Twenty Canadians have signed up for the adventure of a lifetime. They will head to Palau, be split two different tribes and compete for the million dollars.


  • Amy
  • Carrie
  • Courtney
  • Dave
  • Dawn
  • Duncan
  • Gerry
  • Heather
  • Jacques
  • Jen
  • Lightning
  • Mickey
  • Noah
  • Owen
  • Rock
  • Sadie
  • Sanders
  • Tammy
  • Taylor
  • Topher

Episode 1 "A Game Like No Other"

Day 1

Opening Scene

A speed boat is seen in the ocean approaching PALAU.

Chris: (ontop of a speed boat) We are now on our way to PALAU. One of the most beautiful places in the world with beautiful landscape and sea creatures. Here is where we are holding the first ever season of the Expedition series! 20 people from around canada have auditioned for a chance of a lifetime in a game like no other! They have been split into 2 opposing tribes. Ulong who will always wear blue, and Koror who will always wear brown.

Twenty people are seen paddling to shore.

Opening Confessionals

Carrie: [CONF] I was raised in a small town, I'm a girl next door; I want to make friends to further myself, while yes you do have to be tactical, it ultimately comes down to social game and making the right moves at the right time. And I wanna play. So bring it on!

Amy: [CONF] I'm used to being in control. And I don't doubt it'll happen here. Guys wanna date me and girls wanna be me, and probably vice versa. Their probably gonna call me a bitch. And I am a bitch. I will not resist to relentlessly DESTROY your game if it gets me further.

Courtney: [CONF] I know how to win. I won dozens of elections and was the president of almost every club-- I'm a Counselor in Training, so I'm sure I will have a edge over the competition. I'm used to working with people and I'm used to doing things myself... I'm not afraid to go and fight alone if I have to.

Mickey: [CONF] Ever since I was born I was used to being in pain. I was never the most popular, athletic, or overall anything remotely positive. But I'm still fighting! For the first time, I feel a little confident that I can possibly do this!

Topher: [CONF] The first thing you notice about me is probbaly that I'm very dashing. And not to brag, well (smirks) maybe a little, I AM. I probably will hate everything at camp life. But I'm still here to play. I may not get physically dirty but strategically? I am pretty sure everyone's blood will be on MY hands.

Dawn: [CONF] I'm used to being stereotyped as weird. Which most inhabitants would agree with. But it doesn't bother me. I don't need the money. I want the money to donate to charity. I will not play despicable... but I will not play weak as well. And I plan on winning, so I'll do what I got to do.

Jen: [CONF] If I can make it in the fashion world, I can make it in this world. People look at me and probably shrug me off as a barbie doll. But when I put my mind to something it HAPPENS. I'm used to dealing with harsh people who critique my work, but I keep my head held high and work harder and harder for it to be enough. I am positive I will be the one walking away with that $1,000,000 check! 

Sadie: [CONF] I work a kiosk in Cali, I love having fun and having a good time in general! I want to focus on the social element, I'm not the most fit (giggles) but I have the heart, determination, and mental strength to make it far in this game. Who knows? I could win!

Rock: [CONF] I uh, still live in my parents basement and stuff but they aren't getting any younger-- they really want me to move out! I am probably gonna be outcasted quick for being a rocker, but I need this money more than anything right now! And I'll do whatever it takes to win.

Jacques: [CONF] I'm prob-ah-bly the biggeest guy out 'ere. But I 'm preeeety sure that I can ween! Compeeteen in the o'lympics could get pee-pul to see me as a thee-ret. But if I'm l'uckee maybee I can find myself in a alliance and make it to the end. I am gonna play to ween. Ee-ven if I DO need to sab-oh-tage'.

The Beach

Chris: Hello everyone and welcome to the first season of Expedition! (everyone claps) We chose YOU 20 young-to-mid-adults to compete out of thousands who auditioned! (everyone claps) as you see, you paddled in boats divided by gender... that WILL not be your actual tribe! (everyone gasps and look around) I will name you all off one by one! On the brown tribe, Koror, we have... (throws buff to designated people) Amy. Carrie. Courtney. Dave. Gerry. Mickey. Owen. Sanders. Tammy. and... Topher! Please stand over on that brown mat. (points to mat, and they all stand on it).

