16 Teenagers have been invited to a manor. An amazing getaway, near a city known for its tourism, and whats more at the end of the trip to those who remain the entire time shall split 10 million dollars.

House Guests

(Signups. Please include name, gender, age, stereotype/personality, and username; For now there is no limit for characters but its recomended to not pass 3)

Jacob Womack, Male, 15, The Prankster, Jomack03

Judy White, Female, 17, The Polite Lady, Jomack03

Lexi Xochitl, Female, 16 The Wannabe Princess, Samey

Willow Shiell, Female, 16 The Spirtual Hippie, Samey

Nick Grayson, Male, 21, The Placid Concierge, Paryxis

Hayley Preston, Female, 17, The Washed Up Child Star, Paryxis

Emily Bloom, Female, 17, The Condescending High Achiever, XxSolarEclipsexX

Cody Acosta, Male, 16, The Horrible Flirt, XxSolarEclipsexX

Laura Hills, Female, 14, The Socially Awkward Girl, Cabbage

Darius Benjamims, 17, The Movie Expert, BB

Cindy Lennox, Female, 24, The Waitress, CandyAnaisWatterson777

Berry Carson, Female, 14, The Smart Gamer, CandyAnaisWatterson777

Jim Chapman, Male, 24, The Coward, CandyAnaisWatterson777

Emma Star, Female, 20, The First To die, XrosHearts


So since that short intro doesn't explain anything, I will. This is a horror camp meaning deaths keep that in mind.

The camp is kinda similar to Whodunnit except you actually have to survive.

One of the house guests will be randomly assigned to be The Killer.

The killer will slowly pick off everyone one by one until they remain. Everyone else tries to survive and figure out who the killer is by using the clues hidden throughout the entire camp.

The Killer won't know who he or she is, though they must figure out if they are the killer and mislead the other characters.

Once someone finds out who The Killer is they can message me privately and explain why they believe that (or you can do it in the camp but that might let others find out useful info)

If The Killer  is caught they will die meaning that they lose but another killer will come to replace them. But the person who found out who the killer is will be safe from being killed for a day. (And since the camp is about teens who stay one or two weeks at the manor that can be increadibly useful)

The Killer might have assisstants. BE mindful of that.

Also I will be writing short stories about how people die if anyone wants to know but yeah basically how it is.

Guests' Status

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Emma Killed

     This Guest is still Alive

     This Guest was killed by the killer.

Day 1

(You may explore the open areas)

Main Hall

The Main Hall of the Manor which includes the main entrance and a staircase. At the end of the hall there is a lounge area with sofas and a television, with a door to an outdoor Patio. All Doors are locked.

Jacob: Why are the doors locked? That's weird. *turns on ESPN*

Lexi: Hola a Todos.

Jacob: Hey Lexi, you must be part of the other sixteen guys who came.

Nick: *looks at stairs* I bet the guests at my hotel would die if the elevators were replaced by that.

Jacob: To bad the doors are locked I could go for a little football game.

Nick: Watching sports sounds better; you don't have to do anything.

Jacob: What? Are you an inside guy?

Nick: It's technically my job, and I don't have to waste energy.

Darius: *looks around* Wow, can't believe I am here. Many films were made here.

Emily: Ugh! Is this like cobweb central, or something? *dusts self off*

Cody: Well, if you need somebody to help you get cozy, I-

Emily: Have a boyfriend? Yes I do. Thanks for asking. *walks off*

Cody: :/

Lounge Area

A Lounge area containing sofas and a Huge TV with a Fosball Table, Air Hockey Table, and a Pool Table behind. Leads into the Main Hall and a door to the outdoor Patio. The Patio Door Is Locked.

Judy: *looks at paintings on the wall*

Hayley: *plops down on sofa and points at TV* If you'd turn that baby on, you'll instantly see me. My mom always thought of me as an air freshener; filling the room with my brilliant presence.

Judy: *turns on tv*

Hayley: *tv shows a commercial of foot cream* I was just exaggerating a bit, but I'm pretty popular if you ask me.

Willow: Hola chicos.

