Lucky: For six seasons, more than one hundred Houseguests have entered and exited the house. Most of them were all failures, but there were still a few who made it far because of their strategy and social game. Those are the All-Stars... Welcome to season seven of Big Family, Big Family: All-Stars!

Big Family: All-Stars
Big Family
Name Entry Exit      
Luna Day 1  Day 15   
Liam Day 1  Day 15   
Bianca Day 1
Day 7 
Day 4
Day 14 
Daniel Day 1  Day 13   
Corey Day 1  Day 13   
Raven Day 1  Day 12   
Lady Marmalade Day 1  Day 12   
Caiden Day 1  Day 12   
Nathan Day 1  Day 11   
Cindy Day 1  Day 10   
Trey Day 1  Day 8   
Lara Day 1  Day 7   
Sugar Day 1  Day 7   
Amber Day 1  Day 6   
Lily Day 1  Day 5   
Mia Day 1  Day 4   
Johnny Day 1  Day 3   
Flex Day 1  Day 2   
Chimaroj Day 1  Day 1   
Robin Day 1  Day 1   
Head of Household
Jury Member
- Power of Veto Holder


  1. Luna - Loenev Winner - Day 15
  2. Liam - NanoPower512 Runner-up - Day 15
  3. Bianca - xXSolarEclipseXx Lost Attic Duel 3 - Day 4 / Returns - Day 7, Evicted - Day 14
  4. Daniel - NanoPower512 Evicted - Day 13
  5. Corey - Conker511 Won Attic Duel 6 - Day 7, Evicted - Day 13
  6. Raven - Zannabanna Evicted - Day 12
  7. Lady Marmalade - Zannabanna Evicted - Day 12
  8. Caiden - Blake Megido Lost Attic Duel 11 - Day 12
  9. Nathan - Boomerangfish Lost Attic Duel 10 - Day 11
  10. Cindy - Dianted Lost Attic Duel 9 - Day 10
  11. Trey - Conker511 Lost Attic Duel 7 - Day 8
  12. Lara - LinsdayxJustin Lost Attic Duel 6 - Day 7
  13. Sugar - xXSolarEclipseXx Lost Attic Duel 6 - Day 7
  14. Amber - Loenev Lost Attic Duel 5 - Day 6
  15. Lily - LinsdayxJustin Lost Attic Duel 4 - Day 5
  16. Mia - Boomerangfish Lost Attic Duel 3 - Day 4
  17. Johnny - BlazeHead 51 Lost Attic Duel 2 - Day 3
  18. Flex - Xaypay Lost Attic Duel 1 - Day 2
  19. Chimaroj - Sound Walked - Day 1
  20. Robin - Sound Walked - Day 1


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15
Luna Corey
Johnny Bianca Vetoed
Raven Lara Sugar Trey Corey Immune
Liam Corey
Johnny Bianca Lily   Lara Sugar Cindy Caiden Marmalade Rep No
Bianca Runner-Up
Bianca Corey
Johnny   The Attic
Day 3
Corey   The Attic
Day 9
The Attic
Day 10
The Attic
Day 11
Corey Flex
The Attic
Day 1
The Attic
Day 2
The Attic
Day 3
The Attic
Day 4
The Attic
Day 5
The Attic
Day 6
Rep Bianca Nathan No
Daniel Corey
Johnny Bianca Lily Amber Lara Sugar Cindy Caiden   Nathan   Raven
Raven Corey
Johnny Bianca Lily Rep Lara Sugar Trey   Bianca Vetoed
Lady Marmalade Corey
Johnny Bianca Lily Amber Lara Sugar Trey Caiden Rep Liam No
Caiden Corey
Johnny Bianca Trey Raven Lara Sugar     The Attic
Day 8
The Attic
Day 9
The Attic
Day 10
The Attic
Day 11
Nathan Flex
Cindy Bianca Lily Amber Lara Sugar Cindy Vetoed
  The Attic
Day 10
Cindy Corey
  Bianca Trey Amber Lara Sugar   The Attic
Day 7
The Attic
Day 8
The Attic
Day 9
Trey Flex
Rep Amber Lara Sugar   The Attic
Day 7
Sugar Corey
Johnny   Lily Raven Lara Raven The Attic
Day 6
Lara Corey
Johnny Biancar Trey Vetoed
The Attic
Day 6
Amber Corey
Johnny   Trey   The Attic
Day 5
Lily Corey
Johnny Bianca   The Attic
Day 4
Mia Chimaroj
Johnny Rep The Attic
Day 3
Johnny Corey
  The Attic
Day 2
Flex Corey
The Attic
Day 1
Chimaroj Corey
Robin Corey
Key:  Nominated   Rep: Replacement Nominee   POV Holder   HOH   Jury Member   Evicted 


Lucky: Because you guys did deserve your All-Star status, you may enter the house and explore while the other All-Stars arrive.

Flex: Another season of happiness, it's great to not start gossip anymore!

Brad: Sure it is! *laughs*

Cindy: *Laughs* It is amazing to be back! I'm so glad. Now, I can win this! I think? *Laughs* I don't know! *Laughs*

Flex: I think you could win your laughs cute by the way *laughs*

Brad: Someone's got another crush! *smiles*

Cindy: Haha, I don't think so.

Flex: No (CONF) Bella, Alexia, Elle, and Raven from back in battle of originals were my crush. And I guess next girl I will help this season is Cindy *pees in toliet* I'm scared about this, maybe she will hate me. I'll practice though! (CONF ENDS)

Liam: Its obvious that Flex is crushing on the first girl he interacted with, such a GREEEAT cliche! (CONF) Why bother making friends when they'll vote me out for actually getting far?

Daniel: Love Is love...

Mia: And I can see you haven't changed a bit. 

Nathan: (CONF) I know some of you out in the audience think I haven't changed a bit. However, I now have proof against that. You see this? IT'S A NEW HAIRCUT! HAH! (END CONF)

Corey: Hey, Nathan what's up, want to play BigFamily Season 3: the video game

Liam: An All Star status is pointless, they just vote off the one who gets far every season *looks at Corey, Daniel, Nathan and then himself* We won't last 4 weeks...

Corey: No-one lasts 4 weeks, i'm pretty sure this is 2 weeks and 2 days long xD, but good point

Liam: Yeah -.-

Daniel: As long as we believe, I'm sure we will get far! (CONF) I'm sure if we put our minds to it, we will win!

Liam: Yeaaaaah (CONF) No Human can be so innocent...

Robin: Secons season YAY!! 

Chimaroj: Ahm.. YAY!!

Sugar: Yo, is we actually getting bacon this time? Ain't no sista' voting me out before I get a lil' glitter and dinner. That's my motto.

Bianca: *arrives, glaring* Great, voted out first last time? Corey, why didn't you do anything about that, like, quit in the honor of your girlfriend? *frowns, depressed*

Corey: GIRLFRIEND?! (CONF) YES! YES! YES! YES! (END CONF) We are bf and gf, :D

Bianca: Uh, duh. Now don't make me look bad on national television. Yes, we may be a couple first, but my repuatation is RIGHT behind that. c: Now be dear, and, well, give me a compliment to get me through the stress, a.k.a, Caiden being in this season.

Flex: Alliance Corey and Flex?! Please

Bianca: Corey and Flex? You're talking to yourself.

Caiden: Yeah, yeah lover boy. I'll make you a deal, Bianca. If I make an alliance with you and Corey, I will vote off whoever you want after the halfway mark.

Flex: Can I join too please?! *frowns down*

Bianca: How do I know I can trust you? Anyway, we got voted off first last time. Well, you, Flex, Corey and I would make quite the team. But if any of you pull a stunt, and backstab, it's game on. When the final 4 comes, it's every boy... and women to themselves. That would be the only thing I'd ever agree on with you two rats.

Caiden: Fine. But not you, Flex. Go flirt with Cindy or something.

Bianca: I think I can get another addition to vote with us, I mean, she'll be a piece of cake. *drags Sugar*

Sugar: Yo gurl, what you want me for? >.>

Bianca: Vote with us... *holds out a slice of cake* You get this.

Sugar: Deal. 

Flex: I will vote with you guys and help you though

Amber: What means " OK "

Luna: *slaps herself* You are so dumb.

Lily: Heyyy !!! Lily is back !!! ^__^ Hai guys :DD

Lara: god, i'm here for the third times -,-

Corey: Hi Lily, why do they call you "The Nice Girl"? You betrayed 2 people and targeted me for no reason! :I

Daniel: LARA! Hi! REMEMBER ME! :)

Liam: I wish I could say I can't -.-

Lara: oh no there's Liam and Hi Daniel !

