It has been 100 years since the Hunger Games have began, and the capitol is feeling very...nice... this year. All of the 12 districts will be delivering two tributes, one male and female, to be trained and prepared to fight to the death. Only one can win, and only twenty three of them can die. The capitol is ready once more to put them all together.

Which one will live,

And more importantly,

Which ones will die?


You can only have 3 characters. Also, don't forget to sign your signature so I know who you are.

  1. Maxwell - 16 - Male - Mr. E
  2. Jannah - 15 - Female - Mr. E
  3. Nathan - 16 - Male - XrosHearts
  4. Natalie - 16 - Female - XrosHears
  5. Amber-15-Female - Alfan
  6. Jake-13-Male - Jake R
  7. Ulaya- 15- Female- Zoom
  8. Calpurnia- 17- Female- Zoom (Calp fo' short)
  9. Alvin - 15 - Male - Sunsummer7
  10. Linda - 13 - Female - Sunsummer7
  11. Josie - 15- Female- Josie Amber
  12. Logan - 16 - Male - Josie Amber
  13. Luke - 19 - Male - OHF
  14. Samantha - 17 - Female - OHF
  15. Alexa - 16 - Female - Liam
  16. Luca - 18 - Male - Liam
  17. Rafael-15-Male-Alfan
  18. . Bradin-16- Male- Josie Amber
  19. Zac-15-Mrodd
  20. Camilla-16-Mrodd
  21. Jill-17-Female-INSF12
  22. Carmen-14-Female-INSF12
  23. Mimi ~ 12 [Female] (Teddy)
  24. Brighton ~ 12 [Male] (Teddy)

I can remove you if I don't think you'll do good here, or if I think you'll godplay/cheat. AND DO NOT ASK ON MY TALK PAGE FOR ME TO LET YOU IN OR TO ASK WHY I DIDN'T!

How to sign up:

1. Name. (Josh)

2. Age. (Josh - 18)

3. Gender. (Josh - 18 - Male)

Districts will be random.


  • No godplay.
  • No godmodding.
  • When you die, stay dead. Don't try to limp away or stay alive. For instance, if a rock falls and crushes you, don't try to crawl out from under it. It killed you.
  • Stay active.

District Assignments and Death Chart

Name of Tribute District How they died Kills Status
Josie 7 Winner 0 WINNER?
Rafael 3 Winner 10 WINNER?
Maxwell 8 Fell into the acid pool. 1 DEAD
Devon 7 Killed by voting. 0 DEAD


10 Eaten alive by the Hunter. 0 DEAD
Amber 1 Sliced in half by the Hunter's claws. 0 DEAD
Logan 2 Decapitated by the Hunter. 0 DEAD
Bradin 1 Throat slit by Maxwell. 0 DEAD
Linda 4 Killed during the parasite invasion. 0 DEAD
Alvin 9 Killed during the parasite invasion. 0 DEAD
Alexa 3 Killed during the parasite invasion. 0 DEAD
Luca 12 Killed during the parasite invasion. 0 DEAD
Natalie 8 Stabbed by Rafael and knocked into the lake to be eaten by piranha. 0 DEAD
Jill 6 Thrown into the parasites by Rafael. 0 DEAD
Carmen 11 Thrown into the parasites by Rafael. 0 DEAD
Brighton 12 Stabbed by Rafael in the groin and then eaten by parasites. 0 DEAD
Mimi 6 Stabbed in the foot by Rafael, she fell onto a mine. 0 DEAD
Camila 5 Killed by Rafael stabbing her in the chest. 0 DEAD
Zac 11 Killed by Rafael stabbing him in the eye and then falling on a mine. 0 DEAD
Jake 2 Rafael stabbed him in the chest. He rolled off of the cliff and onto some mines. His body exploded. 0 DEAD
Jannah 9 Died when Rafael chose to kill her while saving Jake. 0 DEAD
Samantha 5 Died with Luke after being eaten by piranha. 0 DEAD
Luke 4 Died with Samantha after being eaten by piranha. 0 DEAD
Nathan 10 Nathan was full of poison by snakes. He finally exploded once falling from the mountain. 0 DEAD

Day 1: When Districts Collide...