Sanders: (smiles looking at her team)

Sanders: [CONF] Being a police cadet, I am used to working with different personalities, I'm pretty sure that'll help me out when dealing with all of these people.

Amy: [CONF] I can tell that I'm on a tribe of a bunch of LOSERS. Luckily for me, a bunch of losers I can control. (smirks)

Chris: The rest of you, Dawn. Duncan, Heather. Jacques. Jen. Lightning. Noah. Rock. Sadie. and... Taylor! will be Ulong who will always wear blue. Please stand over on that blue mat. (points to mat and they walk over and stand on it).

Noah: [CONF] I don't know about the rest, but I am pretty sure I'm the smartest person here. And I plan on manipulating everyone. Compared to me, their a bunch of idiots.

Chris: The first challenge will be tomorrow, get adjusted and comfortable, cause some of you will be here for 39 days! (claps before Chris throws the maps; everyone grabs crates of supplies and start walking to their camp)

Ulong camp

Dawn | Duncan | Heather| Jacques | Jen | Lightning | Noah | Rock | Sadie | Taylor

Jen: [CONF] On this tribe we had the big, buff, alphas.

Duncan: (sawing wood)

Lightning (using a machete to hammer a peice of wood in)

Jacques (carrying rice on his back)

Heather [CONF] Then there's those awkward losers.

Rock Oh (chuckles) I have my own band, I'm into rock a lot.

Noah (glancing at everyone as he reads a book on a stump) 

Heather [CONF] Then at the girls you have the nicey nice ones.

Sadie (giggling at a joke)

Dawn (helping the men make a shelter)

Jen [CONF] And then, there is the 'pretty girls'. 

Jen (talking to Jacques laughing)

Heather: (putting hands through hair)   

Jen: [CONF] And then... there's Taylor.

Koror camp

Amy | Carrie | Courtney| Dave | Gerry | Mickey | Owen | Sanders | Tammy | Topher

Courtney [CONF] We get to camp and everyone has scattered. I mean this game is a game like no other but come on! We JUST got here. Maybe I should work on meeting everyone, so I can see who can be my allies, and who fits in the trash bag.

Courtney: (walking with Topher) Well, I will say, out of all people here, you look like the one I can trust.

Topher: Well, I can say the same, our tribe is a mess.

Courtney: Actually, what if we work togheter, to take this people down?

Topher: Chill down, girl. First of all, why would you do that?

Courtney: I have to say, I wanna pick most of this weirdos one by one: Amy, Carrie, Owen, the viking, whatever she is named, and Gerry.

Ulong Camp

Dawn | Duncan | Heather| Jacques | Jen | Lightning | Noah | Rock | Sadie | Taylor

Jacques: I won ze gold medal SEV-ER-AL times. You have to be tal-ent-ed like me.

Sadie: Oh, can you show us an Ice skating trick?

Jacques: No. It is ill-eg-al to show Ice dancing SKILLS to unprofessionals.

Sadie: Oh..

Taylor: Pfft, you probably suck at it anyways. You aren't going anywhere with it. Now stop flooding my mind with your stupid stories.

Jacques: *gasp*

Duncan: [CONF] Things were a bit awkward at camp. Taylor is having one of her random girly outbursts and it's really, really annoying. I'm just here to relax and have a vacation but this girl is ruining it.

Jen: (walks in) So guys, what's up?

Jacques: The ugly girl in-sult-ed my talents! *points to Taylor*

Taylor: Whatever loser.

Jen: Don't mind her. She's just really bratty and annoying.

Taylor: Excuse me? You're the one who tries to make sunglasses work. That's 2009. Get over it.

Jen: Honestly, just shut up and stop blaming me because of your actions.

Taylor: I'll do what I want.

Jen: Taylor...just go running back to your mom :)

Dawn: [CONF] It's only day one and everyone is arguing (sighs) It is ruining our tribe harmony and it's my job to play peacemaker before these conflicts affect our challenge performance.

Taylor: [CONF] I am sick and tired of this whole entire tribe. They're a bunch of weirdos. I want to go home. I hate it here.