Corey: Please answer lily -.-

Liam: Um... Lara, I don't believe we have been formerly introduced, and as an excuse to NOT talk to you, Chimaroj is over there -.-

Daniel: *humming* La-la-la!

Luna: Hi ... Lily!

Robin: hi Luna how are you.

Chimaroj: *sees Lara but ignores her and walks to Daniel* Hi I'm Chimaroj I think we never met.

Corey: *walks to Robin* Hello, i told you not to vote for Me! xD

Daniel: We haven't, I didn't get onto that season, but I watched the season...your... Chimaroj? Right? Do you know that Lara used to have a boyfriend near that name? *smiles oblivious*

Chimaroj: uhm yeah I know that, I am suprised that you recognized me I did change alot since we broke up. Things happend. Ohwell nice to meet you Daniel it is right?

Daniel: Yep, my name is Daniel *smiles* 

Day 1

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning and welcome everybody to Big Family: All-Stars. We will have twenty of the best competitors of all time to compete against each for the ultimate All-Star. There will be many returning twists like the return of the Attic and there will be many new twists. I think it is time to meet the All-Stars. Let's first meet Amber! She competed in Big Family: The Reincarnation first and placed 7th and she returned as a favorite in Big Family 6: Fans vs. Favorites TWO! and beat Raven in a 5-2 vote at the end. Bianca began in Big Family 4: Cliques. She fought to the end and came in 2nd. She returned for Big Family 5: The Vacation and Big Family 6: Fans vs. Favorites TWO! She won Big Family 5, but got eliminated first in Big Family 6. I think she needs some avengance. Caiden started his journey in Big Family 5: The Vacation coming in second place losing to Bianca. He returned in Big Family 6, but got eliminated first alongside his fellow finalist. Chimaroj was one of the original contestants competing as a fan in Big Family 2: Fans vs. Favorites. He came in third place after losing to Lily in the final HOH challenge. Cindy also competed as a fan, but in Big Family 6: Fans vs. Favorites TWO! Although she is not an all-star, she needs another chance after getting eliminated in 10th place, which is right before the jury. Corey competed in Big Family, Big Family 2: Fans vs. Favorites, Big Family: The Reincarnation, Big Family 4: Cliques, Big Family 5: The Vacation, and Big Family 6: Fans vs. Favorited TWO! His places range from sixth place to second place, but he still has never won. Because I am so lazy Ill just announce the rest of them, Daniel, Flex, Johnny, Lady Mamalade, Lara, Liam, Lily, Luna, Mia, Nathan, Raven, Robin, Sugar, and Trey! Welcome, everybody. Today you will vote to evict two Houseguests and four of you will go home BUT the previous winners are immune today. And the four evicted Houseguests will be the first sent to the Attic! Good luck Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

The Attic

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: The twenty all-stars can vote to evict any two Houseguests, but they cannot evict Liam, Lily, Daniel, Nathan, Bianca, or Amber.

Cindy: *Votes Corey and Flex* I.... don't like either of you.

Chimaroj: I don't know, *votes Corey and Lady Marmalade* 

Robin: *votes  Corey and Lady Marmalade* 

Lily: *votes Corey and Lady Marmalade* i never liked you, sorry

Lara: *Votes corey and Flex* 

Corey: *votes Flex and Marmalade* I'm so out :(

Trey:  *votes Flex and Marmalade* Oh well, see you never :)

Johnny: (votes Corey and Marmalade) Corey, you need to go first for once, and who the hell is Lady Marmalade?

Corey: Johnny, we are friends, and you know i will probably win attic :O

Johnny: (shrugs) regardless, you need to go or else you'll get to the final again, sorry dude.

Corey: WHAT! You should realise i NEVER win! ;( curse you LIKE ABILITY! :O

Luna: *votes Corey and Flex*

Johnny: OK, i'll rephrase that, you'll always get far.

Corey: O.O    so? And that's a threat to you... HOW!?!?

Johnny: it's an annoying habit.

Corey: I Hope bianca doesn't vote for me :(

Liam: Yeaaaah, too much of a threat, sorry Corey *votes Corey* But I hold no sympathy for this *votes Flex* That felt good :)

Daniel: I vote Corey, he gets far ALL the time! *votes Corey and Flex* I just don't like Flex, sorry...

Marmalade: *votes Corey and Flex*

Raven: *votes Corey and Flex*

Amber: *votes Corey and Flex* Yay!

Trey: I'm Quiting (Because this series is inactive, but when it is active i get booted so, both my charaters are gonna go :)  )

Caiden: *votes for Flex and Corey*

Mia: I vote for Chimiroj and Flex

Nathan: I guess I'll vote for Flex and Lady Marmalade.

Lucky: Flex, Corey, Lady Marmalade, and Chimaroj are the first All-Stars to be sent to the Attic. First, I ask if there are any volunteers to switch with the four evicted Houseguests.

Lucky: I just received news that Chimaroj and Robin quit so Lady Marmalade is safe and only Corey and Flex are sent to the Attic. It's been a crazy day and only sixteen remain! Good night Houseguests!

Johnny: that's probably not the last we'll see of Corey, not sure about the others, but whatever...if he comes back, then he comes back.

Day 2

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning All-Stars! It was a crazy first day, but I promise you things will calm down from now. Today the first HOH, nominations, veto, and attic duel begin. Good luck everybody!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: Good morning Corey and Flex! This attic duel is easy. The first person to say "I am the ultimate all-star!" will move on to the next round. The other person will be automatically eliminated.


Lucky: And Corey moves on! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sorry Flex, but you are now officially eliminated. Get a good rest Corey! You'll need it.

Corey: BRING IT ON! :D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: In your first HOH, you will be answering questions about the past six seasons. At the end, the person with the most points after five questions will win HOH. Question #1: List all six winners of Big Family.

Trey: Liam,Lily,Daniel,Nathan, Bianca and Amber :D

Lara: AW ! Liam,Lily,Daniel,Nathan,Bianca and Amber. congrats Trey

Lucky: Trey gets a point. Question #2: Who won the most HOH's in all six seasons?

Trey: LIAM!

Liam: Corey!

Lucky: Trey gets another point. Question #3: How many HOH's did he win?

Liam: 4

Daniel: 6

Lucky: You are both wrong...

Trey: 7

Liam: 8?

Daniel: 10?

Lucky: Trey gets his third point which means he won the first HOH of the All-Star season!!!


Lucky: Which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction, Trey?


Nathan: Good job Trey!

Trey: IKR, :)

Caiden: ...okay.

Veto Competition

Lucky: In the first veto comp, you must guess my favorite color!


Luna: Purple?

Amber: Gold

Cindy: Is it... blue?

Lady Marmalade: Green

Raven: Orange

Caiden: ...Red?


Mia: Silver.

Johnny: Brown?

Lucky: And Amber wins the first veto!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Amber, would you like to use your power?

Lucky: Okay, then...

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Cindy and Johnny have been nominated for eviction. Trey or the nominees cannot vote.

Amber: Ow! Oops, no i dont want veto someone. I vote for Johnny,

Luna: Johnny sorry.

Raven: I vote to evict Johnny.

Lady Marmalade: I vote to evict Johnny.

Mia: Johnny.

Nathan: I'll vote for Cindy!

Caiden: *votes Johnny*

Bianca: I vote for Johnny.

Sugar: I vote for Johnny.

Lucky: Tomrrow Johnny will face Corey in the second attic duel. Good night Houseguets!

Johnny: well this sucks...(heads up to the attic)

Day 3

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! Two epic challenges and a shocking attic duel awaits...



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Trey: *sleeping* this is the best

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: In this second attic duel, you must post a song that best represents your personality. The best one will move on while the worst will be eliminated.

Corey: i'm a person who likes aot of fun so... :)

Johnny: i might be a dude, but this babe is my type of girl.

Lucky: This was a very tough one, but I like fun so, sorry Johnny, but Corey will be moving on and Johnny is officially eliminated. Good night Corey


Johnny: (grumbles) whatever, stupid a**hole...(leaves)

Corey: Sorry johnny, but that's karma for yoy

Johnny: (runs back and punches Corey) there's you're damn karma! (leaves again)

Corey: *runs to and Punches Johnny* WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU! >:(

Johnny: you're so annoying with you getting far all the time!, it makes my blood boil!! >:( (punches Corey again)

Corey: *beats Johnny up, this episode is now 18+ * GRR! YOU BEING SUCH A **** MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!