The district tributes have been called. The reaped souls are now on the train, on their way to the capitol. All tributes are together now. They may talk among themselves.



Train Cart 1:

In this cart, there is a small area for dining. Some cooks on the train are preparing breakfast.

-breakfast is served-

Jake: *takes bite of breakfast* Mmmm. This is indeed quite good. *takes another bite*

Mimi: *Takes a bite without a word, a blank look on her face*

Brighton: She seems happy...

Natalie: *eats her breafest*

Train Cart 2:

A set of rooms are here for districts 1-6.

Jake: (is his room) *wakes up* Wow, these sheets are comfy. *starts taking shower*

Servant: *opens door to room* Breakfast in five minutes. Hurry up. *leaves*

Rafael:*is awake and dressed* Pushy servants, apparently.

Jake: *gets dressed* Ready for my breakfast...

Alexandra: *wakes up*

Camillia: *Walks out of her room* So, where's the food?

Train Cart 3:

A set of rooms are here for districts 7-12.

Ulaya: *gets dressed*

Calpurnia: *is brushing her dark silky hair, eyeing Ulaya*

Luca: *yawns*

Zac: *Wakes up and looks in a mirror* Bed-head hair...

Train Cart 4:

This place is for everyone to socialize. This room is fairly empty except for a few tables.

Day 2: The Arena

The train ride goes to the capitol, where everyone does their interviews and training. They are soon thrown into the arena where the gamemakers watch them kill each other.


A grassy plain. A forest is to the left, and a mountain can be seen in the distance. However, there are no supplies on the ground...the players will have to create their own weapons!

Camila: Zac I'm scared, let's get out of here!

Zac: Sure thing? *Grabs Camila and starts to run North.*

Amber:*gets a piece of wood and breaks it, making it jagged*

  • Jake is heard screaming at the lake!

Rafael:*picks up a large piece of wood, for a lbunt weapon and somewhat a shield* Thank you, dead trees.*he puts it on his back and quickly heads for the Lake*

Amber:*runs off with her jagged weapon to the forest*

  • A violent earthquake suddenly occurs!
  • An acidic rain begins to fall! A downpour will begin soon! You must find shelter!

Camila: There! In the Cornucopia.

Zac: Oki-doke * Rushes under-neath for shelter, Camila right behind him*

  • There is no shelter around! The cave is the only closed in space!

Rafael:*arrives, runs over and randomly picks up Josie and Bradin, and lugs them towards the Mountain as fast as possible* Zac, Camila, mountain cave is safer D:

Amber:*picks up Logan, steals his epic hat, and follows Rafael towards the mountain*

  • The acid downpour begins!
  • The acid rain stops.
  • Mines are activated everywhere!

Rafael:*arrives, katana and detector in hand* Well then. *he makes his way towards the burnt leftovers of Zac* left us for here.*stabs into Zac's left eye* meany :@ *steps back in case he falls on a mine*

  • Zac falls and explodes on a mine. The cannon fires.

Rafael:*wipes sweat away, he walks over to Camila* You get owned, too! *he stabs the katana into her chest, pulls it out, and steps back once more, treading carefully*

  • Camila coughs blood into Rafael's face before she collapses. The cannon fires.

Rafael:*treads carefully over to Mimi*....weird name....*Uses his katana to stab her in the foot, he pushes her far back and carefully steps back, waving as she flounders to the ground*

  • Mimi falls on a mine and explodes. The cannon fires.

Rafael:*walks over to Brighton carefully*.....I should feel horrible. *stabs Brighton directly in the groin with the katana, he shreds it through and steps back*

  • Brighton falls back, bleeding horribly. He is still alive, however. He coughs out some blood.
  • Buzzing is heard from the distance...

Rafael:*gets out his book to see what it can tell him* Hm.....*He treads carefully back towards the mountain, for fear of an attack*

  • Parasites - Bugs that fly through the air. They can eat anything in a few seconds.
  • Rafael looks from his book to see Brighton being lifted into the air by the bugs. He is quickly eaten. His skull flies over to Rafael.