Jen: [CONF] Taylor is so obnoxious and annoying. She is going to be the death of this happy tribe.

Heather: You guys are maniacs. I thought I was crazy.

Dawn: (collecting flowers with Sadie) These will surely boost the morals at camp, right?

Sadie: Definitely!

Lightning: Sha-Lightning can pick up MORE flowers than you guys!

Dawn: It isn't a competition, Lightning. It's all about working together.

Lightning: Pfft. Working together rhymes with STUPID. So it's STU-PID. S-T-Q-L-S. STUPID. Now watch my amazing flower picking! (pulls a piece of flower as it breaks in half) This is rigged like the Super Bowl!

Noah: Yeah because the perfect thing to compare your annoying Super Bowl talk is flower picking.

Koror Camp

Amy | Carrie | Courtney| Dave | Gerry | Mickey | Owen | Sanders | Tammy | Topher

Carrie: Mickey, you're doing a great job at weaving!

Mickey: (sweating) Thanks.

Carrie: And Gerry, I love this fish!

Gerry: Thanks.

Carrie: [CONF] As of right now, I'm close with Mickey and Gerry. Mickey is one of the nicest and fragile people here. And Gerry is such a great man. He reminds me of my grandpa.

Amy: (rolls eyes, watching Carrie) She is so fake.

Courtney: What was that?

Amy: Nothing.

Courtney: You're annoyed by Carrie too?

Amy: Oh absolutely. She is so fake. I can't stand her. [CONF] Carrie is super annoying. She compliments and tries to portray herself as the sweetheart. I can see right through her little act.

Courtney: Do you see her nappy hair?

Amy: Oh, yes! (giggles)

Carrie: (smiling)

Sanders: (walking along a path) So Tammy, where do you come from?

Tammy: A magical cave full of Vikings where I stand as their leader; oh and there's a wizard.

Sanders: Okay. [CONF] I'm a police officer. It's my job to be able to investigate on people and really see what's going through their head. Tammy's a weirdo though.

Tammy: [CONF] I have a secret I'm hiding from everyone. I told Sanders I live in a viking cave. That's silly. I actually live in a top secret mushroom town where I am the supreme goddess of Viking Helmets and I became all their rules. *laughs* But of course I'm not telling them. That will put a target on my back.

Topher: So uh Dave, what's your favorite hairstyle?

Dave: I don't really care about those types of things.

Topher: Oh, why?

Dave: It just seems sort of irrelevant. [CONF] Topher and I are complete opposites BUT he's the only person who made an effort to talk to me so I unfortunately HAVE to align with him. To win a million bucks; you have to be able to vote people off. And that is a HOBBY of mine.

Carrie: (laughing with Gerry) That story is so hilarious!

Gerry: Thanks. You're one sweet girl.

Carrie: Aw.

Mickey: (walks up) Guys! I chopped a coconut!

Gerry: (clapping)

Carrie: (claps) I love hanging out with you two. Can like, us three stick together?

Mickey: Sure.

Gerry: Sure. [CONF] I trust Carrie and I trust Mickey. I like our little alliance. We all are trustworthy, loyal people and I can't see any of us flipping. We got a social player in Carrie. A smart player in Mickey. And a life experienced player in me. It's a win-win-win.

Day 2

Ulong Camp

Dawn | Duncan | Heather| Jacques | Jen | Lightning | Noah | Rock | Sadie | Taylor

Sadie: (giggling) That's hilarious!

Lightning: The Lightning takes his comedy to the comedy Super Bowl!

Heather: I'm not even sure that exists. (mumbles) Idiot. [CONF] My tribe is obviously less superior and not as...talented as me. I mean; it's not their fault but it's my fault for being too amazing. (Flips hair)

Noah: [CONF] I'm starting to get kind of tired of this tribe. None of them can go ONE minute without talking. I'm the only logical person here.

Dawn: I'm feeling a lot of weird vibes. Do we all enjoy it here?

Everyone: Yes.

