Lucky: Guess who's back b****es! Y'all thought I was done with this. Well, you were wrong. Basically, I'm homeless and I still own the Big Family house. I begged my producers to renew us for another season and they said yes! Every single day, one or maybe more houseguests will be evicted from the house. Sixteen houseguests have to work together, live together, and act like one Big Family. Welcome to Big Family 12: The Revival!

Big Family 12: The Revival
Big Family
Rev logo
Name Entry Exit      
Amber Day 1     
Anthony Day 1     
Brook Day 1     
Corey Day 1     
Daniel Day 1     
Harmony Day 1     
Jay Day 1     
J.J. Day 1     
Kim Day 1     
Lara Day 1     
Luna Day 1     
Mark Day 1     
Patrick Day 1     
Riley Day 1     
Wednesday Day 1     
Willow Day 1     
Head of Household
Big Brother PoV sign - Veto Winner


  1. Corey - The BF Leech, just won't go away. - ConkerChu
  2. Harmony - The Singer in Disguise - ConkerChu
  3. Brook - The Athletic Beast - BB
  4. Patrick - The Trash Talking Sidekick - BB
  5. Wednesday - The Attention-Starved Hipster - NanoPower512
  6. Daniel - The Introverted Pushover - NanoPower512
  7. Jay - The Artist - Samey
  8. Willow - The Spiritual Hippie - Samey
  9. Lara - The Ex-Girlfriend - LxJ
  10. Mark - The Sexy Muscled - LxJ
  11. Luna - The Evil Lesbian - Amber
  12. Amber - The Dumb Princess - Amber
  13. Riley - The Literal Whisperer - Vollancer
  14. Kim - The Pen Collector - Vollancer
  15. J.J. - The Shy Guy - Josh
  16. Anthony - The Singer - Josh


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
Key:  Nominated   Rep: Replacement Nominee   POV Holder   HOH   Jury Member   Evicted 


Lucky: Welcome to Big Family 12: The Revival! Feel free to chat and get to know your houseguests while you are waiting.

Luna: *walks in and looks around* I'm back.

Lara: *sees Luna* Hey, you are Luna ?

Corey: Hey, it's me again... *sighs* I really shouldn't have skimmed that contract... 

Harmony: *walks in waving.* Hey, how is everyone? Nice to meet'cha all! Yeah! (CONF: Just so you know, you may not recognise me due to my disguise but I am this season's special guest! My name is Lady Light, an A-list celebrity! However, the producers thought it would be interesting if they disguised me as an average teenagers, some sort of gimmick, but I'm okay with it, that means I won't get special attention. I chose the name Harmony Hart as my character name, isn't that cool? Well, peace out!

Luna: *looks at Lara* Yes, I remember you. And hi Corey, I remember... you... too?

Amber: It's so fun to be here! *hops around* (CONF) After some years not playing in reality shows something in me said I had to compete in one again. I don't know who said it but she has blonde hair and blue eyes. *looks at mirror* Ooh... (END CONF)

Mark: Hey guys, it's the first time for me, i think it's going to be the best season because there is me

Lara: (CONF) i've never won here, now i'm here for win, absolutely i'm here for win

Luna: You seem confident, Mark. I like that. *smiles*

Corey: Oh, it's... Luna... (CONF: I am really tired of all ways losing! Seeing people who don't deserve it in any way beat me so many times just sickens me!)

Luna: *turns to Corey* And how's your life? Still mad you are always doing amazing in Big Family and then... at the end... you lose?

Corey: Great to see you're still a bip- *calms down* No...

Willow: Hola

Luna: Bip-what? *puts fake smile on*

Riley: *whispering* Hello, nice to meet all of you.

Kim: Hello, fellow houseguests! I have brought pens as gifts for everyone.

Luna: (CONF) It's time to get some new people on my side. Corey knows me, I can't allign with him. So it's time for Riley and Kim to meet their alliance leader. (END CONF) Welcome Riley and Kim! *walks with them away* So I know it's very early to start this... but, I'm Luna and I'd like to work with people who looks amazing. And yes, you two look totally amazing. We should work together through this game and get us easily a final three spot. If we combinate our powers we will be unstoppable. Are you two in? *smiles* (CONF) I don't know I just had to say something.. (END CONF)

Jay: Hola Luna Mi nombre es Jay encantado de conocerte

Kim: Well, it is very early, but I would like to become friends.

Riley: *whispering very softly* I don't know yet, but I'd like to see us working together.

Willow: *laugh* Buena idea

Jay: Trato hecho

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