All around the world, people have become well-known. They are all known for something large, whether its something new, like social media, or older like musicians. 10 celebrities have been chosen to be put in an underground facility, designed with many luxurious features. Only one will come out as the true celebrity of the bunch, while the rest will fall out of fame. Each week, a celebrity will win the Idol of Safety, granting them another week in the basement. The other celebrities will battle it out to be safe by making allies and friends. Who will make it to the top?


  • Farrah Abraham - 24 - Teen Mom
  • Kathryn Newton - 18 - Actress
  • Drake Bell - 29 - Actor and Singer
  • Sam Pepper - 26 - YouTuber
  • Trisha Paytas - 27 - YouTuber
  • Rebecca Black - 18 - Social Media Sensation
  • Sean Combs - 46 - Rapper
  • Ian Ziering - 51 - Actor
  • George Lopez - 54 - Comedian
  • Amber West - 29 - Actress

Episode 1: "I Got This!"

  • Ashley Tisdale: Hello. Welcome to Celebrity Battles: New York! For the first season ever, we have a great cast with us and we hope most of them will enjoy their stay. We've sent them into the house together. Let's see what happened.
  • Amber: *Walks in and sees the house* Oh my gosh! This is so beautiful!
  • Rebecca: I know right?
  • Sam: This place looks amazing.
  • Trisha: Aren't you Sam Pepper? The YouTuber who went around harassing girls and brutally mentally scarred your friend?
  • Sam: I'm trying to get away from that.
  • Trisha: I'm trying to get away from you. *walks away*
  • George: This house looks great. I would have loved to see how they built it.
  • Farrah: I'm sure it's built like every basement.
  • George: Yes but it has many more rooms.
  • Ian: It's great in here.
  • Ashley: *Turns on the screen* Hello, celebrities.
  • Celebrities: Hiiii!
  • Ashley: We have a bit of a twist for you.
  • George: O dalay!
  • Ashley: of you will be eliminated.
  • Kathryn: Oh that's horrible.
  • Sean: Yeah. I'm a bit worried now.
  • Amber: It's okay. *Hugs Sean*
  • Ashley: One of you will be saved from this. Go to the Safety Challenge in the center of the basement right now.
  • Cast: *Goes*

Idol of Safety Challenge #1

  • Ashley: You must try to stay balanced on a beam to win. GO!
  • Trisha: *Slips and smashes her side* OW.
  • Farrah: *Plastic feet slide off* Fuck! Son of a bitch!
  • Ashley: *Waiting* It's been 1 hour since Farrah fell off. Who's next.
  • Farrah: So Trisha, you are so beautiful!
  • Trisha: Thanks. So are you. *Grabs an ice cream bar*
  • Farrah: Yikes be careful. Don't eat too many.
  • Trisha: Rude.
  • Amber: *Falls off*
  • Drake: *Jumps off*
  • Ashley: George, Ian, Kathryn, Rebecca, Sam, and Sean remain.
  • Ian: *Jumps off*
  • Kathryn: *Jumps off*
  • Ashley: It's down to George, Rebecca, Sam, and Sean.
  • Rebecca: *Slides off*
  • George: I ain't leaving.
  • Sean: Come on. If you jump, you have my word that I won't vote you.
  • Sam: Same.
  • George: Fine. *Jumps*
  • Sean: Yes! *Jumps up and down and slips*
  • Ashley: Sam Pepper has won immunity week 1 gross.
  • Sam: Rude.
  • Ashley: The house will now discuss.
  • George: I think Sean needs to leave. He lied to me.
  • Sean: I didn't lie. I was glad you jumped.
  • Rebecca: I honestly don't want to vote anyone.
  • George: Well, it's him or you at some point.
  • Farrah: George, who put you in charge?
  • George: Me.
  • Farrah: Why?
  • George: *Puts hand on his chest* I got this!
  • Ashley: Everyone vote.
  • Amber: Sean.
  • Drake: Sean.
  • Farrah: George.
  • George: Sean.
  • Ian: George.
  • Kathryn: Sean.
  • Rebecca: Sean.
  • Sam: George.
  • Sean: George.
  • Trisha: Sean.
  • Ashley: In a 6-4 will be safe until next week. Sean, its time for you to leave.
  • Sean: Good luck guys! *Leaves*
  • Ashley: Join us next time for Celebrity Battles: New York!

