Iphone: Welcome contestants, this season we are taking 13 what-should-be inanimate objects to compete in crazy challenges to fight for One. Million. Big ones!

Sign Ups (13 People please and up to two)

  1. OJ - MW3 Eliminated Challenge 6 Returns 'Challenge 7
  2. Pencil - Scienceboy0 Eliminated Challenge 10
  3. Bomb-Bakura13 Eliminated Challenge 9
  4. Bubblegum - MW3 Eliminated Challenge 7
  5. Chocolate - Firey Eliminated Challenge 3 Returns Challenge 7 Eliminated Challenge 12
  6. Dice- Firey Eliminated Challenge 11
  7. Paper - Scienceboy0 Eliminated Challenge 12
  8. GameCube - TrentFan Eliminated Final Challenge Pt. 1
  9. Marker - TrentFan Eliminated Challenge 4 Returns Challenge 12
  10. Fries - Stars&Straps20 Eliminated Challenge 6
  11. Fan - Stars&Straps20 Eliminated Challenge 8
  12. Cookie - HockeyHero954 Eliminated Challenge 2
  13. Tie - HockeyHero954 Eliminated Challenge 1
  14. Firey - Firey Debuts In Challenge 5 Eliminated Challenge 14
  15. Gameboy - Ifraid Debuts In Challenge 5
  16. Bow - Sierra Debuts In Challenge 11 Eliminated Challenge 13

Elimination Table

This Object Came In Third Place
This Object Came In Second Place
This Object Came in First Place
This Object Made it to the Merge
This Object Recieved an Item at the Elimination Time
This Object Was on the Winning Team or Won the Challenge
This Object Debuted or Returned
The Lucky Rollers |Switch Team|
Team Citrus |Switch Team|
This Object Recieved The Final Item
This Object Was Sent To Idiotic Island
Team Vicious Drinks

Team Tracing Colors


1st Marker IN IN WIN OUT Returns Ep.12 LOW LOW WIN WINNER
3rd Gameboy Debuted Ep.5 WIN IN IN IN IN LOW IN IN IN LOW THIRD
5th Firey Debuted Ep.5 WIN WIN WIN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
6th Bow Debuted Ep.11 IN OUT
8th Chocolate IN WIN OUT Returns Ep.6 WIN IN IN IN OUT
13th Bubblegum IN IN WIN WIN WIN WIN OUT
15th Cookie LOW OUT
16th Tie OUT

Idiotic Island

Tie: *lands* Oof.

Cookie: *falling* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *lands* Ow!

Chocolate: *lands* AUYUH!

Marker: *lands* Hey! Ugh! I'm going to kill MePhone!

XB3C: *lands* Ouch!

Stringeley: *lands* .... OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banana: *lands* OW! That was mean! MePhone sucks!


Bubblegum: *lands* UGH! GODD*** IT! **** OJ! WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE I AM GOING TO RIP HIS HEART OUT! *heavy breathing*

Marker: Hey Bubblegum. I actually thought you would have lasted longer.

Bubblegum: YEAH I THOUGHT THAT TOO! *chokes Marker*


Bubblegum: *lets go* Grrr! *chokes Banana*


Marker: ........A Banana? What? Bubblegum! Please stop! I'm sorry you got eliminated, I was rooting for you! Hopefully that helps.

Bubblegum: *passes out at comment* (No one ever roots for BG)

Banana: *gasps for air* How- *gasp* Did- *gasp* you-not-remember-me-from-the-debut-contest

Marker: There was a debut contest, what?

Banana: Where do you think- *gasp* Firey and Gameboy came from?

Marker: Firey and Gameboy? ......I missed a lot.

Banana: Wow....

XB3C: Yeah, I almost made it in!

Marker: That's cool, XB3C.

XB3C: It is short for X-box 360 Controller, and thanks

Banana: So who are you rooting for?

Marker: Well since BG is out, I guess I'm rooting for OJ or GameCube.

Banana: Same.

XB3C: Or Firey

Marker: How long do you think until BG wakes up?

XB3C: I dont know I think you liking her, if you do, knocker her out cold. Why does she act like that anyways?

Marker: For you first sentence, I don't understand it. For your second sentence(question), I don't know.

XB3C: How do you not know?

Marker: Well, everytime I try to talk to her, so I can be friendly, it doesn't come up positively so I can't tell you anything, really.

BG: *wakes up* Ugh, what happened? (reason is: MPD)

Marker: You passed out after I said I rooted for you.

BG: Why would I do that?

Marker: I don't know.

BG: Hmm. Weird.

Marker: Yeah, I guess.

Fan: *floats down*

Marker: Hey Fan!

Bomb: *falls and explodes*

Pencil: *lands* What's this place?

BG: *falls back onto Island from previous challenge* Ow! Since when was I in a game?!

Marker: Since the first episode. Remember? You were on my team, mocked my leadership, but you were an active and good teammate.

BG: *has a blank face* No.

Marker: don't remember? You also almost choked me when you were eliminated? Does that ring any bell?

BG: What?! Why would I do that? *nervously* *nervous laugh*

Marker: I don't know. I thought you would know. Are you okay?

BG: *quickly* Yeah of course I'm okay, why wouldn't I be, your weird, stop stalking me, WEIRDO. *nervous laugh*

Marker: *confused* What? Stalking? Weirdo? I'm just trying to be a friend and lend some assistance.

BG: *quickly* Well I don't have any problems, just because I don't have any friends doesn't mean you have to make fun of me, bully! *sigh*

Marker: What? I'm not a bully and I'm not trying to make fun of you. I would never do that to anybody. Like I said before I'm just trying to be a friend and help.

Pencil: Anyway, are you going to try and get back into the competition?

Marker: I guess so.......

Dice: *falls and lands* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaah!

