Following Total Drama, Chris McLean decided to re-invent himself by producing a brand new reality TV series, in which twelve young Americans will be brought to a remote island, where they'll compete for a million dollars. The contestants will be split into two different teams, the Green Team and the Blue Team, and every three days will compete in a challenge for immunity. The losing team? They'll head to the Bonfire Ceremony in the evening, and will vote out one of their own. This will follow until the final seven, where the individual phase of the competition begins, and those eliminated will become members of the jury. The five jury members will vote for a winner between the two finalists, and whoever is left standing will claim the million dollar cash prize. Who will win Fortitude?


Blaine Munroe

Nineteen years old, The Classy Strategists is one to be desired by the audience. With his fine fashion skills, delicious chocolate skin, alluring British accent and being a devilish strategist, he's going to run the game without anyone realising it. Blaine is incredibly deceitful, and no one will ever see his malicious strategy coming.

Brooke Duvall

Eighteen years old, The Seductive Flirt is known for her good looks, friendly personality, but also for being a cunning flirt, who'll tune any guy to get what she wants. While she isn't antagonistic, Brooke loves to make men squirm, and have them wrapped around her fingers. Despite her flirtatiousness, she is a strong supporter of girl power.

Connor Walshe

Only seventeen years old, The Immature Intellect has a lot to prove competing in Fortitude. The youngest, and arguably the most immature, Connor's high IQ comes to a surprise to nearly everyone he's ever met, most believing him to be a silly, optimistic jokester, who lives to have fun, rather than take life seriously. 

Jessica Zhang

A twenty year old college student, The High Achiever has her eyes set on the prize, and will do anything in her power to win. Hailing from China, Immigrating from China at a young age, Jessica has always had a lot to prove, struggling to connect with people due to the language and culture barriers. Jessica is smart, but is also not to be messed with.

Laurel Williams

Nineteen years old, The Eccentric Heiress is unemployed, and lives off of her parent's enermous wealth, as she is the sole child of wealthy investors. Laurel isn't spoilt or stuck up, and has such a strange personality people can't properly describe it. She joined the show for reasons she won't reveal, and while not needing the money, is still determined to win.

Melina Kakos

Eighteen years old, The Vegetarian Pacifist believes in the popular saying "Make Love, Not War" and is a relatively peaceful girl, who attempts to avoid any confrontations she may face. Joining the show, she wants to prove that you don't have to play dirty or be harmful in order to win, and more importantly, wants to experience the outdoors.

Mitchell Stewart

An eighteen year old male, The Fraternity President is your typical hunky bro, behaving in an incredibly alpha-male demeanour, and values his brothers more than anything in life, and can be quite the irreverent tool. However, despite his love for his bros, Mitchell falls for women easily, and always has relationship problems due to his vanity, and being easily attracted to people.

Porsha Brown

Twenty-one years old, The MTV Star had a reckless past, gaining her fifteen minutes of fame on popular MTV series including My Crib and 16 and Pregnant. Porsha, now a single mother, is still strong and fierce, but came onto the show wanting a fresh start, proving that she isn't the person she used to be, and desperately needs the money to support her family.

Radley Frost

Nineteen years old, The Farm Boy was born in rural Texas, and while not academically gifted, is physically strong and always takes iniative to solve problems, and help around. He is a workhorse, and always does his best to impress others, as he doesn't have strong social skills, but can be quite demanding when he notices that people aren't pulling their weight.

Sonya Morrison

Only twenty years old, The Deceitful Model won a reality television competition which gave her newfound fame, and became a model for many different shows and magazines worldwide. While Sonya can appear to be sweet and kind, she's a ruthless backstabber who'll play dirty to get herself far in life, and shows little remorse for those who have had their careers tarnished by her.

Warren Edwards

Eighteen years old, The Internet Celebrity gained his fame through his Tumblr blog and Youtube Vlogs, where he has hundreds of thousands of followers online, who love him for his comedy and personality. Openly gay, and very fierce, Warren is always ready to spill the truth tea all over the expensive carpet, and scalp the weaves off of his competitors, despite being incredibly scrawny.

Zachary Wilkinson

Ninteen years old, The Determined Athlete is a tough college student, playing for his football team. He's an athletic overachiever, and cannot handle losing, which is something he rarely does. While he's relatively level headed and a good guy, winning always gets to his ego, and losing causes him to be an anger volcano, which he finds difficult to control.


Episode One

The camera pans in as crystal clear waves splash across the glimmering white sand, and zooms around showing off the island's serenity and beauty, with towering palm trees, and the wildlife running away. In the distance, a helicopter can be heard, in which the camera focuses onto.

