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It's useless. No matter how hard you try, you'll never get what you desire.



Here I am.
Apartment 133A.


Is this really the right one?
I mean...
The slip says it's to discuss "classified matters"..
This is really suspicious...why did I even come here?

She knew why. She wouldn't admit it, but she knew why. A small signature haunted her as she glanced down at the crumpled piece of paper in her hands.

"~From Wawanakwa Central Founding"

It really shouldn't be true. It collapsed years ago. The members of the former wiki had been hunted down. Even to this day, she still didn't know who did it or why. 

Some were mauled.

Some shot.

Some with equally brutal demises.

Some ended themselves.

Their death announcements were listed in the newspaper each time they happened, and she had to move on each time as well. But other than that, it was as if no one noticed. No investigations. Nothing to grieve their deaths over at all. It was as if she was the only one who could see them. Was she? Still, she had fled the town entirely before she could read more, or before she would be next. They thought she was one of the ones who had jumped off of the bridge in the mass suicide, read the note. "But that just gives us more to talk about when the time comes."

Thing is, she remembered doing that. She did.

However, here she was. Physically unaffected from it. Things would never be the same inside, though.

She shook her head, trying to shake the memories from her mind. She knocked and the door opened slowly, with a slight creak.


Oi, look who showed." she heard someone say as they walked towards where she was positioned. Even though their voice was soft, it seemed as if they took up all of the attention in the room.

"Ash...wait, Ash!?" Her eyes widened as Ash smiled lightly.

"Nice to see you too, Pary." He replied, studying the newly arrived person. She wasn't in the best apparel. Even Pary knew that.

"Hey, long time no talk!" another voice exclaimed from the couch. She looked over, and there sat a vaguely familiar face. "Booty?" She hadn't talked much with her even before the tragedy, but she definitely had seen the girl before. Before Booty could respond, one question crossed Pary's mind.

" it just you two? Are there more here?" She inquired, evidently hopeful of something.

"Well, we have TDN right here!" She smiled, as she gently slapped air- though,  as Pary was just about to comment on Booty's insanity, a figure appeared sitting next to her seemingly from thin air. The fellow sighed and lifted his head to face a baffled Pary.

"Sorry about that..anyways, welcome. Forget that happened," he said. "Cab, Izzy and Milk are somewhere around here. Other than that, it's just us." Pary's eyes seemed to dim at this.

I guess it was too good to be true. What a waste of time. But they won't let me go now.

"Why am I here?" Her tone seemed a bit firmer now, as if she just wanted to get out. Ash, who was still standing in front of her, decided to speak up.

"Milk sent out for you. I think he's at the store right now. You're welcome to come in now, though." He replied, stepping back slightly.

"I thought he said he would be home by now.." Booty sighed. "We need those poptarts!"

"Why? Don't we need some other things more?" TDN asked, raising and eyebrow. Booty simply shrugged to this, replying with "Sure, if you want me to be a zombie in the mornings."

Just then, a voice chimed from behind Pary as she turned. "Whose turn is it to unload these?" they inquired casually. There was Milk, practically carrying a million bags of unopened groceries in his hands and not even seeming to be tired. The weirdest thing to Pary, however, was that his eyes glowed a mysterious red as they glared into hers.

"And you. We need to talk."



 She was really confused now.

There she was. Pary sat quietly in a chair in front of Milk, a distant Booty who sat in a corner doing something, and Izzy, whose face clearly stated he was overflowed with thoughts at that moment. Before  she could examine anything further, Milk cleared his throat to speak.

"I am glad you could make it," he started, though Pary noted that his voice read of a more serious tone rather than eager. 

"Why am I here?" Pary inquired. Though her main goal had folded up and died of soaring from the window at that point, she still held a bit of motive in her to stay. 

"I'll cut to it. You did jump off the bridge that day, didn't you?" 

Pary's eyes widened. Oh boy, not this. She gulped and mustered up a response. 