BG: *sighs*

Marker: *sad about BG and her harsh words* Hey XB3C *walks to him*


  • All original eliminated contestants get sent to return challenge

Firey: *lands*

Gamecube: *lands*

Bow: *lands*

GC: Well I made it further than I thought I would, that's good, I guess...................but still I thought me and OJ were friends >.>, hey BG, Dice, Cookie, Firey, Pencil, and Banana. I just said a random bunch of people.

Pre Chat

OJ: Heyo guys!

Chocolate: Hello, OJ. Man, I am thirsty......*stares at OJ devilishly*

OJ: Nope, just nope.

Bubblegum: This should be a fun time!

Paper: Hey everyone! I had a long walk. I'm so tired! *flops on the ground*

Pencil: Hi everyone! *walks over paper*

OJ: Your so nice.

Marker: Hello, guys.

OJ: Hey.

Bubblegum: Hey... ish.

Fan: Uh, Hello.

OJ: How's it going.

Iphone: Welcome, don't forget use the CONF to say your bearings.

Pencil: (CONF) Well, I guess I'm the first confessional. So. Hi!

OJ: (CONF) I hope everyone likes me... see I have this um... quirk! I just hope it doesn't ruin this for me again.

Paper: (CONF) *has pencil marks all over himself* So far, this sucks.

Challenge 1: Teams, please!

Iphone: Welcome! Your first challenge is race to the abandoned cemetery. *points* (6 lines) Go!

Pencil: *runs* Here I go!

Paper: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Fan: *Runs*

Fries: *Runs*

OJ: *runs*

Bubblegum: *runs*

Fan: *Runs* Let's do this!

Fries: *Runs*

OJ: *runs*

Bubblegum: *runs* Just try.

Fan: *Runs*

Fries: *Runs*

OJ: *runs*

Fan: *Runs*

Fries: *Runs*

GameCube: * runs*

Marker: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Marker: *runs*

GameCube: *runs*

OJ: *finishes* Woo!

Marker: *runs*

GameCube: *runs*

Bubblegum: *runs*

GameCube: *runs*

Marker: *runs*

Chocolate: *runs*

Dice: *runs*

Bubblegum: *runs*

GameCube: *runs*

Marker: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Marker: *finishes* Second!

GameCube: *runs* So close!

Chocolate: *runs*

Dice: *runs*

Fan: *Runs*

Fries: *Runs*

Chocolate: *runs*

Dice: *runs*

Fries: *Finishes* Thank goodness. I was getting tired.

Fan: *Finishes* Heh I know right?

GameCube: *finishes* Finally.

Iphone: OJ and Marker pick teams, OJ your first.

OJ: I pick Gamecube.

Marker: I choose Bubblegum.

OJ: Fan

Marker: Bomb.

OJ: Fries

Marker: Paper.

OJ: Chocolate.

Marker: Dice.

OJ: Pencil.

Marker: Cookie.

Paper: So, what now?

Chris: Elimination for everyone! And Tie is on OJ's team.

Elimination 1:

Elimination Time!

Paper: (CONF) I vote for Cookie.

Pencil: (CONF) I vote for Tie.

Fan: (CONF) Cookie.

Fries: (CONF) I vote cookie. I guess.

Chocolate: (CONF) I vote for Cookie to come into my BELLY!! NOM NOM NOM

Dice: (CONF) I guess will vote for.....Tie..sorry.

Cookie: (CONF) I vote for Tie.

Tie: (CONF) MY vote goes to Dice.

Marker: (CONF) Sorry, but I vote Tie.

GameCube: (CONF) My vote is for Tie.

Iphone: When I call your name come recieve a jar filled with chocolate. (XD?) Or otherwise know as TJFWC. But first, before anyone gets the boot. Game, OJ, pick your team colors and names please.

OJ: Uh... The Vicious Drinks I guess, and the color magenta.

Marker: Um, I think you mean me? I'd like to be the Tracing Colors? Color: Yellow?

Iphone: OK, when I call your name, come get a TJFWC. Paper, Pencil, Fan, Friens, Chocolate, Dice, Tie, Marker, OJ, Gamecube, Bubblegum, and the final marshmellow goes to.... Tie. Cookie your out. Any last words? Wait.. hold on. It's a tie!

Tiebreaker 1:

Iphone: Whoever guesses this question correctly wins! Who was the first person voted off TD College? ... Okay! Fine! Let our fans vote who goes home.

Iphone: OKAY! The votes are in, with 1 vote against them to leave is Cookite? A guess a mispelling. With 9 votes to leave.... is...


















Tie! Cookie, your safe.

Tie: WHAT?!

*platform drops below Tie and he falls being eliminated*



OJ: (CONF) Tie went home first, a member of our team, I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen again!

Challenge 2: Crappy Cliff

MePhone: Hey! Guys!

OJ: YOur name has changed...

MePhone: Due to Copywright Material. Anyhow, welcome! Your first challenge is to jump off this 70 foot water, or... elepahnt feces, the team with the most people in the water wins! Go! (First team with three people to jump into the water wins, everyone else jumps into the feces D:)

Chocolate: I WILL SURVIVE! *jumps and brings OJ with him and starts to drink OJ* MWAHAHAHAHA!

OJ: *lands in water* Hey! Watch it!

Bubblegum: *jumps into water* Woo! Made it!

Fries: *Jumps in water*

Fan: *Jumps in to water* Too easy.

Dice: *jumps in water*

MePhone: And The Vicious Drinks take home another win!

Elimination 2

Elimination Time!

MePhone: We are going to let the fans vote this time! Lets begin. With 0 votes:

Bubblegum 0% (0 Votes)

With another 0 votes:

Bomb 0% (0 votes)

Another 0 votes...:

Paper 0% (0 votes)

....0 votes:

Marker 0% (0 votes)

And one more.....:

Dice 0% (0 votes)

And for who gets 4 votes is.... Cookie!

Cookie 100% (4 votes)

  • platfrom drops from below Cookie*

Cookie: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Bubblegum: Uh, where are the TJFWC's?

