Monokuma1  "Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy, bas****s!" - Monokuma 

A group of teenagers have been accepted into Hope's Peak Academy for their abilities. Each one of them specializes in something. However, upon entering this school, they pass out.

Victims Students

(Example: If Alexis was a model, her signup would be [Alexis - Super High-School Level Model])

  1. Jaaku - SHSL Super Sayain -BBGUNSTUDIOS Executed on Day 3
  2. Hazamaru - SHSL Entrepenuer - Unbelievable Fourth Killed by Zoey
  3. Taiyō - SHSL Sprinter - Welsh Amber
  4. Xander - SHSL Nerdy Jock - qngff Second Killed by Jimmy
  5. Dylan - SHSL Diva - Mr. Blonde
  6. Yui - SHSL Designer - DarkKid99 Executed on Day 1
  7. Jimmy - SHSL Nerd - Surfer Executed on Day 2
  8. Jaine - SHSL Fourth Wall Breaker - Ifraid First Killed by Yui
  9. Zoey  SHSL Sewing Circle Member #1 -Dawny
  10. Vins - SHSL Collector - Ifraid Third Killed by Jaaku

Monokuma - GamingProphecy


If you guess the killer wrong, the main person framing them will die, unlike the anime.

Do NOT complain if your character dies.

Want to kill someone? Do so here.

Additional rules here.

Unlike the anime, there will only be 2 survivors.

Hope's Peak Death Table

Student D1 D2 D3 D4


  1. Red - They were killed that episode.
  2. Blue - They were discovered to be the killer and were executed.
  3. Orange - They were the main person to frame someone who wasn't the killer. They were executed.
  4. Light Green - They were active that episode.
  5. Maroon - They were inactive that episode.
  6. Aqua - They broke the rules and were killed by Monokuma.
  7. Black - They were inactive and were killed by Monokuma.

The Murder of Jaine #1

  • Two blows to the head
  • Body is in the hallway
  • Killed at about 5:00 AM
  • Hazamaru's bat is missing from his pile of thrown out weapons.
  • There is a note that says Meet me in the hallway. I need to talk to you.
  • Bloody bat

The Murder of Xander #2

  • Stab wounds
  • Tied with scarf
  • Killed at about 11:00 AM
  • No signs of culprit in Girl's Changing Room
  • Bloody knife
  • Note that says: You were my friend, you abandoned me.

The Murder of Vins #3

  • Blow to the Head
  • Bloody Weight
  • Male Keycard
  • Trail of Blood leading to Vins's Room
  • Broken Bottle
  • Killed at about 4:00 AM

The Murder of Hazamaru #4

  • Severed Head
  • Killed at about 2:00 AM
  • Needle

Day 1

Classroom (Pre-Chat)

The students wake up in a dark classroom. The windows are covered with steel plates. The door is locked.

???: Attention, b******s! Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy! As you can see, you are all in a classroom. I will call on the intercom when I am ready for our first assembly. Until then, make friends! Make enemies! I prefer enemies.

Xander: *pulls out gameboy color and starts playing Pokemon blue while doing curls with his other hand* anyone wanna battle?

Hazamaru: As if I'd ever be seen playing that old thing. *scoffs* I'm much above that level.

Dylan: Does anyone know how I would be able to get the hell out of here by any chance?? *turns towards the other students*

Hazamaru: Stop your talking please, you're just BOUND to give me a headache.

Dylan: Oh, how nice to meet you, I'm Dylan... *rolls eyes*

Taiyō: Hey, I'm Taiyō.

Hazamaru: *scoffs* As if you have the remote privelege to know my name.

Yui: Ummm can we talk about that creepy voice now?

Hazamaru: The creepy voice is indeed, very creepy. But that is the least of my concerns at the current moment. My biggest concern is whether or not there can be good service for me around here. I am quite hungry at the moment.

Yui: Ohh so your that kind of person.

???: Attention! We are almost ready for our assembly. We're waiting on 7 students. Those b******s are running late.

Jimmy: I can't wait to learn!!!

Xander: This school doesn't seem very focused on learning or athletics sadly.

Yui: Yeah...

Jaine: *plays Kirby Triple Deluxe* Oh I see now, Queen Sectonia isn't the final boss, THESE GORDOS ARE THE FINAL BOSS!

