This is my second camp, all custom characters and you may be up to 2 people. You must include a picture of them. I will close signs when I feel like it..Max of 21 people. Also include their label.

Cragiled dyrium's Camp Losers! Losers go here.


Fly Boy(co-host):Cragiled-fired

Elimination Table

Place Camper 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(Season 2)


21st/22nd Emily IN LOW IN WIN OUT FAIL
21st/22nd Draven IN IN LOW WIN OUT PASS
23rd Bryan IN IN IN OUT FAIL
24th Kingy IN IN OUT FAIL
25th Alice IN OUT FAIL

On Day 4, Andre and Bryan swiched teams.

Sign Ups (CLOSED)

  1. Joseph, The Lazy Villian- higgnkfe
  2. Frosti, The Milkshake Drinking Asian Guy Who Likes to Eat at Wendys- higgnkfe
  3. Greg,the bad fitness instructer-Gregalice
  4. Doc., the friendly old dude-dr.perry
  5. splinter, a crazy guy who likes tacos-Dr.perry
  6. Alice,the nine year old girl who likes lolipops-gregaliceOut Day 2
  7. Andre- The guy who owns a jelly belly-TDAFan99
  8. Bryan- The guy who has a collection of teddy bears-TDAFan99
  9. Natalia- The perfect guys girl with a knack for Sports expecially Tennis and Tai Kwan Do- Gwen Is Kewl*
  10. Abrahm- The big gascious rude fat guy who drools over girls- Gwen Is Kewl*
  11. Kayla-The girl that is super cute-Spacebuddies123
  12. Jacob-The dumb one-Spacebuddies123
  13. Gramps-The old guy-Youre2490*
  14. Leon-The collage student-Youre2490
  15. Dawn- The lovable, lively prep girl- Leshawnafan
  16. Keyshia- Miss Attitude-Leshawnafan
  17. Emily-The Manipulator-Cragiled*
  18. Draven-The weirdness-1dra7
  19. Kingy- 1dra7
  20. Zoey-The nice girl-heather rocks
  21. Cassie:The popular hot girl-Heather rocks

Kyle-Cool Guy- DuncanGuy


Team 1-Team Killer Koalas


Natalia-Assisstant captain

Fly Boy









Team 2-Team CIRRRRH


Emily-Assistant captain












Fly Boy- Natalia Relationship


Natalia-Keyshia Friendship

Andre-Bryan Friendship

Everyone-Natalia Friendship(with few exceptions)

Natalia-Draven Friendship

Kyle-Fly Boy Friendship


Everyone-Emily Conflict

Natalia+Fly Boy-Abrahm Conflict

Frosti-Abrahm Conflict

Female-Abrahm Conflict

Keyshia-Kyle Conflict

Everyone-Abrahm Conflict


Crag:Hello everybody, I'm your host for your time here and here's my assistant Fly Boy..

Fly Boy:*grumbles*How did you get me to do this...

Frosti: hahaha, I laugh at Fly Boy

Fly Boy:*annoyed*Nobody better annoy me or else I'll make your time very painful..

Crag:Here's our first camper, Frosti...

Frosti: Hello. I be Frosti. *slurp*

Crag:Don't mess my clothes. Introducing our next camper....

Frosti* spills drink on Crag*

Crag:*angry*.....*throws Frosti off the island*

Frosti: That wasn't very nice, here I'll fix it! *Dabs some OxiClean on it!*

Crag:*grumbles*Don't do it again!

Fly Boy:Someone else come!

Andre: I ate to much jelly belly *barfs*

Bryan: *takes out teddy bear* These things are so soft

Crag:Introducing Andre nad Bryan! And Andre, don't mess my clothes.

Natalia: Hey Dudes *knuckle touchs everyone* whats Shakin?

Fly Boy:This is Natalia!

Crag:Shut up! That's my line!

Natalia: And to whom do i have the pleasure of meeting these 5 fine young men?


Natalia: haha, nice. *sees milkshake oozing down Frostis face* Ya know u just might have a point there.

Fly Boy:What are you two talking about?*pulls bad pose*

Natalia: Haha, yur kinda Funny........who are you?

Fly Boy:I'm the co-host, I thought I was gonna compete but you should always read your contact...

Natalia: I totally see were yur going with this, u hate the hosting job dont u?

Fly Boy:Yeah. And Crag isn't the most fun person to be with.

Natalia: Haha, well ill do what i can to make this more exciting for everyone. ;-)

Fly Boy:I'd try to stay away form Frosti though...

Natalia: Ill try. lol. Well u seem kinda nice, can i intrest u in a game of well anything that requires movement? Or is sourpuss Crag to Fun Hating to let us do anything.

Crag:Come here Fly.

Fly Boy:What now..

Crag:Go feed the sharks!

Fly Boy:With what?

Crag:ummmmm, whatever you can find....

Natalia: *whispering to Fly Boy* you should try feeding them him!

Fly Boy:*laughs then whispers*That's for the finale, now I gotta go find some food for them.*leaves*

Natalia: Yo Crag. I think someones coming.

Abrahm: Woot, Woot. Abrahm in the house! and dont call me abraham cuz i aint meat!

Crag:Eeeeer, hello Abraham. I don't remember you but since you're here...Anyone you like?

Abrahm: ITS A-B-R-A-H-M! NOT A-B-R-A-H-A-M! >8( DONT MAKE ME SIT ON YOU! *farts* *to natalia* and who are you cutie pie?

Natalia: Back off or yur gonna get yur butt kicked Gasbag!

Crag:Aww why won't you let hammy get near you?

Fly Boy:(CONF)Can I use this?


Natalia: cuz he just cut the cheese in my face. *Cough, Cough!* ewwwwwww

Natalia:(CONF) i have a feeling that Im gonna vote abrahm off as soon as possible. nasty! and the co-host Fly Boy *Day Dreaming* hes a whole different story.

Abrahm:(CONF) Only one cute girl? *belches* i guess itll have 2 do.

Abrahm: *belches again*Wanna get a pop?

Natalia: ask me again when im dead.

Crag:Looks like we have a couple....*takes picture*

Natalia: me and who?

Crag:Abraham!*laughs*I love this job.

Natalia: NO I LIKE FLY BOY! *nervous laugh* did i just say that out loud?

Abrahm: Whats he have that i dont?

Natalia:(CONF) oh i dont know charm, looks, MANNERS!

Crag:Interesting.*takes CONF tape*

Forsti: I thought this would actually be sane...

Natalia: i think Crag will tell Fly Boy what i said. i hope he feels the same way.


Abrahm: Says the boy whose addicted to milkshakes* fat stomach falls out of shirt* ok i cant rly say anything.

Crag:Uhh, there's Alice, but even you wouldn't try her.

Frosti: I just like them, you can't even compare that to your obsession of girls. You will be a stalker when you grow up.

Natalia: i so agree with you man. he is stalkerlicious.

Frosti: You, my friend, are going out first.

Natalia: Ill help you vote him out if u dont mind.

Frosti: why would I mind?

Natalia: good point. btw, when is the first elimination?



Abrahm: ?

Fly Boy:*arrives with torn clothes*I ha-ha-hate you Crag!*faints*

Natalia: FLY BOY!

Natalia: (CONF) he got attacked by sharks?! isnt there a law preventing Crag from doing that!?

Frosti: (CONF) I feel so bad for Fly Boy Crag will probably kill him by the time I win

Natalia: *splashes water on his face to wake him up* Fly Boy... are you okay?

Fly Boy:Ug, I'm never doing that again!

Abrahm: hhahahahahah, dude you got pwned!

Natalia: *glares at Abrahm*

Fly Boy:Uhhhh, I did...

Abrahm: pretending to not remember-

Natalia: *interrupting Abrahm* Dude be quiet.

Crag:11 more campers to come, who's next?

Natalia: idk, where is everybody?

Crag:Here is Jacob and uhh Kayla?


Natalia: Fly Boy are you ok? uve been out a while.

Fly Boy:Nothing can hurt me(CONF)*starts to talk*


Natalia: whats up that guys butt?

Abrahm: probably-

Natalia: Dont even go there dude.

Abrahm: But i was just gonna say-

Natalia: what? u were just gonna say what?

Abrahm: crap

Natalia: uhg!

Crag:*locks Abrahm and Natalia in CONF*Enjoy

Frosti: That should be interesting...

Kayla: I'm here! I got lost in traffic.

Jacob: *was hiding in CONF. the whole tim* (CONF. AHHHH! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!!?!??!!?! And what are you doing in my house!?!?!?!?

leon: Hello

Crag:Eeeeer, here's Leon and Gramps!

Gramps: Hi

Fly Boy:Great, it's you...

Gramps: Are you talking smack about me.

Fly Boy:*rolls eyes and walks away*

Gramps: *hits him with a rock*

Fly Boy:You know I'm the co-host right? I could make your life here very bad.

Gramps: i can sue.

Fly Boy:*rolls eyes*

Crag:Fly Boy! Test out the challenge to make sure it's safe!

Fly Boy:I hate this!

Gramps: *laghfs at him*

Crag:We've met 14 of them, so only 7 to go.

Leon: Hi girls

Alice:*likes lolipop* hi!

Leon: Whats with the kindergardener.

Crag:She claimed to be sixteen, but I can't eliminate her now...

Leon: She looks like she is six.

Crag:I think she's nine..

Leon: Get hot girls not a kindergardner.

Crag:There's Natalia, but I think she's taken*holds up tape*

Leon: Tape?

Chris:This video is from the confessional...*smiles evily*

leon: What is on it.

Crag:That's for me to know and anyone who sees the tape to find out

Leon: Can I see it?

Crag:Maybe later...

Leon: I'll give you a hundred dollers to see it.

Greg: can i see it

Fly Boy:*back*This is torture! Greg? Is that you?

Leon: Greg in my home town we need a bus driver you should aplie.

Greg: yeah how it going fly and i dont want to be a bus driver

Leon: We also need a chef, water, lifegaurd, docter, and barber.

Fly Boy:Not good, this guy signed me up as the co-host and I have to try the challenges before you do.

Leon: I'm trying to get Greg a good job so he can do somthing say good.

Natalia: out of the way Abrahm i got my black belt. *roundhouse kicks the door down*.

Abrahm: your like a chick version of chuck norris.

Natalia: uhm, sure.

Leon: Hi

Natalia: hey. OH AND CRAG. YOU STINK!

Leon: I'm Leon and you are?

Crag:*plays innocent*What's wrong?

Gramps: You locked them in there. *hits him with a rock.*

Greg: I dont need a job and i dont want to be water

Natalia: Crag, let me tell you a story. I have a record for fastest teen serve in all of canada. i have a pro backhand. and im sure i could KNOCK YOUR HEAD OFF!

Greg: you like tennis to its like tied with football for the best sport ever in my opinion

Crag:All this cause I locked you in the conf with Abralamb? Maybe Fly Boy should see this...

Natalia: im glad you agree Greg. its awesome. and YES! a tape, no no no no, the confessional tape! *scream*

Crag:You want him to see it? Well OK, since you insist....

Greg: what is the tape anyways?

Fly Boy:*watches tape*Umm, why is this showing squirrels eating?

Natalia: Phew.

Greg: what a waste of a tape

Alice: I wanna see the tape!!!!!!!

Leon: So how are you Natalia.

Abrahm: *farts loudly* Natalia, wasnt that one great!

Natalia: (CONF) ive been flirted at but nvr with gas! ewww i want him gone!

Natalia: doin fine Leon.

Alice: *licks lolipop*

Greg: hey alice and natalia wanna be in an aliance

Natalia: Fine with me as long an we can ditch Abrahm. but i dont want to get Leon, he seems rly nice. we could be fried.

Greg: cool

Abrahm: (CONF) Natalia is just playing hard to get. even when she slaps u in the face she puts a drop spin on it. so hot.

Fly Boy:(CONF)Nat-


Greg:(CONF:Gramps is out first me and fly never liked him)

Natalia: Greg u seem kinda friendish with Fly Boy. has he mentioned me at all?

Greg: Dont think so

Natalia: oh. (CONF) awh man, i......i......ABRAHM ARE YOU SPYING ON ME!

Abrahm: no just whatching intensly thru this airvent is all.

Fly Boy:*punches Abrahm*I don't think she likes that...*walks off*

Abrahm: Fly Boy wait up! i just think yur jealous!

Fly Boy:*rolls eyes*Why would I be jealous? Especially of you?

Abrahm: Cuz Natalia is falling for me and not you. you know u like her!

Fly Boy:*rolls eyes*Suuuuuure, she likes you and I'm jealous. You caught me, will you leave me alone now?

Natalia: *comes out of cabin in a green bikini* anyone want to take a swin with me? dont worry about sharks *cracks knuckles* they wont be a bother.

Abrahm: I-

Natalia: NO!

Fly Boy:(CONF)Aw man! Stupid work-Crag:OUT!

Abrahm: Cannonball!


Abrahm- ow.

Natalia: *storms off and slams cabin door* (CONF) i have had it with abrahamhock! if i see him again i will batter him with wooshtershire sauce and throw him to the sharks.

Crag:What a violent cast we have..Better for ratings!

Natalia: Violent only towards such a stalker.

Abrahm: *yelling from tree top* IM STILL NOT GIVING UP ON U NATALIA!

Fly Boy:*looks up*I feel sorry for the tree...

Natalia: *comes up beside Fly Boy* is it wrong to wish i could do that again?

Fly Boy:*laughs*Well, that depends. Can he get down? And can I use the conf?


Fly Boy:(CONF)Nice.

Natalia: With the average stalker beating them up would turn them away. BUT HE LIKES ME EVEN MORE.....i guess i should get him down......hahahahahahahahah*laughs hysterically* yea right!

Fly Boy:I think I need to get him down...

Crag:*arrives*Yes you do!

Natalia: well i guess yur right. anyway i can help?

Abrahm: *crack, snap, crackle* *branches break and he falls out of tree*. OH MOMMA!

Fly Boy:Yeah...I know how you could help....

Natalia: oh rly?


Abrahm: uhm a little help here *stuck in hole*

Fly Boy:Mmmmmmm, can you get yourself out? You're way to heavy...

Abrahm: im not sure. this happened one time when i got stuck in the bath tub back home. it had to be surgecially removed. it got jammed up in my rolls.

Natalia: *runs and vomits in the lake* there are something better left unsaid.

Fly Boy:*calls in crane*Will this work?

Abrahm: proabably. can it lift 350?

Fly Boy:I think so....*crane lifts Abrahm up but drops him on Fly Boy*

Natalia: Abrahm get up and get off of him before he suffocates in yur fluffiness.

Abrahm: *gets up* hahaha, dude u got pwned again!

Fly Boy:*twitching*So.....heavy...

Natalia: *helping fly boy up* u ok?

Fly Boy:N-nn-n-nn-nn-n-n-n-nn-n-no*runs off*

Natalia: Abrahm do you have to ruin everything?

Abrahm: No. just most things.

Abrahm: (CONF) im doing what i can to keep those 2 seperate. its so obvious she likes him. and im pretty sure he likes her. but he gets her, then i dont get her. and that just cant be.

Fly Boy:(CONF)Stupid stupid stupid

Natalia: im going to try swimming again AND NO ABRAHM YOU CANT TAG ALONG. if anyone needs me u know were im at.

Abrahm: awh man.

Fly Boy:*to Abrahm*Why are you stalking Natalia? Don't you get she doesn't like you.

Abrahm: cuz shes hot! and she is gaga over me she just is playing hard to get i know she is.

Fly Boy:Suuuuuuure, and what happens if she gets a restraining order?

Abrahm: then ill buy some binoculars.

Fly Boy:And that doesn't scream stalker-licious...

Natalia: *shouting from the lake* hey Fly Boy care to join me? or is slave driver Crag to big of a Butthead to let u break?

Crag:No break for you, at least until everyone arrives.

Natalia: *sighs then closes her eyes and floats on her back*

Dawn: Hi guys! its me dawn!

Crag:Here's Dawn! And is Keyshia with you?

Keyshia: yes im right here. cant you be patience for once? ughhhhhh

Crag:You don't even know me! Never mind, nearly everyone is here now...

Dawn: sorry about that crag, my cousin here has a bit of an attitude

Crag:*annoyed*Leave me alone*storms off*

Natalia: who are you 2? im Natalia. *offers hand for shaking*

Dawn: *shakes natalia's hand* hi im dawn! and this is my cousin keyshia

Keyshia: hey how you doin'?

Crag:What a good cast we have, stalkers, old guys and a kindergardener..

Natalia: NIce to meet you Dawn and Keyshia. and i am doing just fine. im sure we will get be be friends.

Abrahm: i wonder when any more ppl will come?

Crag:And here comes Emily!

Emily:Hi guys, I hope we can all be super awesome friends!

Abrahm:(CONF) wow. im not giving up on Natalia but Emily, whoa Momma shes something. Dawn and Kyeshia arent that bad either.

Abrahm: hi im Abrahm!

Natalia: id stay away from him. hes whack in the head. and a total stalker.

Emily:*to Abrahm*Hi cutie(CONF)He seems desperate...

Natalia: OMG. yur either a physco or rly rly nice to ppl with stalkerlicous problems.

Emily:Well, that isn't very nice.*to Abrahm* What do you have to say?

Abrahm: uhhhhh, can i start stalking i mean following i mean spying on i mean uhm be yur bo instead instead?

Emily:*laughs*You seem nice, unlike her*points at Natalia, whispers*Can you help me get rid of her?

Natalia: I HEARD THAT!

Abrahm: who Natalia? she alright once u get to know her, she roundhouse kicks like an angel.

Natalia: *starts to walk off* im fonna go find Fly Boy, or Greg, or even Crag. someone who isnt you.

Abrahm: wait before you go...*farts loudly*

Natalia: *Runs*

Fly Boy:*sees Natalia*HEY NATALIA! Wait up.*runs*

Natalia: *stops and blushes* oh Fly Boy. Hey.

Fly Boy:I always seem to find you near Abrahm, is there something going on between you two?

Natalia: no not at all. he just always keeps following me around no matter how much i tell him to go. but now with this Emily character i wont have to worry bout him.

Natalia:(CONF) *frownss* me and and abrahm? *eyes water* no no no! i rly like Fly. now my feeling are a little hurt.

Natalia:*hurt* uhm Fly Boy, i gotta go. ill catch ya later. *runs in cabin and jumps in bed*

Fly Boy:(CONF)Stupid stupid stupid

Crag:4 more to come...

Natalia:(CONF) i feel like an idiot. i overreacted big time. now i have to apologize for it.

Fly Boy:That..was....unexpected...

Natalia: uhm Fly Boy, i want to appologize for earlier i overreacted and ran off like a little girl and i just wanted to say that im rly rly srry and im probably talking to much and chattering, i always talk to much and start chattering when im nervous or scared or itchy or i rly need to shut up now but i just cant stop talking *nervous laugh* heheh.......hehehe.....heheh.....

Fly Boy:Uhhhhhh, ok?(CONF)What's up with that girl?

Natalia:(CONF) whats up with that! calm down Natalia. go back to normal you and just forget this happened.

Emily:(CONF)Hehehe, Natalia likes that stupid co-host but he's to stupid to realise it. I will use that to my advantage.....

Natalia: so Fly Boy, u wanna go idk, *nervous giggle* take a walk or something.

Fly Boy:Sure, but where? This place is horrible-I should know, I've been here for like two weeks....(CONF)Why has she changed?

Frosti: What the heck? Why is this little girl staring at me?

Natalia: Heck if I know, i just go along with whatever. Just something to do im getting bored with this place not everything about it tho. i think ill just try to take another swim. maybe for the first time Abrahm might not wreck it. haha, wanna come with? that is if Crag the freakazoid will let u. *goes in cabin and changes back into green bikini*.

Natalia: hey Frosti.

Fly Boy:*stares*You look- I mean, I've got to deal with complaints..Crag is lazy.