MePhone: Oh, I ate them, but here, *throws cardboard cakes to everyone* Take these.


OJ: (CONF) Yes! Our team won, now if we can get that to happen again, we'll take it to the merge!

Marker: Well team, hopefully we can win next time.

Bubblegum: We're losing due to your poor leadership!

Marker: Well, I was gone for the challenge, Bubblegum, didn't you hear me, when I said that? ......I think I got it! We need a co-leader, if I'm not around!

Bubblegum: Yay, another idea, bound to get us doomed.

OJ: You guys need to relax.

GameCube: Yeah, you guys will do fine. Bubblegum, you need to have trust in your leader. I trust OJ.

OJ: Thanks! That's really nice.

GameCube: No problem, OJ

Bubblegum: Oh grow up!

OJ: Why don't you back off?

Marker: Bubblegum, please don't stop a conflict with the other team.

GameCube: Yeah, could you please calm down?

Bubblegum: Make me!

OJ: Woah.

Challenge 3: Lemony Lemons

MePhone: Okay first team to bring back as many lemons as possible wins! (2 lines per lemon) Go!

Vicious Drinks lemons: 0

Tracing Colors lemons: 0

OJ: *runs to lemon tree*

Marker: *runs to lemon tree*

GameCube: *runs to lemon tree*

OJ: *brings lemon back and puts it in bucket*

Bubblegum: *runs to lemon tree*

Vicious Drinks lemons: 1

Tracing Colors lemons: 0

Marker: *brings lemon back and puts it in bucket*

GameCube: *brings lemon back and puts it in bucket*

Bubblegum: *brings lemon back*

OJ: *runs to lemon tree*

Vicious Drinks lemons: 1
Tracing Colors lemons: 3

OJ: *brings lemon back*

Vicious Drinks lemons: 2

Tracing Colors lemons: 3

Marker: *runs to lemon tree*

GameCube: *runs to lemon tree*

Bubblegum: *runs to lemon tree*

OJ: *runs to lemon tree*

Marker: *brings back lemon*

GameCube: *brings back lemon*

OJ: *brings back lemon*

Vicious Drinks lemons: 3

Tracing Colors lemons: 5

MePhone: And, with 5 lemons, COLORS! Wins immunity, Vicious this time YOU'LL be voting.

Elimination 3

It's Time to Eliminate! And someone is going to the-Idiotic-island-were-losers-stay-because-their-losers!

OJ: New intro?

MePhone: We're testing, now vote!

OJ: (CONF) Hmmmmm... who to pick, who to pick.

MePhone: Also! Don't vote in the confessionals! We'll be showing each other who we voted!

OJ: *steps out of confessional* Okay... I got to go with Chocolate.

MePhone: One vote for Chocolate! Next voter.

GameCube: I'm sorry but I vote for Pencil, she doesn't help as much as everyone else.

MePhone: One vote for Pencil!

OJ: This is rather intresting...

Chocolate: I vote for Pencil sorry.

MePhone: Another one for Pencil!

Pencil: I vote for Chocolate. (Sorry, but I should have said that I wouldn't be there yesterday.)

MePhone: Due to budget cuts, we can't add any more colors, so we are going to let the fans vote either Chocolate or Pencil. Now we are going to show the votes.

Pencil 40% (2 votes)

And with three votes.....:

Chocolate 60% (3 votes)

Pencil: *lets out a deep sigh* Woah. That was close.

  • platform drops from below Chocolate*


Pencil: Don't worry, I will compte in the challenges now!

Bubblegum: That better be true?

Pencil: Don't worry. It will be.

Challenge 4: We're Getting Close

MePhone: This challenge is to compete in a tournament bracket. Look below to look at the match ups.

|Paper vs. OJ | Round A1 |Fan vs. Fries| Round A2 |Bubblegum vs. Bomb| Round A3 |Pencil vs. Marker| Round A4 |Gamecube vs. Dice| Round A5 |

MePhone: First one to hit the other off the edge into the water wins! ( 3 lines) OJ, Bubblegum, and Dice are moving on to next round. And it looks like.... Pencil hit Marker off.

|OJ vs. Pencil| Round B1 |Bubblegum vs. Dice| Round B2 |

MePhone: Now it is OJ vs. Dice. The next part is to let the recently lost challengers vote who wins. Place a paper slip in their box. And Dice wins this challenge, and he gets to pick the next team, yes, we are switching teams, he also wins immunity, OJ gets to pick teams, and wins immunity too. But next challenge he gets one additional vote.

Paper vs. OJ

OJ: *hits Paper near edge of platform*

OJ: *hits Paper near edge*

OJ: *knocks Paper off edge*

Fan vs. Fries

MePhone: Due to absence these two are automatically, kicked out of the challenge.

Bubblegum vs. Bomb

Bubblegum: *hits Bomb near edge*

Bubblegum: *hits Bomb near edge*

Bubblegum: *hits Bomb off edge*

Pencil vs. Marker

Pencil: *hits Marker*

Pencil: *knocks marker close to the edge*

Pencil: *kicks Marker off the edge*

Gamecube vs. Dice

Dice: *rolls and hits Gamecube near the end of the platform*

Dice: *hits Gamecube with a punch*

Dice: *hits Gamecube off the edge*

OJ vs. Pencil

OJ: *hits Pencil*

Pencil: *dodges and hits OJ*

OJ: *hits Pencil*

Pencil: *lands on the ground and kicks OJ*

OJ: *kicks Pencil off*

Bubblegum vs. Dice

Bubblegum: *hits Dice*

Dice: *hits Bubblegum*

Dice: *hits Bubblegum*

Dice: *knocks Bubblegum off*

OJ's Box

Pencil: We'er on the same team, so... *puts slip of paper in OJ's box*

Dice's Box

Paper: *puts himself into box*

OJ: I don't think that is what he meant.

