Sadly Ever After


Natalia: Yay! The final 8!

Lance: Final 7 if we count rachel being gone.

Natalia: I forgot Rachel was gone.

Lance: Its a shame.

Davis: Lance and Natalia Chandler is out of the alliance and Jack is just weird.

Paul: I say we vote off Niki!

Natalia: So its settled Chandler, Niki, and Jack are the next 3 to be eliminated.

Davis: And us four to the finale.

Paul: Yep.

Niki: *enters and gives everyone a balloon* What's going on?

Davis: Just talking about how the weather is always is good.

Lance: Indeed

Paul: The weather sure is pretty!

Niki: Okay!*leaves*(conf)I heard what they were talking about!

Lance: (CONF) I feel bad for Jack

Davis: (CONF) Niki and Jack are okay to eliminate but Chandler?

Natalia: (CONF) Poor Rachel I hope she's okay and Chandler he was nice but an alliance is a promise.

Chandler: (CONF) Look i can totally see me being voted off by Natalia's alliance and I totally respect her and them. I just wish that they vote me off after Jack and Niki so that I can prove my worth and guarantee their trust over the next and possibly my last two days.

Lance: So.... anyone seen any good movies lately?

Chandler: Not really...but I have a question for you. I mean like I know I'm probably gonna end up in like 5th place which I'd be more than happy with :D but what happens to your alliance afterwards? How do you know who goes next?

Lance: Thats a good question, guess i dont know.

Natalia: Duh! The final 4 go to the finale. Did anyone actually see last season?

Jack: Guys, why do you think I'm wierd? I'm the one who decided for Matt to be out, because he was a huge threat. I think it's unfair for you guys to say that 'bout me. >.> At least vote Chandler and Niki off before me. Have everyone in our alliance as the final 5 or whatever, then we can kick each other off. Are you with me?

Jack: Not to mention that yesterday, Chandler and Niki were the only ones to vote AGAINST our alliance. We all voted Matt, they voted Niki. I say first we get Niki or Chandler out. Once they're both gone, I'm happy to go next.

Jack: And yet again, Chandler and Niki were on the other team. If we get them out, then it will be the Cameras all the way to the end! :DDD They can't be trusted! They're going to play you! With me, you know that as long as Niki and Chandler are gone, I'm happy to be out next!

Natalia: He's right and that must be the most Jack ever talks.

Jack: Ya, I know. I just really want our alliance to make it to the end. :3

Chandler: Wait a minute, I'm in your alliance? Nobody ever told me and I was never asked that's why I voted Niki and besides I've been more active than him and he just decided to put himself in your alliance I never saw you guys mention jack being in your alliance. Look if you guys just keep me around till we make the final 5, I'll personally vote myself off at that elimination and that's more than Jack will ever do

Jack: Chandler, you were never in our alliance. Guys, we can't trust him. I've been on my alliance's team, and actually VOTED with them every episode. Chandler hasn't, guys, don't trust him. :P

Chandler: (CONF) I don't know what this Jack guy is doing but he's making it seem like I'm the enemy when I'm not the only reason I voted Niki is because she's barely here. I haven't done anything to make it seem like I can't be trusted. If we were on the same team Jack wouldn't be like this now and besides this is the one time I didn't vote with them. I voted with them on everything else.

Natalia: (CONF) Chandler has a good point.

Chandler: Look Jack I don't want to argue cause that's not my thing, but you only voted with them twice because your team won all the challenges and that's because Matt and I were the only one's participating and we had a guy quit. If Shadow didn't quit and if Rachel was still here p.s. I hope she gets better real soon you would have a whole team. But you do what you must to stay in the game. I even personally told Natalia's alliance that I would vote for myself and it'd be unanimous and I'd be happy with 5th place and besides if Niki goes first and then me you'd be next so either way you lose so I wish you the best of luck Jack.

Davis: (CONF) Chandler seems a better option.

Jack: Wait, what? Chandler, since when am I the enemy? I've been in their alliance since it was MADE, and I was on their team! Why would they trust you? When have you done ANYTHING to prove their trust? All you did was vote against us! Alliance members, who can you trust? Me, the person who has been with you this whole time, or this random guy who voted against us, and has only wanted to be in our alliance since TODAY? Guys, I'm happy to get 5th place. Really, I am. I'll quit if I get that far, I promise. But you can't trust Chandler, you can't. Please guys, choose to take me. You can trust me, I won't just vote myself, I'll quit. Ya, I wish you look Chandler, but guys, come on. I've been with you guys since we started this alliance.