Natalia: true true, haha. Drop by if u feel like, i wont be 2 far from the dock.*walks off*

Abrahm: so emily, you wanna get a pop?

Emily:I think we should get to know each other hun.....

Crag:Draven is here! Say hello Draven.

(Cragiled:Can you sign up as a second character?)

Draven: Hi guys! Hey hostman, can we sing in each challenge?

Crag:*rolls eyes*You can....

Natalia:*emerges from water* hi im Natalia.

Draven: So can you! YAY! *jumps into cannon and blasts off* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Fly Boy:Greeeeeeeeeat*goes to help Draven*

Natalia: sorry but singing isnt my forte. im more sporty than musical, way more. *climbs cliff and dives down*

Draven: Hey look! Its kingy my kangaroo friend!

Kingy: *Punches fly boy in the nuts and injures him*

Draven: Bad kingy! Sit,...

Kingy: *sits*

Draven: Good,...

Fly Boy:Why me...

Crag:Draven, do you want Kingy to be in this? As a camper?


Draven: Kingy says yes only if we get to sing in each episode. and not making it indevidual. only text wise. I'm sure none of us would wanna make a video of us singing.


Draven: And kingy says to fly boy to run.

Natalia: NO!

Fly Boy:I hate this...*weakly runs*

Crag:I'll let anyone who wants to sing to it ok?(Add him above)

Natalia: phew.

Kingy: *Kicks fly boy in the butt making him fly 10 miles*

Natalia: Crag u let in a Kangaroo! *runs to go make sure Fly Boy isnt dead.*

Crag:Hey, the guys supposed to be here aren't sooo.

Abrahm: *walks by Fly Boy* DUUUUUUDE, you got pwned.... AGAIN!

Alice: when do the challenges start im bored!

Natalia: *finds FlyBoy* Dude u ok?

Leon: Natialia can we talk?

Natalia: uhm sure i guess.

Leon: I kinda.... like you.

Kingy: AROOOOOOOO!*Kicks leon in the butt making him fly 200 miles into an ocean*

Alice: I like lolipops

Gramps: *Hits Kingy with a rock*

Fly Boy:*groans*Where am I...

Kingy: AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Mauls gramps and puts him in intensive care*

Gramps: I'm tough even a bear can't hurt me.

(Heather:Can i join plzzz?)

Crag:There are two open spots...)

Natalia: Fly i think we should get out of here.

Kingy: *Pulls out 1 million bazookas locked and loaded.* Say hello to my little friend. AROOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *shoots bazookas. and hits gramps*

Gramps: *jumps behind Natalia*

Fly Boy:Who gave you those...They're paintball guns for later!

Draven: *Calls in a giant killer monster* *monster grabs gramps* *Gramps gets taken away.*

Gramps: *beats up the giant monster* I was a american spy so take that.

Alice: hey kingy want a lolipop

zoey:Sorry I'm late..

Draven: And i am the ultra lord of evil. *pulls out black hole and sucks gramps in, therefore getting rid of him from the competition.

Gramps: *Come out another black hole*

Fly Boy:*stares blankly*Wanna go for a walk Natalia?

Leon: I'm back.

Kingy: aroo,..... *Murders gramps*

Greg: hey isnt there a rule that murderers cant be contestants.

Draven: Nobody said so,....

(Cragiled:Heather, can you sign up as a second to get this started?)

(Heather:What do you mean?)

Natalia: sure fly boy

Gramps: What happened to Robo-Gramps.

(Cragiled:You could be another character and then this camp could start)

Draven: *Murders gramps again* *Pulls out destroyer potion* DEAR POTION, DESTROY ALL GRAMPS BOTS! *all bots blow up.*

Gramps: 8on his chip* Feds I need more bots.

Zoey:I'm Zoey.

Cassie:I'm Cassie okay way better than Zoey..

Draven: GRRRRRR! DIE! *chops him in half*

Day 1


Gramps: I need those bots.

Zoey:Umm what?

Leon: Hi Zoey. *winks at her*

Frosti: Hey Natalia can i talk to you?

Leon: Zoey can we talk.

Joseph: Everyone is talking to someone and walking but I don't like to walk so I'll just stand here and talk to myself. *starts muttering*

Gramps: What is with you.

Joseph: SHH!! I'm trying to talk to someone...

Zoey:Okay who ever you are

Draven: *kills gramps*

Gramps-Bot: I'm made of titaniam you'll have to work hard.

Leon: I'm leon and I like you.

Zoey:Om my gosh your name is like lion i love CATS!!They are so cute

Fly Boy:(CONF)Leon gotta crazy girl! *laughs*

Leon: So are you calling me cute?

Draven: I love lions too. And i love cats. And ave i told you you are beautiful?

Zoey:Sorry for freaikng out I do some times

Leon: So Zoey want to go out?

Natalia: sure frosti.

Zoey:Thanks ...and I don't know (CONf)Wow people already asking me out

Zoey:I mean I'll think about it

Leon: I'll be in bed if you need me.

Natalia: Fly Boy?

Fly Boy:Hey...



Natalia: u said earlier u wanted to go walk?

Gramps: So what do you think of my grandson.

Fly Boy:Umm, yeah...*blushes*

Draven: hey natalia,wanna go out?

Natalia: well do u still want 2? and Draven i will not go out with you.

Fly Boy:Sure!

Leon(Conf) Zoey is so so so so HOT.

Natalia: *walks off with Fly Boy*

Fly Boy:Ummmm, I have something to tell you...

Gramps: Hay guys do you want a job for $500 an hour.

Natalia: what is it Fly?

Leon: (CONF) I hope she will say yes.

Fly Boy:I kinda, sorta-Never mind

Natalia: U can tell me. *abrahm comes walking by*

Abrahm: hi

Natalia: no abrahm.

Abrahm: fine. *goes away*

Greg: are there going to be teams

Crag:Yeah, but since there's 21...

Fly Boy:I might have a crush on you...*runs off*(CONF)Not a good idea...

Draven: Natalia, i think he left.

Leon: You two would be cute together.

Natalia: FLY BOY WAIT!

Fly Boy:*keeps running*

Leon: *Grabs FlyBoY.*

Fly Boy:*squirms*Lemme go lemme go!

Leon: No I think she likes you.

Fly Boy:I could get you kicked off if you don't lemme go!

Cassie:Why did he do that anyway?

Leon: *lets him go* She likes you.

Gramps: Zoey do you like my grandson.

Fly Boy:*hides and locks in CONF*

Draven: Hi cassie.



Draven: You seem nice.

Gramps: Leon.


Cassie:You too

Draven: Thanks. I think we can be good friends.

Joseph: Ok, see you later. Man that was a good talk.


Draven: <(^_^)>

Crag:Should I be nice or evil with teams.....*laughs*

Gramps: He talks a lot about you.

Natalia: *laying on the grass staring blankly at the stars* oh fly.

Leon: He really likes you but I think he is scarred of what you will say.

Frosti: *walks up to Natalia* Hey Natalia, now can I talk to you?

Draven: *Lies down next to her* Ooh natalia, he digs you. *points to sky* See that? thats the fly boy constellation

Leon: Dudes I think we should go away.

Fly Boy:(CONF)*hitting head against wall*

Gramps: *Kicks in the door and drags him to Natalia.*

Fly Boy:*tries to run again but falls*

Frosti: *walks away* (CONF) Why cant I just talk to Natalia alone? We need to talk about an alliance...

Gramps: *Yells* Now talk you two.

Cassie:*sits down*Aren't you a little old to be here?

Natalia: Soooo........

Gramps: *kicks a large tree and it falls*

Draven: I really feel uncomfortable doing this, but cassie, i think your cute.

Fly Boy:Yeah...

Leon: So Zoey.

Natalia: i was fixin to say the same thing...... but then u ran.

Alice: Natalia and fly boy sitting in a tree..... K I S S I N G

Gramps: *pulls Alice away*

Fly Boy:*nervously laughs*This is..awkward


Cassie:Thanks,Me too

Natalia: I rly do like you fly.

Leon: Zoey I like you dou you like me. (Conf) Please say yes.

Crag:*angry*FLY BOY! Come here!

Natalia: i guess u had better go..... i guess ill see u late?

Fly Boy:Hope so...*walks to CRag's tent*

Crag's tent:*shouting*

Greg: so when does the first challenge start crag


Crag:The challenge starts in 5 minutes.

Zoey:Yes I do Leon

Leon: So will you go out with me?


Crag:I'm putting the challenge up! Don't edit.


Crag:Today the challenge is simple, Fly Boy, isn't to have a relationship with a contestant. So he was fired, but he can become a competitor if you want him, but if a majority don't then he will be sent home...

Fly Boy:*nervously laughs and waves*

Crag:I will announce teams after...

Leon: Let him compite.




Leon: Zoey can I kiss you?

Greg: let him compete

Alice: yeah

Crag:Abrahm? Gramps?

Zoey:Okay*kisses Leon*

Gramps: OK

Leon: And you were single how.

Crag:You want him in Gramps?

Emily:I couldn't care but yes

gramps: I did help him get the girl.

Frosti: Let 'em compete

Joseph: I don't see why not...

Natalia: oh thank you all so much!

Crag:The challenge ends in five minutes...

Abrahm: what is it?

leon: Don't you mean starts

Crag:This is the challenge...

Natalia: *hugs Fly Boy* im so glad u get 2 stay Fly.

Gramps: So cute.

Frosti: Okay, so Natalia, I need to talk to you...

Leon: I know you want an alliance with her.

Abrahm: (CONF) why couldnt she be hugging me?!

Gramps: *ear to the door* She likes Fly Boy dummy.

Fly Boy:Hehe, thanks guys...

Natalia: Talk on Frost Man.

leon: You two are in love like me and Zoey.

Frosti: Alliance: You, me, Fly, and possibly Leon.

Leon: And Zoey!

Draven: if you ever liked scooby doo, come here:

Day 2

Crag:*annoyed*How did he stay, anyway Abrahm and Gramps. I picked you two as team captains so pick your teams....Gramps you pick first...One at a time!

Gramps: Natalia.

Crag:And to Abrahm, who do you pick?

Abrahm: Emily


Frosti: Pick Me!

Abrahm: I believe Gramps has passed on....

Crag:Since he picked Natalia, who is the assistant captain, she picks the rest of the team....

Natalia: Fly Boy

Abrahm: oooh ooh and i pick Kayla.

Natalia: i pick the frost man(Frosti)

Abrahm: Joseph

Natalia: Leon

Abrahm: Splinter

Natalia: Zoey

Abrahm: Kingy

Fly Boy:(CONF)I like the teams so far, I'm with Natalia and away from that evil camel...

Natalia: Greg

Abrahm: Draven

Natalia: Cassie

Abrahm: Alice

Natalia: Doc

Abrahm: Dawn


Abrahm: Bryan

Natalia: Kysheia

Abrahm: Jacob

Natalia: i Think thats everyone.

Crag:You're right.


Natalia: Fly, do u think i picked the right ppl?

Fly Boy:*hugs Natalia*I think, you picked who you wanted to, so it doesn't matter- And remember Abraham is on the other team...

Natalia: Yeah! i get a nice hot cute hunky guy instead of that thing.

Frosti: Good job getting the alliance on one team

Fly Boy:You're in an alliance?

Natalia: idk, i just picked the pplz i liked.

Abrahm: do we name the teams?

Crag:You will-soon...

Natalia: cool, is the nxt challenge the first elimination?


Fly Boy:(CONF)Are some of my team in an alliance...

Natalia: Fly can i talk 2 u in the confessional?

Fly Boy:(CONF)I'm already in it, and Gramps has broken the lock...

Natalia:(CONF) oh, this whole alliance thing im not sure about it. Frost says that he wants an alliance with me, you, and Leon. but i havent said yes or no to it. do u think its a good idea or do u think its 2 risky?

Fly Boy:(CONF)Is Zoey in it?

Natalia:(CONF) I think she might be. i mean it would be a strong alliance.

Fly Boy:(CONF)I would just say, do you trust Frosti? Or does he like Leon and Zoey more?

Natalia:(CONF) i think he likes all of us equal.... maybe we should join just 2 play it safe. i mean i trust him and all. but im just not sure....*abrahm walk in and dosent see Fly Boy, he puts his arm around Natalia* GET OFF OF ME *throws an uppercut* UHG!

Abrahm:(CONF) oh come on we could have a secret fling!

Fly Boy:(CONF)Am I invisible?

Abrahm:(CONF) oh i didnt see u there hehehe ill just be going now.

Natalia:(CONF) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *kicks abrahm out* *to Fly Boy* whats with that guy?

Fly Boy:(CONF)He thinks you're hot, and he's not the only one...

Natalia:(CONF) i rlllly wanna make out with u right now....

Fly Boy:(CONF)*smiles*But what would your stalker think?

Natalia:(CONF) who cares? the only thing on his mouth hes gonna get from me is a knuckle sandwhich..... but u on the other hand...... *Starts making out with FLy BOy*

Fly Boy:(CONF)Do you think we should stay in here? I mean others may want in...

Natalia: we should go outside.

Keyshia: thanks girl for picking me!

Crag:Wow...Little Miss Atitude is happy?

Keyshia: oh haha crag. im a human being. i have emotions. just cause im usually attitude doesnt mean i cant be happy. you gotta problem with that?

Crag:Yes I do

Fly Boy:*arrives*Go sleep with your teddy Crag....(CONF)I know all his secrets....

Dawn:(CONF) *laughing* crag sleeps with a teddy bear!* laughing even more*

Crag:*storms off*

Alice: i vote for Leon


Crag:Now that teams have been formed(does't anyone know how to add colour to the table?)your challenge for today is to name your teams and when you have agreed on a name put it in BOLD.

Crag:Any ideas?

Keyshia: haha yea im not the coming up with names type of girl or whateva. i think since Natalia is our captain, we should see what she has in mind.

Draven: Hey kiesha, can i talk to you?

Emily:*to Draven*Hey cutie, why do you want to talk to her when you have me....

Draven: 2 things, 1 you are played by the host. and 2 it says you are a minipulator. nice try moron.

Keyshia: *laughing* he told you off girl! haha ok what do you want to talk about draven?


Emily:(CONF)*angry*He's going down...

Draven: True i might, you are the host.

Crag:I'm the host!

(Cragiled:You aren't supposed to know those things..At least your characters)

Draven: I'm nut trusting emily.

Crag:*points at watch*Tick-tock!

Kingy: AROOOOOO! *kicks host in butt making him fly for miles.

Crag:DO THAT AGAIN AND I WILL **************************************************

Alice: we should name our team the exited kangaroos

Greg: what should we call our team

Dawn: well kangaroos is a start.

Keyshia: greg, i have no idea

Fly Boy:The killer koalas?

Greg: i like it

Fly Boy:(CONF)I wonder.......*thinks*Maybe later....

Andre: The Screeching Dolhpins

Bryan: The Trying Teddybears

Dawn: what is it with you and teddybears?

Keyshia: i like The Screeching Dolphins. but the Killer Koalas is cool to. lets see what everyone else on our team thinks

Gramps: I want the Golden Warriors.

Crag:NO! That's been done before...

Gramps: Where?

Crag:On another camp...And what do you think of your team? Natalia picked the rest.

Gramps: I think that thats maybe who I would have picked.

(Youre: I used that name in another camp but another camp might of to.)

Cassie:Our eam name should be Team Dynamite!!

Zoey:What's our team name?

(Cragiled:Thing is I want original team names is all)

Leon: I'll go with the Koala name.

Zoey:Screaming Lions!!!

Crag:Could one person from each team tell me what their team name is but writing it in bold now.

Gramps: Killer Koalas.

Crag:*sighs*Screaming lions or killer koalas?

Gramps: Im the leader so Killer Koalas.

Zoey:I disagree*shakes head*

Leon: Why Zoey?

Zoey:I want Killer Lions or Screaming Cats or Screaming Wolves

Leon: I"m a big fon of koalas.

Zoey:Okay I guess Koalas are cute

Leon: *kisses her*

Crag:Okay, Team 2?

Gramps: They arn't here right now so leave a messege beeeeeeeep.

Emily:Team Crag is really really really reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hot!

Crag:Hmmmm, the winner is.........

Leon: Team Crag we know.

Crag:Nooooooooooooooooo, Team KK win! I love koalas

Leon: *shocked* WHAT????????

Zoey:We lost?*looks confuse*(Heather:Yesterday was my B'day and barely said happy b day to me so I'm sooo sad)

Leon: We won!?

Leon: *kisses her*

Fly Boy:*jokingly*Dude, you want some privacy...

Gramps: He is exided dude plus he loves her.

Fly Boy:Love? He's know her for what...two days?

Gramps: Like you and Natalia.

Leon: so will team Crag have to vote?

Fly Boy:*blushes and walks away*


Gramps: *yells Fly Boy*

Fly Boy:*to Crag*Can you help me?

Crag:You are a contestant! You get no help*throws him at Gramps*

Gramps: Need money Fly Boy.

Fly Boy:I am in one of the richest families in the world, I won't need to work

Gramps: It was just getting the other team to vote out Alice.


Leon: *whispers to all of the members of Team Crag exept Alice* Vote for Alice.

Joseph: Sorry Alice, but your love of lollipops has got to go...

Natalia: Im here......... whats happening?

Abrahm: yo somebody fill me in!

Leon: WE WON!


Crag:Vote Abraham. That's sounds wierd....

Abrahm: oh hehe srry. i Vote 4 ALICE!

Leon: We won.

Fly Boy:Haven't you already mentioned that...Like twice.

Leon: *reads tab on medication* May couse insanity.

Natalia: *to fly boy* oh boy.

Leon: Waiter can I have a slice of pie.

Natalia: *puts hand on Leons shoulder to keep him stable* maybe we better get u to the infiramry.

Fly Boy:Hmmmmmm*writes note*No more med. for Leon

Natalia: Now Leon dont try and resist me u dont have to struggle and make this hard. we r gonna get u some help.

Crag:*throws straightjacket*

Natalia: *to fly boy* u think we r gonna need this?

Fly Boy:Yeah...But it's not Abrahm size. It would make it easier

Natalia: Hahahaha, i was talking about for Leon. (CONF) Fly is so cute. i and i think he rlllllllllly dosent like abrahm hes not the only one.

Fly Boy:If you ever want me to lay off him I will*wrestles Leon to get jacket on*

Natalia: what?

Fly Boy:*gets straightjacket on Leon*If you want me to stop making fun of Abrahm I will....

Natalia: no no make fun all u want. (CONF) i think Fly Boy thinks i like Abrahm. and i wish he didnt think that cuz i cant stand Abrahm. I need a "Dummies Guide to Fly Boy".

Crag:*hands in book called Dummies Guide to planet with Fly Boy where planets should be*This can belong to you! For only $500.00!

Natalia: (CONF) Crag ya know what? *goes to cabin and gets tennis racket and chases Crag with it* THIS CAN BE UP YOUR BUTT IF U DONT SHUT UP!

Fly Boy:(CONF)O_O That's slightly scary

Natalia:(CONF) srry Fly. i just feel a lil bad. *walks off looking down at the ground*

Fly Boy:(CONF)Everyone here is insane! Even Natalia.....Don't tell her I said that

Natalia: (in cabin) oh come on come on u idiot! u just made ur self look like a physcopath in front of Fly Boy! were is the awesome sporty girl that Fly liked. were is she?

Keyshia: (in cabin) hey girl whats wrong? you look a little upset

Crag:Anyone else want to vote? Voting ends at 5:00EST....

Draven: *rings bell* Lets all sing!

Crag:*sighs*Only people who want to sing..And can you vote?


Crag:Here, in you recieve a marshmallow, then you stay, for another day. Those receiving them areeeeeeeeeeeeee Abrahm, Draven, Kingy, Dawn, Kayla, Jacob, Joseph, Splinter, Bryan. Alice, Emily. One of you will leave tonight....And the final marshmallow goes toooooooo.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Emily.

Day 3

Crag:1 down, 21 to go. Who will go next?

