Total Drama is back and better than ever, with a new host: Me! I'm taking a small batch of new contestants back to a new-and-improved Wawanakwa, where they will compete once again for the prize.

Sign-Ups (2 Per user) (Name, stereotype, user)

Will end when there is at least ten people.

  • Nemo- The Heroic Gamer - Nemo
  • Firey- The BFDI Winner - Nemo
  • Lexi - The Pink Wannabe Aztec Princess - Samey
  • Willow - The Spiritual Hippie - Samey
  • Jacob - The Families Underachiver - Xaypay
  • Jennifer - Grade A Asshole - Xaypay


Firey: It feels so great to be back. *looks at Nemo* You look nervous.

Nemo: *On a human slingshot* Do I? I'm just fine, y'know?

Lexi: Hola alguien ordeno pizza?

Willow: Hola chicos.

Firey: Quiet. We are just doing a slingshot.

Nemo: Oh god. Not them again.

Lexi: (CONF) Me gusta las pizzas son deliciosas.

Willow: Hey hay un costo de una Toyota Hiace Commuter nueva.

Firey: Alright, why don't you get in the car and leave.

Nemo: YEAH! We're doing a experiment here!

Lexi: Quiero un nuevo acuario.

Willow: (CONF) Yo tengo el nuevo Toyota Hiace Commuter, un submarino de albondigas y unas sodas.


Nemo: Um, Experiment! On a slug!

Firey: It's THE S.L.U.G!

Nemo: Ooh.

Lexi: Hay pizza gratis?

Willow: Yo amo el pastrami. Es delicioso.

Firey: Alright, Let me try.

Nemo: Actually, I'm going. Did you get the goggles?

Firey: Here. *gives Nemo the goggles* What are we aiming for?

Nemo: Top of the tree. Easy shot. Are we ready?

Firey: Ready!

Nemo: Good.

Lexi: Me encanta esta pizza deliciosa.

Willow: Tengo raspados de sabores.

Firey: Uhhh... Later...

Nemo: *gets flinged by S.L.U.G*

Lexi: Yo fui a Mexico al metro.

Willow: Yo amo el Toyota Hiace Commuter.

Firey: Did you get the book?

Nemo: Yes. *opens book* Say, when is the host coming?

Lexi: Hay una entrega de pizzas.

Willow: Yo como pescado frito.

Jacob: *walks over to the rest of the campers* Uhm hello, name's Jacob and-

Jennifer: *grabs Jacob and pulls him over and whispers to where no one can hear there conversation* I don't think they want to hear you little bro. Now move *shoves Jacob to where he catches his balance, she walks over to the rest of the campers putting on a smile without anyone noticing what just occured* Hi! My name is Jennifer, I would love to get to know you all! *smiles and winks at Nemo*

Jacob: *gets back his balance, rubbing his head* Uh, well I guess I shouldn't talk. Yep. I'm an idiot...

Jennifer: *still talking with everyone* So what's your name cutie! *smiling at Nemo*

Nemo: Uh... I... Uh...

Firey: Don't discourage him mate!

Lexi: Pizza gratis.

Willow: Alguna vez pedes decir.

Nemo: You two shut up!

Firey: Holy hell, dude. Calm down! (CONF) At least we stil got the book... (END CONF)

Jennifer: *biting her lip, looking at Nemo* So... Nemo you got a girlfriend back at home?

Firey: I'm serious. Screw him up one more time and I'll burn you up.

Nemo: Um... NO!

Lexi: Habra pizza?

Willow: Yo voy a meditar.

Jennifer: *rubs on Nemo's shoulder* Well do you want a hot one like me... *stops rubbing shoulder and starts twisting her hair*

Jacob: *coughing and turns to Lexi* So, you speak a little spanish huh, well I can speak some too, not that great but here goes nothing... *coughs to get his voice out* Hey jefe, puedo tener el coño por favor? (CONF) I said hello. (END CONF)

Firey: Ooooooooooh you are asking for it now! *burns Jennifer ablaze*

Nemo: Phew... That was close.

Lexi: *eats pepperoni pizza* Mmmm Deliciosa.

Willow: *meditating* 

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