Natalia: STOP! (CONF) I've never seen people happy to get 5th.

Jack: Okay. But I think we all agree that Niki is out next. XD

Chandler: Way to copy what I said and what did I do wrong? Vote for the person who's barely here? I don't see how that's bad. Also Natalia, Lance, and Davis have done the most work on their team so just because you're on their team doesn't mean anything. You haven't done anything for them except vote Matt off and I hope Rachel comes back cause I feel that she'd agree, but yes we can deal with this later next I'm pretty sure there will be 6 votes for Niki

Davis: Let's wait untill Niki is gone for you to convince us who leaves

Chandler: Agreed so at this coming elimination there will be 6 votes Niki I presume

Chandler: So any of you guys gonna compete next season?

Davis: I won't audition I have stuff to do.

Natalia: So the finale is upon us.

Chandler: In just about 4 more episodes Natalia and congrats to everyone for making it this far and Davis I'm not competing either I'm gonna try to come back 4th season, but Matt will be competing though.

Natalia: Yep.

Lance: Im coming back next season, since i wasnt here first season.

Jack: Chandler, let's just not fight anymore. What happens, happens. Anyways, I'm not in next season. :P

Chandler: Well Jack I agree but I don't think neither of us is going home tonight... that would be Niki can we agree? :D

Jack: Yes! :D

Natalia: Unless Niki wins the challenge.


Part 1

Johnny: Today all of you will be Knights trying to save Princess Natalia from an evil wizard by first getting into giant balls and racing uphill first 4 to do so move on.

Jack: *jumps into his ball, closes the door, and starts racing up the hill*

Lance: *gets into ball and starts uphill*

Jack: *moves as fast as he can, sweating*

Chandler: *jumps into ball and runs fast*

Jack: *speeds up the hill* Come on, guys! :D

Lance: *starts going faster*

Chandler:*starts running faster*

Jack: *goes even faster*

Lance: *increases speed*

Jack: *increases speed even more, sweating*

Chandler: *increases speed*

Jack: *moves up the hill even faster*

Lance: *increases slightly*

Jack: *uses all his energy, sprinting in his ball*

Lance: *stays steady*

Chandler: *speeds up*

Jack: *stays at his top speed, going very fast*

Chandler:*speeds up to Lance*

Lance: *speeds up*

Jack: *speeds up, still ahead of the other two* WE MUST BE CLOSE!

Chandler:*catches up to jack*

Davis: *starts going to top*

Jack: *speeds ahead* (How did Chandler catch up so quickly, when Jack has been running so much, and started first)

Lance: *speeds up*

Davis: *Speeds up*

Jack: *speeds up yet again*

Chandler: *speeds up behind Jack* must keep my athletic name *pants*

Lance: *speeds up* Man this is taking forever!

Jack: *stays ahead of Chandler* When will this challenge end? And Johnny, only four of us are doing the challenge, can we just all move on?

Johnny: Sure!

Chandler: Alright!

Part 2

Johnny: Now the 4 knights must run over a narrow bridge over river rapids to reach the castle only 2 move on.

Jack: *jumps into the lead, and carefully runs across the bridge*

Chandler: **quickly runs across the bridge*

Jack: *still in the lead, sprints*

Lance: *sprints across bridge*

Jack: *still speeds across the bridge*

Davis: *falls off*

Jack: Looks like Davis is out! *still runs in the lead*

Lance: *tries to catch up*

Jack: Sorry Lance! *Speeds ahead*

Lance: *going as fast as he can*

Jack: *goes very fast, and is now far ahead of the other* Almost there!

Johnny: Jack and Lance made it across but what lies ahead is worse.

Lance: oh boy

Jack: Uh oh!

Chandler: I don't get it I made it across the bridge before lance did!

Part 3

Johnny: The wizard put both knights on a high platform the person to push the other off gets the princess.