Johnny: (gets up and beats Corey up) AND YOU'RE AN ANNOYING D*** WHO WON'T LEAVE THIS DAMN SHOW ALONE!

Lucky: A normal host would call security, but I LOVE DRAMA!


Johnny: (beats the **** out of Corey) wait, whose Trevor?

Corey: ARE YOU ****ING KIDING ME! YOU WERE SAD HE WAS ELIMINATED BOZO! *beats the **** out of Johnny*

Johnny: (beats the ***t of Corey) oh that Trevor, i hate that dude, to boring.

Corey: That's it *throws Johnny out of the attic window, locks the attic door and says* GET DA **** OUT OF HERE!

Johnny: (smashes the window and door with a rock) for the record Corey, i never really liked you, later a******! (leaves FOR REAL)

(he's gone, don't attack him again Conker. - Blaze)

Corey: Good riddance

Johnny: (from outside) i'll be back!!

Corey: And i won't care

Johnny: (from outside) i know you won't care, but i'll be back anyway! 


Johnny: oh year, year i should, bye! (leaves)

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Today we are playing Platform Push! Because there are so many of you, it only takes ONE line to push someone off. Once someone pushes a person off, you can't push them off again or else you are disqualified. I didn't want to explain all these rules but in past seasons nobody can understand the easy challenge! Now GO!

Liam: *Pushes Trey* HAH!

Daniel: *Pushes Mia* Sorry?

Luna: *Pushes Liam* SORRY

Amber: *Pushes Daniel* I hope you are not mad?

Trey: :I uh?

Luna: *pushes Bianca*

Amber: *Pushes Caiden*

Lucky: Trey, Mia, Liam, Daniel, Bianca, and Caiden have been pushed off!

Luna: *Pushes Nathan*

Amber: *pushes Sugar*

Lucky: Nathan and Sugar are off! Only five remain....

Luna: *pushes Lara*

Amber: *pushes Lily*

Lucky: Lara and Lily are off. I was wrong, but now six remain!

Luna: *pushes Lady Marmalade*

Amber: *pushes Cindy*

Lucky: LM and Cindy are off. Four remain...

Luna: *pushes Raven*

Amber: *pushes Luna* But who is the other?

Lucky: There is no other. Amber wins!


Lucky: Amber who do you nominate for eviction?

Amber: Sugar and hmm Bianca.

Lucky: Nominate someone extra!

Amber: Ow! Trey..

Veto Competition

Lucky: To win veto, you must dig for pieces (3 lines) and build a puzzle (5 lines). First one finished wins!

Amber: *dig for pieces* (1)

Luna: *dig for pieces* (1)

Trey:  *dig for pieces* (1)

Amber: *dig for pieces* (2)

Luna: *dig for pieces* (2)

Trey:  *dig for pieces* (2)

Daniel: *digs* 

Trey:  *dig for pieces* (3

Amber: *dig for pieces* (3)

Luna: *dig for pieces* (3)

Trey:  *builds puzzle*

Mia: *Digs for pieces*

Trey:  *builds puzzle*

Caiden: *digs for pieces*

Mia: *Digs for pieces* (2)

Trey:  *builds puzzle*

Lucky: Trey finished the most so he wins.

Trey: YAY!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Trey obviously uses it on himself, but he gets to choose the rep nominee.

Lucky: The random rep is Mia.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Bianca, Mia, and Sugar have been nominated for eviction. Amber or the nominees cannot vote.

Cindy: *Votes Bianca* Sorry, but you've already won a season.

Nathan: *votes Bianca* Sugar needs more screen time!

Caiden: *votes Bianca* Do you really think I would trust you?


Lucky: Two people were supposed to go tonight so Bianca and Mia, there is a room up in the attic awaiting you. Good night Houseguests!

Day 4

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! Today only one of you will go. Good luck!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Trey: Okay! Time for a new day

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: In this attic duel, you must get rid of all of the dust. (7 lines) First one done will move on while the other two will officially be eliminated.

Corey: *gets rid of dust*

Mia: *gets rid of dust*

Corey: *gets rid of dust*

Mia: *Gets rid of dust*

Corey: *gets rid of dust*

Bianca: *gets rid fo the dust*

Corey: *gets rid of dust*

Mia: *Gets rid of Dust*

Bianca: *gets rid of the dust*

Corey: *gets rid of dust*

Bianca: *gets rid of the dust*

Mia: *Cleans*

Bianca: *gets rid of the dust*

Corey: *gets rid of dust*

Bianca: *gets rid of the dust*

Mia: *Gets rid of dust*

Bianca: *gets rid of the dust*

Corey: *gets rid of dust* DONE!

Bianca: *gets rid of the dust* Ugh, done too. Corey... please... </3 We're together. Let a lady win. <3

Mia: *Snaps Broom* I'm done here. For now....

Lucky: Corey, you can either move on by yourself or give your girlfriend or Mia the win?

Bianca: Corey, please... Prove to me that you love me. </3

Corey: Bianca, i love you, but if i win, we will oth cash in our prize together, pls forgive me, i stay :(

Bianca: We're done. >.> </3

Lucky: Wow dude! Stupid move... Anyway, congratulations Corey, you move on. Sorry, Bianca and Mia, but you are officially eliminated.

Mia: Well, I'm leaving. 

HOH Challenge

Lucky: In the HOH challenge, you must watch the attic duel (4 lines), race downstairs (5 lines), and grab the HOH key (1 line). The first person to do so will win HOH.

Trey: *watchs attic* :I

Nathan: *watches duel*

Trey: *watchs attic* :I

Nathan: *Watches duel*

Trey: *watchs attic* this sucks

Nathan: *Watches Duel*

Trey: *watchs attic* this sucks

Nathan: *Watches Duel* Watching people clean is BORING.

Trey: *races downstairs*O.o

Nathan: *Starts running downstairs, but trips* Ow. ow. Ow. Ow.

Sugar: *watches attic duel* Ay o, Bianca's done for. 

Daniel: *watches* Uh...

Liam: *watches*

Trey: *races downstairs*O.o

Nathan: *Keeps falling*

Trey: *races downstairs*O.o

Daniel: *watches* Uh...

Liam: *watches*

Nathan: *Falls some more*

Sugar: *watches* Where's the popcorn? This is Jerry Springer crap!

Nathan: *Falls* You know, I think I'm used to it now.

Sugar: *keeps watching* This is boring. Break up is kool.

Amber: *watching*

Luna: *watching*

Nathan: Maybe I should try acting. *Meanwhile, falling* Oh the pain! The painful pain of falling! *Hits the bottom*

Sugar: *watches* Now I'm done with this crap.

Trey: *races downstairs* YAY!

Nathan: *Grabs the key* 

Lucky: Nathan wins HOH!


Nathan: Thanks!


Lucky: Nathan, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Nathan: Lily and Luna.

Veto Competition

Lucky: To win veto, you must climb the rope (5 lines) and ring the bell. (1 line)

Trey: *climbs rope*

Cindy: *Climbs rope* (1)

Luna: *climbs rope*

Amber: *Climbs rope*

Cindy: *Climbs rope* (2)

Caiden: *climbs the rope*

Cindy: *Climbs rope* (3)

Caiden: *climbs rope*

Cindy: *Climbs rope* (4)

Caiden: *climbs rope*

Cindy: *Climbs rope* (5)

Caiden: *climbs rope*

Cindy: *Rings bell* (1) YES! *Laughs* Woohoo!

Luna: Ow, nice job Cindy!

Trey: YAY! Go cindy :3

Cindy: Thanks. *Laughs* Woo!

Nathan: Great job.

Cindy: Thanks you guys... again. *Giggles*

Trey: I Just know i'm going to get nominated, ;(

Cindy: Please, as much as I HATE you, I'd rather save my butt from elimination, then get rid of you... for now.

Trey: You can save your butt, THEN NOMINATE ME! D:

Cindy: My plan exactly. Or is it? Do you know? Do I know? Do WE know? WHO knows!? 

Trey: WHY! Why not take away people who are inactive ;(

Cindy: Whatever, like I'm going to tell you my plan. You can say, "Bye, bye!", as soon as I get a chance to get rid of you.

Trey: But why, you know that the biggestlet down of a game are inactive people, why would you do that

Cindy: Let me think, oh right! I... want... to... win! And also, because I can!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Cindy, would you like to use your power? If so, on who?

Cindy: No thank you... I'll wait for now. Wait, is it ACTUALLY POSSIBLE to keep veto?

Trey: No one can save veto, corey's try'd 2 times xD

Cindy: Alright then, I switch Luna for Trey. 