Rafael:HOLY SHIIIIIIII-*grabs Carmen and Jill and throws them at the parasites and immediately turns tail and runs, metal detector in front to detect mines and katana put away*

  • Rafael runs away, and Carmen and Jill are instantly killed. Cannons fire.


A small cave is available here. There are a few snakes inside. A bow and some arrows lie on a stelagtite.

Nathan: *goes inside the cave and tries to reach for the bow and arrows*

  • A snake quickly latches its teeth into Nathan's leg! It turns out that the snakes are poisonious!

Nathan: *rips the snae off his leg and tries to stay out of thereach of the snakes making his way out*

  • The poison reacts heavily! Nathan's leg swells, and he is unable to move it!
  • The snakes slowly slither out of the cave. Someone must save Nathan or he'll be eaten alive!
  • The snakes bite Nathan's face and arms. Nathan swells up completely. Nathan rolls off of the side of the mountain.
  • A violent earthquake suddenly occurs!
  • An acidic rain begins to fall! A downpour will begin soon! You must find shelter!

Jannah: *is still carrying Jake* Good of a place as any... *puts Jake on a rock* Meh.

Rafael:*arrives, puts Bradin and Josie on the ground* UGH.

Amber:*drops logan next to them* OMFG DX

Maxwell: *runs and trips over Logan* Oof! Heh.

Jake: Is everyone ok?

  • The acid downpour begins!

Maxwell: Other than the permenant mental and emotional scarring, I'd say yes.

  • You hear screams of tributes out in the open. The acid will slowly send them to a critical health.

Jake: Well, looks like we're safe.

Jannah: Meh. You're gonna die anyways. *kicks Jake into the acid rain*

  • Jake is merely kicked in the face! He isn't in the acid!

Jake: *goes back in and cuts Jannah with his katana*

  • Sharp pain rises in Jannah! She has been cut!

Jake: *tries to get up, but falls. The katana ends up flying through Jannah's chest as Jake falls*

  • The katana misses! It lands on the ground behind Jannah! Rafael picks it up, He can either give it to Jannah or kill Jannah!

Jannah: Well, goodbye world. I figure you'll kill me, since I almost killed Mr. Deadweight over there...

Jake: I really wanna live. But I think he'll choose me. :/

Rafael:.....You remind me of Arianna, Jannah.*he smiles, before slicing the blade into Jannah's neck*

  • The cannon fires just as the acid rain stops.
  • A bear walks outside near the entrance of the cave. He instantly explodes, and a hole is left in the ground. Mines are activated everywhere!

Rafael:*in an overwhelming rage, he takes the katana and rams the blade into Jake's chest* And this is for Jannah! >:C

  • Jake's now twitching body rolls from the cave. It rolls outside, and off of the edge of the mountain. He falls down and lands on the ground...and explodes. A mine activates and destroys Jake's body.

Maxwell: *shocked* ...Wow. You aren't gonna kill us, right, Rafael?

  • A parachute lands outside. A small container is inside.

Rafael:Naw. :P *he steps out and CAREFULLY walks towards the parachute*

  • Rafael takes the parachute inside, and unwraps it. Inside the container, he finds an umbrella made from steel! This could help during acid rain!
  • He also finds a metal detector! This can help avoid bombs!

Rafael:*takes his items and carefully monitors his way back so not to blow the hell up* EPIC ^_^ *is back in the cave*

Rafael:*sets out with his katana, umbrella, and metal detector, avoiding mines towards the Cornucopia*

Bradin: *wakes up and notices he is in a cave and quickly wakes Josie and Logan*

Logan: Hey where did my hat go? *he wanders off to look for the hat theif*

Josie: Okay what did I miss? *she looks around the cave at the others*

Amber:*picks up the two knives left on the floor* Any violence, and rawr! *hides logan's hat*

Maxwell: *is sitting in the mouth of the cave, knife in hand, wondering where everyone went* I'm scared...

Rafael:*returns, enters the cave* Back from......God I hate myself right now. :( *hands Josie a knife* PROTECT YO'SELF! Hey, Max.