Yui: Breaking the fourth wall isn't a talent... neither is saying nerd or jock....

Jaine: And neither is superpowe- WAIT HOW YOU KNOW MY TALENT!

Yui: Your aura...

Jaine: I thought you were a designer not a Dawn clone thatwasreplaced.

Yui: Just because I love designing doesn't mean I don't dabble into aura readings...

Xander: I'm both nerdy and athletic. *to Jaine* you up for some Mario Kart 7?

???: Yawn. It sure is boring waiting for students. I'm ready to start the kil-I mean, learning.


Monokuma: *over the intercom* Hello students, my name is Headmaster Monokuma, and suprise! You'll be spending the rest of your lives here! Unless you want to leave, of course.

Hazamaru: And how are we supposed to leave?

Monokuma: You have to kill one of your fellow classmates...and get away with it!

Jimmy: Well, when do we start learning?

Monokuma: God, kid, did you hear what I just said? There is no learning.

Jimmy: No... Learning? Do you know what a SCHOOL is?

Monokuma: *sighs and appears in front of Jimmy* Technically, this will be your home until you can get away with killing someone.

Jimmy: Can I kill you??? *runs at Monokuma*

Monokuma: If you want to break the rules of this school, yes. But you don't. So I'm going to let you off with a warning. Any hostility towards the headmaster will result in punishment. And by punishment, I mean execution.

Jimmy: W-Wha?

Monokuma: I don't know, burning to a crisp, being strangled to death, being shredded through an oversized paper shredder...The possibilities are endless!

Jimmy: >:(

Monokuma: So...For now, you each have a room. The boys room showers do not have a lock on them, unlike the girls room. Night time is at 10:00. When I announce that it is night time, most of the doors (cafeteria, etc.) will be locked. And, just to encourage killing, I have dropped off a baseball bat and a few kitchen knives in everyone's room. So, until then, any questions? No? Well, here are the keys to your room.

Jaaku's Room

Hazamaru's Room

Hazamaru: *scoffs* *grabs baseball bat and knives and throws them out into the hall* As if I'll need these weapons to commit a murder. Which I won't be doing, because only peasnats could do such a heinous crime.

Taiyō's Room

Xander's Room

Xander: *hears clatter in hallway and looks out* Why would they get rid of their only defense against a murderer? Pure strength won't be enough against a weapon.

Dylan's Room

Dylan: *Observes room* Oh my god this room.. it's- it's hideous. Tomorrow I'm going to go and ask that bear thing if I can get a new one, because this is just unacceptable. 

Yui's Room

Yui: I feel death approaching...

Jimmy's Room

Jimmy: What the hell is this guys problem?

Jaine's Room

Zoey's Room


Monokuma: Attention! A body has been discovered! Haha! I knew one of you b******s would crack!

The students see the body of Jaine.

Dylan:  Wha-what the hell happened to her..? Is she D-D-DEAD? *slowly backs away from the corpse in horror*

Yui: ... I was right.... Death approaches....

Dylan *faints*


Monokuma: The way we do this is simple...Investigate for clues, and later we will begin our Class Trial phase where we will decide who the culprit is. (Investigate by doing *examines* in different rooms. For example, you can do *examines bleachers*)


Taiyō: *examines equipment cupboard*

Taiyō finds a bloody bat.

Taiyō: *screams* Guys! I think this is the weapon that was used! Come HE-YAH! D:

Hazamaru: Would you mind NOT screaming? Thanks. It is indeed, the murder weapon. But I think first, we should investigate the body. *searches Jaine's body*

There are two blows to the head.

Taiyō: S-sorry.... *examines the bleachers*

Monokuma: Okay, time is up! Prepare for our first CLASS TRIAL!


Taiyō: Poor Jaine... *examines shelves*

Taiyō finds a note that says : Meet me in the hallway. I need to talk to you.

Taiyō: Oh my gosh! *stuffs note into her pocket* *examines the desks*

Jaine's Room

Dylan: *examines bathroom* Hey uh, after the first trial thing is over with can I move to this room please?

Monokuma: No, it is a girl's room.

