Dark: Watch as I make like at 8 Queens compete to be the next Wikia Drag Superstar! Have fun ladies!!!!!

Sign Ups (1-Per) (Username and Drag Name)

  1. ~SerenelyChaotic~ Serenity Khao$
  2. ~OstianWendy~ Ostian Priestess Vajazzle
  3. ~GalaxyRemixZ~ Goddess of Bougie Hoes
  4. ConkerChu - CoCo Danger
  5. XxSolarEclipsexX - $olarri Eclip$e
  6. NLG343 - Nemo the Queen
  7. Total Drama Yoshi- Dat Dramatic Yoshi
  8. DerpyandDawn - Tammy Roleplay

Challenge #1

Dark: Hello Ladies! One of you is going home pretty soon so show me your most iconic wig that your fans recognise you for!

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Well, I like to keep things simple yet add a twist of fun to things, so here's mine! 

$olarri Eclip$e: I ain't raining in the dough, so I gotta' go cheap wit' my weaves. Leaves me more wiggle room in tha purse to get all them men cravin' some mo' and my fans think I'm Rihanna or some ho'. Here it is:

Nemo: What? You've gotta be kidding me. All right then... (Nemo something happened but your wig was still bottom 2 soz- Dark) No one will remember me though..

Coco Danger: *stares at Ostian.* Like, what is that rug on your head? Ha, looks like you just found some roadkill and tried to pass it off as a hairdo. *obnoxious laughter.* Anyway, here is my wig, you can't find a wig more perfect in the world, even if you tried, which is something that pastey over there obviously didn't do. | Here ya go.

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: *observes as the others stand in a line* Out of my way, basic b*tches! *pushing aside Ostian and Coco* I'm sure you've all heard of me, since I'm rather famous in the ghetto underworld nonetheless, that's enough of my breath wasted... Here's my entry *displays her weave*

Coco Danger: Every single breath you use is a breath wasted, I could find a better wig in a clown's dressing room. Hahahahahah!

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: The shade.. The shade is real *flips weave*

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Please, you both need to stop  before you drop. :) 

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: Oh my gosh gurl, your nails are tacky... Sort yourself out *snaps fingers*

Coco Danger: *looks at the Goddess.* Like, yawn, could she get anymore lame? *points at Ostian.* Like, does she even know how to be likeable?

Dark: LADIES! Calm yourselves.

Coco Danger: Jump off a cliff and drown. 

Dark: One does not become the next Wikia Drag Superstar by insulting me Coco!

Coco Danger: One does not stay long in this world by talking back to the Coco. *finger snap*

Dat Dramatic Yoshi: You b*tches need to see some true Japanese greatness. Bam

Coco Danger: Like, did you buy that off of Ostian or something because like hers that is hideous and predictable. Bam, go back to playschool, losers.

Serenity Khaos: Dahlings, you better pack you bags now because i'm magnific!

Dark: ok! Challenge over queens!

Elimination #1

Dark: So the winner of this challenge is..... $olarri Eclip$e! You win nothing! Bottom two are Nemo the Queen and Tammy Roleplay! Queens show me your best Lip-Sync for Summertime Songs!

Dark: OK, Queens you are both eliminated GOODBYE!

Challenge #2

Dark: Queens Show me your best Summertime look! also feel free to fight amongst each other!

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: Selfie! [1]

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: I like to wear flowing white gowns... I look fabulous and you can't deny it! :) Here you go

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: you look like my fat ass when it has it's monthly bleaching. Gross and basic *flips weave*

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: At least I don't have portruding fat rolls. xxx

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: the men with the biggest tools love excess fat to cling onto whilst going on a rampage. xoxo

Coco Danger: Yeah, Ostian, stop being such a basic b***h and get out of our sight. *finger snap, and then turns up to Goddess.* Hm, you seem to be the least pathetic out of these losers, I'm Coco Danger, what's your name, queen?

Coco Danger: Here's mine! Perfection, right? Way better than Ostian's.

Serenity Khao$: all yalls b**ches is nasty. here you are darling #cuteasphuk #serenitykhao$isbetterthanu

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: You're SERIOUSLY crusty, darling. @Coco Danger

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: Don't be such a rude scrub, sort you and your clefted minge out... Trashy slut. *puts on false eyelash*

Coco Danger: Don't darling me, deary, this is a drag race, not a w***e off. If you can't realise how much of a flakey loser you're being, then I'm surpised that you're still in the game. Get out of my sight. *turns around and goes into another room.*

Serenity Khao$: ur vagina stench is makin me dizzy hold on


Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: You all disgust me. From the bottom of my heart. 