Maxwell: So, I'm guessing that katana has a body-count to it right now? *stands up* Well, how many others are there left?

Rafael:*chuckles* Sadly, yes. I made it a game to keep my sanity. Now if only I don't lose that, too. ;D

Maxwell, so, shall we stay here or....

Rafael:Man eating parasites out there. HELL NO

Maxwell: Okay then...

Rafael: So now what?

Amber:We can play Lost: The Game!? :D


Maxwell: Ugh... now I've lost the game.

Devon: *walks in* Hey, dudes. You mind if I join you here?

Daniel: Same. :D

Amber:*finds the bow and arrows* HELL YESH

Rafael:*steps back, katana drawn*'s late in the games, we're probs the only ones left. :C

Maxwell: *steps back with Rafael, knife in hand* Who are you people? I didn't know you people were in the games...

Logan: *sneaks up behind Amber and steals his hat back*

Devon: Woah. ._.

Daniel: Chill guys. I wanna be here to help you dudes.

  • A container floats outside. The mines deactivate just in time for it.

Devon: I'll get it. >:D *runs to get it. Picks it up, and runs inside*

  • Devon recieves ear plugs!

Devon: ._. *takes them out, and puts them in his ears* They feel pretty nice...

Rafael:Final eight, then....

Amber:*loads bow* I'm staying back here, okay? Anything can happen and I dun wanna die. ._.

  • A sudden sound is heard...
  • Two parachutes float into the cave and into Rafael's hands! They must be for him.
  • Rafael opens the containers to find some bug spray and some ear muffs.

Devon: Ummm. *takes a medium sized rock he finds* I'll take this.

Daniel: *takes his shoe* :@

Rafael:*puts on the ear muffs* Give me that. <~< *he steals Amber's bow and arrows, and he puts it away*

  • A horrid shriek is heard! It is echoed through speakers. The scream stops, and another sound is sent through---a microphone being stuck against a speaker---everyone is deafened except for Rafael and Devon. The noises stop.

Devon: *lays his back against the cave wall*

Maxwell: *falls back against the wall of the cave a slumps down* Arrrrggg! What the hell was that?!?

  • Water is heard gushing outside!
  • Everyone is hungry and thirsty!

Devon: *rushes outside and drinks the water* Tastes like water. :D

  • The water quickly electrocutes Devon's mouth, and causes his tongue to swell in pain!
  • A flood of water comes your direction! It seems to be rising! The arena is boxed in, the force field around it will contain the water from flowing out! Get to high ground or swim!

Daniel: OH MY GOD! DX *climbs to top of mountain*

Devon: *starts running up the mountain*

  • The water is suddenly electrified! It rises quickly to the cave! It stops rising once it reaches the top of the mountain, where the cave is. The cave is dry, and so is a small portion of the area outside of it.

Maxwell: Aaaahh! *is running up the mountain, dragging Rafael behind him*

Devon: *swims faster to the cave* Almsot there...

  • They arrive safely, and the world is flooded. The only safe place now is the cave...

Devon: *sees the cave* Yes! *swims to the cave, and tries to dry off*

Daniel: ._.

  • Devon is shocked! His legs swell with a burn.

Maxwell: *is in the cave* Well, we're safe, I feel sorry for all the others though...

Devon: Oh my God, that burns! Ahhh. :/

Maxwell: Since we're the only ones left... *kneels down next to Bradin, who is sleeping, and slits his throat.*

  • The cannon fires.

Devon: Ugh. I only have this rusty knife. It works... but please sponsors. Send me a gift I can use!

  • A parachute floats down with a container. In lands outside.

Devon: O.o *picks it up*

  • The container opens up, and Devon finds a vial of black liquid.

Devon: I'm going to get some water. *takes the black liquid and walks away to get water and food*

Devon: *finds a bow and some arrows* Awesome! Nathan must've tried to get these before he died. Good thing the snakes are gone...

  • The water begins to drain...

Devon: Might wanna do this now... *slits Rafael's throat with his knife* ...

  • Devon misses!

