Chris: Welcome all to Holden's TDI Revised, Chris here and since Holden our producer has finally given us the green light to start this show so let the show begin. 22 victims I mean camper will be spending 8 weeks on this crummy island. The will be competing for $100,000 which will hopefully go to pay their college but lets face it they will probably blow it in a week. Challenges will make some of them go to elimination where one by one these teens will be voted off. The last one standing will be able to grab the prize money for themselves. With twists and turn around every corner no pone is going to see any thing coming. Here we are ready to start Holden's TDI Revised..

Sign ups (Closed)


  1. Justin
  2. Bridgette
  3. Wes
  4. Mike
  5. Zoey
  6. Ry


  1. Duncan
  2. Lindsay
  3. Harold
  4. Tyler
  5. Sadie
  6. Apollo

Boney Island

  1. Firey
  2. Nemo
  3. Kenta
  4. Terra
  5. Cameron
  6. Paul
  7. Katie
  8. Blainley
  9. Daisuke


22nd: Ezekiel

Elimination Table

Please let me know if i got you gender wrong on my talk page

Place Name Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6
1st Apollo Gophers WIN WIN IN IN WIN WINNER
2nd Mike Bass LOW IN WIN WIN WIN 1st Runner UP
3rd Wes Bass IN IN WIN WIN WIN 2nd Runner UP
4th Justin Bass IN IN WIN WIN OUT
4th Bridgette Bass IN IN WIN WIN OUT
4th Zoey Bass IN IN WIN WIN OUT
4th Duncan Gophers WIN WIN IN IN OUT
4th Lindsay Gophers WIN WIN IN IN OUT
4th Harold Gophers WIN WIN IN LOW OUT
4th Tyler Gophers WIN WIN LOW IN OUT
4th Sadie Gophers WIN WIN IN IN OUT
13th Daisuke Gophers WIN WIN IN OUT
13th Katie Gophers WIN WIN IN OUT
13th Blainley Gophers WIN WIN IN OUT
13th Paul Gophers WIN WIN IN OUT
13th Terra Bass IN IN WIN OUT
13th Cameron Bass IN LOW WIN OUT
13th Kenta Bass IN IN WIN OUT
20th Nemo Gophers WIN WIN OUT
21st Ezekiel Bass IN OUT
22nd Firey Bass OUT

Pre Chat

Chris: Well it looks like the boats have arrived so let us meet our campers.

Nemo: Hey! Christ! Right back at ya! :)

Firey: *pffft*

Harold: Where's Cody...

Chris: Welcom Nemo, Firey and Harold. There are other people in the boat to but compared to the eye candy known as justin, none of the rest matter

Paul: Hello original tdi contestants, and some noobs.

Duncan: Well i know who i am going to pick on this season *puts Harold and Paul into headlocks*

Chris: Well this is Duncan and Paul. Paul do your best to keep yourself from being killed by duncan.

Paul: I don't think I'll be killed.

Kenta: Konichiwa, I am Kenta.

Chris: Well Kenta and Lindsay and Bridgette are here too

Bridgette: *arrives with surfboard* Hey, I guess...

Lindsay: *arrives* Well, hi there everyone!

Kenta: *reads manga*

Chris: I also see Tyler, Mike and zoey in the boat and Wes too. This should be a fun season. You four tell me a little bit about yourself. For all contestants. the confessional is over there so that you can talk about how much you hate the others.

Mike: Uh, sure! Hi, I'm Mike! And um...uh...what about you, Zoey? (CONF) You see, ever since I lost my personalities- I'm not sure who I am any more...

Zoey: *giggles and blushes* I am... Zoey. (CONF) I'm just saying, I'm going to focus on my game. But it would be nice if I have friends... (END CONF)

Tyler: I'm Tyler, psyched to be here! *begins to get off the boat, but trips and falls in the water* Aw...

Paul: Be more careful, Tyler.

Terra: >:( Wtf are you doing Tyler? *chuckles* Drown.

Blaineley: *puts lipstick on* How do I look?

Paul: Seriously, nothing more pathetic than a media hog.

Lindsay: *looks to Tyler* Can I help you, T-.. wait... what was your name again?

Tyler: Tyler.

Wes: ... (CONF) Everyone so far, seems annoying and stupid...maybe I could use this to my advantage?