Episode 2: "Get Out of My Face"

  • Ashley: Last time on Celebrity Battles: New York, 10 celebrities entered the basement for the competition. There were already some twists in play, and lies were already being thrown around. George was offended by Sean and convinced most of the house to vote him off. How will George stay in the house? Will Farrah look anymore like a barbie doll? And who will be irrelevant? Find out now on Celebrity Battles: New York!
  • Ian: (CONF) Last night was hard. I didn't want to vote Sean. And I voted in the minority. It put me in a bad spot. 
  • Sam: (CONF) I'm keeping my identity a secret because alot of the house don't even know about me.
  • Rebecca: (CONF) I'm really happy I voted in the majority. George is a bit bossy but I think he could be a good ally. 
  • Ashley: Farrah and Drake are conversing.
  • Farrah: I used to watch Drake and Josh.
  • Drake: Oh yeah. That was really fun to do.
  • Farrah: It was a funny show. 
  • Drake: Thanks.
  • Farrah: (CONF) Fuckin idiot. I was joking and he took it seriously.
  • Ashley: Rebecca is cooking something up in the kitchen.
  • Rebecca: *In the kitchen with George and Trisha*
  • George: Could you make me a sausage too?
  • Rebecca: Sure. *Leans over the counter* Listen. I think the 3 of us should stick together until the end.
  • Trisha: I like the idea.
  • George: Deal.
  • Ashley: Ian and Sam are in the living room, discussing their lives.
  • Sam: I'm just a YouTuber. Very well liked in the community.
  • Ian: Cool. I was in Sharknado.
  • Sam: No way.
  • Ian: Yep.
  • Sam: Oh, that's awesome dude. That's amazing.
  • Ian: It's really not.
  • Sam: Yes it is! 
  • Ashley: Amber and Kathryn are also talking about how their lives are like.
  • Amber: I'm currently on a show called The Carmichael Show. You?
  • Kathryn: I'm not doing anything right now, but I was in a few big movies.
  • Amber: Like what?
  • Kathryn: Um, I was in Bad Teacher. And then I was in Paranormal Activity 4.
  • Amber: I love Paranormal Activity movies. That's where you're from.
  • Kathryn: That was really fun to be in. It was alot of work but it paid off.
  • Amber: *Walks into the kitchen, where all of the celebrities are for dinner*
  • Kathryn: *Follows her*
  • Farrah: Hey. 
  • Drake: Anyone want homemade pizza?
  • Amber: Me.
  • Farrah: Me.
  • George: Me.
  • Drake: *Gives a slice to Amber*
  • Amber: *Hands it to Farrah* You can have this piece.
  • Farrah: Thanks, but you don't have to give me yours. Mine is coming in a second.
  • Amber: Okay. *Shrugs*
  • Farrah: Why the fucking attitude?
  • Amber: What?
  • Farrah: You gave me a very bratty attitude. I'm being nice. Don't make me angry.
  • Amber: Calm down. Oh my god.
  • Farrah: Bitch don't fucking tell me to calm down. You don't tell me what to do. *Gets up and walks away with her pizza*
  • Amber: I didn't mean to offend you!
  • Farrah: Fuck off fucking fatassed cunt.
  • Amber: Farrah. What did I say? *Walks over to her*
  • Farrah: Get out of my face before I fucking punch you in the head.
  • Amber: What the fuck is your problem? Why are you being such a big bitch?
  • Farrah: EXCUSE ME?! I WILL FUCKING-DON'T FUCKING CALL ME A BITCH. *Tries to attack Amber but is held back by Ian*
  • Ian: Come on, Farrah.
  • Farrah: Don't fucking touch me. *Walks off*
  • Amber: She's crazy.
  • Trisha: I know.
  • Rebecca: (CONF) So here I am, in the house, and we're not even 3 days in and we have catfights. 
  • Ashley: It's time for the Idol of Safety Challenge.