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Lily and Trey have been nominated for eviction. Nathan or the nominees cannot vote.

Liam: Lily, what have you done again? *votes Lily*

Daniel: Sorry Lily! *votes Lily*

Cindy: *Votes Trey* You NEED to get eliminated.

Trey: WHY SHOULD I GO! Just because i won a challenge doesn't mean i have to go! I MEAN! Seriously! Lily hasn't done anything since day 1

Luna: *votes Trey* I'm sorry, you can win this game you are dangerous.

Amber: *Votes Trey* Same reason ...;(

Trey: I'm not dangerous, and lily is inactive, this is unfair

Amber: Sorry Trey, but i think you want me out this game.

Cindy: Plus, it's ALL part of a plan... I mean seriously, how have you not figured it out yet?

Trey: OF COURCE I KNEW THAT! D:<, ut amer, since when was there any proof i wanted you out

Amber: You are so mean to me!

Luna: *rolls her eyes* Trey i voted for you cause i don't like you, okay?

Trey: Amer, when was i mean to yo *frowns*

Amber: This season, all of the time!

Trey: NO! We've pratically never talked, you making an excuse up! ;(

Luna: Deal with it, Trey. Nobody likes you and by the way .. you wanted to quit on day 1? So shut the **** up

Liam: I like him

Daniel: Me Too...

Luna: You guys are nobody. Damn....

Trey: SO?! that has nothing to do with this! and Amber, you are making an excuse, we have barely met

Amber: I'm sorry don't steal my nose please!

Trey: Steam your nose? EH? Luna, you should be nice

Luna: I can be, and Amber don't act as a idiot! *rolls eyes*

Trey: ¬.¬


Luna: I wanna push that boy.

Amber: Don't be mad, Liran! *means Liam* I mean it on a different way. Do you like horses to?

Liam: *sigh* After years of Big Family, I can't believe it's characters started getting dumber and dumber...

Trey: Fine

Caiden: >.> Sorry, Trey. *votes*

Raven: *votes Lily* Sorry.

Lady Marmalade: *votes Lily* Sorry.

Lucky: Because it is a tie and Lily is inactive, she is now sent to the Attic. Good night Houseguests!

Sugar: Ain't no good night gonna stop me unless you providing cake! *glares at Liam* You calling me dumb, boy? I'll make you dumb! >.>

Liam: No... I'm not referring to you.... (CONF) Well, JUST you, I don't think I'm getting far this season...

Trey: YES! I'M SAFE! I'll get my revenge she-witch (@ Cindy)

Day 5

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning All-Stars! There are only three more Attic battles. Good luck everybody!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: In this attic duel, the first person to guess which character I am talking about in the clues wins.

From 6th to 1st

From Evil to Good

He's from Total Drama

If you Understood

Corey: It's mike, TDROTI he was 6th, TDAS he was 1st and Mal was evil until mike got back control!

Lucky: Congratulations! You are moving on, once again. I'm sorry Lily, but you are officially eliminated.

HOH Challenge

Lucky: To win HOH, you must climb the ladder (5 lines) and jump out of the helicopter (3 lines).

Sugar: *climbs the latter, puffed out* Man... I need a snickers. (1)

Trey: *climbs a ladder* yeah.

Liam: *climbs*

Trey: *climbs*

Sugar: *climbs* (2)

Liam: *climbs* Eh...

Sugar: *climbs* (3)

Liam: *climbs*

Trey: *climbs*

Liam: *climbs*

Trey: *climbs*

Liam: *climbs*

Sugar: *climbs* (4)

Liam: *Jumps* Ahh!

Sugar: *climbs* (5)

Liam: *Jumps* Wee!

Trey: *climbs*

Sugar: *jumps*

Trey: *jumps* AHH!

Sugar: *jumps* (2)

Liam: *lands*

Trey: *jumps* AHH!

Sugar: *jumps* (3) >.>

Trey: *crashes onto ground* OW!

Liam: Painful....

Lucky: Congrats Liam! You have won Head of Household!


Lucky: Liam, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Liam: Lara, inactive and Amber, for causing arguments with idiots!

Veto Competition

Lucky: In this veto, you must post a picture of what your character would look like in real life. The best one wins. If you can't make a picture, just post a picture from the Internet.

Trey: (Liam's Looks amazing o.o)

Lucky: And Sugar wins veto!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Sugar, would you like to use your power?

Sugar: Switch Lara with Raven.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Please vote to evict either Amber or Raven. Liam or the nominees cannot vote.

Trey: Amber, She's so dumb she made UP an excuse that didn't make sense

Luna: Raven, sorry.

Amber: If i am evicted, can the attic duel not this evening? I'ts christmas evening! :)

Daniel: Amber, Raven is a friend... and I'll prove I'm not a player, I have forgotten to do this from season 1!!

Liam: IIIIIIIIIIIIII.... can't vote :)

Caiden: Hm. I choose Raven.

Cindy: *Votes Amber* Have you done anything?

Amber: Yeah, really much.

Trey: are you kidding me, she's won 1 HOH and 1 Veto

Amber: Thankyou Trey, hihi.

Cindy: Whatever.

Trey: get bent cindy, ¬.¬! Hi Amber :)

Cindy: Trey, Trey, Trey... you just don't know when to shut up do you? *Laughs*

Trey: Cindy, He see's you when your sleeping, he see's when your awake, he knows when you've been bad or good, and YOUR bad for goodness sake

Cindy: Yeah, maybe... but, it is fun. Being the little dumb princess people step all over... they used to take control of me, I don't want that... anymore. And if that means, I... have to be a little "Naughty," then I'll do just that.

Trey: Looks like someone will get some charcoal

Cindy: Looks like someone is gonna get a punch to the face.

Trey: i know *punches cindy in the face*

Cindy: *Wipes her mouth* YOU HIT A GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! *Goes in a frenzy and jumps on Trey to start attacking him, after a while, leaving Trey with a bloody body and bruises all over, she gets off, then starts sobbing REALLY loud* HOW DARE YOU HIT A GIRL!? *Continues sobbing VERY loudly, causing everyone to look their way* Trey hit me! *Continues to sob.... even louder and harder*

Trey: *punches Cindy* YOU CANNOT JUDGE ME YOU LITTLE 2 FACED DAUTHER OF A B**** WHO DOESN'T DESERVE ANYTHING SHE GET'S IN HER LIFE YOU IDIOT! *Goes in a frenzy and jumps on Trey to start attacking him, after a while, leaving Trey with a bloody body and bruises all over* YOU ARE AN A***OLE! LEAVE ME AND MY FRIENDS AGO YOU ****TARD!

Cindy: *Sobs even louder, then stops abruptly and whispers to Trey* After this, you're gonna be a dead mean, hitting a girl twice? You're one little, sick, psychotic, idiotic, ******** ****** ****** * **** ***** of a ***** *** *** **** * ** ** * ********** ***! *Punches Trey in the face* *Starts sobbing agsin, out-loud* Are you kidding me!? YOU HIT ME ONCE AGAIN! *Sobs HARDER and LOUDER* HOW COULD YOU!?

Lady Marmalade: I vote to evict Amber. She's a huge threat and won last season.

Trey: i'm sorry *punches cindy* ok, now i'm sorry 


Cindy: But... men aren't supposed to hit women!

Trey: I'm sorry cindy, it's just you were very rude

Cindy: Don't try it... *Walks away* *Whispers to self* I know who I'm getting rid of next. *Smirks*

Nathan: Raven is one of the old alliance, so I vote Amber.

Sugar: I is just gon' vote Raven, and back off when there's less weird $#!*, and when there's a lil' more catering...

Lucky: Sorry Amber, see ya in the attic! Good night Houseguests!

Day 6

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning remaining All-Stars and Merry Christmas! Because it is Christmas and unlike the rest of you I have a life, so Ill be gone most of the day. There will only be an easy attic duel and a vote. Good luck everybody!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Trey: YAY! My favarote tune is online again ! :D

Daniel: What is it?

Trey: The Show, "Behind The Scenes" , theme song is back online, sung by Bobert Hill and Daniel Columbus

Daniel: WAIT, I thought they weren't GONNA show me signing that song until I get back to shooting season 14?

Trey: Autually, the uploader is called Randy Mooch, A Supporting charater who will be a main one in season 14

Sugar: Dat a food brand or something?

Trey: No, it's a person!

Sugar: *shrugs* Meh, still edible.

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: Today, if you win the attic duel, you will move on to the FINAL attic duel to return to this game. To win today, you must be the first one to post the lyrics to I Wanna Be Famous!