Team Killer Koalas Chat

Leon: What happened?

Natalia: i dont know.... but before this challenge starts, im goin for a nice long calm swim. anyone care 2 join?

Leon: No I think I should rest some more.

Natalia: *changes into purple bikini* Fly? Keyshia? alright suit yourselves. *winks* u guys know where 2 find me.

Leon: *is going to take medication*

Fly Boy:Can you put this straightjacket on first?

Leon: Why.

Fly Boy:No reason...

Leon: *reads labble* May couse insanity.

Fly Boy:Exactly*puts straightjacket on Leon*

Leon: I wan't going to take the med.

Fly Boy:*takes straightkjacket off*If you do, you can't blame me...Let's go to the lake, everyone else is there.

Leon: *goes to the lake*

Team Crag is Really Really Really Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally Hot! Chat

Abrahm: Yo guys we can NOT lose this time.

Teams Chat(Both Teams)


Gramps: *swiming*

Natalia: *swan dives* hey Gramps. whats up?

Gramps: Nothing just going on my 50th lap.

Natalia: Awesome i bet when u were younger u were one hard dude to keep up with, u still are. and i rly want to thank you for helping me hook up with Fly. *knuckle touches Gramps*

Gramps: You didn't here I was an american spy.

Natalia: You were, how awesome!

Abrahm: Cannonballllllll! *creates tidal wave and washes Natalia on to the shore*

Natalia: i have to say that was pretty good.

Gramsp: Don't flurt with the enimy.

Kingy: AROOOOOOOO! *dives in lake making everyone splash out.*

Draven: Kingy! leon is drowning! actually, let him drown. sorry about that natalia, gramps,.....


Natalia: Gramps? im not flirting just being nice. ya see i think i struck a hard place in my mind. and so today im going to be nice to everyone even if i dont like them. back at my high school i took some phsycology classes, and its the number 1 way to sooth the soul and bring the old me back.

Gramps: Old You? Plus Leon is back at the cabin.

Natalia: i was getting weird. and i wanted to be me again.

(Gwen Is Kewl: family event im going out to dinner be back lter yall)

(Youre: Talk to ya later)

Draven: That isn't youre. that is an unrgistered contrbuter! it says so!

Youre: The person didn't sign in)

Zoey*walks to lake*

Cassie*goin g to lake*

Leon: Hay baby.

Fly Boy:*sits on dock*It's like a party here...

Gramps: *goes to talk to Fly boy* Er.... your girlfriend is going to become her old self again. Zoey:I forgot my swimsuits*goes and puts swimsuit ot bikini and comes back*

Cassie*puts leg in water*

Fly Boy:Isn't that a good thing?

Gramps:But what was she like?

Leon: *kisses Zoey*

Draven: ooh carrie. I have a huge crush on you.

Draven: (CONF) *Slams head on wall*

Gramps: *hypnatizes Kingy to make him act normal*

Zoey:I'm done swimming I"m going to change

Leon: Zoey you look so hot in that bikini.


Cassie:Ahhh quietness the birds chirping*lays down*

Draven: Uuh, so cassie,....

Cassie:What you were here?

Draven: I need to confess, cassie, have a crush on you.

gramps: I think it worked. I think I made Kingy into a normal teen.

Cassie:Hubah what?

Gramps: Er... I made Kingy normal.

Draven: cassie, i find you attractive.

Cassie:Ummm...I kinda like you too...

Draven: Wanna go out?


Draven: where to?


Draven: Kingy, i like you and all, but don't kill this one. please.

Kingy: aroo.

Gramps: acward.

Mess Hall

Zoey:*changed*Is this the place where we eat?

Leon: You still like me right?


Leon: You didn't talk to me when I kisses you or told you you were hot in your bikini.

Zoey:WOuld this make up for it*makes out with Leon*

Leon: *nods and makes out with her more*

Zoey:I"m sorry leo Can I call you that?

Leon: It is my zodiac sign.


Natalia: I meditated and decided that mellow is best for me. i have a tendency to mis-judge ppl.

Abrahm: does that mean-

Natalia: No Abrahm, im taken.

Gramps: *throws a rock at Abrahm from the lake*

Kingy: AROOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *kicks fly boy in the but making him fly miles*

Fly Boy:*with broken arm*That *************************************************************************************************************** kangeroo. Why does it hate me?

Kingy: AROOOOOO! *Kisses fly boy* aroo aroo, arro rooo roo rooo.

Fly Boy:*confused*What is up with you?*wipes mouth*

King: the kangaroo apologizes, and would like to join big green!

Kingy: AROOOOOOO! *kicks king to oblivon.*

Draven: he says he's sorry for bullying you.

Fly Boy:Well tell him to leave me alone....He's either hurting me or kissing me..

Kingy: arooo. *makes out with fly boy.*

Leon: O my *beep*.


Leon: *beep beep beep beep*

Kingy: *horribly mames fly boy*

Zoey:Oooh you said a bad word Leo(Heather:She is also dumb....)

Fly Boy:*injured*Gramps! Leon! Get that-that thing away from me....

Gramps: *breaks Kingy's arms and legs*

Draven: kingy is made of indestructable armor. he can't be destroyed.

Natalia: i hope Fly is ok. i mean *panics* NATALIA! mellow. *calms down*.


Crag:I've just got to say two things, Cassie, you like this place's Harold? I mean really? And Fly Boy, you are really messed up.*calls in heli to take Fly Boy away*He's going to hospital and he may rejoin you guys. Your challenge in to come up with ten questions and the other team will try and answer them....Most correct answers wins...I forgot to mention, only questions from Total Drama Island series.

1. Total drama took place in canada and blocked out scenes from both usa and canada. where do the extra scenes and opposite winners show? (Country, continent, state, etc.)

Leon: How should I nkow?

Crag:Put reasonable questions like Name something odd about the LeShawna-Harold relationship?Answer-They both finished 5th in a season

Draven: Did you just call me this place's harold?

Leon: I can answer what Josh and Blaineley have in commen. Answer- They both like fights.

Draven: can cassie switch teams with someone other than me?

Crag:No team swapping...

Draven: PLEASE!? please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE?!



Crag:You could swap teams...With Keyshia if she's ok with it....But if she doesn't want to you both are staying on your own team....

Cassie:I'll switch!!

Draven: You'll switch to be o n my team? your sweet (^_^)

Crag:*walks away*You should have taken my earlier deal...It's off now-I'd be worried guys. Cross-team relationships are trouble...


Crag:Since no-one is doing the challenge Team CIRRRRH lose...I came to that decision by flipping a coin....And Draven! YOU ARE GOING TO BE ON THE SAME TEAM AS YOUR GIRLFRIEND!

Leon: Stop being a *beep* so stop *beep* him.

Draven:*dances* <(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)>

Draven: *Kisses cassie*

Natalia: Leon? what happened to Fly is he ok?

Draven: He's fine. kingy is watching him..... ooh wait....

Natalia: Draven, why is your Kang so i dont know violent?

Draven: He's watching over me and cassie. And every time he makes me laugh, he gets a boxing glove. if he gets 1 more he'll knock out with 1 punch!

Natalia: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,, whats the challenge all about...

Draven: i dunno. <(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)> v(^_^)v ^(^_^)^


Crag:First of all, I am something to say that Timothy is back......And Team CIRRRRH, tonight is a double elimination, but you can only vote for one person... Voting ends at 5:00EST.


Abrahm: Kingy

Bryan: Kingy

Dawn: Kingy

Joseph: Draven

Winners Chat

Crag:You "won" this challenge, Timothy

Fly Boy:Don't call me that....

(Greg-im confused how did alice get out if you gave her a marsmellow?)

(cragiled:I didn't give her one, I'll see and fix it if I need to, you misread it I think, there is a full stop after Bryan, I was saying both of them...And then I gave the marshmallow to Emily)

Natalia: Timothy? i think ill stick 2 calling u Fly.

Fly Boy:*chuckles*Thanks.....

Natalia: i just got an idea. im gonna use that sand pit over there and build a beach volleyball court out of vines and logs. *goes to build* feel free 2 help yall!

Greg: I'll help *starts building net* are me you and fly in an alliance???

Natalia: *shrugs* im not sure. *yelling to all* anyone else want to help?

Keyshia: i love volleyball! *helps build beach volleball court*

Fly Boy:What about a ball?

Leon: *yawn*

Natalia: i think ive got one in one of my sports bags..... lets go check Fly.

Leon: Mornin girls.

Fly Boy:Where'd ya leave it?

Keyshia: (CONF) does that girl have everything in her bag?

Natalia: Im pretty sure its in my cabin. nxt to that jumbo sized dresser evryones stuff is in.

Natalia: (CONF) ive got a few sports bags. theres the ball bag, the racket bag, the court shoe bag, the bikini bag......

Fly Boy:Who should get it?

Abrahm: I WILL!

Natalia: umhm, i dont think i rly want u going thru my stuff Abrahm. Me and Fly will go get it.

Crag:Get out of the Winners' Chat Abraham.

Keyshia: (CONF) does abrahm have a thing for natalia? maybe. did you see how he popped up to go get her bags

Abrahm: *storms off mumbling* stupid crag, im a winner according to my grandma.

Keyshia: did he just say his grandma calls him a winner?

Leon: Hi Keyshia.

Keyshia: hey Leon whats up?

Leon: Are yoi related to LeShawna?

Keyshia: yes. shes a cousin of my. do you have a problem with that

leon: No you just sounded like her.

Keyshia: oh hehe yea i get that a lot. shes the reason why i started doing camps and things, since she was on some seasons

Leon: *makes bbq hot wings*

Fly Boy:Should we get that ball now?

Leon: Any one want my town's famuse wings.

Keyshia: ill take 1! and fly boy have you been standing here the whole time?

leon: passes out all of the wings*

Fly Boy:No thanks, and yeah....

Leon: I'm a great cook.

(youre: 1dra7 can't be here but one of his people swiched teams.)

(Cragiled:I'm not letting anyone swich teams...Even if they want to)

(Youre: He is making a new acount because he got a one week ban)

Natalia: Lets go get the ball now Fly.

Fly Boy:Sure...*walks with Natalia*

Leon: *playing tenis*

natalia: *walks in cabin and gets bag* bet u 5 bucks and a kiss u cant beat me back to the volleyball court.

Fly Boy:I agree-but I'll take you up on that offer....

Natalia: your on. Ready, set go! *starts running*

Fly Boy:*starts jogging*Why are we doing this?

Natalia: cuz i want 5 bucks....... oh yeah and a kiss too, haha.

Natalia: arrives at court* uhm, Leon thats a lil too high of a net for tennis.

Fly Boy:*arrives at court*I should probably mention I've played this before...*smiles*

Natalia: *changes into candy apple red bikini* pay up loser Fly*jokeingly*

Fly Boy:Man, you have a lot of bikinis....*pays money and smirks*Was there anything else?

Natalia: Nah, just 15. haha, and lets see...... oh yeah theres this *kisses Fly Boy*. *smiles then hugs Fly Boy* now get yur game face on and lets play some volleyball.

Fly Boy:*tries to look serious but fails*This is my game face!

Natalia: *makes a glaring face thats rly intimadating* this is what whens me alot of tennis first serves. it scares the pants off of some of those wimps.

Fly Boy:That doesn't scare me, I know you're really sweet inside...

Natalia: Yeah.... but yur still fixin to go down.

(Gwen Is Kewl: Im going to the mall with my gang(there not rly a gang u know what i mean)! ill be back later yall!)

Zoey:WE won?

Keyshia: you didnt know that?

Natalia: Anyone wnat to get stomped?

Fly Boy:Could you be any more confident?

Natalia: When yur confident and make yurself believe yur gonna when, u have a better chance at winning the truth is, volleyball is one of the only sports i get completely crushed at. i mean im better and curling than i am this!

Fly Boy:Interesting, but I don't know how to play.

Natalia: then we will jst both have to figure it out. *serves ball and it goes in2 the lake* uhg. *dives in and retreaves ball*.

Fly Boy:You must like the water.

Natalia: yea i do, do u?

Fly Boy:A bit.

Natalia:*epically fails at volleyball again* uhg. hear, u try.

Fly Boy:*tries to serve but it goes in water*Aw man!*jumps in and pretends to drown*

Natalia: FLY! *dives in and grabs hold of Fly Boy*

Natalia:(CONF) im so glad i took those lifeguard courses.

Fly Boy:*opens one eye and splashes water on Natalia*

Natalia: *laughs* u little stinker! *splashes back* hahahahaha!

Fly Boy:*on back*You thought I couldn't swim?

Greg: i dont think anyones going to vote

Natalia: *laughing* so. *flips him over her head in 2 the water in front of her* i do know yur devilish, in the cutest sort of way.


Cassie:*gets out of the woods*

Fly Boy:*squirts water out of mouth*I need to stop getting injured.

Natalia: Haha *goes underwater and comes up behind Fly Boy* look out behind you! *pushes Fly under the water flirtingly*

Greg: whens the ceremony

Losers Chat

Crag:Here, the losers of the challenge can talk.... Remember to vote if you haven't already


Crag:Guys, two times in a row. Not very impresive, anyway, marshamllows go to Joseph, Dawn,

Abrahm: I still vote for Kingy!

Crag:Emily, Splinter, Kayla, Jacob and Bryan. Bottom 3. The final marshmallow goes to..................................................................................................................................Abrahm.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, tonight is a single elimination so only Kingy is leaving.

Abrahm: phew.

Abrahm: good bye Kangaroo

Day 4

Crag:Finally, that killer kangaroo is out of my hair

Team Killer Koalas


Natalia: in Orange Bikini* look out below! *dives in from cliff top*

Andre: Crag can me and Bryan switch teams

Zoey:I"m coming too*jumps and dives*

Leon: Hey Zoey.

Fly Boy:I wanna try this*tries to jump but hits cliff*Ouch

Crag:Since it's you two yes...Andre and Bryan have swapped teams

Zoey:Hey*lands painfuly on the lake8

Natalia: u ok Fly?

(Gwen Is Kewl: i have to go, be back later. peace.)

Keyshia: everyone watch out! *dives into water from cliff* wooo that was fun!

Natalia: isnt it.

Keyshia: yes! man this lake is awesome. one of the only good things about this place

Fly Boy:Ouch*rubs back*

Mess Hall


Andre: Hi teammates

Dawn: Hi!

Abrahm: Yo.

Andre: Want an alliance you guys

Mess Hall

Team Chat

Mess Hall


Fly Boy:Why am I always getting hurt...


Crag:Todays challenge is a race, each person will have to run and the first team completely there or have the higher % by the time limit. (Godplaying is ok for this challenge)

Keyshia: ok guys lets win this! *starts running*


(1dra7: i found a loophole and they unbanned me!)

Natalia: *Running* KILLER KOALAS! (CONF) ive done a few marathons, i won one of them. Peice of cake.

Abrahm: *runs about 20 ft* *gasping* air! air! need air!

Fly Boy:*walking*I am NOT getting hurt this time!

Draven: *Puts on hyper boots* See ya'!

Kingy: AROOOOOOOO! translaton: i was lost on my way to losers camp. i need directions! *hops in front of fly boy*

Abrahm: *runs over a mine and flys up in the air* *lands on Draven and crushes him* hahaha, srry dude but got pwned*

Natalia: *passes Draven and Abrahm* see ya!

Fly Boy:*points to boat of losers*Take that and you go to the losers camp..

Draven: *throws bomb at natalia and it explodes freezing her in place* HA!

Crag:(CONF)I wonder if they realise they just need to finish..

Draven: *crosses finish line*

Natalia: *hand springs over a log* i See the finish line! *falls down hole*

Draven: NATALIA! ooh well. :)

- Andre: *runs* +
- Andre: *keeps running*
- Andre: *keeps running*
- Andre: *keeps running*
- Andre: *keeps running*
- Andre: *is close*
- Andre: *is really close*
- Andre: *is even closer*
- Andre: *is super close*
- Andre: *passes the finish line*
- Bryan: *runs*
- Bryan: *keeps running*
- Bryan: *keeps running*
- Bryan: *keeps running*
- Bryan: *keeps running*
- Bryan: *is close*
- Bryan: *is really close*
- Bryan: *is even closer*
- Bryan: *is super close*
- Bryan: *passes the finish line*

Natalia: good thing im a rock climber. *gets out of hole and run past finish line* yes!

Draven: has anyne seen cassie?

Natalia: *shakes head* no. sorry.

Abrahm: So.... far.....*faints from exhaustion*

Natlia: u guys do relise hes only ran 50 yards.... rite?

Draven: Abraham, you have only ran 10 minutes, PICK IT UP!!!!

Abrahm: its A-B-R-A-H-M! not Abraham! *crawls*

Draven: YOU CAN DO IT! GOOOOO! here is some candy, you get it if you get here fast!!!!

Abrahm: *runs to ginish line but then collapses* thanks for helping me go faster Draven... wait. WHY DID U HELP ME! ITS ILLEGAL IN THE CHALLENGE!

Natlia:(CONF) uh oh. bad move Draven.

Draven: Anything to help a friend.

Crag:Since Draven helped, team CIRRRRH lose! Again!

Natalia: YES! we won! *runs and hugs Fly Boy*

Draven: Above you said i would be on my girlfriends team, cassie's team. the killer koalas.

Crag:No I didn't.

Natalia: This Italian dosent remember that happening? did it?

Draven: yes you did

(Cragiled:Sorry bout that I meant you arent, typo)

Draven: Too bad! I'm on her team, you told me i was!

~ proof ~

Natalia: i guess he did.

Abrahm: u still helped my team tho.

Draven: he already said chris is really hot loses. the koalas have me and i am on them. you lost by default.

Crag:Actually, the Koalas lose now.

Natalia: *looking cross* oh joy.

Draven: i have a horrible feeling now.

Winners Chat

Losers Chat


Crag:Team Killer Koalas, about time you've gotten here. Vote

Draven: I'm voting at random here. uuuuuh andre.

Natalia: Im sorry Cassie, but yur boyfriend lost the challenge for us. forgive me plz, both of u. I vote for Draven.

Draven: (CONF) if i survive, i swear i'll read the rules. but i still don't see a no helpng sign up on the rules.

Fly Boy:Draven, you tried to help the other team and you caused us to lose.

Draaven: *sobs* might as well pack my bags.

Natalia: Im sorry Draven. say hello to Alice and Kingy for me.

Draven: at least you apologized. i wish you'd target the people who didn't do the challenge. it isn't just me who might make us lose.

Fly Boy:Maybe you'll come back if you go home...

Natalia: well i......i.........(CONF) uhg why does voting for someone make u feel so bad!

Draven: look, if they host plays fly boy, what he says goes as well. i bet he and emily are gonna be farthest. SINCE THEY BOTH ARE CRAIG!

Crag:VOTING OVER! To the ceremony*smiles evily*


Natalia: *holding Fly Boys arm* i hope u do get to come back Draven.

Crag:Marshamllows go to Leon, Gramps, Zoey, Cassie, Natalia, Timothy. Keyshia, Doc.*hands marshmallows to everyone but Draven and Bryan*How do you feel?

Draven: Bye guys!

Crag:*aims marshmallow*The last marshmallow goes to...............................Draven! I made a twist!

Fly Boy:*laughing*I knew that would happen..There's gonna be a couple more but I can't remember when...

draven: SAY WHAT??????

Crag:You can stay but you have to swich teams...

draven: WHAT AGAN!?????

Crag:You could stay in the competition and swich teams or stay in this team and be eliminated...

Draven: so wait, i only get to stay on cassie's team for a day? then leave? :( you would kick me out if i stayed on koalas?

Crag:Yeah-cause I hate you

Draven: and why do you hate me?

Crag:Cause you made me switch you to this team when I said it was a typo.

Draven: shouldn't have made a typo!

Crag:*rolls eyes*What's your choice?

Draven: why would you let me on her team if i had to switch again? don't wanna be eliminated.....

