After last season where Keyshia won, earining herself a broken microwave! We invited 12 back and invited 14 new ones! What will happen this time on CRAGILED DYRIUM'S CAMP 2!!! Also one per perosn and if you were in season one you cannot be a new person! If yuo are debuting put your label and if you are returning you are welcome to re-put your label.

Signs ups(Closed! Sign-ups went quickly O_O)

1.Fly(The Rich and Naive Kid)-Cragiled

2.Keyshia, Key(Miss Attitude)-LeShawnaFan

3.Natalia-(The Hot Italian She Jock Everyone Loves)Gwen is Kewl


5.Doc-Doctor Perry

6.Greg-Gregalice ( The cool but bad stuntman) N

7.Leon-(The Smart Guy)-Youre2490

8.Zoey(Dumb blonde)-Heather Rocks





13. Lexi (The Hot Bossy Girl) - GM

14.Izzy (not tdi) (The fun loving cute girl) Kevvy9

15.Karl-('The Hot Ladies 'Man) TDobsessed88

16. Mech (The Death Trap)- Plat09 ( Always wanted to be i a successful camp XD) 17.Alex(The Secret Agent)-Goth Boy(Nobody knows about Alex being an agent at first)

18.Jamie (The Singer)- Kat4TDWT (I loved watching the first one!)

19.Bill (The Friendly Smexy lover)- Bill0327 (I agree with Plat)

20.Lona(The Loner)-Ben109

21.Mark (The Normal and Nice One)-Voklokoman

22. Lillian Haye (The Full-Of-Life, Bubbly Girl) - tyboy618

23 MGP (The Ghost Obsessed But Nice Guy)- Creato

24.Sierra Alabama(Not TDI)(The Obsessed One)-124oeo

25.Barrel:(the strange one)-Barrel JJ 26.John(Nice Guy)-Usitgz (last spot FTW!)


















Put 'em here! And when they formed!

Leon-Zoey(Formed season 1) (Broke-up because of Face)

Fly-Natalia(Formed season 1) (broken-up)

Frosti-Natalia Attraction (not established)

Alex-Jamie(Formed Day 2-3) (broken-up)

Mech-Kate(Intern)(Formed previous to the competition)

Leon-Jamie (Formed Day 9)


Natalia-Keyshia Friendship(They are bfffl's, formed season 1)

Natalia-Zoey Friendship

Natalia-Jaime Friendship

Everyone-Natalia Friendship


Fly-Mech conflict

Leon-Mech conflict

Face-Everyone COnflict

Natalia-Abrahm(intern) Conflict


Mech's Alliance: Consists of Mech, Jamie, Karl, Keyshia, Zoey, Natalia (Formed Season 2)

Pre-Game Chat

Crag:People like me!(Can Alex be a girl?)

Fly:Well, I certainly don't! You almost separated me and my girlfriend!

Crag:Well, I have fanmail! People stalked it before cause I was so handsome!

(does Crag introduce us)

(Crag:Nah, just come in and I may say your name)

Crag:I hope everyone causes drama! More conflicts, break up relationships....

Mech: Speaking of conflicts... >:) *arrives*

Karl: speaking of relationships ;) *arrives*

Keyshia: (CONF) i wonder how this new people thing is gonna play out! i mean, we were all new the first season, but now we know some people here, but the new people dont!

Lexi: Why do I even keep signing up for these....? xD

Keyshia: haha girl dont question it! if you think about what you've done, then it'll just make it worse!

Izzy: *walks in* Hey guys *looks and sees not alot of people* so where's everyone?

Jamie: Hi...*walks in*

Keyshia: not here yet! but just be patient! everryone will be here eventually

Mech: Hello, former winner. *evil grin* Luna: *walks in with hands in her pockets* *pulls up hood and sits down and plays her DS*

Crag:Oh yeah! Just saying Keyshia, you can't win again! Or make it to the final 2! Anyone else is fair game, boy vs girl final as well..

Mech: Hey Keyshia...want to be in the final three at least?

Greg: hey guys

Keyshia: ehhh i knew i couldnt win! but i mean its only fair so go whoever does good XD! and yes mech i want to make it far, but maybe not the final 3, we'll see

Mech: (CONF) The broken microwave is MINE!!!!

Jamie: sister is Kate. I think you might know her.

Keyshia: ohh i know her! she was in melvin with me and mech!

Mech: You mean Katie Lala? The famous singer?

Jamie: *nods* Yeah. I mean I sing too....but I'm not that good...

Keyshia: whoops i guess i was thinking of someone else!

Jamie: My sister WAS in Melvin. She IS Katie Lala....and I'

Mech: Jamie, Keyshia...wanna be in an alliance with me and Karl?

Keyshia: sure! that sounds good! Jamie everyones different so i bet your awesome to!

Crag:(CONF)My son Crag II was in Melvin, the most disappionting time of my life... HE DIDN'T WIN!

Mech: (CONF) I wonder what the prize is this time...maybe a PICK UP TRUCK or a....WATER PARK COUPON. Or something stupid like that. And in Melvin, I won nothing.

Karl: I'll join the alliance MEch

Mech: Cool Karl. That's three.

izzy: what's mavin? Did you know that chocolate and soda keeps you alive longer

Keyshia: ..............the things you know already kinda freak me out!

Mech: They freak us all out.

Greg: fly and natalia wanna aliance

Keyshia: this is going to be an interesting season

Jamie: Well what she's saying is not true! Chocolate has carbohydrates! Thouse can kill you! And the trans-fat? Puh-lease! *blushes* And Mech...please don't say that line. Please?

Fly:I don't know, I heard Crag's picking the teams.. Hey Key, I can call you that?

Izzy: your right but soda does still and guys wanna aliance with me?

Keyshia: Hey Fly!!!! and yea you can call me Key!

Fly:Any of the newbies any good?

Jamie: *softly* Not really....except for you know...Mech...Izzy....

Keyshia: yea so far there pretty good like mech, jamie, karl and izzy

Fly:Cool*looks around*Where's Natalia?

Keyshia: i guess shes not here yet! i wonder whats taking her so long

Mech: She was your buddy last season, right?

Keyshia: yes! i love that girl! shes what kept me sane! well her and fly to, those 2 were like my best friends last season!

Jamie: That's cool....

Mech: Hey, Crag, what's the prize this time?

Keyshia: jamie are you shy? you seem to pause a lot when you talk. if you are, dont be nervous, you could win like i did!

Jamie: *nods* sisters so outgoing......I wish I could be like her.......

Keyshia: girl let me give you some advice, dont be jealous of your sister. everyones different and everyone has different unique personalities. just be who you are, and one day, you'll like what you are

Jamie: You should be a philosipher!

Mech: (CONF) One by one, they'll all go down...except my alliance members but that is my game plan.

Izzy : *walks to mech* Mech, you and me could be in an aliance becouse you will need the brains in your aliance



Keyshia: aww thanks Jamie!!! hope that helped a little!

Zoey:Hey Kesha!

Keyshia: its Keyshia im not no famous singer XD! and hey zoey! ready for another season?

Zoey:EE I hope you win again you derserve it

Keyshia: aww thanks girl, but crag told me i cant even make it to the final 2, so i wont win. but thats ok, it would be unfair if i won again!

Zoey:Is Lion here?

Keyshia: Leon, and i dont think hes here yet

Zoey:Natalie?(It's wrong.. so she got it wrong)

Keyshia: Natalia, and shes not here yet either! i wonder why so many people havent arrived yet

Zoey:I heard there are new people called Mach and Ivy

Keyshia: there names are Mech and Izzy. and yea theres 14 new people! (haha i love how i keep correcting you)

Zoey:Oh now what hope we get more people!

KArl: hey your name is Zoey ... right?

Keyshia: yea i wonder how itll be with new people


Karl : well i kinda ummmmm think your pretty.

Keyshia: (CONF) woah its the first day and someone already likes zoey! things move fast

Zoey:I know huh(lol she doesn't know what he's talking about..XD)

Mech: Wow. Isn't Zoey with Leon?

Jamie: That's....what I thought. And sister lost her record deal......and I got it.....

Alex:*Arrives playing with a DS*

Keyshia: see Jamie i told you something would happen! i bet your an amazing singer!

Zoey:Mach and Jamy!

Keyshia: ok Zoey say there names with me: Mech and Jamie

Mech: No, you're right. Mach and Jamy. *snickers* Jamie: Thanks Key......And's Jamie....bbut if you want you can call my Jamy!....I bet your REALLY......popular.


Mech: Why does Katie Lala sound so familiar...

Keyshia: dont you remember? melvin? katie lala is kate

Jamie: *shrugs* But now it's Jamie Lala....but I hate it.....but if you like it.....*softly* that's cool.

Zoey:How about Jamy!

Jamie: .....that's cool!...........if you like it,

Mech: Hey Zoey, wanna join our alliance?

Zoey:Kk and Jamy yes BFFS

Mech: (CONF) So Keyshia, Karl, Jamie, and Zoey are in. Perfect.

Keyshia: (CONF) this allaince could either be really good or really bad. hoping for the first one!

Zoey:Jamy can you please sing?

Leon: Zoey.

Mech: Oh...Leon. Another familiar face.

Alex:*Plays his DS which is really a gadget*

Zoey:LION*hugs him*

Lillian: Hii :D I love all you guys already, Lulz! Wanna be friends?

Alex:*Puts on his hoodie covering his face*

Mech: Hmmm....mysterious.

Alex:Hello Mech.

Jamie: I guess....

Remembering the yesturday.

And a million smiles.

Thinking about the new you.

Hope for today.

Why is it so har-r-r-d.

To break free?

looks livly*


Leon: So Zoey how are ya?

Mech: Uh...4.5/10? It was...good?

Alex:*Writing in journal*Hmmmmmm.........

Mech: Ok, shy guy. What's your deal?

Leon: Hey new dudes.


Mech: Why are you so quiet? AND I KNOW YOU LEON!!!!

Leon: Oh It's Mech.

Lillian: Guys, lets make peace, not fight!

Mech: Yea, peace is better than fighting...I guess...

Leon: Other than Courtney and Kate.

Alex:*Walks into forest*Hmmm....

Mech: *confronts Alex* What's up with you???

Alex:Just takin a walk in the forest*Keeps walking*

Mech: (CONF) Somethin's up with Alex...but what?

(CONF)Alex:I've got Mech on my people to watch out for list!My secret is always in danger!

Barrel: *arrives* >_< too much people!!!

Mech: Hey Barrel! You claustrophobic or something?

Alex:*Using DS to contact agency*

Mech: What loser plays a DS? Ugh.

Alex:That's it!*KO's Mech*

Mech:'re...going...down. *faints*

Barrel: nope there's more people... that means more drama then ever before......

(CONF)Alex:Yeah to be an agent you have to go through a lot of training!That includes mortal combat.

Mech: (CONF) Unless Alex apologizes, he is going DOWN!!!

Alex:Sorry Mech.........(CONF):As long as I can continue my mission!

Jamie: I sucked didn't I? *crys*

Alex:I think you did great!


Barrel:theres already a couple! i can feel the drama already O_O

Alex:Leon I think Val's gonna kill you!

Leon: We broke up.


Natalia: Sorry im so late guys.

Natalia: Leon! Whaz poppin bud? FLY! *runs and hugs him*

Alex:Hi Natalia you probably don't know me!

Leon: *finds a letter in his jacket* Whats this.

Abrahm: Wow. Im an intern.....

Natalia: Nice to meet you. What your name?

Alex:I'm Alex but I won't tell you much about me!

Leon: *reads it* Oh my.

Natalia: what is it?

Leon: It's from Gramps.


Natalia: Gramps? is something wrong with spy guy?

Leon: The town.

Barrel: i dunno know who gramps is but i wants to meet him O_O

Alex:I'm not a spy!

Natalia: I didnt call you a spy, Leon knows what i mean.

Frosti: Whats up with Gramps?

Natalia: Yeah.......

Barrel: who know :P

Leon: He is moving to France
Natalia: Does he have a place to stay once he gets over there?

Leon: He has a new pizza place.

Natalia: Cool, ill make sure to drop by during the french open..... did i tell you guys im in that this year?

Mech: Natalia? You got third last time, right?

Leon: *contiues to read* MAXWELL!

Mech: Wait...Maxwell is Gramps?

Jamie: Woah.....shocker.

Barrel:he always looked kinda wrinkly :P

Leon: No Maxwell is getting merried!

Abrahm: Maxwell? whos that?

Leon: My cousin.

Jamie: Didn't Kate date....?

Leon: Are they.......?

Natalia: Send him my congrats.

Jamie: Kate in I haven't spoken in 6 years. I wonder if she and her boyfriend Max....*looks up with wide eyes* Could that be?

Leon: Are we going to be in teh same family?

Jamie: CALL HIM! Ask if it's my sister!

Lona: * walks off the boat and looks at the other contestants* *mutters* leave me allone * pulls hood over her short wavy blond hair sits on a log surrounded byu everyone and plays a DS*

Leon: *Reads* Her name is Kate.

Natalia: (CONF) Lona seems so..... lonely.

Mech: Wow. Kate's marrying Max? SO not her type.

Lona: >_> *shakes head and continues playing*

Jamie: *calls her* Pourquoi n'a pas fait vous me dites! QUE ? Ainsi que ? Je suis un chanteur ? AINSI QUE ? Vous avez bougé en FRANCE! ET SE MARIENT! Vous ne me diriez pas! ... sûr sûr... COMMENT OSENT VOUS! Bien félicitations .... vous manquent aussi sis.

Abrahm: ?

Lona: * writres and draws in a notebook and is doodling about her day*

Barrel:*taps shoulder* WHAT YOU WRITING O_O

Natalia: If the girl wants her privacy respect it.

Jamie: *still on cell* Ainsi ? Mech kinda vous aime toujours. Et je kinda comme Mech. Ok... Mech joli. Il est. Vous toujours COMME LUI! ?! ?! Ok ... c'est dégoûtant. Mech vraiment parfait pour vous. Je veux dire que vous êtes si JOLIS ensemble.

Mech: Uh...anyone speak French?

Barrel: i speak english,spanish, and alien!

Leon: Me

Jamie: Il essaie de traduire! C'est si bizarre! Je me sens ainsi le fait de parler confortable à vous. Il ressemble nous ne nous sommes jamais séparés. Il ressemble à ..... que vous savez. Je comprends ... mais ils ne font pas! *laughs*

Leon: She first said Why did not you tell me! WHAT? Along? I am a singer? ALONG? You've moved in FRANCE! AND THEY GOT MARRIED! You do not how me about! ... sure sure... HOW DARE YOU! Many congratulations.... you are missing as sis. then Thus? Mech kind love you always. And I like Mech kind. OK... Nice Mech. It is. You always as it! ?! OK... This is disgusting. Mech really perfect for you. I mean that you are so nice together.

Mech: Wow. Thanks a lot Leon!!!

Leon: Last It tries to translate! It's so weird! I feel so talk is comfortable to you. It looks like we are never separated us. It is similar to... only you know. I understand... but they are not! * laughs *.

Mech: Thanks a lot Jamie for that thrilling comment. *rolls eyes*

Jamie: *at Leon* STUPIDE! Comment OSENT vous traduire! Je suis si FURIEUX! Pourquoi ? POURQUOI ?

Mech: Don't call him stupid. Or be furious. Or tell him to stop translating. *smiles*

Jamie:......ok........I guess.....

Leon: So I Speak French and can speak meny lnguages.

Greg: i can only speak english

Mech: (CONF) La nina esta enfandandose!!!! No tiene nada. Es muy credula. *snickers*

Jamie: was...............adopted.

Leon: Une fois que nous obtenons et Gramps sera là pour une fois, ils obtiennent merried.

Mech: Kate no es la hermana verdad?

Lona:You were adopted too Jamie?

Jamie: *smiles at Lona and nods then says to Mech* Clase de. No somos hermanas de SANGRE.... Siento. Mi español no bien

Mech: Yea...and my French sucks too...

Leon: Simplemente cerrarlo.

Kate: English..........second language.....kinda sucky.

Mech: Kate??? You here?? (Lol you meant Jamie right?)

Natalia: (CONF) for once i dont feel singled out as a foriegner.

Leon: I was born in France

Mech: (CONF) Married??? Wow...I bet she doesn't even remember me...

Greg: natalia you me and fly aliance

Leon: And a dvd.

Mech: Hey. My ALLIANCE is the best around here.

Jamie: Kate.....said she.....likes you.

Leon: *puts dvd in portable DVD player*

Mech: Nice translating Leon, but Jamie....what did you say???

Maxwell: *from DVD* Hey Leon.

Jamie: What.....did you think.....I said?

Mech: You mean "less than three" right? And I dunno...Leon's translations didn't make any sense.

Maxwell: In mine and Gramps letter it's true I have a bride.

Mech: Kate?????

Kate: Hey sis! HEY MECH! Kisses! *blows him a kisses*

Jamie: Hey Kate..

Mech: Where are you? In Paris???

Maxwell: Mech.

Mech: Yea Maxwell?

Maxwell: You will be invited to the wedding.

Kate: YEP! *claps* Can't WAIT! Miss you Mech-y!

Mech: (CONF) Wow...Kate and Maxwell???*sad*

Maxwell: Show them the ring.

Mech: *walks off* I'd rather not see it...

Kate: Love yeah Mech...*glances at Max* LIKE A FRIEND! *glares at Max* You ain't the boss of me!

Mech: *in room* Wow...I guess I missed a lot recently...I DONT CARE!!! Ugh....or....

Kate: YOU DO THIS TO ME ALL THE TIME! I don't want to get married to a over-controling, lying, little, *static*

Maxwell: Sorry babe *Under static*

Mech: *snickers* Knew it.

Leon: *fixes conection*

Kate: *off screan* GOOD BYE! *slam*

Jamie: Oh crap.

Mech: Uh...what just happened?

Jamie: Kate....LEFT!

Maxwell:She'll be back in about a day she does that a lot because sh takes meds.



Dude (random cameo XD): That must sting.

Leon: Go away dude!

Jamie: Who's.......THAT?

Leon: He is dude i think he is Mech's bro.

Lona: A wierdo with no life.

Leon: Lona do you want an alliance with me and Zoey?

Mech: If you want can join our alliance of four.

Barrel: I just got here and people are making alliances! (CONF) some of these camps are all about alliances :P

Kyle: I don't have ally...

Frosti: Ibe your alliance member... And Natalia, alliance?

Crag:Teams are...(I went to a random list website)

Team 1











Mark(Who plays him?)


and barely getting in Natalia

Team 2













and Lexi at the bottom... == Pre-Game Chat 2(They know about teams)==


Mech: Cool. Jamie and Keyshia are on my team.

Jamie: *claps* Can't wait with you....Mech.

Natalia:Key, looks like were against eachother. Friendly competition?

Karl: (CONF) Oh no! only zoey and Leon will keep me safe:(

Abrahm: Internship is awesome! I wonder what chris will let me do.....

Crag:Chris? CHRIS! I AM CRAG! You get to stay as long as you like and get to eat the best food but if you share it with a contestant your fired!

Jamie: (CONF) I admit I know what Kate sees in Mech. AND whatever he likes in her he can like in me...And in French!

Abrahm: I thought you were Chris.... oh wait no hes cooler than you O.o

Jamie: *giggles*

Mech: Hmm...looks like all the sane people are on the other team...

Keyshia: im sane and im on your team! and natalia it looks like were rivals! *laughs* just kidding it'll be fun to be against you to see how different it is

Jamie: Sane.....I'm sane.....somewhat. Again I'm related to Kate. That's not sane. At all.

Keyshia: ehh kate wasnt insane, she was just crazy sometimes. your just shy, not insane

Jamie: *shakes head* My English...not good.

Keyshia: but you've been talking english this whole time and its been fine except for that last sentence......

Jamie: And I'm..........shy. But I can talk to you ok.......why?

Keyshia: is it cause ive helped you so your not shy around me?

Jamie: *nods* That's it....You remind me of someone. From TDI. LeShawna! You remind me of LeShawna!

Keyshia: haha funny you should say that cause shes my cousin!

Jamie: *smirks* Thought so! Yeah. Courtney's realated to she's kinda related to me in some sence.

Keyshia: well arent you kates sister? thats means that courtneys like you cousin or something

Mech: Wait...which Courtney?

Keyshia: i think the one on the td series

Alex:When's the challeng gonna start?

Jamie: *nods* I'm...........adopted.............and that were not.......BLOOD sisters.......k?

Mech: By the way, I wasn't calling you guys insane...but some others...*looks at Alex*

Jamie: Oh..........ok

Keyshia: well you guys dont look like twins, but you and kate look kinda similar so thats why i didnt think you were adopted

Jamie: I am the only one in my family with brown hair! But Kate died hers.....that's so weird.

Fly:*walks in*KATE DIED? Wait, who's Katie? O_O

Keyshia: no fly, Kate died her hair! dont worry jamie, i got black hair, and your hair is so much prettier

Fly:Oh, I dyed me hair once but it didn't work and I had pink hair... And we're forgetting that now..

Keyshia: *laughs* dont worry we've all had our problems with hair. i used to have blonde streaks

Jamie: *laughs* Kate's......*grumbles* My sister. *looks at Mech* And.....we are alike..........KINDA!.........but I love to do duets..............WITH people like........*looks around* FLY! I bet he can sing. *chuckles nervouly* Heh.....

Keyshia: i would love to hear you and fly sing together!

Jamie: *opens mouth then closes it* Ok...(CONF) *cursing in French*

Alex:*Puts a pistol in his pocket*

Keyshia: was that a gun?

Jamie: EEP! *hides behind Mech*

Fly:If I didn't know any better I would say you two are gonig out...

Frosti: Natalia, Fly, Leon alliance?Whoa,whoa,whoa. Is Jamie trying to steal Natali's man? Oh no she didn't....

Keyshia: uhh i think she was just hiding from alex cause he has a gun

Jamie: I don't like Fly........THAT WAY! I m-mean I LIKE Fly. Just not like...*trails off*

Keyshia: what she means is she likes fly as a friend, but not in a lovey way

Jamie: *point to Key* YEAH! WHAT SHE SAID!

Keyshia: woah jamie thats the loudest ive ever heard you

Fly:I'm completely and utterly confused, I had it wrong, I thought you were going out, sue me....*leaves*

Keyshia: Frosti jamie was hiding behind mech, not fly!

Jamie: *noding like crazy* Ow.....I think my heads..about to fall off.

Abrahm: I think you do like Fly!

Keyshia: oh hush abrahm your an intern!

Abrahm: Like i care!

Natalia: *walks up* whats up guys?

Keyshia: everybody thinks jamie likes fly but she doesnt and its a HUGE MISUNDERSTANDING!

Jamie: *to Abe* And I think that you will lose all your teeth IF YOU EVER SAY THAT AGAIN!.................sorry I must have some Kate in me......

Keyshia: go ahead and beat him up, no one would care

Natalia: Ive done it a many times. :(key i need to talk to yous.

Keyshia: whats wrong natalia?

Mech: Ooh. Jamie like Fly. *snickers*

Natalia: I dont know how long I can stay Key..... I got a letter yesterday.......*shows letter* its from the Italian Olympic Committe. its in italian so its prob hard 4 you 2 read. But they say they might call me sometime soon, they may want me to compete for them in 2012, and if so i have to go to full time training.....

Keyshia:..................oh my god! i dont know if i should feel sad or excited for you! i cant do this competition without you, but this is a once in a life time oppurtunity!

Greg: Do we have to name our teams for the first challenge?

Natalia: I dont want to go..... but i cant say no to them.

Keyshia: well if you dont wanna go, then hopefully they dont call

Mech: Your choice...the Olympics or another piece of broken furniture.

Natalia: I know... but the feeling of not knowing is killin me.

Barrel: dramatic choices O_O

Keyshia: *rolls eyes* well natalia, lets just hope for the best

Mech: Hey Barrel...wanna be in an alliance? There will be less drama if you do

Natalia: *whispers to keyshia* This chick a a pshyco!

Greg: Mech ill join your alliance

Jamie: That' cool........with Mech. I mean I can't make choices for him but still.....

Keyshia: *whispers to natalia* who? barrel? isnt barrel a guy

Barrel: yes i am :P

Mech: Sure Greg...and what do you say Barrel?

(Gwen: xD sorry, i have an aunt named Barrel)

Barrel: i'll remember for wwhen im voting someone out >:)

Bill:Yo im so happy to be here im also in user drama island

Keyshia: ummm ok?

Mech: Good for you?

Natalia: *phone rings* OH NO!

Jamie: *whispers to Mech* these.........people.....I'm kinda normal. o.0

Keyshia: natalia please tell me you dont have to go!

Natalia: What? No this isnt the Chinese Dragon Resturaunt. Alright, bye. Phew, wrong number.

Mech: *on phone* isn't?

Jamie: *giggles* That was........mean? Was it mean?

Mech: *puts away phone* You saw nothing...

Jamie: *sound EXSACTLY like Kate* Whatever Mech. I've got more important things to do than be TOTALLY in love with you.

Leon: Hey people.

Fly:Bored*rests against fake tree*

Natalia: whats up buddy? *to fly*

Leon: Hey Fly Natalia do you guys want an alliance.


Leon: Ya us four.


Leon: *puts his arm around her*

Zoey:Leon how come you left the island last season

Natalia: *phone rings* he---he--- hello? Cousin Amerigo? hey, no im on tv, not a picture show. what? *signal goes*

Karl: heyy leon i wont vote your alliance out if you dont vote me out!

Keyshia: just you? what about our alliance

Zoey:You mean like Mech and every one else

Leon: Mech is evil.

Keyshia: you can believe whateva you want, but to me, he seems fine, so im in an alliance with him. do you have a problem with that?

Zoey:Me too

Leon: The dude has backstabbed me and Maxwell before.

Karl: Keyshia No! i mean just pre-merge you guys arent on my team :P

Mech: If you mess with me, it's your funeral Leon.

Keyshia: oh haha i get you karl! its all good! and leon, im not gonna be able to win, so do you think i care if i get backstabbed?

Zoey:But Lions is *counts*17!

Leon: You don't want to be onmy bad side.

Jamie: *to Zoe* Of....what?

Mech: Years old?

Zoey:Your smart

Jamie: *blushes, embaressed* Oh....

Leon: *starts to walk away*

Mech: Hey, Leon. I don't wanna be on your bad side this season, ok?

Leon: *doesn't hear him and continues to walk away*

Keyshia: bring it pip squeak! i aint afraid of you

Mech: Yeah...he gets that. Coward.

Leon: (CONF) I'm readdy to go home.

Zoey:Cow ard?

Mech:'s a type of cow.

Leon: I thought you guys were my friends.

Zoey:You know Courtney?Right

Mech: Maybe?

Keyshia: maybe you shouldnt disrespect me then leon

Leon: He hurt me meny times!

Zoey:Well you know how she loves singing

Mech: Did she get a...? And Leon, you ALWAYS confront me first. Basic karma

Leon: I joined an alliance with you and you backstabbed me!

Keyshia: yea well maybe hes changed

Zoey;Yes and no well Heather was tired of her singing so she threw a brish at her *laughs*funny huh

Mech: Did she get a record deal?


Mech: Cool!!! And backstab Leon? How?

Leon: Mech davvero Ah ah.

Mech: Que?

Keyshia: yo no se

Mech: Whatever. I don't know why he hates me so much.

Leon: Itallian

Keyshia: well me and mech were speaking spanish

Lillian: Hii guys! Could I talk to you Mech and Keyshia for a sec?

Leon: No me importa que tienes!

Mech: Callate si no te importa!!!

Zoey:I love SPANISH(no for realse I'm mexican!)

Keyshia: whats up lillian? (im not spanish, but im in spanish 2)

Leon: Ma olen lihtsalt nii hullu kohe!

Mech: ...Anyways what is it Lillian?

Lillian: Alright, as a team leader, I feel like I'm left out and a target. I think making an alliance with sompplz I can trust would be AWESOME! So, wanna be in the final 3 with me Mech and Keyshia?

Barrel: im mexican too :P

Zoey:No me I love the number 3

Mech: You can join the alliance Lillian.

Leon: Din allians är dum!

Lillian: cool

Leon: Can you guys even understand me?

Barrel: I do not understand your alien language >:I

Zoey:No Leon

Leon: Zoey do you still like me?

Zoey:Your breaking up with me NOOO

Barrel: *pimp slaps both* stop with the drama!

Leon: No I'm not I just kinda lose most of my old girlfriends to Mech.

Zoey:*crys*Why you hit me whatevber your name is

Jamie: Actually he means Kate.....

Leon: And others.

Barrel:cry in my glory little girl >:I

Jamie: *slaps Barrel* Now you cry in MINE....little girl.