Corey: Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine, 

You guys are on my mind You asked me what I wanted to be And now I think the answer is plain to see i want to be famous

I want to live close to the sun Well, pack your bags cause I've already won. Everything to prove nothing in my way I'll get there one day

Cause I want to be famous

Nanana'nanaana nana nana I want to be, I want to be; I want to be famousI want to be, I want to be, I want to be famous

[Whistle's to theme]


  • Intro music

" Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doin' fine. You guys are on my mind.

You asked me what i wanted to be and now i think the answer is plain to see i wanna be famous.

I wanna live close to the sun, Well pack your bags cuz I've already won.

Everything to ptove nothing in my way, I'll get there one day.. cuz i wanna be famous!

na na na na na na , na na na na na, I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be Famous!

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be Famous!

... I wanna be famous! "

  • End instrumental music

I win! Cause, Corey made a wrong lycris. The lycris don't start with 'Dear mom and dad, im doing fine etc.' So, i did it right. Corey not, so i win this duel.

Corey: Um, how explain yourself, i do't have to do " start instumental must" "end music", because most things don't work like that!

Amber: What do you mean with 'explain yourself' the duel is: The person that post the Lycris from I wanna be famous, will go to the final attic duel. You posted a WRONG lycris, i did the RIGHT lycris. So i win this duel, cause i'm the first that posted the I wanna be famous lycris.

Corey: No amber ¬.¬  , HOW DID I POST WRING LYRICS! Just because you added End instrumental music and Intro music, it doesn't change anything! If it did then so would, [Whistle's to theme], but since they don't matter, i still win!

Amber: No, no and for the last time NO. You made mistakes in your lycris. It's: I wanna be, not I want to be. It's different, you know? So i win. ' WANNA BE FAMOUS. '

Corey: DO YOU KNOW HOW MAY WORDS YOU SPELT WRONG! It's not "cuz" it's cause, it's not ptove, it's prove, if that  I wanna be, not I want to be nonsense counts, so does the "cuz" and "ptove"!

Lucky: Because you both didn't do it correctly, there is a tiebreaker. The first person to correctly create a gallery and a picture of Chris McClean will move on.

Lucky: And Corey moves on. Sorry Amber, but you have officially been eliminated!

Amber: Damn it's christmas, i'm not so fast then. -.-. Bye

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Today you can vote out whoever you want.

Sugar: *votes Lara* Yo, ain't we making this too easy for Corey?

Daniel: *votes Lara* Sorry....

Liam: *votes Lara* Well, You said "Oh no" when we first met, so.... I don't like you, and you don't do anything!

Trey: *votes Lara* I don't want another lily

Luna: *votes Lara* Yeah, i don't talk to you or something.

Raven: *votes Lara* Sorry.

Lady Marmalade: *votes Lara*

Lucky: Lara is the first one eliminated. You may now vote someone else.

Sugar: I vote Raven, gurl is a threat, and went to the finale last season! Oh and she a food hogger too!

Cindy: *Votes Sugar* I'm not getting rid of Trey yet, because if he goes to that attic, he can come right back, I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!

Trey: *votes Sugar* O.o i hate myself (i'm so sorry Solar, i'm just to loyal to Zanna)

Daniel: *votes Sugar* Sorry

Liam: *votes Sugar* I'm doing you a favour, you can go home and finally take a diet -.-

Raven: I vote to evict Sugar.

Lady Marmalade: I vote to evict Sugar.

Lucky: Goodbye Sugar! BUT tomorrow Corey, Sugar, and Lara will fight in the most exciting attic duel yet to return to the game. Good night Houseguests!

Trey: Another day another dollar

Day 7

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning All-Stars! Today is the most important attic duel to return to the game. Plus, someone else will be returning which you guys can try to figure out in the HOH challenge. Good luck to the Attic residents and to the Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bianca: (CONF) I've seen the footage, I know what's going on. Lady Marmalade and Raven already have their lapdog women beater, Trey, in use, so those three are an alliance of some sort. Corey is a jerk, so, having him as a potential ally isn't going to work in my favour. But I need someone... I'm not going to be voted out anytime soon, or voted out at all. The money will be mine.

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: The Attic Duel will begin once most Attic residents are available.

Sugar: Yo, can I just ditch this dumb attic thing and go home already? I need mah snickers. >.>

Lucky: Really?

Sugar: Duh. Can you like, uh, provide a sista' with turkey before I leave? Gotta get into da festive spirit, yo.

Lucky: Well, I didn't expect that but because Sugar quit and Lara is inactive, congratulations Corey! After six attic duels, you are officially back in the game! I'm sorry Sugar and Lara, but you have been officially eliminated!

Sugar: I ain't leaving till I get mah turkey, or ham, or gelato, or, whatever you pick. Hurry up, I got McDonalds reservations with mah boo. >.>

Lucky: *tries to pick up Sugar and throw her, but she is too fat* GET OUT!

Sugar: *slaps him with a slice of bacon* Treat a lady with respect. *roundhouse kicks the host in the chest and leaves* Bye y'all.

HOH Challenge

Lucky: To win HOH, you must correctly guess the offcially evicted Houseguest that will also return to the game.

Nathan: Flex?

Caiden: Bianca?

Lucky: Caiden wins HOH and welcome back Bianca!


Lucky: Caiden, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Caiden: If I can't nominate Bianca and Corey, I'll nominate Trey and Cindy.

Veto Competition

Lucky: To win veto, you must open the chest (5 lines) and deliver the items (5 lines). First one done wins veto!

Caiden: *opens the chest* (1)

Cindy: *Opens the chest* (1)

Caiden: *opens the chest* (2)

Cindy: *Opens the chest* (2)

Caiden: *opens the chest* (3)

Cindy: *Opens the chest* (3)

Raven: *opens the chest* (1)

Cindy: *Opens the chest* (4)

Caiden: *opens the chest* (4)

Cindy: *Opens the chest* (5)

Caiden: *opens chest* (5)

Raven: *opens the chest* (2)

Caiden: *delivers item* (1)

Raven: *opens the chest* (3)

Cindy: *Delivers the items* (1)

Raven: *opens the chest* (4)

Caiden: *delivers item* (2)

Cindy: *Delivers the items* (2)

Raven: *opens the chest* (5)

Caiden: *delivers item* (3)

Cindy: *Delivers the items* (3)

Caiden: *delivers item* (4)

Raven: *delivers the items* (1)

Caiden: *delivers item* (5)

Lucky: Caiden wins veto!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Caiden, would you like to change your nominations?

Caiden: Nope.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Cindy and Trey have been nominated for eviction. The HOH, Bianca, Corey, and the nominees cannot vote.

Raven: I vote to evict Trey.

Lady Marmalade: I vote to evict Trey. Sorry.

Liam: *votes Cindy* She's snotty, mean, cruel, a hypocrite and not as active!

Daniel: *votes Cindy* YEAH!

Cindy: Whatever. The ONLY reason I'm not as active, is because when she posts the challenge, I'm still sleeping. >.>

Liam: then....change your sleeping schedule? (CONF) I've been a d*** all season and I'm still not elimanated? This is strange!

Cindy: Shut it!

Lucky: Because there is a tie, both of you will go home. WELL not really. Because the attic is back and there is still a another chance to return to this game. Tomorrow Cindy and Trey will battle in the attic.. Good night Houseguests!

Bianca: Pfft, you're just endorsing it now. Watch out Cindy from the women abuser. >.>

Day 8

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning All-Stars and welcome back Bianca and Corey! Today Cindy and Trey will fight in the first attic duel of the second half. Good luck Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: Cindy and Trey. To win the attic duel, you must post the funniest picture you can find. The funniest one will win.

Lucky: They were both hilarious, but the winner was Cindy! Trey, I'm sorry but you are now officially evicted from the game, but because this IS the All-Star season and we have the biggest and best cast ever we will have a bigger jury, eleven people. Trey is the first jury member.

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Today's HOH, is fill-in-the-blanks. The best one wins.

__________ will win because he/she...

Bianca: Bianca will win because she's cunning, ruthless, smart, intelligent, famous, attractive, strategic and has had a great experience on the show, and will do anything for the prize money.

Luna: Luna will win because she's know the game and the contestants how they playing. They voted me bestfriend out, so my revenge comes soon. And she loves money so she does everything for it.

Nathan: Corey will win because he always makes it far, and is strategic and has made it to the finals so far.

Raven: Corey will win because he's a very strong competitor who's won the most competitions so far, and hasn't even been in the game.