Crag:It was a mistake! So sdo you want to swich? And she CAN'T SWITCH!


Crag:That was to decide who would win! CHOOSE OR I'LL CHOOSE FOR YOU!

Draven: I"LL SUE YOU! fine. i'll freaking switch.

Draven: (CONF) *beep* makes a *beep* promise and doesn't *beep* honor it, some *beep* host.

Crag:Fne, sorry Bry, your out.

Bryan: You know we switched teams meaning Andres out but I'll take his place

Andre (CONF): You know what I'm pretty sure Draven is Crags bff why did he survive elimination 2 unfair elimination first he said double elimination where Draven was supposed to be eliminated last episode but he said 1 now he switches it on me and send Draven to the winning team oh so unfair

Day 5


Crag:We'll go straight to the challenge, three wrestling matches and the pairings are

Abrahm vs Natalia

Draven vs Cassie

Leon vs Dawn, first up Draven vs Cassie

Natalia: (CONF) beating Abrahm wont be 2 hard. and theres no one else id rather beat the crap out of. *cracks knuckles*

Match 1

Draven: HUH!!!!? UNCOOL!

Cassie:Umm Here*slaps him*

Draven: umm. i'm sorry. *barely taps her*

Interns:*bring in cage with rabid bear*

Crag:Fight or Mr. Bear gets to see you...

Cassie:Ahh*kicks Draven in the shin*

draven: grr. *uses dark magic powers to pick up crates and boxes and steel* this might hurt you less than it will me.

Cassie:?That's kinda weird magic...

Draven: *closes eyes and throws all crates, boxes, and steel at her, knocking her across the room.*

Bear:*breaks cage and mauls Draven*

Draven: MINIONS! GET THIS BEAR! *uses dark magic to destroy the bear*

Crag:Hmmmm, Dravens mauled and Cassie's out...It's a draw...

Draven: where is gramps? is he dead?

Cassie:*in a coma becuase of the concussion*

Draven: ooh. sorry. *uses healing powers*

Match 2

Natalia vs Abrahm

Abrahm: Do i have 2? SHES A GIRL!

Draven: i'm with you all the way.

Natalia: *knocks down abrahm with a roundhouse kick* uhmmm, hello? are u not gonna fight back?

Abrahm: *slugs Natalia in the face* yep.

Natalia: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! * punches abrahms face multiple times* *picks him up and throws him out of the ring* What Now Fat Boy!

Abrahm: *sits on Natalia and Farts*

Natalia: i think im dead.*trips abrahm*

Natalia: *kicks abrahm in the but with a flying kick sending him flying out of the ring*

Abrahm: *raises white flag* i surrender!

Crag:Match 2 to The Killer Koalas

Match 3

Zoey:I don't want to go

Crag:The new lineup is Zoey vs Emily

Zoey:I don't fight...

Emily:Neither do I.....

Crag:Then The Killer Koalas win!



Draven: emily :) gtg bye.

Abrahm: I vote Emily! Evil! its in the eyes!

Joseph: Draven

Emily:*cries*I thought we were friends Abrahm...

Abrahm: Girls dont like me. and i could tell u were just gonna use me to get what u wanted. so no! i cote u off!

Emily:Fine, *walks off*

Crag:Voting ends at 4:00EST.

Abrahm: *shakes his head* wow. getting thrown head first onto the ground messes up yur mind. Wait i voted off Emlily! *falls and hits head* so she needs to go.

Dravena:abrahm, want an alliance?

Abrahm: uh sure, lets get another person to vote off Emily. or get her 2 vote herself off.

Draven: good plan, but uuh, emily is crag.

Crag:I got bored of waiting so cremony time

Draven: emily, hopefully goodbye.


Crag:Joseph*Hands everyone marshmallows but Draven and Emily*Who will go?

Abrahm: did i hit my head again?

Emily:Draven will


Abrahm: Then Emily is gone?

Crag:Correct*throws Emily on boat of losers*Oh yeah*throws Draven on too*Double elimination!

(higgnkfe: Crag, do you mind if we make a new page for previous episodes because it is taking really long for my slow computer to process this data...)

Abrahm: Good bye friends! wow my team is down by alot!

Dawn: Bye guys!

Abrahm: Dawn, how are we gonna win now?

(Cragiled:I don't know how to so you have to do it but its ok if you want to)

Dawn: i have no idea abrahm. were gonna be lucky to even have 1 person from our team make it to the merge

Natalia: i wonder who left. ill go see.......*walks off* *runs back* Draven and Emily are gone team!

Keyshia: how'd you find that out? and for real? they did a double elimination? man we are just killing that team

Natalia: cuz i just saw them on the boat of losers. and yea, our team is strong, but they are getting destroyed.

Keyshia: we cant get to cocky though, cause then we'll think were all that, and thats how our team will go down

Cassie:*still in coma*

Zoey:Wak up Cassie!!

Keyshia: that girl is in a coma. you yelling at her wont wake her up

Natalia: srry Zoey but she right.

Day 6

Crag:As was pointed out, Team Killer Koalas have a major lead so they are just voting someone off, to even teams...


Natalia: I dont know, Doc i guess.


Cassie:*falls down*

Natalia: *helps up Cassie*

Fly Boy:Doc? I suppose...

Natalia: yeah..... he nvr rly does much to help.... or talk..... or show up.

???: such fools. You have eliminated many so far. But the curse can only continue. This camp has a horrible mystery behind it. A mystery leading to the dissapearance of a whole city. A mystery that needs to be solved. You can try to win, but will only fail. Good luck to the remaining fools of cragiled dyrium's camp.

Crag:Is that you Draven?

cell phone: no. i'm back in loserville playing pool with kingy. Tell cassie i said hi!

Crag:She's in a coma, AND HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?

Draven: i went through emily's stuff. she had yours and her mom's number.

Crag:*hangs up*That was him.....

Draven: Do you have proof?

(Cragiled:Actually yes, I looked at the contributors history and they are things you would do and you are editing here so yeah, but it was cool)

Draven: okay, i do this everywhere. I always talk even though i'm out. And your always the one who is the unregistered contributor. i was reading this (i wanna see whats going on) and that popped up.

???: I am your worst nightmare. Your camps destroyer. Your evilness. You will all bow before me.

Fly Boy:*laughs*Hey man

Draven: uuh. guys, look ------------>

Crag:*laughs*I'm soooooooooooooooooooo scared

(Cragiled:Enough fun and games, what are you doing this for?)

(1dra7: i'm not doing anything i swear)

(Cragiled:KK, because if you are I might ban you from any future camps of mine)

(1dra7: yeah. i suggest you do however go and discuss this page deletion. look above it says you can talk about it and remove it.)

Greg: i vote off ??? and 1dra7 for good



uuh ooh. this is weird.

Natalia: NIGHT SWIM! WOOT! *dives*

Keyshia: yea who cares about that weird voice! were here for a game, not to be scared! lets have some fun!*dives*\

Draven: i would swim with you guys, but i'm eliminated.

Natalia: Fly u wanna come? Dawn?

Dawn: im here! *dives in*

Fly:Sure*goes in*

Draven: its gone! this camp stands! i don't care if i'm eliminated, but, whatever! *dives in*

Natalia: *splashes Fly Boy*


Keyshia: *to natalia* awww you and fly boy are so cute together

Crag:DRAVEN! Come here!


Natalia: thanks bud. *knuckle touches keyshia*

Keyshia: *knuckle touches natalia* no problem

Dawn: ughhh thanks for splashing me abrahm

Crag:Since your here, you can stay but you can't compete again-ever.

Draven: i might as well enjoy it while i'm here. where is cassie? and why can't i compete?

abrahm: it was mroe of a tsunami Dawn.

Crag:Be fortunate I'm letting you stay Drav

Dawn: haha i cant stay mad at you abrahm

Fly:Man we're a strange bunch..

Natalia: *puts arms around Fly's neck and puts her head on his should* why u say that?

Fly:Haha, I just think so...

Natalia: haha *kisses Fly on the cheek* strange isnt so bad. *giggles*

Fly:Sometimes it's annoying though*points at Abrahm*

Natalia: *giggles* true that, true that. *smirks* splashes Fly's face*

Fly:*swims to Abrahm*What's up?

Abrahm: Fly Boy? u dont usually talk to me.

Greg: whoo!!! *jumps in lake and splashes everyone*


Natalia: *climbs cliff* *does flips while diving and lands on a rock* OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


Fly:*worried*Need help?

Natalia: yea, i hurt my leg. can u get me 2 the shore? i kno a sea weed healing trick that will cure up the skin breakage.

Fly:*takes Natalia to shore*You seem to know everything don't you.

Natlia: when it comes 2 sports and water.i had 2 about water. im a lifeguard. and when my family was still in Italy we were the biggest sports group in the country, whetther i wanted 2 or not, i had 2 know all about it. so yea.

Fly:You must be a master at water-sports then...

Natalia: except for water volleyball! i HATE VOLLEYBALL!

Fly:Calm down, hows your leg?

Natalia: srry srry. its better, i think i can go back into the water now.*dives* yep. all better.

Fly:Good to knowe, I'm gonna go finish my conversation with Abrahm

Natalia: ok. catch ya later *winks then goes under*

Fly:*goes to Abrahm*Hey buddy

Abrahm: Buddy?uhm hi... buddy.


Fly:Why are you so annoying sometimes?

Abrahm: Annoying? how am I annoying?

Fly:You just are, it's the little things.

Abrahm: No, tell me how!

Fly:*hurries away*

Abrahm: *Grabs Fly Boy* tell me how. plz?

Keyshia: dang natalia your handy! you know lots of stuff. i though seaweed was just some annoying gross sticky plant in the water!

Natalia: Thanx, ud be suprised what u can do with that junk.

Keyshia: to me its always been just junk! but now i know its useful

Natalia: lol yeah.


Crag:We've ran out of marshmallows thanks to someone*looks at Abrahm*So I'm just annoucing it, Doc is out! See you bro..

Day 7

Team Killer Koalas Chat

Natalia: *wakes up* morning all. *opens window just enough to see out without waking everyone up* what a beautiful day.

Keyshia: *yawns and wakes up* hey girl. can you believe were still here?

Natalia: *stretching* nope. im suprised im actually having fun in this place. with the exception of a few cough,abrahm, cough, these ppl are pretty cool. im gonna hit the showers. *leaves quietly so not to wake the other girls* see ya in a few Keyshia.

Keyshia: *whispers* ok

Zoey:Wakes up*

Natalia: *comes back in crying* Keyshia! i need some girl talk time, fast! and Fly, i need to talk to you 2! *continues to cry* THIS IS SO FREAKING EMBARRISING!

Fly:*wakes up*I'll have strawberrys with my pancakes mommy...Woah

Zoey:*wakes up fully*How rude.

Fly:*walks to girls cabin and knocks on door*Hello? Are you all alright? I heard crying.

Natalia: Fly Boy, i need to talk to you.... and i need someone to comfort me. *cries and clings to Fly Boy*

Zoey:*I"m trying to sleep.

Natalia: Well Sorry Zoey but im in a bit of a rly bad position hear. we'll leave so we dont disturb you.

Fly:*walks out*What happened?

Natalia: that freak stalker walked in on me in the shower! on purpose! he saw me naked and he wont leave me alone! no matter how many times i beat the crap out of him! im so embarresed!

Fly:Well, it could be worse, he could have taken a picture.

Zoey:Bye*goes to showers*

  • Abrahm runs around camp waving a picture in the air* WHO WANTS TO SEE A NUDE NATALIA!

Fly:*shocked*That's low...I mean even for you

Natalia: Im gonna leave before i commit a murder. Ill be at the lake Fly *runs off as fast as she can*

Fly:*angry*Can I speak to you in the confessional Abrahm?

(Gwen Is Kewl: so srry yall. be back in 20 minutes. dont forget to kill abrahm when im back, lol!)

Abrahm: Uhm, sure Fly Boy. *walks in conf*

Fly:*throws picture to Natalia*I got you a present, I would burn it or something

Natalia: Thank You Fly. *rips picture into little peices and throws it in the lake*

Keyshia: *walks in* i heard screaming! *dawn tells keyshia what happened* what?!?! ohh no no no no no! that boy is messed up. *walks over to Natalia* hey girl dont worry im here for you. and if that dude comes in here ima mess him up

Natalia: *still floating with her eyes shut* thank you Keyshia. But i think Fly took care of him.

Keyshia: good. nobody likes a peeker

Natalia:*eyes still closed* tell me about it. if he comes by i stole a paintball gun from crag. its behind that rock over there.... could u pelt him for me if he does?

Keyshia: sure thing honey. trust me that was just wrong and no one, especially you, should be tormented anymore by this idiot

Natalia: Thanks Girl.Itll be a lil while but ill be back to mellow me by tomorrow hopefully... why are some boys so perverted... and yet some so wonderful. *still wont open her eyes*

Abrahm: *walks up 2 lake* uhm Natalia i want to apologize-


Keyshia: *pelts abrahm with paint balls* stay away from us!

Abrahm: Atleast open yur eyes-

Natalia: NO!

Zoey:(Gets back from the shower)i{m back!


Keyshia: yea thats right. walk away

Natalia: *finally opens eyes* so Keyshia, u have any idea what kind of pain Crag is gonna put us thru today?

Keyshia: girl you can never tell what hes gonna put us through. lets just hope we can beat abrahm

Natalia: haha yeah. with any luck he will quit or something.

Keyshia: he better after what he did to you

Natalia: im gonna try not to worry about it.

Keyshia: good idea. just put it in the past, and hoepfully nothing like it happens again

Natalia: yeah. well now that i dont have to worry about it i think ill finally finish that shower. thanks for the talk girl.

Keyshia: no problem . and ill stay here and keep watch for you to make sure he doesnt come back

Natalia: dont worry about it. if he comes by i can handle it.

Keyshia: ok! *starts painting toe nails*

Natalai: well that was refreshing. hmmmmmm. *in her head* if i got us a volleyball court, i bet i could get a tennis court 2. *starts building*

Crag:*warning*If you build that, it will be taken away and your team will face elimination

Keyshia: dont do it girl! dont finish building it! its not worth it, even though tennis is fun

Natalia: Dont worry, i wasnt planning 2. *lays down in the grass*

Keyshia: we dont need to send someone home so thats good.

Draven: CASSIE!!!

Natalia: yeah. i like yur toenails. cool polish. i need to repaint mine.... im getting a little sick of light blue......

Draven: hmm. *uses dark magic to pick up team CIRRRRH's cabin* *throws it in lake*


Draven: cassie isn't in there,....

Keyshia: girl you can use my nail polish if you want! im fine with sharing. i love colors that pop out at you so this is hot pink!

Draven: so you two did this in your spare time? talk about nail polish? guys i have magic, i can paint those automaticly if you want.

Keyshia: *looks over at draven* gahhhh! i didnt even know you were here.

Draven: i just drown the other team. ahmm. ASARATH METRIOD SYNTHOS!


Draven: enjoy your endless supply of nail polish.

Keyshia: you drowned them? DAWN IS MY COUSIN! she better not be dead or ima hurt you. thanks for the nail polish though.

Draven: no she's alive. everyone is. unless you wnt someone dead,....

Natalia: *runs and dives in and gets members of the other team* thank you lifeguarding skills! *dives back in*

Keyshia: yay good job natalia!

Natalia: Awh man i have to save that creature! *dives in and gets him* KNOW THAT I WILL NVR TOUCH U AGAIN FREAK!

Draven: me?

Natalia: No Drav. i was talking about this thing! i wont even say his name.

Draven: Abrahm?

Natalia: yes.

Draven: why did you save him then?

Natalia: Keyshia r u hearing this? this guy thinks i would let someone drown.

Draven: I can do anything you want to, "it" trap him in a cage, maul him with a bear, anything.

Natalia: No.... i dont wish him any harm. i dont wish anyone any harm... ok maybe a lil..... but still dont hurt anyone. im trying to look at this situation with the most possible self control.

Draven: He saw you naked. NAKED!

Natalia: dont remind me... i wish i could get him with out him rly getting hurt.... ive got it!

  • bastes Abrahm in BBQ sauce and ties him to a limb over the lake just out of the sharks reach*


  • everyone laughs*

Natalia: Haahahahahahahahahah, let this go to show you that its in yur best intrest 2 leave me alone! Keyshia this is gold!

Draven: Thats the ticket baby!

Natalia: oh why am i so flippin nice. *reels Abrahm in* NOW BUZZ OFF!

Draven: NO! let your inner rage out! Let the real dark side of natalia take over!

Natalia: Tho its tempting...... i cant. im better than him. i dont need to do this. so just beat it Abrahm and i wont put u back out there.

Abrahm: *scurries off like a mouse.... a rly fat one*

Draven: Well i am worse than him. I'll beat him up, anything!

Natalia: i can beat him up... thanks Draven, but i can handle it from here.

Draven: Are you sure? *uses dark magic to freeze abrahm in place*

Natalia: yea i guess so. unfreeze him. ill be at the lake if anyone but abrahm needs me.

Draven: *throws abrahm into the loser palace.*

Draven: *puts feet down in lake* Didn't crag say there were pirana's here?

Keyshia: *walks to lake with natalia* hey girl. sorry i missed your ordeal. i just needed to get away from these crazies for a little. hehe so i took a nap in the confessional.

Draven: then the whole world saw you snore on tv.

Keyshia: oh honey, i dont snore.

Draven: Honey, i walked in on you and you were, "HAAAAAAAAANK SHOOOOOOOOO!"

Keyshia: sooo your point is? its not like anybody cares that i snore. i bet you snore to.

Draven: yes i do. Hey, lets help natalia out and, "fix" abrahm.

Keyshia: no way. i dont hurt people and natalia said shes got it under control.

Draven: *uses dark magic to make martinis* anyone want any?

Natalia: Uhm, im not old enought for a martini.... try me again in about 4 years.


Abrahm: *rudely awakens everyone with a loud burp/fart* hahah wow, all those marshmallows rly pwned my stomach.

Dawn: *bangs head on top of bed* another rude awakening

Abrahm: Haha, srry Dawn.... Natalia always goes to the shower at this point... i think ill go try a peek on her.

Dawn: what? your gonna peek at her while shes naked in the shower? thats just crazy!

Abrahm: *returns to cabin wet and day dreaming* oh yeah.

  • Natalia comes storming in still dripping wet wrapped in a towel* YOU FREAK! *kicks him in the kiwis* I NEED A BODYGUARD JUST TO TAKE A SHOWER! CRAG! GET THIS FREAK OUT OF HEAR* *storms off*

Crag:I'm tempted to put you on his team...

Abrahm: *on the floor in pain* please.... dont, i can admire from afar.


Dawn: Abrahm's the next stalker. hes trying to see Natalia while shes in the shower

Natalia: *twitch, twitch* that *twitch* thing saw me *twitch* naked. I am so telling Fly Boy what he did and i hope he slugs him in the face cuz everytime i beat him up, HE PEEKS ON ME!

Zoey:Ugh Natalie and Fly boy are getting on my nerves changing my personalty.

Fly:*angry*Can I hold that picture?

Abrahm: Sure, its definatly worth looking at!

Fly:*knocks out Abrahm*Dude, not cool...

Abrahm: *wakes up* what its just a pic of ur girlfriend nak- oh wait, shes yur girlfriend..... i think ill be leaving now.... before i die.

Fly:Good*puts picture in pocket and goes to lake*

Natalia: *floating on her back with her eyes closed* If ur Abrahm then get the crap out of here..... If ur Fly, then plz get some trunks and plz join me. i need a swimming buddy right about now.

Keyshia: that dude is just messed up. hes such a perv. no wonde rhes single. all he wants to do is see girls naked. i hope that there team loses next and they vote him off, for his own sake. if he comes and tries to look at me, Dawn, or Natalia again, ill smack him down.

Draven: it is so cool i got to stay here even though i'm out. I enjoy our hosts niceness. Is cassie still in a coma? Ooh, and by the way, i'll help you vote out abraham.