Jack: Sorry! *punches Lance in the face, and pushes him*

Jack: *pushes Lance repeatedly* Sorry, man! *punches him again*

Jack: *kicks him again to the edge*

Lance: *get back to center* your teasing the gorilla in the monkey house! *hits him with a thunderous punch*

Jack: *smacks him in the face, and kicks his chest*

Lance: *tackles him to ground*

Jack: *gets up, pushes him to the edge again, and kicks him hard in the groin*

Jack: *pushes him again, hopefully off*

Lance: *pulls selfs back on* *throws him down and kicks him in the ribs*

Jack: *slaps him hard, and punches him repeatedly in the head, and twists his arm around, and pushes him forward over the edge* GIVE UP :@

Jack: *stands by the edge, making sure he can't get back up*

Lance: *crawls underneath to the other side* *runs and pushes him form behind*

Jack: *ducks, and whippinh around literally snaps Lance's neck and throws him over the edge, far away from climbing back up*

Lance: *from below* ok... you win. tell the princess i tried.... *faints*

Jack: Sorry, man! Natalia, I have saved you! :D <3

Chandler: Congrats Jack! :D

Jack: Thanks! :D (CONF) My allaince may be choosing whether to keep me or Chandler, and even though I desperately want them to choose me, I still think Chandler's a pretty cool guy!

Lance: (CONF) *pops neck * Ouch. Not cool.

Johnny: Jack the knight saved the princess but for immunity they must battle just like he and Lance did.

Natalia: What?

Jack: Oh, wow. Well, I'm sorry princess. But I have to do this. *smacks her hard in the face, and does a spin and kicks her square in the chest towards the edge*

Jack: *punches her hard in the jaw, and then shoves her over the edge* I really want to win. Sorry.

Natalia: Ouch *Kicks Jack in the jaw and punches Jack*

Jack: Didn't you fall over the edge? O.o *punches Natalia hard in the cheeck, kicks her in the side, and as she stumbles wacks her with the back of his hand over the edge*

Davis: Natalia!!! Jack you'll pay for this.

Johnny: Jack wins.

Merge Vote 3

Johnny: Vote!

Jack: Well, we're all voting Niki, right? I vote Niki, sorry girl. And Davis, I was only doing as Chris asked. Natlia fought back, and so I had to defend myself. Don't use this as a reason to eliminate me. You and your other alliance members should really think about choosing me or Chandler tomorrow, and who you can trust. Anyways, I vote Niki. :P

Chandler: Niki has to go and Jack you hit a girl that's bad by the way his name is Johnny

Lance: I vote niki. *pops neck* Ouch. that still hurts.

Niki: Paul.

Paul: Niki.

Natalia: *sits in a wheelchair* Niki.

Davis: Niki.

Jack: Oh, sorry, and well she hit me too. Ugh, you guys are just going to use this as an excuse to eliminate me, aren't you. I bet Chris/Johnny/whoever it is set this up, just so you guys would have a reason to eliminate me. Yeesh. <.< And how could Natalia be in a wheelchair, yet Lance isn't, and he was injured way worse? <.<

Johnny: Niki is out



Lance: *to Jack* My neck isn't broken, just sprained *pops neck* i'll be fine, now natalia on the other hand, im not sure.

Jack: I hurt you more than I hurt her. She's probably just faking it, as an excuse to get me out. Well, I'm happy that you're better, and I hope you choose me over Chandler. You and I in the finale would be epic. :D

Natalia: My leg was sprained and I couldn't walk but now I feel better.

Lance: your determination was evident in the challenge jack, well done.

Jack: Thanks Lance, that means a lot to me. Yours was, too. I'm glad to see you feeling better, Natalia! :D

Lance: (CONF) His determination was good, but i dont appreciate what he did to my neck.

Johnny: We can have the challenge now or tomorrow.



Johnny: *Dressed as a russain spy* Hehlo you puny teens you'll never shtop me froom tahking ohver the wohrld.

Natalia: ???

Johnny: Today you must become spies.

Jack: Really? Cool!What do we have to do?

Chandler: Awesome! *dresses like a spy*

Johnny: You must first get a bag of equipment that is across a long room with laser beams.