Bubblegum: *places slip*

Paper: *pops out* I don't care! I love it in here! *goes back in*

Team Picking

OJ: I got to go with Gamecube. He is the only one who appreciates my presence.

Dice: Uhh... I pick Paper!

OJ: Ugh, I pick Marker.

Dice: I will pick bubblegum!

OJ: I pick Pencil.

Dice: Fan, you are on my team!

OJ: Fries.

Dice: I need someone that is a bit of a threat...maybe...Bomb! I pick Bomb!

MePhone: And that is the teams, pick your team colors and names.

OJ: Citrus? Color lime?

Dice: Our team name is the Lucky Rollers. Our team color is Tomato!

MePhone: Now that the teams have their names and colors, Team Citrus is up for elimination because Dice's team came in first!

Elimination 4


OJ: Isn't that the intro from BFD-

MePhone: Shut up! Now votes vote for Gamecube, Marker, Pencil, OJ, or Fries! The votes are in, lets reveal them!

OJ 0% (0 votes)
Pencil 0% (0 votes)
Gamecube 0% (0 votes)
Fries 10% (1 vote)
Marker 90% (4 votes)
  • Platform drops from below Marker

Marker: Aaaaaaaah!


Bubblegum: *laughs at team citrus* Hah! Your team sucks!

Dice: The Lucky Rollers are gonna take it all the way!

Bubblegum: Yeah! *high fives Dice*

OJ: *to team* Don't worry, she or he, or whatever! Just likes to boast.

Pencil: Yeah, the citrus will be victorious!

Paper: You wish!

Bubblegum: Yes. *high fives Paper*

OJ: You got to hand it to them, they have a very high confidence.

Pencil: Yeah, but that will be their downfall.

Challenge 5: A New Stage In The Game!

MePhone: Welcome, as you may know we held a contest for one person to make a debut here at II.

OJ: Is that a pirate reference?

MePhone: No, now shut up already, anyhow we have 5 people fighting for a spot in the game,

Gameboy: Now your playing with power, portable power!

Banana: Sundaes rock!

Firey: BFDI kicked me out because I scream to much.

Stringeley: Anyone need a tight hand?

XB3C: I play games, because I am the game!

MePhone: Two of these will compete to the finals, one will join. (Randomed the two joiners.) The first challenge is to shoot each other with paintball guns, the last two standing join!

Gameboy: I have loads of experience with games, like Zelda, Mario, Castl-

Firey: Quiet! I'm concentrating on not burning my gun.

Banana: Ya' know you could be a little nicer.

Firey: Oh yeah?! *shoots Banana*

Banana: Hey! Watc- *explodes onto Idiotic Island*

MePhone: Also, the paint is explosive!

XB3C: I'll shoot you, how do you like that?! *shoots and misses Firey*

Firey: Nice try!

Stringeley: *shoots XB3C*

Firey: Hey! You took my shot! Grrrrr! *shoots Stringeley*

XB3C: *explodes onto Idiotic Island* Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Stringeley: *explodes onto idiotic Island* Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

MePhone: Congratulations Firey, and Gameboy, you have joined the game!

Firey: Yes! I knew I would win!

Gameboy: Easy Peesy

MePhone: The winning team gets BOTH Gameboy AND Firey. Your task is to have your team carry a baton through these three obstacles. (below, water jumps 3 lines, ladder climb 4 lines, tight rope over saw blade 5 lines) You will be paired in teams, for Team Citrus it's...

Team Citrus
OJ Gamecube Pencil

MePhone: And for The Lucky Rollers it's...

The Lucky Rollers
Paper Dice Bubblegum

Go! (Order: 1: Paper, OJ 2: Gamecube, Dice 3: Pencil, Bubblegum| '1 minute lag time If your opponent does not respond in one minute post once more')

OJ: *jumps onto water pallet*

Paper: *jumps onto water pallet*

OJ: *jumps onto water pallet*

Paper: *jumps onto water pallet*

OJ: *jumps onto land and hands Gamecube baton* Here!

Paper: *jumps onto land and hands Dice baton* *pants* Take- *pants* it! *falls down*

Bubblegum: Hurry up Dice!

Dice: *starts climbing up ladder*

Bubblegum: Come on Dice!

MePhone: I forgot to mention to jump into the 1,000 pounds of guacomole!

Dice: *continues to climb*

Dice: *climbs*

Dice: *finishes the climb*

Bubblegum: *takes baton*

Bubblegum: *walks across tightrope*


Bubblegum: *walks across tightrope*

Bubblegum: *walks across tightrope*

Bubblegum: *finishes* Yes!

MePhone: And The Lucky Rollers get Firey and Gameboy! But this time, there is no elimination, but next challenge, TWO people are going home!


OJ: *sigh*

Pencil: It was all Gamecube's fault. I was ready, and he didn't even do anything!

Bubblegum: *Walks over to OJ* Haha! Your team sucks! *kicks OJ*

OJ: Ow!

Bubblegum: What are you going to do about it?! Loser!!

Pencil: *stabs Bubblegum with his head*

Bubblegum: Ow! *throws knife at Pencil* Grr!

Challenge 6: Lofty

MePhone: Today's challenge is to throw nails at one another. (one line) Go!

OJ: *throws nail at Paper*

Bubblegum: *throws nail at Pencil*

Dice: *throws nail at Fries*

OJ: *throws nails at Bomb*

Bubblegum: *throws nails at Gamecube*

Dice: *throws nail at OJ*

MePhone: And The Lucky Rollers win! Again.... So voters, vote either Fries, Pencil, Gamecube, or OJ, remember TWO people are going home!

Elimination 5

OMG! THERE'S NEW TEAMS! WHO'LL GO HOME WE'LL JUST SEE.... AT CAKE AT STAKE MePhone: Okay, lets reveal the votes!

Pencil 0% (0 votes)
Gamecube 0% (0 votes)
Fries 10% (1 vote)
OJ 90% (2 votes)

MePhone: FRIES AND OJ ARE OUT! Buuut! Beware! Two of the eliminated contestants can return!

