16 contestants from all over the world come to an island to compete of a prize of 1,000,000 dollars. They will split unto three teams, and face the most dangerous things.... each other. Who will win? Who will lose? 15 people will. Anyways, find out on the new show;



Sign up as one only please.


  1. Helenus - The Strong Sweet Jock - Nduke
  2. Louie- The One with a Plan- CDF97
  3. Jacob - The Sympathetic Goofball - OHF
  4. Jude- The Pranking Troublemaker- Jake R
  5. Mario - The Man with a Plan - BlazeHead 51
  6. Drake- The strategist-Totaldramaseriesfan234
  7. Bravo - The Magician - Ben109
  8. Vice- The Help - Mrodd


  1. Kourtney - The Nice Flirt
  2. Brandi- the evil charmer-Omgdeadpeople
  3. Andrea, "The Cutie" - Rainbow Crayon
  4. Kat - The dumb blonde - 124oeo
  5. Sally- The smart and sport girl - Henzzy
  6. Hannah - The Modern Trender - Aimerstalk 13:21, April 29, 2012 (UTC)
  7. Evalyn - The Smart And Stylish - Nate! Talk To Me!
  8. Karen - The Musically Gifted - JLOM

Inactivity Strikes

  • CLEARED: Hannah, Karen.
  • 2 strike: Vice.

Contestant History

Contestant User Original Team Swapped Team Merged Team Status Total Votes
Jacob Owenandheatherfan Red Raiders None None OUT 3
Evalyn Natedog14 Red Raiders None None OUT 2
Andrea Rainbow Crayon Serving Hands Fierce Cheetahs None OUT 3
Drake Totaldramaseriesfan234 Bows & Hearts Killer Castaways None OUT 0
Kat 124oeo Screaming Survivors Killer Castaways None OUT 0
Mario BlazeHead 51 Screaming Survivors Killer Castaways None OUT 4
Helenus Nduke Bows & Hearts Fierce Cheetahs

Marvelous Mergers

Jude Jake R Bows & Hearts Fierce Cheetahs JURY 7
Louie CodyDuncanFan97 Screaming Survivors Killer Castaways JURY 3
Bravo Ben109 Serving Hands Fierce Cheetahs JURY 5
Brandi Omgdeadpeople Screaming Survivors Fierce Cheetahs JURY 6
Kourtney FameFlame Bows & Hearts Fierce Cheetahs JURY 6
Sally Henzzy Serving Hands Killer Castaways JURY 3
Vice Mrodd Serving Hands Fierce Cheetahs 2ND RUNNER-UP 2
Hannah Aimers Red Raiders Killer Castaways RUNNER-UP 2
Karen JustLittleOlMe Red Raiders Killer Castaways WINNER 2

Elimination Chart

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Karen Jacob Hannah WIN WIN WIN Mario Jude Bravo Bravo Sally Kourtney WINNER
Hannah Jacob Karen WIN WIN WIN Mario Jude Louie Bravo Brandi Sally RUNNER-UP
Vice SAFE SAFE Andrea IN IN WIN Jude Louie Brandi Brandi(x2) Kourtney 2ND RUNNER-UP
Kourtney WIN SAFE Andrea Helenus Helenus WIN Jude Louie Bravo Brandi Sally
Sally WIN SAFE WIN WIN WIN Mario Jude Vice Kourtney Kourtney Karen
Brandi SAFE WIN IN Helenus Helenus WIN Jude Vice Bravo Kourtney(x2)
Bravo SAFE SAFE Andrea Helenus Helenus WIN IN LOW OUT
Helenus WIN SAFE IN Brandi LOW WIN Jude
Jude WIN SAFE Andrea Helenus IN WIN OUT
Evalyn Jacob Hannah OUT
Jacob OUT


Louie: Hmm, I wonder when it will start. *thinks of a plan* Nope, I got nothing. (CONF): This is weird, I've always had a plan. Something's wrong. Very wrong. (NON CONF) Hello, any ladies here?

Brandi: *tans*

Kourtney: *walks over to Louie, then sighs* Ladiesman.

Bravo:*arrives in a puff of smoke* Hey ladies ;) I do birthday parties.

Mario: year, your the birthday clown bud.

Bravo:I'm a MAGICIAN. You know like Houdini!

Louie: Houdini died by a punch, any volunteers to punch him?

Sally: Hi guys!

Episode 1: Castaway Camp Colors


Kourtney: Hey, guys. :D *flips hairs and smiles*

Vice: *Bows* Pleasure to meet you, Miss... I'm sorry I didn't catch your name?

Evalyn: *is Holding a Book on Einsteins Law Of Gravity* Well, Hello Ladies And Gentlemen.

Kourtney: *smiles* My name is Kourtney. Yours?

Hannah: Tweeting an d retweeting ONe Direction. Ohemgee Pip is trending <3333

Vice: Vice, Miss Kourtney, it will be a pleasure serving you. *Smiles*

Hannah: *puts away phone* I don't know any of you....what are your names? :)

Evalyn; Well Good Day Hannah, My Name is Evalyn Einstein, Great Grand Daughter of Albert Einstein.

Louie: Pleased to meet all of you!

Kourtney: *smiles*

Louie: You love smiling, don't you?

Evalyn: When Is This "Challenge" Going To Begin?

Kourtney: *smirks, the flips hair in Louie's face* Yeah. Problem?

Karen: *looks around and realizes that she's late, starts singing* Oooooooh! *talking* Hi everyone! :D


Chris: The challenge is simple. I need 4 voluneteers.

Louie: Me! (CONF): Gotta take the chance

Evalyn: I Would Like To Vouleenteer, My Smart Friend.

Vice: I will gladly offer my services.

Kourtney: *flips hair* I'll volunteer!

Chris: So now, you 4 get to create teams! Evalyn, go first, choose all 4 peeps you want, and the team name and color.

Evalyn: I Choose Karen, Jacob, and Hannah! Are Team Is the Red Raiders and are color is Red!

Vice: Oh my, what a choice to make. I shall choose Master Bravo. Lady Sally... and Madame Andrea. We shall be known as the Serving Hangs and our colour shall be AliceBlue.

Kourtney: I choose Helenus, Jude, and Drake. My team name is the Bows and Hearts! Color is Pink.

Chris: That leaves Louie with The rest of the freaks! What's your team name and color?

Hannah! My team is going to trend on twitter!!!!

Louie: Our team will be the Screaming Survivors and our team color is limegreen. {C}Evalyn: Who Are your Teammates? O_O

Louie: The rest of the people. Chris said so himself. Brandi, Mario, and Kat if I'm not mistaken.

Chris: For the 4 team captains, here's the challenge; you must find the 3 flags in the mud for your tribe! Last to find all three goes to tribal. (It must take at least 7 posts to do this) GO!

Kourtney: *digs in muds*

Vice: What ever my master demands *Crawls on the ground and begins to claw through the mud*

Kourtney: *digs through the mud, then accidentally bumps into Vice* Oh... sorry. *giggles* (CONF) He's kinda cute.... *shakes head* NO! I'm here to be a flirt, not to flirt.... So cute...

Vice: My apologies Lady Kourtney. *Continues to search through the mud* (CONF) ... *Winks*

Kourtney: *flips hairs, then looks for the flag, then finds one* Screaming Survivors.... *puts it back in the mud, deep*

Vice: *Smells the air from Kourtney's hair* An excellent auroma you have... *Feels a stick in the mud,* Could this be?

Louie: *digs through the mud scowls in jealously* (CONF) Must not let feelings get in the way)

Evalyn: *digs through the mud and finds a flag* RED RAIDERS

Louie: That was fast *feels a stick* Could it be?

Kourtney: *smiles* Thanks, Vice! *digs and finds flag* YES!

Vice: *Pulls the stick up* The Serving Hands. I've got one master!

Louie: *pulls the flag up* Yes! *digs for another one*

Hannah: *watches nervously on the side* Go Evalyn!

Kourtney: *searches for another one*

Louie: *cuts finger and sees splinter* A stick!

Vice: *Smiles at Kourtney* You are very welcome. *Keeps searching through the mud only to find the flags of the other teams* I could give them to the other teams... Nah *Tosses them*

Kourtney: *looks over at Louie, then at a stick in the ground* A flag! *grabs it* YES!

Louie: *grabs the flag Vice threw* Now, to get back-where'd it go? *growls and digs*

Vice: *Looks at the other team captains* I'm sorry to dissapoint, but my master requests two more flags, I must get them first. *Shoves hand into the mud and pulls up a gray flag* Oh... One more.

Louie: *digs and feels stick, pulls on it* It's stuck by a rock!

Kourtney: *grabs it* YES! Chris, I have all three!

Louie: *grabs stick raises the three flags* Second!

Vice: *Looks around* Where could the final flag be?

Chris: Raiders or Hands. Who'll win?

Louie: Congrats Kourtney! (I'll be back in a few)

Evalyn: *finds another one*

Evalyn: *runs to another one she sees*

Evalyn: *is almost there*

Evalyn: *gets the other one*

Vice: *Searches through the mud* Come on out young flag, I won't hurt you.

Brandi: goo green team *serches through the mud*

Brandi:*serches thru mud* Comeon Comeon

Vice: *Finds the final flag* I;m terribley sorry master, it seems I am too slow...

Louie: Brandi, stop searching, we already got second! *raises flags*

Brandi: oops and that's greaT


(gahh I'm keep on miss reading sorry - Omgdeadpeople )

Louie: So does this mean that Evalyn's team lost?

Chris: Vice's team wins since Evalyn did it in 2/5 posts. :P

Brandi: yes we're safe *too louie* next time I'll not miss read challenges p

Louie: *not paying attention because staring at Kourtney* Yeah, okay, whatever you said.

Courtney: *takes attention away from Vice to look over at Louie* (CONF) Ugh, I like a team captain, and a team captain likes me. Is that right?

Louie: Chris, where do we sleep?

Brandi:(CONF) Ha louie thinks he is soo smart ha! I was just acting clueless soo Louie does not see Mee as a threat

Louie: (CONF) People can play all the games they want. Of course, I know that Kourtney and Vice like each other. I wonder if it'll be a Gwen and Trent thing like in TDA. Hmm, maybe. I always have a plan, but I never use feelings or betray anyone, I'm not Heather or Alejandro. I'm just precautious.

Brandi:(CONF) I'm in a team with losers but Louie is kinda smart I'll get him out hahaha

Brandi: (CONF) another blonde please and her name is kat I should get her out next she looks like Kermit the frog with plastic sugray


Chris: Red Raiders, vote. BTW, Evalyn has immunity.

Evalyn: I'm Gonna Have to Vote Jacob, Sorry.

Karen: Sorry, but I'm voting Jacob. ;(

(JLOM: Sorry I wasn't here, but I had family over, and 4 camps is too many for me for now. :P)

Chris: Jacob, you have been elimmed from Castaways! Buh-bye!

Hannah: I didn't even get a chance to vote Dx Oh well, I would have voted Jacob anyway...

Episode 2: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


Brandi: well well well episode 2 go green team

Evalyn: (CONF) Our team is now a Pure Girl Team. :/

Hannah: Oh dear, our team's loss is trending on twitter. We have to win soon!