Lance: *sprays stuff that reveals lasers*

Jack: Good, now we can see it. Hey, I'm an expert at gymnastics! Maybe I can get it? *starts doing backflips and cartwheels through the lasers, not touching them*

Lance: *slyly crawls underneath the lasers*

Jack: *is about half way there, almost trips, but recovers and continues*

Lance: *cralws past Jack*

Jack: You kidding me? *flips past Lance, and does many dive rolls ahead off him*

Jack: *keeps on going, and is almost there* Close!

Chandler: *dodges lasers*

Jack: *reaches the bags of equipment, and grabs the most useful one* Now what?

Jack: *waits, stretching* What next...?

Lance: *get to bags* (Isn't there some rule about editing twice in a row?)

Jack: Here! *hands Lance one of the other bags* (I don't know, I think its up to the host. But Jack didn't do anything in his second edit, so it wouldn't really make a difference)

Chandler:*makes it to bags*

Jack: *hands Chandler another bag* Well, what do we do now? You know what would be really funny? If the three of us who made it the bags randomly won the challenge! That would totally make things interesting. XD

Chandler: thanks Jack :D

Jack: You're welcome! :D

Lance: So... now what?

Jack: Ya...

Chandler: I guess us 3 move onto the next part?

Johnny: Gives the other 3 a mirror

Natalia: *uses mirror to start going to the bags*

Johnny:Now use the grapling hook, wire cutter, and wrench to go over a slippery rock wall, a door that needs a wire to be cut to open, get the safw combination, build a go-kart, drive to the safe, open it, and hit the button that will destroy the island in 24 hours. Go!

Jack: *pushes the others away and whips his grapling hook over the wall, and starts climbing*

Lance: *throws grappling hook and starts climbing*

Natalia: *Reaches the bags*

Jack: *speeds up the wall very quickly*

Chandler: *gets grapling hook and starts climbing fast* I can't believe you pushed us away Jack

Natalia: *grabs the grapling hook and thros over the wall*

Jack: I'm sorry, but it's a challenge. I'd be fine with you pushing me then. *Reaches the top of the wall, hops over, and heads for the door*

Chandler: *passes Lance and now heads for the door*

Jack: *takes out his wire cutters, and starts cutting the lock*

Chandler: *uses wire cutters to cut the wire and runs to safe*

Jack: *cuts it, gets the combination, and starts building his cart*

Lance: *gets over wall, gets to door*

Jack: *almost done his cart* Chandler: *gets combo and builds cart*

Johnny: *Throws bombs to everyone*

Jack: *finishes his cart, and drives to the safe, dodging the bombs as he drives* AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Lance: *cuts thru door* (also isn't there a rule about doing too much in one edit?)

Jack: *reaches the safe, and starts to unlock it* (I didn't do that much, and I don't think there really is...)

Lance: *gets combination, starts building go kart*

Jack: *continues to unlock it* Almost there...

Lance: *starts driving towards safe*

Jack: *almost completely done opening*Just a couple more numbers...

Chandler: *finishes cart* *bomb goes off and gets super boost to safe* Hey Jack let's finish this challenge together :D

Jack: *finally unlocks the safe, and gets Chandler to push the button down with him at the same time* :DDDDD WE WIN TOGETHER!


Lance: *crashes cart at finish line* Ouch

Johnny: You guys hit the button that destroys the island.

Jack: Wow, WTF! *grabs one of the bombs, and explodes another safe with it, then presses that button* :P

Johnny: I was trying to warn you. Anyways it's time for elimination.

Lance: *strips wiring near bomb to try and disable it*

Merge Vote 4

Davis: I Vote Paul

Natalia: Paul

Lance: I vote Paul for doing the least.

Jack: Paul. :P

Chandler: Sorry Paul

Johnny: Pual is out and now only 5 remain so who will go to the finale.

Fear is Around the Courner


Jack: (CONF) Well, it looks like the game has taken a whole new turn. My alliances efforts to eliminate me or Chandler kind of bit the dust when we won the challenge together!:D Maybe we can again?

Davis: (CONF) That Jack I'll get him for what he did to Natalia.

Natalia: Well at least paul isn't going to the finale.

Davis: I Love you Natalia!

Natalia: What?

Davis: Nothing. (CONF) I can't believe I just said that.

