The is a house like no other, where 58 cameras follow your every move, and 91 microphones capture your every word, this is the Big Brother house, this season, 8 houseguests will enter the house, they will live in total confinement, cut off from the outside world. They will compete for food, luxuries, and most importantly, power. Each week they will vote to evict one of thier own, until one is left to claim the one million dollar prize! This season, we'll be going back to the basics! This will be a summer to remember, this season on Big Brother!


(I can remove you if I feel you aren't ready for this)

Name (First and Last) - Age (21 and above) - Hometown - Job/Profession - Username

  1. Holden Holden - 18- Seattle, Washington- Student -Wes Holden
  2. Emily Olsen-21 - New York, New York - Model - Snow
  3. Lindsey Grosmot - 21 - Miami, Florida- Artist - Heather rocks
  4. Logan Welsh - 18 - Virginia Beach, Virginia - Musician - Bloomin
  5. Kaitlyn Harrington - 19 - New York City, New York - Camp Counselor - Jessica - WINNER!
  6. Guy Person - 67 - New Michigan, Kansas - Drunkard - Oatmeal-
  7. Scott Mann- 23- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- AJ
  8. Fiona Reyes - 50 - New York, New York - Koops

Voting History

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Eviction votes received
Day 39 Finale
Head of Household Holden Kaitlyn Fiona Kaitlyn Holden Emily (none)
Veto Winner Scott Guy Kaitlyn Holden Emily (none)
Kaitlyn Logan Head of Household Guy Head of Household Nominated Nominated Winner
Emily Logan Lindsey Nominated Fiona Scott Holden Runner-Up
Holden Head of Household Lindsey Guy Fiona Head of Household Evicted
(Day 39)
Kaitlyn 1
Scott Logan Lindsey ? Nominated Nominated Evicted
(Day 35)
Kaitlyn 1
Fiona Logan Nominated Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 28)
Kaitlyn 2
Guy Nominated Lindsey Nominated Evicted
(Day 21)
Lindsey Guy Nominated Evicted
(Day 14)
Logan Nominated Evicted
(Day 7)
Evicted Logan
4 of 5 votes to evict
4 of 4 votes to evict
2 of 3 votes to evict
2 of 2 votes to evict
Emily's choice to evict
Emily's choice to evict
0 votes to win

3 votes to win
  • Scott didn't vote, but I'll record his vote later.

Day 1 Chat

You may talk now. :D

Fiona: Sure's nice in here.

Holden: only eight people this season

Lindsey: Yep.

Scott: Makes it easier for us I guess

Emily: Unless theres a twist!

Holden: more likely there is more people hiding in the house

Lindsey: What's the chance that'll happen?

Scott: Hopefully low

Emily: Yep!

Lindsey: You see.

Fiona: I think it's just us 8.

Scott: So when is this thing starting?

Lindsey: Now, I hope.

Head of household Competition 1

Julie: This HOH is a simple one. First to say "Head of Household" wins!

Holden: Head of household

Emily: Head of Household!

Scott: Phooey!

Fiona: Damn it!

Lindsey: HoH.

Julie: Holden won HOH! Who do you nominate?

Holden: Logan and Guy. sorry guys

Power of Veto Competition 1

Julie: Same as the HOH, only say POV.

Scott: POV

Emily: Power of Veto.

Holden: The Power of Veto

Julie: Scott Wins POV! Do you want to use it?

Scott: No, I agree with Holden's choices

Eviction 1


Scott: Sorry Logan!

Lindsey: I choose to evict Guy.

Emily: Logan. Im Sorry

Fiona: I vote to evict Logan.

Kaitlyn: Buh-bye, Logan!

Julie: By A vote of 4 to 1. Guy, you are safe, Logan, you are evicted from the big brother house.

Logan's exit interview (TBDone at a later date)

Day 8

Emily: 1 down!

Holden: those were the fastest 8 days of my life

Scott: Yeah! Only 7 left!

Lindsey: The next HoH challenge better be worth while.

Fiona: This should get interesting.

Kaitlyn: *rolls her eyes* Whatevs.

Head Of Household Competition 2

What place did Katie recieve in TDI?

Fiona: 17th?

Lindsey: 18th?

Emily: 20th!