"Hi, I'm Chris McLean." An aging middle aged man spoke, as his eyes sparkled in the camera with his special contacted lenses, and hair blew perfectly through the breeze. "You may remember me from such shows including Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama: Pahkitew Island." He winked at the camera, as the helicopter flew over the island.

Chris poked his head out, holding onto the railings as he was continued to be filmed. "But, this isn't Total Drama. This is Fortitude. Similar concept, but this is fresh. We've held auditions across the United States, and we've hand picked twelve young Americans who will be heading out to this uninhabited Melanesian island, who's name we don't know!"

"They will be split into two different tribes, dubbed Kirakira known as the Blue Team and Tulagi, known as the Green Team." He continued to explain to the audience. "Similar to our past shows, every three days they will compete in a grueling challenge for immunity, and occasionally, a reward. The losing tribe will head to the Bonfire Ceremony, and will vote off one of their own. Tribal phase like this will continue until we've had five eliminations, and are down to the final seven competitors."

Chris chuckles, wiping a stray tear from his eyelid. "Once we hit the final seven, we hit the jury phase of the game, in which everything becomes individual. The contestants will compete for individual immunity, guaranteeing them another three days of safety in the game. Contestants voted out from this point on will become a part of the jury, and will have a hand in voting for a winner between the last two remaining contestants. The winner will receive a million dollars in cold, hard, cash. And this time it won't be thrown into a volcano, or eaten by a shark. This? This is real."

The camera pans over the ocean, in which two speedboats harboring six competitors each zoom across the ocean, and Chris finished explaining the show's mechanics. "Well, here are our contestants now, who are heading to the beach! Let's meet our contestants."

A close up shot of the blue painted speedboat is seen, which comprises of three males and three females. The camera focuses on a young blonde woman, with fair white skin wearing her hair in a waterfall braid, black sunglasses and a pearl necklace. Her outfit appears to be high end and fashionable, consisting of a pink dress and a fluffy scarf. "Meet Laurel Williams, the heiress of Frank and Marie Williams' hotels." Chris speaks.

LAUREL WILLIAMS: I get motion sickness easily, and throwing up on this fluffy pink sweater would be relatively disgusting, but I'm sure I'd get a lot of attention from it. A lot of people say I'm strange, and I guess it's true. But I'm rich, so then after all they don't really care, so I guess if I murdered someone or something it wouldn't really bother them.

Laurel gulps on the speedboat, covering herself from the water splashes on the rough ride.

LAUREL WILLIAMS: Why did I sign up for this pathetic show anyway? I don't really know. You'll learn my true intentions in no time when I reveal it to someone I'm comfortable with. If it happens. I don't trust a lot of people. You'll probably air this and people will learn that and end up not trusting me, but, oh well.

The others give her a strange look, so she smirks, and looks away.

LAUREL WILLIAMS: I don't want to be noticed in this competition. I'm relatively lowkey. Suspicious? I guess, but, we all have our reasons. Kind of hard to stay out of the spotlight since there are five cameramen before me, but I can bribe you to not air these things. Did you know that I'm super rich? I've been rambling, haven't I?

"Yeah. She's something, isn't she?" Chris chuckled. "Let's meet our second contestant, Warren!"

The camera focuses on a skinny, tanned young male who is sitting behind Laurel, who wears a scarf, a plaited white shirt and minijeans. He has medium length brown hair which he brushed behind his ears, and winks to the camera.

WARREN EDWARDS: Oh. My. God. Am I  on television? Well, of course I am! Hi, this is Warren! XOXO. Yeah, that's to all of my followers who've supported me on embarking on this like, one in a life team adventure! I've never been in the sun for so long, I mean, this tan? Tanning booth, HELLO.

Warren looks around at the other contestants, biting his lip at the sight of some other men.

WARREN EDWARDS: That buff guy? *fans self* Oh, right. I'm Warren. Nineteen, and I'm an Internet Celebritiy. I have like, thousands of Facebook followers, hundreds of thousands of Youtube subscribers, and like, a ton of Tumblr followers, and I'm totally not going to disappoint any of you. In case you couldn't tell, I'm suuuuuper gay, so, watch me slit the throat of all you straights! You'll never see it coming.

Warren stares at the camera, giving a weird smirk.

WARREN EDWARDS: I know I'm not the strongest, I know I'm not the smartest, but I am the FIERCEST. And in the end, isn't being like, a super fierce queen all that matters in this game, anyway? I probably won't win, but I guarantee you I will have a dumpster full of weaves by the end of this competition, even if I am the first boot. So that's something got look forward to. 