Dylan: Regardless, it's much nicer than mine, but whatever then. You're just going to have one very, very unhappy student. *turns back and walks out door*

Hazamaru: *Walks into Jane's room* Hm... *Starts examing entry way* Nothing. Well... *starts examining cabinets*


Yui: *examines Hazamaru's pile of weapons*

The bat is missing.

Hazamaru: *scoffs* How dare the murderer use MY bat. Got his filthy hands all over it. Whatever, I wasn't using it anyhow. *starts examining weapons more thoroughly*

Hazamaru finds that the weapons were moved far apart, as if the culprit grabbed the weapon quickly.

Class Trial #1

Monokuma: Okay, you may discuss who you think the killer is. Then vote (when I give the link). If you are the main person framing someone and they are not the killer...*grins* EXECUUUUUTION!

Hazamaru: Okay, then, class. Let's start off with everyone's evidence they found

Dylan: I didn't find anything oops.

Taiyō: *pulls out note* It says: "Meet me in the hallway. I need to talk to you."

Hazamaru: Perhaps we can see who's handwriting that is?

Taiyō: *passes the note around* Anyone recognise it?

Dylan: *observes note* Doesn't look like mine hooray.. it's much too messy my god.

Taiyō: Hmmm... could have been written in a hurry... I can't tell if it's written in ink or lead....

Hazamaru: Well I think this might be pointless since the murderer wouldn't reveal their handwriting anyhow.

Monokuma: Tell me when you are ready to vote!

Taiyō: Nah. We need to debate more.

Hazamaru: May I ask what the motive was?

Monokuma: The motive was: Fourth wall breaker isn't a talent.

Hazamaru: Well that confirms it. Here, let me make it so people can understand.

-Climax Interference Segment-

Hazamaru: Let's start off before the murder happened. Our culprit, left a note to Jaine, telling her to meet her in the wallway. Unfortunately for Jaine, that's exactly where my weapons that I had thrown out were. Jaine met our culprit in the hallway, most likely interested to see what it was about. Before Jaine could get a headstart, our culprit quickly reached into my pile of weapons, and tried to attack Jaine. Jaine had managed to run away for a bit, until she arrived at the gym. Unfortunately for Jaine, the gym was a deadend, so there was no way to make it back out without passing by the culprit. This is where our culprit struck Jaine down. The first blow delivered was a very hard hit to Jaine's head, causing blunt trauma. She probably lost the ability to feel most of her body from the heavy blow. The next strike was the killshot, killing Jaine. The weapon used? The bloody bat found at the crime scene. Our culprit felt a tiny bit of remorse for what she had done, so she immediately dropped the bat in shock. The culprit immediately ran back to her room, supposedly washing him or herself off from the blood that had been splattered. That's why the culprit's hair was that dark of color when we saw her in the hallway later that night. The one culprit who had no alibi for the murder?

Yui. You killed Jaine.


Taiyō: Y-yui...

Yui: .... I did it....

Hazamaru: Well that settles it. Ew, YOU'RE dirty hands got all over MY former bat? Ugh. *votes Yui* (I can do the executions)

Monokuma: Vote here then! (Thanks, that would be great.)

Taiyō: Ugh.

Monokuma: Well, you all guessed Yui, and you are...

Monokuma: CORRECT! Haha! Yui didn't last long, I guess. Anyways, looks like it's... PUNISHMENT TIME!

Execution #1 - Yui - Runway Rockstar

Yui is seen to be placed on a treadmill, wearing a long dress being held down by a rope, slowly progressing towards a crusher that is going up a down. Evidently, she is soon to be crushed. As she grows more worrisome she tries escaping, but continues failing. Just before reaching the crusher, Monokuma is seen and comes picks up Yui in a helicopter. It lifts her up by her dress, slightly ripping off the bottom of it that was tied down by ropes. Monokuma flies up over a volcano, Monokuma releases Yui, and she falls into the volcano, killing her.

Monokuma: That was awesome! My blood is pumping! Well, anyways, it is now night time. I suggest returning to your rooms...

Hazamaru: And so our expedition continues...

Day 2

Monokuma: ATTENTION! It is now morning! All doors (cafeteria, etc.) are unlocked!