Zoey:Thanks Jamie

Leon: Zoey I still really like you.

Barrel: *cries in glory of jamie*

Zoey:Me too

Barrel: (CONF) too much romance between these two!

Jamie: (CONF) *looks around*

Leon: *kisses her*

Zoey:*kisses him back*(CONF)*pees*(XD had to do it)

Barrel: *video tapes both* this will be perfect for youtube :P

Leon: So Zoey?


Leon: Will you marry me?

Zoey:I'm 16

Jamie: Oy...

Leon: With our parat's premision we can.

Zoey:Look umm I don't want to..this is not romantic*points at the whole island or studio*

Leon: Good point.

Barrel: maybe if one of you win the camp you can have a giant wedding with the prize money :P

Greg: I only know a little frence Bonjuer thats me trying

Keyshia: Lillian that sounds perfect! you can join our alliance!

Mech:(CONF) Leon and Zoey? It'll last maybe a week without me interfering. But if I do...maybe I shouldnt be that evil this Time around. *laughs*

Jamie: *sits down next to Mech* Hey....*holds hand out then pulls it back and twirls hair and starts to talk really fast* You already know me so why would I need to shake your hand that would be really weird right?

Keyshia: O.O! WOAH! (CONF)...................O.O why does no one like me! XD!

Mech: Uh, Jamie. You ok?

Keyshia: did you hit your hand or something jamie?

Mech: (CONF) Kate and Jamie??? TOTALLY AWKWARD.

Keyshia:(CONF) ok so i didnt know an alive person could at like someone else. could it be shes kate in disguise....she has her moments

Jamie: *glances around* MUSSEL SPAZM! *hits herself then Mech* SEE? I'm not SOCIALLY AKWARD! HOW DARE YOU!

Keyshia: wow this is getting outta hand! JAMIE CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!

Jamie: Je suis désolé ainsi. J'aime juste .... TOURTE! J'aime la tourte et les cerises. YUM!

Keyshia: um i dont know what you just said, but it better not have been disrespectful! SILENCIO POR FAVOR!

Sierra:I know(Hola amigos!)

Jamie: Si...I can express myself through song or French...your choice.

Keyshia: Song! and why arent you shy anymore? did you get over it?

Jamie: *shrugs* I'm a complex person.

Take all of your wasted honor

Every little past frustration

Take all of your so-called problems

Better put ‘em in quotations

Say what you need to say

Say what you need to say

Say what you need to say

Say what you need to say

Mech: You sound and act just like Kate at times...

Keyshia: O.M.G! you are an awesome singer!!!!! but mech has a point, whats with you and kate, i mean besides being sisters

Jamie: *grumbles something about hatred* We are....SISTERS! *blushes and turns to Mech* Mech I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU SAY IT!

Mech: How do you know about that???


Sisters come together take him down,

sisters come together now help me strut

sisters come together now make him see what were all about


Keyshia: woah, total LeShawna moment right there

Jamie: *rolls eyes* I have Kate for a sister dumbo.....*looks shy again* and I watched the show......all of them.

Mech: Isn't it "show whats what" instead of "take him down?"

Keyshia: i was doing it out of order ok!

Jamie: *nods* But then what again what do I know? Heheheh...

Keyshia: you know a lot cause you seem smart!

Mech: sHe claims not to speak English that well...

Jamie: *really fast* Not really....I just want to be dumb so I don't seem like a threat! I'm NOT a threat. I love people. Just not in that way. Well some people...but not any you know so I'm just one big ball of happy...did that sound wrong?

Mech: *in creeped out voice* Courtney, you've been replaced.

Jamie: *looks sad* You don't like me....I thought we were friends!

Mech: I guess you don't know how to take a least you two are different in that!

Barrel: (CONF) *sips carrot juice* dramas getting tiring these days....

Barrel: IEDA! *gets leaves wood and rabbit pellets* *makes computer*

Jamie: *looks shocked* I KNOW HOW TO TAKE A JOKE! *starts laughing like a maniac* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!

Kyle: Umm... hahaha...?
Keyshia: ok Janmie you need to calm down!

Mech: ...Sure you do Jamie.

Jamie: *laughs* Agreed. (ok Jamie's starting to scare me. 0.o)

Keyshia: calm down girl, or everyones gonna think your a freak!

Jamie: Everyone thinks I'm a freak? *crys*

Fly:Hey Mech, what do you think of ummm Jamie is it?

Jamie: *perks up* What? *starts to look normal for a change*

Karl: what's up!

Keyshia: hey Karl! and Jamie your not a freak! your awesome

Karl: ya jamie what Key said your frickin awesome!

Keyshia: (CONF) should i just change my name to key? i mean people call me that! its got a nice ring! haha get it key...ring...something that holds key's.........*pauses* no body should get to see this

Jamie: *face becomes a dark maroon* too.

Keyshia: dont be embarrased it means people like you!

Barrel: I'll like anyone but people who cause the drama *sips poison* 8D

Jamie: Uhhhh.......Barrel......what are you drinking?

Mech: Don't're not a freak Jamie.

Fly:*pulls Mech away**whispers*Do you like her? I think she's reeeeeeeeeeally annoying...

Keyshia: *reads label on barrels drink* thats poison dude

Mech: *to Fly* I need a strong alliance...she is really creepy.

Keyshia:(CONF) i cant remember if im in mechs alliance. i think i am! i dont wanna be on his bad side though, that dude is a serious competitor

Mech: Hey Key, remeber our alliance?

Keyshia: yes! what about it?

Jamie: (CONF) I just want a boyfriend....I mean a Mech.........AS A FRIEND! HEAR ME?

Leon: Hey guys

Keyshia: hey leon!

Barrel: Ello Leon *sips poison*

Leon: Sorry about yesterday.

Mech: So...Key, who should go first?

Jamie: Yeah...Key. Who should go?

Barrel: *spies on them* O_O

Mech: *rolls eyes* I know you're spying on us! Wanna join the alliance?

Karl: yeah Key you decide first since you are like an all star!

Keyshia: ok well we have to see how our teams work out first!

Mech: You're too optimistic...

Leon: I'm going to the phone tree.

Mech: Phone tree? What's that?

Keyshia: well we dont really know everyone yet so we cant decide who to vote first!

Mech: How's about...whoever opposes someone in the alliance goes first.

Keyshia: sure! thats sounds like a good idea. we dont want people who hate us around

Jamie: Agreed.

Mech: (CONF) Need to make sure I'm likeable enough...that'll be hard to do.

Fly:(CONF)If I want to get far this time I'll need to make an alliance

Keyshia: Crag whens the first challenge?

Leon: Fly want an alliance

Mech: And do we get team names?

Keyshia: yea! so many questions

Fly:Nat and Zoey too I presume?

Crag:Sometime? Shut up!*goes to his personal trailer*

Mech: Come on Crag...tell us!

Barrel: *knocks down door* Give us the anwsers O_O

Mech: Ooh...Crag's gonna be mad about this.

Keyshia: *backs up* oh lord, if this guy doesnt stop were all dead

Mech: Then who will win the lame prize? If there even is a prize.

Keyshia: if there isnt a prize then whoever wins can have my stupid microwave

Mech: Does it even work?

Keyshia: no! after the first camp was done, before we got here, i took it to a tools person, and he said it was beyond repair

Mech: Wow. What a ripoff. You had to suffer through Crag and didn't even get a prize that WORKS

Jamie: *nods* Agreed

Keyshia: i know! and i worked my butt off to win, and my prize is a broken microwave! thats just messed up

Barrel: *looks at microwave* O_O thats a rare Tupperware cooker those cost millions O_O on ebay :P

Keyshia: *shocked*................when i get off this show, remind me to sell this on ebay XD!

Barrel: actually since this one is broken is cost about a dollar and ten cents XI *smokes hookah*

Fly:(CONF)Barrel is gonig to be lucky if he gets past five eliminations...

Jamie: (CONF) He's so eliminated.

Keyshia:(CONF) that guy is either gonna get eliminated early, or die here. smoking and poison? wow....just wow

Crag:(CONF)I love twists, I'll have them when I like... And whatever I want...

Mech:(CONF) Hmm...*hold up camera* Should I or should I not?

Keyshia: wheres mech? i bet he's up to something that i should not be a part of

Barrel: maybe hes planning to get you eliminated because hes evil O_O

Mech: What? I'm not THAT evil.

Barrel: Sure ya aint (CONF) i can see right through mech. just like about almost everyone else in the compitition :P except they still join his alliances...

Mech: (CONF) *sets up camera* There we go...third times the charm. *evil smile*

Day 1

Crag:The theme will be announced tomorrow...

Mech: Do we get team names yet?

Barrel: I think our team name should be eliminate the backstabbing little.... i mean it dont matter how the name is :P

Fly:*sighs*(CONF)Barrel's an idiot, e and Draven should get on great... Neither will get to the merge...

Greg: theres a theme?

Lillian: I hope the theme is PONIES :D

Greg:....(CONF)Some of the people in this camp are strange.

Karl: (CONF) i bet the outsiders like barrel and greg are bashing us for being to popular and we are awesome!

Greg: do we have an alliance Mech?

Lillian: Ponies..TEEHEE! Barrel, that was mean....

Keyshia: the theme better not be offense lillian there just not my type! (CONF) this could either be very fun or very annoying- uhh why does that camera look different?

Barrel: I know im gonna be the first out on my team XP but oh well....

Keyshia: you might not be! if someone messes up on your team, then i bet there out


Crag:Make up team names, the final idea must submitted by Saturday 3:00EST...

Zoey:Shooting Stars!

Mech: Team Victory! (XD)

Keyshia: yea cause that name worked out for the td series!


Keyshia: i was being sarcastic zoey

Zoey:Sara what?

Mech: Fine...Team Crag Is the Awesomest Coolest Hottest Host Ever To Walk The Face Of The Earth!!!

Zoey:You think he's hot?

Keyshia: sarcastic, not sara zoey! and um mech, just no, i will not be on a team named after crag XD!

Karl: for my team how about the mighty panthers (name of my real soccer team XD)

Mech: Come on guys, Crag will like it!

Zoey:Ummm Yeah panthers!

Mech: I vote for Team CITACHHETWTFOTE!!!

Natalia: Vipers!

Mech: Panthers or shooting stars works too...

Zoey:Your not on my team

Mech: So? It doesn't mean we can't steal your ideas! >:)

Zoey:I'm smart EE

Barrel: Team blazin, team cruisin, team electric! does are my ideas :P

Mech: I still like my idea the best...

Jamie: Team Vainqueurs. It means Winners in French.

Zoey:Your smart!

Mech: *rolls eyes* If Crag speaks French, he would get it.

Crag:To give your final team name, just say, 2Our final team name is blah blah blhah..'

KArl: So Zoey did we decide on the Mighty Panthers , Natalia do you like that name?

Mech: Our final team name is Team Crag Is the Awesomest Coolest Hottest Host Ever To Walk The Face Of The Earth!!!

Barrel: NOOOO our final team name is team roadkill!

Zoey:Yeah Karl!

Karl: Our final team name is the Mighty Panthers


Mech: NO Barrel!!! My team name!


Barrel: Team Crag is really really roadkill!

Mech: NO!!! Now you're insulting Crag!!!



Mech: But still!!!!! Look at it!

Courtney:How about you uys are Shooting Stars?

Mech: Nah. I like my name better.

Zoey:You think Crag's hot?

Greg: Team Awesome

Jamie: Team Vainqueurs. It mean's winner. And it has a nice ring to it!

Zoey:Jamie can you be my French teacher I want to learn French it is the best launguage next to english!

Jamie: Ok!

Zoey:So what are you going to teach me about?

Greg: fine team awesome vainqueurs

Natalia: No offense.... but that sounds dirty.....

Mech: Agreed. I still think we should choose a suck up name.

Jamie: Comment OSENT vous! Stupide. Cela ne semble pas sale. Stupide.

Mech: Well thanks for supporting my idea, Kate...I mean Jamie.

Jamie: Wha...? I remind you of Kate? Is that bad....? *sly smile* Or good?

Mech: A mixture of both in a way...

Jamie: *darts around him* How is it good?

Mech: Why don't you ask her why?

Jamie: *slyly* I'd rather hear from you.

Mech: I like the negativeness. *snickers*

Jamie: But she has to many to count!

Mech: True. By the way, how did her and Maxwell almost get married?

Jamie: *shrugs* She was talking to fast and in English on the phone. What I heard was, "Jamie! Mech's so cute! Go for it! I would!" And then something about loving you. *looks at him and blushes* Please don't say it. And why do you care anyway?

Mech: I'm just curious is all. Kate has been my friend for a long time.

Jamie: What would you do if she came back?

Mech: I dunno. Probably insult her music, push off her hug, and then say I'm kidding and I miss her sarcasm. Why?

Jamie: *laughs and flips hair like Kate* No reason. I just...miss me sis! People say I'm a lot like her. Just less annoying. I ACTUALLY have a voice. And I'm a better singer. But I'm not OBSSESED with singing!

Mech: Then why is she more famous?

Jamie: Well that's why I signed up.....*stares at Mech*

Mech: Hey, I only sign up to get out of jail but since I'm in so many, I have fans who are crazier than Sierra.

Jamie: Totally! I know!

Mech: Anyways, I'm here for the broken microwave.

Jamie: *thinks* To fix?

Mech: Yeah. Keyshia's is worth millions if she could fix it. But I know how...

Jamie: *gets a very Kate look on her face* I would worry about that...Mech-y.

Mech: Ok, that is just creepy.

Jamie: *looks like Jamie again* What? Is that scary? *looks like Kate and sound like her* Listen, Mech-y I'm in it to win it. STOP DISTRACTING ME!!! GAH! *returns to normal* Scary or what?

Fly:(CONF)I hope Jamie gets eliminated soon or makes out with Mech, that'll get her eliminated too, I mean, she's crazier than Draven!

Natalia: *phone rings* he---hello..........oh my gosh........

Fly:what's wrong?

Natalia: SØ , Sono onore. Grazie. Quanto tempo prima Ho bisogno di verso lasciare? 3 settimana? SØ signore , Addio.

Natalia: it was them......

Kyle: ... *thinks about past*

Natalia: *sits down propped againt a rock* 3 settimana............. 3 weeks and im gone.

Kyle: Why?

Natalia: ....... Olympic training. (read way above)

Kyle: Oh...

Mech: Natalia, you're leaving soon?

Natalia: *shakes head yes* I have to leave actually sooner than 3 weeks because ill have move back in in Italy, register with all the olympic junk, and and all kinda of stuff........... whats this gonna do to me and fly? :/

Mech: If he really likes you, you'll stay together *mutters* and not date your psychotic sister or anything *normal* and good luck in the Olympics!

Fly:*frowns*You're going to the Olympics? When do you've to leave?

Natalia: I can still hear you, and my sisters are 10, 5, and 20. I highly doubt that. *looks very very sad* full time training starts in 3 weeks. The olympics arent for another like year and a half but training is vital to qualify. And Im competeing for Italy. So I have to leave.......


Natalia: Around Day 6 when competiton starts.

Zoey:YOur in the olympics!?

Natalia: Possibly, for tennis. or swimming. or water polo. or equestrain, i love horses.....or track....or field....or diving.....

Kyle: *to Natalia* Im olympic too...

Jamie: I'm happy and sad. Happy that you'll live your dream. And sad that your leaving.

Zoey:Don't tell Leon but I want to break up with him he's want to get married with me

Fly:But why? I thuoght you were happy...

Frosti: Man, I'd be lucky to have a girlfriend

Kyle: I had girlfriend..but she...she......*sad*

Zoey:No no he wants to marry me

Mech: Why do you wanna break up Zoey?


Kyle: (CONF) *sad* I might quit again..

Mech: Like I said before, Team Crag Is The Awesomest Coolest... whatever.

Zoey:HE wants to mmarry me and I want to live my life for 2 years..before I get marry

Kyle: *sad* ..

Zoey:Why you sad?

Mech: Something happened to Kyle's girlfriend...right?

Kyle: *sad* Yeah...she.......dead...

Mech: sad. (CONF) Ugh...I have no emotion...does that mean I'm a bad person?

Kyle: I will get revenge on him..

Mech: Sorry...just my parents died when I was 2 so I've never felt emotion...

Zoey:Awww how sad

Kyle: I will get revenge on that guy who killed my girlfriend...

Zoey:How about now win this game and then track him down with your money

Kyle: Win? It will be hard..

Jamie: *nods* That's really sad......Your like Batman! Wanting revenge on people who killed your girlfriend.

Frosti: It okay, i helpo you get through this...

Zoey:Me too

Kyle: How?

Frosti: You stick with me and we'll be unstoppablw

Mech: What did the killer look like?

Kyle: O.o

Zoey:He had big teeth like a saber tooth

Mech: I might've seen him in prison. DOes he have long hair?

Kyle: Yes...

Mech: Ooh...Tom is gonna get it

Kyle: You know that many people have long hair..

Crag:ONLY talk now to state your team name...

Mech: Team Crag Is the Awesomest Coolest Hottest Host Ever To Walk The Face Of The Earth!!!

Kyle: Team Revenge!

Frosti: Team Mighty Panthers!

Crag:The winner is.......

(keep going)

Team Revenge! Team Me I'm gonig to rename Team Losers! Barrel is invincible because I say so...


Frosti: We won i think...

Kyle: Yeah..

Mech: *votes Andre* Not helping.

Jamie: *thinks* Who...*votes Andre and shrugs*

Barrel: (CONF) awesome! crag gave meh invincibility! *votes Mech*

Mech: *through camera* Barrel's...going...DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barrel: (CONF) O_O *changes vote to Andre* *gulps*

Crag:So, 2 votes to one, and 1 for another...(Time to make a loser resort)

Kar: (CONF) yes! My team name won for my team! I feel accomplishel

Kyle: *through camera* Team Revenge is my idea!

Kayla: *votes Andre*

Andre: Sorry i didnt remember i was in this *votes Mech*

Abrahm: For once i cant be voted out! Is something major going on with Natalia?

Andre: Sorry i missed the challenge

Fly:She's leaving, but you're staying here to be an intern, Abrahammy

Crag:Wow, people are voting! It'll end when I wake up tomorrow

Mech: (CONF) SO I used fear to control Barrel....not the worst of ideas.

Greg: Mech

Mech: If you don't switch to are going NEXT. *evil glare*

Greg: That wasnt a vote i wanted to ask if we were in an alliance

Mech: We are if you vote for ANDRE.

Greg: hmmm fine *votes andre*

Mech: There we go.

Abrahm: LEAVING!

Natalia: yep

letter arrives*

Abrahm: This is foreign i cant read this.

Natalia: Its Italian so its prob for me..... *reads* YES!

Mech: Let me guess, you're still in the game? Frosti: NATALIA YOU CAN"T !!!

Zoey:Can't what?

Mech: Leave? Her choice. Not yours Frosti.

Zoey:Hmm she is STAYING

Mech: Ugh. Can Andre leave already?

Kyle: ...Frosti: No I just don't want her to leave...

Zoey:Who's Andre

Mech: My point exactly.

(Cragiled:Everything is too boring... I want some drama)Crag:I've scattered some immunity idols about, I will tell you if you found a real one.

Zoey:EE like a brush?

Andre: *finds an immunity idol gives it to Craig*

Mech: *pulls a Parvati and plays another XD*

Zoey:What's that?

Mech: Idols? You play them and all votes against you dont count.

Zoey:Ohhh like the golden dolls daddy gave me!?

Mech: *looks under tribe flag* THey're ususally near a landmark.

Zoey:*checks underbed*Found it!*takes it out*

Mech: They are usually buried...and you need a clue to find out where they are.

Idol:*lands on Mech's head*Cameraman:CRAP!

Crag:I only hid 2 for now....... And Andre and Mech have them!!!!

Mech: BUt what will happen if we both play them? Who goes home then?

Zoey:Wait I'm on the other team

Crag:Wait and see*smirks*



Kyle: Oh...*prepares to go home*

Zoey:Your leaving?

Kyle: When Crag smirks, then Im always prepared to leave..

Mech: If there is a tie in votes on SUrvivor, all remaining contestants who didnt get votes pick a rock out of a bag. If its purple, youre gone!!!!

Frosti:CONF: OK, so I do have a crush on Natalia and I don't want her to go so she can realize that she might have feelings for me. We've had something since the beggining of season 1

Zoey:Who wants my gold bar?And I'm going to try that rolls eye thingy

Mech: *through camera* Frosti likes Natalia? But Fly... *evil laugh*

Zoey:Who do you like Mech?

Fly:(CONF)Frosti is one of my best friends, I would trust him with a lot of things. And I know he wouldn't betray me...

Mech: Time to cause drama. >:) Hey Fly...can I talk with you?


Zoey:Who wants a gold bar?

Mech: *to Fly* Frosti likes Natalia A LOT. Like, MORE than you do.

Zoey:I like KITTIES

Fly:*laughs*Good joke... I might of believed you last season but not now, and nobody could like her more.

Mech: Ok then...dont listen to me. Just do with my info as you will. >:)

Zoey:Who do you like Mech?

Mech: No one. I usually just wait before one falls over me.

Kyle: Not really good decision...

Zoey:Well we all want to know?

Mech: I know its probably not a good decision...but Im from prison, what do I know?

Zoey:Why you go to prison oh do you know someone name Joe?

Mech: Joe? From cell 298? Yea...why?

Kyle: That weirdo?

Zoey:He's my Ex I like bad boys

Mech: Except you probably cant tell the difference... *snickers*

Kyle: YEah...Leon such bad boy, by the from cell 298 too....

Zoey:Leon was cute but not bad

Mech: Was? You two broke up?

Zoey:I want to(CONF)I'm smart again!

Mech: Why? You like someone else?


Mech: Well you're just being mean to Leon then.

Zoey:I don't want to get married at age 16

Mech: You don't have to break up with him though.

Zoey:Your a good friend!

Alex:*Contacting agency*

Zoey:Ooh what's that*preses red button*


(Everyone is teleported to the dinosaur times)

Mech: *rolls eyes* ANyways, Alex vote for Andre!

Alex:*Looks at Zoey enraged*

Zoey:...Sorry(CONF)I like Mech or Kyle but WHO


Mech: Yeah...unless someone knows how to build a time machine.

Alex:No! Time travel creates a black hole in the universe!

Mech: But we already TRAVELED in time. There already is a black hole.


Alex:*To Zoey*THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!! I vote Andre!

Zoey:*sad look on face*

Alex:Sorry...*Uses gadgets to build time machine*

Zoey:*runs and bumps into T-rex*AHHH

Alex:Holy Crap!

Zoey:Lost in the forest*Is he gone?

Mech: Where'd he go?

Zoey:*sees the T-rex again*A*about to scream*

Natalia: *sees idol wrapped in vines in top of tree* *with a running starts jumps up and climb up the tree super quick, grabs it, and swings down* Is this one real?

Zoey:*findsa and idol in the middle of the eggs*


Natalia: Im not! that letter i got said i can stay till the end of the show but i have to have 5 hours of practice a days. Crag I beg of you to let me do the training for 5 hours a day, the Olympic Commide of Italy is super strict. and they have sue the pants off of billionares, now living in cardboard boxes under bridges.

Zoey:*get's the idol when the T-rex left*I'm safe

Natalia: Is that trceratops crying? *goes up to it and it tries to attack her but she presses its pressure point to calm it* what wrong dino? *sees sticks stuck in its foot, pulls it out, and now is buds wit the dino, she rides it around* YEE HAWW! IM LIKE AN PREHESTORIC ROMAN COWGIRL!

Mech: Ok wild Betty, *rolls eyes* But we still have to get outta here!

Zoey:*getting chase by raptors*AHH

Natalia's Tri hits raptors with tail* Everyone get on its the fastest way to look for a way out.

Zoey:*gets on*

Natalia: Abrahm if you ride your in the very back as far a way as possible. Cuz U are NOT, putting your arm around me. This big guy goes fast so everyone hold on to eachother.

Zoey:*hold onto Natalia*

(Gwen: Heather Rocks i see a big drama oppurtunity! let frosti hold on to Natalia, hehe i think u get why.

(Heather:K)Zoey:*holds onto Mech*

Abrahm: *hold on to Zoey*


Fly:*falls off**grabs onto it's leg*Great! I'll just stay here*sighs*

Zoey:*grabs hand and pulls him up*

Fly:Thank-*gets blown off**hangs on again*Just leave me

Zoey:*gets him back on*Hold on to Abrhm

Fly:Great*holds onto Abrahm*

Zoey:Hold on to me then

Alex:*Gets gun and shoots T-Rex*

Producers:*make time machine**get everyone but Abrahm through*We don't like you...*break time machine*(Abrahm is now stuck in the past and can't come back ever

Alex:*Puts gun away* I hope no one saw that......

Zoey:That was fun

Fly:Zoey, are you going to break up with Leon?

Zoey:I'm thinking about it why you asking

Fly:Nothing in particular, just wondering. Do you like someone else or someting...


Abrahm: Hello? Hello? Anyone out there?..... OH MY GOD A PTEARODACTYL!

Natalia: (CONF) when we were riding Tri, Frosti acted like he really liked holding on to me..... akwards......

Frosti: O_o. That was really akward...

Natalia: Yea the whole Dinosaur thing was, freaky....... well i gotta train now.... so if anyone needs me ill be running a marathon.... 33 miles. *changes in 2 shorty shotys and long sleeved purple under armor shirt*

Natalia: *falls and twists ankle* UHG! HELP!

Frosti: NATALIA! *helps her up* Are you okay?

Natalia: no, I think i spranged it. ugh how im spose to do any training with, with this! uhg!

Frosti: Why dont't you stay?

Natalia: I am staying but i have to do 5 hours a day. owwwwwww! i dont think i can walk right without support.

Andre: I play my idol

Frosti: Here. *halp Natalia walk* (CONF: I'm really worried about what Fly will think of my crush. I'm thinkg he'll crush me...

Natalia: Thanks Frost-Man *give him a friendly hug, then hobbles over and sits with Fly and nuzzles up under his arm*

Natalia: Hey Frost-Man come chill with us. *grabs ankle* ugh.


Natalia: is there any seaweed here? (Were does this season take place?)

Frosti: Ummm, I don't like Seaweed... Oh for your leg. Gotch. (Beach?)

Natalia: *moon comes out and hits her just right and her eyes glow*

Frosti: Umm...I...Have to...go...

Natalia: Be right back Fly, i think i need to play therapist. *finds Frosti* all right Frost-man whats up? there something up, its allllllll in the eyes.

Frosti: I'm all good chillin like a villian. JK, I'm not a villain i'm a freakin protaganist! YAYH!\

Zoey:Me too

Natalia: :/ Frosti please be honest, from what you just said its easy to tell your really nervous about it.

Frosti: No legit. Good night Natalia. Say hi the Fly.

Zoey:Frosti can you tell me?

Natalia: (CONF) awh man i know somethings up and i hate it when people are uncomfortable in their own skin.

Zoey:Well don't tell me(CONF)Natalia the locks busted*puts the toilet seast at the door*That would keep it closed!Well Umm Frosti seems really nervous

Mech:(CONF) Ooh, I sense a Fly Natalia Frosti love triangle. *snickers*

Zoey:(CONF)In every season the locks is always busted

Mech: *sounds like Crag* Who will win Natalia's love? I LOVE this kinda drama.

Kyle: *laughts* I can make challenge about that...

Crag:Let's face it, Mech will play his idol so the other team gets to vote who goes home. You can vote for anyone on the other team

Kyle: *glares at Crag*

Fly:What's wrong Kyle? I vote for Kayla, she's never here...

Kyle: It's so unfair...

Fly:Not really, there isn't any other way, nobody received a vote. We have to help with the tiebreaker...

Kyle: Fine...

Mech: Wait...what happens if I switch my vote? Do I have to play my idol then?

Kyle: Phew...

Crag:You've no idol, you can swtch your vote though...

Mech: But if I switch my vote and Andre plays his idol, there will be one vote me and one vote for someone else? So I will take my chances at the tiebreaker. *votes Draven*

Crag:No person has an immunity idol!!!! So that means that Draven is out!!! == Day 2==

Crags: Last Time, Frost admitted to loving Natalia, but there's a problem-SHE HAS a boyfriend! Mech tried to pull a trick but Still Fly HAS of the idea. In the challenge Team Loser Lost and Voted out the weirdos, Draven ...

Kyle: * happy * Draven is finally out!

Mech: Why do you mean finally? HE WAS first boot!

Kyle: I Already know HIM from season one ...

Mech: Was he creepy or something?

Kyle, Oh yeah ... HE HAD "some kind of" Dark Powers "And he Turned Fly into a pig ....

