Another Group Of Teens Are Brought To Hopes Peak Academy, Only To Find Themselves In One Of Monokuma's Game Of Murder. This Class's location takes place at Monokuma Suites, the perfect place for family fun and killing games alike!

Characters (Up To 4 Per User) (Character, SHSL, Age (15-18), User)

  1. Vinnie Romero- Ultimate Skateboarder -17- Jacklovesnaruto9
  2. Mick Hendrix- Ultimate Punk Rocker- 17- Gwopher

Locations In The Hotel

Rooms (1-16): Each Room Contains A King Bed, TV, Shower/Bath, and A Balcony (Even Though It Is More Like A Cage)

Elevator: Nothing Much. It Brings You To The Rooms, The Pool, And The Main Floor (The Main Floor Contains Every Else)

Lobby: The Lobby Has The Front Desk Where You Can Ask Monokuma Some Questions (Its Also A Cool Place To Relax)

Restaurant: A Place Where You Can Have A Quick Meal, And Chat With Friends (Bet You Can't Handle The Monokuma Meal)

Business Center: A Place Where You Can Play Games, And Write Documents (No Contact To The Outside World)

Pool: A Place Where You Can Get Into A Swimsuit, And Play In The Water (Don't Worry, There Are No Piranhas)

Conference Rooms (A-E): If You Ever Want To Talk In Private, Come Here (But Monokuma Will Know Of Course)


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