Taiyō's Room

Taiyō: *lies on bed* I'm hungry. *sprints to cafeteria*

Hazamaru's Room

Jaaku's Room

Xander's Room

Dylan's Room

Jimmy's Room

Zoey's Room


Dylan: *yawns* In desparate need of coffee.. anyone know where I can get a latte around here?

Hazamaru: Maybe if you looked for more than five seconds... there's a coffee maker over there. *points to coffee maker* *walks back to room*

Dylan: Oh uh thanks.. guy. *stumbles over to coffee maker*

Xander: *stumbles in* Did I miss anything last night?

Taiyō: Yeah. *takes a bite of toast* Jaine was killed and Yui got executed for killing her.

Xander: Dang, too bad. She was a cool girl. I can't believe I missed it. (user was sleeping when it happened)

Taiyō: Yeah. Can't believe Yui would do that...

Xander: *sips coffee* I don't know what could drive someone to murder, no matter how much they hate someone. I mean, everyone gets really angry, but still, to act on it? That's crazy. My release is either gaming or weight lifting. Speaking of that, MONOKUMA! WHAT'S THE WIFI PASSWORD?

Monokuma: I can't allow you to have access to the internet. Oh, and good news! The second floor is now open!

Taiyō: Cool. I'll stay here though cause I'm hungry.

Xander: Oh well, I think I'll go swim laps. Stop by if you guys want. *leaves*



Boy's Changing Room

Xander: *puts on swim trunks*

Girl's Changing Room


Monokuma: Attention! A body has been found at the pool...Haha!

The students come in to see Xander's corpse.

Hazamaru: And another one falls.

Dylan: *drops latte* Another one.. already?!

Hazamaru: Yes. Another one.

Taiyō: *runs upstairs from cafeteria* Oh my gosh!!!!! Xander... :(

Monokuma: God...You guys are restless. I like it! Okay, you know the drill.

Dylan: That's a pretty nice scarf though, I must say..

Boy's Changing Room

Dylan: *inspects area in search of signs of the killer/evidence*

Girl's Changing Room

Taiyō: *Looks around the room for signs someone was in here*

There are no signs of someone being in here.

Taiyō: Hmm. *closes door and walks to the library*


Taiyō: *inspects the shelves*

Taiyō finds a bloody knife.

Taiyō: Aaaah! Guys! I think I found the weapon... again?

Taiyō:  *checks under bleachers*

Taiyō finds nothing.


Taiyō: *checks bookcases* We have to find this killer!!


Hazamaru: *walks in* Hm... *checks kitchen*

Hazamaru finds a knife next to a scarf that looks exactly like the one from the pool. It seems the culprit cut the scarf to make it a certain length here.

Hamazaru: *investigates knife and scarf further*


Hazamaru: *investigates body*

The body is hanging from the lifeguard's chair. He was tied to the chair by his neck with a scarf, and his body was lowered into the water. He has multiple stab wounds.

Hazamaru: Hm... Monokuma, did he die by the strangulation from the scarf or the stab wounds?

Monokuma: He was killed by the stab wounds, but to make sure he was dead, they tried to strangle him with the scarf.

Hazamaru: Hm...

Xander's Room

Hazamaru: *walks in* Most... interesting. *checks room*

Hazamaru finds a note that says: You were my friend, you abandoned me.

Hazamaru: Hm... *leaves room*

Monokuma: Attention, attention! It's time for our second Class Trial! Proceed to the voting room!

Class Trial #2

Taiyō: Already... Gah!

Hazamaru: First off, Monokuma, what was the motive for the kill?

Monokuma: Motive: Xander is an old friend of [insert killer here] and he desperately wants to get revenge on him for abandoning him when he needed him most.

Hazamaru: Hm... So our first piece of evidence is this note. *pulls out note* It says, You were my friend at one point, you abandoned me.

Taiyō: Him...! Seems our killer is male. 

Hazamaru: Indeed...

Monokuma: Bingo!

Hazamaru: And it wasn't me... so that leaves Jimmy, Dylan, and Jaaku.

Taiyō: Hmm....

Dylan: How do we know for sure it wasn't you? *glares at Hazamaru*

Hazamaru: Because I wouldn't waste my time killing you imbeciles when I know you're getting each other killed. Nor do I have any interest in killing.