Jack: (CONF) And I can't believe Davis is so "angry" about what I "did" to Natalia. It was a challenge, she attacked me too, and Lance actually got hurt so much more than her, and he's fine. And so is she! He just wants an excuse to out me... Whatever. I'm not scared of the pip-sqweek. He thinks he's all tough, but he's not. <.<

Chandler: (CONF) Final 5! I wonder who's getting the boot next.I mean I like Davis and Natalia so I guess I might vote with them. I mean if Jack wins he should give Natalia and Lance some money for their injuries, but I don't think he'll win.

Davis: (CONF) Final 5! Now if only Chandler, me, Lance, and Natalia reach the finale I'll feel great.

Jack: Guys, can I talk to you for a minute? Okay, seriously, what the @#$% is your guys' problems? I feel like you all suddenly hate me, and I haven't don anything? For some reason, Davis hates me about what I did too Natalia, when she feels fine and doesn't care anymore. Natalia doesn't hate me that much, it's just friken Davis! Chandler, who I apparently made FRIENDS with, wants to vote me out suddenly? So, why the heck did I let you win immunity WITH ME yesterday? I should never have done that, and you would be out. OUT. The only friend I have here is Lance, and he doesn't even like me that much. You guys all suck. I hope you can all see how selfish and mean you are ALL being.

Natalia: (CONF) WTF? I was gonna vote out Chandler but now I might vote out Jack.

Jack: TBH... It's just Davis. Natalia, can you convince that I'm not a bad guy? Really, he's making up excuses. Please. One friend to another? :3

Chandler: Jack I never said I was going to vote you off, I said I was unsure because it's hard to decide because I like everyone here.

Jack: Well, that's different. Thank you then. :3

Natalia: I thought we weren't friends.

Chandler: Jack what difference does it make and you kinda just said that we all suck and we're selfish. That kinda hurt

Jack: Well, it hurts that Davis goes around saying I'm going to pay for something that doesn't even matter anymore.

Natalia: Well it hurted al of us what you said about us.

Jack: Well, I'm sorry, but you guys have been hurting me since this whole crap about Chandler and I came up! Am I not allowed to hurt?

Davis: NO!

Jack: Davis, everyone else here is actually nice, and normal. You are just a jerk, and mean to everyone. Natalia, don't fall for him, he's not worth it. I'm a human, I'm allowed to hurt, just like any of you guys. But Davis, Davis is that person who is just there to make life terrible for everyone around him. :|

Natalia: Your just doing this to tear the alliance apart and get Davis out, let him believe what he wants to believe it won't really affect you.

Chandler: Yeah Jack you have to accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you. (CONF) I've been reflecting over the last couple of days and Jack and I haven't communicated since the fairy tale challenge and before that Jack has only completed one challenge, the dress designer one , but hey his team won all the challenges so he hasn't had to face anything up until now and I don't mean that in any bad way I was just thinking about it. It's similar to Niki, she never completed challenges but still made it far. But Jack has to stop pestering Davis and just leave him alone I mean everyone has their own opinions right?

Davis: (CONF) I can't let Jack win.

Jack: Fine, guys. My opinion is that Davis is mean. Davis's opinion is that I'm stupid. There. Now calm down, guys. Jeez. <.<

Davis: No! You are the one who thinks I'm stupid but the truth is that you just can't handle that I love Natali...I uh mean didn't like what you did to Natalia.

Jack: Jeez, I'm not fighting with you. *walks away* Just trying to pick a fight with me... not classy.

(Will we start the challenge soon?)


Johnny is seen running away from the island in a boat and drops a bag on the dock.

Chandler: Hey where are you going? *gets bag* What's in here?

Chandler finds a news paper that says the crazed killer El Muerte Loco is on Johnny's island and wants to kill everyone

Chandler: Oh no! I have to warn the others and what should we do?

Davis: *Runs to Chandler* You heard Johnny left the island?

Chandler: Yeah I know! And there's some crazed killer here. Let's team up and set a trap!

Jack: *runs up to the two of them* Oh my gosh guys. O_O KK Chandler.

Chandler: Alright Jack now us 3 can make a trap together! *builds trap*

Jack: K! *starts building trap also*

Chandler: Hey Davis keep an eye out if you see Natalia or Lance or the killer ok? *continues building trap*

Jack: Ya! *helps Chandler* It looks good so far!