Brandi: well it was only the first day maybe u guys may win

Karen: *singing* Yay! I'd love some green eggs and ham! I'm really happy, I am! I am! Thank you, cook! You've made my day! I love to sing! It's such a beautiful daaaaaayyyy!!! :D *eats her delicious eggs and ham with a side of hash browns and an orange juice, gets some lovely snow peas and trail mix for the day, then fills her canteen, skips jauntily off whistling a merry tune! :D*

Vice: *Smiles at his team* I wonder when the master shall be calling for us. *Sits patiently*

Kortney: *sits next to Vice* Me too! *smiles*

Bravo :Hello Vice I'm sorry I couldn't be of assistance. So *pulls flowers out of thumb. There Now don't go soft.

Brandi: (CONF) I feel like an outcast but I guess that's being a villain

Hannah: I hope we don't lose! My twitter fans would be so disappointed!

Louie: Hmm, I wonder if its a eating challenge.

Brandi: me too

Karen: Hi all! I've finished the breakfast challenge, if that's what this is. :P :)

Louie: (CONF) So, Brandi is the only other person on my team who is active. I wonder where the others are. Anyway, it looks like Plan 1 is starting to arrive in my head and it is not a good one. That sucks!

Brandi: if it's a eating challenge I have a bad feeling about it in reality shows in eating challenges u have too eat somthing gross like bugs and stuff

Louie: *gulps* (CONF) The only reason I come up with plans was because I was bullied. I had to unthink them. One of the bullies, Bug Boy made us kids eat grasshoppers and worms. Ugh. *shudders*

Brandi: (CONF) I hate bugs my two big brothers Brandon and Brady they made me a sandwich and I found a wasp and my tounge was like a huge puffy strawberry and they put a earwig in my pillow

Louie: Mario? Kat? Are you guys here?

Karen: (CONF) Bugs are nice, but I've never eaten any. :P *shudders*

Brandi: hermit the frog Mario are u guys there I mean Kat oops

Kourtney: So....

Louie: So what?


Chris: Simple challenge. Eat the item. You have 4 things to eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND DESSERT. Make that 5, you have an appetizer. Only two peeps from a team have to eat it. And the team that wins the most points decides what other team goes to tribal! Anyways, shall we begin? For breakfast; scrambled legs! Bug legs. Go ahead, go!

Kourtney: *shakes* GROSS!

Evalyn; Here We Go! *Takes a bite* Actually, This is good! *Swallows up the plate of bug legs*

Brandi:*swallows bug legs*

Louie: *swallows bug* EW!


Karen: *crunches on grasshopper legs* (CONF) They're small and I'm kinda full. :P

Chris: Point for the Survivors! Your appitizer... shrimp! Just shrimp, and it's raw, tail on!

Kourtney: *take tail off, then eats it*

Louie: *takes tail and skin off* I'm so a vegetarian after this. *bites Shrimp's head* ew! *finishes shrimp* Gross! *holds tail and swallows it* That was gross!

Brandi:*takes off tail and eats it*

(C'mon, I Ate the Legs, why did they get the points?)

Evalyn: Ughh! *Take a bite* UGHH!!!!

Jude: *eat the bug legs* Ewww...

Karen: Sushi!! :D *eats some shrimp and pulls tails off*

Chris: If you're a vegetarian, then I'm forcing you not to eat lunch. Sushi! Raw fish with seaweed from the shore, and some sand inside. And we BOUGHT wasabi, that hot green stuff. You HAVE to you it. Haha!

Kourtney: YOU TORTURE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: *eats 'sushi' with wasabi* HOT! WAZABI IZ HAWT!

Brandi:*swallows everything *HAWT!

Louie: I'm not a vegetarian, but I might be. *dips the sushi in a lot of wasabi* (CONF) For the team! (NONCONF) *eats the sushi and screams* Tongue *gaps* Burning!

Evalyn: *eats the sushi and wasabi with chopsticks* Very Good.

Karen: *uses shrimp fork and dips shrimp and seaweed into wasabi, closes eyes and swallows it quickly*

Chris: The Survivors surprisingly win! Who goes to tribal, Louie?

Louie: Hmm, the one who goes to tribal is Evalyn's team! (CONF) Don't want enemies yet.


Chris: It's completely fair... see you at tribal. :D

Karen: ;(

Louie: (CONF) Evalyn yells a lot. I certainly wouldn't want her to lead my team with that temper. Plus, I was gonna choose Vice's team but then Kourtney's Team and Vice's will target me. At least only two would target me now.

Brandi:(CONF) soon me and Louie will run the game hahaha

Louie: (CONF) How long does a team with three people take to vote? Two votes and you're out. Vamanos! *claps hands*

Brandi:(CONF) all our team needs too do is too win almost every challenge this will be hard me and Louie are active


Evalyn: I Vote Hannah

Karen: This sucks. ;( I vote Hannah, too.

Karen: *begins writing a Taylor Swift style song about her time here*

Karen: *composed a song about losing two team members so quickly and begins singing*

Karen: *singing* We've lost Jacob and Hannah, now we're just Karen and Evalyn; Red Raiders are losing, we're taking a bruising; We'd like to keep playing, we need to start saving.......Ourseeeeeeeellllvvveeeeeesssss! :D

Hannah: Darn...Looks like I'm out of here :( *votes Karen* Meh, was hoping Evalyn would have sided with me but all si good ^__^

Karen: *hugs Hannah goodbye*

Chris: Guess what? Non - elimmination challenge! Cuz' there are new teams!

Episode 3: The Pressure


Sally: (CONF: i hope my new team win) (nonCONF) hi everyone!

Hannah: WHAT?! I'm still in! I promise to become a better teammate!

Sally: I hope you can be on my team! :D (CONF: i think Hannah is a nice girl, she is lucky to still be in the game, so becauise people have tried to vote her off, she knows she needs to try really really hard, and if shes tring really really hard she will be a great team member!)

Brandi:(CONF) new teams ! Uhoh (Non CONF) *gulps* hi

Sally: Hi Brandi! you look, um.... sorta nevouse, are you angry about the switch of tribes?

Brandi: I'm not mad I just don't really have friends on the island and I'm worried of my new team loses I'll be going home

Sally: (CONF: Brandi could be playing me but, i dont no. I would hate to be eliminated because i pretended to be friends with someone, but you cant win without taking a risk! (NON cONF) im sure you could make friends easily! You look like a nice girl!

Brandi: ok (CONF) ok Sally seems cool that I can trust i know I play with people's minds I'll make sure I'll watch out for her

Karen: *humming* *hugs Hannah* :D Hooray!! Non-elims are wonderful!! :)

Vice: New teams, what ever it is that my master pleases.

Brandi: well new teams That's great now all we need too do is wait for the host

Mario: well this will be a boring wait...(climbs a tree and relaxes)

Brandi: yeah too boring imma go tan *takes off chothes but is whering a red bikini*


Hannah: Hey Karen...Can we put last vote behind us and keep going? You're still my friend :)

Louie: (CONF) Great, just great.

Brandi:noo not on my tan (CONF) if I come a team captain i know who I'll pick

Louie: (CONF) So, winning the challenge to try and get rid of Evalyn's team didn't work. No plans yet. *sighs* But people know I am useful and I'm not a backstabber.

Brandi:(CONF) plan 2 tab until Chris comes

Brandi:(CONF) I hope Chris comes soon because Im going too bed in a hour and a haft

Louie: Evalyn, Karen, Hannah, no hard feelings?

Karen: Evalyn, Louie, Hannah, no worries! :) We're good? *high fives people*

Louie: *high-fives Karen* Thanks, but where's Chris?

Chris: Chris is right here! The two most active people this episode so far was... Brandi and Louie. So you guys choose the new two teams! Brandi goes first, then Louie, and so on! GO!

(Omgdeadpeople -someone can be team captain I have school that ends at 4:30 and I have swimming at 5:00 and ends at 5:30)

Brandi: well I'm back I choose bravo

Louie: I choose Karen!

Karen: Hooray!! :D *hugs Louie, eagerly awaits new teams*

Louie: Your pick Brandi. (CDF97: If there's a challenge today, I won't be able to compete if it's past 6:00 PST (9:00 EST, 5:00 CST)

Brandi: i pick kourtney

Louie: I pick Sally.

Brandi: i pick vice

Louie: I pick Hannah!

Brandi: i pick jude

Louie: I pick Mario!

Brandi: i pick hmmm andrea

Louie: I pick Kat!

Brandi: hmm i pick helenus

Louie: I pick Drake!.

Brandi: if evalyn is the only one left i guess i pick evalyn

Louie: Now what?

Brandi: i guess we wait for chris

Louie: Another long wait *sighs, to his team of Karen, Sally, Hannah, Mario, Kat, and Drake* Okay, guys, get to know each other. I'm Louie!

Brandi: yup *sighs* to her team of Bravo Kourtney Vice Jude helenus andrea and evalyn* i know u guys know my name sooo this will be ur team soo get too know each other i know we can too this :) (CONF) i need too watch out for a couple of people so far so good i hope(NON CONF) if u dont know my name its brandi

Karen: *singing* Heeeellllllooooooooo!!! :D *laughs* I'm Karen and I love music! :) Howdy all!


Chris: Evalyn. You made the teams uneven. Just sit out of the challenge for now. Anyways, the challenge is to answer some questions. :D First one is.... who did Tyler and Lindsay choose to win TDI? Owen or Gwen?

Brandi: lindsey and Tyler choose Owen

Hannah: Owen- gah >.>

Chris: One point team Brandi! True or False? Cameron and Zoey were both from the Toxic Rats.

Hannah: False

Louie: It's false. They were from the Mutant Maggots.

Chris: Point team Louie! Next is... What place did DJ get in TDWT?

Louie: He got 12th.

Chris: Point for team Louie! What episode did Anne Maria get elimmed in?

Louie: A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

CHris: YES! Team Louie wins.


Team Brandi, vote. :D

Karen: Chris, Hannah won the second question. Louie still wins, but you shouldn't just give that one to Louie, since Hannah answered first. Also, this challenge was at 7AM on a Saturday for me. I was still asleep. :P

Chris: And...? (Flame: Sorry about that. :/)

Louie: Hannah is on my team!

Kourtney: Yeah, that's true. Anyways, I vote Andrea, for being way too inactive.

Vice: I am sorry, I was never allowed to watch The Total Drama, series, my master assumed it would ruin me... I vote Andrea.

Jude: I vote Andrea.

Karen: Sorry, Louie! I thought Chris was just saying Louie won that question, not Team Louie. :P

Karen: Also, Chris, I wasn't complaining about the 7AM thing, just ... okay I was complaining, xDD ... but more I was just making sure you knew. :P :)

Chris: I want to reveal something. It's a double elimination! Evalyn, since you were last called for teams, you go home. Haha! Now, continue voting.

Brandi:(CONF) well I'm back and I need my team too be active 2 people ouch Hmm I vote for Andrea girl u have not moved since day one

Karen: *begins singing a sad song because her former teammate has been booted*

Mario: is it me or is this place getting really boring?

Karen: *singing* This place is getting really boring because nothing is happening! And where the **** is Chris?!!! xDD Then laughs at her silly song! :D

Brandi:XD *listens too song* (CONF) she reminds me of Taylor swift

Chris: With that, ANDREA IS LEAVING! With EVALYN! Buh-bye. :D (Sorry guys, parents are moving, and lots of stuff has been going on. But I got this. :P)

Episode 4: One Course Deal


Chris: Brandi, Louie. You guys should choose your team names and team colors. And the rest of you chat. :D

Kourtney: *walks to Vice* So... hey.