Lindsay: Oh, ting-ting! Your named Tyler, yeah! Well, shall I help you? I have to look out for my nails, they are done yesterday by my sister Paula.

Tyler: Please do...

Sadie: KATIE!!!

Lindsay: *tries to grab's Tyler hand but falls in the water too* Ewww! My clothes...

Wes: *sighs* (CONF) This could get you some leverage, Wes... (Non-CONF) Here, let me help you two...*extends hand*

Kenta: I'm done reading my manga. Anyone want to read it?

Tyler: *grabs Wes's hand is brought back on the plane* Thanks, man!

Wes: No problem...

Lindsay: *is helped too by Wes* Thankyouu.

Wes: *in a falsely joyous tone* Don't mention it...just your friendly neighborhood Wes helping out...

Lindsay: Ehh... okay? But who is Wes?

Wes: *forcing a smile* I'm Wes. Nice to meet you.

Kenta:(Conf) I don't trust Wes.

Daisuke: Oh no, you aren't doing this without me, Kenta.

Lindsay: Hi there, I'm Lindsay! But who was the person you were speaking about?

Daisuke: My twin brother, Kenta.

Lindsay: Ow oops, I was talking to Wet! I mean Wer! No, I mean Wes, sorry. But nice to meet you either *smiles*

Chris: Well as soon as the last three people decide to come out of the boat we can start torturing you all

Daisuke: No torturing necessary, in fact, I believe that I will be unharmed 

Mike: Yeah- why not just have was worth a shot, right? *shrugs* (CONF) You see, before this competition, I had Dissociative identity disorder...and it's horrible. People are expecting something cool- when it really isn''s made my life suck- I even went to juvy because of it! I think my time there got rid of some of my personalities, but I'm not so sure...maybe they just didn't want to hang around juvy or something? All I know is I'm glad to be out of juvy, but now I'm in the real world again, and people might call me a freak or's not my fault I have it- I just do! I'm not a freak...

Chris: Well we will see what happens. It should be fun either way

Tyler: Sweet!

Apollo: Sorry, I am late I think I got to into my exercise routine.

Ry: I will make a song for all of you <3.

Tyler: Make something to pump us up!

Chris: Well Zeke Ry and Apollo are finally here so we can now begin.

Day 1: Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

Chris: Welcome to the 22 of you. First Welcome back to camp Wawanakwa for our returnees. It took a while to get it from the bottom of the sea but it was well worth it. First your teams are posted on the board inside the mess hall. Second we have a few twists this season. #1. Around camp there is a hidden immunity idol, this idol can be used after you get voted off and then the person with the seocnd most votes will go home instead. Everyone on the winning team will get a clue to the location of the idol and the first one to pm me the correct answer will find the idol. #2 Being voted off does not mean the end. I have made a few changes to boney island and turned it into Redemption Island. People who get voted off will compete here for a chance to come back into the game. Finally we will only be doing TDI Challenges this season so talk amoungst yourselves while i set up the challenge'

Challenge 1

Chris: Okay campers. You can see the two new cabins that you all get to stay at here in the main part of the ground. Somewhere on the island I have hidden the key that opens the cabins. your job is too find the key. The team that searches the island and finds the key first will be safe from elimination. This will be done by having your team be the first one with all 11 people actively searching or the team that has the most edits after 12 hours. No double posting and the challenge will end sometime tomorrow . Winning team will receive idol clues and losing team will send someone to redemption island. So on your marks get set.......GO.

Gopher's Search

Tyler: Alright! So, I say we split into groups?

Duncan: I hate searching for stuff though

Tyler: Not like we have much of a choice though...well, let's do it!

Apollo: I think we can be strong.

Paul: *Searches near dock*

Tyler: So, uh, what groups then?

Apollo: Tyler you can come with me since I am sure your good at searching lets go to the food court. *runs to cabin* *Searches in food court*

Tyler: Sure thing, bro! *follows Ry and helps him look around*

Apollo: So Tyler, I was thinking we should be in a alliance we are both pretty strong.. what do you say?

Tyler: Sure, man!

Apollo: *searches in Food Court*

Nemo: *searches in near dock*

Harold: *searches in Food Court*

Duncan: *searches though everybody's belongings* Well no key here but I'll take all this money and electronics that i have found *steals*

Sadie: *searches for Katie*

Apollo: *comes in Cabin* Where is my phone and my 500 bucks! *sees Duncan* hand it over. We can make this easy or difficult. *searches*

Katie: *searches for Sadie* Where are you? D:

Blaineley: You're stuck with me, Katie.

