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Based on the film Exam, Eight candidates cooperate in order to secure a job with a prestigious company. 


  1. ​DestructiveMilkshake
  2. XxSolarEclipsexX
  3. DerpyandDawn
  4. OstianWendy
  5. Prince Blake
  6. SerenelyChaotic
  7. XxAquaInfinityxX
  8. SteelWolf


​Stage 1: Rules

"This is an extremely important project in our dark times and if you can't survive our selection process, you won't survive on the job. Many hardworking candidates failed to reach this point. You have succeeded. And now the final stage lies before you. One last hurdle separates you from your goal, which is to join our esteemed ranks. The test is simple in comparison yet it will determine who leaves this room with a contract of employment and who leaves with a bus ride home. There is no law in this room, but our law. The only rules in here are our rules. There is one question before you, and one question required. If you try to communicate with myself, or the guard in this room, you will be disqualified. If you spoil your paper, you will be disqualified. If you choose to leave this room for any reason, you will be disqualified. Any questions?"


"Best of luck everyone. You all get 80 minutes. 80 minutes, to determine the next 80 years of your life. Begin."

The tall man leaves the room. 

Everyone tries to look at the blank piece of paper with "Candidate" written on it, along with their number, which ranges from 1 to 8. They look on the back to find nothing. All of them are confused.

SteelWolf then gets an idea. He grabs his pencil and starts writing "I think I deserve this job because-" He soon feels someone touch his shoulder.

"I'm not done." He says to the guard.

The guard picks SteelWolf up by his arm and opens the door. "No! I AM NOT DONE!" He yells. SteelWolf is thrown out.

7 Remain. 

Everyone looks around. The room is quiet after SteelWolf's departure. No one touches their pencil.

DestructiveMilkshake then looks over to XxSolarEclipsexX. 

"Hey." He says.

Solar looks at him.

Milk looks at the guard, who doesn't seem to notice it.

"Didn't you hear what the man said?" Asks Solar.

"It's not about what he said. It's about what he didn't say. He never said that we couldn't talk." Says Milk.

"He's right." Says a boy in the back of the room. "All he said was that we could not ruin our papers, try to leave, or talk to him or the guard. We're free to do anything else."

Milkshake stands up. 

"I say we work together."

"Why would we do that? Only 1 person is getting the job." Asks DerpyandDawn.

"He never said that. AND, we don't know the question. We can work together to figure it out. Then it's every man for themself." Says Milk.

"What if it's a different question for each person?" Asks Wendy.

"I'm sure it's not. He said 1 question. Not 8." Replies Milkshake. 

"Nice job, hillbilly." Says Solar.

"That's not my name." Says Milk.

"There are no names in this room." Says Solar. "There is no law in here. So we can go with nicknames."

"You're Aussie." Says Milk to Solar. "I'm Hillbilly. You are Brit." Says Milk to Wendy. "You're Blonde." He says as he turns to Derpy. "You're Silent." He says to Dianted. "And you're Homo." He says to Aqua. "Any objections?" He asks.

"Apart from your gross, disgusting, and sexually incensitive stereotyping?" Asks Dianted.

"If you're that sensitive you shouldn't be here, and since you ran your mouth, you're no longer Silent. Now you're Sensitive." Says Milk.

Everyone is quiet.

"So, what else hasn't he forbidden?" Asks Milk.

"He never said we couldn't stand." Says Blake.

"Yes." Says Milk. He pushes his chair out and stands up. 

The guard ignores him once again.

He walks around. "I guess we can walk around too."

"How is that going to help us?" Asks Solar.

"I'm not sure, Aussie, but sitting around wasn't helping either, was it?" Milk asks.

"Wait." Aqua is heard at the end of the room.

"What if the question is written down?" He asks, looking at his blank paper.

"We just can't see it." Replies Dianted.

"Exactly." Says Aqua.

"See? We might have our solution." Replies Milk.

"Do you mean something like invisible ink?" Asks Wendy.

"Or a watermark." Replies Solar.

"It's possible." Says Aqua.

"But we need something to reveal it. Like light." Aqua says, looking around the room.

Blake holds out his paper under the lights on the ceiling.

"Nothing. Nice plan." He says.

"Those are halogen lights." Says Aqua. He points to the lights on the wall. "Those aren't."

Everyone looks at the wall.

Could it lead to the answer?

Stage 2: Lights

Everyone looks at the lights on the wall.

"They won't bite." Says Blake.

Aqua looks at him, then proceeds to get up and grab his paper. He holds his paper on the light, and moves the paper around.

"They aren't going to make it that easy." Says Milk.

"We're on the clock. How long can they afford to make it?" Asks Dianted.

The room becomes silent once again. 

"What if the pencil isn't just for writing the answer?" Asks Wendy. "What if it reveals the question too, by shading the page like tracing paper?"

"Try it, Brit." Says Milk.