Taiyō: I doubt Dylan would mis-use a scarf like that, he even said it was a nice one D:

Hazamaru: But... he does have the title "SHSL Diva". If it was his scarf, of course he would say it's nice, he's a diva.

Monokuma: Keep talking, this is getting good.

Dylan: That is something none of us know for sure, Hazamaru.. do you have any sort of alibi that can prove to us you weren't in the area at the time the crime took place?

Taiyō: Hmmm......

Hazamaru: The only way through the pool is around the cafeteria, and everyone saw me walk back to my room.

Dylan: And Taiyo is right, I would never misuse a scarf such as that one. Also, what kind of murderer is afraid of blood? I can't stand the sight of it.. *crosses arms*

Taiyō: True. I was in there the whole time and I saw Hazamaru walk back into his room.

Hazamaru: Easy excuse if you're trying to stay innocent. And you were in the cafeteria for sure, so you could have slipped out anytime you want. But I don't think it's you... just yet.

Dylan: I was in the cafeteria with my latte, you're correct on that one, but again, why would I just throw away a scarf like that? You know how I am.

Taiyō: I really don't know... D:

Dylan: Go ahead, send me to be executed if you do not believe me, but you will be making the completely wrong decision.. and have the killer continue to run amongst you.

Hazamaru: I don't think the killer will be amongst us because you might be the killer. (You can counter if you'd like. :D)

Taiyō: That accusation though...! D:

Hazamaru: But despite that, Xander deserves to be dead, he has no friends and was a low-life loser. (Trying to break Dylan here if he is the killer XD)

Dylan: YOU'RE SO OFF TRACK. Who believes I would get up and waste my time strangling someone with a beautiful scarf such as that one? It doesn't make any sense.. and where was Jimmy around the time, dear? Nowhere to be seen..

Taiyō: Gah! I have no idea D:

Hazamaru: Jimmy was nowhere to be seen in the cafeteria, so there's no way he could have made it to the pool and killed Xander.

Dylan: You're right, Xander was a loser.. I wouldn't waste my team killing that one. 

Hazamaru: Are you sure you wouldn't team kill that one?

Taiyō: .... Hmm, this is close to being closed.

Dylan: I meant to say time.. excuse me. *smiles*

Hazamaru: As if time killing would make anymore sense. Anything to say for yourself, Dylan?

Taiyō: D-dylan, why you so nervous?


Hazamaru: And that settles it. If I need to, I can put it more clearly for everyone. (Can I do a Climax Interference Segment? O_o)

Taiyō: Um, yeah, Dylan... YOU OKAY?

Monokuma: Okay! Let's hear Hazamaru's story! (Yes.)

Taiyō: *sighs* (OMFG IT'S NOT DYL)

Monokuma: Dylan? *laughs* Go ahead and vote for him. I can't wait until you see the outcome.

Hazamaru: If it's not Dylan then who could it be..?

Monokuma: There were two people not present during the murder.

Hazamaru: Yeah, but I'm yet to see Jaaku yet, and Jimmy would have had to pass through the cafeteria.

Monokuma: Is everyone ready? Because it is almost vote time.

Hazamaru: I think it goes without saying everyone needs more time.

Monokuma: Okay then.

Dylan: *awakens* ...huh? *sits up* Was that idiot executed yet?

Hazamaru: No. But it's not you, so that must mean it's JImmy.

Dylan: Yeah, I guess it was that idiot.. god, I hate him..

Hazamaru: Just curious, do you have evidence for that..?

Dylan: I have only known him for a bit, but I hate him.. like, nearly as much as I did Xander..

Taiyō: Guys! Jimmy and Xander were both nerds! This must explain the friend thing in the motive!!

Hazamaru: Hm... that would make sense...

Dylan: Okay since it's Jimmy I think I'm going to just go guys..!

Taiyō: Can we vote, Monokuma?

Hazamaru: And just to make sure eveyrone knows who the murderer is, let me shine some light on the subject.