Lucky: Raven wins HOH!


Lucky: Raven, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Raven: I nominate Caiden and Nathan for eviction.

Veto Competition

Lucky: The first person to say "I won veto!" wins veto.

Bianca: I won veto!

Lucky: Bianca wins.

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Bianca, would you like to use your power?

Bianca: I veto Nathan, and replace him with Corey. They were right, he does make it too far. >.>

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Caiden and Corey have been nominated for eviction. Raven and the nominees cannot vote.

Luna: You are allready voted out, so i vote for you. Corey.

Daniel: Caiden, because Corey deserves to stay because he survived all those attics

Liam: Same....

Lady Marmalade: I vote to evict Caiden because he's a huge threat. Besides Corey worked hard to return and he deserves to stay.

Bianca: (CONF) *votes for Corey* I don't even know! I loved him! but, he doesn't know how to treat a lady with respect. Besides, he's a threat. Game first, feelings last. That's how I work...

Lucky: In a 3-2 vote, Caiden is evicted from the house and is sent to the Attic. Good night Houseguests!

Day 9

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning All-Stars. Today the remaining All-Stars will win some rewards or punishments.



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: In this attic duel, you must finish this sentence. The best one wins.

I will return because...

Cindy: I will return because I am a strong and fierce competitior, and I don't like to lose. If I return, I have a chance to actually win, and winning this would be wonderful. Also, even though I haven't won HOH, I promise I will try 110% better towards achieveing that goal if I do return. In addition, I need a chance to actually compete. I only got to participate in this season and the last one, and last season I was booted straight away, no vote or nothing, so... I really do need this chance to become a serious, and powerful contestant. I can not let Corey beat me, that little jerk, but... oh, yeah, right, um... you should take me to the game instead of boring ol' Caiden. I have plenty of drama packed in me, he... has nothing.

Caiden: I will return because I am a strategist, and even better of a competitor than Cindy. I made it to the final two once, and I can do it again. I could win so many more HoHs and POVs if you would let me have the chance to return. After losing to Bianca, I need to outrank her at least once before this generation is over, and this could be my last chance. She's already sucked out of her drama. Trey is gone. Corey actually deserves to be there. She, however, doesn't. I'm not boring. I actually have drama stored up for the rest of the season, while you wasted all of that rage at the beginning. Trust me, she's boring enough that she'll be booted right after she comes back. I, however, can win challenges and stay in.

Cindy: Me? Boring? *Giggles* That's hilarious. You can stop lying now. It will do all of us a favor, because then we won't have to here your grotesque voice. *Smirks*

Caiden: Oh, please. How are you even an all-star? Nobody wants to see rage Cindy all over their screen. Especially in the finale. Where did all your drama go? Oh, yeah. Off the cliff with Trey.

Cindy: If you don't shut up, I'm gonna throw you off a cliff!

Caiden: And I can file a lawsuit against you! Don't you dare.

Cindy: Please! Your all talk and NO action! I actually deserve to go through!

Lucky: Because I liked both of them, you will both move on to the next round. Good night!

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Pick a number between 1-8. Half of the boxes contain prizes, the other half contain punishments.

Bianca: I pick 3.

Luna: I know this game.. 2.

Daniel: 4

Liam: 1 (CONF) *packs bags* Hm...

Box #1: No Veto (You can't compete in the next veto.)

Box #2: Immunity for Days 9-11

Box #3: No HOH (You can't compete in the next HOH.)

Box #4: HOH

Lucky: Daniel wins HOH!


Lucky: Daniel which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction? You can't nominate Luna.

Daniel: Sorry, but Bianca and Nathan

Veto Competition

Lucky: To win veto, you must write a short story about your journey on Big Family. The best one will win.

Daniel: I am Daniel, my journey is a short one, I joined this season to tribute to one of the last of Luckys miracles with the old contestants and I hope to believe we will all part in great ways! I have contributed to the season in a big way and hope to make it far, no drama and no enemy's and hardly any votes this is my story!

Luna: Well, i'm Luna. In the third season of Big Family, i appear with my bestfriend Amber. We came back in last season, fan vs favourites. My bestfriend Amber won.. i was voted out earlier. Now, im an all star, and i'm happy with that and who know, i'm the next winner? That would be awesome.

Corey: I am Corey, my journey has been a long and exciting trip, i joined this show to make friends and i autually got really far, had an alliance, and made friends with the best person in the entire world (Nathan ^-^)! But it didn't stop there, i entired other season's and became one of two contestants to be in every season, although i made a crappy girlfiend and made 2 enemies (Johnny, elimination fight and Lily, no reason at all, she just hated me O.O ) but if i didn't join this show, i don't know what i would've done 

Lucky: *cries* That was amazing Corey!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Corey, would you like to use your power?

Corey: Yes, I will save Nathan ;)

Lucky: And replace who?

Corey: With Lady Marmalade :)

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Bianca and Lady Marmalade have been nominated for eviction. Daniel and the nominees cannot vote.

Corey: Bianca, b***h

Raven: I vote to evict Bianca. She won a season.

Liam: *votes Lady Marmalade* Bianca will be out soon anyway!

Luna: Well, i know Lady Marmalade, she's a friend to me. Bianca we don't have any friendship or something and you are voted out previous, so my vote is for you *votes Bianca*

Lucky: Sorry, Bianca! You tried, but failed... Good night Houseguests!

Bianca: You voted me out... >.> Corey, you could have shown you were chivalrous to lady (however you spell it) and vetoed me out of there. I still can't believe I ever liked your cute face and... >.> </3 ugh, just get out of my life. I will return from the attic, and win. Raven, you're gone. You're a backstabber. You nearly won a season, and now you've got this final 4 deal with Luna, Marmalade and I? Oh, I seem to remember our another final 4 deal with Cindy, and you had an alliance with Corey on the side? Well you're an eel dipped in motoroil. The biggest villain of them all. I'm not done yet, I've only just started. *walks off, fabulously into the sunset*

Corey: *kisses Bianca before she leaves-* that's mt gurl 

Bianca: .... O.O *blushes, then glares*

Corey: I like that your my oppisite, evi and popular 

Bianca: You're still dead to me. If you win this season, I am so going to kill you. >.>

Corey: Ok, that's my girl ;)

Bianca: *kisses him back* I'm pretty p!$$ed that you're not taking my attic spot for me so that I could remain in the game, because you love your lady don't you? You're kick @$$ in the attic, but, whatever. I'll see you on Day 12 if I remain. >.> Promise me you'll take out the backstabbing, manipulative trash Raven?

Corey: Come on, no one can beat my kick @$$ in the universe, does Cindy and inactive caiden stand a chance, and yes, maye, idk, but no one can beat ma lady

Bianca: Whatever. Bye d***. >.>

Corey: Bye Mrs Popular

Bianca: *makes out with him again in front of everyone, then walks back off into the sunset*

Corey: (CONF: Bianca is the best being alive, i will avenge her! But i was an IDIOT to vote her out!) I'll win for you

Lucky: Awwwwww... how sweet?

Day 10

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning All-Stars and welcome final seven! Don't get too cozy because the drama and the twists are just starting... Good luck!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: To win the attic duel, you must climb the stairs (3 lines), open the window (2 lines), and ride a rope down (5 lines). The first TWO to finish will move on to the next round.

Bianca: *climbs the stairs*

Caiden: *climbs the stairs*

Lucky: Bianca and Caiden made it the farthest, so they will move on. That means that Cindy, you have officially been eliminated and you are the second member of our jury alongside your BFF Trey. Good night!

Cindy: Please no! I just got back! :(

HOH Challenge

Lucky: To win HOH, you must race to the backyard (5 lines), grab the HOH key (1 line), race back to the HOH bedroom (4 lines), and use the key to open the door. (2 lines). First one done wins HOH.

Corey: *runs to backyard*

Daniel: *Runs to backyard*

Corey: *runs to backyard*

Daniel: *Runs to backyard*

Corey: *runs to backyard*

Luna: *runs to backyard*

Corey: *runs to backyard*

Daniel: *Runs*

Corey: *runs to backyard*

Daniel: *Runs* Um...

Corey: *runs to backyard*

Daniel: *Runs*

Corey: *grabs HOH key*

Lucky: Cause nobody wants to edit, Corey made it the farthest so he wins HOH.

Corey: YAY! MUWAHHAHAAH! Wait o.o, i'm not evil XD


Lucky: Corey, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Corey: Raven and Nathan

Veto Competition

Lucky: To win veto, you must give a challenge idea. Best idea wins!