$olarri Eclip$e: All y'all tubbies mad ya can't even fit intomine!

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Are you five? x @$olarri

$olarri Eclip$e: I predicted y'all fatties getting mad, lmoa!

Dat Dramatic Yoshi: Who's ready for my outfit? [2]

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Disgusting, omfg. Try harder next time? :]

Dat Dramatic Yoshi: I least I have taste, unlike you b***h.

Coco Danger: Like you can talk Ostian, like, you're the last person that should make fun of others clothes, like, hypocritical much?

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Like, like, like, uh, you, like, suck, like? 

Coco Danger: Um, like, go away and don't come back until I can tell the difference between your face and a piece of s**t. Wait, no, that implies you're not a piece of s***.

Elimination #2

Dark: The winner of today's challenge is..... Dat Dramatic Yoshi! You win Weave Glue! Bottom two are Serenity Khaos and $olarri Eclip$e and the Lyp-Sync is breaking up songs!

Coco Danger: Didn't Ostian say that Yoshi's clothes were terrible? Ah, this just further proves her lack of taste in everything, if you couldn't tell just by looking at her...

Serenity Khao$: 'cause im no basic a** b**ch with sum t swift or whatever the hell????? lol. #serenitykhao$isbetterthanu


Challenge #3

Dark: Show me some winter looks gals!

Serenity Khao$: cute as f**k. obvi. lol. #serenitykhao$isbetterthanu

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: What are you... a skank? *curls false eyelash* anyway, here's my adorable winter get-up! [3]

Coco Danger: Like, all the b***hes in the house, just back down now becuz look at my faboulous winter clothes. Like, you couldn't own a better outfit even if you have won the most pagents in the world. You're all so jealous.

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Kim K is my Idol xxx

Elimination 3

Dark: Girls! The winner has been decided! Coco Danger! You win any wig you want from WIGVILLE! Ostian and DatDramaticYoshi! Bottom Two! Show me a great dance song lip-sync!

Dat Dramatic Yoshi: I rly don't care.

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle:

Dark: Well... I am sad to eliminate one of you.... but Ostian Priestess Vajazzle.... I want to see more from you. you stay, bye Dat Dramatic Yoshi.

Challenge 4

Dark: This is a team challenge! Ostian and Coco you are a team. Goddess and Serenity you are the other team. Show me some color coordinated dance outfit.

Coco Danger: Um, why did you pair up me, the most faboulous player in this game, and this sk*nk you probably found on the street? I'm like destined to fail now, thanks a lot.

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: Well at least I got a sexy queen by my side... Come on Serenity let's slay these basic bougie hoes!

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Let's just work together on this one.

Serenity Khao$: lol ok. *slays* #SerenityKhao$isbetterthanu

Coco Danger: Argh! Fine, let's pick one... (CONF: Seeing those wannabe Lohans run around acting all superior because I have the worst player in the game on my side is making me gag. I'll try my best to win, but Ostian will probably suggest some tart clothing she found in the garbage... ew.)

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Here's our entry. The sexy moves and colour co-ordinated outfits are perfect!

Coco Danger: *looks away from everyone.* (CONF: *crying.* At least- *sniffle*, I'll leave with my dignity... Argh!!! Our entry sucks!)

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: [4] *flips weave* Look at these ratchet skanks, swaying in time to the music and one another in their beautiful and very revealing outfits that match perfectly.

Coco Danger: Yeah, we get it, you have an ego. Like, gurl, stop acting so rachet and like die already.

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: At least GoBH doesn't have greasy p*bes.

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: My ego is matched only by your rudeness, Coco. *applies lipstick*

Coco Danger: *sighs* ...We're losing. Ostian, look, we're out classed, and we're gonna lose, totes obvi.

Dark: Welp.... I decided..... we will have a finale with 4 QUEENS! CONGRATS!!!!

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Going to slay all of you!!! [:

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: Time to be savage af *assumes Satomi Noda mode*

Coco Danger: Oh, phew. Ahahahaha! Prepare yourself, Serenity, Ostian, Goddess, the true queen of this race is putting this into high gear, and all you hoes are in my way, so get ready to get f***ing slayed! *laughs* 

Godddess of Bougie Hoes: *screams*

Serenity Khao$: yall ratchet. #SerenityKhao$isSTILLbetterthanu


Dark: Give Me your winning outfit! Speach! and Who you think Runner up should be!