A caramel skinned girl, with her hair tied into two light brown pigtails, wearing a tank top, blue jacket and a skirt smiles at the camera, and admires the dolphins diving into the ocean, pointing it out to the others. "This is Melina," Chris dubs.

MELINA KAKOS: Hi, I'm Melina, I'm eighteen years young, and I was born in Greece, and well, now I'm in America, and like, Melanesia or wherever! *giggles* What's there to know about me?

Melina gasps as she watches a shark bite into a bird which swoops down into the ocean, and turns away after witnessing the bloodshed. 

MELINA KAKOS: Well, I'm a bit skirmish. I'm a vegetarian, and I love animals so much. I'll eat organic eggs and drink milk, but killing poor animals? No way. Never. We're humans. We're compassionate, we're not animals. I mean, I'm not calling you all animals, but come on, they're all cute and fuzzy!

Melina takes a deep breath.

MELINA KAKOS: I'm a very reserved girl, and I'm never looking for confrontation. As a matter of fact, I do my best to avoid it. It scares me... a lot... I'm a total hippie, pacifist or whatever you'd like to dub me, and yeah, I embrace it. Peace out, I guess?

The camera zooms in on a short male, with short brown hair which he pushes back, wearing a blue jacket over a white undershirt, and long khaki pants. He smirks as he looks at the camera. "Let's meet our fourth contestant, Connor Walshe." Chris McLean explains to the audience, as the helicopter zooms up.

CONNOR WALSHE: Uhh, hi. I'm Connor. Connor Walshe. Seventeen years young, and I'm pretty damn smart, but like, I don't want to be some ol' nerd. I want to have some fun out here. Meet people. Laugh. Make poor jokes. Maybe get a few chicks, or five, or maybe some guys. Who knows what'll happen out here, huh? It's an adventure!

Connor belches loudly, disgusting the other members on the boat, as he chuckles to himself.

CONNOR WALSHE: I'm always one to break the silence, get things going, and even when it's a little awkward, some conversation is better than nothing. Let's hope this people aren't too uptight though, and don't mind if I stroke their hair in their sleep, or groom them, or maybe sacrifice them to my rhinoceros beetle collection. Yeah, I've got one. Problem?

Connor strecthes, letting out a deep yawn.

CONNOR WALSHE: I think the biggest challenge I'm going to face out here is not annoying the heck out of everyone. Yeah, I'm annoying. I think I'm funny, but I'm really just not. Let's hope I'm not out first, huh? But my strengths? If we have like a math exam challenge or something, our tribe is totally winning. Let's see how this game goes!

The camera pans onto a thick African-American woman, sporting a tall afro which she adjusts, slipping on a blue bandanna. She wears a blue crop top and long blue jeans, and kicks up her black sandals, yawning. Chris introduces her to the audience. "Audience, meet Porsha. Porsha Brown! You're going to love her.

PORSHA BROWN: Hey, y'all. I'm Porsha. Ya' might remember me from such shows like My Crib on MTV and 16 and Pregnant. But damn, that was like, some years back and I'm a changed woman. I love to party, I love to have fun and all that stuff, but I'm serious in my career. I'm back in college, and am almost completed my business degree. Momma, I don't think you ever expected me to make it like this!

Porsha adjusts her bandanna, smirking.

PORSHA BROWN: I'm a very strong woman. I've been ridiculed all my life, since I grew up in the projects, moved around a lot, was never academically inclined or whatever, and did some stupid crap on television, and even had a baby! Her name? Veronica. And she's five years old, and staying home with my momma while I'm filming this. I miss you boo. *sniffles*

Porsha rubs her nose, sniffling on the boat.

PORSHA BROWN: I'm doing this for her. I'm still struggling to get by, since I'm single and have three mouths to feed, and taking care of a child is hard work. I ain't finished College yet, so that's a major strain, and winning this million dollars would be a TOTAL life changer. Just imagine 'et, Porsha Brown, winner of Fortitude. I'm gonna' give 'tude if I have to, but I wanna' play as clean as possible and dominate this game!

"The final blue team member is... Radley! A hard working farm boy from Texas." Chris McLean explains, as the camera focuses on a buff young man, with auburn hair, and face covered with freckles. He wears stereotypical suspenders over a white undershirt, and brushes his hair back as he stares across the ocean.