Lindsay: With who do I have to search?

Daisuke: *searches the water*

Bass's Search

Mike: So, um, should we go alone or split into groups or something...? (CONF) I'd prefer to go alone, you know, just in case the secret slips, but I'll go with whatever the team wants, I guess...

Justin: someone carry me. I am too beautiful to touch the ground.

Apollo: Pretty boy, it is not all about beauty sometimes you have to fight for victory.

Mike: I'll, uh...just look alone then... *looks around*

Wes: Alright, then? (CONF) I wonder what his problem is...I guess I'll just have to find out. *smiles deviously*

Apollo: Hey Wes, how are you? I want to meet everyone I am... so called nice at times I think we are the strongest and smartest players maybe we can mess around with these campers to win.

Wes: Why, thank you for the compliment... *whispers* and while I do agree, I think we should try and build up our reputation a bit. You know? So they trust us?

Mike: *continues searching* Not here...not here...not...*sighs* I'm useless- I'm never going to find anything!

Apollo: *whispers* I just wanted to talk to you about this I got to go to my team also you know Ry he might join to he is the nicest guy ever nothing can break his mood. *Apollo sees Ry messing around running by the cabins. *Apollo walks back to Bass*

Ry: Hey Wes, you were talking to Apollo about alliances I think can I be in?

Wes: *in a falsely happy voice* Sure, why not, friend? *extends hand to shake*

Ry: Yas but for real I have a sense that you are going to backstab me so you can get me off so you can move closer to the finals to win the money since you are another evil player on this show that backstabs. What are the chances of that? (CONF) I am a nice guy but I can tell when this is happening 2 can play that game :D. (CONF END)

Firey: *searches in near dock*

Justin: Wes I will help you get the the final two. My looks will get us to the end.

Wes: *to Ry* Okay, then? (CONF) He obviously doesn't trust me...we'll see how that ends up for him. (Non-CONF) *walks over to Justin; whispering* Sure thing. I'm sure we'll make a good team. Handshake on it? *extends hand*

Mike: *looking around; frustrated* I- I can't! Dang it all! *kicks the floor and frowns* If I don't find anything- no Mike, you can do this...just calm down...

Justin: Sounds Good to me *shakes* (Conf) I had my figures crossed so if it comes down to it i will vote off wes. The only great thing he will get from this was being able to shake hands with someone as beautiful as I

Wes: Perfect. (CONF) Of course I had my fingers crossed- he looks a bit lethal. (Non-CONF) So, let's get back to searching, shall we?

Mike: *looking* Come on, it's got to be here somewhere! *breathing heavily* Just keep your calm, Mike...don't panic... (CONF) What if they reject me for failing- gah, I really need to stop with my fear of rejection! But, it's, like, taking over my supposedly new life right now!

Ry: *messing around* *Searches in water*. Not here, oh well :).

Terra: *searches in the forest* >:(

Kenta: *Searches the Giant cliff*

Results Challenge 1

  • Apollo falls through floorboards and lands on keys and finds them*

Chris: And the Gophers are the winners on this first challenge. sorry bass but once again you guys lost the first challenge and will now be sending someone to Boney island where they will be competing for their lives. I will see you at the campfire soon while I will be handing out the Gophers their clues to the hidden immunity idol via chat. Also only people on the winning team get to guess so the more charterers you have on that team the more guesses

Kenta: Wes, how the heck did... PAUL FIXED HIS TELEVISION!

Paul: Yup.

Elimination 1 Bass

Well Bass you couldn't find you keys before those Gophers and now you must send someone on your team to Boney Island. Time to vote on which person is going go compete for their lives in that epic showdown

Justin- (CONF)Firey

Bridgette- (CONF) Sorry but I vote Firey.


Wes- (CONF) Sayonara, Firey. Why am I voting the least likely threat right now? Because that should be the majority vote, and if I vote with the majority- I might gain the others's trust. Hopefully this works out just as planned.

Kenta- (Conf) I vote Wes, since he is plotting to take me down, but since Firey might burn me, I vote him.