Goddess of Bougie Hoes: *sobs* Here I am today; [5], wearing this beautiful dress, make up on point and eyebrows on fleek etc. I am sat here with three other incredibly flawless women who I've had the honour of competing against in this competition and even though my purpose was to throw shade uncontrollably, I still enjoyed the time I spent with you all. I feel as though I deserve to win because I am the sexiest drag queen to walk the earth and deserve the title as Wikia's Drag Superstar of the competition. Anyway, I can't really decide who to choose as my runner-up if I win so let me just get high and then pick when I'm off my head... *smokes tons of weed* 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit ...eenie meanie... you! Ostian Priestess Vajazzle, be my runner-up! I love you all forever and alwa- *heel on her shoe snaps off and she flops on the ground*

Coco Danger: *walks up in her beautiful dress.* Hello, my friends, my fans, my audience! This competition, this race, means so much to me, the fact that I'm even here, the finale, means so much to me.... I've come a long way to be here... and... while at first, I thought of things in this drag race as some sort of easy game, like Connect Four, however, as I've gone along this game, hitting every bump on the way, I've come to realise that I was wrong. While I am still the most faboulous contestant here, I now achknowlegde that even the most skankiest of people, like Ostian, have some quality traits in them and that while I will still probably win, the chance of the others winning... isn't as small as I thought. I love every single one of you, and I am glad to say that you guys are my final competitors... *sobs* I love you so much! If I had to pick anyone to be the Runner Up... while, at the start of the game, I'd say Queen of Boogie Hoes, but as the race has grown on and on, I've come to realise that someone far more stunning and beautiful deserves this honour... I could even say that she is almost as fabulous as me... Coco Danger... the one I truely think deserves to be the runner-up is... Serenity Khao$! #SerenityKhao$isbetterthanu. Thank you, and goodnight!

Serenity Khao$: Obviously. However, I need to do something.... *Tears off ghetto weave and dress and wipes off makeup to reveal this* There. I'm no longer going to pretend. I... am a real human being, I have a real face and body and personality. I may be male; but all of me is still, no matter what, real. I'm not going to pretend I'm shocked or upset or act over-confident, either; because I'm not. I'm not shocked- I totally played the game the right and just way and I'm in the finale, I'm not upset because I know I was going to make it here and I know I have the right stuff to win it, and I'm definitely not over-confident... I know I have a chance to fail. This is why, with my heart's content and soul's confirmation, I know I have a chance to win. Now, for my runner-up... Okay, Ostian Prietess Vajazzle should be the runner-up. Goddess of Bougie Hoes constantly caused problems and threw shade while Coco was no better; sure, Ostian caused some and threw some, but he played the best and most fair game out of those three. Thank you, and I give all the love and luck to my fellow drag queens; as much as they need. *Starts to walk off, but stops and turns around* Hashtag Serenity Khao$ is definitely better than you all! *Laughs as he prances off stage*

Ostian Priestess Vajazzle: Greetings, wonderful fans and viewers! You may notice I'm wearing this dress as worn by the fabulous Mila Kunis! I think I should win because, well, I tried my best to give my wonderful, hand-picked outfits in the challenges and bring my all. Sure, I shaded my fellow competitors, but that's because you gotta be bold and rock the world. You gotta be strong, fierce and determined, like me. I dedicate my speech tonight to my wonderful mother, Lana Del Rey (A.K.A. Lizzy Grant) who inspired me to give my all in this competition. Dark... I hope you consider me a true winnder tonight: but all of the queens here made me happy. I would dedicate my runner-up choice to the Goddess of Bougie Hoes. Her shading skills are absolutely fantabulous, and well, she's beautiful. Thank you everybody for listening. <3 xo

Coco Danger: (CONF: I'm no ones runner-up, because I'm their winner, obviously...)

Dark: Ok, so this hidden twist was..... the most runner-up votes gets 4th and their pick gets 3rd so.... Ostian Priestess Vajazzle you get 4th! Goddess of the Bougie Hoes you get 3rd! Now Coco and Serenity! Lip-Sync something funky for me!

Coco Danger: Oh ma gawd, my wish has come true, me as winner, Vajazzling and Queen Hoe are gone, and Serenity is my Runner-Up. Yas... Wait... Lip-sync!? That involves songs... and I suck at those! (CONF: I'm a diva, not an idol! I'm not confident in this line of work!)

Coco Danger: Okay... here I go... *does her thing.* So... do I win? -.-

Serenity Khao$: *Comes back out on stage and sings this* Whew... *Places hand on chest* My heart is beating way too hard... and not just because I'm out of breath. *Laughs*

Dark: My final 2 beauties, this will be the hardest decision of my life.... but reviewing this entire season over, this queen has been consistently good in most of her drag and has shone that you don't have to be nice to win..... ITS CoCo Danger!

Coco Danger: Oh ma gawd! I won!? I won! IwonIwonIwon-I WON! Ahahahah! Suck it, Ostian!

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