Sally: *walks over to Kourtney and Vice* Hi guys! (CONF) people need to like me in this game!

Brandi:*too bravo kourtney vice helenus and jude* well what should our team name my idea is fierce cheetahs and our team color Is gold or yellow soo what are ur guys ideas

Mario: (to his team) i reckon we should be aqua.

Louie: As a team, or for the name?

Bravo:I thought maybe we should be called the Magical Conquest

Mario: (to Louie) our team colour.

Vice: Ello lady Kourtney *Bows* I hope you rested well?

Brandi: hmm that's ok kourtney Jude vice helenus have any ideas

Brandi: well looks like another long wait (CONF) I just need too survive the ore merge when the merge is on my plan will skyrocket all I need too Is too win challenges and keep my team from falling apart

Louie: Any ideas? (CONF) Of course I wasn't shocked when Evalyn was eliminated. I mean, she freaked out when I choose her team to be eliminated. This was just my plan all along.(NONCONF) Okay, i still like the Screaming Survivors, but also Killer Castaways, color is dark blue. Anymore ideas?

Brandi: hmm I got one What about the fancy fierce wizards our color dark blue (CONF) I'm trying too make a team name that everyone likes fancy because vice is fancy fierce because helenus and kourtney are fierce and wizards because bravo is really in too magic and dark blue because Jude is a prankster because lots of pranks use water

Sally: i like Screaming Survivors, nice thinking!

Karen: *strumming on her guitar* So, howz about The Hooting Loons? They make an interesting if eerie sound. xDDD Nah! :P The Meadowlarks? The Songbirds? The BlueJays? :) xD And we could be bright gold if we're Meadowlarks, and maybe red if we're the Songbirds, and obviously blue if we choose BlueJays. *notices that everyone is ignoring her, so she goes back to strumming her guitar and thinking up new songs*

Chris: From what I heard FIRST from the team captains, Brandi's team is now the Fierce Cheetahs! While Louie's team is the Killer Castaways!


Chris: Welcome to today's challenge! You guys will have to do a little obstacle course! But first, Louie's team has to sit someone out.

Louie: I pick Drake to sit out.

Karen: *still playing her guitar and seemingly ignoring the challenge*


Louie: *to Brandi* Waiting for your defeat, old teammate?

Bravo:Why is it taking so long to say start?

Karen: *stops playing and lies down to snooze*

Louie: *yawns* (CONF) This is great! Evalyn is gone and Andrea was an added bonus. Now, it's time to make sure that the other team loses. *Yawns and falls asleeps in the Conf*

Sally: *opens door in confessional!* *shakes Louie* wake up!!! we have a challenge. Well while im in here im hope we can flogg in this challenge!

Brandi:Nope (CONF) I We better win the next challenge

Sally: *does some streaches before the challenge* lets get ready for the challenge guys!

Brandi:*does the splits and some cartwheels before the challenge* (CONF) we got 1 member short we gotta win this

Sally: (CONF) Brandi's team are down a member, her team will most likely get a bit rough in the challenge, because they dont wanna be down 2 members! But i can get rough if i need to!

Chris: So, the challenge is simple! You guys have 5 things to do in this obstacle course. Numero uno, cross the mudpit on a tightrope. If ONE person falls, you have to restart. Number two, climb up this weird monkey bar thing, then slide down. Number tres, cross the rope swing without falling off the rope. Number four, the ropes are lasers. If you touch one, it makes a bucket fall. And if you touch it, restart. Finally, run to press the button. And before you move on to the next course, everyone has to finish the last. You can help them. NOW GO!

Hannah: alright! let's go! *begins crossing tightrope*

Sally: COMMON CASTAWAY LETS WIN THIS!!!! * starts crosing tightrope*

Brandi:*starts crossing tightrope*

Sally: *nearly falls of but doesnt!!*

Brandi:*almost slips off but keeps her balance*

Brandi:*keeps crossing*

Sally: *nearly finished* *her hair gets in her eyes* oh no!!!!! I cant see!!!!! *brushes it out of her eyes nearly falling off, but staying on*

Brandi:*is nearly finish too is neck and neck with Sally keeps on crossing*

Sally: *looks at Brandi* *gulps* takes final steps*

Brandi:*crosses more takes the final steps *

Brandi:*finshes the first course moves on too the second *

Chris: *throws ball at Brandi* WAIT!

Kourtney: *gracefully crosses tightrope*


Sally: *waiting for her team* come on guys lets win this!!!

Brandi:*waits * come on kourtney u can do it

Sally: Hurry guys i dont wanna vote anyone out tonight!!! do you guys?

Brandi: yeah We don't wanna be short on too members

Sally: we dont want these guy to get even!!! *looks at Brandi* No offence

Brandi: none taken >_>


Brandi: come on team u guys can do it (I got too get ready for school soon )

Sally: *crosses fingers* i wanna win so bad!!! Hurry, come on, lets do this!!!! *thinks of a little chant* *singing* Castaways, castaway Win the game always! We can do it, So lets get to it, GO CASTAWAYS!!!!

Brandi : u can do it guys let's go cheetahs (got too get ready for school)

(have fun at school)

Sally: *waiting*

Mario: let's do this team!

Karen: *wakes up following a lovely dream and notices that no one is nearby, then notices there's a challenge going on, so she runs to the rope over the mud and begins crossing it*

(JLOM: Just FYI, I live in the US, and this challenge happened in the middle of the night for me. If most of the users here are in a completely different time-zone, maybe "Karen" should be eliminated soon, since I'm not commonly on the wiki from midnight to 4AM. ;P xDD Thanks! ;) )

Karen: *to her teammates* I'm coming!! :O *carefully crosses the tightrope some more--she slips and nearly falls!!! :O -- waggles on the ropes for a bit, but stays on*

Karen: (hoping she's not breaking any camp rules by continuing to cross the rope, since everyone else is waiting for her to finish crossing anyway) *keeps crossing the rope, but a wind gust comes up, and she stops and holds on tight*

Karen: *wind gust blows by, and Karen begins singing quietly to herself to ease her nerves, continues crossing*

Karen: *sighs happily as she finishes the tightrope challenge* Hi guys! No one woke me up for this challenge. ;( Are we all here yet?

Kourtney: Chris said we can help people, right? *pulls Vice across carefully*

Mario: (tuts)

Brandi:*waits for kourntey) (are u still on the tight rope or the secoud course)

Karen: We can't start the second part until our entire team finishes the first! :P *waits and wishes she had her guitar*

Mario: (crosses)

Hannah: *finishes crossing the tightrope after starting earlier* Ugh, that took a while! Let's go team!

Brandi: im i allowed too go back and help people ( just asking i dont want too break the rules)

Louie: *gets on tightrope and begins to go across* This is kind of hard. *one leg slips, but he manages to regain his balance* That was close. *keeps on going*

Karen: I think we can, Brandi. It's been all day, and some folks haven't even showed up at the starting line yet! :O *to her teammies* We still need to get Kat over here!! Are we missing anyone else?

Jude: Crap! *runs across tightrope*. (CONF) I learned about ropes in juvenile.

Hannah: This challenge is going to take a looong time while I wait here *checks twitter* Hey! We're already trending!

Brandi: Well I can get bravo across *goes back too the start and helps bravo across *soo heavy

Brandi:*drags him puts my arm around his shoulder and balances almost falls * *legs shaking*

Brandi:*drags bravo is haft way there and is about too collapse * noo Brandi don't collapse water water....

Brandi:ok soo close we can't lose *drags bravo even more*

Brandi:*takes final steps while dragging bravo * water.. Soo tired

Brandi:*Walks too the other side with bravo in her hands * bravo ur across (I hope we are allowed too go back too pick up and hold on to people while crossing )

Bravo*casually brushes off shoulders.. Sorry about that *face turns red* (Sorry schoolwork has been difficult and taking longer as I review for muss state's tests)

Louie: *holds on to the tightrope, but gets an idea. *turns back to help Kat across* This is going to be hard. *loses balance, but manages to get back up* Okay, Kat, you're good? *reaches the half-way point* I'm almost there!

Sally: GO LOUIE!!!! I'll carry her next if you want!!! Is everyone else across?

Brandi: ok I'll do helenus *goes back and helps helenus puts his arms on my shoulder*

Brandi:*starts too help helenus almost falls over but recovers*

Brandi:*is almost haftway there is still shaking almost falls with helenus in her arms but keeps crossing*

Chris: *throws ball at Kourtney and Vice, but misses and hits the rope* Oh... well since the rope broke, the challenge is over! The team with the most peeps on the other side including the one that went out to help is... The Killer Castaways! Cya at tribal, Cheetahs!

Brandi:(CONF) this sucks two loses in a row crap

Sally: YAY!!!! GO CASTAWAYS!!!!!!

Karen: *high-fives Louis* Awesome, Dude!!* :D *sees that Kat has fallen asleep again and begins to worry about her* :S


Kourtney: (CONF) I vote Helenus. He's no help.

Brandi:(CONF) I vote for that Helenus he had not moved since day 1

Bravo:(CONF) I vote for Helanus.(Out of CONF) *lays hands on Brandi's shoulders * Sorry for being a deadweight in the challenge.

Brandi: aww it's alright I was just tired and that challenge was sort of hard anyways

Jude: (CONF) Helenus.

Brandi:(CONF) Im worried after tonight were 2 members down if we Lose I'm worried that I'll go but hmm I think the biggest thread is well Louie but he's on the another team well kourntey and vice ehh there love will get them far hmmm I need too survive too the merge sally is a huge threat in my option

Brandi: sooo another long wait all we need is vice or helenus too vote

Karen: *wandering by and sees tribal council going on, walks over to Brandi* Hi! Just FYI, you only need four votes for one person, and that person's out. *looks down at the 2 Cheetahs still asleep on the ground* Are they okay? *looks back up at Brandi* Nicely played, Brandi! You're a great leader. :) Super idea on dragging/carrying our teammies across! See ya next challenge or wherever. *continues on her way*

Brandi:aww thanks (CONF) Gah!

Helenus: I vote for Brandi. *I completely forgot about this camp. xDD)

Brandi:*sees helenus* (CONF) OH mah gawd helenus finally moved

(Flame: I do that all the time. :P)

Chris: Helenus, with 4 votes... you're still in! It's a non-elimination round!

Kourtney: Cool! :D

Episode 5: Puzzle Pieces Party


Kourtney: DAY 5! Sweet!

Louie: (CONF) Another non-elimination challenge? What's up with Chris. Still, there's three major threats in Brandi's team. Maybe mess up with them a little. *snicker* (NONCONF) What's up Kourtney, where's Vice? *gets closer* (CONF) No, I don't like Kourtney.

Kourtney: *shrugs* I dunno. :/ How's life been?

Louie: You know, winning every challenge takes a lot of work, maybe your team leader isn't doing a good job. I think you'll do a better job. (CONF) Kourtney's really nice, and what I said is the truth. I told my team not to worry, so I know they won't vote me off. (NONCONF) You and Vice will be worthy competitors.