  • Platform drops from below OJ and Fries

OJ: Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Fries: Woaaaaaaaaaaah!


Bubblegum: *Sigh* OJ is gone now I have no one to bully!

Challenge 7: The Returner

MePhone: As you may know, we held a return contest! Lets reveal the votes!

Tie 0% (0 votes)
Marker 0% (0 votes)
Fries 0% (0 votes)
Cookie 25% (1 vote)
OJ 25% (1 vote)
Chocolate 50% (2 votes)

MePhone: OK! Since Chocolate is joining, either pick OJ or Cookie to join with you! Who is it?

Chocolate: I choose OJ.

OJ: Cool!

MePhone: Now in celebration of... THE MERGE! Your first challegne is to be raised up onto these stone platforms and knock each other off! (3 lines)

High Low Out

MePhone: Go!

Dice Paper Gameboy OJ Gamecube Chocolate Bubblegum Bomb Pencil Firey Fan

Pencil: *tries to knock Bubblegum off*

Dice: *hits Bubblegum* Pencil let's get to the finals of this game! Alliance?

Chocolate: *hits Bubblegum off*

Pencil: Of course! *hits Gameboy*

Paper: *hits OJ*

Gameboy: *doges Pencil and kicks*

  • Commercial break

Bow: Hey, you should like, buy a chair. It'll make anyone who purchases it really cool. You can sit in it, or stand near it, or even dance near it too. We have like, a limited stock, so like, buy one.

-Commercial over-

Paper: *hits Chocolate*

Pencil: *hits OJ*

OJ: *hits Pencil*

Paper: *hits OJ off*

Pencil: Thanks. *knocks Chocolate*

Dice: *knocks OJ off*

Chocolate: *hits Paper*

Firey: *knocks Paper off*

Pencil: *hits Firey*

Gameboy: *knocks Pencil of*


MePhone: What the- your not a contestant!

Dice: *hits Gameboy*

Firey: *knocks off Gameboy*

MePhone: Okay, once the final three are left they win immunity!

Dice: *hits Bomb*

Firey: *hits Bomb*

Chocolate: *knocks Bomb off*

Gamecube: *hits Gameboy* I'm sorry.

Gameboy: I'm not in

Gamecube: Oh sorry, I confused you for Dice. Sorry Gameboy.

OJ: C'mon Gamecube! Knock them off!

Gamecube: Okay OJ. *Pushes off Chocolate*

OJ: One more Gamecube!

Firey: *hits Gamecube*

Dice: *hits Gamecube*

Gamecube: Ow! Guys I won't hit you, if you don't hit me, how about we get out Fan....for the challenge I mean *hits Fan*

Bubblegum: Grrrr! Hurry up! *throws Knife at Fan and she falls*

MePhone: Okay.... Gamecube, Firey, and Dice have immunity!

Elimination 6

The teams are gone we are free of them now but we look on! To the moment that we see! The last slice of cake, a step closer to the prize brought on by cake at stake! MePhone: Now we wait for the votes......

Bomb 0% (0 votes)
Paper 0% (0 votes)
Dice 0% (0 votes)
Fan 0% (0 votes)
Gamecube 0% (0 votes)
Pencil 40% (2 votes)
Bubblegum 60% (3 votes)
  • Platform drops from below Bubblegum

Bubblegum: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Gameboy: phew at least I wasn't eliminated

Pencil: Same with me.

Gameboy: and now it's the final 10

Challenge 8: Sugar Rush

MePhone: Okay, for today's challenge, each one of you are going to run around and collect candy! The person who collects the most candy is safe. AND they get to pick someone else to be immune along with them! Now go! (One minute lag time, two lines)

Dice: *runs to get candy*

Chocolate: *runs*

Firey: *runs fast*

OJ: *runs to candy*

Firey: *grabs a piece of candy and runs back*

Chocolate: *grabs a piece and runs back*

Dice: *grabs one piece of candy and rolls back*

OJ: *grabs piece of candy and puts it in bag*

OJ: 1 Dice: 1 Chocolate: 1 Firey: 1

OJ: *runs to piece of candy*

OJ: *puts candy in bag*

OJ: 2

MePhone: Okay time is up! OJ wins! and Dice Chocolate and Firey tie, since they didnt actually lose, they ALSO get immunity, so OJ who do you pick to be with you in immunity?

OJ: Uh.... Gamecube, I guess.

Elimination 7

The teams are gone we are free of them now but we look on... to the moment that we see! That last slice of cake, a step closer to the prize brought on by cake at stake!

MePhone: If your safe I'll give you these cardboard cut-outs of cookies!

Paper 0% (0 votes)
Pencil 0% (0 votes)
Gameboy 0% (0 votes)
Bomb 40% (1 vote)
Fan 60% (2 votes)

MePhone: And Fan is out! *throws cookies at everyone else*

  • Platform drops from below Fan

Fan: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Gameboy: and now the final 9

Paper: (CONF) I can't believe I made it this far!


Gameboy: Wow I can't believe that I was able to make it into the game and final 9

OJ: Well, you did join kinda' late.

Challenge 9: Insta' Out

MePhone: WELCOME TO TODAY'S CHALLENGE! For this challenge players must vote who they hate the most and who they like, the person with the most likes get a prize, the person with the most hates loses and is insantly el-i-mi-na-ted. Okay, since no matter what anyone else says, OJ gets a prize, AND Bomb is out! *fist thingy hits Bomb*

Bomb: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Firey: I don't like Bomb for apparent reasons and I like OJ the best. He is cool.


OJ: I think Bomb is the dumbest, he barely talks and doesn't do much. I think Gamecube is the best, he is the only one who appreciates my prescence.


Chocolate: Um... I don't like Bomb because he is like a safety hazard and what not...and I think Paper is the coolest.


Dice: YAY! I don't like Bomb. But I do like OJ! He is pretty cool.