Mike- (CONF) Man, what am I going to do? I'm so dead...*sighs* I guess I'll vote Firey...I don't remember him doing anything.

Zoey- (CONF) *cries* I can't vote, that is so mean! Mean things are not allowed in my life. *closes eyes and votes Firey*



Ry- (CONF) I guess I vote Firey he never really talked so bye *votes Firey*. (CONF END) Also, sorry for being inactive :3.

Ezekiel- (CONF) I vote for Mike Eh because i hate him Eh

Chris: For being a very annoying person it looks like Firey you will not receive a marshmallow but you will now go to redemption isalnd where you will fight to come back into the game. *Chef throws him into the boat of losers and it sails for boney island.*

Day 2: The Big Sleep

Bass Cabins

Justin: My beauty saved me from that last elimantion. I love myself so much

Zoey: who is your beauty?

Justin: Myself of course. The rest of you are pretty useless

Paul: *enters* HEY! I heard that!

Justin: and i care about your feelings because

Ry: Justin don't say other people are useless because you are be because you can't do anything because of your "beauty" not trying to be mean I am backing up for good people like Zoey and Kenta.

Justin: well since we lost the last challenge i think you are are useless and no one even offered to carry me. I was truly insulted

Paul: Justin, You were voted out fourth when you debuted, and relied on Lindsay to get you to the merge season 2.

Justin: At least i have made a merge, unlike you

Zoey: Not kind of you, Justin. Not very kind.

Bridgette: *looks around and sighs* (CONF) I'm kind of bored.. (END CONF)

Ry: Zoey, come here for a minute *waves at the steps of the cabin* I need to tell you something.

Gophers Cabins

Duncan: One nerd down, 21 more to go. (CONF) I am going to win this competition in my sleep

Sadie: KATIE????

Katie: Sadie! *hugs her* like, you look so pretty today!

Sadie: You look prettier!

Lindsay: *looks around* Tylor? Tylor?

Katie: Nah, you do! :D

Sadie: We both look hot!

Katie: Yeah! :D

Duncan: don't make me barf please

Sadie: Oh sorry...

Katie: Shut up Duncan. Sadie don't listen to him. We're beautiful. 

Sadie: Your right Katie!

Duncan Studid girls *leaves cabin*

Apollo: Duncan come back here you stole my money! *chases Duncan*.

Duncan: Chase me if you want but you will never get your stuff back

Apollo: I will bring Courtney here. She can take care of you but seriously give it back that is some important stuff.

Duncan : If you promise to never vote me off I'll give you your phone and 500 dollars

Lindsay: *walks to Sadie and Katie* O-M-G that clothes! Yay!

Apollo: Nope, I don't play that way Duncan, so are you going to make this easy by handingit over.

Duncan: We will see what happens *starts the hand over some money but burns it instead* Well there goes 200 dollars. Do you want an alliance now or me continuing to burn your cash

Apollo: *tackels Duncan* Dude, wtf?

Duncan: *burns 100 more bucks and knocks Apollo of of him*

Apollo: Alright, I think you want the hard way. *punches Duncan in the temple to knock him out*

Duncan: *falls to the ground with the phone in one hand and the remaining $200 in the other* (CONF): I'll admit he has a good left hook but mark my words i will get my revenge.

Daisuke: Maybe this season will work out.

Boney Island

Chef: Well I am in charge of Boney Island and Firey is now here. Well you don't have anyone to compete against yet so I will be training you all day. Now drop and give me 300 pushups

Challenge 2

Chris: Time for another challenge. Before me lie 21 needles each filled with a liquid. 20 of them contain a very potent sleeping medication that will knock you out in five seconds flat. The last one contain a placebo. For this challenge all you need to do is inject the needle into yourselves, a teammate or an opponent. If the person who is injected falls asleep due to the medication they are out of the challenge but, if the stay awake because they found the placebo then their team wins. So inject whoever you want but if you inject an opponent with the placebo, they win and you lose. Say which needle your injecting and into who and see the results. The winning team get clues to the hidden immunity idol and the losing team will send someone to Boney Island where they have to spend a day with Firey and Chef before the third person shows up so the duels can begin. Do double posting and make sure you say who you are injecting and which of the 21 needles you are using.

Justin: *grabs needle 17 and stabs Zeke in the neck with it*

  • Zeke Drops to the ground and falls asleep

Chris: That is how it goes, Zeke is out game on

Apollo: *grabs needle 2 and stabs it in to Duncan* Better knock you out this time...