Idol of Safety Challenge #2

  • Ashley: Before we start, we have a twist. 1 person will have to sit out for the challenge. 
  • Farrah: I think Amber should.
  • Amber: Oh my gosh. Fine.
  • Ashley: We're playing dodgeball. 4 VS. 4. The winning team will be split into two more teams of 2, so it will be 2 VS. 2. Then the winning team after that will go against each other in 1 VS. 1. The winner gets the Idol of Safety. You can make your teams.
  • George: I'll be with Rebecca and Trisha. Drake you can join us.
  • Ian: Then its Me, Farrah, Kathryn, and Sam. 
  • Ashley: Ready, go!
  • George: *Throws a ball at Ian and he catches it*
  • Ashley: George is out.
  • Rebecca: *Throws it at Farrah and she is hit*
  • Farrah: Fuck.
  • Ian: *Throws it at Trisha and hits her*
  • Trisha: Aw.
  • Drake: *Throws it at Ian and it hits him*
  • Ian: Damn! Fucking stupid ass sluts all over the fucking house. You can all go kill yourselves.
  • Rebecca: *Throws it at Kathryn but she catches it*
  • Kathryn: *Throws it at Drake but he catches it*
  • Ashley: Sam VS Drake.
  • Drake: *Throws it at Sam and he almost catches it*
  • Ashley: Team 1 wins! New teams are George and Trisha VS. Drake and Rebecca.
  • George: *Throws it at Rebecca and it hits her*
  • Drake: *Throws it at George and it hits him*
  • Trisha: *Throws it at Drake and it hits him*
  • Ashley: It is now Trisha VS. George!
  • Trisha: *Throws it and it misses*
  • George: *Throws it*
  • Trisha: *Catches it*
  • Ashley: Trisha wins the Idol of Safety! It's time for elimination.
  • Rebecca: I think Sam should go.
  • Sam: What about Ian? He's already got so much money.
  • Rebecca: You are a sick human being.
  • Sam: Fuck off. Go sing Friday.
  • Rebecca: I vote Sam.
  • Trisha: Sam.
  • George: Sam.
  • Ian: Sam.
  • Drake: Ian.
  • Farrah: Ian.
  • Kathryn: Ian.
  • Sam: Ian.
  • Amber: Ian. Sorry but you told us to kill ourselves.
  • Ashley: It's final. Ian, you are eliminated.
  • Ian: Damn it! UGH! Bye. *Walks out sticking up the middle finger*
  • Ashley: Who will go next time? What will Amber and Farrah do now that there is obvious tension in the house? Find out next time.

Episode 3: "They Are In The Minority Now"

  • Ashley: Last time on Celebrity Battles, drama blasted through the house as there was a heated argument. This caused Amber and Farrah to be divided. After Trisha surprisingly won the Idol of Safety, it was a battle between the sides after Ian gave the other team a death threat when he lost. The Final 3 Alliance was unsuccessful and Ian was voted off. Who will be next? And what drama is stirring in the house? Find out now on Celebrity Battles!
  • Right after elimination*
  • George: *Walks off with Rebecca and Trisha* Sam is still here. What the fuck happened?
  • Trisha: I don't know.
  • Rebecca: We didn't get enough votes. I'm sure Farrah will flip over with us. That's 4 but we need 5.
  • George: What about Drake? He seems like a down to earth guy and no offense but I'd like to have a guy to talk to.
  • Trisha: No offense taken.
  • Rebecca: We could try Drake. And then if we make final 5, Farrah can go, then its Drake, then it can be us three.
  • Trisha: Good idea. 
  • George: I'll get Drake. Rebecca and Trisha, you get Farrah.
  • Ashley: Farrah is eating leftover pizza from earlier.
  • Farrah: *Eats*
  • Trisha: *Walks in*
  • Rebecca: *Follows* Hey Farrah.
  • Farrah: Hey.
  • Rebecca: Okay, so listen. Obviously there's been some drama going on in the house. We want to make an alliance with you, and we promise Amber will be leaving the house. We just need Sam out this week. Then its me, you, Trisha, George, and hopefully Drake in the final 5.
  • Trisha: And we could make a females alliance until the end.
  • Farrah: I like the idea. Let's do it.
  • Rebecca: Great!
  • Ashley: Drake is working out.
  • Drake: *Running on a treadmill*
  • George: *Walks in* Hey Drake.
  • Drake: 'Sup.
  • George: So listen. You, me, Farrah, Trisha, and Rebecca could dominate the game if we make a five person alliance and vote off Sam.
  • Drake: Alright. Thanks for telling me.
  • Ashley: Kathryn and Amber are talking about Drake and Sam.
  • Amber: Sam's not bad looking but alot of houstguests have been saying that he is a horrible person.
  • Kathryn: I think he was a part of some YouTube pranks that people were offended by.
  • Amber: Oh, I know who he is! It was sexual harassment and that horrible prank on his friend.
  • Kathryn: What? I didn't know it was that. What happened with the sexual harassment thing?
  • Amber: I guess he touched girls' butts in public to see their reactions.
  • Kathryn: Strangers?
  • Amber: Yeah. I thought it was someone different. I can't believe he's in the house.
  • Ashley: Sam is sleeping in the living room.
  • George: So, do we have Farrah?
  • Trisha: She seems in. And Drake?
  • George: We got him.
  • Rebecca: Yes! We have this in the bag.
  • Amber: *Walks in* Hey guys.
  • Farrah: *Gets up and walks away*
  • Amber: She's fuckin' crazy.
  • George: She's a little moody but you shouldn't give in.
  • Amber: What?
  • George: She's spoiled. You have to expect someone like that to not have patience.
  • Amber: Whatever. She doesn't need to be a complete bitch and I think its disgusting that you're standing up for her.
  • George: I'm not "Standing up for her." I'm just telling you that you should be the more mature one.
  • Amber: Last night, I kept asking her what was wrong and she blew up in my face. She started a war. I'm finishing it. I'm giving Sam this immunity so that we can all get rid of Farrah. You down with that?
  • Rebecca: Sure. 
  • Trisha: Yeah.
  • Amber: Good. *Walks away*
  • Ashley: It's time for the Idol of Safety challenge!