Noah: (eyeroll)

Heather: (groans)

Sadie: Why wouldn't someone enjoy this cool ride? [CONF] I'm definitely having fun here. Something about Survivor just makes me feel confident and open. I feel like I can be myself without being judged. There's so many different personalities here and I'm just one of them. During my childhood, I was judged because I wasn't like the other girls and I was different. That taught me to not give up and to only focus on MY opinion. And I'm proud of myself. It's an art piece that I; myself; created.

Koror Camp

Amy | Carrie | Courtney| Dave | Gerry | Mickey | Owen | Sanders | Tammy | Topher

Amy: *to Courtney* You know; if we hate Carrie so much; possibly a temporarily team-up against her will do the trick?

Courtney: Oh, I am so in.

Amy: Amazing. [CONF] Carrie's fakeness is going to get voted off...along with Carrie. She doesn't deserve to stay in this game. She's annoying and I want her gone.

Courtney: [CONF] Amy is aggressively targeting Carrie and she's my only ally so far; so I HAVE to go along with it. And Carrie going might not be bad. She's a threat to win.

Immunity Challenge

Chris: Come on in guys!

(The two tribes march to their mats; giving competitive glances to each other)

Chris: Alright. Owen, how's the Koror tribe holding up?

Owen: It's just one big happy..

Topher: Family?

Owen: PARTY!

Tammy: (high fives Owen)

Chris: Rock, how's your tribe?

Rock: Really strong and united, Jeff.

Jen: Mhm. (rolls eyes)

Taylor: *mumbles* Jen is the tribe ruiner.

Chris: Alright. (takes cloth off table, showing tribal immunity idol) Immunity is up for grabs. Win this and your entire tribe is safe from tribal. Immunity is what you want in this game.

Dave: (clapping)

Chris: Alright; for today's challenge six members of your tribe will run to the end of the shore to assemble a boat using puzzle pieces. Once it's out in the water, you will paddle to a crate of puzzle pieces. You will return it to shore where four other members will assemble a Survivor puzzle. First tribe to do so wins immunity! Alright, let's get started. I'll give you a minute to strategize.

(Moments later)

Chris: For Ulong; Duncan, Rock, Jacques, Lightning, Jen, and Taylor are running. For Koror; Courtney, Amy, Sanders, Tammy, Topher, and Carrie are running. Survivors ready....GO!

(They all begin running up a sand hill then to the end of the shore; where they reach puzzle pieces)

Chris: Everybody rips through the sand and is assembling the boat. Those pieces are HEAVY.

Tammy: (exhaustedly carrying pieces)

Chris: Tammy REALLY struggling.

Amy: (grabs piece from Tammy and puts it in) There.

Chris: Amy making some progress for Koror!

Jacques: Not only am I an ex-cell-ent ice dancer; but I am great at puzz-les. (quickly assembling boat)

Chris: Jacques QUICKLY making the boat. Ulong now has the lead! Tammy is still struggling!

Jacques: (puts in last pieces) Lets go! (pushing boat in water and jumps in with everyone)

Chris: Ulong now paddling! Koror needs to pick it up!

Courtney: (puts in last piece) Let's go! Let's go! (Pushes boat into water)

Chris: Koror now in the water but Ulong has a huge lead!

Ulong: (paddling cohesively)

Chris: Ulong using some nice team work!

Ulong: (reaches crate)

Chris: Someone has to dive in and untie the crate! Keep it moving!

Duncan: (dives in and begins untying)

Chris: It is DUNCAN untying the crate for Ulong.

Koror: *reaches crate*

Sanders: (dives in and begins untying)

Chris: It is SANDERS untying the crate for Koror. And she is flying through those knots!

Sanders: (quickly moving through knots)

Chris: Sanders undoing more knots!

Sanders: (releases crate and throws it onto boat)

Chris: It is now Koror in the lead! They are paddling back!

Carrie: (paddling) Stroke!

Chris: They have good teamwork!

Duncan: (struggling to untie)

Jacques: Let me do it!

Duncan: Fine. (goes back into boat)

Jacques: (dives in and begins untying)

Chris: Jacques now in the water for Ulong!

Koror: (reaches shore and hands crate to puzzle makers)

Chris: Koror is doing the puzzle! It is Gerry, Mickey, Owen, and Dave doing the puzzle!

Mickey: (putting pieces in)

Chris: This is a fifty piece puzzle that requires you to visually see the bigger picture.