"I thought it was just a dream.." she admitted, looking down. She had tried so hard to convince herself this was true. It was just a dream, she had fallen asleep somewhere. 

But no. It was just too vivid. Too real. 

The way the wind lapped against her face, everything suddenly going black, and then that place. That place still haunted her memory. Every detail, from the-

"Well, I know why you're still here."

Pary's head shot up to look at his before she could finish her thought. Why she was here. Why she still existed. Why that had happened to her, how she returned. 

"It's because you're like us."

"Because I was a user? Then why didn't everyone else-"

"No." Milk interjected harshly. 

"You died, you came back to life. It was on August 15th. Wasn't it?" Izzy finally spoke up, leaning against a wall.

"I.... I think so.." she whispered, almost as if she didn't want to be heard. She just wanted to run. Life was finally becoming normal for her after all this time. She had hoped to never be reminded of this again unless it meant seeing-

"Great. I'll explain it further later. But for now, you're part of the group."

"What..?" Her voice wavered as the others in the room began to casually exit. 

"Member 7. Pretty sweet if you ask me," Izzy chuckled. Pary stood up, a mystified and melancholy expression plastered on her face. Booty, who was trailing behind the other 2, turned to face Pary as she was directly under the doorframe. 

"You're more powerful than you think." She smiled faintly, and with just the smallest hint of remorse. Pary took a step forward to try and approach her, but she was already halfway through the hall.

"Let's see what happens this time around."



She  had decided to stay in the room, nearly petrified from so many emotions being shoved in her at once.

["You're more powerful than you think..."]

"What's that even supposed to mean?" She asked herself with a voice full of question. She shouldn't haven't come here. And member #7? Member of what? Suddenly, a voice boomed across the hall. Pary put her ear up to the keyhole of the closed door to try and decipher what was being said..well, more like yelled.

"Well, it's not my fault! How was I supposed to know-"

"Whatever, whatever! Just do whatever you want, but it's not a smart plan~" Unlike the seemingly harsh person she had heard first, the voice that had interjected sounded almost cheerful yet held an air of nervousness. It continued as footsteps echoed.

"F*** you..and no matter what you say, it's not going to happen."

"You're not the leader. And this is why....Member 1 is always the one to act, you have no say," the voice chimed in a singsong tone. A door slammed in the distance as a sigh resounded through the now silent hallways.

"Why do I always fake these things..." it grumbled as the footsteps echoed through the hall once again. The others must have been too scared to say anything, because there was nothing but an eerie silence for so long. Pary turned the doorknob gently, as if it was a small child and one wrong move would make everything go horribly wrong. The person she saw out there shocked her. The person's eyes glowed a crimson red as he smiled, and then it suddenly flashed to a distraught face- only for a second though, as he was suddenly as calm as before.

He really had changed.


Izzy, whose had flopped on his bed just moments before, stared at the ceiling. After the "meeting" with Pary, he abandoned himself in his room, only with his thoughts to occupy him. And he had a lot of thoughts.

First of these was- what was even happening right now? Anyone would think he would get it pretty well, since he was member #6. The newest member aside from Pary, even though it had been a while since he had joined.

But no, this was so different.

He laid his arms over his head so he couldn't blind himself from the ceiling light. I found the central, he thought. But they found Pary.
How did that even work?

His thoughts started to desperately wander in search of a less confusing topic when out of the blue, the conversation that was happening between who she could only assume was Cab and Milk apparently took a harsher tone as Milk raised his voice. Not like this hasn't happened before, he thought.

The two of them could never get along as long as I've been here.

He sighed while turning over on the bed. The two of them had started to fight less and less, but it still happened. "They know the worst of each other...Milk is really, really unreasonable....And Cab..." he started to say, his voice trailing off as a door slammed in the distance.

"And Cab's deceiving as the devil."


