(Derpy, Tyler, Aqua, and Fiz are seen walking outside the campus, wearing all black and sunglasses)

Derpy: Hello cunts. Welcome to a special event we have here today. We are here in the memory of those whom have died due to the Red Devil. Follow me as I tour you through this area.

Fiz: fun.

Tyler: *approaches first grave* father.

Aqua: Sorry Tyler.

Derpy: Grass Survivor Fan. Married to Wanda Survivor Fan; the woman who raised the two Red Devils. His son is right here. Tyler Survivor Fan

Tyler: Hi.

Aqua: omg ur famous!!!!

Tyler: ikr

Derpy: Up next. NOAH.

Aqua: I'm sorry. Who?

Derpy: He's the guy that talked about masturbating and watching Train Porn.

Fiz: #AgeOfJeremy

Derpy: Anyways the rest of the graves are too far and I'm too lazy to lose weight. RIP Grass Noah Dark Heo Chip Farrah Mirnish Money Wendy GO Solar Cabbage VUF Chwiis Hijotee Izzy Milk Maria Toast Lego. Special RIP to killers Wanda CB Rocky and Bulba

Fiz: so wat now.

Derpy: We're leaving the university.

Fiz: Y.

Aqua: yeah you fat

Derpy: Because we already graduated....

Aqua: oh

Tyler: oh

Fiz: oh. But where will I go? I HAVE NO FUTURE AHEAD OF ME

Tyler: You can work at Walmart.

Fiz: gross

Aqua: Tyler we're not going to have a future of asking "Please type in your credit card number" like you.

Tyler: :(

(Three years later; at aqua's house)

Aqua: *hanging up Sierra Dawn Thomas posters* hot

Mom: Aqua come down here! It's time for breakfast!

Aqua: Mkay. *goes downstairs* Hi mom! Hi dad!

(Tina Wesson and Bob Saget are seen waving)

(Studio audience claps at these guest stars)

Tina Wesson: I made waffles

Aqua: woof woof *eating*

Bob Saget: So Aqua, I vacuumed the living room 100x

Aqua: good dog

Tina Wesson: Aqua do you still keep in touch with your friends?

Aqua: I talk to Sierra on Instagran all the time.

Tina: No, no. I'm talking about Fiz, Derpy, and Tyler

Aqua: no you old hag. go on EHarmony and find yourself a husband that isn't a white bitch.

Bob Saget: *crying*

Tina: You should meet up with them..

Aqua: HM. *texts*

(Outside a subway station)

Fiz: *selling weed* Get some weed!

Grandma: *smacks Fiz with purse and goes on Tinder*

Fiz: Sorry Grandma.

Grandma: look u got a text.

Fiz: omg! Aqua wants us to hang out at Starbucks!


Tyler: Hello. Do you want a bag?

Eva: No. *leaves*

Tyler: Yay it's my break.

Eva: *is seen doing yoga in parking lot, causing traffic*

Tyler: *gets a text* omg tuna

(At A Mall)

Derpy: Hi!!!! I love VICTORIAS SECRET

(Victoria Secret is seen with a pile of used bras)

Owen: *at register* I need ten bras for each tittie. *turns red* it's for my friend Sadie *sweats* fuck it. It's for me

Derpy: *gets a text* :O


(Bob Saget, Tina Wesson, Aqua, Fiz, Fiz's Grandma, Tyler, and Derpy are seen drinking at a table)

Fiz: So Y are we here.

Aqua: Cause we're #WhiteGirls

Fiz: I'm not Tyler

Derpy: The bigger question is why are Aqua's parents and Fiz's grandma here!

Grandma: I lost my teeth so I'm looking for it here. Need to look hot for Tinder. #AgeOfGrandma

Fiz: I miss watching our friends get killed.

Derpy: same.

Aqua: we should revisit the campus.

Fiz's Grandma: Okay. I have thing for your janitor :)

Tyler: The janitor died..

Fiz's Grandma: That's what makes him hot

Tina: You are so dirty!

(At Campus; its empty)

Derpy: What happened to my PALACE?

Aqua: I think it closed down because of the deaths.

Tyler: *staring at Tina* omg tuna

Fiz: let's walk. Bob Saget needs the workout.

Bob Saget: Wake up San Francisco!