Laura: *staring at the doors* Well, I would like to know what is behind there.

Hayley: Maybe there's a master bedroom, all to myself! Of course, all of you can go in it, but I call dibs.

Laura: Well, I'd like to have my cellphone now, or something, this is quiet.

Judy: Ladies, though we are all in need of a tasteful spot of tea, I suggest we go outside and let the boys make us something.

A Loud Click can be heard and the Outdoor Patio can now be accsed

Outdoor Patio

Includes Patio Chairs, a grill with supplies and a big pool. Has a door to the Lounge Area and a locked door to the outside garden.

Jacob: What? Who did that?

Laura: *pushing him* The mechanism of the house, ovbiously. This is all controled with machines, now if you mind me, I will read a book. *she sits on one of the chairs and takes out a book*

Jacob: Rude. *makes a hamburger for himself and takes a bite*

Lexi: Ñam ñam delicioso.

Emily: Why is everything locked? This place is giving me a super eerie vibe. *folds arms*

Hayley: I would totally buy this house if every door wasn't locked.

Laura: I find this place unstressful, which is the best for now, but I would like to know why the doors are locked.

Hayley: *eating a hamburger* Me too. If someone didn't want to show their hideous wardrobe, they didn't have to lock every door.

Jacob: Yeah, it's weird.

Emily: It's probably for the best that outfit is being concealed. *raises eyebrow at Hayley*

Laura: Well, if you clashing girls don't mind, I will go to the pool.

Hayley: We're guests, so we shouldn't be rude, unless it's a major fashion disaster. Then there's no holding back.

Nick: *scoffs* You should say that to every person that comes into my hotel. That would sure help my job.

Emily: So you're giving me permission to not hold back? 

Hayley: *shrugs* Who am I to say no? Maybe I can join in. 

Emily: *raises eyebrow* You're into beating yourself up? K.

Cody: I wouldn't mind if you two-

Emily: Don't you even dare. Even SHE is out of your league.

Cody: Ok.

Hayley: Don't be so mean, I think you two are perfect for each other.

The Kitchen, Bathroom, Outside, and Bedrooms are unclocked


A Room filled with Cooking Supplies, food and a tabl e with some chairs. Connects with Main Hall


Shower, Sink, Toilet


There is a big garden with a miniature hedge maze and a big pool. Connected to Outdoor Patio

Bedroom 1

Contains 2 Queen Sized Beds and 2 walk in closets.

Bedroom 2

Contains 2 Queen Sized Beds and 2 walk in closets.

Emily: Hmph. This is ALL mine.

Emily's dead body is found in this room with he head and several of her belongings covered in blood.

Jacob: *walks in* Oh my god!

Lexi: *cries* Oh no!

Bedroom 3

Contains 2 Queen Sized Beds and 2 walk in closets.

Willow: Yo encontre pinturas y Pinceles.

Bedroom 4

Contains 2 Queen Sized Beds and 2 walk in closets.

Jacob: I choose the bed on the left! And the closest closest to it. *starts unpacking into closest*

Nick: You can get the other closet. I brought a light load. *unpacks*

Lexi: Yo creia que me gusta la pizza.

Bedroom 5

Contains 2 Queen Sized Beds and 2 walk in closets.

Laura: Well, I guess I get the room for myself. I wish I packed more stuff, the room is too big for me.

Bedroom 6

Contains 2 Queen Sized Beds and 2 walk in closets.

Hayley: I choose the bed on right! And I want to occupy both of the closets, but I guess my clothes can fit in one. *shoves clothes into closet*

Bedroom 7

Contains 2 Queen Sized Beds and 2 walk in closets.

Bedroom 8

Contains 2 Queen Sized Beds and 2 walk in closets.

Storage Room

Contains a lot of random stuff.


Room Containing tons of books.

Bathroom 2

Same as first

Confessional Room

Music Room

Contains various instruments of all kinds

Emma Star's Dead Body has been found in the music room next to the bloody piano and the broken acustic guitar. Cause of Death: Bleed to Death.

The Killer might still be near this room.


Dinning Hall

Long table connected to the kitchen.

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