Mech: * laugh * I Wish I couldve seen that!

Fly: * angry * It was just a pig head ...

Mech: Fly Anyways, you CAN do with my info as you Wish. * Coughs * Naive fail. * Normal * Got it?

Fly: * rolls eyes * Could I ask HIM myself and I know he doesn't ...

Mech: Just read the episode intro, Naive Boy. (4th wall break! XD)

Izzy: * walks out of bathroom * I was in the bathroom for the episode and do BE mean to me cuz of That

Frost: Good morning evrybody!

Fly: Good morning to you, Mech Trying to convinces me That oyu like Natalia .. Have You Heard that?

Frost: Yeah. He's just jealous That Were Sucha good friends. Right?

Fly: Yeah, you would not betrays me ..

Kyle: Hmm ... (CONF) I Heard That he loves Natalia too, what shoulda I do? Say It To Fly or say nothing?

Crags: The theme is Challenges from movie genre ...

Kyle: * override the crags and play guitar *

Alex: * Contacting agency *

Fly: * sarcastic * Reeeeeal original crags.

Alex: * Puts gun in pocket *

Izzy: I love you your so hot crags

Keyshia: are you Serious?

Kyle: * * laughts

Keyshia: (CONF), my team lost and im Actually Still here? wow! I guess Alliance That WAS a good idea

Fly: Hold the presses-Someone Likes crags? I Thought all the his fan-mail from WAS HIS Biggest fan-himself ...

Kyle: Or the his mom ....

Keyshia: most likely himslef and the his mom. Probably Together they worked to make HIM look popular

Kyle: When I saw my fan page ... so I HAD Many fans and 70% of Them Were hot chicks ....

Keyshia: how do you know what they looked like? they did put up pics

Kyle: Yeah .... Even Heather WAS there ....

Zoey: Where?

Kyle: Oo

Keyshia: Heather wow a fan of yours? thats so cool!

Kyle: I would say "scary"

Keyshia: ehhh shes cool! shes famous so Why would you think thats cool Not

Zoey: * names everybody in TDI * I have That excepts Umm EVA

Keyshia: I havent EVEN looked at my fan page yet!

Kyle: I have EVEN Eva, Chris, Chef, Alejandro and Sierra. (Duh)

Keyshia: wow your popular

Kyle: Thanks.

Zoey:I wish I like rthat*sad*

Keyshia: aww its ok zoey! i bet like no one is a fan of me

Zoey:Yeah*names everybody*and eva

Keyshia: you went on my page? all those people hate me? wow

Jamie: Fanpages? *looks at hers* Woah.....I don't have Trent...OH! Trent hates Kate, Trent hates me!

Mech: *looks at his fanpage* It BETTER be empty.

Keyshia: why does trent hate you and kate, jamie?

Jamie: He hates Kate. She calls him Elvis he calls her Snooki. SHE'S FROM NEW YORK STUPID!

Zoey:N o people like you Keysha

Keyshia: oh wow i didnt know that! *looks at fan page* woah they do! crazy! and dont call me stupid jamie, i was looking out for you when you got here!

Jamie: *laughs* Not YOU! TRENT! *turns to camera* STUPID!

Keyshia: oh *laughs* sorry girl i didnt think you would be talking to him since hes not here! sorry!

Mech: Sure..."Trent"

Keyshia: why do you sound suspicious?

Mech: Suspicious? just don't know what I'm thinking

Keyshia: well what were you thinking?

Mech: Doesn't matter. What matters is that Barrel or Andre goes next.

Keyshia: why do you have something against them? its fine with me!

Jamie: Agreed with Mech....Andre doesn't talk and Barrel scares me.

Keyshia: yea andre's never here, and Barrel is creepy

Mech: I voted out Draven already...

Keyshia: yea that was good! he was kinda crazy

Mech: Didn't he turn Fly into a pig?

Keyshia: only his head.....that was so wierd!

Mech: Well MY vote sent him home.

Keyshia: yea your the reason hes gone! hes gonna be mad

Mech: Do I look like I care?

Keyshia: no i was just letting you know cause when he sees you again he might do something to you like he did to fly last season

Andre: Hello

Keyshia: hi andre!

Andre: Keyshia do you want to form an alliance

Keyshia: sorry im already in one

Andre: Could I kinda be sorta a member of that alliance you dont have to let me be in it though

Keyshia: sure let me just check with everyone else whos in it! *runs over to mech* can andre join our alliance? then we could just get rid of barrel

Fly:I'm still pumped Draven is away..

Keyshia: he hated you last season..........


Keyshia: so whens the next challenge crag?

Kyle: I know that currently he is thinking about something pure evil...

Keyshia: who crag? he always is!

Kyle: If I would win this game..then I would throw him in the lake...cause season one reward stinks...

Keyshia: i was about to throw the broken microwave at him last season, but then he said i was moving on

Kyle: I quit cause I knew that the reward would be that broken thing, but this time were competing for 1,000,000 dollars!

Natalia: whats poppin guys?

Mech: Andre in our alliance? Fine I guess. And Natalia, you've got yourself in a little love triangle. *snickers*

Kyle: YEah..two people loves you here.

Izzy: Crag sucks and Kyles hot I was just joking about my liking crag

Kyle: O.o

Keyshia: looks like you got a little admirer kyle!

Izzy: Kyles so hot and he's mine

Kyle: *hides behind Crag*

Keyshia: dont be scared kyle! she likes you!

(Gwen: check out Abrahm In Prehistoria)

Kyle: *glares at Keyshia*

Natalia: Its true Kyle. Dont be scared.

Kyle: *runs in CONF*

Izzy: *walks to Kyle and hugs him* Kyle what do you want to do?

Natalia: Key my bud whats up?

Kyle: *dissapears*

Izzy: *runs to Kyle and hugs him so he can't move*

Kyle: *tries to get to Sierra*

Natalia: O.o

Kyle: Ugh....*grabs Natalia's leg* Help....

Natalia: Ok, what do u want me 2 do?

Kyle: Something!

Natalia: Izzy, do you like Kyle?

Kyle: *half dead* O.o

Natalia: Just wait Kyle, i know what im doing.....

Kyle: Fine.

Keyshia: hey natalia whats up?

Kyle: *half dead* She's saving my life...

Keyshia: oh please stop being so pitiful. a girl likes you, get over it

Kyle: *half dead* She reminds me Sierra..

Keyshia: and this is a problem why.......?

Kyle: *half dead* She's a stalker...

Keyshia: *rolls eyes* grow up

Kyle: If youre so smart Mrs.Smartypants..then help me...

Keyshia: ugh you annoy the heck outta me! *walks over to izzy* hey izzy, um dont you think your being a little obsessive with kyle?

Kyle: (CONF) It's funny when she's annoyed!

Keyshia:(CONF) that guy annoys the heck outta me!...............what? do you think i need to say anything else

Natalia: Well this girl is like a crazybird.

Keyshia: oh my god tell me about it! shes insane

Crag:The challenge will be tomorrow

Frosti: Haha, Kyle ask her out.

Natalia: Yeah, follow your heart......but then again for you that would prob mean ship her off to timbuktu.....

(Bad)Intern:Why don't you tell your crush how you feel, Frosti?*snickers*

Izzy: I love kyle

Natalia: No one should have to admit personal information unless willing.

Zoey:i know..

Natalia: know what?

Zoey:Admit stuff

Natalia: oh.

Zoey:(CONF)I'lll never admit I like Kyle and Mech

Crag:You guys are so boring! Why don't you play some games and drama fill them!*goes to trailer*

(Gwen: OMG like what? Truth or Dare or something?)

Zoey:*(CONF)And Fly

(Crag:Your choice)


(Gwen: When more people get here we should do spin the bottle.

Jamie: Ok...I'll play! Sounds like fun.

Zoey:Me too

Barrel: *was at forest for 34 hours* *comes out of forest in caterpillar costume smoking a hookah*


Keyshia: dude you are some kind of crazy

Zoey:i know

Andre: Keyshia who is the alliance voting out

Keyshia: *whispers to andre* most likely barrel

FroSTI: What are we doing? Zoey:IDK spin the bottle

Random spider:*bites Frosti and Zoey and leaves*

Zoey:I'm SPIDER WOMEN*faints*

Barrel: (CONF) people still dont realize all the drugs im doing are really juice XD

Jamie: (CONF) Spin the bottle? I don't know...

Crag:*in trailer**playing cards with interns*I've already decided on a prize*smrks*(This is just for me, be back on tomorrow)

Zoey:*spins the bottle*Tree kiss the Bush

Jamie: *spins bottle* Me.....and....*spins bottle*


Natalia: *eyes widen*

Keyshia: hey guys whats happening?

Zoey:*eyes is widen and points*

Natalia: Oh just land already

Jamie: *closes eyes* Who is it?

Keyshia: who spun it?

Zoey:Jamie you got*bottle stops*

Jamie: *eyes closed* Omigosh...WHO?

Natalia: *twitches* Fly....

Jamie: *opens eyes* Fly...hi. Ummmmmmmmm....

Zoey:*looks at both of them*

Keyshia: oh h*** no! this is gonna cause tension

Natalia: *twitches*

Zoey:It's the power of the bottle it has SPOKEN(XD)

Keyshia: woah girl that was deep XD!

Jamie: But....but...I.

Zoey:Is that a good thing

Keyshia: that it was deep? yea it means that it was poetic or smart!

Natalia: Questo è così all'up! Io ti odio per farci giocare questo Crag!

Zoey:Oh Thanks!

Keyshia: no problem! and was that jamie who just said all that stuff?

Jamie: Do I have to kiss him?(I didn't say that)

Zoey:Yes the bottle has SPOKEN

Keyshia: haha yea what zoey said! (sorry just noticed it wasnt you kate)

Zoey:Well umm so

Jamie: But Fly and Natalia are dating! That wouldn't be right.....

Zoey:It's a game not real life

Keyshia: but natalia would kill her

Natalia: No i wouldnt.... Mellow remember......*closes eyes but peeks*

Zoey:They're not even on the same team

Jamie: Ok....*kisses Fly* Next.

Zoey:Oohh my TURN

natalia: Key can i talk to u a sec.


Keyshia: sure whats up natalia?

Jamie: *looks at Key pleadingly* Uhhh...Zoey. *still looking at Key* That's not the game.

Keyshia: why are you looking at me like that jamie?

Natalia: I know you think Im probably just paranoid but,....but..... he made the face.

Jamie: Nothing...*looks at Natalia* Who's next?

Keyshia: who made what face?

Natalia: Fly, he made the face.... ill tell you later. *spins*

Jamie: Ok so who'd you get?

Keyshia: OMG i hate the suspense!


Natalia: Frosti?

Keyshia: woah...........thats awkward

Zoey:Who i get!

Mech: This game is REALLY immature. *rols eyes*

Zoey:Umm how?

Mech: Because people blindly follow a bottle and get MANIPULATED by it. Duh.

Zoey:I thought you like mani whatever

Natalia: Lighten up dude, just relax.

Mech: I'm relaxed... (CONF) And my goal is to become that bottle and CONTROL others... >:)

Zoey:No you have that evil look

Mech: When do I NOT have that evil look? *snickers*

Zoey":Right now

Mech: Hmm...if you insist.

Zoey:*spins the bottle*

Jamie: And it causes tension....*glances at Fly* LOTS of tension,

Mech: Ooh...Jamie likes Fly.

Zoey:Who I get?

Mech: *snickers* Kyle!


Mech: Are you blind? Yea, Kyle.

Natalia: *kisses Frosti* well thats done.

Jamie: *laughs*

Zoey:*eyes still closed*Where are you*kisses Mech instead*

Mech: *rolls eyes* Didn't see that coming.

Zoey:Did I win?

Jamie: *narrows eyes* Mech....your turn.

Mech: Who said I was playing?

Jamie: Who said you weren't?

Mech: Like I said earlier, you guys are being manipulated by a bottle. If that bottle were in the competition, it would win the broken microwave.

Jamie: *rolls eyes* Then miss out on your one chance of being like and not being eliminated...So who's next?

Mech: Are you really Jamie? Cuz that sounds like EXACTLY something Kate would say.

Jamie: Am I Jamie??? You tell me.

Mech: I (Plat: gtg)

Natalia: (CONF) The face is the face Fly makes when he really enjoys something. The one he makes when he kisses me.........

Keyshia:(CONF) i think jamie and mech have some little thing going on that they dont even know about. mech makes me uneasy. he could backstab me at any point, but i wanna be in an alliance with strong players so i gotta stick with it

Mech: *thorugh camera* You better stick with it Keyshia...(Melvin reference! XD)

Keyshia: XD!!!!!!!!!! (CONF) OMG deja vu! anyway mech dont worry ill stick with it, you just naturally scare people i guess

Mech: *through camera* I do have a way to scare people...and bring up cheesy cameos from other places.

Keyshia:(CONF) cheesy cameos? when have you done that?

Mech: Never mind...anyways do you agree with this stupid "spin the bottle" thing? they are getting USED by a bottle!

Keyshia: i dont really think there getting manipulated by the bottle, cause there playing for fun, but ive never liked spin the bottle

Mech: Not manipulated? They are doing WHATEVER the bottle tells them to! It's a conspiracy!

Keyshia: thats true, but i dont think its a conspiracy XD!

Natalia: ....

Mech: Total conspiracy.

Keyshia: haha whateva it is just a game

Mech: You wouldnt be saying that if some random guy kissed you. See? Conspiracy is what it is! (XD he's going crzy)

Keyshia: if it was a hot guy, then i wouldnt mind, but if it was some wierd random guy then i would not like it! or if it was a close friend like you or fly Mech: But the bottle makes the choice random!

Keyshia: yea it is controlling our fate in who it lands on

Mech: My point exactly. And how come you didn't hook up with anyone last season? You freaking won but didn't like anyone the entire time? *evil smile*

Keyshia: i dont know, none of the guys interested me! no one liked me anyway so its not entirely my fault! whats with that evil look on your face? (LF: gotta go, ill be back on tomorrow afternoon! bye)

Mech: You know, just trying to create drama is all. (Plat: Bye!)

Barrel: (CONF) people are playing spin the bottle >_< *drags hookah to forest* people these days :P

Mech: Barrel, WHY'D YOU VOTE FOR ME!!!

Barrel: because you cause to much drama :I

Mech: Well, you're going next unless you can persuade me otherwise. *coughs* Hot sauce! *coughs*

Barrel: I ONLY GOT DRUGS D:< *gets in caterpillar costume, goes back to forest*

Mech: *rolls eyes* Weirdo.

Zoey:I know

Mech: (CONF) Barrel is a special person. But he voted for me so he aint staying long.

Jamie: But.....I....JERK! (UDI refrance!)

Kyle: *17 hours with Izzy* Im still waiting...Natalia.....

Keyshia: life?


Crag:Today's challenge is based off spy movies! I have hidden a bomb for each team(I will say if you found it) and you must cut the correct wire...

Keyshia: like a real bomb, where if it goes off it could kill us, or a fake bomb you made?

Mech: *whispers* Tell the other team to cut the red one! Red ALWAYS equals bad.

Keyshia: yea but they gotta find the bomb first!

Mech: *looks in Crag's room* Pink briefs????? *laughs hysterically*

Keyshia: *bathrooms* ewww this place is so that toilet clogged?

Mech: *kitchen* Hmmm...*snags a brownie* Nothing here.

Keyshia: *looks in toilet* woah thats a monster ball of hair...........*runs away* so....grosss!

Mech: Wait....bomb? *checks in basement*

Karl: ummm maybe in the trees! *looks* oh nothing their, except a squirrel

Keyshia: where the heck is the bomb?

Mech: (CONF) Good spy movies have the bomb in the basement. Or the piano...

Karl: right here*gets bomb* oh wait this isnt a bomb! it is a curled up bat! (the animal) *attacks them* ahahhhhh

Keyshia: *hears ticking in distance* where is that?

Mech: Probably in the piano...if there is one.

(Two identical interns come out)I can not be-lieve that he ab-used us...

Keyshia: *to interns* hey is there a piano anywhere here?

Mech: I think that's a zombie Abrahm....

Keyshia: no way..........

Mech: What does Crag do with his interns???

Keyshia: i dont even want to know

Karl: (CONF) while they were busy talking about interns i came and checked in here and look what i found *shows bomb*

Mech: *thorugh camera* Uh...Karl...thats just a phony set up by Crag.

Keyshia: mech what should we do?

Mech: Find the piano. Where would Crag keep a piano?

(The interns are the bombs,)

Mech: *goes to zombie Abrahm* Why do I hear ticking?

Karl: come here intern intern! *catches* Booyah!

Fly:Cut the yellow wire!

Keyshia: *rips open intern and finds bomb* aha! now we gotta defuse it

Mech: Hmmm....*cuts all the other team's wires* Hehehe.

Keyshia: mech which wire should i cut?

Mech: Knowing Crag? Green.

Jamie: BLUE!

Crag:Team Losers lose! You cut them all which means, the right one must have been cut, and it was the pink wire...

Keyshia: MECH WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mech: *rolls eyes* Whatever, vote me out. See if I care.

Keyshia: im not going to! we have an alliance remember? we need to get rid of someone who didnt help

Mech: (CONF) Something tells me Crag is picking favorites....Nah, that cant be, right?

Keyshia: (CONF) i dont ge thow the other team won. i mean yea since all were cut, the right one was cut, but they also cut ALL THE WRONG ONES TO

Barrel: (CONF) im probably gonna get eliminated. im one of the only ones who didnt join mech's alliiance :I

Mech: Let's see... *cuts all the wires on his team's bomb*

Zombie Abrahm: If. i. have. water. *falls in puddle and soaks it up wich revives him*

Keyshia: what are you doing mech?

Mech: *bomb explodes* THIS IS RIGGED!!! *screams loudly at Crag*

Jamie: *holds onto Mech* Let's hope you don't kill us!

Mech: *rolls eyes* can get off me now.

Keyshia: uhh thats jamie

Jamie: Kate? WHERE? Ohhhh...*gets off* Heh....sorry.

Barrel: *cough* awkward (CONF) drugs are making me cough >:U

Keyshia:(CONF) im starting to wonder whats up with jamie! she acts like kate like all the time, and there not even blood related

Jamie: (CONF) *rolls eyes* I'm Jamie! Duh. I mea WHY WOULD THEY-----that's why.

Mech: Sure..."Jamie".

Keyshia: mech and jamie who are we gonna vote?

Jamie: *eyes narrows* I'm.....JAMIE!

Keyshia: *rolls eyes* we know! but if your jaamie then stop acting like kate

Jamie: But...I.....

Zoey:I got the right wire it's BLUE it matches my eyes

Mech: Ugh...who should I send home?

Keyshia: it has to be someone who didnt help with the challenge, so thats everyone except you, me , jamie, and zoey

Jamie: *nods* Barell?

Keyshia: yea he's like one of the only people who isnt in our alliance

Mech: Or Andre. He tried to vote me out last time.

Zoey:looku IDOL!*grabs it*

Mech: Crag isn't THAT he?

Keyshia: thats true. whos a bigger threat?

Zoey:No it's under the bomb thingy

Mech: Bigger threat? Andre. I can't control him with fear like I did Barrel.

Zoey:Hey look my thing stop counting

Keyshia: then i guess were voting andre

Zoey;*putting silly bands on*1...2....3...4*counts to fifty*51..

Keyshia: *shocked* thats a lot of silly bands

Zoey:I have more*takes bag and dumps it and it is full of silly bands'8

Keyshia: DANG GIRL!!!!!!! do you like collect them or something?

Zoey:My dad owns them*puts 10 more*

Keyshia: O.o i bet hes frickin' rich

Jamie: *laughs* So................What now?

Zoey:Looky i got gold ones

Keyshia: woah gold! and idk jamie arent we supposed to vote?

Jamie: *sighs* I don't want to!


Leon: What happened?


Mech: Silly bands? Ugh.

Zoey:*slaps him*My dad bought the company!

Leon: So we know where my girlfriend might own in 10 years.


Leon: I have people wanting me to work for them already.


Mech: Work for them? Pawn.

Leon: Lets just say its been proven I'm the smartest person in my small town.

Zoey:(CONF)Stupid Mech..

Jamie: You must have a VERY dumb town....

Leon: No I'm just super smart.

Jamie: *laughs and talks in a British acsent* And I'm the queen of Englend!

Mech: *looks at camera* Thanks for calling me stupid, Zoey.

Leon: Ich denke, Sie sind dumm.

Alex:Even I don't know what that means,And I'm ana AGENT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

Leon: It's German.

Jamie: Und ich denke, dass Sie wie Socken riechen! Aber ich sage nicht, dass zu Ihrem Gesicht, mich jetzt tun Sie?

Leon: *growns*

Zoey:Your welcome Mech!

Leon: Calm down people.

Mech: What? We are calm.

Barrel: (CONF) *sips juice* i hate pretending to be on drugs >:I

Mech: Why isn't Barrel joining my alliance?



Mech: *votes andre* No one votes for me and survives.

Natalia: (CONF) soooooooooo.............................

Jamie: *votes Barell* Crazy smoker...

Keyshia: *votes andre* what can i say? me and mechs alliance have decided

Natalia:(CONF) *sniffs air*........ is that Ginger? OH NO!

Mech: *through camera* She doesn't like Gingers? Or is she allergic to the spice...

Keyshia: *walks by* i bet its the spice.

Jamie: Guys I wrote a new song! Here it is. It’s called “And Now.” *takes out a guitar a LOT like Trent’s*

(the background is two kids who look like Mech and Kate playing on the playground together)

Remember the days,

When we mocked?

Remember the days,

When we frolicked?

And now…

Remember sliding down the slide?

Those feelings we didn’t need to hide.

And now...

(background is Kate and Mech on Melvin)

How come tomorrow seems so far away?

When there’s twenty-four hours in a day.

But I…

(Kate and Mech on User Drama Island)

Want you to know-ow.

I’m someone I don’t want to be.

Rememberin’ you and me.

Seein’ you frown with smilin’ eyes.

You snickering, what a surprise.

And now…

(back to playground)


Is so far away.

And now…

Keyshia: *waves a lighter in the air* sing it girl!


(Montage of Mech and Kate kissing)

Some day far away.

When your bill IS paid.


Will be back for you.

Come now and today.

I will be back.

And I’ll stay.

I’ve missed yeah!

Loved yeah.

And now I want to say-ay-ay!

(slows down)

I miss…


Keyshia: nice song jamie!

Alex:Yes that was nice!*votes Mech on accident*

Keyshia: hmmmm what did you mean by that song jamie?

Alex:Who cares I liked it!

Keyshia: i wanna know cause it was about kate and mech but shes jamie

Barrel: *votes Doc* them doctors always talk about health issues >:I

Keyshia:.............i have a feeling this is gonna be a close vote

Jamie: Oh...THAT. *nervous* I just needed a background and thats all I could find..

Keyshia: oh ok then that makes the song amazing!!!!

Jamie: Thanks!

Alex:*Looks at Jamie*

Keyshia: why are you looking at her like that?


Jamie: Yeah....why are you looking at me like that?

Alex:(CONF)I would like to tell her how I feel but could risk my secret......

Keyshia: (CONF) i think alex likes jamie. i mean, did you see how he was looking at her after the song

Alex:*Smacking himself repeatedly*

Jamie: *laughs* Don't hurt yourself!


Jamie: EEP! *gives him CPR*

Keyshia: that guy ok? he seems to be going insane

Jamie: Maybe...*gets up*\

Zoey:What happen?

(Crag:Next time, I'm going to make a box only for voting and a place chat, I have to read it all v.v)

Zoey:(CONF)Fly is rich ME TOO!(lol barely notice)

Zoey:*sings*Am I a good singer?

Fly:*puts earplugs in*Keep going...

Jamie: *hides behind Fly* Don't quit your day job...

Zoey:You HATE it*crys and runs*

Mech: And the song was made because...

Jamie: I have talent? *nervously* I want to go to America's Got Talent!

Zoey:hmph stupid people that don't like my singing

Mech: (CONF) Ugh...singing. Kate and Jamie sound EXACTLY the same. (Lol I just noticed Kate+Jamie=Katie! XD)

Jamie: (CONF) *brushes hair* Did he like it? *sounding MAJORLY like Kate* But...WHATEVER!...JERK! (DON'T TELL MECH! Lol)

Mech: (If you're gonna say DONT TELL MECH....) (CONF) Did Jamie just sound Exactly like Kate????

Zoey:(CONF)I can sound excatly like Courtney*sounds like her*

This is soo boring

Mech: Life is boring. *rolls eyes*

Jamie: (CONF) And another thing....what? *throws brush at Mech's camera* EAT IT JERK! I mean....oops.

Zoey:*behind tree and giggles sounds like Courtney*Agreed Mech

Mech: *through camera* I can hear what you are saying...KATIE. (Mixture FTW!)

Zoey;Can I vote?

Mech: You're on Team 1, remember?

Zoey;Does that meen we WON!?

Jamie: (CONF) *forgeting about her shyness* KATIE? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?!

Mech: *thru cam* Nothing...*snickers*

Zoey:Did my team win?

Jamie: (CONF) MECH! Gah! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO--*stops*....Kate?

Mech: * know* You mean yourself, right?

Natalia: ....


Mech: *looks hurt* I...get...your...point.....


Mech: Are you in a bad mood or something? Did you get bullied? Or had a lot of stress? Or jealous? *snickers...AGAIN*

Andre: *votes Barrel* Sorry

Jamie: *walks out* What can I do to get you to shut up?

Mech: I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Jamie: Ohhh..angry are we...but I shouldn't be talking'. Sorry 'bout blowing up back there. I mean-

Mech: K, I forgive you. At least for now...

Jamie: Thanks Mech. Your a great friend! *hugs him*

Mech: Friend? I don't like making friends...they only make you end up in jail.

Jamie: *looks sad* But I'm not like that! I'm like Kate..only not crazy. But other then that....*looks into his eyes for the first time* I'm EXSACTLY like her.

Frosti: Ughh! Not trying to offend you Mech, but this is User Drama Island all over again!

Natalia: Yo frostman whats up?

Frosti: Wassup Nat? How's training?

Natalia: Time consuming. O.O Nat?..... try Tally, i kinda hate ya know, nat(lol like alejandro).....

Frosti: Mabad, Tally. (Nat doesn't like being called Nat? Gosh Nat, Fly mustve called you Nat a

Jamie: *wearing a denim skirt and lavender tank top instead of jeans and sweater* Kate sent this over! Ain't it....awful

Natalia: cuz Nat really isnt in my name cuz that part is pronounced nuh (nuh-tal-e-uh)..... Im rambling on again arent i?

Mech: You know what Frosti? You're right. *kisses Jamie* There, you happy? Now leave me alone.

Barrel: (CONF) i saw that Andre voted for me! *VOTES ANDRE*


Mech: Uh...what are you doing?

Kyle: Im stuck with Izzy for days....

Mech: I was too...just say you DONT heart marshmallow me it works.

Kyle: Umm...fine..

Natalia: And we all be lookin so fly! Like a G6!(lol, i said all). Whats poppin guys?

Mech: Sup... *snickers* Nat.

Natalia: we all be lookin so fly..... with the exception of you that is. Do you have to be such a bring down all the time?

Keyshia: hey y'all whats the haps?

Natalia: Just sadistic Mech, and the empty cans of ginger spray i keep fining by the CONF, someone keeps sprayin it down right before I go in there.

Keyshia: mechs always crazy but you get use to it. and are you allergic to ginger?

Natalia: Actually is not a allergy its a disease. call Mykrokorosis. Everyone who has it has a different trigger. It sends me into these crazy spells where i like freak, and its jogs my memory of everything that has happened in the past week or so that disturbed me (THE FACE).

Keyshia: that sounds like a crazy disease. is it common?

Natalia: Nope. Its rare, and only found in Europe,mainly easetern.

Jamie: Wow......I'll shut up now.

Keyshia: but italy's in southern europe, so how would you get it there?

Natalia: Thats what I want to know... So its expecially uncommon for me to have it.

Keyshia: yea your like the most rare case! i feel bad for you

Natalia: Please dont, my package comes with "please, no sympathy" on the label. I hate it when people feel bad for me.

Keyshia: ok ok whateva. so......hows your team?

Natalia: Well ya know............teamish.......... ok i really hate being on diff teams key.

Keyshia: i know! its so not fair! my team keeps losing to, cause half of our team doesnt help! its not as fun without you

Fly:(CONF)Why do I keep messing up :/ Frosti treats her better...

Keyshia: crag can we just do the ceremony already?

Jamie: Natalia, were cool right?

Natalia: As ice.

Jamie: I don't like Fly ok!