Kaitlyn: 19, not including returnees. 21, including returnees.

Julie: Kaitlyn wins HOH! Who do you nominate?

Kaitlyn: I nominate Emily and Fiona... sorry.

Veto Competition 2

What did Cody recieve in TDI?

Scott: 3rd place

Fiona: 17th?

Holden: 16th

Guy: Guy. (15)

Emily: 18th?

Julie: Guy won the POV! (suprisingly) Do you want to use it?

Emily: Cougats!

Guy: Guy guy guy guyy guy. (I'm going to use my POV to change Emily to Lindsey.)

Julie: Okay then.

Kaitlyn: *growls at Guy* What the heck!?

Eviction 2


Emily: I vote to evinct Lindsay.

Holden: I vote lindsay I guess

Scott: I'm really sorry, but I have to vote Lindsey

Guy: Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy (Lindsey.)

Lindsey is out with 4 of 4 votes!

Lindsey's exit interview (TBDone on a later date)

Day 15


Head of Household 3

What place did Noah get in TDWT?

Fiona: 11th

Julie: Yep. Nominate

Fiona: I nominate Emily and Guy for eviction.

Veto 2

What Place did Tyler recieve in TDWT?

Holden: 10th

Fiona: 9th?

Guy: GUY? (8th)

Kaitlyn: 10th... DON'T SAVE ANYONE!

Kaitlyn wins, and she told me on chatango that she didn't save anyone.

Eviction 3

Kaitlyn: I'm obviously voting for Guy.

Holden: sorry GUy but your so annoying and I can't understand you

Guy is eliminated with 2 votes.

Guy's exit interview (TBDone on a later date)

Day 22


Head of Household 4

What is the episode that Owen was eliminated in?

Kaitlyn: Owen was eliminated in "Ocean's Eight-or Nine" and then again in "Top Dog."

Holden: I have no idea..... I guess what she said

Kaitlyn. Nominate

Scott: *crosses fingers* (sorry I was eating xD)

Kaitlyn: I nominate Emily and Scott. Sorry

Power Of Veto 4

Just say "I win."

Holden: I win

Fiona: Well, that's it for this veto.

Scott: Dang

Emily: Really?

Holden: Yup

Emily: Well i would never put you up.

Holden win the POV! Do you want to use it?

Holden: I use it on emily automatcally making fiaon go on the block.


Eviction 4


Emily: Fiona

Holden: Fiona.... this is strckjly staregic and you jus need to go

Kaitlyn: Bye, Fiona. *waves*

In a unanimous vote, Fiona is out.

Day 29


Head of Household Competiton 5

What place did Owen get originally in TDA?

Holden: 10th

Holden wins HOH! Who do you want to nominate?

Holden: I'm going to nominate Kaitlyn and Emily

Emily: POV!

Power of Veto Competition 5

What place did Noah recieve in TDI?

Emily: 22th.

Emily wns POV (Your first answer was right, the only reason I'm counting this is because I'm in a good mood.) I'm guessing you're gonna use it on yourself, and that leaves Scott on the block. Since you only have the only eviction vote. Who do you evict?

Emily: I guess Scott.

Day 39


Final Head of Household Competition

Simply say. "I have the power!", and you win HOH!

Emily: I have the power!

Emily wins HOH! Emily, since you're the only person to vote, who do you evict? Holden, or Kaitlyn?

Emily: Holden

Okay. Holden is the final jury member.

Day 42


Jury Vote

Bring in the Jury! *Fiona, then Scott, then Holden walk in and take a seat on a bench next to a voting booth.* Both Emily and Kaitlyn will have a chance to defend themselves. By saying a speech on why they should win.

Emily's Speech


Kaitlyn's Speech.

Kaitlyn: All of my moves in this game proved what power I truly had... I personally didn't think I could make it far, but I did... if you support me over Emily, I'll be happy. If you don't, then whatevs...

Final Vote

  • Jury Members
    • Fiona: No contest. I vote for Kaitlyn to win.
    • Scott:
    • Holden: Emily was not the smarest person elimanting Scott and me. She woudl hgave had an easier time beating us over Kaitlyn. So I have to vote kaitlyn

Well. It's official. With two votes to win. KAITLYN WINS! Stay tuned for Big Brother 3! Coming Soon!

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