Corey: Each contestant gets an embarising moment of another player, but the contestant doesn't know who it is, the first person to geuss right wins

Luna: A photo challenge?

Daniel: Everyone has a partner, one of them cleans the bedrooms and the other does attic (7 lines each) and both have to ring the bell (1 line each) as a way of showing we're sorry for messing up the house!

Liam: Wasn't there a similar challange in TDROTI, corey?

Corey: YES! i baced it on that

Raven: For a challenge we should have to build a bike. After we're done building a bike we should have to race it somewhere. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins.

Lady Marmalade: We should do a Total Drama trivia face-off. You ask us questions and we have to buzz in. After we buzz in we answer. If it's wrong you lose a point if it's right you get a point. The person with the most points wins.

Lucky: LM wins!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: LM, would you like to use your power?

Lady Marmalade: Yes, I would like to use the power of veto to save Raven. I'll replace her with Liam.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Liam and Nathan have been nominated for eviction. Corey or the nominees cannot vote.

Raven: I vote to evict Liam.

Lady Marmalade: I vote to evict Liam.

Liam: Eh, whatever *starts reading*

Daniel: *votes Nathan* Liam does more

Luna: It feels not good to evict Liam. He's a threat i know, but there is something to him i like. I vote Nathan for eviction.

Lucky: Because there is a tie, Corey will choose to evict either Nathan or Liam.

Corey: i have to vote for my best friend, ;( because hes inactive , i evict nathan

Lucky: I'm sorry Nathan, but you have officially been eliminated from the house. Good night Houseguests!

Day 11

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning All-Stars! Our time together is beginning to shorten and only two attic duels remain. I wish all of you luck!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: To win the attic duel, you must grab the balls (5) and place the balls (5). The first TWO people finished will move on to the final round.

Caiden: *grabs the balls* (1)

Bianca: *grabs the balls* (1)

Caiden: *grabs the balls* (2)

Bianca: *grabs the balls* (2)

Caiden: *grabs the balls* (3)

Bianca: *grabs the balls* (3)

Caiden: *grabs the balls* (4)

Bianca: *grabs the balls* (4)

Caiden: *grabs the balls* (5)

Bianca: *grabs the balls* (5)

Caiden: *places the balls* (1)

Bianca: *places the balls* (1)

Caiden: *places the balls (2)

Bianca: *places the balls* (2)

Caiden: *places the balls* (3)

Bianca: *places the balls* (3)

Caiden: *places the balls* (4)

Bianca: *places the balls* (4)

Lucky: Bianca and Caiden move on while Nathan is officially evicted.

HOH Challenge

Lucky: We'll be doing Platform Push once again. It takes THREE lines to push someone off. Last person standing wins!

Daniel: *Pushes LM*

Liam: *Pushes LM*

Corey: *Pushes LM*

Liam: *pushes Raven*

Daniel:*Pushes raven*

Corey: *Pushes raven* hello, everybody

Daniel: *Pushes Corey*

Liam: *Pushes Luna*

Corey: *Pushes Luna*

Luna: *pushes Corey*

Corey: *Pushes Luna*

Liam: *Pushes Corey*

Daniel: *Pushes Liam*

Corey: AHHHHH!

Daniel: *Pushes Liam*

Liam: D:

Corey: -.-

Daniel: *Pushes Liam* I WIN!


Lucky: Daniel, who do you nominate?

Daniel: Um.... Raven... And.....uh...... LM, either one :|

Lucky: Eh! Nobody will go home today, but that means triple eviction tomorrow!

Day 12

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning All-Stars! Today's the big day... THE FINAL ATTIC DUEL, between Caiden and Bianca. Who will win? And you will be voting out two people today, but a three will go home. Good luck Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

The Attic

Lucky: To win the final attic duel, you must be the first person to say "I'm returning!"

Bianca: I'm returning!

Caiden: Is this really the only duel you have? >.> You've done this like ten times.

Bianca: You're just jelaous because I'm returning.

Lucky: And Bianca returns to the game!

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Vote any two people of your choice.

Corey: Raven And LM

Liam: Raven and LM

Daniel: Raven and LM

Luna: You used me Raven, and LM.

Lucky: Raven and LM got the most votes which means they are evicted and are the fifth and sixth jury members. No third person is going home. Good night Houseguests!

Day 13

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning All-Stars and welcome back Bianca!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: To win HOH, you must climb the mountain (5 lines) and roll down. (3 lines)

Corey: *climbs Mointain* Cool, come bianca

Bianca: *climbs mountain* (1)

Luna: *climbs mountain*

Bianca: *climbs mountain* (2)

Luna: *climbs mountain*

Liam: *climbs mountain*

Daniel: *climbs mountain*

Luna: *climbs mountain*

Liam: *climbs mountain*

Daniel: *climbs mountain*

Bianca: *climbs mountain* (3)

Liam: *climbs mountain*

Daniel: *climbs mountain*

Luna: *climbs mountain*

Bianca: *climbs mountain* (4)

Luna: *climbs mountain*

Bianca: *climbs mountain* (5)

Luna: *rolls down*

Bianca: *rolls down* (1)

Luna: *rolls down*

Liam: *climbs mountain*

Daniel: *climbs mountain*

Luna: *rolls down* I WIN!!

Bianca: Ugh. >.>

Liam: aww

Daniel: Congratulations :)

Corey: YAY! Congrats

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Luna, which two Houseguests do you vote to evict?

Luna: Corey and ... Bianca..

Bianca: No veto? No anything? >.> You suck Luna, you've done squat all season! D:

Lucky: Luna voted out both Corey and Bianca, BUT Daniel and Liam cannot get into the final three together. Bianca is safe and Corey and Daniel become the seventh and eighth jury members. Congrats final three and good night!

Bianca: Bye Corey, this is where we do part. >.> The prize is mine!

Corey: I was asleep, i couldn't do anything ;( and liam/bianca/daniel already won a season, and why no veto! This season's final 3 sucks, 2 winners and a inative D:

Liam: Geez, don't whine Corey, you lost fair and square and BTW, there wasn't a veto so you being asleep didn't change anything really -.-, and you couldn't vote

Corey: I was just saying, and why are you a jerk now

Liam: Well, it's because apparently changes in personality get you farther, this was just an act :)

Corey: O.O You were FAKING!??!?!?!

Liam: Mike always changed personality, got 6th in his first season and even farther the all star one, FIRST!! So, realizing I'd be voted out quickly for lack of sarcasm, I became a jerk!! ;)

Corey: I'm barely a cool kid wannabe and no one votes me out, all the time

Liam: That's because we forget you exist :D

Corey: *gives him  punch in the stomach* sorry, anger got to me

Bianca: Honestly, Corey, I don't want to date someone who acts like a child, so leave with your dignity intact. Also, who cares about Liam? *nudges Liam* Luna is the next to go.

Corey: I'm just angry i got eliminated on my favirote show, being so close, kind of unfairly because now the final 3 is Winner Winner Normal, and the winner's are in an alliance

Luna: Well, Corey. You are in all seasons really far. Bianca won one time, and is really far to. So i nominated you.

Corey: Liam and Daniel has won, i'm the only one who hasn't other than you, plus they are in an alliance, and liam's been in the final 3 twice, and you never nonimated him, and what would me being in every season have to do with anything

Luna: Damn dude, deal with it. You are out of this game, you are really annoying.

Corey: I don't care i was eliminated, i am just angry it's unfair, and atleast i talk to my fellow competitors without insulting them

Day 14

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning final three! Only Bianca, Liam, and Luna remain! This HOH will be the most important ever in Big Family history! Good luck and only two will come out of this...



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: You must complete a triathlon to win. You must swim (7 lines), run (10 lines), and bike (5 lines). First one done wins final HOH!