Natalia: Uhm....ok. That was kinda random...... expecially after i said that we are cool.....

Keyshia:(CONF) oh jamie. do we need to have a little talk again. cause blurting random stuff out is not cool

Jamie: I just thought that........sorry 'bout that.

Natalia: *a lil shocked* ok.

Natalia: uhm.... i gotta work my serve. If you guys need me ill be on the court they made crag get.

Keyshia: *follows natalia* mind if i join you?

Natalia: Not at all. YOu think you return one of my speacialty "Star slicer" serves. i could use a partner.

Keyshia: *stands on opposite side of court* haha girl bring it! ive never told anyone but i use to play volleyball for my high school. i got a scholarship to play volleyball in college to

Jamie: *waves* See yeah guys later! POTATOS! *laughs*

Crag:I made a twist so Doc is out...

Day 3

Keyshia: natalia you ready to play?

Natalia: uh.......look around bud. its a tennis court.....

Keyshia: i though you played volleyball! isnt that why you wanted the beach court in the first camp


Crag:Two choices... War*pulls out real gun* or boring old love. Which one?

Keyshia: O.o i aint gonna get shot up here! no way! i choose love

Karl: ummm Love for the ladies!

Fly:You ave ladies?

Mech: You guys OBVIOUSLY know what my choice is. *takes out a gun*

Keyshia: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *hides behind a tee* dear lord, dont let me die today. i promise that i wont do anything bad again!

Mech: What? I'm just choosing my side.

Zoey:Umm war(CONF)That's the good thing right?

Mech: *thorugh camera* Totally good.

Zoey;Jamie and Mech sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g

Jamie: *pulls out gun* War....DUH!

Mech: Uh...I only did it to SHUT HER UP.

Keyshia: say what?!?! you kissed jamie? when?

Zoey:Mech you hesitated(CONF)He likes jher

Jamie: *loads gun* And look what a GREAT job you did! *rolls eyes*

Mech: Like I said, it was NOTHING.

Keyshia: nobody better shoot me or your dead!

Zoey:You hesitated and you kiss her someone has a heart

Mech: I repeat, I DO NOT have a heart.

Jamie: Agreed. *fires and hits target* IT WAS NOTHING!

Zoey:Prove it!Mech

Keyshia: you dont have a heart? cruel

Jamie: *eyes gun and then Mech* A heart? *points gun at Mech* Who needs one? Mech broke my sister's. And look how SHE turned out. A heart is something that is to be played with then CRUSHED. So therefore, who needs a heart? *laughs evily*

Keyshia: kinda scared of you now

Zoey:Me too(CONF)She like Heather

Jamie: *calmly turns head smiling like normal* Why would you silly? *turns to Mech with a death glare* Now, *chuckles* What did you say earlier?

Keyshia: *backs away* calm down jamie

Zoey:Jamie you are creeping me out

Jamie: Your right silly! He's ON MY TEAM! Who isn't. *face turns pale* Natalia.

Zoey:Umm ME I'm bot on your team

Barrel: (CONF) *in caterpillar costume* the girl must pick the mushroom on the right to stop her insanity :T

Keyshia:(CONF) *filing nails* what? cant a girl get a little privacy? geez!!!

Mech: (CONF) That was a COMPLETELY useless confessional Keyshia.


Jamie: (CONF) I'm NOT insane. I'm not GOING insane. And Mech, your cameras are useless. If you want to SPY on us, at least make it so that we don't NOTICE! Also, if you like me THAT much, you could always just, tell me. *rolls eyes* Stupid.

Mech: I don't like you, KATE!!!!

Jamie: *rolls eyes* Then why do want to beleive that I'm her?

Mech: Because you act EXACTLY like her. Duh.

Zoey:Both of you are soo cute your like a old couple!

Mech: (CONF) I do not like Jamie. Got it viewing world? Why would I hurt Courtney or Kate like that?\

Zoey:*finds Mech camera*Hi Mech!

Mech: *rolls eyes* Of course you would find it.

Zoey:Soo which one do you like Courtney or Kate?

Barrel: He likes Kate Courtney and Jamie :D

Mech: Oh yeah, Barrel. Definetly.

Zoey:So wich one do you like?

Mech: Is there a "none of the above" option?

Zoey:K*calls Courtney*Mech doesn't like you


Zoey:K bye*hangs up*


(Kate and Mech on User Drama Island)

That you were Mech, you were throwing pebbles
And my Court said, "Stay away from Katie"
And I was crying on the beach
Begging you please don't go
And I said...

Mech: Singing makes you look sad and pathetic. No one will care without a trace.

Zoey:*calls Kate*Hello Mech doesn't like you k bye*hangs up*

Frosti: Yall need to cut it out, or you are on the chopping block!

Mark: I choose LOVE! (sorry about the late entry, there have been so many posts on this camp I just can't keep up!)

Greg: war

Kyle: *angry and glares at Natalia* I would choose love, but while she *points at Izzy* is here, I will choose war!

Fly:Is there anything I can help you, Kyle?

Kyle: Yeah, I want to get away from Izzy...

Fly:You don't like her?

Kyle: *nods*

Fly:Then tell her that.

Kyle: She will kill me!

Fly:*sighs**to Izzy*He's just not all that into you.

Kyle: ...

Natalia: You dont have to give me the death stare Kyle, I did talk to her. she would even listen to me.

Keyshia: hey girl, drama the usual again?

Mech: Drama? Where? WITHOUT ME???

Keyshia: not everything revovles around you mech

Natalia: *finds empty ginger spray can in the grass* *scowls* war.

Crag:War it is!*hands everyone paintball guns*You have to shoot the other team, godplaying will eliminate you from the challenge, two people will sit out from the team that's winning.

Keyshia: and that team would be?

Crag:*shoots Keyshia*And that is why you don't ask me things.. And not your team

Keyshia: heyyy!!!!! dont shoot me. i could whoop your butt! does this mean im out already?

Crag:Yes, Bill and MCP are sitting out. But you csn choose one more person to sit out

Keyshia: from there team? i choose kyle, he could be good at war

Fly:*shoots Kayla*

Barrel: Gets paintball gun *shoots sierra and bill* i wonder how this would taste? *shoots self*

Alex:*Looks at Jamie*

Keyshia: barrel your not supposed to shoot yourself!!!!

Mark: *spins around while shooting aimlessly and laughing crazily*

Alex:*Walks away*

(Mark hits Mech, Jamie, Natalia, Frosti and himself)

Mark: *falls to ground after shooting himself* AAUUUGGHHH!!!!!

Mech: *dodges bullet* I aint #1 dodgeball player in the state for nothing!

Crag:*shoots Mech*Look, your out! Go sit...

Mech: *mutters* That evil, rigging, byist, drama loving, broken kitchen apppliance giving little... *normal* Fine, Crag. *rolls eyes*

Natalia: So Frost-Man, whats up?

Mech: Ooh, she wants to talk to Frosti instead of Fly? Tension. >:)

Jamie: *looks crazy* HAHA! *ducks and shoots Natalia* Shush! Must be quiet! *does backgip and hides*

Mech: Wow. Crazy...

Crag:O_O Your not fit to compete!*calls number*OK, I've got this Kate person, she seems interesting >:D So yuo two will swap...

Alex:*Walking in the woods*

Kate: *answers* Hello?

Natalia: I was already out Jaime dont shoo me again! WHY AM I FREAKING OUT SO BAD! WHATS IN THIS WATER BOTTLE! GINGER WATER! NO!

Crag:Hey, I've got a properition for you. Jamie is getting kicked out, so will you fill her spot? You might know someone here...


Natalia: *throws water bottle* Who ever did this to me better sleep with one eye open!

Mech: No....Jamie should stay...because her sister is even CRAZIER.

Alex:And Jamie's HOT!!!!!

Mech: Ok then...glad you think that Alex. *laughs*

Crag:Or you could become an intern Kate? And Frosti, I see all the confessionals so don't anger me...

Frosti:What did I do the heck? Mech, you just need to be quiet. *shoots Mech*

Kate: An intern? Sure! Why not?

Jamie: I'm still in the game! *kisses Alex*

Mech: *Writing in "Trivia" section of Crgiled D's Camp 2* Jamie has kissed three guys in the game. And Mech has the most conflicts, that number being 24.

Barrel: Mech you only got a conflict with about 7 people...

Jamie: Three? I only remember TWO? Fly and Alex!

Mech: I've always been bad at math. But Barrel's worse. 7???

Jamie: Oh Mech! Kate's coming as an intern! Have fun!

Mech: *rolls eyes* What fun. More singing from "The New Lady Gaga"

Voice: Oh what fun! Now I'm stuck with my crazy sister and my crazy ex!

Jamie: KATE!

Kate: You know it! *steps off of plane* As an intern! *she has spicky blackish/redish hair, jeans, and a black and white top* Hey, hey, hey!

Mech: You're going goth????? Or do you just feel like dressing like that?

Kate: Aw...Mech! You ruined the moment! *rolls eyes* And I was JUST about to kiss you! But now I don't feel like it!

Jamie: Told you we were to diffrent people!

Zoey:What about Courtney?(Heather:Is she coming in the third season?)

Mech: Sure...totally different. Don't feel like it? I bet you still do. *snickers*

Zoey;Ummm okay

Barrel: (CONF) *sobs* the dramas already starting T_T its gonna go on for weeks! *sobs*

Kate: Maybe I still do!

Jamie: *rolls eyes*

Zoey:KATE!?You look really really really-

Kate: Really WHAT?

Jamie: Gothic? Diffrent?

Zoey:Really really really


Zoey:Umm what oh yeah cool I never knew you were into that!

Mech: What she's trying to say is that you are a pus-y, gothy, nasty blister!

Zoey:Noooo I got a video chat from Courtney!

Kate: Hey Mech I-

Jamie: *sounds like Kate* TOTALLY want to go out with you!

Kate: JAMIE!

Jame: *rolls eyes* Go on.

Kate: Well...actually. She's right! That's what I wanted to ask.

Mech: I dunno....I've never dated a goth before. *snickers*

Zoey:Come with me and you will see

that Courtney's there on the screen*sings*


Mech: On the screen? Ok then...sup Court?

Courtney:Hello*hair in face*Who's there?

Mech: You don't recognize my voice?


Kate: *raises eyebrows* Hello Court. Hey I have a question for you. Do you still like Mech. Because I still do!

Mech: *rolls eyes* Not this again!!!

Kate: *rests on Mech's shoulder* I missed you!

Jamie: *makes barfing noises*

Courtney:I do but no becuase I don't want this drama to start again I mean you are crazy

Alex:Jamie can we walk in the forest?

Jamie: *takes his hand* You know it.

Kate: GO JAMIE! *puts hands on Mech's shoulder* Hey!


Jamie: Alex......but....*kisses him* There. That clears it up!

Courtney:So hi again

Kate: Hey Court! I LOVE being an intern here!

Courtney:Sinca when did you turn G*gets interrupted by ?Kate*

Kate: Continue! Why did you stop?

Courtney:Goth,well umm I stop becuase I thought you woudn't like it

Mech: Yea, why are you goth? And how come I haven't heard any of your songs on the radio recently? And why...oh. I get it...

Kate: I quit! After all the times you told me that my singing sucked, I figured how to take a hint. And now I work for the mayor of New York!

Mech: I was just kidding you know...but if you wanna live your life this way, it's totally fine with me.

Courtney:*sings*You change your mind Like girls changes clothes Yeah you pms like a B**%^ I would know

  • skips*You don't really want to say No

you don't really want to go oh Cause Your Hot n Cold You yes and your no Your in ang out your up and your down Your wrong when it's right It's black and it's white We fight,we break up WE kiss, we make up*ends*My fav song!

Kate: By THAT I mean I'm RUNNING for mayor of New York.

Courtney:How was it?

Kate: *shrugs* I hear the clock, it's six a.m.
I feel so far from where I've been
I got my eggs I got my pancakes too
I got my maple syrup, everything but you.
I break the yolks, make a smiley face
I kinda like it in my brand new place
I wipe the spots off the mirror
Don't leave the keys in the door
Never put wet towels on the floor anymore' cause
[Chorus:] Dreams last so long
even after you're gone
I know you love me
And soon you will see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you.

Mech: How come you haven't talked to your sis since you were here?

Kyle: *rolls eyes*

Mech: Don't roll no eyes at me!

Kyle: *shoots Mech*

Mech: Ow!!! I already got shot three times, Kyle!

Kyle: I know! *smiles*

Mech: Like the enthusiasm though, Kyle. Are these real bullets?

Kate: *laughs* Well..DON'T SHOOT ME! Am an INTERN!

Jamie: *shoots her anyway*


Jamie: *grumbles something and gives her gun*

Kate: I'm older than you.

Jamie: JUST BY...two years....

Kyle: O.o

Crag:Any more songs and this competition is over!(They take up toomuch space)

Kyle: *playing guitar*

Mech: (CONF) he playing a song? Cuz I sorta want that broken microwave...

Keyshia: dude i have the microwave. just ask and ill give it to you. the things useless! and is jamie gone? and kate's here? they act the same

Jamie and Kate: WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!?! HEY! STOP THAT! NO YOU! WHY WERE YOU BORN?!?! *they storm off*

Mech: ...Agreed Keyshia. And can I have the microwave? Please????

Kyle: *playing guitar* I don't understand them... (Only one line! :P )

Keyshia: *rolls eyes* those 2 are getting annoying. mech here you go! *hands mech broken microwave*

Mech: (CONF) Like Crag would just give something useless. *opens it and finds immunity idol* Hehehe.

Kyle: *stoles idol* i knew that!

Crag:(CONF)I love giving prizes.. They are completely useless! But I hid a fake idol in the microwave.. Oh,*takes Mech's camera*Whoever owns this is gonig to lose.. I need to know everything

Kyle: Wait...this is fake? Oh..CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG! *smashes camera*

Keyshia: (CONF) im no idiot, i knew the idol was in there. crag wouldnt hand that out, and plus it was chipping so i knew it was fake

Barrel: (CONF) i wonder if we have a cabin or a boat of losers.... so many question...

Kyle: *angry* Crag, I WILL GET YOU! *prepares to kill Crag* Don't joke with Delinquent

Crag:Team Losers win! You don't threaten me Kyle...


Kyle: MGP...

Kyle: *angry* ... *goes in forest*

Karl: MGP

Kyle: (CONF) UGH!



Frosti: izzy


Mech: least I get the microwave.

Keyshia: yea but thats broken

Mech: *checks on Ebay* Hmmm...I can get a whole $1.23 for this!! *frowns* That sucks.

Keyshia: yes i does.....well good luck with that!

Kyle: *gives 50$ to Mech and Keyshia* You can take it!

Keyshia: *shocked* whats this for?

Kyle: One fan gived 10000$ to me! Idk why?

Keyshia: O.o ok then..(CONF) i win and no fan gives me money!!! thats just....ughhh!!!!

Kyle: I quess that I will be eliminated....*prepares to go home*

Keyshia: i doubt your going home, if your team was smart, they would vote for someone who hasnt done anything

Kyle: I made my team to lose.....

Keyshia: so at least you did something

Kyle: Yeah..shoot at Mech and almost killer Crag...

Izzy: Do you hate me kyle? *uses a lie detector to see if he's lying*

Keyshia: dont worry kyle just tell the truth

Mech: Duh Izzy. You blind or something?

Zoey:Noo she has her eyes open

Jamie: Oy. Hey Kate!

Kate: What?

Jamie: Your a WUSS! Just kiss him!

Kate: FINE! *kisses Mech and walks away*

Jamie: Wow. I did NOT expect that to happen.

Zoey:Umm Kate...

Jamie: She's SO fired.

Mech: *dazzled* What happened?

Zoey:Kate kissed you

Keyshia: *slpas mech* does that jog your memory lover boy?

Jamie: *laughs* Ok...what now?

Mech: Oh yeah. It was fine. You know, Kate is...a good ki...person.

Keyshia: (CONF) d*** am i the only one not hooking up on this show. what? i got standards ok

Zoey:YOU do like HER MECH!*laughs*

Fly:Why did Kate kiss you, Mech? And are Jamie and Alex going out? And, and and, I'm confused..

Zoey:Me too

Keyshia: .................being around confused people makes me confused

Jamie: Ok. I AM datin Alex. Kate and Mech are in LOVE!

Zoey:Aww Mech did have a heart

Keyshia: jamie why wouldnt you tell me that!

Jamie: Well....and the heart is DIRECTED TO MY SISTER!

Keyshia: do you liike have a problem with kate dating mech?

Zoey:Yeah jealous

Jamie: Not at all! MY BF is the best. *sighs romanticly*

Keyshia: hmmm i guess ill believe that for now

Jamie: He's so amazing!

Zoey:I'm confuse

Keyshia:(CONF) hmmm i wonder if jamie knows dirt on alex. something just screams im not who i seem from him

Jamie: So wonderful!

Kate: (CONF) Wow...being an intern is AWFUL--LY WONDERFUL! *looks around nervously* You got that Crag? I like it here! Heh...

Zoey:(CONF)I well not tell who I really LIKE

Barrel: so whos eliminated *takes bite out of dynamite* :T

Keyshia: *backs away* i aint dying tonight!

Zoey:*behind tree and grabs Keyshia*Your good with secrets rigth Kesh?

Keyshia: of course i never betray anyone

Zoey:*gets her deeper into the Forest*You know why I want to break up with Leon

Keyshia: why? do you like someone else?


Keyshia: oh who is it?

Zoey:*gulps and looks around whispers in her ear*Fly

Keyshia: O.o ok trust me i will not tell anyone!

Zoey:Please don't

Keyshia: i wont trust me! ive never betrayed a friend in my life

Zoey:You won't trust me?..

Jamie and Kate: *dancing widly with Kate's iPod* WOOHOO!

Jamie: This is MY song!


Crag:My cameras see everything >:D


Crag:Includign your little conversation Zoey*laughs manically*

Kate: Hey Crag! What's my first job?


Andre (CONF): I hope my team wins the challenge

Leon:*yawns* Mornin.

Mech: It's night time, smart one. *rolls eyes*

Zoey:(CONF)*really quiet*

Leon: How long was I asleep?

Kate: Oh I don't know. *pulls out watch* 8 hours.

Leon: WHAT??!!!!

Kate: Well...I'M HERE! As an intern!

Leon: Ohhhhh....................

Mech: (CONF) Leon likes Zoey who likes Fly who likes Natalia who has a secret admirer and then there is Keyshia who doesn't like anyone while Jamie likes Alex and Kate likes me... WHAT????

Leon: *Yawns again*

Jamie and Kate: *jumping up and down* I MISSED YOU! NO I MISSED YOU! NO I DID!

Leon: Now is it going to be Gramps or Max next.

Mech: Like I said, EXACTLY the same.

Leon: And I thought the first was insain when I quit.

Mech: Katie here is what I call them.

Kate: Mechy! *runs over to him* Hey, hey, hey, hey! *hugs him* I never got to formally HELLO! *kisses him* Omigosh. *smirks* Oops.

Leon: A letter.

Mech: Ok...I guess if that is your formal way of saying hello. What's up?

Leon: *opens it*

Kate: I MISSED YOU, STUPID! *kisses Mech*

Mech: Glad. I was thinking of you while I was doing push ups in prison. *snickers*

Leon: WHAT *about letter*

Kate: Thanks. I feel loved.

Mech: Is that a break up letter from Zoey?

Leon: Max is getting merried again!

Mech: To who?

Leon: Stef.

Zoey:*walking in the forest*

Leon: And why would Zoey brake up with me?

Kate: *looks nervous* No reason. NOW LEAVE MECH AND I ALONE!

Leon: Why would I listen to you?!

Mech: Zoey likes Fly!!!! There I said it.

Leon: *starts to get dizzy and falls*

Mech: Uh..I guess he didn't take that lightly.

Kate: *laughs* He's going to feel THAT in the morning.

Mech: Hey, Kate. Do you wanna compete instead of being an intern?

Zoey:Courtney will in *counts*3 or 4 season

Leon: Zoey

Mech: *listeneing* This is gonna be juicy.

Leon: Do you still like me?

Zoey:*runs away*AHH

Mech: ...what happened?

Zoey:*running in the water like DJ(XD)**gurgling*AHH

Mech: (XD) *in Heather's mask* What? I'm not THAT ugly.

Zoey:*Around the world*AHH*bumps into Mech*Owww

Leon: (CONF) That was a no !

Keyshia:(CONF) oh my starting to doubt this season. to many crazies up in here

Leon: Key he should of just kept the old people.

Keyshia: well i mean the new people are cool, but there kinda crazy

Leon: Kinda?

Keyshia: true, but we had crazy people last time like abrahm

Mech: And Draven...

Leon: And others.

Zoey:*gets up*Who are you?

Keyshia: ............are you ok?

Zoey:You seem nice what's your name

Keyshia: uhhh my names keyshia. do you have amneisa zoey?

Leon: Zoey lost her memory.

Keyshia: how?

Zoey:*looks at Fly,Mech,and Leon*You guys are cute

Leon: Zoey you are my girlfriend.

Keyshia: idk if shes gonna believe you

Zoey:I don't know you

Leon: You lost your memory.


Barrel: yaaaaaay less drama XI

Keyshia: no this is gonna cause more drama

Leon: Does this jog you memories? *kisses her*

Mech: Ooh...drama. *evil smile*

Keyshia: whats wrong with your face mech? it looks messed up

Leon: His evil face.

Mech: Oh...I was trying to scare Zoey. Anyways...who's gonna go next?

Kyle: Im just not ready for relationship and there's only one person that I hate....It's not you, not MEch, not even Keyshia.....It's the guy who killer my girlfriend and my family....

Fly:What's wrong with Zoey?


Kyle: Hmm....

(Crag:Vote above if you haven't already)

Zoey:I didn't lose umm what's it called mem whatever

Keyshia: then why cant you remember anything?

Fly:Can you remember anyone?

Kyle: She thinks that im Leon...

Keyshia: ? thats awkward

Kyle: *playing guitar*

Mech: ...ok then.

Jamie: Wow....

Kate: So...this is awkward.

Mech: There's too little drama right now. *yawns*

Kate: Just kiss me already! I'm tired of waiting. *kisses him*

Jamie: Wow....that's amazing.....and REALLY weird.

Kyle: *playing guitar* I heard that Mech have two girlfriends, it's so unfair!

Mech: Why is it unfair Kyle? And two? What?

Kyle: you remember me from User Drama Island? And two yes! Kate and Courtney!

Kate: But NOW he has me. Is that enough?.....

Jamie: Oy.

Kyle: Umm...yeah...none of my bussiness....


Crag:With 4 votes against hmi we say adios to our residential ghost expert

Day 4

Crag:Last time, we had a war. Kyle threatened me so his team lost. We obtained a new intern who caused drama and in the end we send good-bye to MGP

Kyle: *glares at Crag*

Karl: Come on TEAM!! Lets win this challenge

Kate: So Crag, my first job?

Kyle: *takes knife*

Mech: Kyle...what are you doing?

Crag:*thinks*Your going to cause drama! You have to kiss someone in a relationship and not Mech, Kate >:D

Kyle: ...

Kate: But I have Mechy. Is that cool with you Mechy? *applies lipstick*

Mech: Only if you choose...*evil smile* Fly.

Kyle: Phew...(CONF: After that accident I won't kiss anyone...)

Kate: Duh! I mean that will hurt Zoey AND Nat. Your so evil! *kisses Mech and runs off* OH FLY!!!

Kyle: Poor Fly..I need to do something...

Fly:Um, yes Random Gothic Intern?

Kate: *with long streight brown hair* I need to talk to you 'bout something 'portant!


Kyle: *prepares to throw dirty sock at Fly's mouth*

Kate: *moves closer* Sooo...which lipstick? Cherry or strawberry?

Mech: *snickering*

Kyle: *throws dirty sock at Fly, but misses* Fly!

Mech: *evil glare* No Fly, stay. Everything will be fine...

Fly:*backs away*Umm why?

Kyle: *tackles Fly away from Katie and accidently kisses her* Ugh no!

Mech: Aww...I wanted it to be Fy. But Kyle's fine. He will have to deal with IZZY!

Kyle: *knocks out Mech*

Kate: You taste like socks. And don't worry Kyle! It's on tape! *runs away*

Mech: *wakes up* Ow...Kyle!!!!!!

Kyle: *vomits* Ugh...she dont know how to kiss...

Mech: *looks angry* What did you say Kyle???

Kyle: Ugh...*takes knife*

Mech: *takes out machete* Don't go there Kyle.

Kyle: Where?

Barrel: you can burn the Kyle, but dont burn the forest thats where i smoke my hookah's!

Kyle: Ah...fine kill me!

Kate: Well....*kisses Mech* Have fun murdering Kyle! *skips off* FLY?!?!

Mech: (CONF) She already kissed Kyle...why does she wanna see Fly???

Fly:*hides under bed*(xD)I don't think I should be talking to her, Kyle advised tyo stay away

Kyle: She wants to leave Natalia and Zoey heartbroken...

Mech: I hope Fly doesn't find my secret plans under the bed... (XD)

Barrel: Refills hookah with juice.. wow so much drama..

Kate: *finds Fly and pulls him out from under bed* Hey! Sup Fly-Fly?

Kyle: *trows Flyin boys cabin*

Mech: (CONF) I wonder what Kate's TRUE personality keeps on switching.

Kate: *at Crag's trailer* Having full acsses to the confessional RULES!

Mech: (CONF) SHe sometimes feels like a flirty annoying... *sees camera leading to Crag's trailer* Uh.... *leaves*

Kyle: *pushes Kate out of Crag's trailer and locks the door*

Kate: Dude! What's your damage?

Fly:(CONF)I wonder why it would leave Zoey heartbroken

Mech: He was probably had his brain chewed up an spit out and got thrown down a sewer, got called names and then laughed. Or he is just weird.

Kyle: Dude, I know why you choosed Fly...

Lona: >_>

Kate: *unlocks confessional and walks in* Oh HEY Fly! I'm SO sorry!

Barrel: OoO wow lona you really are a loner you havent talked in a loooong time!

Kyle: ...*goes to CONF* Fly will have problems...

Fly:*in CONF*If you are, could you leave?

Mech: Hmm...this is a little too weird...

Kyle: Hmm....*playing guitar*

Kate: *kisses Fly* Oops! *runs out* MECH! I did it! DRAMA!!!

Kyle: *looks at Zoey and Natalia* They look angry...

Fly:Why me? And why does Zoey look angry?

Mech: *rolls eyes* Good for you.

Kyle: Fly..*whispers* Zoey likes you...

Kate: *looks sad* What's wrong Mech? *kisses him*

Fly:*laughs loudly*Funny stuff..

Kyle: *rolls eyes* (Why did my computer writed line from another camp?)

Fly:Damn, you're crazy

Kyle: Rolling eyes is crazy?

Fly:Meh...(CONF)*laughing*So apparently Frosti likes Natalia and Zoey likes me*falls over laughing*

Lona:*snaps* I'VE BEEN ANYLIZING THIS OCMPETITION ANDAparently we have a little hypocrite. Kate how's Flys mouyth taste? Kate. I've seen every show you have been on and geuss what. You've locked lips with almost every guy. So kissing people makes you a fan favorite. wrong I went to the voters poll and found this out. They hate *galeres* Your *gets in her face and pushes her down* Guts. *sighs and sits down again*

Kate: *gets up* I....but...*runs away crying*

Jamie: *glares at Lona* Your a BAD PERSON! Kate! *runs after Kate*

Fly:*laughing hysterically*

Jamie: *comes back* Kate wants to be alone. *glares at everyone* Don't blame KATE. Do you know what she's been threw? Fly. *glares at him* She didn't WANT to kiss you. Blame Crag. *glares at Lona* AND YOU. I thought you were miss "to cool for anyone." Miss. "to EMO to care about anyones problems." SO KNOCK IT OFF!

Barrel: wow i guess we finnaly found someone more evil then Mech :I

Jamie: *turns to Barrel* And YOU! All you do is SMOKE! Your CLINICLY INSANE! Why are you even HERE!!?!? If you don't like drama, don't be in a show BASED AROUND DRAMA!

Lona: * spits gum into Jamie's hair* Have fun getting out that one It took five packs! *smirks and goes away wiht her middle finger pointing back at them.* (Lona is supposed to be a bad person :P*

Barrel: *gulps* *runs to forest* IM GOING BACK TO MY MUSHROOM!