Gameboy: I don't like bomb but I do like OJ





OJ's Prize

MePhone: Congrats OJ, you won the prize, pick either door 1,2, or 3 to see what you reward is!

OJ: Uh... number three.

MePhone: You get......

File:Key to BFDI dream island.jpg
A key to Dream Island!

OJ: Woah! Cool!

Challenge 10: Didn't See That Coming

MePhone: Welcome to today's challenge... thing, anyhow, today's thing is YOU guys are going to vote a player BACK into the game, the person who gets in picks who goes home next too! Put a piece of paper with your name on it into the box, whoever has the most slips of paper rejoins. And Marker joins... PHYCE . No one is joining that was just the first part of the challenge, that part was actually just to determine who goes home! So Marker who do you pick?

Marker: .........Well, nevermind about getting excited, but thanks for voting me, guys. Anyways, I vote..........Pencil, walking all over Paper in the first episode wasn't nice.

MePhone: *activates fist thingy and punches Pencil to Idiotic Island* Pencil: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!




GameCube: *puts slip in* You were a nice guy! I think you deserve another chance.

Chocolate: *puts slip in*

Firey: *puts slip in*

Dice: *puts slip in* Hopefully if Marker comes in we could be allies.

Gameboy: *puts slip in*



OJ: *puts slip in* Although she bullies me everyone else really didn't do much.


Challenge 11: That Is SO HILAR

MePhone: Todays challenge is to submit the most hilarious video you can find ANYWHERE, as a cameo, our special guest, Bubblegum is our judge.

Bubblegum: Where am I?

OJ: Ah! *hides behind Paper*

Paper: I have this!
File:Doctor Who Series 3 *Hilarious Deleted Scene*

Bubblegum: That was funny but not "ha ha" funny. 7/10.

GameCube: Hey BG, how funny is this?

Bubblegum: Well first, if this was a contest on music, I would give it a 15/10, but sadly it isn't, I only give it a 6/10.

File:3000 Subbies
Bow: Chairs are like, COOLNESS.

MePhone: What-

Adam: *calls MePhone*

MePhone: Yes?

Adam: Dude! Let her join she's hilarious!

MePhone: But she is SO annyoing!

Adam: I know, but she boosts ratings!

MePhone: Fine. *hangs up* Bow, your in the game. And since no one else is competing GC and Paper have immunity.

Paper: Yes!

Elimination 8

The teams are gone, we are free of them now, but we look on, to the moment that we see! The last slice of cake, a step closer to the prize, brought on by Cake at Stake

MePhone: Okay! The votes are in, lets reveal them!

OJ 0% (0 votes)
Chocolate 0%

(0 votes)

Firey 0%

(0 votes)

Gameboy 50%

(1 vote)

Dice 50%

(1 vote)

MePhone: It appears to be a tie! So lets have a tie breaker!

Tiebraker 2

What is 1+78-6781+67817287?

Gameboy: 67,810,585

MePhone: Wow! And Gameboy is safe, Dice is O-U-T!

  • Fist thingy hits Dice to Idiotic Island

Challenge 12: Coming Back.

MePhone: Welcome to today's challenge, today, one of our eliminated contestants are going to return, they are going to return by collecting the most apples and putting them in your bucket. (each line you take to get there is 1 extra apple, you can go up to 15 lines, the person with the most wins) GO!

BG: *runs to big basket and back and puts it in basket* (1)

Marker: *runs to big basket and back, putting it in basket* Hmm, how to pass BG..........(1)

Gameboy: *watching* I hope BG doesn't win

Marker: Nor do I. *Runs to big basket again and back, putting it in basket* (2)

BG: What?! I-I-I *sighs* *sits down*

Marker: This should be easy. *Runs to big basket and back, puts it in basket* (3)

BG: Ya' know what? I quit, It isn't worth making an enemy... *walks away*

Marker: Well, that would be too late. Wouldn't it? *Runs to big basket and back, puts in basket* (4)

Pencil: I'm in it to win it! *puts apple in basket* (1)

OJ: Wow, Marker, even I know that is cold!

Pencil: *brings apple back* (2)

OJ: *shakes head*

MePhone: For once, I agree with someone.

Pencil: *brings another apple back* (4)

Marker: Well, sorry OJ, I've tried being nice, she didn't care, now I don't care. *brings apple back* (5)

OJ: Well, you do know she has a few "quirks" and no friends, so she doesn't know what it is like.

Pencil: *brings yet another apple back* (5)

Marker: What do you mean by "quirks" *brings another apple back* (6)

Pencil: *brings sixth apple back* (6)

OJ: You know personality dis- acts! Yes! Acts...

Marker: Well, her acts, are still no reason. *brings another apple back* (7)

OJ: Okay! Fine! She has a multiple personality disorder! *gasps and covers mouth*

Pencil: *brings apple back* (7)

Marker: Woah, MPD, I didn't know that. *brings apple back* (8)

Pencil: *brings apple to basket* (8)

OJ: Just a slip of the tounge!

Pencil: *brings apple back* (9)

Marker: Okay, but now I need to get back to the race. I just lost my lead. *brings apple back* (9)

Pencil: *brings apple back* (10)

Marker: *brings apple back* (10)

BG: *sighs and cries*

Marker: *brings apple back* (11)

OJ: This is a close one

Marker: *brings apple back* (12)

BG: *cries alot*

Marker: *brings apple back, feeling a little bad* (13)

Pencil: *brings apple back* (11)

Marker: *brings apple back* (14)

MePhone: ... 10 seconds left! (2 lines)

Pencil: *brings apple back* (12)

Marker: *brings apple back* (15)

Pencil: *brings apple back* (13)

  • Buzzer goes off

Marker: Woah, that buzzer is loud.

MePhone: AND MARKER RETURNS.... unfortunately.

Marker: Hey >.> *walks to BG* Hey, I'm sorry about being mean earlier, I was just hurt by what you did.