Kourtney: Wow, thinks! :D (CONF) Louie HAS been on the same team with Brandi, so I kinda believe him.

Sally: *walks over to Louie and Kourtney* Hi guys, (CONF) so it was a non-eliminatining challenge, so we are only one person up. well i hope we win today!

Brandi:(CONF) I need too watch out for Louie I have a weird feeling soo if he is trying too ruin my team I'll ruin his team if we lose I have a feeling I'll be on the chopping block

Brandi:*sees louie and kourtney* (CONF) I need too start get knowing my teammates ASAP and I guess I'll be nice for now *then I'll crush them*

Brandi: Morning everyone (it's 9:20 am where I live)

Brandi:(CONF) I hope the challenge is not today because I'm busy on weekends I'll be back

Louie: Morning Brandi and Sally (CDF97: I would not be able to comepete today from 4:00 PST (7:00 EST, 6: CST for America).

Sally: i hope we win today!!! ((CONF) i hope, the "inactive people" final show up! we need to drag them aroung in the challenges, we dont have time to be doing that!) (NONCONF) today is such a nice day!

Drake: I am sorry I haven't been an asset to this team, but now I'm gonna make sure we win!, Whos with me?

Hannah: I'm still around? Sweet!

Louie: Yes, we must win another challenge and get *looks at Brandi* eliminated. She's the biggest threat. (Won't be able to compete today sorry. CodyDuncanFan97 18:19, May 13, 2012 (UTC)CDF97)

Mario: i agree. Brandi is a huge threat.

Brandi:*too my team* we need too win another challenge if we don't win soon we will be dead so we must win and try too get the threads out (CONF) I know Louie's team is targeting me I'll work my butt of too stay in this dang game I'll eat bugs I'll kiss butt I'll do anything too stay in the game I can see it in Louie's eyes I maybe blonde but I'm smart

Sally: (CONF) Louie want Brandi out, but hiow can we get her out, shes not on our team. Unless we tell her team to vote her out, but im not getting involved unless its nesisary!

Brandi:(CONF) I got my eye on Louie's team I think they will do anything too get me out the biggest threads on Louie's team are Sally and Louie I got my eye on them well it's not even the merge yet soo I need too think of a plan

Sally: (CONF) im glad Drake has showed up, now its olny kat who will be inactive. Anyway i'm gonna keep trying to win no matter what. Also im sorta scared that i have a huge target on my back if i make the merge, because well Im smart im strong and i think people on Brandi's team will target me and Louie at the merge, so i need to keep Louie as a close ally.

Brandi:(CONF) I feel that I'm on the outs but I feel good hopefully we will win and a person from Louie goes kat is not even doing anything helenus and drake both showed up and they were active before

Sally: (CONF) Kat, she has been way!!! to inactive, if we lose she WILL get my vote. And if Brandis team loses id put my money on helenus getting the boot.

Brandi:(CONF) I'll have a few tricks Up my sleeve when I was little my brothers Brady and Brandon picked on me a lot they do a lot of nasty pranks soo I'm ready for anything and I here'd there's a little love triangle hmmm

Sally(CONF) Brandi, she isnt dumb and she will no when her neck is on the chopping block, and i think she WILL do anything to remain in the game. I hope she doesnt set me up tho!

Brandi:(CONF) too stay I need too make an allience on my team but with who

Sally: (CONF) Brandi, well she is thinking of ideas to remain in the game, ive gotta keep watch on her! *looks at Brandi, then looks away* (CONF) i cant be to obvious!

Brandi:(CONF) well plan two did not work out at all plan 2 was act clueless but that failed people see as a thread kourtney would be a great ally but I don't know what too say I can try too play the game alone unless...

Sally: (CONF) if i was Brandi who would i allyin myself with? maybe........ er........ i dunno?

Karen: (CONF) *singing to the tune of Happy Birthday* Happy Mother's Day to your moms! Happy Mother's Day to your moms! Happy Mother's Day to your moms and you-ou..... Happy Mother's Day to your moms!! And many more! *finishes singing* I was busy writing Mom a card, so I didn't hear most of what's happened today. Moms are great! :D (exits CONF)

Brandi:(CONF) it's soo stressful I just don't want too mess up and if I ask bravo and Jude for an allience kourtney and vice will target me HOO Ha! I got it since bravo Vince and kourtney are threads it could but a possible allience

Brandi:*too bravo kourtney and vice* *whispers*well were strong players I can trust u guys what about an allience we could go solo in the merge if u guys want and four brains are better then one

Brandi:(CONF) I would ask Jude but its a small team and plus Louie got his team members brain washed I hate too say it but he's clever (exits CONF)


Chris: Okay, I wuz just messing with you. :P Anyways, to the real challenge. You guys have to run out into the water, and grab the three bags of puzzle pieces. When you get back to your team, you set up the puzzle. It makes 3 math puzzles. The answer to each question is part of the combonation lock code. If it unlocks, your team wins. GO!

Sally: GO CASTAWAYS!!!!! *starts running towards the water*

Bravo: *dives into the water*

Brandi:*runs In the water*

Mario: (dives into the water)

Drake: *swims in the water*, we got this guys!

Karen: *waits eagerly for her teammies to return with the bags, clears a table for the pieces*

Louie: *dives in the water* (How many lines does it take to find one bag?)

Bravo:Time to beat these fools *takes out a hakerchief and molds it into a bag. He then fills it with gravel and drops it into the water.* *goes looking tot real bags*

Karen: *singing loudly to her many swimming teammies* Just bring the 3 bags to me!

Brandi: yeah *whispers too myself* 4 castaways vs 2 cheetahs this is not looking good *swims around looking for the bags*

Drake: I found one guys! *grabs bag*

Hannah: *swims into the water* Alright!

Brandi:*swims and looks for bag* (soo Im guessing 3 lines per bag but in challenges can u tell how many lines too get too it drake got a bag in too lines soo how much lines)

Mario: got one guys! (grabs bag)

Louie: *looks around and spots one in between him and Brandi* Gotta get there first! Mario, Drake, make sure it's not Bravo's phony bag! *swims fast*

Mario: (swims fast after the bag as well)

Sally: *steps on something* whats that? *picks it uk* er a fish* throws it back in the water.

Sally: *spots bag* i see one! *swims towards it*

Brandi:*finds bag grabs it before Sally can get too it and swims back*

Sally: *grabs the bag* i got it *swims back* come on team! *gets back* here Karen catch *throws bag to her*

Louie: *swims back up*

Brandi:*dives back in* *whispers too self *wow 3 against 1 (wait do u have too wait when u get on bag*

Drake: *to Louie*, Louie, its a real take gonna find another one! *swims for another bag*

Brandi:*swims too find a bag is out of breathe *a little help here...

Hannah: *finally fins a bag* Drake! I found one!

Louie: 8swims to shore* Karen! *tosses the bags to Karen and runs up to her, soaking wet* We have two *pants* bags and we need to *pants* arrange them. *opens the bags on the table and pours the puzzle pieces out*

Hannah: *returns to shore* Here's the third bag Louie! let's do this!

Brandi:*swims too find a bag*

Louie: Great Hannah! *opens the bag and pulls out the puzzle pieces, starts to arrange them* Corners first (CONF) a simple puzzle is no match for me!

Hannah: *starts placing pieces* Louie you got this...I'll provide supportive help. *places a few more*

Brandi:*finds puzzle bag and swims too shore*

Louie: *starts moving the pieces around, studying each one carefully. A few minutes past, and the puzzle is complete* (Do we decide the math problems or do we wait?)

Drake: Louie...we can win this!

Brandi:*gets back in water and swims*

Louie: The puzzles are already solved but I need to know what the math problems are! Do we make them up or do we wait until Chris gives it to us?

Brandi: *looks for puzzle bags *

(gtg and take a Shower this challenge is hard if one person is doing it good luck cheethes and castaways-OmGDP)

Louie: Now for another long wait. So, Kat has been gone forever! (BTW, the Elimination Chart needs to be updated. I'd be happy to help)

Brandi:*finds bag and swims back*

Brandi:*lays out all puzzle pieces* since I don't know if we have too make our own math problems I'm guessing this will be another longgggg wait

Brandi:*sees puzzle pieces * just a bunch of numbers hmmm

Bravo:*grabs a bag and begins to swim back* COMING

Brandi: bravo we have the final bag

Bravo:Then what is...*stares down in horror at his hands to see a huge pulsating Jellyfish* Ah f-*Let's out a terrible shriek as he jolts on to the beach* Oh my god oh my god oh my my my oh crap oh shazbutt. OH MY GOD!

Karen: *joins Louie at the finished puzzle, tries to figure out the numbers*

(Flame: The problems are 4 x (3 + 8) - 14 x 4. Second one is 8 + 18 -14 x 2 + 8. Last one is 5 - (3 x 9) - 2 + 5. And no godplaying. :/ ]

Kourtney: Bravo! Are you okay?

Bravo:*rises a burnt hand forming a smoking thumbs up*

Brandi: yeah bravo are u seriously ok hmm I'm good at math hmmm *tries too figure out numbers*

Sally: *goes to help her team* um ok, lets figure this out.

Brandi:*to her team * I'm guessing it's an even number

Brandi:*puts the 1st lock too 90* nope hmmmm I guess I need too figure it out I don't know the problems so hmm

Sally: *looks at pieces* guys, all come over here and help!

Brandi:*looks at pieces* hmmm I have a feeling I need too find 3 correct answers hmmmm

Karen: Cool! Um.... *stares at the first puzzle, then goes to the combination lock, sets it to -12*

Brandi: it's an even number and it has an - and my lucky number is 12 Soo * sets it too-12*

Sally: i hope its right!!!!!!

Brandi: I'm thinking it's a pattern hmmm

Karen: *to Sally* Me too. With a combo, we can always change numbers. *sets the second number to 6*

Brandi: it has too be 6 *puts lock too 6*

Sally: last one hmmm, im not sure

Brandi: last one it's in it's twos soo I gotta go with ___

Karen: *to Sally* I'm not sure I remember all the math rules. Are you trying to figure these out too? *sets last number to -19*

Brandi:it like hmm I got it *puts number too -20* I think

Sally: yep i am. i hope we are right! you are so smart we are lucky to have you on our team!

Karen: *tries to open the lock*

sally: *looks nervouly*

Karen: *whispering quietly to Sally* I'm hoping Chris took these problems out of a math book. Then we can be sure all the math rules are being used!*

sally: same! im hope we win!

Brandi:*tries too open lock but_____*

Sally: *looks at brandi* this will be cliose!

Brandi:*crosses figures and curls up toes* please ... Karma...

Sally: *hair falls in her eyes*

Karen: *to Sally* Here's hoping we're right. If Chris didn't use math rules, then who knows what the answers are! *glances in Chris' direction and tries to open the lock again*

Sally: *to Karen* same, if we do this its girl power!

Karen: Yay, girl power!! :) *high-fives Sally*

Chris: With that, the Castaways win AGAIN!

Sally: *hi-fives Karen* Girl power!

Louie: Sorry for not being any help. (CONF) Man, I didn't know solving math problems super fast was godplay. I'm in Pre-Cal Honors and I'm only a Sophmore. Well, gotta give people a chance, am I right?