Chandler: Yes it does Jack! *puts finishing touches on trap* And there you go!

Jack: Now we wait for the killer to come. :P

Chandler: That's right!

Lance: *gets a shotgun*

Jack: Woah. Where di that gun come from? o.o

Lance: Its not a really gun, its a piantabll gun, disguised as a shotgun.

Jack: Uh...K. And where did Davis go? o.o Do you think the KILLER GOT HIM :O

Lance: Maybe, *cocks gun and hides in bush*

Jack: Yikes. Do you have a spare? *stands near the trap with Chandler*

Chandler: *hides in bush with rope for trap*

Jack: o.o *hides in the bush with Chandler, holding his rope for the trap*

Natalia: *Runs to the guys with Davis* The killer got Lance.

Lance: *from far away) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Killer: *Chases Natalia*

Jack: Guys, we've got to save her! Especially you, Davis, if you love her so much. :P *finds Lance's gun on the ground, and picks it up*

Chandler: Jack you and Davis lead the killer towards my trap and I'll get him and we'll both win again

Davis: *Throws rocks towards the killer and runs toward trap* Catch me you big ugly.

Killer: *Chases Davis*

Chandler: *hides in bush* Just a little closer Davis!

Killer: *Catches Davis and goes away with him*

Natalia: DAVIS!!!

Jack: :O What do we do now CHandler?

Rachel: YAAAAAAAAAAA! *Kicks Killer* Oops, Sorry. (Rachel is fully recovered)

Chandler: Welcome back Rachel! *throws net over killer* Yeah teamwork!!

Jack: *helps hold the killer down* Yes! Does that mean all of us except for Davis and Lance are safe? O.o And welcome bacm Rachel XD O_O

Chandler: *ties killer's hands with rope* Yeah I guess so

Jack: *shoots the killer a couple of times with Lance's paintball gun*

Rachel: I came to tell you that I'm fully recovered and can rejoin the game!

Killer: *Escapes and Grabs Jack and takes him away*

(Didn't we tie iup the killer, and trap him?)

(Johnny: Killer = Next year's co-host)

(Wait, I still dont get what happened XD O_O)

(Maybe there were two)

(Johnny: The killer escaped)

(Oh, k.)


Chandler: Rachel looks like its me and you. Let's follow him *follows killer silently with net*

Natalia: Don't forget mahhh *gets draged away by the killer*

Chandler: I'll save you Natalia! *grabs her arm and runs with her* Look there's my trap we'll hide in the bush here *hides in bush*

Rachel: *catches Killer in a unlockable cage*&nbsp

Jack: Does that mean I'm free? THANK YOU RACHEL! :D

Lance: *stumbles out of cage* yeah thanks rachel.

Johnny: Chandler wins the challenge and since Rachel is not supposed to be here it's a double elimination even Rachel can be voted for.

Merge Vote 5

Davis: Jack and Rachel

Jack: Congrats on winning Chandler. :D I vote for Rachel, because she dropped out, and you can't just come back randomly. My other vote goes to Davis, simply because he does not like me, and I can't see why. I hope everyone else joins me with this decision, it is greatly appreciated. :D (And also because Xros is the only person with two people left... everyone should have one person in the finale)

Rachel: Jack and Davis

Lance: Im sorry for this, Jack, your drive for challenges is unbelievable, and thats what amkes you a threat. But not just that, when you compete in challenges you proved to be a danger to others as well as yourself, this is hard for me to do, but its an honor to have played with you, i hope we can be friends despite this. I vote Jack and Davis.

Chandler: I'm sorry Jack but your time is up and Davis I like you man but the majority says you so my votes are Jack and Davis

(Johnny, BTW, Davis and Jack are tied right now, and Rachel has 2 votes)

Jack: Lance........ I worked so hard to get here. Rachel just returned randomly! Please change your vote to her, please! Just do this one thing for me, man!

Rachel: No Lance, Don't! Your in my alliance!

Lance: Im sorry Jack... But i will stay true to my word, you should be honored, you're being voted out for being a threat in challenges. Please don't make this harder than it has to be.