-Climax Interference Segment-

Hazamaru: So, let's start off with the motive. The motive, of course, was the note we found saying, "You were my friend, you abandoned me.". That note was left by our culprit. I'm assuming some time prior to the murder, Xander found that note. Later that day, our culprit encountered Xander in the men's changing room near the pool. Xander had not expected his friend to kill him, so of course, his guard was down. With his back turned while changing, our culprit stabbed Xander, multiple times, in fatal spots, killing him. Even after this, our culprit was still unsure whether or not he was dead. That's where the spare scarf we found planted in Dylan's room and in the kitchen comes into play. Of course, being the culprit, his scared self cut the scarf just exactly so he could make sure that the body was exactly the heigh it needed to be from the ground, so no-one could confirm nor deny that the body was killed via strangulation from the scarf, used as a noose. And while everyone's back was turned investigating different spots of the school, our culprit was altering the crime scene to throw more people off track. Of course, when the time came, most had noticed that change in the crime scene. But all in all, the one person who murdered Xander and was his friend...

Was you, Jimmy-kun.


Monokuma: Okay, it's time to vote. Vote here.

Hazamaru: Well Taiyo and Dylan both priortized Jimmy, so.

Monokuma: Well, it was unanimous. Everyone voted against Jimmy except for Jimmy. Jimmy voted for Dylan. But, since the majority vote Jimmy, you are.....

Dylan: *smirks*

Monokuma: CORRECT! Jimmy is guilty! And you know what that means,'s PUNISHMENT TIME!!!

Execution #2 - Jimmy - Nerd Neutrilization

Jimmy is seen walking down the corridor of a schoolway. As a bully approaches him, who is Monokuma, the bully knocks down his books. Jimmy tries to fight back but is quickly put down from the bully. He is soon attacked from multiple Monokumas while he is being kicked and punched from all around him, there is soon a clearing in the group attacking him. Ahead of Jimmy is a Monokuma, holding a rocket launcher. Monokuma fires the rocket launcher at Jimmy, it was not a rocket launcher inteded to kill, but just to stun/blow Jimmy away. Jimmy is sent flying outside the school right onto the road. As the students are watching Jimmy from a sidewalk, as Jimmy tries to get up, a flatbed truck comes by, and runs over Jimmy in a pink haze. Blood splatters everywhere, and Jimmy is killed.

Monokuma: Wow! Another one ALREADY! Well, just in time, too. It's now night time! All doors (cafeteria, etc.) are locked. It would be a good idea to go to your rooms...

Day 3

Monokuma: Attention! It is morning! All doors are now unlocked!

Taiyō's Room

Taiyō: *flops onto bed and sighs*

Hazamaru's Room

Hazamaru: *walks back from execution*

Jaaku's Room

Jaaky:*wakes up from coma* uhhh what happened?

Monokuma: Oh, you just arrived? Long story short; you're living here for eternity unless you can kill someone and get away with it. So far, four are dead.

Xander's Room

Ghost of Xander: I had a feeling going to the pool would get me killed.

Dylan's Room

Jimmy's Room

Zoey's Room

Vins's Room

Vins: *wakes* Where am I? All I remember is getting shot.

Monokuma: Oh, Vins, you're late! You and your fellow classmates will be staying here for eternity! Unless, of course, you can kill one of them...AND GET AWAY WITH IT!


Taiyō: *does sprint practices*


Taiyō: *eats a sandwich*

Hazamaru: *walks into cafeteria*

Taiyō: Hello, Hazamaru!

Hazamaru: *scoffs and then walks into the kitchen*

Taiyō: H-hazamaru... Why so grumpy? >:|

Hazamaru: Because I don't have time for "hello"'s when I want to attend my own buisness. *walks back into the cafeteria with a salad, sits down, and then starts reading* So excuse my "grumpiness".

Taiyō: J-just trying to be friendly... Great job on working out the killer yesterday, by the way.

Hazamaru: Thanks. But I do suppose it was you who figured out the "nerd" thing. So adequate jon.

Taiyō: Thanks. I'm hoping we won't get a murder for a while now.

Hazamaru: *finishes eating salad and reading and walks back to his room*

Dylan: *walks in to cafeteria in his robe* Morning my dearest "friends".. what's for breakfast?




Girl's Changing Room

Boy's Changing Room


Monokuma: Ding dong! A body has been discovered!

The students enter Vins's room and open the closet. Her corpse falls out.