Kourtney: I vote for Helenus. :/

Brandi: (CONF) I hope they cut me some slack that challenge was hard too do with 1 person aleast kourtney and bravo helped a little bit I vote for helenus he since when did helenus move

Bravo:Way to be ahelp Helanus *votes Helanus*

Brandi:*waits* (well I'm going away this weekend soo I'm not really going too be on the weekends)

Chris: Helenus, you would be out, but Kat and Drake have 5 inactivity strikes, so they're out. :D

Episode 6: It's All About Me!


Louie: (CONF) So, we won a challenge but lost two players. I don't find that fair but hey, it's Chris. Now, Brandi's team has the most players, but if I won this challenge, then they will have a double elimination. C'mon brain, it's time for you to start working!

Karen: (CONF) We won the challenge and lost two players?! :@ *thoughtful consideration* Well, they were do-nothings anyway, so now we don't have to drag them across challenges on our backs! *sigh* Silly game. :P

Brandi: (CONF) Oh my goodness helenus almost got out two times wow hes good but he never does anything i hope jude helenus and vice step up there game louie will do anything too get me out and he already brainwashed his team i hope my team wins the next challenge and this will be hard too get out louie he is smart he is like three people in one and ill make sure that he does not plant seeds in my team mates brain . (back i just got wifi at my trailer)

Hannah: *texts* Ooh Twitter says I'm trending again!

Sally; that sucked! (CONF) now we are only a team of 5! And i like all of them!


Chris: Say 'I'.

Kourtney: I! :D

Brandi: I!

Vice: I, my master.

Bravo: I

Karen: *holds a long note* I *runs out of breath* :)

Hannah: I

Karen: *looking around* Has anyone even seen Helenus?

Sally: no have you?

Brandi: *waits*

Karen: I haven't seen her at all, Sally.

Brandi: * Too Karen* nope i had not seen him at all . I hope chris is not messing with us again like last time

Chris: 4 peeps from the Cheetahs said 'I', so they win (for the first time)! Castaways, I'll see you guys at tribal. :D

Brandi: woohoo! :D *too team mates * well our first one this is great guys (CONF) just a few more and it's great too see that I'm safe


{C}Hannah: I vote Mario for helping our team the least! Not helping in three episodes? Gosh!

Louie: I can't believe that I missed another challenge. Bye Mario, you've done the least.

Karen: *singing* Mario. Dude! You need to help us or leave us and leavin us looks great! Today! :P G'bye!

Sally: Im hope thins is a non-eliminating challenge! but, i vote for Merio. Your great but, we cant keep you much longer, sorry.

Chris: Sadly, it's an elimination episode, meaning Mario is out. But, I don't want you guys to complain, because we're merged now! :D

Episode 7: The Sacrifice

Merged Chat

Chris: Choose your team name and color.

Kourtney: OMG! I'm at the merge already!

Brandi: yes! It's the merge (CONF) I'm happy it's the merge but I feel I'm in the outs all I need too do is too win challenges too,stay in the game and too many people think imma threat :D and I know that Louie is trying too get me out but.. Atleast I made it too the merge but I need a plan... Well I have 6 members including myself and Louie has 4 but alliences break too easy .

Vice: (CONF) I feel so... Lost?

Brandi:(CONF) my (old) team needs too stick together too pick off those castaways and It could be an easy final5 or 6

Hannah: (CONF) From fake elimination to merge! I'll do my best!

Sally: MERGE! we could call our team the Marvolous Mergers!

Brandi: I like it but anyone has any other ideas I think the team color should be blue does anyone have any other ideas

Karen: Wait. We're merged but we need to choose team names? I like the Marvelous Mergers! And I love blue. So we'll just have one team name, right? Sweet! Howdy teammies!! :D *waves at new teammies*

Brandi: (CONF) I'm happy I made it now I'm worried (NON CONF) hello everyone congratulations on making in too the merge :D (CONF) ok all I do is too act nice and maybe I'll get far my plan is too go too the final 8 soo my plan works in action

Louie: Totally agree with Sally and Karen. The Marvelous Mergers is a great team! (CONF) Mege, really? I'll probably be done by the final eight but oh well. The only threats are really Brandi, Me, Karen, Sally, and Hannah. Yep, I put Brandi ahead of myself. I know she's planning something. I can feel it.

Brandi:(CONF) Louie is a bigger threat then me he is smart ,smarter then the nerds in my high school I'm only in grade 10 right now I think the only other threat is Sally I like her but it's a game she's strong

Louie: (CONF) This game is really-*falls and his hands hit the wall* OW. I'm not getting killed when I'm only a sophmore (grade 10)!

Brandi:(CONF) I need too win this challenge or shorty (Louie) will try too get me out brandi grace harris u can do this, I maybe blonde and girly and 17 years old I can still win this (nothing personal just being my character)

Brandi:(CONF) I wish chris would tell us what time are challenges soo I don't miss them :p

Karen: (CONF) Brandi is some tough competition, and has really been playing this game well! Now that we're merged, we should either ally with her, or else vote her off first chance we get! :o

Brandi:(CONF) this will be hard people think I'm tough I can be cruel and I can be sweet I think I could trust karen shes a threat but! Hey everybody's a threat there own way like helenus even know he never does anything *giggles* Karen is a sweet girl I wish I had an ally the merge is the hardest part of the game

Brandi:*sits down waits for challenge*

Karen: *whispering to Louie* Now that we're merged, we should get Brandi into our alliance. She's a really good player, and we're better off with her than against her, I think. *waits for a response*

Louie: *whispers to Karen* That's true, remember, keep your enemies closer. Brandi, can I talk to you for a bit?

Sally: (conf) my tribe, we are all thinking or talking stratergy. its 6 on to 4, like if we dont do something Louie, Karen, Hannah and myself will go down!. (nonConf) Brandi, after Louies talked to you can i have a word?

Brandi:MHm ok what do u need too tell me Louie and ok Sally

Sally: Think about this, if you side with the others your only garented to make the final 6. But if you flip and join us, thats the final fve, and i promiss that ill take you further than 5th. so please just give iot some thought.

Brandi: ok I'll give it some thought (CONF) Sally has a good point Jude never does anything he need too go

Sally: (CONF) i hope Brandi sides with louie karen Hannah and me. (nonconf) thanks. *smiles*

Sally: cant wait for the challenge! :D

Karen: (CONF) Yay! Brandi might join us! :)

Louie: (CONF) Hmm, so Hannah, Karen, Sally, and me are in an alliance. Brandi might join us. Kourtney and Vice will most likely get together which means that Helenus and Jude are our next targets. I really need Brandi's support.

Brandi:(CONF) ok soo I maybe in a allience with Hannah Sally Louie and Karen pros it will make me go far cons I don't know if I can trust Louie he's sneaky and I'm thinking that yes I know Louie Is playing me but I'll just act clueless helenus and Jude should go next there floaters (NON CONF) *too louie Sally Hannah and Karen* *whispers* fine I'll join u guys I think Jude should go next he's a floater.

Brandi:(CONF)I can be loyal I can be a backstabber I'll be loyal too Louie for now >:) I'll even lie too make sure that My allience stay and I'll destroy the weak.

Louie: Yes, awesome! (CONF) I hope Brandi knows that I'm NOT a Backstabber. I've said it so many times.

Brandi:(CONF) I'll give Louie a chance when Sally asked me too join his allience with her Louie Hannah and karen I admit I was shocked I thought they were gunning for me *giggles* I'll trust him (NON CONF) I can't wait for the challenge I wonder what it's going too be

Karen: *hugs Brandi* *whispers* Welcome to our alliance!! :D *high-fives Brandi* :) I haven't seen Jude around much. Have any of you?

Brandi: thanks :) and no Jude has not moved since the forth challenge

Louie: Okay, Helenus is going to get out, so who do we get out?

Brandi: *whispers* I guess Jude

Karen: (CONF) Jude's next out, along with Helenus, I think.


Challenge is Wednesday at 8PM EST!

Chris: So today's challenge is to do this. There are motion sensors. Underground, there is wood, and a rock. You have to make a fire. First to do so wins. But watch out, because if you touch a sensor, you are out! (You must have at least ten lines, wait for someone else to comment before you do.)

Karen: *sees a stick poking out of the dirt, pulls it up*

Brandi:*digs slowly*

Kourtney: *digs*

Brandi:*takes time digging*

Kourtney: *takes stick, then slowly moves over laser*

Karen: *digs in the dirt for a rock, carefully*

Brandi:*digs slowly*

Karen: Chris said there is wood underground with a rock, so where's my rock? *keeps looking*

Brandi: *digs slowly and keeps on looking*Kourtney: *digs, then finds a rock* COOL! Just one more stick. :D

Karen: *sees a rock, but sees a sensor next to it, so buries sensor with dirt*

Brandi:*digs and takes the from the ground and sees sensor but covers it with dirt * alright need a one more stick and a rock

Hannah; *carefully digs for a stick* Hmm...

Brandi:*digs for a rock carefully*

Karen: How am I supposed to make a fire with a rock and a stick?

Hannah: *digs out the stick* now where's that rock...

Brandi:*digs gracefully for rock *

Karen: *looks for another stick and finds one, picks it up*

Hannah: *digs for the rock and sees Karen* She knows what she's doing...

Karen: *strips two handfuls of dead pine needles off of a nearby tree*

Brandi:*digs and finds rock amd picks it up sees sensor and covers it* I need a stick now

Karen: *clears a space on the ground with her feet, and dumps the big pile of needles there*

Brandi:*digs for final stick*

Karen: *suddenly remembers the sensors could be on top of the ground, too!* :O

Kourtney: *pulls for final stick, but falls into a sensor* Aw...

Chris: Kourtney is out!

Brandi:*digs carefully*

Jude: *starts digging carefully*

Hannah: *fishes out rock* to start this fire...

Brandi:*digs more sees stick but it's too low starts digging gracefully*

Karen: *sits down and takes off one shoelace, wraps it around one stick*

Louie: *starts to dig carefully*

Brandi:*digs for stick*

Louie: *spots a sensor, and quickly lowers breathing so it doesn't sense him. Slowly digs*

Karen: *places the rock on the top and the flat stick on the bottom, with the shoelace stick between them*

Brandi:*digs for stick sees sensor and holds breathe*

Louie: *spots stick and digs slowly but a little not that much faster*

Karen: *holds the base stick in place with her feet, and the fire-stick in place with her chin on the rock (which is on top of the spinning fire-stick), begins spinning the stick with the shoelace*

Louie: *pulls on stick slowly with his teeth, and it comes out* (CONF) Ew

Karen: *continues to spin the stick, hoping for a spark to ignite the pine needles*

Brandi:*is soo close by being sensed but grabs stick * ok fire time *starts too start a fire*

Louie: *slowly walks backwards*

Karen: *hopes that her shoelace doesn't break while she spins the stick*

Hannah: Wait a minute *finds another rock* Alright!

Karen: *feels her back getting very tired, but keeps spinning the stick*

Hannah: *gathers some pine needles* I just need to arrange them with this stick...

Louie: *his hand scrapes and almost winces but stops. Starts to slowly uncover the rock when he spots a sensor.* (CONF) Glad there are no cheaters that push someone in front of the sensor.

Karen: *is beginning to feel some heat from the stick*

Hannah: *finally finishes arranging the pine needles and stick* So with two rocks as flint...