Jacques: (releases crate and puts it on boat, then climbs back in)

(The boat tips over)

Chris: Ulong's boat tips over! Whatever lead they had is GONE! It's a disaster!

(They climb back in and place their crate back, and begin paddling!

Gerry: (puts pieces in)

Chris: Ulong finally back in the boat and paddling!

Mickey: Don't those pieces go there?

Gerry: Oh fuck! (takes all pieces out and begins rearranging it)

Chris: Koror messed up and is redoing the puzzle! That opens up the door for Ulong!

Ulong: (reaches shore and hands crate to puzzle makers)

Chris: Ulong is now doing the puzzle! It is Dawn, Sadie, Noah, and Heather doing the puzzle.

Sadie: (begins putting pieces in)

Mickey: (puts pieces in)

Chris: It's head to head. Ulong has caught up!

Noah: (quickly assembling puzzle)

Heather: (puts in final piece) DONE!

Chris: ULONG wins immunity!

(Everyone is seen back on their mats)

Chris: Alright. (grabs tribal immunity idol)

Dawn: (walks up and cheerfully grabs idol)

Taylor: (rolls eyes) Sucks I can't vote off Jen.

Jen: Can you like shut up?

Taylor: No. You have been criticizing my every move. You have got to stop nagging people.

Jen: It's because you can't do anything.

Carrie: I may not be on your tribe but if I may step in; you can't say she can't do anything. She needs encouragement.

Jen: Shut up.

Chris: Alright. Head out.

Amy: [CONF] So Carrie goes up to join Taylor and Jen's argument acting like its her business. It isn't. She's going to join with them and destroy my- I mean, our tribe. If these people had brains, they'd vote for Carrie tonight. It's SIMPLE.

Ulong Camp

Dawn | Duncan | Heather| Jacques | Jen | Lightning | Noah | Rock | Sadie | Taylor

Sadie: (walking down beach)

Rock: (walks up to Sadie) Hey!

Sadie: Oh, hi.

Rock: What's up?

Sadie: I ate some beans and everybody gave me a weird look..

Rock: Oh.

Sadie: It's high school all over again.

Rock: Hey; I'm an outcast too. I get it.

Sadie: Really? :O

Rock: Absolutely. Most people don't appreciate my air guitar.

Sadie: *laughs* [CONF] Rock is really funny and he's an outcast like me. He's a fun guy to be around and it's great for the tribe.

Rock: [CONF] Sadie's a cool chick. She's someone I can talk to. And I like getting to know her.

Day 3

Koror Camp

Amy | Carrie | Courtney| Dave | Gerry | Mickey | Owen | Sanders | Tammy | Topher

Carrie [CONF] I feel..somewhat comfortable tonight. I noticed a potential two targets tonight. One is Courtney. Courtney is way too bossy, cruel, and really, really intelligent. She's a HUGE threat. The other is Amy. She's disrespectful, impolite, bad attitude, and she's a loose cannon. I can't decide WHICH one should go but I want to get a plan moving.

(Courtney and Amy are on beach as the other eight tribe members are huddled in shelter)

Carrie: It's got to be Courtney or Amy.

Owen: You got it!

Sanders: [CONF] Carrie has really good ideas. Her plan is to take out one of two negative vibes. Courtney or Amy. It's totally doable and going to be totally good for all of our games.

Dave: [CONF] I underestimated Carrie. She's coming in HARD. She is playing on the fast lane and I don't like it at all.

Tammy: Do we think either of them has idols?

Mickey: The last time I caught them looking for an idol was on day one. Ever since then, I noticed a LUMP in Amy's bag.

Gerry: Now, now. I think Courtney has it.

Sanders: Yeah. Courtney's WAY too comfortable.

Carrie: Okay then let's split it. Four Amy; four Courtney

Topher: Who's voting who?

Carrie: Gerry, Mickey, Dave, and I vote Amy. Tammy, Sanders, Topher, and Owen vote Courtney.

Owen: Okay! [CONF] I'm going to blend in with the crowd and join the partay! I'm here for the fun! And I'm having fun! Woo-hoo!