Monokuma: Haha! Well, you know what to do.

Vins's Room

Hazamaru: *checks Vins' room*

Hazamaru finds a male changing room key card.


Dylan: *examines room for any signs of activity*

Dylan finds a pool of blood and a trail of blood leading to the victim's room.


Taiyō: *examines book cases*

Taiyō finds a broken bottle in front of one of the book cases.

Monokuma: I can't wait to punish the bas**** who killed Vins.

Boy's Changing Room

Taiyō: Oh no... Poor Vins...

Monokuma: I know, right? She woke up and died! Just kidding, it's awesome! I love murder. Just think about it, ten of you entered and only three of you will leave alive!

Hazamaru: *checks changing room*

Hazamaru finds a bloody weight.

Hazamaru: Heh. *leaves room*

Girl's Changing Room

Hazamaru: *checks changing room*

Hazamaru finds that the culprit was not in this room.

Monokuma: Time's up! Let's go for Class Trial #3!

Class Trial #3

Monokuma: Debate below!

Hazamaru: Damn... that was quick.

Monokuma: Hehe...The clue investigation has been going on for hours...

Hazamaru: (I just got on. XD) So, what was the motive, Monokuma?

Monokuma: (Lol, that's ok) The culprit and the victim got into an argument last night. So, the culprit killed him.

Hazamaru: Hm... and may I ask what the true cause of death was?

Monokuma: Who don't you read the files I gave you?

The files say:

  • Blow to the Head
  • Bloody Weight
  • Male Keycard
  • Trail of Blood leading to Vins's Room
  • Broken bottle

Hazamaru: Hm...

Monokuma: Every case has a file.

Hazamaru: So it's quite obvious that the weapon to kill was the weight with the blow to the head.

Taiyō: I guess so.

Hazamaru: And there was a male keycard. Now the question is, who's keycard was it?

Taiyō: Can't we check it to see whose it was?

Monokuma: Oh, but the name is scratched off.

Taiyō: Oh. Damn.

Hazamaru: But then again, besides me, ther are only two people left. Dylan and Jaaku.

Taiyō: Dylan was around at the time of the murder, Jaaku was not...

Hazamaru: True. And Dylan was in the cafeteria, and in order for him to get to the gym, he would have to leave. But I didn't see him leave... But then again, Ieft before him.

Taiyō: I was in the gym. But I went into my room afterwards. That's when the killer struck, I guess.

Hazamaru: Did anyone go into the gym with you?

Taiyō: No, I was alone.

Hazamaru: Perhaps the killer... could also be a girl? (You can counter if you'd like. XD)

Taiyō: A girl? A male keycard was found at the scene. This is pretty sufficient evidence, is it not?

Monokuma: You may continue debating, but when you're ready, vote here.

Hazamaru: Perhaps the killer took Jaaku or Dylan's keycard.

Monokuma: I can assure you the killer was male.

Hazamaru: Hm... then of course, that leaves... Dylan and Jaaku.

Taiyō: I doubt Dylan could lift that weight.

Hazamaru: True... so that leaves... Jaaku?

Taiyō: Yep...

Monokuma: Voting time!

Hazamaru: Alright, well... I'm going on what you said about Dylan not being able to life the weight, Taiyō.

Taiyō: Alright... I'll do the same.

Monokuma: Unanimous again! Everyone voted Jaaku, and that is...CORRECT! Yay! My favorite part! It's....PUNISHMENT TIME!

Execution #3 - Jaaku - DING! DING! Fight time!

Jaaku is seen to be placed in a fighting ring going against a mechanized version of Monokuma. The fight seems to have been carried on a long time. Eventually, Mecha-kuma lands a hit on Jaaku that causes him to fall to his feet. The ref., who is Monokuma, declares Mecha-kuma the winner. As a penalty for losing, Jaaku is pulled out of the ring with a chain wrapped around his neck. He is thrown against a pillar as many more Mecha-kumas come and approach Jaaku. They soon start punching him from every direction possible. After a long drawn out one-sided fight, Jaaku takes severe damage from all the punches that have been thrown at him. Eventually, Jaaku dies from his injuries.

Monokuma: Yay for executions! Anyways, back to your rooms, it's night time!