Paul: *Chooses needle 1 and stabs Justin with it* this is for calling me useless.

Daisuke and Kenta: *chooses needles 3 and 4 respectively and stab each other*

Tyler: *chooses needle 5 and stabs Zoey* Sorry, indie chick! No hard feelings?

Wes: Well...better now when we have a choice, correct? *stabs Apollo with needle 7* I even stabbed you with lucky number seven! (CONF) *smiles deviously*

Mike: Um...alright, Mike, you can do this! *stabs Nemo with needle 8* I mean, we did have to stab each other- sorry! Enjoy a good night sleep or...something!

Nemo: *before sleeping, grabs needle 6 and stabs Mike* Mmm... That should do it... *sleeps*

Harold: *grabs needle 9 and stabs Sadie* You disgust me.

Ry: *grabs needle 12 and stabs Nemo* Bye.

Wes: *grabs needle 14 and stabs Harold* Good night. Don't let the bed bugs bite...

Tyler: *stabs Bridgette with needle 15* Sorry!

Chris: Wow that was a lot of stabbing but the placebo was used and the victum is still awake and has won for their team. The person who was injected with the placebo was.........................HAROLD and this gives the gophers the win. Bass you lose and must vote off another teammate and send them to boney island. I will see you soon.

Elimination 2 Bass

Chris: You guys lose again and someone from your team will soon be joining Firey on Boney island. So it is now time to vote. MUhahahahahahahahaha

Justin- *votes Zeke*

Bridgette- (CONF) Ehh.. sorry *votes Ezekiel*

Wes- (CONF) It seems as though I granted the Gophers the win...this places me in grave danger, unfortunately. So once again, my target's elimination must be delayed. Sayonara, Zeke. You fell asleep first, so you're the likeliest to go who isn't me.

Kenta- (CONF) I vote ezekiel.

Mike- (CONF) I'd be surprised if I survived today- but, I don't think I did anything too bad, right? Right? Nevermind, don't answer that. *sighs* I guess I'll go with Zeke...he hasn't really done much.

Zoey- (CONF) I didn't know there was a challenge? Bad produceres here. *votes Ezekiel*

Terra- (CONF) That weirdo Ezekiel.


Ry- (CONF) Sorry Ezekiel :( (CONF END) Dang that clue could have been useful oh well *moves on*.

Ezekiel- *votes Cameron*

Chris: And with a lot of votes Zeke is going to Boney Island See you later dude, and we will see you all for another episode soon. A new rule i am going to add to. After a challeneg ends i am going to just post the clue here and then thr first person to give me the correct response gets the idol. I will only accepts answers via pm and here are the first 2 clues and onply people on the winning team can guess. 1. My Favorite TD contestant and 2. They are Male. Time to guess away

Day 3: That's off the chain

Bass Cabins

Justin: I love me

Ry: *facepalms*

Wes: I'm sure we'll all be able to win the next challenge... (CONF) *yawns* Being nice sure is boring...I guess I see why Holden is the way that he is.

justin: Agreed

Bridgette: Yeahh.. (CONF) Boring team... (END CONF)

Zoey: Bridgette! Wanna have some flowers?

Bridgette: Nahh, I'm good, thanks.

Zoey: Okay!

Mike: *trying not to fall asleep* I'm...awake...*crashes out* (CONF) So, my doubts filled my mind the whole night...I couldn't sleep at all. I know I shouldn't worry too much- I'm not even friends with anyone right now! But, you know, I don't know how to stop it!

Zoey: *throws some flowers to Mike* Good morningggg, Mike!

Gophers Cabins

Duncan: 2 nerds down 20 to go.

Sadie: Katie I love your hair!

Nemo: Well, Firey is not a nerd so it's 1 nerd down.

Harold: *pantses Duncan* Ha ha ha.

Apollo: Thank you, Harold Duncan is a jerk I used to root for you what a mistake that was.

Sadie: Fish is back!

Duncan: you will all lose thanks to me. Muhahahahahaha

Lindsay: *looks to Duncan and Harold*

Tyler: Geez, the fighting's really bringing down my morale! *frowns*

Lindsay: Ohhh no! Can I do something for you?