RADLEY FROST: Howdy! I'm Radley Frost, nineteen years old, and I've been living on a farm all my life. Yeah, the howdy was a joke and all, but you can't help but saying it sometimes. I'm one of many kids, and I guess I was never the best one. Stuck in the middle. I've always tried to stand out, but it never works. But I keep working hard, hoping one day someone will thank me for my service around the farm!

Radley sneezes, which attracts the attention of his team on the boat, which Warren drools.

RADLEY FROST: I uh, don't meet a lot of people. Especially since I'm so far from the city and all. So, all y'all out there, I'm Radley Smith! I can be a lil' bossy sometimes, but work is work and ya' gotta' get it done. I can't stand slackers, but if you pull your weight, I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

"Big guy, huh?" Chris smirks.

RADLEY FROST: I never really got a proper education, so I just rely on my physical strengths. Can't read too well, and God knows what three times five is. Eight? Or is that addition. Man it's been a while. But you don't need to be smart or strong, you just gotta' have heart, and my mother tells me I've got a lot of it!

"Well, that's Kirakira, the Blue Team. Let's meet the competitors from the Green Team, Tulagi!" McLean announces, the camera pans over to the green coloured speedboat, containing another six contestants. "Meet Jessica!"

The camera focused on a blank expression of an Asian woman, with straight black hair, long eyelashes, and a knee length black dress, and rubs her eyes. "Jessica Zhang is a college student, incase you didn't know."

JESSICA ZHANG: I'm Jessica Zhang, I immigrated to America at the age of seven from China with my parents, and I'm on Fortitude, now. I had to learn English somewhat late, and all the barriers I faced when I was younger have just made me stronger and a lot more persistent, and you're going to see my strengths in this competition, I can count on it.

Jessica flips her hair, as the boat races across the ocean.

JESSICA ZHANG: I'm highly intelligent, and I'm studying Law in College, and I'm in my fourth year. I'm also fairly attractive, but many people look past my many pros and like to focus on my very few cons, which I find hard to even think of as cons.

Jessica rolls her eyes as she looks at her other tribemates.

JESSICA ZHANG: I'm extremely competitive, and if you mess with the dragon, I will breathe fire all over your Caucasian behind. I'm very tough, so you shouldn't mess with me. I'm not afraid to get into an altercation, physical or verbal, because I ALWAYS win. And if you dumb wh**es want to mess with me, boy you're going to see another thing coming. Good luck to the others, because I'm going to destroy this competition.

"Fiesty!" McLean speaks, as the camera zooms onto a dirty blonde haired male, with a fine jawline, and incredibly muscly. He pulls his white button up shirt's sleeves up, revealing his biceps which he flashes for his own pleasure, and also wears khaki shorts. "Meet Mitchell Stewart, a Fraternity President in his prime college years."

MITCHELL STEWART: Yo', sup dudes? If any of my bros from the frat are watching, I'm totally winning this for you, and I'll bring home some chicks as well. I don't know who wouldn't dig me, I mean... look at this. *flexes muscles* Who needs chicks when you've got this? I mean, I'd date myself. I'd love myself... well, I already do, but you get the point. I'm f***ing HOT. 

Mitchell continues to flex, attracting the attention from his other tribemates on the boat.

MITCHELL STEWART: I'm Mitchell Stewart, I'm uh, eighteen, but it's alright, I'll make out with older chicks too, no biggie. So long as you're hot. Just not hotter than me, because that's a total ego killer. I go to college, I study something I kinda forgot... I haven't been in class for a while, so you can't blame me. Oh, right, I'm president of a fraternity, so that's a total lady pleaser! Please, not all at once.

Mitchell smirks, putting on a cap.

MITCHELL STEWART: Did I mention I'm super hot? Because yeah, I am. Boom, baby. Mitchell Stewart is winning this game.

The camera focused on a blonde girl, with a large bust, wearing a crop top and skirt, along with sunglasses and sporting many freckles. She twirls her hair multiple times, and blows a kiss to the cameraman. "Meet Brooke Duvall, and yeah, she's pretty attractive."

BROOKE DUVALL: Hi, I'm Brooke Duvall, I'm eighteen years old, and I've got to admit, I'm a total flirt. I get a lot of attention from guys because of my looks, and I'm not trying to sound super conceited or anything, but it happens, so you know, I just make the best of it. I'll flirt with any guy, for the fun, for the manipulation, or if he's super attractive and maybe I want something from him. It's kinda fun.

Brooke brushes her hair back in the wind.