Day 4, Final Day

Monokuma: Attention! It is now morning! All doors are unlocked.

Dylan's Room

Hazamaru's Room

Hazamaru: *starts reading a book*

Taiyō: *knock knock*

Hazamaru: *sighs* *very reluctantly* Come in... and drop any possible weapons at the door.

Taiyō: I have nothing to drop. *walks in* Hey. As you know, it's 4 of us left. There's a great danger one of us could die, and obviously a danger one of us could kill. I'd like to call a truce between you and me. Let's agree not to kill eachother or anyone else. Sure, Zoey or Dylan could kill one of us... but if that happens, at least we know it wasn't one of us. Deal?

Hazamaru: I have no interest in killing anyone, so I suppose that's a deal.

Taiyō: Great. I'm off to get some breakfast. You coming with?

Hazamaru: I suppose. *leavse room*

Taiyo's Room

Taiyō: *lies on bed and reads a sport magazine*

Zoey's Room


Taiyō: *makes toast* You want some?

Hazamaru: *scoffs* As if I'd ever eat that. I'll make myself some breakfast. *starts making his own breakfast*

Taiyō: ... Okay. *bites into toast* Yum.

Monokuma: *appears* So, you two having fun? *pulls out a big red button* Oh, I sure cannot wait to press this again! I love punishment time!

Taiyō: *sigh* As long as it's a fair execution, I guess.

Hazamaru: No execution is a fair execution.

Monokuma: Two of you four will soon be dead! But two of you four will be leaving!


Boy's Changing Room

Girl's Changing Room



Monokuma: A body has been discovered!

The students walk to the kitchen and see a decapitated Hazamaru. His head seems to be missing.

Monokuma: Dang, and I actually liked him! Just kidding! Murder is awesome! Ok, you know the drill..

Taiyō: H-hazamaru...

Dylan: Oh same..

Monokuma: So much despair! I love it!


Taiyō* searches in the cupboards*

Dylan: *searches oven*

Taiyo finds nothing, but Dylan finds Hazamaru's severed head.


Taiyō: *searches under table*

Taiyo finds a needle.

Taiyō: Ha! I knew it! i'm ready to go to the trial. Monokuma!

Monokuma: W-what?! No crying? No anger?! Fine...Let the final class trial begin!



Class Trial #4

Monokuma: Debate!

Taiyō: Before I reveal the killer, it's so obvious, I'd just like to know the motive.

Monokuma: Upupupu! The culprit said the death would be a shock, and that Hazamaru is a threat!

Taiyō: Here it is. Our killer listened in to Haz and I's conversation. They knew we would be an unbeatable duo. Jealous of our alliance, our killer planned to murder Haz in the night. They plotted as Haz and I slept, unknown as to what would happen next. The killer used their various equipment to sever Haz's head and kill him. Only one person here would have such equipment. The needle I found is part of it.

Taiyō: That's right, it was you...


Taiyō: Zoey.

Monokuma: Yay! Vote time! Someone is being executed!!

Monokuma: Haha! You were right! The killer was Zoey! Upupupu! That means it's...*grabs hammer and hits red button*PUNISHMENT TIME!

Execution #4 - Zoey - The Nuisance of a Needle!

Zoey is seen placed on a long sheet of fabric that will eventually arrive at a sewing machine. As the cloth slowly reaches the sewing machine her face becomes more and more worrisome with fear. Eventually she reaches the sewing machine. The needle from the sewing machine saws Zoey clean in half, of course, killing her.

Monokuma: Aw. That means the two of you get to leave...*sheds a tear* BUT I CAN'T ALLOW THAT! There is still more despair! More blood to be shed! More --*A spark comes from Monokuma's neck.* My coffee! No! Stupid computer! *Another spark.* F***! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! *Monokuma's red eye shuts off. The students can hear a voice from the third floor, where they were not allowed to go.* Damn! *Monokuma drops a key. This key happens to fit in the school entrance.*

Taiyō: Come on! *grabs Dyl's hand* Let's go! *unlocks door*

*Junko Enoshima runs out of Monokuma's control room and chases the two, but to her disappointment they have already left and the door is closed. They took the key with them.* No! No, no, no, nooooo!

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