Tyler: Nah, I'll just go sulk somewhere else...*leaves*

Lindsay: Sulk? But that is dangerous! Come back Tylorrr! *runs after him*

Boney Island

Chef: Firey and Zeke while we wait for one more loser to arrive give me 3000 sit ups

Firey: *does them all* Easy!

Zeke: *stuggles and faints* (CONF) This is very hard. I hope I don't go home first

Challenge 3

Chris: Okay Welcome to the biking challenge. I was going to do a tournament style biking race where the fastest team wins but then I thought to myself where is the fun in that. So for your next challenge you just have to push you teams bike 100 M. But to make it harder I have B on the gopher’s bike and Owen on the Bass’s bike. You will have to give them a good shove to make them move and the first team to get their fat guy and the bike to the 100 M line wins. I say 1 shove will make them move 5 M so 20 good pushes should have your team safe from elimination and idol clues. Losing team will send a member to Boney Island where the first duel will start tomorrow. So GO.

Bass's Bike

Justin: *throws a cookie and Owen and the bike go to the the 5 M line*

Mike: *dazed* Alright, team, let's go...*throws a brownie at Owen who then goes to the 10 M line, before falling asleep while standing up*

Zoey: Let me help you. *puts Mike's arm on her shoulder*

Bridgette: What is the idea to win, guys?

Mike: *still asleep*

Wes: Well, there goes one teammate...anyway, let's just keep throwing food so Owen goes further, like Justin and Mike have done.

Justin: We need to get Owen and the bike to the 100 M line

Zoey: *falls on the ground with a sleepy Mike on her* Oh gosh...

Bridgette: Sure. *throws one burger to him* We have to get some more. (15M)

Mike: *wakes up* Huh? Oh- I'm so sorry! *immediately gets off Zoey; now panicking* I'm sorry- uh, do you need any help or anything? Just name it- I'll get it!

Wes: *throws a hot dog in Owen's direction* (20 M)

Zoey: No thanks. *grabs a sandwitch and throws it to Owen* (25 M)

Mike: I'm sorry...well, that woke me up at least. Even though I'm sorry, you also have my thanks too, I guess...*walks away from her; irritated with self*

Wes: Get back- we're in the middle of the challenge- well, I'm sure three's fine. *throws a smore to Owen* (30 M) (CONF) I need to watch my will let the others know who I truly am. And I can't have that happen- yet, at least.

Justin: *throws a cookin and Owen goes to the 35 M line*

Zoey: *throws a cupcake to Owen and goes to the 40 M line*

Bridgette: This takes too long. You are throwing food, I'm pushing him. *pushes Owen and goes to the 45 M line*

Wes: this rate, how can we be so sure the Gophers will beat us? Anyone not tired who can go fetch Mike? *throws a brownie at Owen* (50 M) Halfway there.

Zoey: I'll do. *runs away*

Bridgette: *pushes Owen and goes to the 55 line*

Wes: *throws another brownie at Owen* (60 M)

Mike: *sits on a tree stump and sighs*

Justin: *throws a donut and Owen goes to 65 M line*

Zoey: Come, Mike.

Bridgette: *pushes Owen to the 70 M line*

Mike: Huh?

justin: Lets go guys we are about to win *throws candy and owen moves to the 75 m line*

Mike: You want me to go back and help? I mean...sure...*walks back with Zoey quietly, still upset and embarassed about what happened* ...So, what's the plan?

Justin: Push the f**kin bike Moron. that's the plan

Wes: Or just throw food if you're feeling lazy. *tosses chips at Owen* (80 M)

Mike: Oh, um, right! *repeatedly tries to push the bike and Owen, until he finally pushes them to the 85 M line* Maybe I'll start throwing food instead... (CONF) I'm a real burden to this team. *sighs* (85 M)

Justin: *pushes Owen to the 90 M line*

Wes: *throws a cookie at Owen* Hmm...looks like we're out of food. (95 M)

Mike: (CONF) This is my chance! (non-CONF) I can go another push, I guess...*repeatedly tries to push Owen and the bike to the 100 M until he finally does* (100 M) *panting* Are we there? Everything's all blurry and dizzy...

Chris: Bass Finally win a challenge. Congratulations on the win and you guys now can receive the first three clues to the idol. The 3rd one is This character is from Total Drama Revenge of the Island.