(They walk)

Fiz's Grandma: *falls in trap door* ah. My hips

Fiz: oh no. *pushes everyone in and jumps in* Save #AgeOfGrandma

(They all fall and they see a bunch of people looking at them; scared)

(It turns out to be every WC user except Solar and Wendy who died)

Fiz: D

Fiz: D

Fiz: D

Fiz: D

Fiz: D

Dianted: *kicks Fiz*

Raspberry: HI

Ash: Who are you people?

Derpy: The POPULARS.

Fiz: look more people

(II, TribeMerica, and Shorty Shitstain are seen)


Fiz: I love Kelley


TribeMerica: Stop ruining clubs

Shorty: fck ff trbmrc

Shorty: *POOHBEAR*

(Two figures are seen)

Tyler: Weren't you two killed by the Red Devil?

Aqua: moan

Fiz: ghosts!

(It turns out to be Mirnish and Noah)

Mirnish: I faked my death boo.

Noah: I did too!

(TribeMerica, II, and Shorty have weapons on them)

Grandma: I didn't do anything!

Tina: Colby

TribeMerica: II, Shorty, look.


Shorty: :O

TribeMerica: *points to Tyler* Full name.

Tyler: Tyler Survivor Fan.

TribeMerica: Get him.

(II and Shorty grab Tyler and drag him away)

(Over at Proper)

SGMW: *points to bulge* Spencer's photos extended and hardened this.

TM: My bulge is bigger.

Tyler: WHY AM I HERE? TM: Your mother KILLED so many tolerable suckers. Trickmind, Helissa, OddOne, Heidi, Hellion, EVEN FLASH

Tyler: I'm not my mother.

Shorty: we wll kll!!! *POOHBEAR*

Tyler: NO!

II: But he likes Kimmi!


SGMW: Spencer is better.

TM: Shut up before I kill you instead!

(An arrow is seen shooting into SGMW, killing him)

Grandma: Already did

Aqua: Release my child Tyler!

Bob Saget: Wait. IM A GRANDPARENT?

Tina: Aqua are you pregnant!

Aqua: Long story. It's really odd. Wendy and Cab are also my children but they died. :(

Cabbage: No.

Aqua: Oh hi! *hugs Cabbage*

TribeMerica: *shoots Tina*

Tina: *dies*

Tyler: omg tuna

Bob Saget: My wife died :( Wake up San Francisco!


TribeMerica: Shut up or you're next.


TribeMerica: *ties Aqua to Tyler*

Derpy: UTR me

(Soon everyone is prisoned by TM, II, and Shorty)

Raspberry: *breaks out*

TM: Fuck off *kills Raspberry* Dianted: *kicks Fiz*

Fiz: Stop.

Ash: *sleeping*

II: No sleeping! *stabs Ash*

Derpy: That was HARSH.

Tyler: Guys I'm scared.

Grandma: I'm scared too. I missed my Tinder date

Noah: ey Grandma nice cane

Bob Saget: wait. *sees cane* Let me see this. *passes cane to Joe Anglim*

Joe: Hi. *puts cane through prison bars and tries to get key*

Bob Saget: Amazing Joe

II: *kills Joe* That's for Kimmi!

Shorty: :O

II: And this is just out of anger! *kills Shorty*



TribeMerica: THEN QUIT


Tyler: O

Aqua: I miss Tina Wesson!

Dianted: *kicks Fiz*

Fiz: stop

Grandma: Kick my grandson again and I'll rip your scalp out and you'll never see puberty

Ally: Ball is life.

Fiz: when did u get here.

Derpy: Ew are you straight?

Ally: Yes.

Derpy: Gross

II: I AM SICK OF YOU TM! *points gun to his head*

Fiz: *singing* I'm so sick of the same old TM; I've had enough

Cabbage: *singing* I'm so sick of the same old TM; I've had enough

Aqua: *singing* I'm so sick of the same old TM; I've had enough

Grandma: These dead bodies are stinking up the cell.

Fiz: The bodies are illrelevant.

TM: You'll ruin CTS if you kill me.

II: I ALREADY RUINED IT BIYATCH. *stabs TM as he collapses to ground*

Bob Saget: Don't kill me next!

Ally: Kill me!

II: *frees them*

Aqua: Yay!

Bob Saget: Yay. *facea camera* Good night San Francisco! Stay tuned for next episode!

Cabbage: I don't wanna draw rocks

Noah: Chugga Chugga CHU CHU

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