Daniel: Wow... Anyway. Here's some water. *gives it to Josie*

Rafael:*isn't cheaply killed because of that little bitc* move* WHAT THE FUC*!? *dodges* DUDE NOT COOL *punches Devon in the face brutally*

Amber:*aims her bow at Devon* Wanna die, cheap shotter?

Logan: *Joins by his fellow hat enthusiasts side holding a knife* What do you think your doing?

Amber:*grabs Logan's hat*( MINE

Rafael: NO MORE HAT FIGHTS :@ *he picks Logan and Amber up, and he chucks them over out into the mine infested area*

  • They land and are knocked out on impact...they are dying. A howl is heard, and a strange beast like creature emerges from the trees. He jumps down to them. They awaken once he lands near them.

Maxwell: *slowly walks out of the cave, knife in hand*

Rafael:*runs out, katana in hand* BITC* PLEASE *makes Maxwell move faster towards the monster*

Amber:*raises her bow and gets an arrow* Oh.....damn this sucks. MY HAT BETRAYED ME. >:C

Hunter: *roars* *smacks Logan with his large claws* RAWR! *runs to Logan's tree*

Devon: O.O *hides behind a tree*

Hunter: RAWR! *claws Logan's head off* HISS!!! *runs over to Daniel and eats him in one bite* ANSOBBUBUAABGVEOESBSGBGNOGTERNON. *runs over to Amber and slices her in half with claws* BOAVUOBOOAEBIEBAAF *jumps into piranha filled lake and gets eaten.*

Rafael:*gets Amber's bow and arrows* *hands them to Josie* Back me up.*follows her over to Maxwell* just us and Devon.

Maxwell: Yeah...

Voice: Attention final 4! This is the head gamemaker. You each have chips planted into your brains. You will shout out the name of the player you want to die. The player with the most votes will explode. You have ten seconds.

Josie: DEVON! sorry

Rafael:Devon the cheapshotter. <~<

Voice: The ten seconds are up. Maxwell and Devon failed to vote. With two votes, Devon's life has ended.

  • Devon explodes and the cannon fires. The finals have began.
  • The finals have begun! Defend yourselves!

Rafael:*pulls out his katana* Someone gowna die!

  • A violent earthquake emerges! These tremors will continously happen until one remains!
  • Mines are activated outside!
  • Water begins to gush across the area outside!
  • The Hunter emerges from the woods!
  • An avalanche is possible in the woods!
  • Sirens are ready to blare!

Josie: *Prepares her first arrow and raises the bow* Well this will be interesting

  • The sirens blare! Everyone is deaf but Rafael, who has his earplugs in!
  • Parasites brew outside! They can also be heard deeper in the cave!

Rafael:*sprays his bug spray on himself and Josie* Blargh bugs :@

  • The avalanche occurs! You are on the mountain! Rocks shuffle inside, and collapse! Everyone is forced outside and off of the mountain! You fall onto the ground in the woods, but the impact was painful! You all are in a critical state now!

Josie: Thanks for the bug spray.

  • A helicopter flies over the mountain! It reaches down and snabs every player....they are taken away.


Trees and more trees. A lake is nearby to this area.

Zac: *Dragging Camila* Well this looks safe enough, do you think that this is good enough though?

Camila: Well I don't see any one else, so it has to be...

Zac: Well then.. Just in case, follow me. *Starts to climb up a tree.*

Camila: I don't get it? *Frowns, but starts to climb the tree beside Zac's.* What ever?

  • Camila and Zac discover a box dangling from a tree nearby to them!

Camila: Zac! There's a box!

Zac:* Looks at Camila* We can't just take it... it could be a trap... *Snaps a small part of a branch off and tosses it at the box*

  • The box falls and bursts open. There are two bear traps, a set of knives, and a machete.ay

Zac: *Grinning* Stay here. *Slowly climbs down the tree and grabs the knives and Machete,* I can;t carry the two traps... *Stashes them in bushes*

Camila: Good thinking...?

Zac: *Using the knives, climbs up the tree* That makes things easier.

