If you are out them of Cragiled dyrium's camp then come. Only edit here if you are out.

Who's here?



Bryan- TDAFan99



Doc.-dr. perry

Cassie-Heather rocks

Gramps- Youre2490

Abrahm- The big gascious rude fat guy who drools over girls- Gwen Is Kewl*

splinter, a crazy guy who likes tacos-Dr.perry









Zoey-Heather rocks


Natalia- Gwen Is Kewl

Who do you want to win?

Alice: I want greg to win or fly boy or maybe kingy who ever will give a lolipop I want them to win

Abrahm: I want Dawn or Natalia to win..... they are both super smexy!

Frosti: My name was spelled wrong. Oh, I want Fly or Natalia to win. Theyve played a good game.


Gramps: My grandson Leon

Cassie:I don't want to argue with Draven but Fly Boy

Draven: *kisses cassie*

Cassie:*kisess Draven*Why do people call you cheater?

Draven: i dunno. wanna make out?

Cassie:First stop doind that akward magic dark thingy,then okay*makes out with Draven*

Draven: *makes out back* your a good kisser.

Crag:*drags Draven*How'd you get here, your on the island till the final 4!

Draven: really? YAY!

Crag:I don't see why your happy.. Your not competing!


Crag:I may use you...

Leon: Gramps or Natilia

Cassie:I miss Draven

(greg: I Know you guys got me out because I havent been on but I was grounded)

Kyle: Fly Boy! Uh... Im finally out! *smiles*

Dawn: keyshia or Natalia

Kyle: Hi Dawn!

Dawn: hi kyle! why did you quit?

Kyle: I was tired of that show...

Dawn: oh ok! yea i was kinda relieved to be gone to, even though i didnt want to lose

Kyle: Uh... I was in that show because of Crag, it's he's fault!

Dawn: yea crag wasnt a very good host! XD

Kyle: Yeah..

Zoey:I hate you CRAG I'm sueing*calls dad a lawyer*Daddy can you sue this guy name Crag not really

I want Natalia to win!


Kyle: I agree!

Zoey:Are we going there to see the winner?

Fly:We're voting for it, so I think we are...

Kyle: *mad* Gramps will lose!

Zoey:Yeah I want him to lose too!

Fly:Why do you not like Gramps?

Zoey:No even though he is my boy friend Lion grampa he is creepy

Kyle: He don't like me...

Abrahm: or me....

Zoey:Okay where is Cat(crag)

Fly:Who? If it's Crag, he's on the island with the final 3 challenge...

Abrahm: who did you keep voting for fly booy?

Zoey:Umm okay Swim boy

  • letter arrives from Natalia*

Fly:What's that? Another trick from Crag?

Abrahm: ill open it. *turns out to be from Natalia with a beautiful picture and written in gorgeous cursive writing*


Fly:*closes eyes*What is it?

Kyle: It's trick from Crag...

Abrahm: No its a letter, from Natalia..... and that is one fine picture!

fly:It's a trick, you can keep it if you want Abe, I've no use for it...

Zoey:then why does it say Lve you Fly Bye?

Kyle:'s a trick...

Cassie:Why is Fly misspelled?Fy

Kyle: ...

Abrahm: Yall must just not read cursive, that says Fly. Here maybe you should read it, incase its lagit. i "found" her diary one time and thats definatly her writing.

Fly:You sicken me! Is there anythnig else you did there?

Abrahm: i used my binoculars and whatched her swim, and eat, and sleep....

Fly:O_O, let's see that letter...


Natalia's Letter: Hello old friends, old buds, old pals, and whatever you(abrahm) are.

Kyle: Something else?

Fly:Is that all?

- 'I owe my placing in this competition all to you guys and gals. You are some of the best people I know. And I know alot of people. Fly Boy, I hope you know that I miss you most of all even though uve only been gone a little while, and that I cant wait to see you again. And to reply to what you had said before, I love you too. Thank you for all the support of Me, Keyshia, and Gramps. See you all soon. +
- With Love,
- Natalia Annri Arellago

Zoey:Am I one of her friend?

Abrahm: I think so. here let me check *pulls out laptop* i have a whole database of info on her on here.... yep you are.

Fly:THat's her name? Oh well... I can't wait to see her either... It's like, one more day!

Abrahm: Shes italian, thats a hot name! and i cant either! .....i should prob run now shouldnt i?

Fly:*clenches fists*No, I should probably not...

Abrahm: Not what? you never do anything about anything! u just let it happen! she has way more will power than you, and shes a girl! What are you gonna do! HUH!?

Fly:Kill you!

Abrahm: Your all Bark and no bite! she says shes gonna do something, then she does it! According to my research she likes guys that act lik guys! not whiny 5 year old girls! She has more will power than you, and shes a chick!

Fly:I can just keep my cool more...