Draven: I'm not expecting to vote. *shoots evil eyes at abrahm*

Crag:Hmmmmmmm, well if I catch you cheating you will leave

Draven: how can i cheat? is cassie still in a coma?

Crag:You could say, change peoples votes and I'm pretty sure she is....

Draven: dude, you'd have evidence.

Crag:Yeah, I would, but still....

Draven: may i suggest boards in the bathroom instead of windows?

Crag:NO!*goes to his trailer*

Draven: *looks at natalia* *goes to board up windows*

Cassie:*wakes up from coma and has anisia*Who are you*points at the lamp*

Crag:*smirks*That's your boyfriend...

Draven: *uses light magic to fix cassie immediatly*

Crag:DUDE! We need ratings! Fix her!



Draven: you will have extreamly high ratings now.




Draven: host dude is now stunned.

Cassie:I feel pretty!

Interns:*take Draven's dark powers away from him and throw him on the boat of losers*

Draven: *takes them back*fine. i'll give her her coma back. just let me stay.

Crag:I hate the coma! Give her amesia!

Draven: why do you hate me?

Crag:Your just plain weird!

Draven: so are you! (no offence) what will it take to let her keep her sanity and memory and let me stay here? huh?

Cassie:*forgets how to walk and talk*

Draven: *fixes that problem she can walk and talk now* i'm waiting for a respnse crag!



Crag:Dude, like everyone hates you!

Draven: honest question, why?

Natalia: I dont *knuckle touches Draven*

Crag:Well, I still hate you!*takes Draven's magical powers*Mine!

Draven: *takes them back* mine! *zaps crag* Now you have amnesia!


Draven: OOH YES I AM! *uses dark powers to come back* THAT IS IT! *gives cassie her amnesia bck*

Crag:*confused*If you don't leave I will *****************************************************************************************************************************************

Draven: SHE HAS HER AMNESIA BACK! *kisses her*

Crag:She had amnesia?

Draven: Either amnesia or coma. Question, will you allow me to make out with her?

Crag:Ummm, why? She's way out of your league!

Zoey:Both amnesia and coma


Draven: Hey cassie, wanna make out?

9Youre: who is gone)

Cassie:Who are you?

Draven: I am, but crag let me stay. *takes amnesia away for a breif time* now do you wanna make out with your boyfriend?


Mr Evil:Hello mortals, I have kidnapped your host and now I'm in command mha mha mha mha mha! I'm giving you a change to escape unlike Him*kidnaps Draven*You have to avoid getting kidnapped...By ME!


Casie:*runs as fast as she can*

Dawn: this is so lame*runs away*

Draven: So mr. evil, want a martini?

Gramps: *throws a rock at Mr.Evil.*

Mr Evil:*captures Gramps*Noone actacks me! Come here little children(That sounds wrong O_O)


Gramps: *bites his ear*

Draven: DUDE! don't gum my ear.

Gramps: Gum I still have all my teeth!


Mr Evil:*throws Gramps and Draven in magicproof cage*

Gramps: I'm a grandpa to Leon and his two brothers but I"m only 65.

Draven: *uses dark magic to make martinis* mmm. Gramps, want a martini?

Gramps: *glares at him* I was a U.S spy don't do any of that in frount of me I can call the feds.

Draven: No worries, there is no beer.

Gramps: Dark Magic EVIL!

Mr Evil:*catches Leon and Zoey making out*You should know to not do that....*bags them*

Draven: *uses light magic to make new martinis with no beer*

Gramps: *talk to his head* Feds come and arrest mr.evil.

Zoey:umm no way?

Draven: YAY! *uses light magic to make really good cookie cake* Everyone gets a slice!

Mr Evil:*throughs Leon and Zoey in*

Feds: *pop up everywhere*

Mr Evil:*kills all the feds*Here children children children*captures Fly Boy*N00B.

Draven: if i'm not competing why am i locked in a cage?

Fed bots: *arrest Mr.Evil*

Mr Evil:*throws Fly Boy in*Your gonna be my starter Draven....

Draven: Starter?

Leon: *beep beep beep*you Evil *beep*

Mr Evil:Yep, you, then Leon and Zoey and Fly Boy for my three course meal...


(Greg: stop 1dra7 i know you didnt get permission to do this from cragiled)

Mr Evil:*catches Greg*

Draven: yes i did. he let me stay. just not competing. and by the way mr. evil is not me.

Mr Evil:*throws Greg in*I am!*thunder crashes behind him*

(Youre: If you don't have premision to be here don't!)

(Greg: sorry i messed up)

Mr Evil:*captures everyone but Abrahm*He's....tooo....heavy*throws everyone else in*

Crag:*walks in*Hi guys, what did you think of the chalenge?

(Youre: I was so mad because i thought he was messing up the page!)

(greg: me 2)

(Crag:;) Did you not like it? And plus I come on regularly so I would have changed it if nessecary)

(Youre: Who is he?)

(Crag:It's another account I made)

Draven: hi cassie.

Gramps: I could of beet you up evil.

Draven: so when do they vote people off?

Leon: Who votes?

Crag:The Koalas!


Greg: Frosti

Gramps: Cassie

Leon: Casssie

Natalia: No Vote.

Draven: think of it as this girls! when you take a shower, abraham will peek on you! give you a voting thought......

Crag:You can't vote for Abrahm!

Draven: and leon might toooooooo...


Draven: it is so unfair that the host gets to vote.

Keyshia: uhh fly isnt the host anymore, he got fired. and i vote for cassie. she needs to get some rest so she can get better

Natalia:Cassie u r great. but im doing this for your own good. u need some recovery time... and this place isnt exactly great for recovering in... So im voting u off... for ur own good. Sorry Cassie, Sorry Draven.


Crag:Fly and everyone else but Frosti and Cassie.The last marshmallow goes to........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Frosti!

Sorry Cassie, your out! And Draven, you caused this! It's all your fault*laughs*

Keyshia: sorry cassie, but we all wont you to get better, and this is not the place to do that! see ya girl.

Draven: i didn't cause this. ooh well. i can visit her anytime.

Crag:You put her in the coma-remember? Cause she doesn't!

Draven: funny, i seem to remember you making me.

Crag:*laughs*Yeah...And you can't leave until the final 4!!

Draven: THANKS! but why do i leave in the final 4?

Crag:Cause I don't like you! And I'm doing this to keep you away from Cassie!*laughs*


Day 8

Team Killer Koalas Chat

Fly:I feel sorry for that Draven guy. Crag is keeping him here away ffrom his girlfriend who might not even remember him!

Draven: thanks fly. *uses light magic to make a smoothie* mmmmm. strawberry.

Fly:*surprised*Dude, don't sneak up on me like that!




(Crag:Theres nothing done yet, no reason to eliminate, tihng is they aren't being voted for)

Draven: so have you heard the this is how we will end it song from tdwt?

(Crag:Are you happy to say that I'm not cheating?)

Draven: why?

(Crag:Cause I would like to know how I cheated, also remember my other character was already elim)

Draven: if you want anyone gone, you can use fly boy to help. It isn't fair for a host to vote either.

(Yeah, cause I always start who to vote)

Crag:*takes Dravens magic and throws him on the boat of losers*IF YOU COME BACK I WILL *********************************************

Draven: *takes magic back* fine. you aren't cheating.

(Cragiled:How about no magic? It's just weird)

Draven: why not? it is so much fun! *uses magic to make a million bucks and hands it to crag*

Greg: crag can you get this guy out of here he should be with the losers out of here plus its to confusing with draven around.

Draven: why do YOU hate me?

Greg: I dont hate you i dislike you because you really shouldnt be here and the magic doesnt help

Crag:I've tried to send him away, a lot, but he kept coming back so I lrt him stay and I get to torture him this way!

Draven: magic is cool!

Greg: Crag can we have a vote to see if the camp wants draven here

Crag:I would love to but he wouldn't leave...

Draven: i know i would get like only 2 votes.

Alice: *swims back to camp* I want to stay and if you dont let me I'll sue.

Draven: that makes 2 of us.

Crag:*sighs*DRAVEN! You cannot return! And Alice, you may be returning later-maybe.

Draven: *rolls eyes* i could see that.

Alice: OK I'll leave if draven comes with me.

Draven: make a lawsuit.

Crag:Draven, if you don't leave I will kill Kingy and get your girlfriend to cheat on you!

Draven: crag, if you don't let me stay, i'll kill your wife, curse your family, and give you robert the doll. (you have heard of him right?)

Crag:I'm single and I don't play with dolls!

Greg: come on draven be a man and leave.

Draven: you be a man and,.....BE A MAN!

Greg: i did not understand what you just said..... just leave.

Draven: NO!

Draven: fine. THIS ISN'T THE END OF ME!

Crag:Yes it is...


Teams Chat


Crag:Since I've got all your attention, I feel like I should mention that it has to be a boy vs girl final.. Todays challenge is to guess what number I'm thinking of, the number can be between 1-1000 and the person who gets it or is closest wins it for their team



Greg:8 where is everyone?










Keyshia: uhhh 730? just a complete guess


Fly:Don't I get to guess?

Crag:NO! Currently Team *beep* are winning...*umimpressed with amount of guesses*The challenge ends at 5:00EST unless someone correctly guesses it.

Crag:The challenge is over, and none of you did well. But Dawn won as the number was 169.

Vote(Team Killer Koalas)

Greg: man I hate losing I vote for Gramps

Keyshia: i vote for gramps. ypu didnt guess at all

Crag:Currently, *beep* is going home...

leon: You didn't guess so Frosti

Gramps: Frosti




Crag:Cassie, what are you doing here? You were eliminated...*throws Cassie on boat of losers*

Fly:No vote

Natalia: i dont know. so no vote.

Leon: I think you me Gramps and Fly Boy need an alliance.

Zoey:Lala*gets a sweater on*I made it myself!!

Gramps: *hits her and the head and she becomes normal*

cell phone: bye frosti!


Crag:Let's see who's going....Marshmallows go to Andre.....and everyone but Frosti and Gramps. The final marshamallow goes to....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................FROSTI!

There was a twist so Gramps is out!

Day 9

Crag:You guys are dropping like flies! Abrahm, how are you still here? Your very hated amongst the ladies.....

Team Killer Koalas


Abrahm: Because they all are falling for me on the inside.

Dawn:*laughs* yea right

Abrahm: HEEEEEEY! u know u love me!

Dawn:*laughs even more* you wish



Crag:Because Draven says I'm a nice host, I've got to be more evil, so here's the challenge, one pair from each team, Dawn and Abrahm and Keyshia and Leon. You pairs will be proposing to each other and end it with a make-out session! Have fun!*laughs*

Dawn: ewwwwwwwww no way am i proposing to that

CRag:Don't worry, he's proposing to you

Dawn: yea but still, i dont wanna make out or be married to him!

Keyshia: Leon! where are you! we gotta win this challenge!

Natalia: look out dawn..... *hand her a racket* keep this close at hand.

Dawn: thanks natalia! *grabs racket and holds it* ok i guess he can propose now

Abrahm: Will you *starts bawling*

Dawn: oh just get on with it so we can win the challenge

Abrahm: Im Sorry, i just always imagined this moment eating a flank steak at slappy jons pub down the street from my house... not that theres an english pub were i drink illegally at

Dawn: ewww steak. ok just hurry up!

Abrahm: idk if i could do it.... I CANT! *runs off*

Dawn: *rolls eyes* ok im glad i dont have to marry him, but nNOW WE JUST LOST THE CHALLENGE!

Crag:You won due to a lack of parcipitation from the other team

Vote(Team Killer Koalas)

Keyshia: sorry, but i gotta vote Leon. if you were here we couldve done the challenge

Zoey:Fly boy...what it was random

Leon: Keyshia

Greg: Keyshia

Keyshia: gah no! i dont wanna leave this early!

Natalia: Im sorry..... Leon.

Leon: (CONF) Gramps, Maxwell, Alan, Sam, fran I will win.)

Fly:Leon, sorry man


Crag:Eeeeeer, AGAIN? What's happening dudes? Well, marshmallows go to Natalia*hands everyone marshmallows except Fly, Leon and Keyshia*You three got some votes today, but the next person safe is Fly. The final marshmallow goes to......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Keyshia!

But, you aren't leaving because this was fake! No-one is leaving so enjoy it while it lasts!

Day 10

Crag:*counting money*Soon....*notices camera*Get out!

Team Killer Koalas

Fly:Four losses in a row? That's bad...

Greg: man we suck

Keyshia: oh come on guys! if we go into the next challenge thinking that we suck, were gonna lose! so we gotta stay positive

Natalia: Thats right Keyshia. *puts arm around Fly Boys's neck, and playfully punches Greg in the shoulder(lightly lol)* we are gonna own this challenge guys.




Crag:Go run around the island!

Keyshia: more running? ughhh*starts running*

Dawn: why more running?*starts running*

Keyshia:*is halfway done* woooo im gonna win this for my team!

Natalia: *starts to catch with Keyshia* weve got this one in the bag sister.

Dawn:*catches up to keyshia and natalia* dont think im gonna go easy on you guys!

Crag:OK, so you three win! Buuuuuuuuuut that wasn't the challenge! But in the meantime help yourself to this.*reveals feast*

Keyshia: ughhh of course it was a trick. but omg that food looks normal and good! *starts eating*

Natalia: OMG! Linguini Marianara! i havent had this since I went to my gmas in italy last summer! my favoriteeeeeeeee if only it was my gmas.....*stops talking and starts eating*

Abrahm: Do I not get any?

Fly:*starts running*You need to run round the island

Abrahm: Crag? if i run do i get 2 eat?

Crag:If these girls leave anything....

Greg: *runs to food* FOOD!

Abrahm*runs it super fast* food food food!

Fly:*grabs Abrahm*Go on!

Crag:*grabs Greg*Run first!

Abrahm: *runs 50 ft and faints*

Natalia: Does he always do that when he exercises?

Greg: man *runs half way*

Fly:*runs with Greg*(CONF)I don't know....

Greg: Hey Fly *almost there*

Natalia: Girls u think we should give some food to the boys when they get here....?

Greg: *finishes* Please tell me theres some food left.


Greg: *eats the last cheeseburger*

Fly:I'm not putting ny of that in my body*eats energy bar*

Crag:Today's challenge is an AWAKE-A-THON!

Greg: strange I saw that coming

Keyshia: you mean that run and that huge buffett were just a thing to make us sleepy?

Dawn:(CONF) this show is torture


Greg: So how does this work?

Crag:Don't fall asleep-that's all

Greg: this is both boring and tiring

Zoy:I'mnot tired at all!

Greg: Im not tired Im just bored...

Team Killer Koala
















Crag:I guess the Koalas win...


Abrahm: *falls and hits head on a rock* I QUIT! IM SICK OF THESE SHOW! TAKE ME OFF!

Crag:OK, then... Abrahm out... But we still need an elimination

Jacob: I was gonna say... Splinter?

Kayla: Yea. Splinter.

Splinter: no change your vote to andre. thats who i vote

Abrahm:NO NO im sorry i dont want to leave i hit my head again!

Crag:Ah ah ah, to late bro... *puts Abrahm on boat of losers*

Dawn: well if hes leaving then do i really have to vote for someone?


Dawn: fine ummm i vote splinter

Andre: Splinter

Abrahm: PLZ! it was a accident by injury!

Crag:You might return(Check the losers page about returning)

Abrahm: oh ill be back ull see. youll all see! and Dawn, I LOVE YOU!

Dawn:*shocked* oh well then

Natalia: *walks up after ceremony* So Dawn, whos gone?

Dawn: well we voted and it looks like splinter is leaving, but abrahm just quit so now hes gone to


Keyshia: what?!?! for real? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalia: wooooooooooot! DIVE TIME! *changes into blue bikini and runs to lake*

Draven: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! thought i'd cheer. bye again!

Crag:Oh no your not, it's not the final 4!


Crag:Splinter's going home..

Dawn:Bye splinter!

Day 11

Crag:With the merge coming soon who will not make the cut?

Team Killer Koalas

Fly:Woohoo! I'm still here....

Keyshia: me to! im surprised that im still here

Natalia: Same here guys. i guesss its been semi- fun so far.

Keyshia: yea i cant really complain about anything, except abrahm but now hes gone so its all good!

Natalia: I think this calls for a celebration.

Keyshia: haha you know it! heres to not having that perv around anymore!

Natalia: uhm, are we toasting something?

Keyshia: oops hehe we dont have anything to toast though

Natalia: what else can we do to cellebrate.... party?

Keyshia: yes! we havent partied in forever!

Natalia: *starts fire and spears a fish gets seeweed and other things and makes sushi wraps* anyone else like sushi?

Keyshia: mmmm i love sushi!

Natalia: *sets up some logs for sitting and sticks for marshmallows and takes then gets her party bag(lol)*

Keyshia: dang girl! you have a lot of party bags

Natalia: hey, when u have a bag for everything u have a bag for anything.

Keyshia:True that!



Crag:You guys are all too happy.... Anyway, you have to make me a three-course meal!

Dawn: ok guys we need a theme!

Natalia: what do u mean?

Dawn: oh sorry natalia i was talking to my team

Keyshia: natalia lets make a japanese or whatever meal and we could use the sushi we already made!

Natalia: or how about we do an around the world them?

Keyshia: thats perfect! ill do an appetizer....... but where from?

Natalia: How about and german sausage platter with saurkrout? ive got an italian meal for the main course that will blow his pants off.... not rly... but u know what i mean.

Keyshia: ok sound good girl! ill get to work on that! *starts cooking sausages and making saurkrout*

Natalia: *starts making a fettucini plate with a clam sauce an a parmeasan clam bake* presenting Gran MaMa's famous Clam Ala Buffet. what r we gonna do for desert?

Keyshia: *finishes sausage platter with saurkraut* there we go! hmmm whats a good country for desert? maybe spain? oh yea presenting ummm i dont have a name for the dish but presenting a sausage platter with saurkraut!

Natalia: How about a Spanish Fudge Fondue with Marshamallow sauce and pinapple rounds with a cherry in the center of each peice of slice of pinapple and rose petals, for display.

Keyshia: *looks shocked* .........once again dang girl! you sure do no a thing around food! ill make the fondue and marshmallow sauce, you can make the pinneapple slices withe the cherries! *starts melting chocolate to make fondue, and grabs marshmallows for the sauce*

Natalia: We need some type of cake to but this over..... what flavor should we use?

Keyshia: well we have chocolate for the fondue, so why dont we do vanilla? chocolate and vanilla go good together!

Natalia: Vanilla it is! *makes a cake and pours the stuff on it* now i found a place its a lil patch in the middle of the island where there are red, yellow, white, and red roses growing. lets go pluck some petals.

Keyshia: ok!*goes with natalia to pluck some petals*

Natalia: *in woods* Keyshia, dont move... look out the corner of your eye... 2 the left...... its a flippin bear.

Bear:*goes to kitchen and starts eating fettucini*

Keyshia: no way! *runs into kitchen and tackles bear* natalia go get the petals, ill stay here!

Natalia: *runs as fast as she can and is back in a flash with a basket of petals and a bag*

Keyshia: *picks up bear and throws him out of the ktichen* bad bear! now we gotta make some more fettucini*

Natalia: And this is my hunt bag. *opens door and shoots bear with a tranqulizer gun*

Keyshia:*laughs* a bag for everything! ok ill remake the fettucini and you can finish the desert! *starts remaking the fettucini*

Bear:*falls on Fly*

Fly:Wait what?

Keyshia: fly get in here!

Keyshia:*finishes fettucini* whoooeeee! ok now we just gotta finish the desert!

Fly:*in pain*Don't mind me, my back will just break under this heavy bear!

Keyshia:natalia can you finish the desert? *runs out to help fly* hey bear get off! well that didnt work!*picks up bear and throws him into the woods* there we go!

Natalia: *quickly finishes* *hugs Fly* oh Fly are u ok?