Tammy: [CONF] The plan is for us to split the votes. There's no problem with that so Amy or Courtney are going home.

Amy: (to Courtney) You think they're talking?

Courtney: Oh, duh.

Amy: They're definitely splitting it.

Courtney: Oh, agreed. So all we need is...two people.

Amy: But who? [CONF] Those people think they're slick. I know EXACTLY what they're up to and it'll be fun to ruin their plans. My vote is for CARRIE. No questions asked.

Courtney: (walks up to Topher) What's your like...thought process?

Topher: Oh, well my SHAMPOO needs to be a little bit more-

Courtney: Not that.

Topher: Oh. Then what?

Courtney: Vote wise, of course. What are you thinking?

Topher: Well... (folds arms)

Courtney: Come on, spill.

Topher: Carrie kind of told us to vote you or Amy. [CONF] Courtney is very intimidating! But better her being mad at Carrie than moi, right?

Courtney: Are you kidding me? (sighs)

Topher: Um, of course not. If I were lying, I'd have to think of a lie, and that would very stressful and do I look like I have gray hairs?

Courtney: What would you think about potentially voting Carrie with me and Amy?

Topher: Hmmm... she is boring.

Courtney: Wouldn't you want to make the best show possible?

Topher: I'll think about it Court. Let me soak up the airtime. (walks off)

Courtney: [CONF] I'm not surprised Carrie's targeting me. Topher basically confirmed the obvious. I am an obvious threat because I'm a strong, outspokemen woman. But do you really think it's going to be easy to take out such a strong, outspoken woman?

Amy: [CONF] So, if we have Toe-fur's vote, GAG, it's like, 4-3-3. We still need one more of these simple-minded people to join forces with US, and vote out Carrie. 

Dave: (gathering firewood) Gah! Ugh... dirt (drops them on the floor) Why did I bother?

Amy: Hey, germaphobe.

Dave: Well, it's actually called mysophobia. 

Amy: Cool. (rolls eyes) So, don't you agree Carrie is a little bit untrustworthy?

Dave: Somewhat. I don't like how fast she's taking things.

Amy: Well, wouldn't you want to vote her out then? Join forces with me, Courtney and like, some other guy? 

Dave: That's enough, right?

Amy: It'll be 4-3-3. Try to convince me that's NOT a majority. Oh wait, it is. 

Dave: I'll consider it. [CONF] Amy approaches me with a plan to blindside Carrie, and I'm all up for it. Carrie's put a big target on her back, and I can't trust her. But who knows what will happen?

Tribal Council

The Koror tribe arrive at the tribal council area, and sit on the stools.

Chris: Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab one, dip it in and get fire. In this game, fire represents your life and when your fire is gone, so are you. Now, please be seated, and let us start the first tribal council meeting of the season. (smirks) Gerry, do you think screwing up the puzzle puts a target on your back?

Gerry: Heheh, I'm sure the tribe will forgive me on account of the age thing! (chuckling) Didn't get my 18 hour sleep a day, that's for sure.

Chris: But isn't your age a good reason to vote you out, as opposed to a more fit, younger person?

Gerry: Let me say this. I know at least one younging I'm stronger than.

Chris: Mickey, do you also take responsibility for the loss?

Mickey: Heh, yeah. I feel really bad, since the puzzle is one of the few things in life I should have done average in... (sighs) I'll understand if I'm the one going home.

Chris: Owen, what are your thoughts on the Koror tribe thus far?

Owen: Whoa, Chris! This tribe is AWESOME! (cheering) A lot of people in the real world judge me, but I'm so happy to be in a tribe where I really fit in and get along with everyone!

Dave: (raises eyebrow)

Chris: Dave, your thoughts on your experience?

Dave: It's been... shockingly average. I'm grateful I can be out here, but... snakes, spiders, sleeping on bamboo and dirt... I could definitely do with a spa day or two.

Chris: Sanders, do you think this tribe can pick it up after tonight's vote?

Sanders: Yeah, I think we've got enough team spirit to last us a couple of weeks, atleast. (smiles) But we were just filling apart at the cha-

Gerry: It's falling apart, not filling! Unless you're doing a dentist commerical. (laughs) I've had my fair share.