Abrahm: No! i think your just afraid that u would never win a fight, or be able to stand up, or she wont like you or something like that. DUDE GROW A SPINE!

Kyle: Dude, he's stronger than you!

Abrahm: im a weightlifter so stuff it! no one asked you!1

Kyle: And that's the First reason why you don't have girlfriend....

Dawn: hi guys! whats going on?

Kyle: Nothin...

Dawn: dont you lie to me! ik now something interestings going on

Kyle: Umm...kay, we have letter from Natalia...

Dawn: well if its personal for fly im not gonna read it cause thats an invasion of privacy but if it isnt let me see it

Kyle: Don't worry, nothing personal...

Fly:*hands Dawn letter*You can read it if you want, it didn't have one person...

Dawn: *reads letter* awwww natalia is so sweet! she deserves to be in the finals. just as long as gramps doesnt win

Fly:There's a 50/50 chance.

Dawn: i wish a guy didnt have to be in, cause those 2 girls deserve it more. they werent eliminated and then brought back in

Leon: You people sicken me.

Dawn: why?

Leon: Gramps did nothing wrong you make him sound evil.

Dawn: were just expressing our feelings. and besides, no matter what, if natalia makes it to the finals, shes gonna win so no one really has a chance

Leon: Gramps real name is samual

Dawn: O.o are you like related to him or something? cause how else would you know his real name

Leon: He's my grandpa!

Dawn: oh! well that explains why you guys were so close!

Zoey:LION**hugs hyim*

Leon: *kisses her*

Zoey:I missed you*kisses him*

Dawn: awww how cute

Zoey:I liked makeing it far

Leon: But Gramps knocked you out.

Dawn: thats why shes rooting for natalia

Leon: Keyshia will be here next.

Dawn: most likely. i mean shes up against natalia whose good at like everything, and is liked more

Natalia: WOW! i would have lost earlier im i would have known this place is so pimped out.

Dawn: hi natalia! its sad to see you here instead of the finals. everybody loved you!

Natalia: Well since i lost (cuz i was at church) i guess its not to bad.

Dawn: yea im glad with how far i made it, and this place is awesome so its good!

(Gwen: Everyone sign up for my new camp! Total Drama Mythology! Itll be awesome! Hopefully it wont be vandilized, like Total Drama American was....)

Who do you want to lose?

Alice: draven.

Kingy: AROOOOOOOOOOOO! *kicks alice 50 million feet back into the camp*

Bryan: Draven is a cheater

Kingy: AROOOOOOO! *kicks bryan out into the ocean.* translation: what does everyone not like draven for?

Bryan: I think he cheated and got me eliminated or smoothed talked Crag into eliminating me *goes to food table*

Alice: *comes back to the camp and freaking tasers kingy and then put him in unbreakable cage that cant be opened even by magic* what now doo doo head.

Kingy:*turns ito ghost* AROOOOOOOO! *kicks alice to oblivion.

Alice: Im sueing *puts herself together*

Kingy: AROOOO! translation: me too!

Crag:If you sue they'll be no season 2...


Frosti: Why does everyone want to sue. Ima win next season! Oh, who do I wanna lose? Flly or Natalia, because I think they caused my downfall.

Abrahm: Dude? u want the same ppl to loose that u want 2 win?

Gramps: Any one who votes for Leon.


Leon: Fly Boy

Kyle: Hmm....Keyshia or Gramps....Looks like Gramps...

Abrahm: *hits head* all of them!


Crag:I'm gonna bring some of you back in episode 15-maybe. Put down three reasons why you should and I'll decide...

Bryan: Cuz i got cheated out of the game in an unfair twist, Cuz Draven was supposed to be eliminated 2 times in a row but was saved and i got eliminated from being in one time , and I'll sue you.

Draven: well, this is my first camp and i like it here, crag you are very nice, and i like everyone there, i'm sure i have a lot of friends. please return me!

Alice: because theres no lolipops here and its not fair that Draven gets to stay at the camp and we have to stay here

Emily:Ugh, I don't want to return, it sucks there! Everyone there is horrible and I hate them all.


Abrahm: i was injured causing my mouth to move without by brain, i have to be back with Dawn! SHE WILL LOVE ME! and Im afraid of Emily now and she might kill me if i stay here.....

Frosti: Wutwut? My father wants me too be a lawyer? Oh why should I return? Because I a beast, why should anyone else return. Yeayeayeay... Frosti out.

Gramps: I want to so I can see Fly Boy and Natslia again. plus Leon

Crag:*observes starements*OK, two of you are returning, and they are Gramps and Abrahm, but you have to say quiet until I say...

Cassie:Becuase I was in a coma and amnesia before I was eliminated

Crag:Shut up! Nobody else is returning! And sin't your boyfriend here?

Cassie:Come on you make the fat guy come back and also The wierd creepy old man!o

Greg: com on bring me back

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