Fly:Ow, not so tight?

Keyshia: yay were done! crag were done i think we should win!

Natalia: Well maybe this will help *kisses Fly*

Keyshia: awww so cute!

Andre: *makes a five foot tall ice cream sundae*

Dawn: *makes mussells for an appetizer*

Crag:*tastes Team KK's starters*Hmmmm, 7 points. *tries Team KK's main*Not as good, 5 points*tries Team KK's dessert*Ug, what is this?*breaks out in hives*Is there chocolate in this? You lose!

Keyshia: What?!?! oh im so mad at you right now i could smack you! but i dont wanna get kicked out!


Keyshia: i vote for frosti. you didnt help at all

Natalia: Sorry Frost Man. I vote Frosti. what do u think Fly?

Fly:*tries to vote Frosti but accidently votes Leon*NO!


Keyshia: fly it doesnt matter. its still 2-1 so frosti will still go

Greg: Frosti

Zoey:Frosti for sure

Keyshia:(CONF) it was hard to choose who to vote for since me, natalia and fly were the only ones who did anything

Ceremony:No need for voting to continue...


Crag:Greg.... Natalia... Keyshia.... Zoey and Fly. You guys are all safe.... And the last marshmallow goes to

Leon! Frosti... What can I say? Your just plain weird...

Day 12

Crag:You know what, no challenge, let's just skip this day...

Day 13

Crag:Ahhhhh Day 13... I love it so....

Team Killer Koalas

Keyshia: why do you love this day crag?



Crag:Todays challenge is to come up with a challenge, that's all...

Keyshia: when are we gonna merge?

Crag:*annoyed*When you shut up!(Not a very nice statement XD)

Keyshia: geezzz! no need to snap at me! thats my job! remember? im miss attitude

Crag:*rolls eyes*Challenge? Seriously guys!

Keyshia: hmmmmm ima need time to think of a challenge

Crag:Challenge ends at 4:00EST!

Keyshia: oh i have an idea! a challenge where everyone has to face there fears! (XD) if you can face them, you earn a point for your team, but if you dont you dont earn a point and if your team loses, your on the chopping block!

Crag:Dawn, do you have an idea?

Dawn: hmmmmm how about a game of manhunt! its in the middle of the night, and crag, your the one who looks for us! once your caught, you can help crag find others. last person to get caught wins immunity for there team, or themself, if its after the merge.

Crag:Team CIRRRRH win! It's a bit more original...


Fly:Leon has done anything for a while.. So I vote for him

Keyshia: Leon. people may vote for me since i came up with the challenge that lost, but at least i tried and did something!

Natalia: Sorry Leon but u have no activity... please dont take it personally buddy. I vote Leon as Well.Uhg, i hate voting for ppl that are cool...... D:

Draven: i have a camp mystery and leon is doing nothing as well. so i am taking these votes and saying these were by the viewers k?

Leon: I vote for me I don't need to be here I just want to go home and leave these loons.

Natalia: (CONF) i hate voting. it so sad when the person leaves if u were their friend....... and then if they take it personally then its all jacked up.

Leon: (CONF) I liked Natilia but Fly Boy got her fair and square.

Keyshia:(CONF) i dont like voting! its so sad! especially this far in the game, cause if things have been good, then you usually have to vote for friends which is sad

Leon: (COF) I don't want to leave but it's best for the team.


Crag:Keyshia, Zoey, Greg, Natalia and Fly... So Leon is out...

Leon: Thanks guys now I can see Gramps again. and It's fine with me.

Fly:See ya buddy

Day 15

Team Killer Koalas

Natalia: Morning all.

Leon: *left a notebook*

Natalia: Whats this? *reads the cover* "property of Leon" i guess i should open it.... what should i do with it?

Notebook: Day 1 of camp Natalia and Zoey are so cute.

Natalia: Oh. *closes notebook* u should nvr snoop thru other ppls stuff.... Keyshia will know what to do *goes up 2 Keyshia*

Crag:*takes notebook*Let's see...*starts reading aloud*

Notebook: Day 2 I made some awsome friends like Fly Boy, Natilia, Zoey and others.

CRag:*frowns**skips to something interesting*

Notebook: *small text* I wish that hottie Natilia would have chose me over that dummy Fly Boy *smaller text* but they are good toghether

Keyshia: Hey! stop readintg that! it aint yours! *tackles crag and takes notebook* hmm i should go ask natalia bout this

Natalia: Key this is wack!

Keyshia: haha love the nickname! anyway yea i heard crag reading it aloud. somebody had a secret crush on you

Fly:(CONF)Would, would she have picked him?

Natalia:(CONF) well this is embarrising. but would nvr have chosen Leon over Fly. With me and fly there were sparks from the start... i hope he knows that.
Keyshia: ima go shred this thing up so no one can read it. you need to talk to fly in case he heard anything

Notebook: If this is found don't distroy IT IS MINE!

Natalia: Hey Fly.

(gwen is kewl: brb.)

Keyshia: hmmm i guess ill lock it up then *locks notebook in her suitcase* there we go! and i always have the key on me

Notebook: *falls out* I kinda don't wan to win Natilia, Fly, Zoey, and Keysha need it more.

Fly:Ummm, hey.... Did you hear what ummm Leon thinks about you?

Notebook: Natalia I don't like her anymore so it's grate that Fly has her.

Keyshia: there you go fly you have your answer

Nootbook: I know I'm gonna get voted out so I should vote for Keyshia. *Later* I will vote for me.

Crag:*takes notebook*

Fly:Did that notebook say something? (XD)

Notebook: One of the first days Keyshia seams like a snob.

Crag:*reading*This is interesting!

Notebook: When if first saw Crag he looked like my 4th grade teacher.

Natalia: *holding Flys arms* hahahahahah Wow Crag. Or should i say mr. teacher sir.

Nootbook: And Natilia looked like the first girl I kissed.

Natalia:(CONF) well it could be worse. in grade 10 Billy Gretel put on a social network that he was falling for my spicy italian accent, long dark hair, and beautfiful Green eyes. as u may be able to imagine the nxt time i saw Billy it was pretty akward.

Crag:*takes notebook and storms off*

Fly:Did you ever like, I dunno have crush on Leon?

Natalia: What? no no no no no. the only person on this show ive liked is you.


Nootbook: I'm leaving this here so you guys can remember me.

Keyshia: where should we put the notebook?

Crag:*takes notebook*This could help*smiles*And if anyone tries to take it I'll personally eliminate you!

Keyshia: so your just gonna read leons notebook? well if he gets mad, its all on you

Crag:*rolls eyes*(Challenge up soon! Just need to think of one XD)



Crag:Today's challenge is to tell me a joke! And this is the last challenge before the merge so who won't make the cut?


Crag:*takes Fly*Ah, ah, ah, you can't compete!*locks Fly away until the vote*Anyone rescues him and they'll be eliminated!

Keyshia: gah im not good at jokes

Crag:In fact, I'm changing it to a yo mamma joke... And only those..
Keyshia: pshhh im still not that good at those either!

Crag:*scowls*Due to that "helpful" nature.. Keyshia's team lose... You should learn not to talk back


Keyshia: i vote greg. just like leon, your never on


Crag:*comes out with three marshmallows*Eeeeer, Fly is still locked up and I can't free him- but he's still safe... Joining him are... Keyshia, Zoey and Natalia... Greg, right before the merge, you must feel bit annoyed but you played a good game..

Day 15

Crag:Welcome to the merge guys, I'm also bringing two back.. Fan favourite, Gramps is back and my favourite Abrahm. Also a new contestant is joining us, Kyle... Do you want to say something?


Dawn: *whispers* oh shoot hes back

Kyle: Hi guys!

Keyshia: hey there newbie

Fly:*muffled screams*

Crag:Maybe I should let him out...(XD)

Dawn: you probably should

Kyle: Newbie huh?

Keyshia: yup your the newbie!

Crag:You know what, this seems more interesting!

Kyle: *smiles*

Keyshia: what do you mean its more interestig?

Interns:*free Fly*

Fly:*breaths heavily*I... I hate you.... Crag

Keyshia: *to fly* wow. ok, calm down fly, just take deep breaths

Fly:*sees Kyle*Who...who is that?

Kyle: It's Kyle , nice to meet you!

Fly:Nice.. nice to meet you...

Crag:*goes off to make challenge*I've got an idea*smirks*

Dawn:(CONF) this is not good. when he smirks, this is not good

Kyle: Don't even think about that!


Crag:Today's challenge another proposal.. five in fact.. Each couple will propose and whichever I like most wins... The couples are..Joseph and Kayla, Jacob and Zoey, Andre and Dawn, Fly and Nataliaand because they love eachother so much.. Keyshia and Kyle*laughs* Also Grampps and Abrahm are not competing because they have immuntiy already...


Kayla: But, Josheph is, EEEW!!!!!


Jacob: Okay! *kisses her on the lips*

Crag:*takes picture*I wonder how Leon, her boyfriend will feel?

Zoey:Umm I need to WIN!*kisses hm*


dawn: wheres andre?


Natalia:(CONF) this wont be 2 bad i guess. ok it wont be bad at all.


Natalia: Fly? *shakes him* Fly?

Natalia: i know how to wake him up! *changes in 2 lepord bikini* Ohh, Fly. Im wearing leopard.

Natalia: Plz wake up i hate doing this i like a u know what.

Fly:*wakes up*Urfff, that ************ Crag stuck me in a box, I'm not feeling to good...


Kyle: ....I hate you Crag!

Crag:Awwww, don't you want to make out with eeeer that*points at Keyshia*You could go home... If you don't do it at least.

Kyle: Never!

Keyshia: What?!?! im not a "that", crag. im a person

Kyle: Are you sure? *smiles* XD

Crag:*shoves Kyle into Keyshia*

Kyle: I hate you Crag!

Keyshia: gahhhh!

Crag:Do the challenge and kiss her or I'll personally eliminate both of you...>:D

Kyle: I need to kiss her?

Crag:If you want to stay! >:D

Kyle: Fine! *kisses Keyshia* Bye! *goes in CONF*

Keyshia:*shocked* woah! he did it

Keyshia: was it any good (xD)

Natalia: whoa Key.

Keyshia: i know girl. that was my same reaction!

Natalia: Was it any good (xD)

Keyshia: ehhhh considering i dont really like him it was alright i guess XD

Natalia:lol, i cant believe THING is back.

Keyshia: i know! its only cause crag likes him

Natalia: u think this bikini will wake him up?

Keyshia: girl you nasty! just playing with ya! thatll wake any boy up

Crag:Well, done, you guys win! Kyle and Keyshia have immunity as do Abrahm and Gramps..


Dawn: i vote andre

Natalia: Andre

Abrahm: Andre

Keyshia: Andre

Fly:Jacob... Don't like him..


Crag:*whispers*Why are you whispering?

Zoey:*whispers*I don't want to get in troubl with the others

Crag:*whispers*Would you like to give a reason for this, for voting her.

Zoey:*whispers*Never mind I vote Abrahm.


Crag:that's interesting, did I mention that the final challenge is a vote from everyone?

Draven: 1 vote for her so far.

Crag:That's if she makes it...

Natalia: If i do itll be a fair game to get there.

Draven: YEAAAH!

Zoey:Not right now.

Natalia: Draven i think they understand now....

Keyshia: thats right y'all. my girls gonna play a nice clean game

Zoey:Umm(CONF)Only one person likes me*crys*

Keyshia:(CONF) i dont hate anyone. yea kyles a pain in my butt, and abrahm is a freak, i like everybody. its just me and natalia are very close. me and fly are pretty close to, but i dont wanna go over the line with him since hes dating natalia. zoey's nice, i just havent gotten to know her yet

Gramps: Draven

Keyshia: uhh Draven isnt in the competition anymore gramps, hes just here watching cause crag let him stay and watch

Gramps: Errrr.... So can I kick him of with the next person.

Keyshia: sure. nobody would care if hes gone.

Draven: crag said i stay until the final 4.

Gramps: Pllus I need Leon's notebook

Keyshia: oh looks like you cant kick him off Gramps. and Crag has Leon's notebook.

Draven: is this his? *shows him destroyed notebook*

Gramps: That says Leon on it.

Draven: then it is his!

Natalia: Nice to have you back Gramps.

Gramps: Nice to be back.

Natalia: The camps losers we go to when we leave..... whats it like?

Splinter: gramps comes back but i cant

Gramps: One word Alice.

Gramps: Is Leon's bed still toghether?

Kyle: *comes out of CONF* did I miss something?


Crag:Marshmallows earn.. Kayla, Abrahm, Kyle, Keyshia, Gramps, Dawn too. Eeeer Natalia, Joseph, Zoey, and Fly.. The last marshmallow goes to.................. Jacob! Your out Andre

Day 16

Crag:Dropping like flies, money soon... And Draven... Your helping with todays challenge!

Draven: *uses dark magic to create fireworks* YYYYYEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Crag:OK, I'll tell you what to do later*smirks*

Draven: 0.0

Kyle: ...

Draven: you don't diserve to be here, everyone worked soooo hard to make it here while you only had to say "please let me join."

Kyle: Dude, I don't want to be here!

Draven: *gawks* EXCUSE me? Then why are you here?

Kyle: It's Crag's fault!

Draven: *turns to crag* what?

Kyle: (CONF) I hate this place!

Draven: (CONF) This is sooo weird! I feel like i'm being used.

Abrahm; So whats the challenge?

Keyshia: why are you so excited to know what the challenge is?

Abrahm: Idk.

Natalia: *dives in lake*

Keyshia:(CONF) hmmmmm i dont know if abrahm was always looking forward to challenges. if he wasnt, then somethings up

Abrahm:(CONF) idk if they told Crag but the producers have hired me 2 come back. im spose to cheat and mess ppl up, try to turn them against eachother.

Keyshia: *sits by lake with natalia* hey girl! i have a bad feeling about abrahm

Natalia: worse than usual?


Keyshia:*looks shocked* im even more suspicious after that!

(Gwen Is Kewl: 1dra7 that was suppose to be for drama and now its ruined :(

9Youre: I'm at school)



Crag:Draven, ask one total drama question at a time- those who fail to answer or get it wrong the best contestant(s) win immunity

Natalia: OH boy.

Dawn: ohhh i watched all the episodes before i came here! dont know why, just had a feeling :)

Abrahm: can we start?

Keyshia: yea can we hurry this up? i aint got all day

Crag:Draven, you have till 5:30EST... Or I'll give three people invincibilty randomly!

Crag:OK, times up! So I went on a website and gave each person a number and the people getting immuntiy are Fly, Dawn and Kayla(Honest!)



Draven: Sorry i had to go somewhere :( But vote off jacob :) (sorry jacob)

Dawn: Jacob

Keyshia: Jacob

Gramps: Jacob

Joseph: Jacob


Kyle: Sorry Jacob...


Crag:Marshmallows go to... Gramps, Fly, Zoey, Keyshia, Dawn, Abrahm, Joseph, Natalia, Kyle and....................................... Kayla... Jacob, you recieved every vote! Later...

Day 17

Dawn: i cant believe i made it to the final 10!

Kyle: Me too!

Fly:Sweet! Hmmmm


Crag:Meh, I got bored... just vote!

Gramps: Abriham

Joseph: Abrahm


Kyle: Abrahm...

Keyshia: abrahm

Dawn: Abrahm



Crag:Like yesterday, all the votes went to one person! And the people that is, isssssssssssss Abrahm! You're out! Again!

Abrahm: Are you flippin serious dudes! You All Suck!

Natalia: If its helps, No body is gonna miss u.

Abrahm: HEY!

Keyshia: dude shes right. listen to her, and just go back to the losers camp

Dawn: bye abrahm

Natalia: Seriously, just leave.

Abrahm: COme on is there anyone here to support me!

  • cricket chirps*
  • Keyshia: aww poor you, not! leave now! we all voted for you so i think that should send a message to you

Abrahm: *gets himself stuck in the hole Natalia kicked him in once before so that they can move him* i will not leave!~

Keyshia: man this guy is stubborn

Natalia: uhg, we are gonna need about 3 tons of butter and a few cranes

Keyshia: where the heck are we gonna get that?? CRAG!!!!!!!!! get over here and make abrahm leave

Natalia: *pulls* this fat lard wont move!

Keyshia: *pulls on abrahm, but abrahm wont move and keyshia goes flying back and falls on the ground* ughhhhhh now im all dirty! this fatty needs to leave

Natalia: *helping up Keyshia* Seaweed! *makes a seaweed harness and puts it on abrahm* Now everybody pull! *abrahm comes out*

Crag:*puts Abrahm on BoL*Any last words?

Keyshia: yes hes finally leaving!

Abrahm: *jumps off and swims out into the horizon*

Natalia: O.o akward.....

Day 18

Keyshia:(CONF) im glad abrahms gone. i never liked that perv

Fly:Hey Dawn, did you like Abrahm? I heard him saying he loves you

Dawn: ehhh at first i did, but then once he tried to look at natalia in the shower, i stopped liking him

Natalia: Hey Everybody! Now that ffreaks gone! lets Carrabba!

Keyshia: i take it that means party?! and yes lets party!

Gramps: Yey Keyshia

Keyshia: hey there Gramps! wannna party with us??

Natalia: hehe, its great to know someone knows what some of my italian means. *runs to mess hall and starts to prepare a party feast* hows a clambake sound?

Gramps: K

Keyshia: whats a clambake?

Natalia: Huge seafood feast/party. and when i do clambake, Its like no other clambake in the world

Keyshia: i looooovveeee seafood! lets do a clambake!

Natalia: Gramps can u jack the lights from the Campfire Ceremony?

Keyshia: ohhhhh somebodies planning a big party!!!

Natalia: Theres some lanterns scattered around. Dawn can u gather some?'

Dawn: sure! *goes out to start looking for lanterns*

Natalia: one more thing. Key, under my bed is a lavender bag. thats my party bag. can u get it? its got dj tables and everything.

Keyshia: oh my goodness! girl you came to this camp prepared! *runs to cabin to get natalias bag*

Kyle: Hmm...Hi everyone!

Dawn: hi kyle! *returns to natalia with 6 lanterns* hey natalia is this enough?

Kyle: What are you doing?

Keyshia: *returns with natalias party bag and hands it over to her* were having a party since that freak abrahm is gone


Dawn: yes it is cool

Kyle: .....Ok...see'ya later!

Kyle: (CONF) ....I will be out next...

Fly:*drags Kyle to CONF*OK, as much as I don't want to say it, I would like to vote off Dawn, as feel like she has an advantage, do you want to help?

Draven: *listening to confessionals* HUH!

Kyle: I don't know, she nice to me...I will think about that...

Draven: *opens confessionl doors* You 2 are so dead.

Kyle: *to Fly* I will reject this!

Fly:*smiles*It's fine!

Fly:*screams*Why did you do that?*cries*

Kyle: *runs to Natalia*

Fly:(CONF)*crying*she's not gonna like me anymore!

Natalia: UHm, whats up Kyle?

Keyshia: hi kyle. wanna party?

Kyle: You two, follow me! *runs to CONF and points at Fly*

Natalia: oh. Uhm, draven did u change his head? can u change it back?

Draven: I did nothing.

Kyle: AHA! *points at Fly with pig head*

Draven: Do you see any proof of it in the text above?

Keyshia: *smacks draven* tell the truth!!!


Fly:Then... how... did it happen? No-one else can do it*runs away*

Draven: Its obvious he just did it to attract you natalia.


Crag:Today's challenge is to build and ride a bike to the finish line, 5 miles away. The last one to finish is actomatically out!

Draven: *destroys kyle's bike* Oops :P

Keyshia: *grabs equipment and starts building bike*

Dawn: *starts building bike*

Natalia: Draven listen. ive taken phsycology classes since ive been old enough to walk and i can read ur eyes like a book. can u please change my Fly back. please? and even if u didnt do it can u change him back?