Gopher's Bike

Duncan: *Pushes B and the bike to the 5 M line*

Lindsay: Ehh... *looks to Duncan* Isn't that cheating or something?

Tyler: *repeatedly tries to elbow B to the 10 M line with the bike and finally does so after 15 minutes; heavily panting* Sorry, bro!

Duncan: No its not. These guys are to fave to move themselves to the end line so we need to push them. Lets go team

Lindsay: Ow yay! *pushes B and the bike* (15M)

Tyler: *panting* I need to catch my breath...ya know it's not healthy to keep going without breaks...I'll catch up...

Lindsay: Ohhh! Keep calm, Tylor. I think Dirk and me can finish this! Right? *pushes B and the bike* (20 M)

Tyler: Alright...*collapses from exhaustion*

Duncan: *tries to help Tyler up but drops him* Whoops (CONF) I am going to act like i did that on purpose but pushing B made me so tired* (Non Conf) *pushes B to 25 M line*

Tyler; Hey- what was that for?!

Lindsay: *pushes B and bike* (30 M)

Duncan: *at Tyler* You looked like you needed to be dropped on your fat head

Tyler: *weakly* That's messed up...*gets up, grumbling*

Lindsay: *puchses B and bike* (35 M) Ehh..

Harold: *pushes B and the bike to 40 M*

Nemo: *pushes B and the bike to 45 M* That... was easy.

Harold: *pushes B and the bike to 50 M*

Nemo: *pushes B and the bike to 55 M*

Chris: I said No double posting. *pushes B back to the 0 M line*

Duncan: you stupid moron. *pushes B to 5 M line*

Lindsay: Noooooooo! *falls on the ground* Not again!

Tyler: Aw, come on...well...alright, let's do this! *repeatedly headbutts B until B finally gets to the 10 M line* I'm okay...*collapses*

Lindsay: *grabs Tyler's hand* Come, we have to make this! Come.. *falls on the ground again* I can't fell my legs. It's like I'm drunk....

Tyler: Alright, hold on...*tries to get up, but can't due to a massive headache* Y'know, maybe headbutting wasn't such a good idea...

Duncan: lets win this *runs to B and slams into him but he does not move*

Nemo: *pushes B and the bike to 15 M*

Harold: *pushes B and the bike to 20 M*

Duncan: *threatens B and he willing moves to the 25 M line* Nemo: *throws rock in Bass's Bike path as he pushes B and the Bike to 30 M*

Harold: Nemo, stop claimin that you are king. *pushes B and the bike to 35 M*

Sadie: *picks um B and throws him to the 40 M*

Duncan *pushes B to the 45 M line*

Sadie: *pushes B to the 50 M line* We should eliminate Nemo or Harold of we lose!

Chris: Well you guys would have won if Harold and Nemo didn't cheat. But alas you guys are losers and must send someone to Boney Island where the first duel will start tomorrow. Good luck and don't get yourself voted out.

Elimination 3 Gophers

Chris: Well you guys finally lost so it is time to send one of you teammates to Boney island to compete in a duel. It is time to vote.

Duncan- (CONF) *Votes Nemo*

Lindsay- (CONF) I vote for the boy who was with the boy with the glasses on his head. I thought his name was something with Neon or something.

Nemo- (CONF) Tyler, he didn't help us with the challenge!

Harold- (CONF) Bye bye Tyler!

Tyler- (CONF) I vote Nemo. Harold at least won us a challenge before- you just screwed us over, man! Really uncool! I can barely walk- and then my head hurts...




Sadie- (CONF) Bye bye Nemo!


Apollo- (CONF) *salutes to Nemo* See you later Nemo. *votes Nemo*.

Chris: And with a lot of votes Nemo is eliminated and will be sent to Boney Island

Day 4: DodgeBrawl

Bass Cabins

Justin: Owen sure was a fat guy. He wasn't hot like me

Lindsay: *looks to Justin* You are hot, indeed.

Justin: Thanks I think I will work on my tan *tans*

Kenta: Don't get too much pride, or people (example: Paul) will antagonize you.

Gophers Cabins

Duncan: 3 Nerds down 19 to go (CONF) Losing sucks but a least the person who made us lose went home

Zoey: *walks to Mike* Hey, how are you?

Bridgette: Hey Duncan.