Chandler: yeah Jack just accept the fact that you got voted off fair and square and besides Rachel has done more work for her team than you did

Jack: I accept it, but I practically won that art challenge. And ever since merge, I've worked my butt off. But whatever, I had fun. Good luck to Rachel, Chandler, and especially Lance. :3 Davis, TBH, I'm very happy you're out also. Natalia, TBH, I didn't really care much for you. You could have been nicer. Well, I'm out. See ya guys. :P

Natalia: I vote Jack and Rachel

Natalia: I also Quit to take Davis' Place.

Jack: Really? Well then. I officially HATE Davis. Natalia, you didn't even love him, he loved you. If he was a true gentleman, he wouldn't let you quit.

Natalia: I already won the first season I have no real reason to win again besides who said I didn't love Davis *Kisses Davis*

Johnny: Should we...(Time for future Co-host to appear)

Jack: I don't love him. Fine, let's get the heck out of here, dumb Natalia. <.< Lance, Chandler, and Rachel. Please literally @#@$% that #@$%ing Davis for me. I mean really, @#$% the heck out of him. Thanks.

(Wait, who appears? XD You mean me?)


Zoomer: TA DA! I'm the new co-host! :D

Chandler: at least challenges will go quicker now

Johnny: So Zoom what's your opinion on this?

Zoom: Hmm.... On what?

Johnny: Natalia taking Davis' place on being eliminated.

Zoom: Well, Johnny, I feel like Davis was the one who was more in on the whole relationship thing, but Natalia did win last season, and she may just want him to do well. I also think that she may have chosen to let Davis go on, just to get Jack angry. :P

Rachel: Well I guess I've been betrayed by my own alliance.

Chandler: Rachel you and me can make a little last minute alliance :)

Lance: You didn't betray the alliance.

Rachel: I ment my alliance betrayed me.

Chandler: so who do you think should go next Rachel?

Rachel: I think Lance.

Johnny: Natalia was right no one payed attention to last season in the finale there is no elimination it's last place in challenge is gone.

Good-bye Movies (Finale)


Johnny: First we will do the quiz then a challenge made by Zoom and then the loser votes, but for now just chat.

Davis: I'll never forget Natalia

Natalia: I'm right here

Johnny: Yep the losers came back to watch the finale.

Rachel: OMG, I'm in the final 4!, I'd like to thank my alliance for helping me get this far, My Best Friend Natalia, Even though you voted for me, Your still my friend and I also like to thank everyone in my home town for this honor! *tears up* BLESS YOU ALL!

Lance: I'd like to thank to thank my family, without you this would not be possible. I'd thank my firends, but i don't think they really count as friends. Id like to thank my alliance mates for keeping together for us all to get this far.

Tyker: Hi everybody

Dee Jay: *snaps finger*

Davis: I'm thanking Natalia. Oh and sorry Jack for all the trouble I caused you

Tyker: Wow Chandler really suckinh right now, Go Rach


Johnny: This is how this will work either me or Zoom will ask a question about this and the previous season first to awnser right gets a point, after 9 questions the person with the least amount of points is eliminated.

Chandler: Easy enough

Johnny: #1 Who was the first eliminated this season?

Lance: George

Chandler: George

Johnny: 1 point Lance. #2 Why was Jack so mad at Davis?

Chandler: because Davis kept getting mad at Jack for hurting Natalia and Jack was just tired of it since he was just playing the game.

Davis: Because I kept saying that Jack would pay for hurting Natalia and Lance during the Fairytale challenge and I said that every moment after that.

Lance: because Jack injured me and Natalia during the fairytale challenge anddavis told him he would pay. Jack said he was just playing the game and didn't believe Natalia loved Davis.

Rachel: What Lance Said.

Johnny: Zoom which is the best answer?

Johnny: Well Davis gets 1 point. #3 Who from the original alliance did make it into the finale?

Rachel: Mine.

Chandler: Davis

Johnny: 1 point Rachel. #4 In the horror challenge who was the first to go?

Rachel: Davis!

Chandler: Natalia

Davis: Lance!

Johnny: 2 points Davis. #5 In the Fairy tale challenge who was the princess?

Rachel: Natalia.

Chandler: Natalia

Johnny: 2 points Rachel. #6 What did Natalia always kept saying throughout this season?