Idol of Safety Challenge #3

  • Ashley: Today your challenge is a hide and seek game. But...once again, someone will not have a chance to be the Idol of Safety winner.
  • Trisha: I won last time. I won't compete.
  • Ashley: Actually, Trisha, you will be looking for the contestants.
  • Trisha: Oh boy...
  • Ashley: The last person remaining wins. 
  • Everyone hides*
  • Trisha: *Looks under the beds and finds Rebecca*
  • Rebecca: Damn!
  • Trisha: *Looks in the pantry and find Kathryn*
  • Kathryn: Aww...
  • Trisha: *Finds George*
  • Trisha: *Finds Drake*
  • Trisha: *Finds Amber*
  • Ashley: Farrah and Sam remain.
  • Trisha: *Looks under the couch and finds Sam*
  • Ashley: And Farrah wins!
  • Farrah: *Comes out of the bar area*
  • Ashley: It's time to vote.
  • George: I've thought about it, and its gotta be Sam.
  • Rebecca: Sam.
  • Trisha: Sam.
  • Amber: I think Drake has to go.
  • Kathryn: Drake.
  • Sam: Drake.
  • Drake: I vote Sam. 
  • Farrah: Well, I could cause a tie or vote Sam. And, well, I'm voting Sam. Bye.
  • Ashley: Sam, you are the third person eliminated from Celebrity Battles.
  • Sam: Whatever. Fuck you all and your stupid alliances.
  • George: What?
  • Sam: I heard them! They thought I was asleep! George, Farrah, Trisha, Rebecca, and Drake are allied!
  • George: What are they gonna do about it? Huh? They are the minority now. Get out Sam.
  • Sam: Fuck off George Slopez. *Walks off*
  • George: Look whos still in the game.
  • Ashley: We've lost 3, who will be the next? Find out next time on Celebrity Battles!


Place Celebrity 1 2 3
TBA Kathryn IN IN IN
TBA Rebecca IN IN IN
9th Ian IN OUT
10th Sean OUT
Voting History
Episode #: 1 2 3
Voted Off: Sean Ian Sam
Vote: 6-4 5-4 5-3
Amber Sean Ian Drake
Drake Sean Ian Sam
 Farrah George Ian Sam
George  Sean Sam Sam
Kathryn Sean Ian Drake
Rebecca Sean Sam Sam
Trisha Sean Sam Sam
Sam George Ian Drake
Ian George Sam
Sean George

     - This person won the Idol of Safety for that day, keeping them safe. (They could have voted with the majority or with the minority.)

     - This person voted in the majority for that day which probably was beneficial.

     - This person voted in the minority for that day which probably put them in danger.

     - This person was voted off that day.

     - This person's status is voted off and pre-juror.

     - This person's status is voted off and juror.

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