Amber:*looks around and treads VERY carefully*

Rafael:*arrives* Okay, then. *he takes out his book and analyzes the wildlife plants, looking for the herbs*

  • Nathan falls from the mountain! His puffed up body lands in front of Rafael! Nathan instantly explodes from pressure on impact, and blood and guts splatter all on Rafael and the trees surrounding.
  • The cannon fires.

Rafael:*cleans himself off* O.O........*continues searching for the herb*

Amber:*hears a loud noise* O.O

Camila: *Stares at Rafael and starts puking off the side of the tree*

Rafael:*cleans himself off completely, he hears puking*....Uh...hello? :c

Amber:*continues through the forest carefully*

  • A violent earthquake suddenly occurs!

Zac: * Falls out of the tree, Camila landing on him*

Camila: What the frick is happening? *Hugs the tree*

Rafael:You two won't hurt me, right? :C

Amber:*runs frantically, she runs into Rafael, falling back on her butt* Ow.....dumb earthquake :C

Maxwell: *notices Rafael, Amber, Zac, and Camilla. He runs over* Hi! I need help. :c

  • A tree falls over on Zac and Camila! It isn't very big, so no broken bones. They can't move! Someone must help them!

Rafael:*hands Max a knife and pulls out his long wooden weapon* Here, don't betray me. And no jokes about my wood. -_-


Zac: We won't hurt you if you, you know help us.

Camilla: *Flutters her eyes*

Maxwell: *takes the knife* Thanks man. I needed a group at this time. It's crazy out here...

  • rocks crumble down from the mountain! There is risk of an avalanche! Anyone in the area will be killed!

Rafael:*lifts the tree with all of his might* GO!

Amber:*helps him lift it so Zac and Camila can get out*

Maxwell: Hurry! We have to get out! *starts to run*

Camila & Zac: Thanks! *Begin running*

Rafael:*drops the tree and runs* GTFO D: *heads towards the lake*

Amber:TO THE LAKE :D *follows Rafael and Maxwell*

  • An acidic rain begins to fall! A downpour will begin soon! You must find shelter!

Zac: Go where you want.... * Drags Camila Back South.*

  • The acid downpour begins!
  • The acid rain stops.
  • Mines are activated everywhere!

Devon: Hmmmmm. *throwsrock and nothing happens*

Devon: *looks through the forest* I know Jake had a knife when he died. Just gotta find that body...

Devon: *finds Jake and the knife* Yes! *takes the knfie and cuts his body open* Maybe... *takes big bone* Just incase.

  • A flood of water comes your direction! It seems to be rising! The arena is boxed in, the force field around it will contain the water from flowing out! Get to high ground or swim!

Devon: Crap! Uhhh... *climbs a tree and holds on with his knife*

  • The water rises quickly! The forest will be underwater soon! Swim away to the mountain where it is still dry!

Rafael:*now here due to the avalanche I guess* OW :C *gets his katana and takes a defensive position* Maxwell, Josie, luck.

Josie: What a fall........ ouch *dusts self off and raises her bow and arrow* Good luck you two! *aims her bow at Maxwell and fires*


This is the only water source in the game...uh oh! At the bottom, there are some knives and a katana. However, this pool is filled with piranha. The water is safe to drink, but not so safe to swim in...

Jake: *goes for katana and knife* -.- *finds them and goes back up* Alfie, take the knife!

  • As jake dives in, piranha immediately latch onto him! Jake is being eaten alive by the fish. Jake fails to come up from the water. Someone must save him!

Jake: *throws fish off of him*

  • The fish stay on him! Jake is underwater and the fish refuse to go away!

Natalie: *attempts to save Jake*

  • A fish leaps from the water and attatches to Natalie's nose!
  • Jake's right ear is torn off! Jake is deaf! His right leg is skinned to the bone!

Rafael:*arrives, and he sees the heavily injured Jake in the water. He uses the wood to bat the fish away, as he grabs Jake's left arm and pulls him out* "You so heaveh!"

  • Jake is saved! The fish jump off and back into the water.

Jake: *coughs some water* Good God! I almost died o.o. Sponsors? Hello? WE NEED MEDS.

  • Jake's weapons he rescued are now on land!
  • A small box floats down from a parachute. It lands in Rafael's hands.