Natalia: *builds bike* And goes across finish like*

(Gwen Is Kewl: sorry guys im goin to a football game, so i went ahead and did the challenge :P sorry i had 2.)

Keyshia: *finishes bike* yes! *starts riding bike*

Dawn: *finishes bike and cathces up to Keyshia*

Keyshia: *crosses finish line*

Dawn: *crosses finish line*

Draven: (gwen is cool,. do you live in tennessee?) And fine. You are good natalia. *uses dark magic to "fix" fly boy*

Fly:*over cliff**feels face*THANKS DRAVEN!*tries to go to Draven**trips and goes backwards*Not agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

Draven: *uses dark magic to catch him and throw him over to the finish line*

Crag:*looks at Fly*Your disqualified! The challenge was to build a bike as well!

Crag:Well, I guess Dawn is going home, I gave you plenty of time...

Day 19

Kyle: *to Draven* Youre evil...

Fly:(CONF)OK, maybe it was a bad rule, I should be there and not Dawn, but at least everyone is on a level playing ground...

Kyle: ...

Fly:How are you holding up buddy?

Kyle: It's okay.

Fly:Well, everyone here is nice so it'll be okay

Kyle: If youre talking about Draven too, then I would say...NO!

Fly:He doesn't like you or me, because you arrived late and I used to be the host..

Kyle: It's not my fault, that im here....


Crag:Keyshia has immunity!

Natalia: Joesph

(Gwen Is Kewl: attention! lol. i ask everyone to sign up for my First Camp! Total Drama American. a tour to the craziest places here in the states. promise it will be a killer season. all custom characters.

Kyle: Joseph

Gramps: Kyle

Kyle: ...

Gramps: Nah I guss Joseph

Keyshia: yay i have immunity! but i miss my cousin dawn! anyway i vote for joseph

Crag:Voting ends at 3:00EST or when a majority is reached...


Crag:Marshmallows go to... Keyshia, Kyle, Kayla, Gramps, Natalia, Zoey, and Fly! Joseph, your out!

Day 20

Natalia: *wakes up*Momma Mia *quietly leaves the cabin not to disturb anyone and goes for a morning jog*

Abrahm:*pulls up on the beach starving, and 100lbs less in weight*

Natalia: ABRAHM! NOOOOOOOOOOO! *runs away as fast as possible*

Zoey:HELP my leg is squished!

Natalia: Whats wrong?

Zoey:This thing fell on me*points at a metal suitcase on her legs that weigh 200*

Natalia: *pushes case off of Zoeys leg* whats in this thing?

Zoey:Let's check*opens it and sees gold*Let's share!

Natalia: Uhm, i dont know if i should.......... theres something odd about random gold.


Zoey:Okay discuss later but now RUN!

Natalia: But hes laying on the beach....... in pain.(CONF)uhg! i hate Abrahm but i cant leave someone starving............. *gets a sandwhich and gives it 2 abrahm.*

Abrahm: thank you so much. *eats it and passes out*

Zoey:Okay now what.

Natalia: Help me lift him, we need to get him to the infirmary.

Zoey:K*intempts to pick him up and fails*

Natalia: *Breathes heavily, then picks up Abrahm over her head and runs to the infirmary*

Zoey:I just notice we MADE It FAR!

Natalia:(CONF) im confused. why is she accting so nice to me all of a sudden. shes never seemed to rly like me.....

Zoey:*falls down becuase of the wiegh of the suitcase*oww I think it's broken

Crag:*walks out**yawns*What's happening?

Natalia: *wraps in wet seaweed* this will help some. Abrahm is back, Zoey hurt, and i have alot of seaweed tricks.

Zoey:You do!

Crag:Abraham again? And I don't care about your safety so*guides Abrahm to BoL*There's food where the losers stay, and Dawn too...

Abrahm: Whats a dawn?

Crag:*drives boat of losers with Abrahm on it*She's your girlfriend*grins**shouts to camp*Don't destroy anything while I'm taking hammy back

Zoey:I want Kayla out!

Natalia: No Promises Crag!

Natalia: *tickles Fly Boy and wakes him up* wake up lazy bones.

Fly:*talking in sleep*No.. no Draven. I don't want to be a pig, nol NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!*hides under bed but doesn't notice Natalia*

Natalia: *makes Flys bed* u can come out from under there now.

Zoey:I want to be in the Final three it's my fav number!

Natalia: *smiles* ur even funny in your sleep.

Fly:*puts head out*Do you mind? And besides, remember Gramps is here and he isn't pretty in the mornings..

Natalia: hahaha, ok. i just wanted to tell u that Crag is at the loser camp right now. so for a while we are crag free. *walks out* see ya later.

Natalia: *Changes into white badazzeled bikini and dives in lake*

Zoey:When is our next challenge I"m ready!


Chris:Hello contestants from a show less popular than mine, my name is Chris McClean! And I'll be setting today's challenge wile Crag is away, you just have to tell me an animal with my favourite getting invincibilty

Zoey:A Cat!

Keyshia: a Lion

Zoey:I hope I win I never won a challenge Before!

Natalia: Rockhopper Penguin!

Zoey:Who won?

Kyle: Sasquatchanakwa

Chris:Let's see... The Crazy Cat Lady*points at Zoey* and the "Cool" Guy*points at Kyle*win!


Kyle: Gramps.


Kyle: (CONF) Choosing Total Drama Island's monster was a vice move! *smiles*


Keyshia: i vote for Kayla

Zoey:Kayla*Crys*I'm not crazy!

Kyle: We know that youre not crazy..\

Zoey:thank you*hugs him*

Kyle: *smiles*

Zoey:Your so warm

Keyshia: i smell a love connection

Zoey:Where?*looks around*I don't see it.

Kyle: *glares at Keyshia*

Fly:*whispers in Keyshia's ear*Doesn't Zoey have a boyfriend?

Keyshia: *to kyle* i aint afraid of you fool! *to fly* is she with leon?

Kyle: -_-

Zoey:Leon*repeats*Still can't find it.He's gone missing!Noooo

Keyshia: leon was voted off remember?

Zoey:What WHY

Keyshia: i dont know.


Zoey:*looks at Kyle*?He's here!LEON*hugs him*

Keyshia:............ Zoey thats Kyle

Zoey:Sorry Chris.Thanks Kesha

Keyshia: ok my name is Keyshia. and his name is Kyle not chris ok?

Zoey:Your so nice.

Keyshia: thanks you

Kyle: ...

Zoey:Oh ok(CONF)He didn't have to yell

Zoey:Got it

Chris:Ugh, marshmallows? This show is soo getting sued! Anyway they go to Forget-me-alot(Zoey), Leshawna look-a-like(Keyshia), the you(Natalia), the "Cool Guy"(Kyle), blonde roots(Fly),

Zoey:EEE final five!

Kyle: I didn't expect that..

Zoey:Hope I go to the final three it's my fav number.

Keyshia: yay!!!! im so glad ive made it this far!!! what luck


Kyle: Who earns last mashmallow?



Keyshia: he means gramps! which means kayla is out

Zoey:I wanted Gramps out next.

Kyle: He will be out next...


Day 21

Crag:I'm back! And you voted off Kayla, the last remaining member of her team...

Fly:Final six guys!

Kyle: Yea!

Fly:Your the only one left not to be a part of the Killer Koalas!

Kyle: Ugh...

Zoey:I love it!

Kyle: (CONF) I need to win next challenge!

Zoey:(CONF)Gramps need to get out

Fly:(CONF)I'm friends with everyone leeft! Except for one...

Crag:Befroe I forget everyone needs to vote from now on!

Zoey;Whay do you mean?

Crag:Everybody will have to vote! All six people! Then five and so on

Zoey:I vote....GRAMPS!

Gramps: I vote Kyle.

Crag:You don't vote yet!

Natalia: oh.


Crag:Guys, guess what? There is two chances to get immunity! Although part 2 is random part one is in your own hands! You have to tell me what my favourite colour is! Any and everybody who gets it right will be asked another question!

Gramps: ERRRRRRRRR................Blue

Natalia: Burnt Sienna


Crag:Well, you three are WRONG! Kyle is out as well as he is sleeping! So only Fly and Keyshia remain

Zoey:You know jade is Green!

Gramps: Fly Natalia want a final 3 alliance

Fly:Money is green so thats his favourite colour! Crag:*reads up on jade*Oh.. your right! Fly and Zoey remain, your next question is who is my brothers favourite character?

Natalia: idk Gramps.... let me get back to you soon on that one.

Zoey:Lemony Snicket or Rick Riodan!?

Crag:Total drama character!


Zoey:Owen or Courtney?

Crag:Which one?


Crag:That means you win!!!!!! That is his favourite! And Gramps also gets immunity!


Zoey:I don't knooow umm Fly boy *cross fingers*Don't get out

Natalia: Idk..........

Fly:Before I vote, I want them to know that it's just because I'm better friends with everyone else and I wish you didn't have to leave yet but I vote for Keyshia... Sorry again

Natalia:(CONF) i so hate voting ppl off but i cant let key or fly go.......

Natalia: Im not voting for you because i want u gone, just know that. i vote kyle.

Crag:With half the votes in there is still no obvious loser!

Keyshia: im sorry but i have to vote for who i have the biggest issue with now. as much as i like all the people left, i have to vote kyle

Crag:It seems Gramps will have the deciding vote

Kyle: ...I don't want to vote for anyone and I already know that Gramps will vote for me....Anyways.....Keyshia........*goes in CONF*

Crag:It seems that way but who will he vote for? One of the two almost out the door or will he send someone to join them who will go into a tiebreaker!

Keyshia: *starts packing things* looks like i might be gone. might as well get ready now

Kyle: (CONF) *sad* Im out... *gets out of CONF* He ever voted for you?

Keyshia: so? that doesnt mean he wont vote for me now.

Kyle: *packing things* You will see....

Crag:Since I'm evil, Gramps doesn't get a vote! So you two ave to guess a number between 1-1000 with the one closer going to the final 5!

Keyshia: no no no this isnt good. i never do good on these. im gonna guess 130

Kyle: I will lose! Number 1... *about to leave*

Crag:Ah ah ah, the number was 731! But you have to win twice in a row! Guess again >:D

Kyle: Noooooooo! 500...

Keyshia: ughhh 340

Kyle: Can I lose already?

Crag:Kyle wins! Another number please! And the number was 928


Keyshia: 50. im gonna lose

Crag:I'm afraid so Keyshia! The number was 812 but you had a good run and you can say your goodbyes...

Keyshia: bye guys! natalia and fly im rooting for you guys! BYE!!!!!!!

Kyle: Wait, I quit...

Crag:*looks at watch*Ummmm, you two can talk it over...

Kyle: Bye guys! *about to leave*

Fly:Hey man, before you leave, why'd you quit for Keyshia? I thought you din't like her

Kyle: No, not because of her and yes im not friends with her, but theres another reason... *leaves*

Fly:*waves*See you at the finale! And your going to tell me that secret!

Kyle: Secret? Theres no secrets.

Day 22

Crag:Welcome final 5!

Keyshia: (CONF) i owe everything to kyle. he quit, which let me get to the final 5, even though i lost the tie break. i wonder why he quit......

Fly:Sooo Gramps! One of us will be in the final for sure! You happy?

Gramps: Zoey needs to go next.

Fly:Me and you are buds right?

Gramps: Ya

Fly:Thanks, I agree we should vote out Zoey..

Gramps: Then who?

Fly:Honestly? I couldn't vote! Then everyone left would be a friend!

Gramps: Maybe Keyshia for me.

Natalia: I cant believe we are the Final Five peeps!

Gramps: And soon Me, You, Fly, and Keyshia will be the final for.

Natalia: So you guys are voting for Zoey? wow........ i hate voting so much.(CONF) man i dont want to vote Zoey! Or Gramps! Expecially not Fly Or Key! uhg.

Gramps: Me and Fly are saying bye-bye Zoey then fly won't vote next time around.

Natalia: errrr........ so this is gonna be pretty hard core. well in the mean time im going to take a swim *puts back on white badazzeled bikini and jumps in lake* come on and join me guys.

Gramps: Do you really want to see an old dude in a spedo.

Natalia: uhm........ no. but it cant be worse than Abrahm.

Gramps: Lincan or the werdo that was on the show or both.

Natalia: *floats on her back* Haha, both.

Gramps: If it is betwen you and Fly for the winner I would probably vote for you if I had to vote.

Natalia: *props up on a rock* rly? awwww. thats sweet. but why?

Keyshia: *puts on bikini and joins natalia* i would pick you to natalia. as much as i love fly as a friend, your closer to me

Gramps: I fliped a coin.


Crag:Today's challenge is to... tell me an animal!

Keyshia: ok! a Snow Leopard

Gramps: A golden retrever

Fly:A polar bear

Natalia: A Dragon

Crag:OK, Zoey has untill 5:40EST

Natalia: So You three let us finish our lil swim.

Keyshia: haha girl i have a feeling if im not out this week, im going next week

Gramps: Zoey will go this week.

Keyshia: i dont even know how i made it this far. i never had any alliances or anything

Natalia: Ditto. I was approached but i never excepted. and yet we all made it this far.

Gramps: Us four kinda had an aliance,

Fly:(CONF)I know who I'm "voting off" next week it's *mumbles*

Keyshia: ehh i mean were all great friends but we never talked about who to vote off or what to do next

Gramps: But we all sometimes voted like eachother.

Natalia: Well ive certainly heard some freaky things, someone left on the cabin door one time. "Fly Boy is not who he seems". Im like, wow.

Gramps: Is Leon's bed still together.

Natalia: what do you mean?

Gramps: He made 3 notebooks one is in his bed, one is distroyed, and one is on that island way out there i n the lake.

Natalia: I havent looked... so idk.


Crag:BTW Gramps won

Natalia: I guess i vote Zoey....... Ya no what, i withdraw my vote. i cant vote anyone off tonight.

Keyshia: gahhh i hate voting so much. i vote for zoey i guess

Gramps: Zoey

Fly:*votes ******* off*


Crag:Gramps, Keyshia, Natalia and..................................................................................................... Fly! Are the final four, Sorry Zoey your out...

Day 23

Natalia: *wakes up, looks down at keyshia and sees shes still aslee* (whispers) im in the final four! *gets clothes and towel and quietly leaves not to disturb keyshia*

Keyshia: *wakes up* hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm another day

Natalia: *comes back from bath house*

Keyshia: hey girl!

Natalia: Can you believe we are here! and in case one of goes tonight lets make sure we get those manis and pedis!

Keyshia: manis and pedis? haha ok whatever those are! and girl your going to the finals dont worry. ima probably be going tonight, since you 3 are all good

Natalia: And one final Carraba! dont talk like that, i want you to stay :(

Keyshia: haha im down with having another party! and i no theres a chance that i might stay, but lets face it, no ones ever voted for you or fly, and i was out one time but kyle quit so im lucky to be here

Natalia: well with the slim chance i win, with the money. we will soooo go to europe!

Keyshia: girl you don thave a slim chance! you have a big chance! your like the most liked person in this camp! and if you do win we have to go to europe! thats would be amazing

Gramps: Final 4.

Natalia: and we shall go to rome and see my family. Moi Italia! its amazing there.

Keyshia: you have family in rome? ive always wanted to go to italy! viva italia.......... dont laugh!

Natalia: Si, thats where we are from. most people think im talking spanish. but the 2 languages are ver similar.

Keyshia: yes they are very similar. every language is mostly derived from latin though

Gramps: Hi

Keyshia: hi gramps

Fly:Final 4 guys!

Keyshia: yea! we should party!

Crag:Crap! Your all getting along! We need conflict!*walks off smirking*

Natalia; wow i never new id make it so far!

Crag:Hey Natalia! I got something to give you!*hands Natalia realistic picture of Fly and Keyshia making out in the CONF*Like it?*walks off*(CONF)I love my job!


Fly:THat's...weird? Oh well, I'll see her later...

Natalia: YOU TWO COME HERE! Come freddo! I sono arrabbiato!(How cold! I am so angry!)

Natalia: *flashes picture* Perche'?! Perche'?! Perche'?!(why?! why?! why?!)

Fly:*Can't clearly see the picture*What is that?

Natalia: Its u and Keyshia! Crag showed me it! wait what am i saying! crag showed me it im so stupid! Im sorry Fly and Key. he said it was u and keyshia making out in the confessional.... its not real... is it?

Fly:What? No! As much as I like her as a friend, I love you!


Crag:You ave got to parody a song from Chri's show! Choose the one you want and I will get someone in to judge

Strip Them Down-Gramps

This is How We Will End It-

Before We Die- Natalia

Lovin/Rowin Time-

(Gwen: sorry guys brb. and please dont end the challenge before i get back!)

Natalia's Song: Eye on the Prize

The comp's approched its ending, most of us are leaving, cuz right now we are the final fourrrrrr-our!

One of us will win this! The other 3 live this! But right now weve got our eyes on the priiiiiiiiiiiiiiize!

All the money! All the fame! Making it out of here in one piece! Live our lives! Eat real food! Do something that isnt so dag on boring! See our friends! PUNCH THAT CRAG! Go to Europe, with Keyshia! Papparazi! Cutting ribbons! And doing it with those giant scissors!

But first I gotta win this, my dream is to own this! So maybe i go on a real date with Flyyyy-yyyyy! Go and see a movie! Or atleast go do something! That would be lots of fun ya know!

But first id like to see the others! and this is what i would do! punch abrahm! hug Dawn! see Cassie! diss Emily? Celebrate! Chat with Leon! Carrrabba! Get Splinter a Taco! Say hello to eeveryone! Give Alice a lolli! Oh yeah! Thats Right! Wait ill dropkick Abrahm instead!

But right now ive got my eyes on the prize, AND ITS AWESOME! Got my eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize, oh ya know i got my eyes on the prize! YEAH!

Gramps Song: Crag's Super Camp

Eveyone is aawsome how they are here.

Frosti; i can judge...

Natalia: OH MY ITALY! ITS FROST MAN! Hey buddy!

Frosti; konichiwa, valiant warriors. you have all worked hard to get to the final four. congratulations.

Natalia: Si. Grazzie Mille.(yes. thank you very much.

Frosti:Hmm. I wonder what the odds are that crag will let me back into the game...

Keyshia: time for my song!

(LF: ill be back on in like 20 minutes so please dont end the challenge yet!)

(LF: can no one edit till im done with my song? thanks!)

Keyshia's parody of lvin' time/ rowin' time

no need to get worried, its winning time at last

you dont wanna freeze up,

or you'll be living in the past! yea, yea!

its winning time for campers,

so why you standing still?

just ignore stupid craggggg

and win that frickin' mil!

its winning time

winning time, winning time

teenage winning season!

its winning time,

winning time, winning time

Fly and Natalia get busy now! XD

its winning time,

winning time, winning time

Teenage winning season!

its winning time,

winning time, winning time

Teenage winning season!!

seasonal, right? oh no wait i meant......!

Keyshia: that was lovin' time, and this is rowin' time!

hmmm, hmmmm. My amiga, what you crying for?

i dont mean to bug you,

but your tears are creating a shore!

i know this camp is crazy

just dont let it get to you! i learned that in my self pain, it brings you down even more


its happy time

happier? happier?

non-crying season!

its happy time

no crying, no crying

stop cring or you'll drown us!

yeah its happy time

stand up, stand up

happy time season!

its happy time

happy time, happy time

'til your all...............



Keyshia: that last song was for you natalia!

Natalia: Awwww. thanks Key. i Got over it a lil while back. turns out its was a big Crag trick. Im sorry. Hugs?

Keyshia: of course girl! *hugs natalia* you know i would never go behind your back! i love fly as a friend! hes your man and i would never disrespect you

Natalia: :) Yur so my best bud.

Gramps: I'm going to quit.

Natalia: *gasp*

Gramps: You 3 deservie it more.

Natalia: But Gramps your a winner, not a quitter. are you sure this is what you want?