Duncan: Hi bridgette. Nice to see you

Boney Island

CHEF: Welcome Firey, Zeke and Nemo to our first Duel. We will make this challenge really easy to start us off. All you have to do is vote. So go to the CONF and vote one of the other two.

Zeke: (CONF) I vote Nemo since he smells and he was a gopher while me and Firey were bass.

Nemo: (CONF) I vote Ezekiel.

Firey: (CONF) I vote for Ezekiel! He is unknown to me.

Chef: Well with no votes Fiery has won the duel and with only 1 vote Nemo also gets to stay. Zeke it is time for you to leave good bye.

Nemo: Forget this, I'm out of here. *goes to Camp Wanakawa*

Zeke's Final Words

Ezekiel: Well I lost the first duel and I guess I am out eh. It was fun and i was happy that I got to have this experience eh. I wish everyone except that mike guy the best of luck and I hope you win some money and bling.

Challenge 4

Chris: First, news just in Zeke lost the duel and has been sent home. Now time for the challenge, we will be playing dodgeball. The first team to hit all the players from the other team wins. No dodging if you get hit and you can only double post if no on has posted in 10 minutes. No go and throw some killer balls.

Justin: *throws and misses*

Harold: *trhows and hits Justin*

Mike: *throws at Harold*

Wes: *throws at Apollo*

Tyler: *throws at Kenta*

Tyler: *throws at Bridgette*

Mike: *throws at Daisuke*

Wes: *throws at Duncan*

Mike: *throws at Paul* 

Wes: *throws at Sadie*

Tyler: *throws at Zoey*

Tyler: *throws at Ry*

Mike: *throws at Katie*

Wes: Sayonara, Tyler. Still my favorite word. *throws at Tyler*

Mike: I guess this is it...sorry Gophers. *throws at Blaineley*

Chris: Well the Bass win the challenge but due your lack of participation on both sides we are going to do something a little different. Gophers you will vote someone out still but whoever does not vote will automatically eliminated and sent to Boney island. Bass you will play I'm here. Just say I'm here and you will stay in the competition. Forget to say it and you will go to Boney island as well. gl. Finally the idol clue is He won ROTI in some countries

Elimination 4 Gophers

Chris: Go vote a loser out and if you don't vote in 24 hours you will be eliminated

Duncan- (CONF) Harold

Lindsay- (CONF) I vote Harold!!

Harold- I vote for Daisuke. She never did any challenges.

Tyler- (CONF) Well, uh, I guess I'll have to go with Harold. Not really that good at challenges, that guy.




Sadie- (CONF) Harold is a Loser!


Apollo- (CONF) Harold

Chris: Paul, Katie, Blainely and Daisuke will all now be sent to Boney Island, Also since i am such a nice person Harold I will let you stay another day in this competiton.

Bass's I'm here game

Chris: Just Say I'm here and you will get to continue playing the game. you have 24 hours to do so

Justin- I'm here

Bridgette- I'm here..

Wes- I'm here, of course...*yawns*


Mike- I'm here!

Zoey- I'm here!



Ry- Yeah, I'm here.

Chris: And Kenta, Terra and Cameron will now all be sent to Boney Island.

Day 5: Not So Happy Campers

Bass Cabins

Justin: That was intense

Zoey: Mike!!! *kisses him* oops sorry..

Mike: Huh? W-what was that for...? That was a bit random, you know...

Gophers Cabins

Duncan: i lost track of my count with 7 elimaintions

Sadie: KATIE!

Duncan: She is gone dude

Lindsay: That was so hard!

Harold: Yes! Safe! I didn't notice there.

Boney Island

Chef: Firey, Nemo, Paul, Katie, Blainely, Daisuke, Kenta, Terra and Cameron today we will be playing car bomb, you will enter car 1,2,3 and one of them will explode. If you do not pick a car or the car you in explodes you will be eliminated.

Katie: I pick... 2!

Terra: 1.

Blaineley: 3!

Nemo: *uses his mind to pick which car has the bomb* 1!

Firey: OK, I'll pick 3 then. *get in Car 3* *in mind* What if there is a Bomb in it, I might ignite it.

Challenge 5

The End

Chris: This season is boring so I declare Apollo the winner and he gets 100,000 dollars for having the hidden immunity idol and Wes and Mike tie for second cause I like them. The End. Now get off my island. *blasts everyone off in a cannon*

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