____________ "I'll see you guys in a while." TDN glanced up as he headed out the door to run an errand. He heard a bored "Smell you later" from the direction he had called to, but this came as no surprise. He rolled his eyes and shut the door.
 Pary, Milk, and Ash were comfortably seated on the couch, though one of those three was not very comfortable at all.
"You still haven't explained anything to me." Pary groaned, glaring at Milk and Ash intently. "What did you mean by 'one of you'? Why am I so special?" She leaned back, studying their faces. Milk had the same nonchalant face as usual, while Ash smiled.
"It's about time we tell you, huh?" He started, shifting positions slightly. Milk glared at him to stop, but Ash ignored him and continued.
"You have something we call an eye power. We all have them. It's a special ability that you gained at the..Well, there." Pary tilted her head. What was he talking about? And eye powers?
 Wait, there?
"We all somehow died on August 15th. However, we were brought there and now we're back."
The context of what Milk had said a couple days prior really hadn't struck until now. So she did die. How did that work?
Ash continued again before Pary could even begin. "These eye powers are like superpowers. One of us can turn invisible, one of us has super strength, even I have the ability to garner attention. "
"Still not a very useful power if you ask me." Milk leaned back and rested his hands behind his head as an irritated Ash not so gently nudged him with his elbow.
" I have one?" Pary lifted an eyebrow. This was so confusing to her, but her mind sparked, puzzled and curious at the same time, at the explanation of these 'eye powers'.
"Yes. We just don't know which one." He sighed and made a pose that almost resembled that of the Thinker, cupping his chin with his hand.
"I think yours may be-" Suddenly, an alarm began to sound from the kitchen as smoke creeped in the room.
"Any of you know how to put out a burning stove?" A trembling voice inquired as a figure frantically rushed into the living room.
Sighs of relief echoed through the kitchen as the last of the fire was extinguished.  They had spent a full minute fiddling with the fire extinguisher, since none of them had used one in ages. On the floor, through all the smoke, and trembling figure could be seen on her knees in front of Ash.
"I am so so so sorry, please forgive me! I-I must have not read the directions right or something, none of this was on purpose! I'll pay for repairs and not cook again, just please forgive me!" Booty wailed, her hands covering her head like a helmet as if she was expecting to be hit and was begging for forgiveness. Her arms were  dreadfully burned, but this seemed to be the last of her worries.
"D*mn right, you will." Milk replied sternly as he scanned the oven, almost as if he was assessing the damage. He glared back at the girl.
"Just go take care of those burns or something, you can clean this up in a few." He sighed, walking away. Izzy glanced around, looking sympathetically at the girl who was now slowly headed for the bathroom. She really was a horrible cook, but somehow, Booty had convinced the others she could cook something edible for them that night. However, she had failed for the second time.
"Let's let TDN do the cooking." Izzy sighed, gaining an unanimous nod from everyone else in the room and a chuckle or two.
After about 10 minutes of chatter and work amongst the people, the girl, now with swollen eyes and poorly applied bandages on her arms, returned to the kitchen with a broom and mop.
"After I'm done here...let's see if I can get on impenetrable gloves and make a salad."


[Such great agony; how joyful it is to watch you hopelessly suffer! ]

Pary woke with a start, immediately sitting up in the bed. Her head rapidly turned from side to side until she was certain the only one in the room was her. What was that? Some kind of horrible nightmare? The voice violently rang in her head, a sharp and harsh voice she had heard before. She knew she had heard it before. Even with this in mind, a sudden drowsiness dawned on her as she tucked herself under the covers, her mind drifting off once again.

{ . . . }

"What do you say to a walk?" Cab offered cheerfully to the girl who was still rubbing her eyes from exhaustion. She nooded, but soon raised her eyebrow suspiciously. "Why? 'We even allowed?" She questioned. The boy gave a cheeky smile and nodded back. "Yeah, there's nothing weird to taking an innocent walk. You should know." He held out a hand, and although it trembled, his face showed no sign of it. After a moment's hesitation, she took it and they began outside for the first time in days.