BROOKE DUVALL: I'm not a b**ch or anything, but teasing guys is fun. I'm not just here to torment them. I'm here to make friends, meet new people, and win the million dollars. I'm totally one for chicks before d*cks, hoes before bros, ovaries before brovaries, you know, that stuff. Me or not, a girl is winning this season. We'll take out all them meatheads.

Brooke strokes her hair again, waiting for the boat to arrive at the shore. 

BROOKE DUVALL: I'm more than just a cute face. I work out a lot, I'm pretty fit, I'm somewhat smart. Maybe not in physics or chemistry, but like, common sense and that junk. I'm really good at reading people, and it's definitely going to come in handy. Get ready for some major girl power this season.

The camera focuses on a dark skinned male of African-American descent, who has short black hair, a white undershirt and green jacket, along with a tie and long blue pants. He tightens his tie and smiles at the camera. "Meet Blaine Munroe. Classy, isn't he?"

BLAINE MUNROE: It's a pleasure to be on the show. I'm Blaine Munroe, and I'm nineteen years of age. I'm quite intelligent, and I hope to be architect when I'm done with college. I know, good luck getting a job, right? Can't a man dream?

Blaine straightens his jacket, smirking.

BLAINE MUNROE: Many people just think I'm some classy, British nerd or whatever else, but I'm very cunning. I'm here to play this game and win a million dollars, just with style and class, which is something television needs more of. I can blend with the girls with some flirting, I can fit in with the meat head jocks, it's one of my MANY skills.

Blaine chuckles to himself, and waves to the other members on the speedboat.

BLAINE MUNROE: I'm going to win this competition, and none of them will see it coming as I head straight for the jugular. Blood will be spilled. But it's not staining my shirt, that's for sure.

The camera focuses on a black haired girl, with winged eyeliner, and a perfect contour. The girl sports a long white dress, and several pieces of jewelry and a headband, and looks up, away from her tribemates. "Meet Sonya Morrison, a model. But there's a lot more to her than meets the eye." McLean introduces the audience to her.

SONYA MORRISON: Hiiiiii, I'm Sonya Morrison, I'm twenty years old, and I'm like, a famous model. I'm like, very pretty, not trying to be like, uh, mean or anything, but like, I'm on a lot of magazine covers, I've been around the world and I was on TV a lot, so that's like, super cool, you know what I mean? *coughs* Ugh, is that bubbly and stupid enough for you?

Sonya adjusts her headband.

SONYA MORRISON: That's exactly what I want the others to think of me like. I'm ruthless. Cunning. Deceitful, and I WILL trample all of these vile minions and claim the million dollars. I don't need the money or anything, I'm just here for fun, and watching all of them get their torches snuffed is certainly going to be satisfying.

"Ouch." Chris comments. "She's mad."

SONYA MORRISON: But yeah, I'm a model. Don't ask for my autograph, you mangy f***ers don't get it. Maybe if you're on my level I might bat an eye. This competition isn't ready for my presence, but I'll donate it anyway. This is my season. The others are just special guest stars. Minus the special. And stars.

"Meet our final contestant, Zachary Wilkinson!" Chris says, as the camera zooms onto a ginger haired male, who wears a letterman jacket and grey sweatpants, and appears to be a muscly jock, and pushes his hair back. 

ZACHARY WILKINSON: I'm Zachary Wilkinson. Nineteen. College football player. You get the drift. I'm physically inclined, and unlike a lot of jocks out there, I've got some smarts too. I'm always ready to take charge and dominate, and I'm not losing. Not ever. I can't even bare the thought, since I know it's not going to happen any time soon.

Zachary holds a football in his hand and tosses it in the air while waiting for the boat to arrive at the shore.

ZACHARY WILKINSON: I've never lost a game. Well, only one, but I had an excuse. I was sick, but the team needed me to go out since I'm the best they've got. Totally wasn't worth it. I could stomach a loss if I wasn't there, but, I did it anyway. Still haunts me to this day.

Zachary sighs, looking down at his feet.

ZACHARY WILKINSON: Alright. Keep your cool, dude. I'm going to win this competition, sick or not, and you're going to watch. Get ready for me to take charge, channel my inner alpha male, and lead my team to victory, but especially myself. At its core, this is an individual game, and I'm going to do whatever I can to further myself especially.

Elimination Table

Ranking Contestant Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
TBA Blaine
TBA Brooke
TBA Connor
TBA Jessica
TBA Laurel
TBA Melina
TBA Mitchell
TBA Porsha
TBA Radley
TBA Sonya
TBA Warren
TBA Zachary


  • Laurel Williams and Mitchell Stewart were based off Chanel #3 and Chad Radwell from Scream Queens respectively.

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