BG: Whatever, stop lying. *walks away and gets punched by the fist thingy* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • Fist thingy punches everyone else back

Marker: You see.......pushed away. I'm trying to be nice, but her hurting comments, are restricting me from doing so.

OJ: I don't blame her for pushing you away.


Marker: Um............sorry but I choose to eliminate Chocolate and Paper. Really sorry....but Paper you don't do as much as everyone else, and Chocolate, trying to drink OJ in one of the first episodes.............not nice.

  • Paper and Chocolate get punched to Idiotic Island


  • Everyone stares at Marker angrily

Marker: What? Did I do something?

OJ: Your, going home!

Marker: What did I do?

OJ: Although I have NO affection for Bubblegum, your freaking mean! You didn't even care for her! If she died you would actually be happy!

Marker: I apologized and I do care! I just get really competitive when depressed.

OJ: You were probably depressed 'cause your so mean!

Marker: No offense, OJ, but that doesn't make sense. Also, I'm not the only one who "didn't care" about someone. What about you and Bomb?

OJ: Bomb, well, you know how Bomb is.

Marker: Well, true, Bomb doesn't do much, but still you don't have to say harsh things about it, which I've heard you say before.

OJ: At least it isn't continous!

GameCube: Guys, stop arguing! You both have been mean to BG and Bomb. You'll just make yourselves worse and BOTH get voted off!

OJ: Okay, GC, I know your my friend in all but I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GC: I'm just trying to stop the argument!

Marker: OJ, please stop. If you do this, your rep will be even worse around some people. Look, how about we just shake hands or compromise?

OJ: Yeah, right! I'll stop but not with Marker here!

Challenge 13: YOUR MEAN

MePhone: Today's challenge is to say hurtful comments to BG!

Bubblegum: *is raised on a platform with attempted slit marks on wrist* *sniffs*

OJ: Wait...

Marker: No. I refuse to.

MePhone: If you resign... your automatically out!

GC: Well, if we have to. Um..........BG, you're a real jerk. Sorry.

GB: I agree with GC, BG is a BIG real jerk. Sorry BG but I have to.

OJ: As much as it pains me.... Bubblegum is a fat b*tch who deserves to die in a f*cking hole, and she has no friends.

Marker: don't accept apologies well?

MePhone: Well, Marker, are you going to insult?

Marker: That was the insult.

MePhone: Seriously? Alright Bubblegum which person do you thin-

Bubblegum: *dead from slitting wrist*

MePhone: Okay......

Marker: She..........died.................what! That's messed up, MePhone it's partly your cause and since we're in your responsibility, you may get a lawsuit.

  • Turns out it was a fake Bubblegum

Bubblegum: *appears crying* The first thing you think of when I die is lawsuit?! Your really are mean!

Marker: No I wasn't. If you heard clearly, BG, I was saying that so MePhone would feel bad about MAKING us say insults to you. So he would try to revive you with a recovery center.

Bubblegum: Whatever! I vote GB's was the nicest! Don't care!

MePhone: Okay, GB has immunity, vote Bow, OJ, Marker, or Gamecube to go home!

Elimination 9

MePhone: The votes are in, lets reveal them...

Firey 0% (0 votes)
OJ 0% (0 votes)
Marker 0% (0 votes)
Gameboy 0% (0 votes
Bow 100% (2 votes)

MePhone: And... with two votes... BOW. IS. OUT!

  • Fist Thingy punches bow to Idiotic Island

Challenge 14: The Tile Divide

MePhone: Welcome! Todays challenge is to hop across this high raised platform, there are 5 rows of 5 each row has one faulty tile. (EX: Tile A1, Tile B1, Tile C1, etc.) The first person to get across wins! GO!

GC: *Jumps on Tile A4*

Marker: *Jumps on Tile A2*

  • GC Falls

OJ: *jumps on tile A1*

Marker: Hmm........*jumps on tile B3* For some reason 3 reminds me of cookies.

OJ: *jumps on tile B2*

Marker: *jumps on tile C4*

  • Firey, and Gameboy automatically fall due to absence

OJ: *jumps on tile C1*

Marker: Hey OJ, nice job so far! *Jumps on tile E3* (E3, get it? XD)

  • Marker falls

OJ: Wait do I win?

MePhone: Yes, you do, so, Marker, Gameboy, Firey, and Gamecube are up for elimination

Marker: Good job!

GC: Yeah!

Elimination 10

Gameboy 10% (2 votes)
Gamecube 25% (3 votes)
Marker 25% (3 votes)

35% (4 votes)

MePhone: Firey is eliminated!

  • Fist Thingy punches Firey to Idiotic Island

Gameboy: almost to the end of II

Challenge 15: The Great Battle of Lake Inanimate

MePhone: Welcome, Final Four! This challenge, you four will compete in teams of two, and the teams are.....



The objective is to race to the other side of this island, but first, each box is marked A,B,C and so forth. only 12 of thos boxes hold a key, get the key then run to the door, open it, press the button and you win! GO! (1 line to search each box, 2 lines to run to door)

Marker: So, hey OJ. So we're supposed to grab a box or what?

OJ: Just search the boxes, see if you can find that key! *searches box A*

Marker: Okay, come let's work together and win this challenge, with teamwork. *Searches box C*

GC: *Searches box C*

OJ: *searches box Y*

Marker: *Searches box M*

GC: *Searches box T*

  • Both GC and Marker find key

OJ: Nice! Lets run! *runs to door*

Marker: *Running to door* Hey OJ, truce for what happened before? Even though, nothing's happened after that. I just want to make official peace.

GC: *Runs to door*

OJ: Sure! *arrives* Yes!

Marker: *arrives* Cool, thanks! Right behind.

GC: *Arrives* Come on Gameboy, you can do it!

MePhone: Since OJ's team finished first, they win!

Marker: Yes! Nice job OJ!

MePhone: Okay, since there is four of you, either pick GC or GB to IMMEDIATELY go home.