Brandi:*rubs too sticks together *

Hannah: *starts hitting the rocks together* Gotta keep trying!

Louie: *slowly moves head away from sensor, and covers it with dirt*

Karen: *finally sees some smoke from her stick base!* :D

Brandi:*rubs sticks more*

Karen: *Sees a spark! Stops spinning and gently blows on her pine needles*

Hannah: *keeps hitting the rocks together* A spark! *no fire lights* Aww...Gotta keep trying!

Louie: *uncovers rock*

Karen: *adds some little sticks to her pine needles, blows again gently*

Hannah: *finally gets a spark* Yes!!! But there's no way I can catch up....*sees Karen* Wanna make a deal?

Louie: *grabs rock*

Hannah: *blows on tiny fire that is building* Soo Karen? what do you say?

Karen: *the fire whooshes to life, she coughs and knows her eyebrows are singed off* Sure, Hannah. What?

Louie: *arrives to see Karen's fire* Great job Karen!

Karen: *adds sticks to her growing fire*

Brandi:*sees karens fire* good job Karen

Karen: Thanks, Louie! *adds more pine needles and sticks*

Louie: Now, who to vote off?

Hannah: Obviously you are going to win immunity....I don't know...jsut wanted to discuss! *fire ignites now* Gah! Lost by a few seconds D:

Karen: You may have won this, Hannah! Your tiny fire may have started before mine.

Chris: Karen wins immunity! But... you get to choose two peeps that everyone has to vote for. Who will they be?

Jude: I know you'll make the right choice, Karen. :) (Sorry I haven't been on. Forgot I was in this. But now I'm back in. :P)

Hannah: Congrats Karen!

Brandi: good job Karen :D

Louie: Great job Karen!

Karen: Thanks everyone! Sorry Jude. We figured you weren't here at all anymore. I'm afraid we're voting you off, along with Vice. I haven't seen Vice in a while, either.

Louie: I know this was a tough choice, don't feel bad. (CONF) YES! You see, if I had won this challenge, then I would have picked Jude and Vice. Vice, because not only will he be out, but Kourtney will probably lose it, and then be eliminated. Happy days, happy days. *claps hands* Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Now, we wait and see. (NONCONF) Wait, is this a triple elimination or double. Helenus didn't compete, that makes five, and he's gone!

Brandi:(CONF) I'm safe for another day yes! Where's vice

Karen: IKR? I figured we'd get 3 out at once this way, since I had no expectations of Helenus' appearance.

Sally: *to Karen* that was the best pick, well done. *smiles*


Kourtney: I vote... Jude. He has a really good chance of winning. :/ Sorry.

Vice: I am rather confused as to why I am one of the two choices, without my master i am useless ;( I vote for Jude.

Sally: Jude, i am sorry but the allience im in wants you out first. Sorry. And i think you could win in challenges, so bye! :(

Karen: Sorry Vice-guy. I needed two choices, and you're not in our alliance. ;( I vote Jude.

Hannah: I vote for Jude...Kind of useless

Helenus: Goodbye Jude! *zaps Jude's picture with lightning* ;) xDDD

Brandi: Jude bye bye *sees helenus * are u some type of Greek god O_O

Chris: Jude, you are elimmed! But Helenus, you are aswell for being inactive! Buh-bye!

Brandi: (CONF) 8 down 7 too go hehe Muhaha *chokes on fly* Hahahahahaha

(Actually, if you look about, I voted.)

(You have 5 inactivity strikes, just not from this episode. But you can sign Helenus up for S2)

Episode 8: That Episode with That Name


Brandi: hmm have no clue what's the challenge today hmmm

Hannah: *texting*

Louie: Can't wait. (CONF) I wanted Vice gone, man, well, he's my next target. *snickers* Wait, where's the plan? *thinks* Not Again!

Brandi: *too Louie Hannah Karen and Sally * soo who should we target next *whispers * I think vice or bravo i think should go vice because he's with kourtney it's like rob and amber from Surivivor all stars and Boston rob and amber got married and Amber and rob got in the final two

Hannah: My twitter says that Kourtney and Vice are tricky....hmmm

Brandi: *whispers* yup there tricky*pauses* tricky enough too be huge threats there connection can get them far vice can use his fancy talk and kindness too stay in the game and kourntey can use her charm (CONF) I don't hate kourntey and vice there nice but there threats I have not seen bravo lately

Louie: I agree with Brandi. (CONF) That was my plan as well. Kill two lovers with one stone.

Karen: Whooo! That Helenus was interesting! Like a goddess! 8) Not that I'm into gals, but did you see that lightening?! I haven't seen Bravo around much, but he's been here. Vice too. Let's vote out Bravo, I think And you're right, Hannah. Kourtney's tricky! Are we having a challenge tonight?

Brandi: I know right too bad helenus rarely did anything he's like an god I would like too see more of him *too Karen * Ok but I think vice should go *whispers* just think of kourtneys face when vice is gone but bravo should go

Hannah: *texts* Oh? My twitter fans say that Bravo is a threat?

Karen: You're right, Brandi. Kourtney and Vice. Bravo's not a threat, so far.

Hannah: *is screaming at her phone* WHY DO YOU THINK BRAVO IS A THREAT?!!?

Brandi: the only thing that bravo is a threat is his magic (CONF) I'll only get even if they get even

Karen: *staring at Hannah, then pretending to be her voicemail* Bravo is not a threat, but he's been somewhat inactive lately. *she says this in a singsong voice*

Brandi:(CONF) Aaah nice not too have targets on my back I'm good for now I guess I only a couple from my old team mates I'll work my but of too win

Sally: (CONF) Final eight! YAY. (nonconf) *to Brandi, Louie, Hannah and Karen* i think we should vote out Vice, then Bravo then Kourtney.

Vice: *Sits alone on the beach* I suppose I won't being paid if I am alone.

Louie: I think so too Sally, but we need to win the challenge. (CONF) This alliance will only hold up until a few more episodes, then the final five will be me, Brandi, Karen, Hannah, and Sally.

Karen: Yay!! (CONF) Poor Vice. (to everyone) Let's vote out Kourtney, then Bravo, then Vice. I think Kourtney's more of a threat.

Brandi: ok (CONF) i need too step up this game because when the final 5 in the allience ill be the first one too go soo i need too step up my game because im the only one thats not on the castways which is louies team but i need too do what i can do too stay in the game


Chris: Say 'Chris is the most awesomest human being in the world, scratch that, universe!'

Kourtney: Why...?


Vice: Chris is the most awesomest human being in the world, scratch that, the universe! CONF: Yeah... Right.

Chris: Vice is into the next round!

Kourtney: Chris is the most awesomest human being in the world, scratch that, the universe!

Chris: 1 spot left!

Brandi: Chris is the most awesomest human being in the world scratch that the universe!

Karen: "Chris is the most awesomest human being in the world, scratch that, universe!"

(Im going too give my spot too Jay ( karen )because i said it twice one wrong one right just too be fair-Omgdeadpeople)

Chris: Now Brandi, Vice, Kourtney and Karen, first to say 'I' wins!


Chris: Brandi, choose someone to win immunity with you.

Brandi: I have too go with Karen


Chris: Anyone but Brandi or Karen.

Kourtney: Louie, he's SO tryin' play me.

Brandi: (CONF) that was a close one if i lose the challenge i would be scerwed and Vice ur really nice but u have too go

Vice: My master... Well Uh, my err master... Isn't here any more. *Sighs* I vote for Louie.

Karen: Thanks Brandi! :) Um... I vote for Bravo.

Brandi: No problem :)

Brandi:(CONF) well i never thought i would make it this far because since i im a threat because i thought people would gun me but aleast im in a allience but i still need too try my new goal is too make it too the final 6 then 5 then soo on and soo on

Hannah: I vote Louie....I think he's trying to play us...

Brandi: *waits* (CONF) if louie goes i guess imma deadman who knows but he does too bad he played a great game its 50/50 maybe nobody is leaving this episode who knows i guess

Sally: (CONF) i vote for Vice, sorry but your dangerous! I hope the allience is loyal!

Sally: *to Louie* i have an odd feeling someone in our allience isnt loyal.

Hannah: *is waiting for the final votes* (CONF) Am I alliance? o.o

Chris: With 3 votes, Louie is leaving!

Episode 9: Balancing Act


Kourtney: Final 7, OMG. O_O

Hannah: O_O IKR?!

Kourtney: *whispers* Hannah, wanna make an alliance with me? I'm sure you'll get more hits than JB ever will on twitter if you accept. :D

Hannah: idk, I have to consult my twitter fans :3

Vice: *Sighs* Forever alone.

Kourtney: Vice, wanna be in it too?

Vice: *Grins* Yes Mistress Kourtney *Bows*

Hannah: (CONF) i don't even know what to do...I trust Karen a lot, but I also like Vice as a friend...Well let's check Twitter..... Hmmmm, well that's weird...

Kourtney: Karen should be in it too. So we have majority. :D

Karen: *happens to overhear Kourtney* Hooray!!! :D *hugs Kourtney, Vice and Hannah* *waves goodbye sadly to Louie* You were a great leader! :)

Kourtney: So, who should go next? I say the order should be Bravo, Brandi, then Sally.

Brandi:*Hides behind tree spying on Hannah kourtney vice and karen* (CONF) Kourtney if u wanna play dirty I'll play dirty too bad Louie left we were starting too get along I'm pretty shocked Meh! It's a game crying over a game is not worth it! (NONCONF) *walks away*

Brandi: *walks over too everyone else* Karen can I have a word with u

Karen: (CONF) I'm true to my word. Hannah voted out Louie, even though she was in our alliance, so I'm voting her out after Bravo. And I made an alliance with Brandi, and she's kept her word, so I refuse to vote her out. I'm going to stay in this alliance for now, simply because I'm voting Bravo out next. Maybe I can convince Kourts that Brandi is better off on our side than not.

Karen: *whispers to Kourtney* I made a deal with Brandi, and she's been true to her word. She's also a very strong player, so I'm staying allied with her. How about we vote off Bravo, then Sally?

Kourtney: We can take her to the F5, and see where it goes from there. :D

Brandi:(CONF) Well new plan Kourtney and Vice can wait because since Hannah voted out Louie now I'm gunning for her No allience or an allience I'll win I'm strong in challenges she's nice but she has too go I have nothing againest anyone I'm not a hero or a villain I just feel I'm neutral

Hannah: (CONF) Am I worried? Of course I am! Did I do anything wrong? Of course not. My so called alliance failed to tell me vote off Bravo or Vice so I went with the majority...If they think I was betraying them they're not looking at the cold facts....then again some of the people can't see the truth anyway...If they fault me for that, I will gladly watch them make it to the end, watch me not vote for them in the jury ;)

Vice: (CONF) Every one else seemed to have been walking into here, so I came aswell... I am worried now, Kourtney is my master now... But I don't know if i can trust her.