Gramps: NO

Keyshia: you cant quit! i was sure it would come down between you and me to go tonight! i want to fight my way through, not get there by having someone quit! you must stay

Natalia: Get in there Gramps!

Gramsp: I can'tsing.

Natalia: did u hear me? i sound like a dying dolphin! u can do it gramps!

(Drama786:Can i debut next season?Please!)

Gramps: I can't make up a song.

Keyshia: just sing whats in your heart!

Natalia: Yur friends, yur enimies, anything!

Gramps: I want to win-in really bad but I don't want to make you three mad.


Crag:I decided I'm going to be the judge... So Keyshia wins!!!!!!


Fly:*votes for ******* *(I'll reveal it later and the amount of stars is a hint)

Keyshia: i dont know who to vote for! all of them are so close to me! i want this person to know i love them and that they were a great friend to me, there just to strong of a competitor, so i am voting for fly. once again im sorry!

Crag:If Fly gets one more vote he's out...

Fly:Guys, vote for me!

Frosti; so thats a no on the return? i'll even make a song...

Natalia: Vote for you? Why?

Gramps: Keyshia

Natalia: I.....I......

Gramps: Calm down.

Natalia: I guess i vote off....... Fly. If u want us to vote for you then ok. but thats the only reason i would ever do this.

Keyshia: aww girl good job! your trying to make your man happy! even if he does go, then at least he'll be happy

frosti; yo. natalia. look at the number of astekiks fly put down. it's either keyshia or natalia, and since key has invincibilty, ya know...

Keyshia: Shushhhh thats gonna cause conflict! and gramps you cant vote for me, i have invincibility

Crag:And with three votes from himself(seven), Keyshia and Natalia Fly is out!

Fly:Thanks, I just felt as though I didn't deserve to be here...*leaves*

Day 24

Crag:With that Gramps is in the final two..... And no more voting! The rest will be decided solely on challenges... Well-except for the finale...

Natalia: wow, this is hard stuff.

Keyshia: wait why is gramps in the final 2?

Crag:I stated earlier that there had to be a guy in the finale... So you two will be split up!*smirks*

Keyshia: oh s***! i dont wanna go against my best friend!!! this is just another one of your plans to stir up drama

Natalia: Me and key? awh man one of us has to lost dont we....

Crag:NO QUITTING by the way!

Keyshia: ughhhh i hate you so much right now crag. i dont wanna go up against my home girl!

Crag:Then I'm doing my job right*smirks*

Natalia: *exhanges nervous glances with Keyshia* this really sucks.

Keyshia: i no! i wanted it to be me and you in the final 2!

Natalia: Well i guess we have to play the game.were still friends and goin to europe tho, right?

Keyshia: of course girl! your my friend first! and thats not just for this game. to be honest, i think you deserve to be in the finals more then me

Natalia: aww thanks. but dont go easy.

Keyshia: i never go easy. i fight my way through everything! lets make this a memorable season!

Natalia: lets. Shake on it?

Keyshia: sure! *shakes natalias hand*

Natalia: oh who am i kidding *hugs*

Keyshia: awww! *hugs* were gonna be besties for life!

Natalia:Rome here we come.

Keyshia: yes! but wait, what if theres another season of this?

Crag:(CONF)When did I say there was prize money?*falls off seat laughing*

Natalia: we will find time. if we are 3 years older or 30 years older.

Keyshia: im down for that! im so glad i signed up for this camp!


Crag:The challenge will be in seven parts! The person with majority wins!

Challenge 1-Rock Climbing

Crag:For Challenge 1 you have to climb this cliff!(No godplaying or you'll lose this part)

Natalia: *begins to climb* piece of cake.

Keyshia: *starts to climb* ughhh shes gonna win this one

Natalia: (CONF) no tricks. this is to easy.

Keyshia: *panting* whoooeee no wonder i ever did this back home

Natalia: :*reaches top* woo hoo!

Crag:*smacks Natalia off*And again! I want pain!

Keyshia: *reaches top* ughhh she already won didnt she?

Natalia: *reaches top* You Biscuthead! You knocked me off!

Keyshia: CRAG!!!! thats not fair! she wins this first part!


Crag:*hits both off*And again(Make it longer!)

Keyshia: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thats son of a b****! *starts climbing again*

Natalia: *starts to climb as well* I HATE YOU CRAG!

Keyshia: *slips and falls off rock wall again* ughhhhh ok you know what ima just wait down here and let natalia win so we can go to the next challenge


Keyshia: ok ok no need to yell! *starts climbing again*

Natalia: SORRY ITS MY EAR! *slaps herself on the side of the head* ahh much better.

Keyshia: *catches up to natalia* ready for a fair race?

Natalia: Ready! *climbs quickly*

Keyshia: *climbs a little slower* ughhh shes is to fast! does she like do this in her spare time?

Natalia: No, normally its mountains. *pulls herself to top* wow. and if u push me off......

Crag:*shrugs shoulders*I suppose it's 1-0 to you..

Challenge 2

Crag:Why you deserve to stay..

Keyshia: i think i deserve to stay cause ive fought hard to be here. ive had haters, but ive beaten them and look where im standing now, and there nowhere to be seen. ive played a more strategic then physical game, but ive played hard in challenges too

Gramps: hummmm..............

Natalia: I.... i dont know why i deserve to stay. i mean im being completely honest. I havent had to many haters, and ive struggled thru challenges but also blown some out of the water. but not by trying. i just, i dont know, did. and i mean, i dont know why i should win this over anyone else.......... Key gives it all shes got. So i cant say a thing about why. i just dont know. :/

Crag:Round 2 goes to Keyshia, she's more sure of herself...

Challenge 3

Crag:For this, you have to say how great I am...

Gramps: But you arn't gret.

Natalia: ugh, this is gonna be hard.

Keyshia: i cant do it! ok i must try! crag your so...................................*stuttres* awesome? *pukes* ughh did i really just say that

Natalia: Youre on the wall of every teenage girl, or atleast my sisters. youre way better than chris.......... you always have a date. because your so.......... sexy. (conf) why should anyone speak such lies!#Crag:I love flattery, Natalia takes this...

Challenge 4

Crag:Put these songs in order of how I like them..

Gwen's face

Oui my friends

This is how we will end it

Before we die

Eine Kleine

Gramps: How do they know give them hints.

Crag:No you old man!

Keyshia: fine i guess

This is how we will end it

before we die

gwens face

eine kleine

oui my friends

Gramps: *kicks him in the head and knocks him out*


Natalia: This is how we will end it

Gwens face

Before we die

oui my friends

eine kliene

Crag:The order was

Gwen's Face

This is How We Will End It

Eine Kleine

Oui, my friends

Before We Die

So, Keyshia wins that round...

Day 25

Crag:The rest will be later...

Natalia: uhm, ok.

Gramps: Go Natalia.

Crag:You want her to win? You might beat Keyshia but Natalia would surely win...

Gramps: I have 50 years of spy work.

Natalia: and not necisarilly. he might look old but hes more fit and rambuncious than half of the world

Crag:Remember it's a jury vote...

Keyshia:(CONF) why does gramps hate me so much?! what the heck did i ever do to him?

Gramps: And can do this *puts legs behind head and walks on hands*

Natalia: but dont you even dare putting keyshia out of the question crag! shes got just a good of a chance as winning this as anyone else.

Keyshia: aww thanks you!!!! your the best person in this camp and thats why you deserve to win

Gramps: Iknow I won't win I'm rich.

Natalia: Keyshia deserves this the most.

Keyshia: no you do! do you know how many people love you in this camp. even if i beat you i wont win cause your the only one who likes me!

(LF: im going to a football game at like 7:15 so could we do the rest of the challenges tomorrow?)

Zoey:*using connection from the loser place*No we want you to be in the final 2!

Kyle: *using connection from loser place* I agree...

Keyshia: see natalia everybody wants you there not me, thats why you deserve it more

Natalia: i think they are talking about you key.

Keyshia: no there not. you were the one who said you think i deserve to be in it, so there saying that they want you there

Natalia: (CONF) if do by some random chance win then i am going to make sure everyone gets to enjoy it, the biggest carrabba in carrabba history!

Zoey:*on connection*Come on !

Natalia: *On connection* come on what?

Zoey:What do you have to win?

Keyshia: stop confusing her!

Kyle: Hmm...

Keyshia: hmm what?

Zoey:I'm confuse?

Kyle: ...

Keyshia: oh my gosh.....


Challenge 5

Crag:You have to write an essey, 500 words min. about a TDI couple! I'm a moron! I mean it has to be a story about them eg. Cody and Nloah buying a house together! There can bve fanon as well

Keyshia's Entry

Ok so my story is gonna be based off the failed on and off again relationship of LeShawna and Harold. so after total drama has ended, LeShawna finally admits to having REAL feelings for harold, and they become a legit couple. they go on to have great chemistry, and harold proposes, and knowing LeShawna, she couldnt turn down her sugar baby so she says yes. everybody from the total drama series attends there wedding, and LeShawna actually makes Heather a brides maid. Alejandro wasnt invited because of how he treated everyone. Harol chose Trent, DJ, Tyler, Noah and Geoff as his Best men. LeShawna chose Heather, Lindsay, Gwen, Bridgette, and Izzy as her brides maids, since those were the females she was closest to on the show. After there marriage, they honeymooned in a place that total drama world tour didnt visit, Barbados. 5 years from then, LeShawna had a little girl named Destiny, there first child. Later on they ended up having a boy, who was named Sean. Destiny grew up and became a Lawyer, which is to bad since plenty of people on the td series couldve used a good one, because Destiny became a very well known lawyer, and once she was hired by anyone, that person almost always won the case. Sean grew up to drop out of college. LeShawna and Harold got very mad at him for doing that, so a year later he went back. He ended up becoming a doctor, cause he was always fasicnated with science and the body. He became a very well known doctor, and when LeShawna or Harold was sick, he was who they would always go to. so that is LeShawna's and Harold's life story after total drama

Natalia's Entry

After Total Drama World Tour there was a bit aof awkwardness between Gwen and Duncan. Courtney started pitching fits at Gwen for stealing her man and Gwen was just like, "shut up yo". Well Duncan jsut kinda acted like a punk and didn't stand up for Gwen. Even Courtney got mad at him for that. He acted completely heartless and they both are like, "ugh yo" so then Gwen had a little Talk with duncan. "why didnt u say anything" "i didnt want to" "well you werent very supportive, Trent was supportive" "well im not trent, i Hate trent". Gwen was like "YO!" then she dumped him, and Gwen and Courtney celebrated, mucho carraba! Duncan was like "cry yo" and he went and cried in a corner. Now that Gwen and Courtney were friends again. they put themselves back out on the market. At dinner they ran into Trent and he asked Gwen out. She said yes and then the made like "fo ever yo". Courtney hooked up with Alejandro. Courtney was like, "please dont be a jerk yo" and hes like "im tall, im tanned, im young, im like handsome yo" and Courtney like "yo narcistic much" and shes like "TOTALLY OVER YO" and dumped him. Big time. Gwen and Trent and Courtney went on a trip to London were Gwen and Courtney had had their best time in Total Drama World Tour. The went to the infamous "tower of London" and Gwen and Courtney were all like "heck yo!" cuz they found duncan eating raw meat in a corner in the top room. Courtney felt bad for him so she said, "lets give us aanother chance yo", But it wasnt that simple. Gwen and Courtney and Trent all took out their anger for Duncan. They all knocked him over the head and knocked him out, once he woke up he was like "i look jank yo!" and he took at all his piercings. He then invested in a polo shirt and some smexy gray slacks which he wore on his next date with courtney. They all stayed the best of friends forever and ever. At Gwen and Trents wedding, courtney was a bridesmade. And Gwen was one of Courtneys brides maids at her wedding to duncan. they were all like "lets throw rice yo" and they all lived peacefullyy in an apartment until they found their own places. Gwen and Trent moved back to London. Duncan and Courtney stayed in the New York City apartment, where they stayed until Duncan hit his head. he was like"were my eyebrow ring yo?" he got repierced. Got a few tattoos, and then one year later Courtney and Duncan were divorced. Trent and Gwen started a family and lived happily ever after at their cottage in the english praries. Courtney visited them after her divorce to Duncan, and she moved in with them. and so the Gwen-Courtney-Duncan friendship triangle stood the test of time, and the Gwen-Trent Relationship became one of the most famous in the whole entire World. The pleasent end.

Crag:Those were horrible! Although Natalia mentioned two coupled which I didn't say so Keyshia wins for following the rules more closely!

Natalia: :/

Keyshia: well that doesnt make much sense......

Challenge 6

Crag:Choose your favourite! One vote per user and no finalists users, that includes you Leon!

Greg: I choose Natalia

Alice: I choose Natalia

Zoey:Keisha Or whatever She needs to get one votes


Crag:2-1 to... Keyshia? One more vote and she takes this part...

Kyle: AH..whatever...umm...Natalia..

Crag:Hmmm, the next votes decides the winner!

Dawn: i choose natalia

Crag:*shrugs shoulders*I'm going to allow it! With that the score is 3-3 with the final challenge deciding everything!

Challenge 7

Crag:Whoever replies first when I saay will win!

Crag:I'll tell you this challenge now, sometime I will tell yuo to reply, the first to will win

Zoey:I chose Natalia

(Crag:Has to be one of the two remaining girls and it hasn't started yet)

Natalia: Do what now?

Crag:You just say something but it won't be for a while...

Gramps: We got a letter from Leon.

Keyshia: we or you?

Gramps: We.

Natalia: cool. whats it say?

Gramps: Everyone wants you to win.

Keyshia: Aha! i was right! i knew they all wanted you to win natalia!

Natalia: :/

Keyshia: why are you sad? Be happy!!! your gonna win most likely!!!

Natalia: thanks i just dont know if i deserve 2.

Keyshia: please girl, no one deserves it more then you! you've played strategic and done good in the challenges! and look where you are

Natalia: :) ok. In it to win it!

Gramps: And meny people hate me.

Keyshia: awww why? your so nice gramps! and natalia thats the right attitude!

Gramps: Zoey, Abriham, Kyle.......................

Keyshia: dont feel bad gramps! noboy wants me to go to the finals, so people must hate me to, but i dont mind

Leon: It says Abriham wants no one to win.


Keyshia: oh give it a rest abrahm, you wouldnt have won cause no one likes you

Gramps: We also got a pic of camp.

Keyshia: ohhh of the losers place? i need to see that since ill be there soon

Gramps: Are those massage tables?

Keyshia: ok so maybe losing wont be so bad! XD

Crag:OK, whoever replies first NOW gets to join Gramps in the final 2!

Keyshia: ...................i dont wanna be in instead of natalia!

Crag:Well, to bad! You just knocked her out! And you can't quit!*laughs evily*

Day 26

Crag:Welcome back Losers! Today you are voting on who you want to win! Feel free to ask any and all questions to them!

Crag:Voting ends soon-ish?


For Gramps

Cassie:Yeah why are you here since your old and all?

Gramps: I am very strong because I was a U.S. spy

For Keyshia

Zoey:How was it like to make it to the finals?

Keyshia: to be honest, i dont know how i made it this far. i owe it to kyle for quitting that one time even though i was out. but its really cool and i met amazing people along the way and im glad to be here

Natalia: If i was to say that i managed to get 2 first class tickets, with a hot tub, To go to Paris and then first class tickets to go from Paris to Rome, how would you reply?

Keyshia: first of all OMG I WOULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd of all i wouldnt make you pay for them if i win, since you know, thats not right!

Natalia: well.........*flashes tickets* RESERVED SEATS! And i know some people in Euro Air. I pulled a fewstrings.

Keyshia: NO FRICKIN WAY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best!!!

Natalia: Yeah, I know. hahahah!

Keyshia: thank you so much! and if i win ima pay you back for all of this

Fly:I'd be careful, Crag probably has a few tricks up his sleeve..

Emily:Abrahm, we should jump ship! We don't want to support the loser..

Keyshia: Fly your probably right............

Abrahm: Yea!

Natalia: Were behind you all the way Key.

Keyshia: thanks girl!!! i never thought i'd have this much support! love you all!


Alice:whoever gives me a lolipop has my vote


Emily:Gramps! I want him to lose.. I want Keyshia to win*nervously laughs*






Abrahm: Gramps yO!...... i think.

Kyle: Hmm... Keyshia...

Zoey:Keysha girls ROCK


Natalia: I gotta go for my girl! KEYSHIA!









Crag:You know what, the chances of everyone else votnig for Gramps is nigh on impossible!

Final Ceremony

Crag:Well, Keyshia! You win and do you want your prize?

Keyshia: *nervously* sure.....*prays* please lord let it be a good prize!

Crag:*hands Keyshia broken mircowave*There you go! Well done!


Crag:*spends rest of prize money*WEll, that's what I had in mind!

Keyshia: ughh i cannot believe this. oh well at least i won! thanks y'all for voting for me!!! i owe it all to you guys

Fly:Hey, when's your flight?

Natalia: Tomorrow, 5 a.m.

Keyshia: girl i won! but i got a frickin' microwave

Crag:*smirks*Well then it sucks to be you! THere's a season 2!!!!! With 12 of you progressing and I'll decide... And it starts tomorrow!

Natalia: But ticketss....

Keyshia: no, no this cant be happening! were leaving tomorrow! natalia what if were in the 2nd season?

Natalia: tickets....... tomorroow...... 5 a.m.......... season 2....... i dont know how to react. what should we do Key? i mean iguess a 2nd season would be pretty cool

Crag:*holds 12 marshmallows*The first 5 gonig to season 2 areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........Keyshia, Natalia, Kyle, Leon and Zoey!

Natalia: AWESOME!

Keyshia: ok so heres what were gonna do. were gonna compete in the 2nd season and sell our tickets on ebay or somewhere else to get money!

Natalia: Nah............ like i said, my family is composed of Italian Sports Superstars, ill change the dates thru Euro Air and give it to them.

Leon: Ya

Keyshia: dang natalia your family most be really important! anyways ok thats good! hopefully after the 2nd season we can go!

Natalia: kinda..... well may be next time.

Gramps: 2nd is great


Crag:Next three are................ Kayla, Doc and Greg! NOT gonig are Gramps, Dawn and Splinter, so far.

Gramps: Why me????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Dawn: what?!?! this is an outrage! i wasnt even voted off! i didnt even cross the line last so i shouldnt have gone! i will sue!!!


Crag:Next three are................ Kayla, Doc and Greg! NOT gonig are Gramps, Dawn and Splinter, so far.

Keyshia: uhhh you already said that

Gramps: Second in this camp should let me go to season two.

Crag:Andre, Draven and Frosti are gonig on! But Cassie, Alice, Kingy, Jacob, Joseph are not!(Who am I forgetting? Stop complainging, one per person and I pick who I think are your favourites)

(LF: you forgot bryan)

(Gwen: Sorry i was doing it in character)

(LF: haha i was to! Dawn was acting like courtney when she didnt make it)

Crag:Bryan is definitely out! Abrahm, Emily and Fly, this is the last marshmallow! It goes to..........................

Keyshia: i hate the suspense! XD

Natalia: *eyes widen*

Crag: .....................................................................................................................................................(I'm enjoying this)

Natalia: oh c'mon!

Keyshia: hurry up man! we wanna know who the last person in is!

Crag:The final person to progess is..........................................Emily*throws marshmallow to Emily*

Emily:*goes to catch*I knew it!

Fly:*intercepts marshmallow*No!

Crag:Well, I guess Fly is...


Abrahm: NOOOO! *steal marshmallow and eats it* ha!

Keyshia: so....... who the heck is in?

Natalia: *Stares blankly*

Crag:Hmmmmm, I don't like Abrahm so not him... And Emily would stir up conflict*looks at list of debuters*There would be enough of them so unfortunately Fly is in...

Natalia: YES!Abrahm:


Keyshia: yay fly's in with us again!

Greg: yes im in next season

Crag:Everyone will become an intern! If you ddin't make it you are an intern!!!

Zoey:Am in season two?


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