Jamie: OH NO YOU DIDN'T! *takes razor and fallows Lona* Hey Lona! *takes off half her hair* YOU...YOU...(long cursing). *walks away*

Lona:*puts on hood* It's on * ROundhouse kicks Jamie sending her to the ground* DOn't *pauses* Mess*steps on her chest* With Lona* *stomps hard on her stomach*

Jamie: *grabs her foot and pulls sending her flying to the ground* It's SO on. *quickly pins her with one hand on neck and other grabing the rest of her hair* What now? *rips off some of the rest of her hair*

Lona:* Grabs Jamie by the neck and slams her onto the ground and shaves a line of hair right down her head* ENOUGH YOU LITTLE PRINCESS GO GET A LIFE * picks Jamie up and throws her into the confessional and then locks itand pushes it on the ground*

Jamie: (CONF) *bleeding and sniffling* I will NOT cry. Mainly sence I will be here for, like, ever. *sniffs* I...I failed. Kate.....I'm sorry. *punches wall and makes a dent*

Izzy: *runs to lona beats the crap out of her till she bleeds and crys*

Barrel: (CONF) i guess this show is gonne be changed to Pg 14 instead of parental guidance...

Lona:* Grabs Izzy Pulls her down to the ground* You and I both know that you don't belong here. SO go along nowq * pushes her a

Izzy: *beats the crap out of Lona till she bleeds* Haha you ******* villian *rips off all of her hair* haha


Jamie: (CONF) Alex!?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!!?!?!? HELP ME! *punches wall*

Lona: *throws lighter at the confessional yet it lands right next to it* It will burn eventually

Jamie: (CONF) *sniffs* What smells like hambergers?.....*sees smoke*........crap.........

Alex:(Conf):Jamie I'm here..........*Notices that he locked the door on him*DAMN!!!!

Lona: Wow. How lucky. *smirks* for me.

Barrel: stop with the deaths people *opens confessional door* why do people always almost die *goes back to forest*

Jamie: Thanks Barrel. *hops out*

Alex*Contacting agency*

Mech: *tackles Lona* DONT YOU SAY THAT ABOUT KATE!!!

Alex:*Calling Agency to arrest Lona*

Blona: How'd you guys not notice that the real Lona's over there *points to the real Lona drawing in her notebook* By. Tell Sis i love her *flips onto a ladder*

Real Lona: *shrugs* Beats me. arrel: looks like Lonas out of the game :T

Alex:Well she needs some solitary confinement!

Jamie and Kate: Boyfriends are SO great!

Interns:*break everyone up*If ANY of you come anywhere near or even to each other! You will be eliminated


Barrel: O_O

Mech: (CONF) Do I like Kate? Sorta. But dp I trus her? No!!! She's kissed 20 guys here!!!


Kate: (CONF) It's been ONE day and I'm ALREADY pissed off by Crag!

Mech: Kate...we need to talk. Miss Kissing everyone on the Show...


Kate: What's up Mechy, baby?

Alex:*Gets a video camera*


Intern:*to Kate and Mech*Separate or "Mechy" and Jamie will be eliminated!

Barrel: (CONF) two elimination alot less drama! XD

Kate: I'm an intern! I'm not even compeating!

Jamie: *playfuly* Thank god!

Keyshia: you sista's are just made for each other

Jamie and Kate: Really? I mean HER? That...THING?

Keyshia: how can you 2 just go from being playful to hating each other right now?

Jamie and Kate: BECAUSE! We're sisters! That's OUR thing!

Keyshia: stop speaking together its getting annoying!

Kate: Sorry.

Jamie: Yeah. Sorry Key.

Kate: I already said that!

Jamie: So? I didn't!

Fly:*facepalms*Idiots wow

Kate and Jamie: SHUT UP! NO YOU! FLY! *they glare at him* WE ARE NOT IDIOTS! Well SHE is.

Keyshia: ok im walking away now cause this is giving me a migrane. *walks away*

Fly:*backs away**whispers*Good luck to any unfortunate soul on your team

Lona: Ha! You all didn'rt even know that the real Lona is over there.

Real Lona:* Has duck tape on he rmotuth*

???: BYE! * flips into a random helicopter and it flies away*

Lona::*screas muffeled noises*

Natalia: *untapes Lona* this place is so messed uP!

Keyshia: *runs over to lona and natalia* who the heck was that???

Natalia: Ugh, i have a headache now.

Keyshia: why? i had one earlier cause of those two sisters jamie and kate

Kate: What just happened?

Jamie: We don't know.

Natalia: Do you just make out with anyone Kate?

Keyshia:(CONF) oh i forgot fly is natalia's bf...oh this is gonna be tense

Kate: I'm an intern. I don't like Fly. I have Mech.

Mech: Kate...I'm breaking up with you...again. Youre too crazy.

(Gwen: Please make Kate go for Fly, There is gonna have to be a break up that more major)

Keyshia: ima just step outta the way so im not in the middle of the fight........

Kate: Shocker. *rolls eyes* I did NOT expect that.

Natalia: Im goin 2 Key, this is messed up.

Mech: See? You don't even care Kate. *rolls eyes* See ya.

Zoey:I'm soo confuse

Kate: I care Mech. I love you. BUT I knew you would hurt me...again. So I was prepared.

Zoey:Umm what?

Keyshia: great. now kate will go kiss or take someones bf, and mech will turn evil. just what we needed

Zoey:I'm soo confuse

Kate: *to Zoey* Shocker.

Jamie: You ok Kate?


Mech: I Don't even know you anymore!!!! You don't even care...kissing everyone in sight.

Zoey:So your going back to Court?

Mech: Until Kate shapes herself up again...

Barrel: (CONF) Kate's gonna be a future hooker :T

Kate: Mech....I love you. I won't kiss anybody else. I promise! Except you.

Keyshia: awwwwwwwwwwZ

Zoey:Don't say that shell never kiss her mom and dad when they are old!

Keyshia: we need a lie detector for kate

Mech: And Kate...don't sing. Crag says he is kicking out anyone that sings.

Keyshia: how are you guys good again already?

Mech: Ooh...someone's a little jealous Keyshia. *laughs*

Keyshia: im not jealous i just dont get how you break up but then your back together in like 5 minutes!

Mech: I never said we are together yet. *rolls eyes* I need some time away from her before I decide.

Zoey:K bye!
Keyshia:(CONF) im starting to like all this drama. its so intense

Kate and Jamie: See yeah Mech.

Zoey:What the?

Mech: (CONF) I need help...

Keyshia:(CONF) why did jamie say see ya?

ZoeyL:*sinda Mech camera*I'll help Mech!

Kate: (CONF) Mech's AMAZING! And I love him...WHY??!?!

Jamie: (CONF) My sister has problems.

Keyshia:(CONF) what? jamie thinks kate has problems. dude i bet there whole family has problems

Zoey:*through camera*Are you with Jamie in the CONF

Jamie: (CONF) Key is the only one that hasn't gone insane.........*bursts out laughing*

Keyshia:(CONF) zoey im in here alone i was talking to the camera people.

Zoey:*through camera*Oh HI

Keyshia:(CONF) hi zoey! *to camera people* she said i was the only one not insane then laughed.....weird. haha i love you camera people!

Zoey:*through the camera*Umm I'm bored

Keyshia:(CONF) well that stinks. i dont know how to help you zoey

Zoey:*through camera*Hmm I'll tell Crag to get us a challenge

Keyshia:(CONF) thats a good idea

Zoey:*through camera*K bye*gets out*

Keyshia: crag whens the challenge?

Zoey:*yelloing*Courtney's on

Keyshia: what? whats she on?


Keyshia: whoa is it for her singing?

Zoey:New song "Follow Your DReam*"

Jamie: *mutters: Like my song "Your Dreams"* I mean. YIPEE for you!

Keyshia: do i sense some jealousy from you jamie?

Jamie: Not at all. *takes out CD's* Here. I'm FAMOUS. I've been on MTV.....

Kate: 39 times!

Jamie: Thanks Kate!

Zoey:Umm she becam famous last week..

Kate and Jamie: Courts a wonderful singer! Her succses is AMAZING. We are happy for her! And blah blah blah.

Keyshia: ok you started off nice, but got very mean with those blah's

Jamie and Kate: *high fives*

Kate: Well....we ARE happy.

Jamie: Sorta'. I mean I LOVE to sing!

Kate: And the's the BEST singer I know, is my very own sister!

Zoey:You hate my sister!*tear in eye*I H?ATE YOU!


Jamie: Seesh.

Zoey:(CONF)I wish Kate was never here she ruins everything!

(CONF)Alex:Hmmm drama!!!

Kate: As an intern I have full acsses to the confessionals...Zoey.

Jamie: What did she say?

Kate: *whispers to Jamie*

Jamie: That's MEAN!

Zoey:You were fine alone Jamie untill Kate came !

Alex:Jamie's still fine!

Jamie: Yeah. And I broke up with my boyfriend just because I liked my friends boyfriend. *rolls eyes* My boyfriend and I are perfect. And I think Nat and Fly are happy together!

Alex:*Sad eyes* What about me?

Jamie: I love you, stupid. *kisses him*

Alex:YAY!!!*Kisses Jamie accidently dropping Agency DS gadget while doing so*

Keyshia: whats that?

Zoey:Why are you being mean to ME!?*crys*

Keyshia: *comforts zoey* dont listen to those two. there both idiots, dont worry

Alex:Sees DS on ground*NOOOOOO-

  • Island Blows up*
  • Zoey:*sniffs*Okay


Kate: I'm sorry Zoe. Really sorry. *puts in earbuds* Wow..Jamie is a good singer.

Jamie: Yeah, Key. You were my FIRST friend! EVER!

Keyshia: yea i did call you an idiot cause ever since kate's been here, you changed. this is not the real you

Jamie: Fine.....I'll shy.....awkward self.....

Keyshia: you were never awkward. its just when kate came, you were just absorbed with her, and you started tormenting your friends like zoey

Mech: Tormenting? Like that word.

Keyshia: shush mech im having a deep conversation

Barrel: *reading book* oh hello there fellow viewers we are having difficulties.... because the island blew up and theres still drama going on! *turns off all cameras*

Mech: *on without cameras* Deep conversation? boring.

Keyshia: mech dont you think jamie has changed ever since kate got here?

Jamie: Fine....I guess. But people change. Tell that to Zoey. I thought she had amnesia for a miniute....Or Kate! Who is never the same person!

Keyshia: i know everyone changes, but i just want you to be the real you. is it the shy, nervous one who i friended at the beginning, or is it the more loud, and different you right now. or is there a whole other you

Izzy: *turns on all of the cameras* I love kyle so much *runs to kyle and kisses him*


Izzy: *turns on all of the cameras and uses an spell so they can't turn off*

Mech: She has changed. She's less crazy than her sister now.

Keyshia: true. ok jamie i guess i was outta line calling you an idiot, i was just comforting zoey

Mech: Does Zoey have amnesia? Or is she faking it?

Keyshia: i have no idea. she couldnt remember anyhting, but then she could, so i have no idea

Mech: Zoey's always been weird...

Keyshia: yea but shes so nice and my friend!

Lona: *listening to bulavard of broken dreams and drawing in her notebook (COnf) If someone found out what I write in m notebook I'd be ruined forever

Mech: (CONF) *sees notebook* Boring. *throws in trash*

Keyshia:(CONF) i think i lost an earing in the trash! *looks through trash and finds notebook* lona's. ehh i would look through it but shes a freak! *throws back in trash*

Izzy: *runs to everyone* Your on TV guys

Lona:*reaches for notebook and doesn't find it* No no no! That had my darkest secrets. *screams*

Keyshia: *walks by* dont worry, its in the trash can in the confessional. i found it but i didnt look through it cause thats not right

Mech: I skimmed it, but it looked boring.

Lona: It looked boring? That held secrets about me that if someone knew I'd be broken! It had pictures about my life since the fire! And you looemd through it! *Glares at Mech*

Frosti: I cant take the guilt no more! I gotta let it out!

Keyshia: let what out?

Frosti: I cant take the guilt no more! I gotta let it out!

Lona: Your nuts

Mech: *rolls eyes* We all know you like Natalia, Frosti.

Izzy: *SPIT**SPIT*SPIT Im Rapping

Kyle: *rolls eyes*

Fly:Woah, Kyle, did Izzy kiss you?

Kyle: No.

Natalia: What Frosti?

Lona: I'm gonna take a nap

Crow * Picks up Lona's Note book and drops it in front of the others.* Pecks at it and then flys away*

Time Portal Opens In The Sky And ABRAHM Falls Out

Abrahm: Dinosaurs....creepy cavepeople......mommy.

Andre (CONF): *barfs* I'm of crows *runs to the boys cabin and hides*

Fly:Not Abrahm*facepalms*

Mech: So...Fly...Kate huh? *nudges*

Kate: Let me get this streight: Jamie and Alex are dating, Leon likes Zoey, while Zoey likes Fly, while Natalia and Fly are dating, and Frosti likes Natalia, I like Mech, Mech likes no one, and Lona's gone CRAZY, and Abrahm is back, am an intern, but my sister is compeating. Is this correct?

Jamie: Yeah. Pretty much.

Mech: *rolls eyes* Duh. Obviously.


Jamie and Kate: I'm not a freak! SHE'S a freak! I am not! STOP THAT! STOP COPING ME!

Mech: No, she's calling ME a freak. *rolls eyes* I've been called worse.

Keyshia: you guys are a bunch of lunatics. i was calling abrahm a freak

Kate: I've been called you. *smirks*

Keyshia:(CONF) what is it with these people? they've all gone completely crazy in like 1 day! am i really the only sane one?

Mech: I've never cursed at you Kate...or called you anything worse than "freak"

Kate and Jamie: Yes you have!

Keyshia:*rolls eyes* jamie he was talking to kate not you

Mech: They share a brain so it doesn't make a difference.


Kate and Jamie: Share a brain? WITH HER? Oh puh-lease!

Keyshia: then why do you always talk at the same time?

Mech: (CONF) Kate now has NO personality. That's why I broke up...again.

Kate: *rolls eyes* Jamie and I are SISTERS. It's our thing. Besides, we are, like, COMPLEATLY, diffrent.

Jamie: Yeah! She's taller, prettier, can make people laugh......*sighs*

Kate: JAMIE! Don't think like that. You have Alex and I one. I am NOT prettier than you, that I swear!

Keyshia: *rolls eyes* why dont you 2 go have your little love fest somewhere else

Kate: Ohhhh Keyshia! You've become like....Mech. (CONF) If she even TRYS!

Mech: Like the attitude Keyshia. You two still share a brain.

Keyshia: at least i know who i am kate, and i sont hang on to my sister!

Kate: *wide eyed* But....I...GAH! NOW YOU'VE ALL GONE CRAZY! *storms off*

Jamie: Yikes...that was NOT good.

Mech: I knew she would go crazy. *rolls eyes*

Keyshia: *laughs* its all a matter of time before the weak ones crack

Jamie: Guys! What do you mean GONE crazy? *snickers* She was ALREADY crazy.

Mech: Yup. She's STILL crazy.

Lona: *laughs then a copter comes and takes her* THIS MAKES NO SENSE I'M THE STAR I'M THE oh forget it* Unknown: *comes out of the forest* Remember me. Your old buddy. It's FACE! *smirks evily at the sight of his enemies*


Crag:Comedy, each tem select one person to do a routine

Keyshia: uhh whos funny on our team? i choose mech!

Mech: *rolls eyes* I'm not funny. I think Keyshia should go instead!

Face: I vvolunteer for my team. I have the perfect Idea.

Keyshia: i say jamie for our team! face what team are you even on?

Crag:Where's Lona? Was she just a Lon-er?*chuckles*Anyway, you, Reginald, your on Team Mighty Panthers or sometihng

Face: Te mighty panthers eh? Huh think you'd think of something cololer :P

Mech: I have an idea. We could do a parody of how crazy everyone is here.

Izzy: Pick me guys I'm funny Izzy: Pick me guys I'm funny Izzy: Pick me guys I'm funny

Fly:I thikn we'll pick the new guy.. Sorry Iz

Keyshia: ohh what do you mean mech?

Jamie: Me? But...Sure I guess.

Mech: Like, we can make fun of how everyone here turned insane

Izzy: Ok fine but pick me if you have to ok

Barrel: Just pick Jamie she's not that serious like Mech and Kate *puts lighter on dynamite*

Keyshia: do you think you can do it jamie?

Jamie: Ok! Sure! *on stage* What do you call it when celeberties hike?....A Star Trek!

Zoey:I don't get it?

Crag:Jamie, that was soo bad! So bad that you lose! Again, but there is a switch of teams, Team Mighty Panthers get to take three people from your team and replace three of their own

Zoey:What do you call a girl who doesn't remember anything!ME

Jamie: WAIT! I have ONE more!....If Zoey's brain was an iPod it would be a shuffle!

Fly:You really have amnesia Zoey? you don't even remember Leon-I mean Lion?

Mech: Jamie's jokes are so bad that they make Popsicle jokes sound good!

Jamie: Well Mech is so slippery that even BP went WTF?!?

Zoey:I don't gert it?..

Mech: *rolls eyes* Why am I not surprised?

Zoey:Becuase you have no brain!

Keyshia: *laughs* oh this is to funny


Fly:Hey zoey, I thikn we should take Keyshia, and Mech and Jamie to vote the last two out...

Zoey:What do you mean?

Karl: I think Me Zoey and Natalia should switch teams

Bill:What i miss

Fly:Why wolud we do that Karl?

Face: Go idiot. Go we could win! Why did The skeloton NOT CRoss the road? He didn't have any guts! What do you call Mech and Kate? Dumb and DUmber * smirks* WHat ddo you get When you mix a porcupine with Theese loosers? Ouch! *winks*

Zoey:That's not nice

Karl: IDK FLy sorry i didnt include you , i just thuoght you would stay safe i will not be safe because people are mean unlike me and might vote me out!

Fly:But Natalia is my girlfriend and Zoey is one of my friends


Kyle: Are you sure?

Zoey:What do you mean?

Karl:Sorry Fly they are my friends too! I think we should be friends! :P because i think we are a lot alike

Fly:How? Your a ladies man and I'm the opposite

Zoey:I'm soo confuse right now

Karl: well you do have a girlfriend! and it's justi mean we have the same friends!

Fly:Have youeven talked to any single girl here? and fine, we can be friends... I suppose...

Karl: I have actually i just want some friends that's all ad i think you would be a pretty cool person

Mech: (CONF) People here hate me bacause of Kate. But we broke up!!! Got it???

Jamie: (CONF) This is SO confusing.

Kate: (CONF) I. Hate. Everyone.

Mech: *listening to Kate's CONF* Duh...WOAH!!! *accidetnly falls in* Oops...

Kate: (CONF) GAH! Mech! Sheesh! *helps him up* Smooth move! *chuckles*

Karl: (CONF) i remember what happened on user drama island MEch is okay we made up after that we are like best friends now!

Mech: (CONF) Ugh...sorry Kate. Just being myself and overhearing confessionals.

Kate: (CONF) Don't sweat it! I'm just being myself and hating the world.

Mech: (CONF) Can we get out of here? I'm feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Kate: (CONF) But, Omigosh! I didn't lock the door?

Crag:Hmm, I don't want you influencing so*knocks Fly out*So, the rest of Team Mighty Panthers, take three people from Team Losers and give them three of you own. And nobody else talk!

Izzy: I want Mech and Keyshia on are team

Kyle: Ugh...

Karl: umm i know we want Keyshia, Mech and Jamie but who should we give away

Karl: we'll give away Lona, Mark and Bill if everyone agrees

Fly:*wakes up*I think we should keep Face and give Sierra(Lona is now Face)

Karl: Okay we'll give away sierra and keep face

Crag:Okay, time to vote


Mech: Wait...what team am I on?

Keyshia: yea who switched teams?

Crag:You two and Jamie are on Team MP and Bill, Sierra and Mark are on team Losers

Face:Believe me team I can help I can help real well *snickers* (Conf) First I earn their trust then I turn them against each other

Keyshia: (CONF) oh no. i dont like being on a new team. they might get rid of me

Kyle: *from Mech's camera* Uh...your dead Face!

Fly:Hey Face, *whispers*We're voting Mech and Jamie out next, can you help?

Keyshia: uhh which team has to vote?

Crag:Team Losers, loser

Keyshia: YES!!!! thats means because of my switch i dont have to vote

Natalia: Yay KEy! were on the same team!

Mech: But I'm sure that we only came over here because we are "threats"

Karl: No! I picked you because you are in are alliance remember me you Keyshia Jamie and Zoey!

Mech: I'm talking about Face and Fly. Don't trust them...

Fly:So I'm next?

Face: *roll eyes and punches Mech to the ground* Go make out with Kate. Oops sorry she's making out with someone else at the moment *smirks*

Kate and Jamie: OH NO YOU DIDN'T! *punches Face* Adios, Face. You are SO gone.

Face: My mom doesn't let me play with loosers. So sorry * sticks tounge out*

Karl: If you have a problem with Mech and Kate CONFRONT ME YOU LITTLE **** you are so going home! Because i will stand up for my friends!!

izzy: *walks to Face* Face you suck and I will vote you off when we lose *sticks her middle finger at him*

Kate: Izzy and Karl are RIGHT! So Face, CHILL OUT!

Fly:Actually, I think Mech is in the wrong, and Face simply pointed it out.

Kate: Oh, go make out with Nat, if she's not making out with Frosti.

Jamie: Uhhhh...Kate. That's kinda mean.

Kate: Are you with ME or FLY?!?!

Jamie: Uhhhhh...I don't know! Stop fighting MECH'S fight!

Fly:That reminds me...Where is Frosti anyway?

Natalia: OH That does it. I am NOT a two-timer!

Abrahm: Can you be? Im still not over you.

Natalia: For the millionth time Abrahm, NO!

Jamie: YEAH! I'm with my FRIENDS!

Kate: Really? Not with your SISTER?

Jamie: I'M DONE LISTENING TO YOU! *stands next to Natalia*

Kate: *rolls eyes* Whateves. Have fun in "Happy Cute Land"! *jumps up and down* WHERE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! *sneers* Joy.


Mech: Natalia...stop it!! And you too Kate... god are there any sane people left?

Kate: Mr.Death Trap! Mr. BREAK YOUR HEART!.....whatever.

Jamie: That's her weekness! MECH'S HER WEEKNESS!............oops.........

Keyshia: smooth move jamie! NATALIA WERE ON THE SAME TEAM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie: That was kinda clumsy.


Jamie: Yes! I'm not sister's with a crazy girl!!

Zoey:I'm sane!I think.

Natalia: Im sane. I was greatly offended by being called a cheater.its called bing human. So sorry about it. AND KEYSHIA OMG!

Jamie: Yeah, sorry bout that Natalia. Kate offends a LOT of people.

Zoey:Sorry Jamie for all that drama friends?

Natalia: hug?

Leon: *Yawns*

Zoey:YES!*hugs Jamie and Natalia

Natalia: Leon! whats up my brotha? *knuckles

Jamie: Sure! *hugs them*

Leon: Another letter.

Natalia: Is it from Spy Guy?

Abrahm: Natalia, Will you marry me?


Abrahm: Please?

Natalia: no.....

Abrahm: C'mon, ill make the pouty face that u think is so cute.

Natalia: I dont think anything about u is cute!


Natalia: I would prefer u to be upside down with your face to the floor. Now please leave me alone

Abrahm: PLEASE!

Natalia: NO!

Mech: Natalia...ooh. You've got some drama.

Jamie: I'll help. HEY ABRAHM! Kate told me she has a crush on you!


Kyle: *laughts* But she loves Mech!

Mech: *frowns* See what Kate has turned into?

Kyle: Yeah....

Face: Next she'll have a crush on me. Believe me if she did I be flattered but ther girls off her nut.

Kyle: *glares at Face*

Face:*looks donw* No I'm wearing pants! Kyle why you staring at me. Wait a minute. Your from that competition I was an unpayed intern in!

Kyle: I heard your confessional talk!

Fly:Kyle, leave him for now, we are voting out a big threat when we lose.

Jamie: You guys DO know I was kidding, right? Kate only likes Mech.

Mech: You guys do know I have a five person alliance? So DON'T try to vote me out.

Jamie: Guys, FACE is next. That guy was mean to Mech and Kate. Totally gone. *smirks* And, BTW, I think that Kyle might be a nice desision. He seems to like Kate, and that will ber VERY helpful.

Fly:Um, Mech insulted everyone! He insults you on a regular basis and he doesn't even like you! Face just stands up to him

Keyshia: Facer is ignorant. at least we all know mech, and we know he doesnt mean it. he's more valuable then face

Jamie: Agreed. And frankly, if I wasn't freinds with Nat, you'd be next Fly.

Fly:WE? Am I the only one who knows his history? He is evil to everyone he meets and yet he just acts like he was joking! I should know, he auditioned for season 1 and I saw his file*storms off*

Keyshia:(CONF) and so another one cracks. fly is slowly losing it. if he wasnt my friend, he would be in danger. its not good to have crazy people around. the weak ones always lose it. it's a shame, i bet he could've had a good chance of winning this time

Kate: *at Crag's trailer* So Crag. What's my next job? Make the prosses of everyone's MIND BEING LOST go faster?

Jamie: (CONF) Poor Fly. He's gone after Face. Maybe, if Nat doesn't convince me otherwise.

Fly:(CONF)He LABELED HIMSELF as a death trap! Why people think he is nice is beyond me, he's evil, evil little boy who has "ladies" somehow despite continually, like Kate would gladly make out with him and then he'd dump her

Keyshia:(CONF) if we lose the next challenge, this'll be a hard vote. do we vote fly who is slowly going insane, or do we vote out the threat face

Jamie: (CONF) I KNOW Mech is evil. From Kate. So, as soon as the game gets close, I turn on Mech. I tell Nat and Key wat Mech did to Kate, and how MUCH hurt her! Then HE'S gone! But right now, I need an alliance as much as Crag need's hair gel.

Natalia: (CONF) ugh, why does love life and competiton always have to rival eachother.

Keyshia:(CONF) ok i secretly agree with fly. ive known from day 1 that mech was evil. but i have to support my alliance till the merge, and then ill get people to turn on mech, so simple

Jamie:(CONF) Fly, Face, Mech, and Key have a VERY slim chance of winning. Key has none at all! The person with the GREATEST chance of winning is Natalia! Only because people like her! I have a so-so chance of winning, but that's better than NO chance.

Mech: Fly, you are wither with or against me. If you choose the latter, I can get Kate to start stalking you again...


Barrel: (CONF) looks like my team is now team quiet im probably gonna be the only one voting on my team so i vote Bill *smokes hookah*

Barrel: Crag can you just give meh my marshmallow and put Bill on the boat of losers :I

Zoey:Oooh did I win!

Leon: *wakes up* Did my team win?

Zoey:Eeeewww Barrel smokes

Alex:I vote Mech

Barrel: It's juice if you actually havent noticed :P

Andre: Did my team win

Barrel: Nope our team has been at the campfire for 2 hours, Crag wont show up

Andre (CONF): *votes Mech*

Barrel: Mech's not on our team anymore just vote bill :I

Crag:I guess I should send Bill home, bye Bill...

Day 5

Keyshia: hmmmmmmmm what to do

Face: Make us all happy and jump off a cliff? DOn't even think about voting me off. I am here for a reason. A reason that makes me industructable

Jamie: *starts jotting down things in notebook* Keyshia, what would you say if I said that I wanted to vote out Fly?

Keyshia: hmmm Face your a jerk, got the **** away. Jamie, i think it would be good cause he is kinda going crazy, but hes my friend so i cant do that!

Alex:*Drinking Salt Water*

Jamie: *nods and jots down a couple things* How about if...FACE goes?

Keyshia: he is a threat and veryyyyy annoying, and a jerk, so i think it would be best if he went first

Alex:Can I help you guys!

Jamie: *jots a few things down, snaps notebook shut, gets up and runs towerd Alex* HEY ALEX!


Mech: Guys, who is going home next?


Keyshia: *rolls eyes* alex your wrong, face is going home next

Jamie: *kisses Alex* She right. Face is going home, RIGHT?

Alex:Dudes I was making a joke!

Alex:(CONF) No I wasn't!

Fly:Why? Why we vote off someone who speaks the truth or someone who breaks hearts?

Zoey:Why don't you vote Barrel he smokes

Mech: Because I have the power alliance, duh.

Keyshia: Xoey barrel's not on our team! and fly, just go along with it. it'll work

Zoey:Who's on my team Keshia?

Fly:Why? I gave Mech a chance but he betrayed it by spreading rumours about my friends and by voting Face out it's not fair because I'm not giving him a chance

Keyshia: zoey everyone talking now is on your team. fly, go ahead and vote mech, but you and face will be the only ones

Zoey:So Fly Mech Jamie you and Alewx right!?

Keyshia: yup and natalia and some others but there not here right now

Barrel: if you see the chart Alex is not on your team, sadly. I was hoping i would be the only one talking on my team D:


Mech: So Fly...are you with me or against me?