Natalie: are you okay?

Rafael:*finally opens the FRICKING BOX*

  • Rafael finds a book! There are 2 sections: Medical and Enemies. Read either one.

Rafael:......I'll read medical first, then. *turns the pages*

  • Rafael finds a few areas relating to Jake's problem. His ears cannot be fixed, and his skinned arms cannot be fixed. Some herbs can soothe the pain. These herbs are called, "Tree Bire," which can only be found in district 2's forests. Bandages can be added to stop bleeding.

Rafael:*walks over to Jake* Your ears and limbs are sec. *flips the book to the enemies page*

  • Piranhare - A mix on piranhas and snares. These fish will kill anyone in their area without help. They will destroy bones and skin in an instant.
  • Liver Snakes - These snakes are made by the capitol every year to ward of hunters in the woods. These kill within five minutes of the bite due to the venom.

Rafael:Jake, wait here, I'll get some herbs.*he picks up his blunt wood and ties it around his wast with his clothes, and he puts the knife he was given and book away* Be back soon!"*he heads for the forest*

Samantha: Hey, Luke! Let's swim! :D

Luke: Haha, sure. *dives into water, with Samantha following*

Jake: Not my problem no more.

  • Piranhas eat Samantha and Luke.
  • Cannons fire.
  • A violent earthquake suddenly occurs!

Jake: O_O. *limps to a tree and holds on*

  • The tree falls on Jake! It isn't very heavy, so no broken bones. Someone must help Jake or he will die!

Jannah: *walks over to Jake* Hmm.... poor little creep. I'll help you. *pushes tree off of Jake* There.

Jake: *gets up and shakes around for a minute* Thanks! I'm Jake.

  • Jake falls down! His skinned up leg will not hold his body weight!

Jannah *snickers slightly, and lifts Jake up* Here, just lean on me. We shall go find someone. *begins walking slowly*

Jake: Thanks! You're a lfiesaver! Litterally.

  • An acidic rain begins to fall! A downpour will begin soon! You must find shelter!

Jannah: You have got to be kidding me. *begins to walk faster* The cave!

Jake: :D *is happy*

  • The acid downpour begins!

Natalie: *runs toward shelter*

  • The acid rain stops.
  • Mines are activated everywhere!

Rafael:*arrives with his bloodied katana and his metal detector* HOLY SHIZ......*he sees Natalie, and he steps over, smirking* ..Thanks for helping me with Jake, earlier. *he stabs her in the gut* But no thanks next time. *he pushes her into the lake, pulling his katana out roughly*

  • Natalie floats in the lake, the piranha eating her remains.

Rafael:*walks away carefully while whistling nonchalantly as he heads back to the Mountain*

Devon: *has containers in his hands* Hmmm. I don't wanna go near that. Not after what happened to the others who died by getting ripped in half by fish. *starts digging in the dirt* I wonder how far I have to dig* *keeps digging, and finds some rocks and nuts* Ehhh *puts them in his pack*

Devon: *keeps digging* Yes! Found water. *scoops up some water and puts the black liquid in the container with the dirty water.* That liquid is some pretty dirty water. But it'll do. *takes his pack of stuff, which has a knife, berries, the dirty water, a knife, nuts, rocks, and some big branches of wood and leaves*

The Finale Room:

A cold room. Several holes are in the wall. The final three are here now.

Rafael:*with katana drawn, he eyes the other two* What now? >:C

  • Water begins to spew out of the holes in the wall! It won't be long before you all go under water! The roof isn't that high up!

Rafael: :C....Im sorry! ;( *stabs his katana at Maxwell*

Maxwell: *stabs Josie with his knife* I'm sorry guys. :c

  • Katana misses!
  • Knife misses!

Maxwell: *once again, stabs at Josie with his knife*

  • The knife hits Josie in the arm! She begins to bleed! Piranha come out of the holes in the wall! They swim towards Josie!

Maxwell: *stabs at Rafael with his knife*

Rafael:*in a rage, he stabs at Maxwell's extended arm with his katana* DIE

Maxwell: *stabs at Rafael again*

Josie: *raises her bow and fires at Maxwell* If i'm going to die you are too!