Brandi:(CONF) meh scarth that making new plans are hard soo far since helenus and Jude are gone everybody and myself is a threat soo i just wanna stop making plans and enjoy this game it's a game a lot of people change and fights I learned that from shows like charm school I love money 1-4 and most shows funny things that money does too u *laughs*

Kourtney: (CONF) I'm worried... it's the F7, and it somewhat feels like I can easily leave. D:

Hannah: (CONF) The more I think about it, If anyone should be blamed for this mess, it should be Karen and Brandi....Those two want me in their alliance yet they don't tell me to vote for Vice. on top of that Karen voted for Bravo! That dropped the tie, and if she didn't do that Louie would have stayed...But I won't get mad at them....I choose not to get mad at people, I just don't want them to blame me for something they are equally at fault at for...Well we'll see after the challenge on where they stand...At least I'm on the jury, They should think about that too...

Brandi:(CONF) I'm scared I have a feeling I'll be leaving I should be getting bravo this should be an active final 6 but all I wanna do is too relax for 2 seconds not worrying who too vote out (gtg)

Sally: (CONF) Louie is gone! that sucks! And to make things worse Karen, Kourtney, Vice and Hannah have an allience! I need to do something to save me and Brandi! (NONCONF) Karen can I talk to you for a minete. *walks over to Karen* Hi girl, i no that youre in an allience with Kourtney, Vice and Hannah, but i need to say Kourtbey and Vice are the most dangerous people out here. There in a realationship, so they wont vote each other out. So i honestly think that they should go next, becasue they are huge treats. (CONF) i hope Karen, gets what im tryong to say!

Hannah: *intrudes* I hope you know I'm not in an alliance with them... :|

Kourtney: *stares at Hannah* (CONF) Such a lie. Imma let that slide for HER safety.

Sally: Hi Hannah, Vice and Kourtbey are the biggest treats! We really need to vote them out! It can be us 3 and Brandi to the final 4! (CONF) im so nervous right now!


Chris: So castaways, you need to lift weights. Walk across the balancing board, then pick up a twenty pound bag. You have to walk back with it. There are 5 bags to receive. A bag at a time. If you drop it, you start over. (Do it in at least 15 lines) GO!

Kourtney: *gets on balancing board*

Vice: Well, I have done this many times before. My Masters like to make me carry their luggage... *Sighs* I miss them. *Walks across the board*

Sally: *starts walking on balencing bored* i can do this!

Vice: *Gets to the other side* Which bag... Which to take hmmm.

Sally: Gets on other side grabs bag and keeps going*

Kourtney: *runs, loses balance, then regains it*

Sally: *walks quikly carrying the bag*

Vice: *Picks up the bag on the left than walks across the board and dumps it* Lighter than Lady Lysa...

Sally: *finishes second platform, grabs second bag* i gotta win this

Vice: Well that's one bag... Four more to go. *Sighs*

Sally: *carrying 2 bag* *to herself* i can win this

Karen: *finishes writing a new song* What!!? Darn!! *runs across the balancing board and teeters*

Vice:*Slowly walks across the board* I wonder is Lady Elenaz is watching at home....

Sally: *finishes 3rd, grabs bag*

Karen: *teeters some more, then takes a few more steps*

Sally: *walks quikly*

Vice:If she is... She better be rooting for me... *Grabs his second bag and starts to cross the beam*

Sally: *finishes 4th, and grabs bag*

Karen: *gets to 1st bag and grabs it, starts back along board*

Sally: *stuggling with the bags*

Vice: *Starts to lose his balance* maybe I should crawl... *Sighs and gets down on his knees*

Sally: *nearly falls* ouch, me back!

Karen: *hurries along the board with the bag*

Sally: *starts final bored* ive gotta do this!

Vice: *Crawls to the end of the board then gets up* That's two!

Sally: *feels pain in her back, but keeps walking*

Vice: *Starts to walk across for a third time* This is for you Elenaz...

Karen: *puts the first bag down and goes back along the board*

Sally: *half way throught the final ored*

Karen: *teeters and falls off the board into the 4 remaining bags*

Sally: *nearly there* im so close!

Vice: *gets across* Are you ok Mistress Karen?

Sally: *takes final steps and grabs bag*

Karen: *picks up 2nd bag and starts across the boards again*

Sally: *finishes* oh my gosh my back!

Vice: I will take that as a yes... *Grabs his third bag*

Karen: *to Vice* You're so sweet!! Yes, thanks. The bags are nice and cushy even though they're heavy. :)

Vice: *Bows* A pleasure to serve... however it appears we have lost.

Karen: *puts 2nd bag down and turns around for the 3rd*

Sally: *starts walking back with it*

Karen: *sees that Sally has won* Congratulations, Sally! *walks over to finish*

Sally: thanks, i needed that win :) *rubs back* ouch it so sore


Chris: Vote anyone but Sally.

Vice: If Elenaz were here, she would want me to do this. I vote for Brandi.

Karen: Bravo.

Sally: (CONF)Kourtney, sorry but you and Vice are HUGE threts, im so sorry, i hope we can be friends after this game.

Hannah: Alliance? what is the move? Don't NOT tell me who we are voting again -.-

Sally: *waiting*

Hannah: I vote Bravo...Karen told me to D:

Sally: (CONF) its good knowing ill be in the final 6 but i really want to know how is joining me!

Kourtney: I vote for Bravo, haven't seen him in a while.

Karen: (CONF) I'm sad that keeping my word is causing everyone to distrust me. I like to be honest.

Brandi:(sorry I was not at the challenge) bravo ur a great guy but u have too go

Brandi:(CONF) well if bravo goes it looks like the real bloodbath (the games) well starting very.. I'm very honored too be in the final 6 with Hannah Vice Kourtney Sally and Karen there strong and worthy players

Sally: final six with Brandi, Hannah, Karen, Kourtney and VIce. well i think me and Brandi will be the next two out unfottunatly :(

Episode 10: Pop Quiz!


Hannah: Final Six! Hmm....I think someone is playing everyone here...

Vice: I would have to agree, however it is not my place to say such things.

Kourtney: I agree as well. I'm somewhat... afraid.

Vice: May chance we should just vote forever performs worst in the upcoming challenge?

Brandi:Well congratulations we made it too the final 6 (CONF) I'm scared because I've been a target since episode 4 but I can do this I'm confident

Hannah: (CONF) Brandi is an evil charmer? I wonder if she's been tricking all of us all along...

Brandi:(CONF) HAHA i fooled the public im not a goody two shoes but its no time too be nice im evil in the inside but im true too my friends Karen and sally are my friends i keep my friends close and my rivals Closer.Kourtney Vice and Hannah maybe worthy players but being all Sweet (Hannah)Strong (Kourtney)and Polite(Vice) that can get u votes in the finals soo ill work my Biscults off too make sure that Myself Karen and Sally too the end ITS GAME ON!!

Hannah: (CONF) I think Brandi is the one playing us....I think Karen and Sally are falling into a trap...Is there going to be a final three or two ;) Jury votes might destroy those two if Brandi makes it to the end...SHe played the best game...


Chris: Answer these Castaways questions! Q1 - Who was 5th elimmed?

Brandi: mario it it would have been drake and kat but both of them have been elimmed 4th

Chris: COrrect! Q2 - Who was winner/s of the first merge immunity challenge?

Brandi: Karen

Chris: Correct! Q3 - Who were the 4 original team captains, and what were their team names? Vice: Myself, as Serving Hands, Evalyn as the Red Raiders, Louie as the Screaming Surviors and Kourtney as the Bows and Hearts. Brandi: vice as serving hands Evelyn as the red raiders Louie as screaming survivors and kourtney as the bows and hearts

Chris: Correct! One point Vice, two Brandi! Q4 - How many episodes have there been of Castaways so far, not including this one?

Vice: 9 in the regular season but in the collectors edition ten...


Chris: Tied two, two for Brandi and Vice. FINAL QUESTION - Who will win this immunity challenge?


Vice: Actually Brandi is wrong. The answer is Vice.

Brandi: I also ment Brandi

Vice: Why change your answer, mi`lady?

Brandi: well.. Hmm never mind let's wait until Chris comes back

Chris: The answer is... neither of you! But, you guys will get two votes in tonight vote for playing!

Brandi: Ok (CONF) I feel like my head is on the chopping block I need too use my two votes wisely


Vice: My lord master has commanded me, I vote for Brandi, twice.

Brandi: Well looks like this is the end for me I vote for kourntey twice

Kourtney: I vote Brandi.

Hannah: Sooo who do I vote?

Brandi: *waits nervously* (if I get out can I say my final words)

Karen: Happy Memorial Day!!! :D Parade and fireworks and family, and prayers and best wishes for all those in combat areas!!! *blows kazoo and throws confetti!!! looks around, confused* Was there a challenge today? D: Sorry folks!! ;( Umm, who are we voting? Umm,... I thought Sally was next. But my teammies are all voting Brandi. I'll vote Sally or I'll be breaking my word. *begins crying quietly* (CONF) I really hate having to vote folks out. ;(

Sally: I refuse to vote for Brandi, she has been a fantastic friend, she is a great girl and i wish she wasnt going home, instead tonight im voting for Kourtney, You and Vice are the biggest treats! Why cant the others see that? *walks over to Brandi* Brandi, i really hope you go home, You have been a great friend and i will miss you! *hugs Brandi* (sorry i didnt do the challenge, i was at schgool when it happened. )

Brandi:*Too Sally* I guess I'll miss u too

Sally: *to brandi* oh my gosh im so sorry, i said " i really hope you go home" but i ment to say i hiope you DONT go home! im so sorry. (CONF) im so stupid! i donr even deserve to have made it this far! I mean im so stupid!

Brandi: *too sally* Its ok.... I guess

Kourtney: (CONF) HANNUH! HURREH UP! (NON-CONF) This is one tuff competition, guys. If anything, we all got here because we were strong competitors. May the best one win!

Sally: yep, i think the 6 most deserving were the top 6, althought Louie was deserving aswell. So whoever goes home tonight should be proud to have made it this far! :)

Brandi: I know I'll be leaving... For sure I'm a huge threat but I'm proud ...

Sally: You played a fantasic game and i honestly dont think you should go home tonight, so i hope hannah doesnt vote for you. And you shoulld be proud, the final 6 is a big atchevmet!

Hannah: .....I vote Brandi.....she's the biggest threat and this alliance of ourse makes no sense Karen's alliance is all over the place with they are voting for...I don't even understand what's going on anymore so I flipped a coin (no joke I did :|)

Kourtney: Tonight has been... weird. I'll miss you, Brandi, and I honestly think you played the best game (you and Louie) *hugs her*

Karen: *hugs Brandi* You've played beautifully, and I'm glad you've had fun! I don't know if you're going home tonight, but either way, well played! :)

(Karen: I'm celebrating Memorial Day here in the States with my family, so I won't be here for any challenges tonight. Have a great day, all!! :D)

Brandi: thanks guys I guess doing too much strategisting will make u well Peace out (FINAL CONF) well oh well there too smart for me I'll be back! Next season soo stay tooned ill play a better game then this one >:) well its time too go Atleast I beat 10 people maybe I'll beat my record soo stay tune *Leaves*

Episode 11 : The Episode With No Challenge


Chris: Yes, the title says it all. There will be no challenge... AND IT'S A DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Next episode is the finale, so make this vote good!

Kourtney: Uh... I vote Sally. She's a threat, but I honestly don't think she should be in the F3 compared to some others. :/ Sorry, gurl.

Vice: I... Uh, *Sighs* You were almost a master to me at one point, but now, now I just want to be independant, I don`t want to feel like a dog on a chain, I vote for Kourtney.