Sanders: Yeah, as I was saying...

Amy: Um, maybe you could not interrupt her to make a useless correction?

Gerry: Pardon?

Amy: No offence, but that was unnecessary and like, rude.

Gerry: I beg your pardon?

Amy: Do you like, need a hearing check or something?

Gerry: Brats like you are the reason society is crumbling! Didn't your parents teach you basic manners like respecting your elders?

Amy: How did you even pass physical out here?

Gerry: I drink a lot of milk.

Amy: Well, everytime you gather firewood, I can just hear a crack in your body. Gag. (rolls eyes)

Gerry: Weren't you the one lecturing me about being rude? Double standards!

Amy: You started it. So I'm going to finish it. (folds arms)

Sanders: Hey, come on now, let's be civil. 

Chris: Amy, has the hunger really started to set in?

Amy: Obviously. Otherwise I wouldn't be arguing with a brick wall. I'd know better.

Chris: Carrie, do you think there is an obvious target tonight?

Carrie: Well, I'd say there's two. No offence, but they've been draining us of positivity, and we need to put salt on the leech, and since we don't have any, I suppose a torch snuffing will do.

Chris: Courtney, do you know who the target is?

Courtney: Of course I do. These people aren't exactly difficult to read. (rolls eyes)

Chris: And who would that be?

Courtney: I can confirm one of them is me. I guess the tribe is intimidated or something.

Amy: (raises hand) Oh, look, I'm the second.

Gerry: Sheesh, I wonder why.

Amy: Can you drop it, old man?

Tammy: Now, now. Would a spell cheer this tribe up?

Chris: Topher, what do you think the tribe needs to go to move forward?

Topher: Get rid of the weak link, give me more relevancy, and yeah, that's enough.

Chris: With that, it is time to vote. Amy, you're up.

Amy walks up to the voting booth smirking, as she is seen writing down Carrie's name.

Amy: (holds parchment) You messed with the wrong cheerleader. I hope you enjoy ponderosa. (blows kiss)

Carrie follows, and writes down Amy's name.

Carrie: (holds parchment) No hard feelings, Amy, but it's all part of the plan. We need to cut off the head of the snake.

Carrie walks back and the other tribe mates follow in voting. Sanders is seen walking up to the booth.

Sanders: (writes down Courtney's name) I really hope the idol is flushed out. And we need cooperation and positivity on this tribe, or we can't move forward. Sorry. (folds parchment, placing it in the urn)

Chris: I'll go tally the votes. (walks off)

Chris comes back with the urn, placing it down before him, and the tribe members are anxious to get to the results.

Chris: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so. (silence) Aight. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. (opens urn lid, and pulls out a parchment) First vote, Amy.

Amy: (rolls eyes)

Chris: (opens parchment) Courtney.

Courtney: Shocker.

Chris: (opens parchment) Carrie. We're tied. One vote Amy, one vote Courtney, one vote Carrie. 

Carrie: Alright...

Chris: (flips parchment) Amy. Courtney. Carrie. Tied again.

Carrie: (smirks at the two girls)

Chris: (flips parchment) Amy. Courtney.

Amy: (folds arms)

Chris: (flips parchment) Carrie. We're tied. Three votes Amy, three votes Courtney, three votes Carrie, one vote left.

Carrie: (looks around, shocked) Huh? That wasn't part of the plan...

Chris: (holds parchment) First person voted out of Expedition: Palau...

Courtney: (crosses fingers)

Dave: (looks down at his feet in shame)

Chris: (flips parchment) Carrie. Need to bring me your torch.

Sanders: (raises eyebrows) Wow...

Amy: Haha! Bye girl. (claps)

Courtney: (hi-fives Amy) 

Topher: (stares at Carrie, as she walks off.

Carrie: (places down torch, staring at Chris) I did not see this coming.

Chris: Carrie, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go. (snuffs her torch)

Carrie: Bye, y'all. (waves at her tribe, and walks off)

Chris: First tribal, first blindside. You guys need to find unity and pull it together, because otherwise, I'll be seeing you here again. Also, since you visited tribal council, you now have fire in the form of flint. (throws Topher the flint) Grab your stuff, head back to camp. Goodnight.

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