Chandler: o__O I don't think she said anything consistently... But she alwaysmentioned somethin about her alliance

Davis: She kept saying "did anyone pay attention to last season".

Chandler: She said that like once...

Johnny: Sorry mistake anyways the real question who did everyone hate from last season?

Rachel: Amber.

Chandler: I guess Amber

Johnny: Rachel now has 3. #7 Who figured the last clue in the teasure hunt challenge for team recording cameras?

Chandler: Lance

Rachel: Lance.

Johnny: Chandler get 1. #8 Who won last season?

Chandler: Natalia

Rachel: Natalia

Johnny: Chandler got 2. #9 Who is going to end up in 4th place this season?

Chandler:Michael and Shadow quit and then Tyker got eliminated so its like Michael/Shadow/Tyker

Davis: Lance

Johnny: Yep Lance your out.

Lance: Well it was a nice run while it lasted. ( last time i leave my computer for 8 hours lol)

Chat 2

Davis: Sorry Lance.

Chandler: Bye Lance

Natalia: *hugs Davis* Congratz.

Lance: oh well, i was suprised i made it this far.

Zoom's Challenge

Whenever Zoom is ready

Will be tomorrow hopefully, around dinner time.

Zoom: Okay final three, your challenge is simple. You have to draw a picture of yourself winning the big bucks. And I mean draw it, using paint or another art program. :D And you better try your hardest, this is the final challenge!

Chandler: When is it due?

Davis: Okay!

Davis: Done! Where do I put it?

Rachel: Now what?

Chandler: I'm done too

Zoom: Just put it in the gallery for entries below.

Davis: I hope I move on.

Chandler: Yeah same

Zoom: Well, since Rachel didn't enter, I guess she's out, and places third. Who will win, Davis or Chandler? :DDDDDDDD


Loser Vote

Johnny: Before the losers vote each of the finalists will make a speech telling the jury why they diserve to win.

Davis: I want to tell Jack the apology he diserves, so sorry Jack for wanting to make you pay for a not good enough reason. Anyways I made mistakes that I can't take back and I'm sorry for that. Rachel, Lance, Jack, Chandler, Paul, Natalia, and everyone else were good opponents and I'm just lucky that I made it this far so if you voters can find it in your heart to choose me as the winner I would be gratful to recieve the prize I don't diserve. And if I do win I'll throw the biggest party and invite everyone and It's on a yaht so ya.

Chandler: As the longest member of the Writing Scripts, I feel that I have been a team player since. I have done nothing wrong to anybody that made them vote me out. I also think I am the only person in this season to not have a single vote against them. I feel that is because I am a nice person and I think that I haven't done anything to get eliminated. I feel that people should and would vote for me since I have never received a vote against me at elimination due to people liking me I would hope. If I win I will have a celebratory party for everyone and for those who are competing next season. It has been an honor to compete with each and everyone of you. Davis it is an honor to be in the finals with you. If its not me then I'm glad its you. Thank you all for your friendship and trust

Johnny: Well you heard the speeches now it's time to vote.


Johnny: Losers vote!

Natalia: This is hard I love that 2 of my friends made it to the final 2 but now I have to choose Davis.

Shadow: Davis. sorry Chandler.

Michael: Chandler, he deserves it.

Davis: Thanks Natalia and Shadow.

Jack: Well, we resolved our differences Davis, but I still think Chandler deserves it more. :)

Chandler: Thanks Jack and Michael my former teammate :D

Davis: At least if I lose one of my friend will win (editing from my 3DS)

Lance: This is a tough vote. I like both of you, You both are great and i hope my vote doesnt hurt either of you. I cast my vote for... Chandler.

Tyker: I have to say Chandler he worked his a** for this

Dee Jay: *points to Chandler*

Matt: Chandler has always stuck by me, so I must do the same and stick with him

Davis: At least Lance and Jack mentioned some good about me.

Paul: Davis


Rachel: Well, Davis is my BFF's Boyfriend and Chandler is my friend, I'll vote for them both!

Chandler: It really warms my heart to see that lots of people are voting for me even the ones who didn't vote for me still had very nice things to say about me. Thank you everyone :D. You are all my friends

Johnny: And Chandler wins! We had great fun this season join us next time at Island Drama: Game On! See-ya next time.

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