OJ: I pick Gamecube!

  • Fist thingy punches Gamecube to Idiotic Island

Fianl Three Special

Firey & Cookie: Who ya' gonna' root for? Who's it gonna' be? Will it be OJ, Gameboy, or Marker!

There's Marker, he's an Ice King, but he's been playing hard! And too bad everybody hates him, he'd have. To hire. A body guard! Who ya' gonna' root for? Who's it gonna' be?

Gamecube: *interrupts* Rick-a-dicky-die, give it up for mah' man OJ, OJ

Bubblegum: *interrupts* Marker is a heart, crusher!

Gamecube: Ricky-woah

Bubblegum: And he's a dead man!

Firey: Cut, cut! Stop the music!

  • OJ. Marker, and Gameboy are in the stands

OJ: Uh...

Marker: I feel so unloved >.>

Bubblgum: I feel hated.

Pencil: I'm rooting for you Marker!

Paper: You can do it Gamecube!

Marker: I feel you BG. Thanks Pencil!

Bubblegum: Of course you feel me! HEART BREAKER

OJ: What? No one likes me?

Marker: I'm sorry for what I did BG, what I did was cold. Please accept my apology, if you could, if not, I understand.

Pencil: I knew you would be. Give a big hand for Marker! (CONF) Hey, he has to share the money with SOMEOME right?

Paper: *at OJ* Yeah, no one likes you. You came back about 3 times and got us all eliminated.

OJ: ONCE! Lern hao tu cauont.

Bubblegum: I feel like I have nothing to live for... except a friend, I accept your appology.

Paper: Well, you still got us all eliminated. (CONF) He may have only had one OFFICAL elimination, but I know Mephone is his favorite. He probably lost a few eliminatiions and we don't even know.

OJ: At least I didn't try to drink out of someone else!

Paper: What? I never did that!

OJ: You did at some point, as far as I know.

Gameboy: wow the final 3! This is almost to a end

GC: That was Chocolate *to OJ*

Marker: *to BG* Thanks BG, I'm still really sorry about being mean.

Bubblegum: Y-yeah, I'm sorry I'm a jerk.

Pencil: No, your not. *hugs bubblegum*

Marker: Yeah, you're really nice.

Bubblegum: Thanks. *hugs back*

MePhone: OK. Now what do you guys think about next season? Inanimate vs. Battle for Dream Island, Tag Team Racing?

GC: What's Tag Team Racing?

MePhone: One to two teams of two fighting for one million dollars with the losers up for elimination and one person goes home. Now lets ask questions from our final three: Who do you like the most?

Final Challenge Pt. 1

MePhone: Welcome to the final challenge, each one our ousted characters are going to vote someone off RIGHT NOW please place you paper in the box if you vote for that person to leave! Okay! Since Marker got NO votes at all and OJ and Gameboy tied, who do you pick to go home Marker.

Marker: Even though OJ will probably beat me, he's my friend and deserves to stay in. Sorry Gameboy, but I guess I'll choose you to go home.

  • Fist Thingy Punches Gameboy to Idiotic Island but goes back around the world and lands right next to MePhone

OJ's Box

Pencil: I have to agree with Paper ont his one, you did stay in way longer than I excpected, but hey, you have a good personality. Maybe you will have your own show one day. *puts peice in slip*

Paper: *hiding in box* Yeah. *slips back in* I can't believe I left this place last time!

Marker's Box

Gameboy's Box

Bubblegum: *places slip*

GC: Even though OJ voted me off, we're still friends. You didn't help me in the challenge and got me eliminated. Sorry. *places slip*

Final Challenge Pt. 2

MePhone: This finale is required for you to rely on your friends, this challenge each person has one clone. One is real, one is fake, you have to be asked questions and both answer differently, after you answer the person who asked the question will guess who is real, if right, you get a point, if wrong you get nothing. Now Marker is up first

Bubblegum: Which episode was it when I realized that law was more improtant than objects? *glares at Marker*

Marker 1: The episode YOUR MEAN.

Marker 2: The episode The Tile Divide.

Bubblegum: Marker No. 1?

Marker 1: Correct. Wait, didn't I already tell you the reason I said that?

Bubblegum: Maybe

MePhone: Now OJ.

Gamecube: When OJ and Marker were rivals/enemies, who were the two people used an example of people they were mean to?

OJ 1: Bubblegum and Bomb

OJ 2: Bubblegum and Chocolate

Gamecube: OJ 1?

OJ: Mhm

MePhone: Well since it is tied.... lets let a special cameo Pickle decide the winner!

Pickle: Wow um... geez... tough one, how about a speech?

OJ: Well, I'm not the prudest of being mean to Bubblegum, but I deserve to stay because I think I treated everyone else pretty fairly. I like everyone here actually. And Marker MAY be mean, but he can be nice. I also need the money because I'm poor and I need friends.

Marker: Well, I may have been mean to BG, but I truly am sorry. I think everyone's great here. BG, GC, OJ. Wow, a lot of initials. But everyone is great and I'm sorry if I may have been mean to everyone. I know OJ thinks he doesn't have friends, but actually most people - besides Pencil and Paper - like him and want to be his friend. However with me, I seriously don't think many people want to be my friend. OJ deserves winning too and if he wins, I'll be happy for him. I think I'll use the money to help my friends and donate my part to charity. But yeah, thanks for listening Pickle.

Pickle: Well Marker obviously wins.

Marker: I won? Wow, I never thought that would happen.

Bubblegum: Congrats Marker! *smiles*

Pencil: Yeah! What are you going to spend the money on?

Gameboy: prob he might give half to us or buy something that is expensive and rare but next time, I'll be back as "Gameboy Color"

Marker: Well, I feel like I owe to all of you. Especially you BG, for being mean to you. So I'll give half of.........whatever I won to you guys! *Hands money out, when handing money to BG currently* So yeah, sorry about all that happened before.

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