Keyshia: nice eye barrel. thanks for telling us that

Zoey:What I'm confuse

Fly:So, I'm the only person to see Mech's deadly side?

Face: *stamds besides fly* Mech is a jerk along with the other three. Keyshai and Jamie. Prepare to loose. To the Dark side! I mean light side!

Fly:Umm, Keyshia is nice though

Mech: Ooh, two people against me. Such a threat. *snickers*

Keyshia: thank you fly. i just dont agree with what your saying

Jamie: I'm with them. Mech is....nice. *glances at Key*

Mech: Hey, the only reason I broke up with Kate is because I want a sincere apology is all.

Keyshia: *winks at jamie* yea mech is amazing thats why were by his side

Jamie: *smirks then frowns* An apology for WHAT? For hurting her....repeatedly?

Zoey;*looks around*I can't stand it!*falls on the ground*

Keyshia: zoey are you ok?

Zoey:*not even moving*

Keyshia: ummm i dont know what to do

Fly:*walks over and kneels over*Eeer, what happened?

Zoey:*still not moving*

Keyshia: she just collapsed outta nowhere

Fly:Have you tried anything? Like CPR? Maybe you should

Zoey:*still not moving...(XD)*

Keyshia: fine *does cpr to zoey*

Zoey:*moves a little*

Keyshia: *keeps doing cpr*

Mech: (CONF) Ok...look. I am a nice person inside. But on the outside, you can't show weakness!!!

Zoey:*moves a bit more*

Keyshia: *continues to do cpr* ughhh come on zoey

Zoey:*gets up*AHH I hade a horrible dream I wasn't rich or pretty*crys*

Keyshia: were you just sleeping?

Zoey:Huh?oh yeah(CONF)The best part was when me and Fly kissed

Barrel: so in her dream she was locking lips with Fly but in real life it was with Key (not trying to cause conflicts but its true O_o)

Keyshia: *laughs* barrel i wasnt giving her mouth to mouth

Zoey:(CONF)*embarrased*I'm not getting out here(BTW you don't know what happens in the CONF...)

Barrel: then you lucky, the fans wont be making those weird fan fiction pairings :T

Face: Hey! You're that Zoey from Melvin. *glares* Surprised that I'm here huh. Welp since you love fly so much. We're done. >_>

Zoey:I didn't even know you were here...

Keyshia: ohh that guy has got to go

Face: Shut it. *single tear roles down* I've had enough. From all of you * screams* VENDETTA! RUE THE DAY! ****!

Zoey:What i do?

Keyshia: oh my god we have another defective person. face is crazy

Face: *grabs Keyshia by the throat* Call me Crazy again and I wikll call the cops. And the producers. Heck I'll call the FBI! JUST LEAVE ME BE> AFTER THE BETRAYAL FOR ZOEY DREAMING SHE KISSED FLY! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! (conf) * cryimg* I hate my life! * has a scoop of Ice cream* Okay done. Now It's time for revenge.

Mech: Face, you're making more enemies than I am!!!

Face:Understood. I may have more enemies in the game. Yet how many people/fans are outside hmmmm?

Mech: Oh...I made sure that I have NO fans. I used to have over 20 mil but...intimidation got the best of them.

Keyshia: *coughing* what the f*** was that for? why the h*** did you just choke me?

Mech: Nice going, Face. Just choke a girl like that. *rolls eyes* Just be glad no one's in a relationship with her, otherwise they would beat you up.

Keyshia:(CONF) Face is dead

Face: I chocked you. Cause you were getting into my busieness with Zoey. ANd why do you Think i'm dead. WHy. I hold everythig this camp needs to survive No more romance No more drama like that. I'm talking strategic drama. Danger drama. The kind of drama people want. Not ooh I kissed a boy I'm such a cheater. I never take a shower! Nope. Not anymnore!

Keyshia: *gags* you dont take a shower? soooo gross!!! well your kinda out numbered so i'd like to see you try and survive

Jamie: One, EW. Two, GAH!

Mech: Agree with Key. There is no way Face can survive unless he teams up with us.

Keyshia: yup and thats why he's so dead

Jamie: So VERY, VERY dead.

Barrel: (CONF) as much as i hate to say it Face is right the strategic drama is alot more better then romance drama and by strategic drama im not talking about making a little alliance with your pals *smokes hookah*

Mech: Why is Barrel so weird???

Face: Sure you have me outnumbered by contestants. But which is Better having te contestants on your side or the PRODUCERS cause I have the latter. *smirks*

Jamie: My sister is an intern.

Leon: Everyone knows.

Mech: Why does everyone hate me? People a little jealous of my alliance? If you guys were smart, you would take me to the end, seeing as I would get no jury votes.

Zoey:Okay how do I do that?

Karl: (CONF) My plan...... is to STAY AWAY from DRAMA!!!! It will be terrible to have people hate me because i am nice and drama makes people mean!

Jamie: OY! YOU USE HIM! *looks at Mech* Not like I would, why would I do that? I'm not like that! I would never use someone? Am I talking like old Jamie? POTATOES! heh...

Mech: By the way, where'd Kate go? Is she traumatized?

Jamie: *smiling* She's over by the water. *points to a small river* When did that get there?

Abrahm: any you ladies due for a make out?

Natalia: *gets bag* and this is my "ud better run away bag" *pulls out baseball bat and beats it in her hand*

Abrahm: Ill be going

(Gwen: Awh man every body has funny lines, except for me.)

Mech: *at river* When was this here?

Barrel: im daydreaming about Katy Perry right now :D :D :D :D ( Barrel JJ: just watched SNL katy perry elmo clip :D)

Mech: Desperate much?

Barrel: you havent seen the video you dont know nothing yet! *sips juice*

Mech: Yea but that REALLY juice?

Barrel: what do you think idiot :I *goes back to cabin*

Mech: Definetly NOT. *backs away*

Zoey:I'm bored

Natalia: Dits.

Mech: Hey Natalia, now that we are on the same team, we should get to know each other.

Zoey:*draws family**smiles*I miss them!Espeicially COURTNEY*crys*

Mech: What's wrong? (CONF) I don't have too many friends...I need to get Natalia to at least not HATE me.

Zoey:*sniff*I miss my sis Courtney

Mech: She would want you to move on.

Zoey:Okay and how did you know you can read minds AHHH

Natalia: Its alright Zoey. You'll make it thorugh and see them soon. *comforts her*

Zoey:Your going to vote me OFF?

Natalia:Haha, no. thats not what i mean. maybe they will send you a video message or something.


Kyle: *rolls eyes*

Keyshia: yo whens the challenge gonna start?

Natalia: Yeah

Keyshia: hey girl

Natalia: Hey Key!

Keyshia: did you see how face tried to choke me?

Kyle: Face's a threat!

Keyshia: and he's a jerk to so thats why we should get rid of him if we lose!


Natalia: NObody, and i mean Nobody.... chokes my home girl. Face is down.

Crag:*hands Face immunity idol*Dude! You crack me up! But this is a one time thing...

Keyshia: Thanks for the support girl! and WHAT?!?! why did you give him that crag?

Zoey:I know WHY?

Kyle: *********

Mech: (CONF) *calls lawyers* If I go home because of this, this show will have a LOT of lawsuits.

Keyshia: Ok im calling an alliance meeting! who will we vote for now that face has the idol?

Mech: Fly, unless you object.


Natalia: Allisance?

Mech: Yea, it's me, Zoey, Keyshia, Jamie, and Karl. Wanna join?

Natqalia: Well diont a little skepticaal.......well for competioons sake, why not.

Kyle: ...

Natalia: Ci, count me in i guess.

Keyshia: Fly's helpful for the team, we should keep him. who else?

Mech: Hmm...who's left?

Zoey:Let's get barrle out!

Karl: I agree with Zoey Barreell is kinda shady

Keyshia: he's not on our team though

Barrel: (CONF) these people arrent noticing the facts the only person left on there team to eliminate is Izzy :I

Karl: how about Kyle!

Keyshia: is he in our alliance?

KarL: Nope! are alliance is Me, You, Jamie, MEch, Zoey, and now NAtalia

Zoey:How about Izzy?

Karl: no... Izzy is expendable we can do what we want with her! Kyle on the other hand... Won't listen to us

Zoey:He won't..?

Fly:(CONF)Mech is going down!

Zoey:I didn't know..that!

Keyshia: me either

Mech: I say we split the vote, so even if Face gives the idol to someone, our other target goes home.

Fly:*whispers*Hey Zoey, can you do me a giant favour? Vote out Mech! He's evil!

Keyshia: who should we plit the votes for?

Mech: Kyle and Izzy. Or Kyle and Fly. Or Izzy and Fly.

Keyshia: hmmmm i dont know which 2 people.

Jamie: Izzy and Fly. We need crazy and evil OUT!

Kate: *strolling* Hey-*thinking: Oh wait...they hate me*

Mech: *looks* Ugh...I better apologize. But how...

Keyshia: ok me, jamie and natalia will vote izzy. mech, zoey and karl vote fly

Zoeyl;Wait why not Izzy?

Mech: We're splitting the votes so the idol can't save them.

Keyshia: yea just in case face gives his idol to someone

Jamie: *looks at Mech* Just say what you need to say. SONG REFRANCE FTW! Did I just say that outloud?

Mech: Uh...Kate? I'm...uh...sorry? Is that the word?


Kate: *doesn't look at Mech* Cool.

Jamie: uhhhhh...crap.

Keyshia: ohh thats not good. she's giving him the cold shoulder

Barrel: (CONF) its official Mech isnt a antagonist anymore :T

Zoey:(CONF)Mech turn his back on evilness EEE he's a prota whatever but still he's good!

Fly:(CONF)Face has an immunity idol, they may split the votes, then 4 people could vote him out, and then, I'll not be tactical anymore

Zoey:So Fly Mech is evil?

Fly:I believe so...

Zoey:Okay but he said a nice word like sorry!

Mech: I did not!!! It was for...strategical purposes?

Zoey:So..*Lindsay's puppy dog eyes*you don't really mean it..

Mech: *rolls eyes* Fine, I meant it. But don't call me a protagonist, OK?

Zoey:EEE ok*hugs him*

Mech: Aren't you into Fly or something?

Zoey:What do you mean I can't hug anybody?

Kate: *looks at Mech* You...meant it? Really?


Mech: I mean...Yes!!! Well, UGH!!!

Zoey:*happy*Say yes

Mech: *sighs* Fine...yes. But don't go thinking I'm some softee now.


Kate: *gives Mech a kiss on the cheak* Oh course not. *walks away*

Mech: (CONF) Ooh...Kate is playing it cool because she thinks she is internally stronger. *rolls eyes* Like I said before...this is all

Zoey:*sings perfectly*I used to think maybe you loved me Now baby I'm sure I just can't wait till the day When you knock on my door Now everytime I go for the mail box Gotta hold myself down 'Cos I just can't wait till you write me You're coming around

I'm walking on sunshine Woah I'm walking on sunshine Woah I'm walking on sunshine Woah And don't it feel good

Hey Alright now And don't feel good Hey Alright now yeah

I used to think maybe you loved me I know that it's true And Don't wanna spend all my life Just waiting for you Just waiting for you No I don't want you back for a weekend Not back for a day No no no See baby I just want you back And I wan't you to stay

I'm walking on sunshine Woah I'm walking on sunshine Woah I'm walking on sunshine Woah And don't it feel good

Hey Alright now And don't it feel good Hey Alright now And don't it feel good

Walking on sunshine Walking on sunshine

I feel the love I feel the love I feel the love That's really real I feel the love I feel the love I feel the love That's really real

I'm on sunshine baby yeah I'm on sunshine baby yeah

I'm walking on sunshine Woah I'm walking on sunshine Woah I'm walking on sunshine Woah And don't it feel good

Hey Alright now And don't it feel good Hey Alright now And don't it feel good Hey Alright now And don't it feel good Hey Alright now And don't it feel good

I'm walking on sunshine I'm walking on sunshine I'm walking on sunshine I'm walking on sunshine I'm walking on sunshine I'm walking on sunshine

Mech: ZOEY!!!! NO!!! *covers her mouth* You get kicked out if you sing, remember??? Crag said it himself!

Zoey:*muffles*Really..I DIDN"T KNOW

Mech: I don't want anyone of our alliance leaving yet.


Mech: Oh...oops. *takes hand off of her mouth* Didn't remember that. (XD)

Zoey:*breaths*Thank you(XD)

Mech: Yeah...I just want to make sure that someone not in our alliance leaves and Fly sees what a threat I am and joins the alliance.


Mech: Yea...threat. Why is that wrong to say?

Zoey:You said you were a threat!AHHH*runs*

Natalia: (CONF)Voting of Fly..... I couldnt do it. i mean i know things havent been as awesome lately, and he never talks to me......or spends time with me......... Or responds........ Or kiss me.......... but i could have to do with his elimination.

Mech: Ok, are we all set for splitting the vote for Fly and Izzy?

Zoey:*still running away*

Natalia: (CONF) or hug me...... or really do anything that has to do with me.......... and its not like he cant, were on the same team.........................remind me again why im in this situation?

Mech: *outside* Hurry up...there are other people wanting to use the confessional. (XD)

Zoey:*in the water*AHHH

Natalia: *comes out* *mutters* or take a walk with me...... or sit thru training with me......

Mech: *tosses life jacket in water* Something wrong, Natalia?

Zoey:*comes from the other side and hits the CONF*Why is the purple dinosaur playing basketball?

Mech: (CONF) Play it cool...these people are semi-intelligent...AGH!!!!!

Natalia: I need to talk to someone....

Barrel: (CONF) Mech's kinda like a anti hero Face is the main antagonist its the true facts people *drinks caprisun*

Natalia: :/

Mech: Natalia, what's wrong? You dont seem too happy to be in a power it about Fly?

Jamie: *puts arm around Mech's sholder and shakes head* Kate's crazy 'bout you. Scratch that she's just crazy.

Mech: I doubt she even knows my existence anymore. *rolls eyes*

Jamie: *looks at him with an "Are you serious?" look* Really? She LOVES you. And frankly it makes me sick.

Mech: If she loves me, how come she always tries to get away from me???

Jamie: Does ANYTHING Kate do make sence?

Mech: She's crazy...but that's what is unique about her. If you excuse me, the idol isn't going to flush itself out. *goes to room and writes some stuff down*


Mech: *draws a picture of Natalia making out with Frosti* Ok...a little detail here...

nNatalia: ?

Kate: *suddenly appears behind Mech* I would make Natalia's hair a bit longer.

Mech: *hides picture* Hey guys...what's up?

Kate: *shrugs* Nothing much...

Mech: Oh...glad to here that NOTHING important is happening right now Kate.

Kate: *looks confused* What do you mean? *looks blank* I'm sick of your mind games Mech.

Mech: *hurt* You're sick of me? Ugh... *goes back to drawing*

Kate: Your only going to break my heart. So say what you need to say. So baby don't worry, you are my only, even if the sky is falling down. Down. (three songs!)

Mech: Like I said, *rolls eyes*, I only broke up because you were BARELY noticing my existence.

Kate: Yes, by kissing you, I didn't notice you were hear. That makes a HEAP of sence.

Mech: By kissing UNPASSIONATELY. I could've been Fly for all you know.

Kate: *looks really hurt* Fine....whatever. *gets up and walks away*

Mech: (CONF) I said sorry to her...and I tried to get back together...but she keeps denying! Ugh.

Kate: (CONF) I know I was kissing my Mech-y! I love him.

Mech: If you really hate me that much Kate...

Kate: I love you Mech, your the one that hates ME!

Mech: Me??? You're the one going to make out with Fly. At least I'm loyal!

Kate: Going to make out with Fly? I HATE Fly! I only like you! But you don't like me!!!

Frosti: I hat you guys! Tallie we ned to talk

Mech: *finishes picture* There we slip it into Frosti's pocket... *slips picture of Frosti and Natalia kissing in pocket*

Kate: *bites lip* Ok, your mean! *chuckles*

Mech: Mean? *grabs Kate* Am I being too mean for you?

Kate: As long as your not mean to me!

Keyshia: aww such sweet innocent love!

Mech: Sure...sweet and innocent.

Kate: I thought you'd comment on the love part! *kisses him*

Keyshia: you 2 are so cute together!

Mech: *kisses* Cute...might not be the best word to use. Ok...commenting on the love part.

Jamie: Awwwwww!

Mech: Kate...*gets on one knee* Will you... *laughs* Just kidding I'm no Maxwell!!

Kate: *chuckles* Thank god! *helps him up and gives him a kiss on the cheak*

Mech: *laughs* Were you scared for a second there?

Kate: I was scared. I was like, "Is he for REALS?" But THEN I was all, "Oh thank GOD!" *laughs*

Mech: Yea, there's no way that I would ever do THAT!!!! Anyways, how's the internship? Do you get payed?

Kate: *sighs* Crag, doesn't know what to do wit me! I'm just an intern. I haven't gotten payed, but I haven't really got a job yet...

Mech: Well, he didn't even pay the WINNER of last season so thi is probably a waste of your time. Maybe you can go back to your old career.

Kate: *chuckles* Can't get rid of me THAT easy. And I kinda like it here. (gtg! C U soon!)

Mech: (CONF) I do have a weakness besides lack if social skill...Kate. *sighs* If anybody figures this out, I'm done for! (Plat: See ya!)

Natalia: Uhm, ok Frost-Man.

Natalia: *picks up picture than fell outta Frosti's pocket* O.O........................... My hairs a little longer. And its actually Dark red. this Dark Brown isnt my actualcolor. Oh haha, im chattering. What the junk is this anyway?

Keyshia: why does frosti have a pic of you?

Mech: (CONF) Dang it!!!

Keyshia:(CONF) *sighs* i dont know how much longer ill be here. no body wants the previous winner to make it far

Mech: (CONF) I knew someone else should've done it!!!

Keyshia: hey mech do you think that pic frosti has of natalia is real?

Mech: *rolls eyes* Why would I care?

Keyshia: No need for the attitude, i was just asking!

Mech: You call this attitude? You don't want to see ATTITUDE.

Kate: *rolls eyes* If you don't want attitude, don't talk to Mech..or ME for that matter...

Keyshia: Please, I am the queen of attitude. show me some then

Mech: Must keep my cool...Ok, no attitude for now...

Keyshia: you know im just palying with you right? nothing serious! all though, i am the queen of attitude


Kate: Hey.

Jamie: You and Mech are back together???

Kate: Yeah!

Jamie: He's only gonna break, break, break, break your heart!

Keyshia: ohhh i love that song!

Natalia: Frosti, whats this all about?

Leon: need a taco.

Christian: Oooo now listen to me baby

Frosti: Crush since 1 mot my pic

Natalia: What? I dont understand.

Leon: He likes you.

Natalia: Oh.......

Leon: Almost all guys like you.

Natalia: Well who else? I need to know these things.

Leon: Er...............

Natalia: Please?

Leon: I told him I wouldn't.

Natalia: *makes puppy dog face*

Leon: I made a promose.

natalia: Can you atleast give me a number?

Leon: 2 or 3

Natalia: Including Frosti and that guy i call my boyfriend who dosent act like he gives a crap abut me?

Leon: And I'm one of them.

Natalia: Im so confused! *runs off*

Barrel: Crag when is the challenge starting :#

Mech: (CONF) I need to get Natalia to like Frosti...

Natalia:(CONF) :/ ok i need someone to talk to but i dont want to get up and go back there......

Leon: I"m so dumb.

Keyshia: *walks into natalia's confessional* (CONF) ooppps sorry girl, didnt know you were in here

Fly:*sees full conf*I'm gonna use the back-up one(CONF2)I'm an idiot, I haven't even spoken to Natalia


Natalai: (CONF) Key, things are on the line with me and Fly i think. I just got told by leon and frosti that both of them like me and he hasnt payed any attention to may the whole competition.

Zoey:*taps on the CONF*Hello!

Keyshia: *pulls zoey into confessional* (CONF) now shush xzoey! Natalia, i think he'll say something to you evnetually. if he doesnt soon, then i dont know what to tell you

Zoey:*with a happy face and stupidley*(CONF)What's going ooon!

Natalia:(CONF) in simple word, Fly is gonna get his a** dumped

Zoey:(CONF)Don't say that

Natalia: (CONF) well thats the nicest possible way 2 put it

Zoey:(CONF)You couldn't said butt not the a word

Keyshia:(CONF) good for you girl. if he;s not man enough to even talk to yuo, he deserves to be dumped

Zoey:(CONF)I'm confuse

Natalia:(CONF) Im fixinto dump Him, zoey.

Zoey:(CONF)I thought you were suppose to get together..and huh?

(Crag:Never, fear, I'm here for 40 mins)


Crag:Hmm, aliens, find a piece of alien artifact and return it to me...

Zoey:*gets out*What it is the challenge?

Jamie: What?

Kate: How can I help Crag?


Crag:Oh, due to budgetary reasons, your fired!!!!

Jamie and Kate: WHAT?!?!


Crag:Also I heard someone sing! So I thuoght it was you, so leave!

Jamie: IT WAS ZOE-

Kate: *clamps hand over her mouth* Fine.

Keyshia: Awww bye kate!

Zoey:What did I do?


Zoey:I did?


Karl: Byee Kate! Zooeyyy! Oh no!

Kate: *sighs* Guys! Please. I'm going to go pack. *leaves*

Mech: Wanna make out to cushion the blow?

Keyshia: wow. just wow

Mech: Wow? I wouldn't be talking Miss "I don't have a boyfriend"

Kate: *comes back* Oh! And Fly, Nat's going to dump you and Zoey's going to want to date you. *kisses Mech* And I'll be watching you. *leaves* BYE!

Mech: *smiles* Ooh, drama. >:)

Jamie: *turns to Mech* Kate just left? You aren't in TEARS?!?!

Zoey:*sniffs*Bye Kat I'll miss you*hugs her*(CONF)Now everyone hates me...I did so much*flashbacks to getting Mech and Kate back together etc..*

Mech: I don't see her in tears. And why do you care?


Mech: I wasn't talking to you Zoey. I was talking to my girl's alter-ego. *rolls eyes*

Zoey:Kate was the best Intern here

Fly:(CONF)*crying*She's gooooooooooonna dump me*hugs pillow*And Kate still spurts lies..(XD)


Jamie: Well "your girl" just walked out the door without a good-bye from "her man". How do you think SHE feels?

Mech: I did say good bye. But I ain't emotional and she knows that.

Zoey:Then how can you live?

Mech: Bitterly and sarcastically, princess. This isn't a fantasy. This is life.

Keyshia: true that. just live with whats handed to you

Zoey:I'm scared of you you won;t even cry when your mom and dad die?(CONF)After that I want to quit the allaince he scares me

Jamie: *laughs* Scared of Mech? *rolls eyes* Shocker.

Keyshia: dont be mean to zoey, you almost got her kicked out

Zoey:*sad*(CONF)Every body is mean to me...they think they can take advntage over me becuase I'm dumb..I'm not!


\Zoey:How would I know I wasn;t the ther*bearsyt into tears and runs off*

Keyshia: do you even have a heart anymore jamie? why dont you focus more on your friends now instead of your sister

Zoey:*crying and walking in the woods*

Fly:*wearing pillows for protection*What's eating her?

Jamie: *runs after her* ZOEY! I'M SORRY!

Keyshia: Jamie;s all mad at her cause zoey sang, but kate took the fall for her and said she sang, so thats why kate was fired

Zoey:*looks away*HMPH

Barrel: (CONF) wow *smokes hookah* there goes half of the drama...


Keyshia:(CONF) to. much. drama.

Zoey:your always yelling at everybody and you never stop and you always think your better than everbody....Apologie accepted!(XD)

Mech: Ok, everyone, SHUT UP!!!

Keyshia: Geez whats wrong with you mech?
Zoey:Okay..nothing better to do..

Mech: There's just so much pointless arguing. Strategy Gould be the key right now!

Keyshia: yea......i hate fighting

Zoey:*still sad*okay

Mech: (CONF) I'm still bitter about Kate what better than to blame all my anger on Fly!

Barrel: (CONF) well while the other team was fighting and causing drama i found the alien artifact XP

Barrel: *gives alien artifact to Crag*

Natalia: Whys that lump of dirt glowing? *digs out artifact* awesomesauce.

Face: *looks at a red hoola hoop* How pathetic *hoola hoops sucks him into it half way and he starts trying to find Craig*

Crag:Team Losers win! Buuuuuuuut, since the teams are extremely uunfair, with Team Mighty Panthers having a full team and Team Losers having two people so, Fly, Face and somebody else are swapping with Mark, Greg and Sierra...

Crag:Team Mighty Panthers have to choose their swapee

Mech: I nominate either Leon or Frosti.

Keyshia: i agree. either leon or frosti

Jamie:LEON! I NOMINATE LEON! (I'm SO sorry, I'm SO used to typing Kate)

Kyle: Your intern...

Mech: Kate??? Youre back???

Jamie: What?

Keyshia: *rolls eyes* guys kate isnt here anymore, that was jamie

Mech: Oh...I thought I heard her. (XD)

Jamie: *nods with a tear in eye*

Mech: *laughs* Why are you crying?

Keyshia: dont laugh at her. she misses her sister!

Barrel: Crag do we have to switch teams D: if you dont switch teams, then theres more drama....

Mech: All he is doing is keeping his boyfriend Fly safe, duh.


Crag:THAT'S IT! Three strike rule, if you insult me, that's a strike, Mech is on two!

Mech: Two??? It should be four...but really, when was number one??

Zoey:I'm confused

Mech: *rolls eyes* And let me guess, three strikes means I'm out? Harsh, dude. *accidently spills coffee on Crag's shirt* Uh-oh.....

Keyshia: *shakes head* nice going mech

(Crag:Anyone else edits and they are out)

Crag:That's your FIFTH strike Mech, you're gone and you are NEVER coming back!

Aftermath 1

Crag:Today, eliminated and contestants alike get to ask me questions and talk amongst each other

Mech: *yawns* Whatever.

Kate: *gets pushed in* HEY! WATCH IT! *sits down* Technecly I WAS kicked off the'm HERE!

Mech: Can I go home yet? Because since Crag said I was never coming back, I got a lotta stuff to do.

Kate: Agreed! I was on my way to Greese but NOOOOO!

Crag:Geez, you two are sreen hogs, always talking and taking the camera away from moi

Kate: *sips Dr. Pepper* Sorry, but we LOVE drama!

Mech: Jealous much?

Crag:Ask me questions...

Mech: I got one. Can I leave now?

Kate: Oh! I didn't sing, Zoey did, can I have my job back?

Crag:No and no, it would make you happy. ASK ABOUT THE GAME!(Anyone can ask questions as audience members)

Audiance Member: I WANT TO BE AN INTERN!

Kate: Hey! But you would have power over me!

Mech: He said to ask questions...not be annoying. Crag, I gotta ask, why are you such a loser?

Kate: *laughs* So, can I have my job back?

Crag:I ain't a loser! Six stroikes, so even if you returned, you be kicked out!!!! ASK ABOUT THE COMPETITION!

Mech: Ooh, lucky number 6!!! (It is XD) And if Kate wants to stay... *rips up plane ticket to Greece* Whatever. Like I care.

Kate: My lucky number is 24!! But..if YOUR not there, why would I want to be there? *kisses Mech*

Audience member: Crag i have a question for you! Are you really dating fly?

Mech: *cracks up* Best. Question. Ever.

Crag:What? I swtched the treams becaause they were unfair by my standtards, I kept their alliance together and took away the annoyances, so I actually was kinder to Mech

Audience male:*runs up on stage and makes out with Mech*(XD)

Crag:Anyone does that to me and they won't leave the building

Audience Member: Crag we all know you just wanted Fly to be safe, because he's your boyfriend

Mech: *creeped out* Ok, these audience members are REALLY creepy. Can I leave yet?

Crag:*calls person in charge*Okay, kick em out...

Fly:*arrives*Why was I kicked out...

Mech: Fly? Why are you here? And audience members are NOSY.

Fly:I was kicked out ;(

Audience: Now that Fly is out of the game will Mech come back?

Crag:Are you Mech's fanboy? No! It means one less challenge

Most of Audience: No, we just hate Fly

Mech: Put Fly back in. At least he's SOCIAL.

Fly:Why do you hate me?

Mech: Why do YOU hate ME? You've always plotted against me ever since I warned you about Frosti and Natalia. You were the one who wanted me gone first.

Fly:You were serious?!!?!!?!!?*cries in hands*Boo hoo, boo hoo hoo hoo

Mech: I never hate anyone. People just misjudge me...that's probably why everyone hates me.