It was a quiet day. A single bird chirped solemnly as they walked silently. Pary felt unsettled; mostly because of her current cleanliness. Her hair felt like rope and she had not changed out of her clothes since she arrived, which had been days ago. The daunting voice haunted her mind as well; what had it said? Joy from..agony? She couldn't even grasp what she had heard. Pary gripped her head in frustration. This garnered a glance from Cab.

"Are you okay?" He inquired. He smiled, which seemed genuine enough to her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just..tired," she responded, looking up. Just then, she felt a hefty shove as she tumbled back onto the concrete sidewalk. Voices overlapped eachother as she came to her senses after a few seconds.

"I'm sorry!" A voice exclaimed as a hand reached out to her. She did not notice this and eventually got back up. As she looked up at the scene, she saw an older girl- maybe in her twenties- sported in a hoodie concealing most of her features. She had not recognized her, so she did not pay this much mind. However, when she looked to Cab, her eyes widened. He seemed much bigger and more intimidating than ever before, and he stared coldly at the girl.

"Hey, back off." He said, almost as if it was a threat. The mystery girl backed up and hastily walked off. "She better run.." he grumbled. Within the blink of an eye, Cab was right as he was before. She shook her head, considering that she may have been imagining his sudden increase in size and confidence. "Why don't we go on back? This is pretty boring."

"Good idea."

{ . . . }

A figure bent to pick a slip of paper from the ground on a hot summer night, examining it closely. They gripped it as a laugh echoed through the silent park.

[I found you.]


Footsteps echoed through the bare halls of the apartment. The neon clock displayed for all to see on the wall read 4:42 am, a time that would seem daunting to anyone but him. His hands were wrapped around a cool glass of pure water, small droplets having formed on the sides. The moonlight glimmered through the window as his eyes danced on the water. A sharp, forlorn sigh was released; he soon realized his mistake. A creak of the floorboards from across the hall alerted him he had been sensed. Carefully placing the glass down, his eyes darted across the room and down the hall. A short figure was walking in his direction; he knew who but didn't know what to do. A crimson red shone onto the floor as he disappeared.

 She couldn't take it, the suspicion and the silence. The young girl made her way to the kitchen in hopes of something- what that was had been a mystery to her. She suddenly heard a sharp sigh, knowing it could only belong to one person at this hour. A creak of the floorboards beneath her feet was released as she soon realized her mistake. She looked up, turning to eye the kitchen. She spotted a figure, who soon seemed to disappear. Well, she was right, at least. Suddenly breaking her cautious tip-toe, she began to gently speedwalk in his direction. Sure, it was an abundance of more noise, but she didn't really mind. With a soft thud, they both found themselves scattered on the floor. A groan echoed from another room, but all was silent afterwards. He began to panic once he realized the situation, and focused once again. However, her hand latched to his arm before it could activate.

"What's wrong, TDN? You've been out of it for a while now.." She inquired softly, a tone of concern lacing her voice.

Another sigh was sent as he shook his head. "'s just.."

"Just what?" It almost seemed as if she had heard it before, but still tried to sound convincingly worried.

"You think leader is okay?"

A silence followed as she shifted uncomfortably where she was. "What do you mean by that?"

"You've always been talking about how you remember 'other ends' and stuff. I should know better than to trust you, you think leader is okay?"

Her expression formed that of remorse, like telling a cheerful story you can only remember parts of. "He's...alive. I think."

"What do you mean, 'you think'!?" His whisper was slowly morphing into an angry scolding. She exhaled, looking down at the dirty floors. She tried to remember how she had seen him last, but her memory was so blurred at this point she couldn't even think properly.

"It's in pieces. I think in chunks. I remember in little fragments." She lifted her head to face him once again. "I don't even remember much, just what..." she trailed off as a mental snap brought her back to what she was going to restate before her mind could shut down entirely.

"Only what I don't want to. But he is alive. "

His eyes widened and he began to lift himself up, shaking his head in confusion. "I don't know if I can believe you." He sighed, putting his hands back in his pockets.  "But, I can sure as hell try." She was left to cradle herself on the floor, hoping she could remember what she had done last time.

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