Luna: *swims* (1)

Bianca: *swims* (1) (CONF) I'm done for. Luna's going to win, and vote me out. I can just tell. </3

Luna: *swims* (2)

Liam: *swims* (1)

Luna: *swims* (3)

Liam: *swims* (2)

Luna: *swims* (4)

Liam: *swims* (3)

Luna: *swims* (5)

Liam: *swims* (4)

Luna: *swims* (6)

Liam: *swims* (5)

Luna: *swims* (7)

Liam: *swims* (6)

Luna: *runs* (1)

Liam: *swims (7)*

Luna: *runs* (2)

Liam: *Runs* (1)

Luna: *runs* (3)

Liam: *Runs (2)*

Luna: *runs* (4)

Liam: *Runs* (3)

Luna: *runs* (5)

Liam: *Runs* (4)

Luna: *runs* (6)

Liam: *Runs* (5)

Luna: *runs* (7)

Liam: *Runs* (6)

Bianca: *swims* (2)

Liam: *Runs* (7)

Bianca: *swims* (3)

Liam: *runs* (8)

Bianca: *swims* (4)

Liam: *runs* (9)

Bianca: *swims* (5)

Liam: *Runs* (10) I'm tired -.-

Bianca: *swims* I don't care. (6)

Liam: *bikes (1)*

Bianca: *swims* (7)

Liam: *bikes (2)*

Bianca: *runs* (1)

Liam: *bikes* (3)

Bianca: *runs and pants* (2) You better be taking me to the final 2 with you. >.>

Liam: *bikes* (4) After Corey's rant, I'm not sure if I want to take his girlfriend into the finale :|

Bianca: *runs* (3) Hey, I'm only in that relationship for the attention, I mean-

Liam: *bikes* (5) I win *panting* God! And that's just cruel -.-

Bianca: *runs* (4) I'm joking, but he does annoy me. >.> Damn it, you won. But seriously, look at who you're facing in the final... she'll win, you know... Whatever, I know you'll make the right choice. And if you don't, I seriously damage you. >.>.>.>>>>>>....>>> *firedrice*

Liam: 0.o....... I know she'll win, but she is the only one of us whose never won! And I have already won one of these seasons anyway :)

Bianca: *runs* (5) (why am i doing this) I can get you so far in life with my connections. Just think about it.

Liam: Oh, Wooopeee -.-

Luna: Bianca, please. Liam has 50% change, me either in the final. Deal with it Bianca.

Liam: Now we all just wait for Lucky! :)

Bianca: Luna, please. You wanna talk game to me? What have you done all season? >.> I've worked my way up here. 

Liam: I mean "Now we all just wait EXELTREMELY QUIT for Lucky!" >.>

Luna: *smiles* Nice plan, Liam.

Bianca: *smiles* Whatever. You two losers, who haven't done anything all season can go to the finale. Host dude, can you get this over with?

Liam: I'd argue with you but I don't want to entertain you so can we finish this, Lucky?

Lucky: Sorry, guys... Liam wins!

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Liam, who do you vote to evict?

Liam: I evict Bianca, I don't have to win but Bianca has had it coming for far too long! That felt so good! ;)

Lucky: Bianca is evicted. Tomorrow the jury votes for the winner...

Liam: Bye bye Bianca *laughs* SEE YOU NEVER! Ahh, I don't care if I don't win, that felt good!

Luna: But what now .. ?

Liam: *ten hours later* Um.... Do you... stop the episode or... something?

Day 15


Corey: Bianca, i don't feel the spark anymore, i am braking up with you :(

Bianca: Really? Thank god, I was just about to break up with you. Whiny losers like you bring down my repuatation, like, so much!

Caiden: Whiny losers like you?

Bianca: No, pathetic ones like you. :)

Caiden: Aw, you're so sweet >.>

Bianca: Why thank you.

Corey: Isn't it MORE bad for your reputation if a Whiny loser like me broke up with YOU! And now everyone knows it >:)

Bianca: As long as I'm away from you, it's fine. :)

Corey: I was only whiny for one day, and atleast i am not one self obssessed, arrogant, loser who thinks that she's popular just because of her looks which look worse than the grudge and bella swan's cross baby!

Bianca: Do you even hear yourself? I am a celebrity, and a sexy one too.

Corey: A sexy one who i geuss no one cares about, i even doubt your a real celebrity, BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF YOU! And i spent a summer in drama school and we studied the top 400 celebrity's, and it was so boring -.-

Bianca: Have you been living under a rock?


Bianca: Yeah, you're under a rock.

Corey: And your living in a fictional world where you belive everyone cares and that you are a celebrity that everyone loves! WELL, JOIN ME IN THE REAL WORLD! If you aren't too currupt with your false belief

Bianca: I am a celebrity... >.> Do you not read Cosmopolitan, or seen Maximum Extreme 3?

Corey: They were box office bombs, OF COURCE I DIDN;T SEE THEM

Bianca: Cosmopolitan is a very popular magazine you idiot, which I have been on the front cover of and interviewed many times. >.> Maximum Extreme 3... BROKE BOX OFFICE RECORDS IN THE US! Go back to your rock. >.>

Corey: NO! Maximum Extreme 3 was a box office bomb and only got good reviews! And only stupid little 8 year old girls who want to be models read, no one reads the interviews and all NORMAL people avoid the front page as all the models are edited to AUTUALLY look pretty

Bianca: O'really? Cosmopolitan doesn't edit them, as they follow natural beauty. <3 It's one of the most popular magazines directed at women! Ooh, maybe you'll like it! Also, I don't think $300,000,000 in the first week is a box office bomb...

Corey: But it cost, 100,000,000,00 to make the film, and it didn't inprove over the next 2 weeks , IT DECREASED! And ALL magazines edit the front pages so girls will look up to the models -.-

Bianca: Do you have any idea what you're talking about, Corey? Think before you talk. :) The budget was 180 million, and it INCREASED over the weeks. :) I'm done talking to freaks like you. *walks off*

Corey: *shouting* Bianca, if that only one movie was your example of why your "famous", then that doesn't make anything, a celebrity is some one everyone knows, makes millions of cash, and someone who does- wait i am not going to finish because you will make it up! and a celebrity wouldn't just go on a show millions of time to get more money

Bianca: He has no idea what he's talking about. *Rolls eyes and slips on glasses as she walks off into the sunset, as it shines on her and Don't You Forget About Me plays in the background and she jumps in the air, with her arm up, fist clenched as the credits roll*

Corey: *looking at her* What a wierdo, what did i date?

Caiden: *looks from Bianca to Corey* You two were meant for each other.

Corey: Cool, i am going to barf now, and also she is a villian and im a hero-ish so how will that work? :I

Caiden: (CONF) Corey? A hero? *laughs*

Corey:  I haven't done anything mean, other than just now to Bianca, but this situation doesn't make me a villian, and you are more villianous than me! And i heard that confestional! >:I

Daniel: Um... I watched that movie <3 It was awesome! It got critical acclaim and one of the female actresses got an Oscar! And listening to confessions isn't hero-ish either!

Caiden: That's right. If anything, you're an anti-hero.

Corey: :( name other than today, Five things i did wrong

Daniel: Well, I watched an episode and you were complaining about your elimination in a mean way, does that count?

Caiden: You also broke up with Bianca and insulted her, listened in on my confessional, and declared yourself a "hero". No hero declares themselves one. They earn it.

Corey: It was't mean, but if you want it to count?
Trey: OH! You didn't care i was eliminated! >:I
+ Corey: You quit, and me and Nathan did
+ Trey: Oh yeah :I
  • don't remove my lines Blake -.- ~  conker511*

Corey: I said other than today caiden, that was all today

(Sorry. Edit conflict; and it would've messed up the templates/tables and made a huge wall of text)

Caiden: Well, you were complaining about how you've never won, yet you've made it far many times.

Corey: Wait, when did i do that? :I (CONF: I am sure i am a hero, i mean, i really try to be the nicest on the show, but i always lose to Daniel)

Daniel: Um... I personally believe we're all heroes, if we separated people based on their actions, we'd be singling people out!

Corey: (CONF: as i said, Daniel is so hero, in a hero contestant, they'd say no profestionals, and he's say "I respect your opinon"

Final Two Chat

Jury Vote

Lucky: Now the jury will vote either Liam or Luna for the ultimate all-star and the winner of Big Family: All-Stars!

Corey: *far away from Bianca* LUNA! :D

Liam: WOOHOOO! Hello, again, I know I'm not getting Bianca' s vote xD

Trey: Ow, uh LUNA!

Daniel: Liam cause he has no votes :(

Luna: Thanks for the votes ! Hihi.

Cindy: I know he's won already, but if Luna would have voted with me like I'm pretty sure she as going to, I would have not been eliminated, and I could have people voting for me right now. So, my vote is for Liam.

Lady Marmalade: I vote Luna to win.

Raven: Neither deserve to win but I vote Luna.

Caiden: I vote Luna.

Bianca: I vote for Liam because he deserves it more. :)

Lucky: AND LUNA WINS BIG FAMILY: ALL-STARS! I would like to thank all of you for the great success you have brought Big Family. I am truly disappointed the producers wanted a new cast. I promise you guys that you'll be back sooner and later. Bye guys! :( And for the final time with my first generation cast, Good night Houseguests!

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