  • Maxwell is cut and stabbed by a bow! Piranha go for both Josie and Maxwell!
  • Rafael is cut! A few fish attack him!

Maxwell: Agh! *starts swimming away*

  • Maxwell's arms are ripped to shreds! His left arm is the only one that works now....his right arm is destroyed! His bones sink low into the water.
  • Josie's left ear is torn off, and her left leg is destroyed. Her bones sink.
  • The water rises above their necks! It's getting close to the ceiling!

Josie: Oh my gosh! ahhhh! *Starts using the bows neck to smack piranha's away from her*

  • A piranha sneaks a bite at Josie's neck!

Rafael:I promised....*he swims for Josie, and as he grabs her, he rips the fish off, desperately to save her* Not now!

  • Josie's neck bleeds horribly!
  • A strange liquid begins to fill in the water! It burns! It's battery acid. A small platform emerges. It can only hold two people...the water stops rising. Hurry to get on the platform before you melt in acid!

Maxwell: *swims over and climbs onto the platform*

Josie: *swims to the platform and pushes Maxwell*

Rafael*jumps on and grabs Maxwell, he does his best to lfing Max off*

  • Max falls, but hangs on to the ledge with both hands!

Rafael:*jumps on his hands* >:C

  • The acidic water rises...

Maxwell: *stands back on the platform* The platform holds two, you do realize that... >:C

  • Josie and Rafael are on the plaform with Max! It is going to fall and kill all three if someone doesn't fall off!

Rafael:There's three :@ *pushes Maxwell as hard as he can, determined to knock him off even if he does too to save Josie* I MADE A PROMISE :@

  • Max falls into the acid! He melts instantly.

Rafael:*helps Josie stand* We did it.

  • The acid rises! Someone has to die to save the other!

Rafael:*turns to Josie* To be honest, I have a promise to keep. Plus...I'm a murderer. You're still pure.....Have luck in life, Josie. *Rafael steps forward falling into the acid, and before he falls he turns and says "The Game" to Josie and gives her a thumbs up*

Josie: *grabs his arm* Though i should let you die for making me lose I can't ...... You saved me and I'm not going to be able to live much longer anyway considering my wounds ....... *Josie pulls Rafael back onto the platform* You win this for the both of us! * Josie walks off the edge of the platform*

Rafael:*grabs her and pulls her back* I won't let either of us die! >:C

Voice: Kill someone! Do something!

Rafael:*looks at Josie* I'm done with killing, thank you! :@

Voice 2: Kill her!

Josie: He saved me twice I can't kill him I owe him *She smiles at Rafael*

  • The walls crumble around them, and the acid falls down through the sky! Rafael and Josie fall down to the ground of the 'room', and hang onto the edge of the floor. It's suspended into the air by wires! You are all on an air ship sailing through the air!

Woman: Fall! Someone fall! I will not be executed for having the games fail on me!

Rafael:HELL NO! You're like the BITC* from DEATH RACE! :@ *hangs on as well as he can*

Woman: Die!

Director: Amanda! We're about to collide with the capitol! Do something!

Amanda: Forget this! *raises up a bucket of the acidic fluid* This is the end of you!

Rafael:NUUUUUUU :@ *moves around wqhile hilding onto the railing* NUUUUUUUU :C

  • The air ship collides into the capitol building! The bucket falls and splashes the acid on the woman!

Amanda: Ah! *falls down onto the platform*

  • The platform crashes into the lower floor of the capitol building! Sirens are flashing, and guards are running towards them!

Josie: This woman is insane!

Rafael: :C What now!? D:

Josie: I'm not sure :o

  • The guards run over to Josie and Rafael. They grab them, and walk them over to a small area where more guards are.

Amanda: *stands up* I have had enough of you two! You are bent on copying Katniss and Peeta! That revolution never was forgotten! We rebuilt this kingdom. You BOTH are going to die! Execution will begin tomorrow!

  • The guards stick tranquilizing darts into their necks, and they carry the two victors to a small containment room.

The End....?

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