Fly:I miss Tally, we didn't talk because we were usually sleeping at different times orshe had to spend time with other people and Ididn't want to intrude*runs off stage*(He'll be back later, ask more questions to Crag?)

Mech: Uh Crag...I sorta feel bad for Fly...can I go back just to make sure everything is right between them?

Crag:Hmmm, to the competition? You won't be an intern, lower than that, and if you disobey you will be returned and if you try to influence voting you'll be returned, but stay till the end of the aftermath

Mech: I ain't no peasant, Crag. I was going to help...but not with this offer.

Crag:Hmmm, anything to sweeten the deal? Cause you casue drama

Mech: Is that good or bad that I cause drama?

Crag:Great, anything I could do?

Mech: Well, I'm s.........o................rr...........y for calling you that. There, I said it. That's the best apology out of me you can get.

Crag:Well, you are returning to the film lot, as an unpaid intern, but you have an earpiece to tell me any good drama >:D

(Gwen: can there be a video guest? Natalia and Fly drama right here.)

Mech: Intern??? Ew....I'd rather go back home.

Crag:*in earpiece*We have, Frosti, Natalia and Jamie and possibly Keyshia on video? Fine, here is some boring people doing boring things... And Mech, you could clean my shoes if you don't become an intern.

Mech: No, I'm leaving this place. If there is a jury vote, I vote anyone in my alliance. See ya losers. *leaves*

Zoey:*video chat*I;m here!HI

Natalia: Oh Fly. *giggles nervously* hey.......

Keyshia: *next to natalia on video* hey fly you got some talking to do

Mech: *on video chat* Oh, hey guys! What's up?

Keyshia: *on video* hi mech. nice job of getting kicked out XP!

Mech: *video chat* I didn't know he'd ACTUALLY do it. I thought he was cooler than that...

Fly:Don't dump me over video, at least do it in person! It's insulting.

Keyshia: *video chat* well mech, our allianc eis basically gone, so ill probably be joining you guys soon

Mech: Fly...stand up for yourself!!! And Keyshia...don't say that.

Keyshia: *on video* fly, we didnt say she wanted to break up wiuth you, just talk.

Fly:Well, that's not possible, she gonna win. The only time we have is, right now

Keyshia:*video* so then talk to her now and clear everything up

Natalia: Ive got this Key, but stay for support please. Fly i dont want to break up with you, i rly dont. But Uve got to answer a few questions.


natalia: Why wont you talk to me anymore?

Fly:Because we're often asleep at different times and when we aren't you usually talking to other people and I didn't eant to barge in

Natalia: But Fly you have 2! Id much rather talk to you but everytime i try you dont answer, or someone else comes and you leave. You are my boyfriend, your really well mannered and thats one thing i like but barging is fine. YOu have to atleast attempt to talk back and trust me I will reply.

Fly:Really? I'll try harder in future but don't dump me? And also, does Frosti have a crush on you? Mech kept telling me he did...

Natalia: He does, and so does Leon. BUt that dosent maatter to me. You matter to me, thats it. but you have to act like i matter to you. Ive had boys crush on me before, i dont mean it badly but i have had tons. But im always only loyal to one person, and right now thats you.

Mech: "Right now" sounds suspicious to me...

Fly:Not to *static* Is sounds like *static**video cuts*Crap...

Crag:See you next time as that's it for AFTERMATH 1!

Day 7

Zoey:Are we having an elimiantion?

Natalia: What did he say? I hope he new i meant that back like when i had another boyfriend and another guys had crushes on me i was only loyal my boyfriend. like i am to him.


Zoey:No...they left cause of Crag

Jamie: NAT...ALIA! I'm SO sorry 'bout you and Fly. Did you brake up? WAS THAT MEAN?!!? I'm SO sorry....again.

NAtalia: No *daydreams* I think we cleared things up.

Jamie: OH! THANK GOD! I was all YADDA YADDA! And I thought I INSULTED you! That would be bad huh? So....whats new? (OLD JAMIE FTW!)

Natalia: You seem different.

Jamie: *blink blink* I cut my hair. (XD)

Barrel: Last nights elimination i mean eliminations is gonna cause lots a drama today *smokes hookah*

Natalia: *sighs* yeah.

Jamie: Are you ok? What am I saying, your boyfriend just left! Wait, that was mean! Was it?!? I don't know! Sorry.

Natalia: Yeah im fine. And its ok Jaime, calam down.

Jamie: I know I was mean before, but that was mainly to impress Kate, my older sister. But now I'm back to normal...if I ever WAS normal!

Abrahm: Freak.Natalia: Like you can talk.

Barrel: Without Mech and Kate its a mystery on how your gonna act Jamie *drinks juice*

Jamie: Il se sent bien pour parler dans le français de nouveau! (It feels good to speak in French again! )

(Gwen: Can you put an english translation in parantheses.)

(Kate: K!)

Jamie: Isn't life AMAZING?!?!?

Natalia: Uhm, yeah, I guess it really is.

Jamie: I'm SO sorry 'bout Fly!

Natalia: ITs alright.

Jamie: Ok! Just as long as Kate doesn't come back! She had SO much power over me!

Natalia: knowing this show, she could fall out of the sky.

Jamie: *looks up, scared* Eep! What if she crushes me?!?!

Natalia: Dont worry, you can have my steel umbrella (xD)

Jamie: *looks wierded out* Thanks....

Natalia:Im not bein serious, sorry im out of it.

Jamie: *nods* OK!

Karl: (CONF) Are alliance won't crumble! We still have Jamie, Natalia, Keyshia, and Zoey!

Natalia:(CoNF) Im not gonna get thrown of my game. Im still in this competiton.

Natalia: So....

Crag:How is everyone feeling? Depressed I hope, remember the three strike rule!

Jamie: I want to sing!

Kyle: *playing guitar*

Jamie: Without Mech and Kate there is, like, NO drama. I'm not depressed at all! It's WONDERFUL!

Natalia: Sure......

Jamie: And without Fly...*glances at Natalia* I am sad?

Andre: Hello

Barrel: if you two keep talking about the eliminated contestants your gonna get eliminated quickly! Focus on the game more.

Jamie: *twirling around* Has anyone seen Alex?

Kyle: Nope.

Barrel: maybe he got eliminated last night too >XD

Crag:It's inresting watching you, Frosti, anything you have to say?

Kyle: *rolls eyes*

Frosti: I am really sorry for distracting Tallie from the game and getting her bf out.

Crag:I'm confused with teams at the minute so they are disbanded for the moment...

Jamie: (CONF) The merge is when alliances come in handy. *leaves* Attention all people in Mech's Alliance! Because of our leader's departing I would like to become the new leader. Is that ok with everyone else?

Karl: Okayyyy... Sure

Barrel: The merge is already happening! DX (CONF) looks like im gonna get booted out DX

Keyshia: Jamie thats fine with me if you leead

Frosti: May I relpace Mech's spot?

Jamie: As the new leader I would like to announce who I would like to get the boot. *pulls away the alliance members* Barrel.

Keyshia: he could be a threat. he won the last challenge for his team by himslef. thats crazy

Barrel: Or i could join your alliance....


Crag:Today's challenge has been changed, but so as not to think of another challenge, go race, the first two to run to my studio and back win immunity and a mystery prize

Jamie: *begins to run*

Karl: *runs along with her*

Jamie: Hey Karl.

Karl: Hey Jamie! I hope us 2 win this race!

Leon: *runs fast and past Jamie and Karl*

Karl: Sorry Jamie *runs ahead and catches up to Leon* hey buddy!

Leon: *gives him the peace sign*

Karl:haha your funny *sprints fast* Haaaaavvvvveeeeeeeee fffuuuuunnnn!!!!

Leon: *Jumps on Karl's sholders then up and over him geting like abou 3 ft in front of im*

Jamie: *catches up* Sorry. *runs past them*

Leon: I learned a few things from Gramps. *flips over Jamie*

Jamie: And I learned from Kate. *lands on feet then flips of Leon and sends him flying* Yeouch. That's gotta hurt.

Leon: *lands at the studio then smiles* Ha ha I won the first spot.

Jamie: *gets to the studio*But you have run BACK too. *runs back*

Leon: *runs back*

Andre: Why arent on on the elimination table *runs*

Leon: Wow me and Jamie won.

Jamie: *makes it back* I....won....*collapes*

Leon: *helps Jamie us* You ok?

Crag:Karl and Jamie win! But Leon is immune, for he was not a competitor at the start of the challenge

Karl: Cool i won! *high fives Jamie*

Kyle: *rolls eyes*


Zoey":Who won!?Was it my team!?

Leon: I'm confused too.

Zoey:Umm Creg I'm confuse

Crag:No teams at the minute! Everyone votes, Leon, Karl and Jamie are immune, and Zoey, are you and Leon still going out?*smirks and goes to trailer*

Leon: I vote........ um........

Zoey:Noo I don;t think we ever went out?I'm IMMUNE!?

Leon: Zoey

Zoey:YEAH!*silence*What's your name again?

Leon: You we're my girlfriend last season. And it Leon

Leon: Plus I vote for berrel

Zoey:Oh got it *writes in notebook*Leon.I vote Barrel he smokes...EW

Karl: My alliance is voting off Barrel!

Zoey:Your A-ll-ia-nce?

Karl: You are in it... youu know we don't vote eachother out!!!!

Leon: Zoey can you remember?

Alex:Jamie might break up with if I do this...But I vote Mech!

Leon: Mech is gone.

Zoey:Leon remember what?Karl why did you yell at me?

Leon: Last season.

Zoey:*silence* I don't

Leon: *gives her his last season nootbook saying everything that happened.*

Zoey:*looking at it*Page 1*one hour later*Page 2

Leon: Go to the summed version.

Zoey:*looks at him dumbly*

Leon: That means short version.

Zoey:Oh...where is it?!

Leon: The last 10 pages.

Zoey:*horrified(It's 10 pages LONG!?I canpt read that!

Leon: Do you needme to read it too you.

Zoey:Yes PLAEASE!*grabs Leon*PLEASE

Leon: *reads it all in 30 minites*

Zoey:*sleeping since Page three on Leon's lap*

Leon: Zoey wake up.
Zoey:What...?DADDY*hugs him*I had BAD DREAM!

Leon: Er.......Zoey this isn't home.

Face: >_> I thought you kissed him. I am still confused about this and our whole were an item trust each other thing. Perfect time to vote out the cheater. (conf) Welp lets get cracking *cracks knuccles and falls asleep

Alex:*Meteor hits Alex*

Zoey:BIG BRO!*goes behind Face*Get that STRANGER!

Alex:*In a coma*

Leon: *kisses her and she remembers the first season*

Zoey:Ohhhhh!Hi Leon!

Leon: Finally.

Face: et you still don't remember me your Boyfriend from Melvin. No one ever remembers me.

Zoey:Face..Leon...FACE!!*hugs him*HI I remember everything

Leon: *beeps 10 times*

Face: *glares at Leon* Robot much? *smirks*

Barrel: (CONF) i try to join there alliance then they try voting me off *votes Sierra*

(Crag:Please only vote here, chat below)

Keyshia: My alliance has decided! *votes barrel*

Natalia: Well idk, I guess Barrel.

Barrel: (CONF) well i guess im gonna get eliminated unless Crag gives me immunity?


Face: *passed out in trash can*


Crag:Bye Barrel, no more chances. With the weirdest contestant gone and no teams, what will happen next time on THIS!

Day 8

Team Choosings

Jamie's picks
  1. Keyshia
  2. Natalia
  3. Alex
  4. Kyle
Karl's picks
  1. Zoey
  2. Izzy
  3. Leon
  4. Kayla


Crag:Now, time to reveal the secret prize. I'm happy because you two are in one alliance. You two are on different teams! You will pick teams one at a time, with Jamie starting

Keyshia: so were back on teams now?

Karl: Crap!

Face: I hate my life

Keyshia: Why? your still here arent you?

Face: So are you :(

Keyshia: So you hate your life cause im still here?

Leon: Ughhh.......

Face: Yes smart one

Karl: can i just pick first! >;(

Keyshia: *slaps Face* how dare you

Jamie: I pick...KEY!

Keyshia: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *walks over to jamie and high fives* Thanks girl!

Karl: ummmm Zoey, no...Natalia, No Zoey

Jamie: *high fives* Thanks. *whispers* If Karl doesn't pick her, I'm picking Natiala next.

Keyshia: yea that would be good!

Jamie: Then Alex! Then...Zoey.

Keyshia: uhhh karl just picked zoey

Jamie: I realized that. I PICK NATIALA!

Natalia: Viva Team Us!

Keyshia! Yes! 3 strong girls on one team already!

Frosti: Hey Key. I aasked if I could join your alliance/ You think I could get in???

Zoey:Wait what team am I?

Leon: Nither

Face: Hey Karl I know your idiotic and all but hurry and pick someone before I kill someone


Leon: Calm down dude.

Sierra:I decide to quit.....I could not take that much *Walks to the boat of losers*

Face: Calm Down? CALM DOWN! You kissed my girlfriend for crying ut loud yooou and her cheateed on me. WHY WOULD I LISTEN TO YOU! >_>


Leon: You two went out a long time ago.

Face: We went out during Melvin I gave her gifts all the time. WHat a waste that was

Zoey:It wasn;t a waste I still kinda like you..

Face: You ay that but do you really I thoguht you were madly in love with Leon who might i add went out with AMelia in Melvin

Zoey:*kisses Face*

Face: All is forgiven *brushes self off* (xD)

(XD)Zoey:*puts arms around Face*

Face: Understood, Hey let's go to the Lake


Face:*skips stone across the lake*

Zoey:*in a white bikin laying on the grass*

Karl: I pick Izzy!

Jamie: I pick Alex!

Kyle: ...

Keyshia:(CONF) O.o. im sorry but i do not support that couple! *to frosti* uhhh you should ask jamie, shes the leader now

Face: * throws stone at Keyshia* SOrry fingers slipped. *whispers to Zoey* Hey Zoey I need to tell you something. Keyshia your "friend" hates us being togethor. Don't trust her. Please she wants me gone

Keyshia: *catches brick and throws it back at Face* ooppps sorry mine did to! *smirks* (CONF) my next tareget: Face

Face:(conf) SHe thinks she's superior thig is her little allience will fail and demolish along with her her mostly cause eI planted mines

Keyshia:(CONF) i mean, i cant even take Face seriously. He's just a lunatic, i mean he tried to choke me! He needs to go

Karl: I pick my man Leon!

Zoey:Who's team am I on?(CONF)Aww..Keysha hates me now

Kyle: Idk.....

Sierra:ADIOS!!!!!!*leaves the dock of shame*

Keyshia: (CONF) Look let me get this straight, i dont hate Zoey, she's still one of my best friends. I just think she could do better then face


Leon: Keyshai we need Face out next.

Keyshia: yes we do!!!!!

Zoey:*looking around*

Frosti: so

Crag:Team 1 is..(Got bored of waiting)









Zoey and everyone else is team 2.

Keyshia: Zoey i dont hate you, i just dont like Face

(Gwen: Cragiled, can you switch a few people over or something, there are no other active users on my team.....)

Crag:Jamie and Mark swap..


Crag:Today, two people will be interviewed by Kent Brockman! One from each team...

Abrahm: Whos that? ( i g2g, bye all!)

Zoey:Ooooh pick me!

Jamie: Me too! (SIMPSONS FTW!!!)

Zoey:I'm good with people!(OH YEAHP)

Jamie: I LOVE Kent Brockman!

Zoey:Yeah!Both of us!

Leon: Who?

Karl: As team captain..I pick Zoey to get interviewed! Needed to make it official!


Jamie: And for my team....I'll pick me. No one else seems interested. YAY!

Crag:Karl, you cannot nominate someone from the other team, Jamie is going for team 2, and Zoey from the other, we will start the interview tomorrow....

Kent:Welcome to Intereview the Starz! Tonight, we have two teens from the hit show, CRAGILED D'S CAMP 2! So girls, how do you feel?

Zoey:I feel excited and a little confuse but more excited.(XD)

Jamie: *chuckles* It's amazing! I never thought I would make it on this show! Let alone this far!

Zoey:Yeah..what day is it?

Kent:Great, so, do either of you have a gameplan or someone who you would like to take to the final two with?

Zoey:No and.I don't know.

Jamie: I think Zoey or Natalia. They are great people. And for a gameplan? Well...*flashbacks* Not really....

Zoey:Awww me too!I'll take Jamie wiht me in final 2!

Kent:I've been told you need to take a guy to the final...

Zoey:Fine..I won't vot off Crag.

Jamie: Uhhhhh...ok. A guy? Alex for SURE!

Zoey:Or Kyle?Or umm Karl

(TDO88: I thought that I picked Zoey and after 4 picks he mixed up the rest?)

(Crag:I just did times cause I got bored)

Kent:Anyone you don't like?

Jamie: *laughs* Most of the people I don't like are gone. But there is one more....

Leon: .........

Keyshia:(CONF) Me and Jamie have similar friends and enemies. I don't know who this last person she hates us though

Leon: I hate my life.

Kent:I would say it's been great having you here so Jamie wins!

Crag:That mean Team 1 have to now vote...

Leon: Is that my team?


Crag:Actually, since someone quit, non-elimination


Zoey:I'm team 2 right?

Leon: *Glares at Face*

Zoey:*puts leg on top of other leg*

Leon: (CONF) That *10 beeps*

Zoey:(CONF)*in a fur coat*I feel so fluffy*puts a fur skirt on*

Leon: Zoey you know it Summer right. doesn't feel like it.

Jamie: I thought it was Fall.....

Zoey:Me too.

Leon: But thats winter clothing.

Zoey:Is it fall or summer?

Jamie: She can wear it if she wants.

Zoey:Thank you!*hugs Jamie*

Jamie: No problem. *hugs back*

Zoey:I'm bored.

Keyshia: Hey y'all

Day 9

Leon: 9 days in

Zoey:!....2....3..I?T"S MY BIRTHDAY!(Not for realse)

Leon: Happy B-Day

Zoey:Thank you!*hugs him*

Leon: *hugs her*

Jamie: Happy b-day!

Leon: Whats today?

Karl: Zoey's birthday!

Leon: The date I mark down stuff like this.

Keyshia: OHHH Girl happy birthday!!!!

Leon: *kisses Zoey*

Face: SHe's MY girlfriend * growls at Leon*

Leon: Was thinking about when she broke up with you after Melvin.

Jamie: Thank god that's not happening with me. I got my boy Alex. *sighs* So cute!

Leon: When did you last see him.

Jamie: *face pales* I don't rememeber....

Leon: Don't be sad.

Jamie: Thanks Leon.

Leon: Don't forget I lost my girlfriend to Face.

Keyshia: *sighs* At least you had someone

Leon: I have a friend you might like.

Keyshia: Is this friend with you right now?

Leon: No.

Keyshia: That doesn't really help me right now

Jamie: *brighens up* Keyshia and Leon!!!!

Leon: Stupid Face *under breath beep*

Jamie: Leon....and Keyshia...TOGETHER. You know, couple? That would be SO cute!

Leon: I think I'm going to wait a while before I enter another relationship.

Jamie: Just ask her out! I would pay for EVERYTHING!

Leon: I'm not ever close for a relationship because of FACE!

Jamie: *cute puppy dog face* Pwease?

Leon: I still like Zoey, but that *beep* Face is in the way.

Jamie: I hate Face, he's a JERK! But you're nice. You deserve her.

Leon: Thanks *hugs her* Oh Sorry.

Jamie: *chuckles* It's ok. *hugs him* You go get her!

Leon: If I knew where she was she disappered with Face earler.

Jamie: You'll get her soon enough! Trust me.

Leon: I'll waight I just need to talk for now.

Jamie: I mean, who CARES if she has a boyfriend? If he treats her right, you can treat her BETTER!

Leon: Your boyfriend is so lucky to have someone as nice as you.

Face: Okay I know I'm a bad person yet do you think ANYONE would like being talked about behind their back. It'd not nice to do that at ALL and i'm pure evil. How would you feel if this happened to you you all think your the heroes yet ths isn't heroic it's mean and bad and evil. I'd be prous if it wasn't about me.

Leon: You did take my girlfriend!

Jamie: To Leon thanks and to Face your MEAN! You don't deserve to say that to us!

Leon: Even Jamie can change from hating me to us being friends.

Jamie: I never hated you!

Leon: I felt everyone hated me.

Jamie: Why? You're cute, funny, and smart!

Leon: It seems like you are flurting with me.

Jamie: I have a BOYFRIEND!

Leon: I know but thats what it sounded like...................... sorry.

Jamie: It's ok! Leon: I'm going for a swim anyone comeing.

Jamie: Sure! I got this new bikini I want to try it out! Let me go change! *runs off to change*

Leon: *starts to remember last seson*

Jamie: (CONF) Leon is SUCH a good friend *outside of confessional* Hey! *walks up in a cute lavender bikini* What do you think?

Leon: Wow......I mean you look nice.

Jamie: *blushes* Thanks!

Leon: *changes* I'll race ya too the lake.

Jamie: Your so on! *laughs and runs to the lake*

Leon: Runs and trips* Ouch rocks.

Jamie: Are you ok? *helps him up*

Leon: *When he is going up hhe axadentaly kisses her* Sorry that was an axadent.

Jamie: *kisses him by acendent* It's ok.

Leon: *flips over her and lands in the lake* I beat you.

Jamie: Uhhhhh....OW! *tackles him and lands on top of him*

Leon: Ugh..... Your hair got in my mouth.

Jamie: *pulls hair back and smirks* Sorry.

Leon: Wow you are so awsome, Alex is so lucky.

Jamie: Really? He treats me like I don't exsects!

Leon: It's more like he doesn't exect and he is so dumb to do that t someone as nice as you.

Jamie: You're SUCH a nice person!

Leon: Jamie do you really like him for ignoring you for about a week, and sorry to bring that up.

Jamie: Not really.....

Leon: Jamie, I think I kinda like you.

Jamie: I kinda like you too. (CONF) Skater boy, much? (Kate: Like the song! LOL)

Leon: *kisses her* (Youre: Sorry gotta leave lets continue tomarro around this time)

Jamie: *kisses him* (Kate: Ok! See you tommarow!)

Natalia: *shows up at lake* Awwwwwww, i saw that. So cute.

Jamie: But what about Alex?

Natalia: Ok this is where 10 years of phsycology classes and being everyones friend pays off. You have to ask your self one question, who do you think youd be more happy with?

Jamie: Leon! He's SO nice! But how do I tell Alex?

Natalia: Well first of all, the whole "let him down easy thing" dosent work, k? And if he takes it wrong and bad, ya know youve got friends like me 2 come too for comfort.

Jamie: But I kissed Leon BEFORE I broke up with him!

Alex:*Still in coma*

Natalia: Well just tell him that youve found someone better, who makes you feel happier than he does.

Alex:*Having dream that Jamie is breaking up with him*

Jamie: Thanks Natalia! *shakes Alex awake* Listen Alex. I really like you, but I found someone else that makes me happier. I hope we can remain friends! Alex:SAY WHAT!?*Unconscious*

Natalia: HOwd it go Jamesterr?

Alex(CONF):*With Chainsaw*I HATE LEON!!!!

Jamie: Good Tallie! Pretty good!

Alex:I'm gonna take a very long walk in the woods!*Runs away*

Jamie: Alex, are you ok?

Alex:Yeah I'm fine! It's not like I'm gonna murder Leon or anything!

Jamie: Please don't!

Alex:Okay I won't!(CONF):BUT HE WILL BE ELIMINATED!!!!!!!

Natalia: *whispers* Here you might need this Jamester*hands her pepper spray*

Alex:*Crying like an insane person!*

Jamie: Thanks Tallie!

Alex(CONF):Leon is going down......Leon is going down....Leon is going down.........*Cries*

Jamie: Alex....stop it!

Natalia: You might need 2 cans......

Jamie: I need to find Alex another interest....Keyshia!

Natalia: (Conf) Im not sure how well that plan is gonna work out.....

Natalia: I gotta letter.... from Fly! *reads and pupils gets really small* *twitchs* someone pass the ice cream, Fly just broke up with me..... over a about no guts........*crys* HOW MANY BREAK UPS ARE GONNA HAPPEN TODAY!

Jamie: TALLIE! I'm sooooooo sorry!! GET YOUR SKINNY BUTT OVER HERE!

Natalia: I needsomething sweet.... chocalate. yeah chocolate.......... OH WHO CARES ABOUT CHOCOLATE!

Jamie: Alex, Tallie. Tallie, Alex. ENJOY! *runs away*

Natalia: *wipes tear off of her face* *sounds completely better* Well im over that, its called moving on Alex you should try it. Later dude. (CONF) What? Do you people really think im the type to moap and/or hold a grudge for over 6 minutes? Moving on is easy for me, its just a grasp of reality. Its over, deal with it.

Jamie: (CONF) I wish Alex was more like Natalia!

Natalia: Soooooooooooooo i think im gonna go take a swim *puts on green bikini* care to join jaime? (g2g, be back tomorrow around 3:05)

Jamie: Why not? *goes into water*

Zoey:My birthday!

Keyshia:(CONF) *sighs* So much drama today! Jamie breaks up with Alex. Her and Leon kiss and look like there gonna get together. Natalia and Fly break up............. It's so much to handle!!!

Crag:*wakes up*Challenge time...


Crag:Since it's Columbus day(In America), go off and find Crag-land, you gotta build a boat.

Keyshia: Do you have supplies for us?

Crag:No, just use the power of broken hearts*laughs*(I have to read all this, >>, but it surprises me sometines)

Keyshia: *sighs* Whateva. *starts looking for some wood to build boat* ( Haha I read all of it! It's intense XD!)

Karl: They are not ahead! So we can go! (HE is stating a statement not singing! XD)

Kyle: Power of broken hearts? Huh? *building at boat*

Natalia: *Picks up a pile of boards and a hammer and some nails* here Key let me help.

Zoey:How do I built a bo-at?

Keyshia: *working on boat* Awww thanks Natalia!


Natalia: *finishes mast* we need something to put on the mast to use as a sail, anyideas? (CONF) Yea im uppset about the breakup but i live life to the fullest, and thats hard to do sulking.

Zoey:OH!I know!

Keyshia: You should put something fierce to represent our team

Zoey:Like a..puppy!

Keyshia:............. I said fierce zoey, not cute! (XD)


Natalia: How about a falcon? Their fast, fierce, and sneaky.

Keyshia: Oh I like it! A Falcon it is!

IF i try to paint it, its gonna look like puke. So you paint i build?

Keyshia: Got it! *Starts painting flag*

Natalia: *makes hot marshmallow sauce and gummy bear cannons* Knowing this show we will need them.

Keyshia: Good thinking! *continues to paint*

Natalia: *finishes bow* now we just need a ya know middle.

Keyshia: *Finishes flag* There we go! One Falcon flag

(Vokloko: I can't keep up with this camp. I quit)

Jamie: *staring at Leon* What do I do guys?

Keyshia: *comforts Jamie* Well, you seem to like him, so why not just go for it?

Jamie: *looks confused* I ment about the boat.....

Leon: Did you know Columbus was actually horable to Native Americans


Leon: I forgot to ask you this but will you go out with me?

Jamie: Yes! For SURE! *hugs him*

Leon: *hugs her*

Zoey:Hmm*looking at the falg*

Keyshia: Awww you two are so cute together

Zoey:Look!I made some thing!

Leon: Thanks Key.

Jamie: (CONF) He's SO amazing. Is it corny that I want him to sing Just the Way You Are? He's SO wonderful!

Zoey:I made my own clothes!

Jamie: *staring at Leon* Hey...

Zoey:I didn't make it but I drew it!

Keyshia: Zoey, Your clothes look so pretty!


Jamie: They look amazing!

Zoey:Thanks Jamie,if only I knew how to sow

Jamie: I know how to sow! I could help you if you want! (Kate: I actually DO know how to sow. I'm working on a pair of pants!)


Jamie: *takes out sowing kit and begings to work*

Zoey:Can you be my sower?

Keyshia: I wish i knew how to sow

Zoey:*draws a dress that looks like a cake and says Happy Birthday*It's still my B-Day.

Jamie: *gets sidestracked and makes a lavender tanktop* Wait, what? Oh...Sorry. I'm going to go try this on. *goes to change*


Jamie: *comes back in lavender tank-top, ripped jeans, hair in pony-tail, and blue and white sneakers* (Kate: That's how I dress most of the time) Hey guys!

Leon: Wow.....You look nice.

Jamie: Thanks!

Leon: I didn't know you could look nicer then before.

Jamie: Really? Thanks!

Zoey:(CONF)*smiles*I want this to be the best B-Day ever!