Karen: Kourtney, you're the biggest threat here, I think. Well played, but I'm voting for you.

Sally: I need to make a smart move with this vote so tonignt im voting for Karen, Karen you are a great person but you could easly get the jury to vote for you, im sorry and im still you friend!

Sally: since two of us are going home soon, and it could be me, so id just like to say that this compotition has been lots of fun and that all of you guys are friends and id like to thank you for making my time in this game enjoyable, so thanks! :D

Hannah: I vote ummm....*checks Twitter* (a.k.a So I have made my decision. It is clear there is no point in voting myself, Vice or Kourtney, because her fate is sealed. Which means a friend goes home tonight, although to be fair, everyone in the final five is someone I care about...I hope everyone is happy they made it this far but I have to go with my Twitter fans and vote out who they want (a.k.a. And that is Sally....Both of you girls I really care about and you have to understand this was so hard of a decisions I had to ask for help (pick by random) Well best of luck Sally, you played an amazing game and I hope you have fun on the jury :) This is not the end for you Sally you have a bright future :D

Kourtney: Bye, guys! And remember, I'm in the jury. :D

Episode 13/Finale: Jury Duty

Chris: After 39 days (13 x 3 is 39, it's a coincidence), and outwitting, lasting and playing, Karen, Hannah, and Vice are our final 3. You three, the members of the jury will ask you questions about... things, and you will have to persuade them to let you win. So... yeah.


Brandi: Well well I guess good job too make in on the final three before I deside who too vote and who I deserve too win I'll ask u guys some Questions before I ask Congratulations for making it

1# Vice how does it feel too be the last men standing and why should u win?

Vice: Well, I can't say it is a pleasure to be the last man standing, but it has been a different feeling. I am not a man who seeks love, but I am here to serve- Or that was how I started. When I first started this competition I was nothing more than a simple butler who only wished to serve his master, but now I understand who I am. I am an independant person and I can easily walk away from this competition knowing this. Though, if you have not noticed my moves as an independant player are why I am here, without my votes and my talk it is very much likely you and Sally would still be in the game, for that I am sorry, but it was needed.

2#Hannah How does it feel too go from a fake elimation too the finales and why should u win

3# Karen what was ur game plan too make it this far and why should u win

Karen: Thanks, Brandi! I really appreciate that! :) Well, I basically just played the game to have a great time, and maybe make some friends! :D I've really enjoyed getting to know everyone and play the challenges, since they were so much fun! (people and things! xDD) I've made some fun new songs, too. :) Umm... Why should I win? I tried to be true to my word and help everyone else enjoy playing this game, too, so I hope I did that. I guess 'cause I tried to be honorable and make this game fun for everyone as best I could. I think everyone had fun? We all seemed to. :)

4# Do u Deserve too be in the finales

Karen: Errmm. Well, I guess I deserve to be in the finals because I tried to participate in every challenge. I did my best without causing any hard feelings, I hope, and I've had a truly wonderful time!! :D I played a team game for my team and my alliance, although at the end our alliance didn't know what was going on anymore, so that made keeping my word nearly impossible. I hope no one's mad about that part. *looks around at the jury* Umm. I guess that's it. Now you all get to decide if I should be here, too. *smiles at jury*

Hannah: As to your first question, I think I definitely played the underdog role! I was nearly voted out in episode two but somehow I am here and in the finals! It feels great and I do think I should win because I actually played a very savvy game. I was able to vote out contestants who blocked my chances at the finals (especially those in the pre-jury) and was able to blend in yet play a HUGE factor in most of the votes....I actually was the swing vote for a lot of decisions and I hope you can respect my game :) For your second question, I do believe I deserve to be in the finale for the reasons I have just stated. Also, because I went from almost going home to hear, I feel that I worked very hard since I nearly went home (Also, Not sure if this makes a difference but I'm the only competitor NOT in season 2 so this is my only chance to win this kind of camp xD)

Brandi: ok that's all I think I entered a game as a villain and leaved as a hero but who cares its ur day u guys deserved it If u don't win ur twitter fans will still be proud Vice ur master should be proud ur the last boy standing and u became more Brave and Karen ur a sweet girl and ur singing makes my day and that's all *walks too vote*






Louie: So, looks like I have power over who wins. Being fair and reasonable, I will decide who my vote goes by questions. The questions are aimed at all of you. Q1: Why do you think the others should win?

Hannah: First, Thank you Karen for your kindness...If I could choose who would win, I believe I would give 1st to Karen and 2nd to Vice. Karen played a very good game challenge wise and was able to win quite a few challenges that helped her survive votes. I'm not quite sure if her voting habits were the strongest but she played very honorably and I respect that. Vice also would make a great winner because he stayed true to who he trusted (until he voted out Kourtney but that's besides the point). He played a good game and was able to stay under the radar without being noticed as a bad person, which he is not! He is a great guy.

Karen: Good question! Umm. Vice played very honorably. He was a great alliance member for the short time we were in an alliance together, and he's also very polite. :) *hugs Vice* Hannah played honorably, too, and she was a wonderful teammate. We were Red Raiders and Castaways teammies together! She didn't miss any challenges or votes, I think, and she was a great alliance member! *hugs Hannah* If I had to choose 1st and 2nd place between them, I'd give Hannah first for her participation, and then Vice.

Vice: The other two are both so very amazing and it has been such an honour to play with them. Karen was a darling sweet heart and always had this glow about her that made me feel safe to confuide in her. Then there is Hannah who played every one for a fool, and used every one to get her here, but that is how she played. Two very different players, but both deserve to win.

Q2: Why did you think you make it this far?

Hannah: I think I made it this far because I worked EXTREMELY hard to get here. I was almost eliminated second but I bounced back and worked hard to build solid alliances and make swing vote decisions while being friendly with everyone. I really hope you respect my strong strategic game and if you decide to vote for me I would love it!

Vice: I honestly have no clue. I was never part of the "It" crowd, and my masters were voted out after one-another it just seemed strange. And then for awhile now I have been against all females, and I thought I would leave no matter what... I am sorry but I can't answer your question.

Karen: Umm. I guess I made it this far because I didn't make anyone mad at me. I also had a great alliance and teammies, as well as winning immunity a few times! :)

Q3: Why do you want to win?

Hannah: I want to win to show everyone that the underdog can triumph even if they are hit with near elimination at the beginning. Some give up once they think they are going home but I never stopped and proved I could make it to the end. People would become inspired by my message and I could let all of my Twitter fans know that :D Also I would like to use the money to help for my family. (This sounds random but I am the only one not in season two in the final three so this is my only chance to win this kind of camp and it would be awesome but It still is up to you xD).

Vice: I think it is well known that I am a butler, and being a butler for Elenaz is not the best job in the world. I live with her and that is basically my pay. But after being on this wonderful journey I have come to realize that being a butler is not the life I want, I need to win this show for the money. I need it, I can't live with Elenaz for much longer as i can not server her. If I do not win the money I am afraid as to what my future will become without the funds for College...

Karen: Wow!! Great question! Hmmm.. I guess most folks would say for the money and fame, and that would be terrific for my music career, but I think it would be great to win simply because you folks in the jury think I played the best game. It's like challenging yourself and then seeing how well you do on your challenge. It makes you feel good about yourself. That's not enough, though. Here, if I were to win first place, it would be because all of you on the jury felt that I deserved first place, too! I think that'd be just incredible: to know that all of you liked me and the way I've played so much, that you're willing to place me in first. :D The joy that would bring me would be worth lots more than money or fame! *smiles at the jury members with tears of happiness*

Louie: This is a very hard decision, but I have to decide on one person. If I don't pick you, then it is nothing personal even if someone did cause my elimination. Good luck to all of you.


Sally: Congratulations to the three of you! You have made it to the final tribal council! the place were all of the 16 of us wanted to be, you all played good games in my opimion, but i think one of you played a better game, but i wont say who just yet. Anyway, Vice, why did you vote for Kourtney? i thought she was like your closest friend? that really confused me, could you please tell me why you voted her out? Karen, i trusted you in this game, and i dont think you trusted me as much as i trusted you, but oh well, but karen you were the only one in the final 3 to win immunity so you deserve your spot there, but i have a question for you, why do Vice and Hannah deserve to LOSE? and Hannah same question to you, but about Vice and Karen!

Karen: Thank you, Sally! I"m sorry you think I didn't trust you. I was trying to stay true to my word and to my alliance. I had misremembered that you were in our alliance for as long as some of the others, since you were also a Castaway with me. For some reason I'd forgotten that. I'm very sorry! D; Anyway, I had to begin voting strategically, while still playing with honor. Why do Vice and Hannah deserve to lose?! I don't think they deserve to lose, but to rephrase that so that I can answer it, I'll say that I deserve to win first place because I helped win immunity so often for my team. I played well, and hope that I helped everyone have a good time. I guess that's all. Thank you everyone!! :)

Hannah: I believe I deserve this over the others because I played the strongest strategic game. I was able to make power alliances which went unnoticed until people were voted out. Often I was the swing vote and played a huge role in people's fate in the game. My one criticism to Karen's game was that she tried to stay TOO true to her alliances that she often ended up voting for someone random or forgetting who was in her alliance. Karen did try to vote you off Sally in Brandi's vote which definitely shocked me. Also instead of helping her team, she constantly voted for the same people. However she DID win one immunity challenge which is very good. But does one win mean they deserve the victory over someone else? Strategy is equally important and I do believe I had the strongest strategy especially being the underdog. As for Vice, Vice did not do anything particularly wrong. HOWEVER, he essentially rode coattails but that can still be commended as he made no enemies. Voting off his best friend was definitely a strange surprise though... (Yea this is like the third time I've said this xD but Also another reason they should lose is because they get second chances next season :p But the decision is still yours...)

Vice: Kourtney wasn't a friend, she was a very much an overhead person who asked me to do things... She was very much a master so in order to become trully independant I had to get rid of her...

Sally: thanks


Chris: Jury, vote for who should win.

Louie: I thought long and hard about this, but the person who I think should win is Karen. She worked hard in every single episode, and really deserves to be here. Hannah, Vice, the thing that didn't make me pick one of you two was because, Vice, you sort of vanished throughout the middle of the season, and Hannah would've been my second choice, but Karen always exceeded the limit, like do 10 lines, but she did 17 or something. That is something I would never have done. Karen, you have my vote, make sure you don't let me down.

Sally: well, tonuight i vote for Karen to be the winner! Karen you played the BEST game and you aswered my questions how i wnated them answered! Also i think your a friend, and i hope we will be for a long lime to come! :D And Hannah and Vice, well done, but Karen played better.

Kourtney: I didn't need to ask questions, I based my votes off of how active they were, if they tried hard/won challenges, and if they had a gameplay. So out of you three, Karen has my vote as well. Sorry, Vice and Hannah.

Brandi: I vote for Hannah too win u worked hard girl ur really nice and ur a strong girl and u played an epic game Karen did the same thing and it was very hard choice I'm sorry Karen and vice I hope u guys don't hate me it was a hard choice (Plus Aimers did not sigh up for season 2 and this was his only chance Im sorry if did not for u) and I can only vote for one person too win and vice u also played a good game *walks out*

Chris: We've had a great season, are with that, Karen is the first Castaways winner! See you next season in Castaways: China!

Sally: Congratulations Karen!

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