"Don't." Says Derpy. "Remember what he said? If you spoil your paper, you'll be disqualified. Does anyone know the definition of spoiling?"

"Come on, guys. Let's crack the code. We need some ideas." Says Solar.

"We need to do some testing." Replies Aqua. "Everyone up to the light."

"I already told you. They aren't going to make it that easy." Says Milk.

"Unless you want us to separate, I suggest we cross out methods as we go." Says Aqua, intimidating Milk.


Milk grabs RJ's paper and puts it up to the light. 


Everyone gets up and grabs their paper. They all shine it up to the light. 

Once again, nothing.

"Then I guess we can cross light off the list." Says Milk.

"Light is a spectrum. There's light we can see, but there's also light we can't ultraviolet, infrared, and x-rays." Says Derpy.

"If we can't see it then how can we find it?" Asks Dianted.

"The source must be visible, even if the light isn't." Says Derpy.

Everyone looks around the room, searching for light.

Wendy looks at lines in the wall, each about 2 inches deep. He sticks his finger in and feels glass.

"Find the light switches." He says.

"There aren't any." Says Dianted. "Not in here, anyway and if we choose to leave this room for any reason we'll be disqualified."

"There must be some way to trigger these..." Says Wendy.

"This is emergency lighting."Says Derpy.

Everyone turns to him.

"So let's create an emergency." Replies Aqua.

"That may be very risky." Says Solar.

"It's less risky than doing nothing, though." Says Milk.

"He's right. If we try this and we fail, we can't go back." Says Derpy.

"Let's vote." Says Milk.

Milk raises his hand. 

He is followed by Aqua.

Dianted raises his hand.

The room is silent.

Wendy puts his hand up.

"Let's do it." Says Milk. He picks up a chair and smashes all of the lights out on the wall.

Aqua looks at the lights on the ceiling.

"Those too." He says.

Solar picks up a chair and breaks the lights on the ceiling, making it completely dark.

Blue lights turn on all around them.

"Nice." Says Milk.

"Is this the blue that you wanted?" Asks Solar.

"This is black light. The kind credit cards use to reveal their security symbols." Says Derpy.

Everyone tests out their sheets on the lights.

"Yeah, well its a shame we didn't apply to work at Visa." Says Milk. "Our gamble might have payed off."

"It did pay off. Just not in the way you wanted." Says Wendy. "You acted, and the room reacted. We should keep going." 

"Yeah, maybe." Says Milk.

"Maybe not." He says. He turns to derpy. "Sorry, it was invisible light you wanted, right? Because this looks pretty fucking visible." 

"The scientific word for it is near ultra-violet." Says Derpy. "It didn't work but it was worth trying."

Aqua looks at his arms and hands. 

"Well, we should come out of here with great tans." He replies.

Solar looks through to the lights.

"We've gotta knock these lights out too. The top half isn't lit." He says.

Derpy knocks out a light, which accidentally breaks both lights. He grabs a broken lightbulb piece and examines it.

"Infrared. The other option."

"That exposes something too?" Asks Solar.

"It's less common than UV, but yes. "Historians use it to make reflectagrams of sketch artlines in paintings. If it's hidden in our papers..."

Everyone looks at Derpy.

"Break the lights...carefully."

Dianted grabs the front of his shoe. He knocks the light out. He passes it over to Wendy.

Everyone grabs their shoes and knock out the lights. The room is pitch black.

The lights turn on. 

Everyone grabs their paper and once again, they try the lights.

"Nothing." Says Milk.

"Shit!" Yells Derpy.

"We need to think of a better alternative." Says Solar.

"ANY alternative! We've burned a quarter of our time already." Says Aqua.

Everyone turns to the clock. They have 60 minutes - 1 hour left.

"Perhaps this company is japanese, and this is an oragami exam." Says Dianted, sarcastically.

"Be our guest. That sheet is yours to spoil." Says Derpy.

Milk looks at Derpy. "Yes it is."

"But only your sheet." He continues.

He walks up to RJ's sheet. 

Aqua looks at it.

"It's a piece of paper."

"No, this is more than that. This is experimental material." Says Milk. "If you spoil your paper. This is not ours."

Milk takes the paper and puts it on RJ's desk. He sits down, and the remaining 6 crowd him.

He colors over the paper to see if he could get a question. Nothing.

"You know, we could be missing something obvious. Something right in front of our eyes." Says Dianted.

"Yeah yeah yeah." Says Milk. "Let's go over what we did. Light does not work. Lead does not work." He says, thinking.

"Liquid." Says Milk. He rips up his piece of paper and rolls it. "Alright. lick it, spit on it, get it wet, alright?" Milk says as he hands it to Derpy.

Stage 3: Fluid

Stage 4: Voice

Stage 5: Lies

Stage 6: Interrogation

Stage 7: Pill

Stage 8: Bullet

Stage 9: Threat

Stage 10: Exit

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