Leon: *hugs her* Your so nice, smart, and hot.

Jamie: *hugs him* So are you!

Leon: *picks her up and he sits down with her in his lap*

Jamie: *laughs and starts humming Teenage Dream*

Leon: *hugs her with her back agenst his chest when they are still sitting*

Jamie: Our situation is more like Skater Boy. *starts humming Skater Boy*

Leon: I'm going swimming again so..... are you gonna came. *smiles*

Jamie: *jumps up* Sh-yea! *goes to change*

Leon: *changes and waits for her*

Jamie: *comes back in mint green bikini* Hey, hey!

Leon: I'll race ya again

Jamie: Your on! *runs to water*

Leon: *runs, picks her up, and jumps in* I'll say it's a tie.

Jamie: Agreed. *splashes him playfully*

Leon: *sees his trunks floating* Oh *beep*

Jamie: *closes eyes and walks back to shore*

Leon: *puts his trunks back on* You can come back in.

Jamie: *goes back in*

Leon: Jamie I didn't know there was another person like me in the world.

Jamie: What do you mean?

Leon: We are so....... alike

Jamie: *floats on back* I guess.

Leon: *swims under her and grabs her* Got ya

Jamie: *laughs and kisses him*

Leon: I wish we could of met last season.

Jamie: I hope we both make it into a third season...if there is one.

Leon: I'm still shocked that the first time Alex talks in a long time is the day we kiss.

Jamie: I know right! *climbs cliff and does a perfect dive into the water*

Leon: *catches her* Perfect catch *kisses her*

Gwen: Guys, i really dont mean to be rude, but this is exactly what killed I HATE HIGH-SCHOOL it got all lovey and to romantic and know one would edit, im sorry guys but ya know.......)

(Kate: I understand. We'll stop.) Jamie: Let's call it a night, ok Leon?

(Gwen: No no, dont stop. just ya know tone it down a lil maybe. :( im sorry if i sound rude, please forgive me but this is like my favorite camp.)

Leon: *starts to float on his bac*

Crag:*not impressed*There was a challenge >>, but the lovebirds got it the way so et's separate them.. Team 2 lose. But, to keep you on track, Leon or Kate MUST go home. this is a seriously...... AWESOME!


Crag:you brought this on yourselves, remember challenges and you many win >>

Intern:*snickering at their misfortune*Hey, why did Jamie break up with her boyfriend, if she told him she loved him, I gotta word for people like her, but momma told me not to say in on teevision

Natalia: IM confused, did you say i have to vote for Jaime or Leon?

Crag:Yes >>

Natalia: Hmmmmm..............

Keyshia: Aww i dont wanna vote for either of them

Zoey:Jamie is my friend and Leon's her boyfriend..this is CONFUSING!

Natalia: :/ i dont wanna vote........ but i guess i have to......but if i vote for either, the other will be mad at me.

Jamie: I...I...CRAG! YOU...YOU...*storms off*

Crag:WEll, strike one because I'M Crag, you're Jamie(XD)

(XD)Zoey:Ummm Crag who should I vote for?

Keyshia: I don't like this

Zoey:Me either.

Jamie: *looking threw the tapes* HA! LOOK! You said, "Eather KATE or Leon!" Kate's gone! Therefore....Leon....*looks shocked*


Jamie: *burst into tears* I KNOW!!!!

Zoey:*conforts her*

Jamie: No one knows how to vote....

Zoey:Wait I think Crag meant you or Leon,.

Jamie: *bursts into tears* I KNOW!!!

Zoey:*realizes*I should not have said that..

Crag:Strike two for Kate, you went off the deep end... One more and your gone

Keyshia: Kates not here

Jamie: I'm Jamie...*makes an imagiany zipper over her mouth*

Zoey:Yeah she's Jamie!

Crag:So? your both ugly as eah other, and third strike for thinking your mouth had a zipper, three strike your out!

Jamie: Ok, that's not fair!

Keyshia: NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!!


Jamie: Thanks guys....but seriously!!!

Zoey:*crying*Bye Jamie..*hugs her*

Jamie: I'm not giving up without a FIGHT!

Natalia: Thats right, dont let him take you out that easy!

Jamie: Your right! I mean REALLY!!?? Throwing me out because I did an imaginary ZIPPER?!?!

Crag:And nobody was voting

Jamie: *looks sad* I....I understand.

Karl: I vote for Leon!!!

Keyshia: WAIT A SECOND! I'm voting now, And I vote Leon. That's already 2 votes for him

Natalia: Jaime, i know you dont want your new BF to leave but we dont want you to go. I vote Leon, thats 3.

Crag:STOP VOTING! She has already been eliminated, anyone else complains and they are free to join her..*throws Jamie to aftermath studio*

Keyshia: *Glares at Crag* You're lucky that I learned how to control my anger

Jamie: *in aftermath studio* THAT'S IT! I'm calling my lawyers for UNLAWFUL termination!

Leon: Crag you know you are a huge *beep*.


Zoey:*sad*Jamie's gone.

Leon: (CONF) Crag better watch his back *takes out stun gun*

Day 10

Zoey:(CONF)The only good people here are Keyshia,Natalia,Leon,and Face.

Leon: Hum....................

Zoey:Hi Leon.*sits down*

Leon: Hey

Zoey:Are you sad?

Leon: My girlfriend is gone.......what do you think!

Zoey:*hurt*I was just asking.

Leon: Sorry for snapping.

Zoey:It's okay..I did cry when you left last season.

Leon: I really don't care about last season any more.

Zoey:Oh..great!I think..

Leon: That means I'm over you.

Zoey:Oh okay.

Leon: We are still friends.

Zoey:Yeah!*puts hand out for a handshake*

Leon: *Goes to give her a handshake but he trips and kisses her* That didn't just happen


Crag:Stop making out you two >>

Leon: Jamie will freak about this

Zoey:We're not making out!

Leon: Oh man that couldn't have happened

Zoey:I know.

Leon: *jumps into the water and hits his head on a rock*

Zoey:*gets Leon out of the water puts him on a couch*Are you okay?

Leon: Where am I................................Who am I?

Zoey:Your Leon....and your at Crag's camp/.Or studio.

Leon: I remember now I think your my girlfriend *kisses her*

Zoey:*softly pushes him away*No Jamie is your girlfriend.

Leon: Who this is Crag's camp 1 right?

Zoey:No,it's Crag's camp 2*shows three fingers*

Leon: I'm so sorry Zoey and to my girlfriend who is she again?

Zoey:Jamie..she got out.(CONF)I feel so smart I need to thank Leon.*gets out*Leon thank you fro making me feel smart.*hugs him*

Leon: Is there a picture of her?

Zoey:I don't think so.

Leon: I hope she is really hot.

Zoey:Me too.Am I hot!?

Leon: I think I broke up with you so no I guess

Zoey:..*burst into tears*

Leon: Calm down ughhhh.....................hottie

Zoey:Thank you!*hugs him*

Leon: Zoey will you please hit my head with that huge rock

Zoey:.Okay..but I'm going to regret this*grabs it but falls on her head**knocked out*

Leon: *wakes her up* Wrong person smart one.

Zoey:*gets up forgetting everything*I'm smart..who are you..your cute.

Leon: *Picks up the rock and hits himself but it hits her also*

Zoey:*forgets more stuff*Where am I?

Leon: *remembers everything* Not again

Zoey:Not what again?

Leon: Just remember you dummy!

Zoey:Remember what?

Leon: *hits her on the head again*

Zoey:*forgets everything*blughtwf

Leon: *tries one more time*

Zoey:*remembers half*Leon!*hugs him and kisses him*

Leon: *tries one last time*

Zoey:*remembers everything*Woah what happened.

Leon: You kissed me

Zoey:And you kissed me..but I did not remeber the kissing thing.

Leon: Why would I kiss you I have the perfect girlfriend

Zoey:Look Leon..I'm still not over you..(Drama!XD)

Leon: You have Face and I have Jamie

Zoey:Well I just don't want Face mad at me.

Face:*looks down into hole*I want some rabbit stew, come here you little*falls into hole*

Mad Hatter:Hello

Face:I hate Tim Burton. Everyone knows he was drunk while writing it*gets lost down there and therefore quits*(He told me to

Karl: Oh my god! I am doing pretty good in this compettiton!

Zoey:Yeah Karl!

Crag:Today, you will all be voting someone out, double elimination!

Team 1


Kayla: Izzy.

Team 2


Leon: Is this my team?

Karl: I vote for John! (check elimination table!)

(Youre: The elimo table said Leon was voted out but he wasn't.)

Leon: I vote Lexi

(Youre: Whaere is everyone?*)

Keyshia: I vote for John

Natalia: John


Crag:*throws John and Izzy out*Now, two less! This crappy season will be over soon...

Day 11

Crag:Who likes old faces? I don't, so here's a goth!*Fly returns*

Fly:Yup, I'm goth now

Crag:And Mech has returned! Cause I feel like it, also. MERGE!!!!!

Keyshia:(CONF) 2 people returned, and both of them will cause drama. Great

Natalia: Hey Fly....whats up with the ya know, black stuff?

Leon: Yes merge and Zoey can we talk

Zoey:Okay!*goes to him*

Leon: Is it ok if we are just friends.

Mech: I'm back??? Woah...

Zoey:Yeah!*hugs him*

Leon: Friends not a couple

Zoey:I know!

Leon: And sorry for your boyfriend disappearing in that rabbit hole I'll never find a boyfriend.*sad*

Leon: You will. *puts his hand on her sholder*


Leon: You are a nice girl and all.

Zoey:What's the all?

Leon: Other things: *starts to sweat*

Zoey:Like what?

Leon: Um....................(CONF) I think I still like her, but I have a girlfriend

Zoey:Umm Like What?

Leon: *bites lower lip but sweats even more*

Zoey:Why are you so sweaty?

Leon: *sweats even more* Ummmmmmmmm

Zoey:Eew your all soggy.

Leon: I'm going for a swim

Zoey:Okay,I'm getting a tan.*puts a yellow bikini**lays down*

Leon: *changes and goes in the water*

Zoey:*flips over*

Leon: *spashes Zoey* Sorry

Zoey:It's okay,can someone rub some sunscreen on my back?

Leon: (CONF) Jamie don't be mad please we are just friends

Leon: *rubs sunscreen on her back.*

Zoey:Thank you!

Leon: Wanna swim?

Zoey:Sure.but Do I look Hot or not?*poses*

Leon: Ummmmmmmm Ummmmmmmmmmmm Ummmmmmmmmmmmm Yes

Zoey:Yay the tan did work*gets in the water*

Leon; Just don't forget I have a girlfriend

Zoey:What makes you think I'll forget?

Leon: Like you said you still like me.

Zoey:Oh..I guess I am pretty forgetful.*laughs*

Leon: Zoey one question why did you brake up with me?

Zoey:Well I use to like Fly but now I don't I hate goths.And then Face got all angry and if I didn;t get back together with him I wouldv'e got out.

Leon: Wow you are kinda smart for doing that

Zoey:I am..I didn't notice!*hugs Leon*

Leon: Uh.............Zoey


Leon: You'er hugging me.

Zoey:Friends can't hug?!What has this world come to?

Leon: I just don't want to hurt Jamie. *starts to daydream about Jamie*

Mech: *rolls eyes* Losers.

Zoey:Okay..bye.What I'm a loser!?

Leon: Don't call my ex a loser

Zoey:I'm not a loser!

Leon: Adleast she has a heart

Mech: Why don't you make out already?

Leon: I have a girlfriend! Jamie!

Mech: *rolls eyes* And I have a microwave with my name written all over it

Keyshia: Uhhh, no actually my name is written on that microwave cause I gave you the one that I won last season........


Fly:*sarcastic*This place is fun....


Crag:I want each person to make a commercial for my new product, "Super Happy Craggy made Fish Tails!"(Make a new heading, heading 4, for your contestant)

Fly's Commercial

Fly:*puts tail in mouth**goes green*What is this crap? You expect people to buy this?

Take 2

Fly:*mildly singing*Buy these now and I'll get Santa to come to your house!*holds up charred bag of fish tails*

Mech's Commercial

  • throws candy into some nerd's mouth* Done.

Karl's commercial

Do youuuuu know what good candy is?!?! I know I do! That candy is Super Happy Craggy made Fish Tails!!!!! They are delicious! *donuts and Craggy's candy start exploding in backround* WoWiE!!!!!! *eats* that was delicious!!!! So call 123-456-7890 To get your candy!!!!!! *fast voice* we are not responsible for any mutations, cloning, poisoning, or throwing up! *regular voice* buy now!

Zoey's Commercial

Zoey:Hi it's Zoey and I want you to buy some of these Fishies!*eats some*Yummm..*throws up*

Take 2.

Zoey:Hello I'm Zoey and I'm here to romote..*hears the camera crew say it promote*Oh I mean Promote these fish called "Super Happy Craggy made Fish Tails"*throws some in a dog mouth*Yumm!

Keyshia's Commercial

Hey y'all It's last seasons winner Keyshia! Ever get hungry and find that you don't have anything good to eat in your house? Well complain no more! "Super Happy Craggy Made Fish Tails" are a refrshing, tasty new snack on the market! So, whenever you're hungry, Grab a bag of these! *Pretends to eat fish tail* Mmmmm so good! Buy now!


Crag:Any more entries?(Still put them above)

Karl: that was hard! But i did it! :)


Fly-YOU KNOW SANTA?!?!!?!?!?!!? Mummy never let him come to my house :( I think you win

Mech-Interersting, who doesn't love some nerd violence :D

Karl-My... My candy :(

Zoey-You, You forgot the words? In your finished effort?

Keyshia-Is this fpr the tails or you? And it says LAST SEASON, would the viewer know? I doubt it

Crag:The winners are Mech and Fly!


Kayla: Izzy

Karl: Fly

Mech: Izzy

Keyshia: Doc I vote John

Fly:Karl is annoying!

Leon: John

(Izzy was eliminated >>)

Crag:You guys are idiots!


Crag:Izzy is already out so there are two wasted votes, John is out too! And Fly has immunity so that means only one vote was counted which was enough to eliminate Karl! Karl is the first merger out! What will happen next time...

Aftermath 2

Crag:Welcome every loser and audience!

Barrel: *smokes hookah* May I leave now im teaching Tsing Tsing how to smokes >_>

Crag:*gets phone call*Hello? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Yes! Yes! We'll end the aftermath now to get onto it!*ends call*Aftermath over!*grins*

Day 13

Crag:Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I hope y'all are excited!

Keyshia: *Rolls eyes* Why would I ever be excited?

  • grouund shakes*

Fly:It's too early!*falls over*

Keyshia: Umm why did the ground just shake?

  • ground continues to shake*

Fly:*gets up*Start the challenge old man!

Crag:I'm only 23!


  • ground shakes*

Crag:Okay, we'll start! You gotta dig a hole and get out somewhere! This is based off prison challenges. For winning the last challenge Fly and Mech each get a shovel and the rest of oyu use your hands!

Fly:*starts digging*These earthquakes are annoying me!

Mech: *breaks shovel and gets out power drill he had in pocket somehow*

Fly:Hey Mech, want an alliance?*continues digging*

Keyshia: *Groans* You know Mech, you could've given me the shovel instead of wasting it.

Zoey:*digging hapily*

Fly:*puts shovel down and falls into tunnel*What the-? *sees two figures in the distance*He-hello?

Face:Dude he see's us.


Facer:WHy you little *tackels Ben*

Ben:But my powerdrill will destroy you you big thing.

Face: I have a a jack hammer you twerp.

Ben:I win! >:D


Keyshia: *Hears voices from hole Fly fell down* Who the heck is down there?

Fly:*squints eyes*Face? Is that you?

Leon: Didn't he fall though that hole.

Zoey:*digs and breaks through it*AHH!*hits the ground*Ow.

Leon: Zo you K?


Leon: You hit your head.

Zoey:Oh,who's Zo.

Leon: It is short of ZOEY.

Zoey:Oh..I thought it was Zoe..

Leon: Oh....

Zoey:Can you help me out.

Leon: If it's dating then NO.

Zoey:Help me!And I never said dating.

Mech: *digs hole to China* Yes!!! *jumps in and gets burned by magma*

Leon: What?????????????

Zoey:Help me get out.

Leon: *digs a hole*

Zoey:*shrugs**keeps on diging*

Leon: I will win

(HR:No you didn't you never even started digging.)

Zoey:*digging upward**dirts falls on her*AH!I'm so dirty!*more dirts falls on her*I can't breathe.*silence*.

Leon: *digs alot gets to her and helps her out*

Zoey:uugh..*breathing little by little*

Leon: You doing ok?

Zoey:*coughs out dirt*N-*faints*

Leon: *gives her mouth-to-mouth* (CONF) Jamie I was helping her live.

Zoey:*coughs up more dirt**gets up*You saved me!*hugs him*(CONF)Well Face saving my life made me like him,but I hope I don't get to like Leon again..

Leon: You welcome, I can't let any one die

Zoey:So would you save Mech.

Leon: If it was mouth-to-mouth I'd make a girl do it.

Zoey:I'm not doing it.

Leon: You were in his *beep* alliance

Zoey:Ooooh you said a bad word,I'm telling.

Leon: You said something like that the first time you herd me say a "bad word" .

Zoey:I'm still telling,Crag,Crag!*leaves*

Leon: *after an hour* ................

Crag:*pulls Fly, Face and Ben out of hoile*Great! Fly andFace have immunity cause Face returned and Fly found him!


Fly:Gotta be Leon, he's flirting with Zoey! Betraying Jamie and Face!!!

Mech: *votes Leon* Na-Na-Na-Na hey hey, goodbye!

Keyshia: Uhh do I even have to say? *Votes Leon*

Leon: I gotta vote Zoey, I can't be flurtning with her.

Zoey:I vote..*votes KArl*I barely se him.

  • plane lands* Natalia: Sorry i had to leave guys, but that meeting with the olympic ambassador was mandatory.

Leon: (CONF) Please be a fake vote and elimonalion

Face:Heh Heh Leon you have dug yourself a grave my friend no one flirts with my girlfriend and gets away with it.


Leon: She doesn't like you she is scared of you.

Crag:Your an unpaid intern! And Leon is out for cheating on his girlfriend which is horrible, even by my standards!

Leon: I'm not cheating on Jamie! You people mistake me being nice!

Day 14

Fly:This is so boring!

Mech: I'm glad that loser is gone.

Keyshia: Yeah the whole flirting thing was getting annoying............actually it wasn't getting annoying, it was annoying

Fly:And the worst thing is he didn't even admit to it, Jamie probably still likes him :/

Leon's 2nd Nootbook: *was left behind*

Mech: And I'm also glad that they are in that junkyard known as the "Losers" camp. Ugh, I hated that!

Face:I spent my whole time out n a whole.

Ben:I'm Ben and I am an intern :D

Face:You don't know what an intern is do you?

Ben:No idea

Face:Well your better then the last retard intern. By the way how's your relationship with obsseive singer chick mech.Hey Zoey *hugs her* thanks for cheating on me with Leon again.

Keyshia: Hello Face. (CONF) Wanna know what I've learned? Face and I could actually get along

Nootbook: *falls off a shelf*

Face:Hell Keyshia (Conf) I have an allience plan Keyshia, me. aMehc, and zfly could storm this place after all we all know we're the best. I'd add Zoey but I csan't trust her.

Keyshia:(CONF) I guess I was wrong to just keep on hating Face, he isn't bad. We could get far together


Crag:Okay, today the challenge is to train a team of inner-city children in basketball to finish runner-up in the state championships!

Fly:I'm out!

Crag:Okay, you can watch, but you just gab=ve up immunity

Keyshia: Uhh this is a weird challenge. Did I mention I don't really watch basketball?

Crag:Montage!*plays Eye of the tiger*Go do montagy stuff

Keyshia: O.o *mutters* Everyday something weird happens here

Crag:Or we could skip the montage and show a montage of the games... Nah

Mech: *threatens kids with knife* Train or you'll get it!!!

Zoey:*in a P.E suit*Okay kids we are going to play Basket ball!*a lot of kids come to her*Okay kids we are going to be training every day one hour for each day!Let's practice shooting the ball into the basket!*kids trying to shoot the ball into the basket*.

Face:CATCH THE FREAKING BALL! *throws ball and hits kid in the face*

Kid:*crys* that hurt! your a bad coach.

Face:If you caught it it wouldn't have hurt now would it? Anyone else want to question my authority *A kid raised his hand and Face threw a ball at him* Gop shoot some hoops and after you shoot 70 come back here. I don't care if your arms bleed you will win * goes and takes a nap*

Zoey:Okay kids.break!*gives the kids cookies*

Kid:Coach we're hungry.


Crag:Alright, both Face and zoey win immunity. Face for his tough love method. And Zoey for her mothering instinct.


Fly:Hmm. Kayla, never here

Mech: Yeah...what he said.

Face:Meh I agree

Crag:Buh bye Kayla!

Day 20

Montage of everyone who doesn't talk gets eliminated leaving final five

Crag:Welcome to the final 5! Mech, Face, Fly, Keyshia and Zoey. Since Zoey had a free pass due to rules, I've changed they so now the final 2 cvan consist of anybody!

Fly:Mech, Face, final 3?

Mech: Good, no one wants a free pass

Keyshia: Yeah, no one wants to get to the finals by doing nothing


Crag:Hmm..... I pick the Space genre! Everyone will have a moon battle!*gives everyone light-sabres*

Fly:What are these?


Keyshia: 1st of all, what the heck is this? 2nd of all this looks kind of dangerous!

Fly:*hits everyone off*

(GODPLAY)Crag:Eveyone except Fly is still in!(Sorry, couldn't resist)

(LF: Nice Crag, Nice XD!)

Face:* starts spinning it* Heh Heh awesome *Hits Zoey* YOU DIRTY CHEATER!

Keyshia: *Stares at Lightsaber* How the heck does this thing even work?!?! *Pushes button and saber comes flying out* Woah, I almost hit myself!

Crag:Mech, Face and Keyshia can still win!

Fly:Peeeeeeeeeeeeerfect :|

Mech: *hits someone with lightsaber* Woah, this thing is dorky.

Zoey:Owwy.*hits Face back*I didn't do anything!!

Keyshia: *Swings Lightsaber crazily* Hehe this is fun!

Crag:KEYSHIA! Calm down! Fly, Face and Zoey are out of the challenge. Only Mech and Keyshia remain, who willwin? And who will lose?

Keyshia: *Looks at mech, and slowly takes out lightsaber* Lets see what you got, "Bad Boy"

Zoey:Go Kesha!

Mech: *rolls eyes* It's Keyshia! Kesha is someone who brushes her teeth with alcohol.

Zoey:Oh,go Keyshia!

Keyshia: *Walks over to Mech and whispers so NO ONE CAN HEAR* Look, I don't deserve to win again ok? So I'll let you get immunity this time, but don't vote me out. I wont to make it final 3, but not win.

Mech: *whispering* Ok, sure! And... *stabs Keyshia with toy lightsaber*

Keyshia: Oh, that pain *Rolls eyes* Ok well at least thats over

Mech: And by the way, what ever happened to your broken microwave???

Keyshia: Uhh some skinny, Blonde white girl came and took it from me and said she needed it for some other thing called "Total Drama Horror 2"

Crag:Skinny white girl? Total Drama Horror 2? Blainley? She was my date for prom*dries*

Fly:I'm not putting up with him! I quit!

Day 21

Crag:I miss Blainley

Keyshia: She is....................Ok, I don't have anything good to say about her. Final 4!

Crag:*keeps crying*


Producers:*over loudspeakers*Contestants, you must help Crag feel better. Than is the challenge. That is all

Keyshia: *To Crag* Why don't we get rid of all the things that remind you of her! Then you'll forget her and feel better

Mech: *drags Blainely over* There. Ya happy now????

Blainely: Ouch! Oh, you are so getting sued!!!

Crag:Blainely!*runs and hugs Blainely*(Awkward)

Keyshia: Hey, it's that white girl who took my microwave

Blainely: that Crag? Uh...I sorta have something to do right now...

Keyshia: No! *Hold Blainely by her hair* You stay here and make him happy!

Blainely: Ew....why would I do that?

Keyshia: *Pulls Blainely's hair* Because if you don't I will pull all of your hair out, one strand at a time

Cody: *is half-way there from following the drag marks*

Blainely: *yells* Whoever gets me out gets some sorta reward!!!!

Keyshia: Why are you yelling??? Just go over and make Crag feel better

Crag:*in fetal position*Why doesn't she love me.. I'm handsome and have money

Cody: *hears Blainley's screams, and arrives at the camp*

Blainely: Except you're like, 10 years younger than me.

Crag:no I'm not.*pouts*

Blainely: You know what? I gotta camp to run and if you don't mind...I DON'T LIKE YOU!!!

Keyshia: *Pulls Blainelys hair and drags her to Crag* BE NICE TO HIM!

Crag:I quit!!!!!!


Producers:Alright... We'll find a replacement for next time so until then...

Mech: do we continue the camp???

Crag:I'm his son! Now I'm in charge :DDDDDDDDDDD People told me your voting now

Mech: Crag named his son Crag? How creative...

Crag:Yup! I think it's a great name! Yourstill the nice [erson from Melvin!

Keyshia: This is.............I actually can't find a way to describe it. So, about the voting, who has immunity?

Mech: Yea...and I dunno who to vote for in final four!

Keyshia: Me either.........Were like the only one's doing anything

Crag:Producers told me nobody won, he did quit

Mech: Well... *secretly votes Keyshia* (CONF) Sorry, but she's won before

Keyshia: (CONF) *Votes for herself* What? I said I wanted to go final 3, but these people are so much better then me and I've already won, so I think I've made it far enough.

Zoey:*Votes Keyshia*Sorry..*sobs*

Mech: Uh...Crag...sorry to tell you, but I think Blainely is dead.

Crag:Who? Anway..*looks at votes*Kay-shi-a? your eliminated....

Day 22

Crag:Welcome.. Final one... two... three? Anway, we're going to have a jury vote about who'll lose now! vote for you you want out jury people wherever you is

Fly:Meh, I vote Zoey

Zoey:I'm the only girl,I vote Mech..

Keyshia: Uhh Zoey, it's a jury vote. I honestly can't say who I want out. They all deserve it.

Leon: I vote MECH.

Jamie: I vote Zoey.

Mech: I vote... *hears whispers* Well, that's stupid. *kicks Face in the face*

Barrel: *smokes hookah* obviously I vote Mech to be eliminated.

Karl: Mech, to be eliminated, Zoey deserves this!

Mech: You guys do know that Face is in the final three too, right??? So is he fan gave???

Zoey:Why are you voting me...I'm the only girl..

Barrel: Meh.... I still vote Mech *smokes hookah*

Mech: Weirdos...and Zoey, Crag 1 changed the rules so anyone could be f2

Crag:Looks like.. er.. Face is currently safe, but Mech and zoey are tied! If nobody else votes it will be down to a guessing contest

Barrel: What the heck *changes vote to Face* now there's no tie.

(CRag:The poll below is the decidor in which anyone can vote, get everyone ypou know)

Who shouldn't make it to the final two?

The poll was created at 08:41 on August 9, 2015, and so far 0 people voted.


Crag:*read cuecard*Okay.. You have to guess the prize? It's 100000000000000000000000000 times better than last time, apparentely. This ends when someone gets it or Sunday? Horrible challenge...

FaceHmmmm. A celphone with no signal no batteries and only 100 minutes why I geuss that because it could still probally kill us.

Mech: We get to choose who lives? We get to see old Crag again? We get a broken microwave? We get a working microwave? We get a hug from you? We get nothing? We get to praise Crag all day? We get to bring Blainely back to life? We get to shut up?

Barrel: For some reason im actually rooting for Mech to win DX

Face:We get to have an autographed picture from you xD

(B)Crag:*comes in*I'm back, and Face, I believe you won so*gives Face autographed picture*Well done my boy...

(That was the prize since day 6)

Barrel: Didn't see that coming O_o

Face:I've been wanting to do this since I first came here * does a victory dance and picks up Jamie* Time to drown the princess princess princess time to drown the princess let's all laugh out liud *dunksm Jamie and ties a wieght to her* Have fun with that now * drops her hand and leaves* How I love torture (Conf) Everyone denied me and I won so ha!

Barrel: *unties Jamie* It's as easy as that. You aren't so evil Face XD *smokes hookah*

Face:Meh * KO's Barrel and ties Jamie and him togethor then ties an anchor to both of them and then a time bomb*

Crag:Interesting.. That wraps up Season 2, I hope to see some of you back next time. But, some newbies as well...

The End

Face:*appears on black screen* Thats for now kiddies see ya soon *evilly laughs*

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