Welcome to Big Brother: Users, a camp hosted by Surfer!


  1. Loenev (Amber) Evicted Episode 8
  2. WelshGirlAmber (Amber-J)
  3. Blazehead51 (Blaze) Evicted Episode 9
  4. NLG343 (Nemo) Evicted Episode 5
  5. Darkkid99 (Dark)
  6. GalaxyRemixz (Jordan)
  7. Fakeboy823 (Fake) Evicted Episode 1
  8. AlphaRanger (Alpha)
  9. Zannabanna (Zanna) Evicted Episode 6
  10. BBGUNSTUDIOS (BB) Evicted Episode 3
  11. LWashington (Lynn) Evicted Episode 2
  12. SoaringSpirits (Liam) Evicted Episode 4

Elimination Table

Will make when I have a moment.







Episode One: TDI Camps Goes to the Big Brother House!

Pre-chat (Outside the House)

Surfer: Welcome, TDI Camps Users, to the Big Brother House!

Alpha: Hey surfer my bae <3.

Amber: Hi everyoneee!

Alpha: No one here is my enemy so I love you all XD! Except dark. :(

BB: Hey guys

Amber: Ahw, well we can be friends Alpha? :)

Alpha: Sure :)!

Amber: Yay! I'm so excited for this.

Alpha: Same this is my first Big Brother! (CONF) IT is amazing to be here this is my first season and I already have freindships! (CONF END)

HOH Challenge (starts @5PM est)

Surfer: Sorry for the abrupt beginning. Just to explain, if you win HOH, you nominate two people to be up for elim. Here's the challenge: You must run to the pedestals over there (5 lines), grab a key (1 line) run to the door of the BB House (3 lines) and open the door (1 line). First two to do so will win HOH!

Amber: *runs*

Alpha: Runs to pedestals (1)

Amber: *runs*

BB: *Runs* (1)

Alpha: Runs to pedestals (2)

Amber: *runs*

Alpha: Runs to pedestals (3)

Amber: *runs*

BB: *Runs* (2)

Amber: *runs*

Alpha: Runs to pedestals (4)

BB: *Runs* (3)

Amber: *grabs a key*

Alpha: Runs to pedestals (5)

BB: *Runs* (4)

Alpha: *grabs a key*

Amber: *opens the door*

Alpha: *opens door*

BB: *Runs* (5)

Alpha: *runs to house*

Alpha: Run to BB house (1)

Amber: *runs to house*

Alpha: Run to BB house (2)

BB: *Opens door*

Alpha: Runs to BB house (3)

Amber: *runs to house*

BB: *Opens door*

Amber: *opens the door*

Alpha: *opens door to house* Surfer IM DONE!

Surfer: And Amber and Alpha win HOH! BB, you were so close! Amber, since you finished first, you can nominate first! What two contestants are on the block?

Amber: I nominate Dark.

Surfer: Nominate two, please.

Amber: Ow! Dark and Amber-J.

Surfer: Alpha's turn!

Amber-J: Shocker :) Good luck, Dark <3

Alpha: This was hard no one take offense. Nemo and Fake. Nemo because you cheat sometimes. Fake sorry I dont know you very much and I see you as a threat.

Surfer: We have our four Battle of the Block contestants! Good luck, everyone!

Battle of the Block

Surfer: Dark, Amber-J,  Nemo, and Fake. You are on the block. In this challenge, Dark and Amber-J will work together, along with Nemo and Fake. If your pairing wins the challenge, you are safe from elimination and the person who nominated you is overthrown as HOH and can be eliminated. For example, if Nemo and Fake win, then they are safe, but Alpha is not.

Since it's pretty early, this Block challenge will be easy. You must simply post! First group to have both people post wins!

Amber-J: Dark is my bae <3

Dark: Loenev Loses <3

Surfer: Well it looks like Amber has been dethroned! She can now be nominated if the Veto winner so chooses...

POV Challenge

Surfer: As HOH, Alpha will compete. As the nominees, Nemo and Fake will also compete. has also decided that Dark, Blaze, and Jordan will compete. This challenge is to push people off a post. It takes one line to push someone. I will post when someone has been pushed off. No godplaying or doubleposting!

Alpha: *pushes Jordan*

Dark: *pushes off Blaze*

Surfer: Jordan and Blaze are out!

Alpha: *pushes Dark*

Surfer: DArk is out.

Alpha: *pushes Nemo*

Surfer: Nemo is out!

Alpha: *pushes Fake* I win!

Surfer: Alpha wins Power of Veto! For those who dont know,  Power of Veto is so that they can replace someone on the block with someone else. Alpha, will you replace Nemo and Fake with someone else?

Alpha: I choose to not use the veto.

Surfer: Interesting decision, Alpha. Interesting indeed. Nemo and Fake are up for elimination.

Eviction Ceremony: Nemo and Fake

Surfer: Everyone excluding Alpha, Nemo, and Fake may vote!

Dark: (CONF) i vote Fake.

Amber-J: (CONF) I'm gonna vote for Fake.

BB: (CONF) I vote Nemo

Blaze: (CONF) i'll vote for...Fake.

Surfer: The vote is currently 3-1 with 5 voters left!

Zanna: (CONF) I vote to evict Fake.

Jordan: (CONF) I am alive fyi, I vote Nemo anyway lmao

Amber: (CONF) I guess I vote Nemo.

Liam: (DR) I'll vote Nemo!

Surfer: Lynn is the deciding vote!!! If she doesn't vote by 4 PM est, Alpha will decide who is evicted. Memo: Which counts as a vote!

Lynn: (CONF) Delicious, I can vote for Nemo the noob or Fake my enemy. Fake, get your bags cause I vote you!! >:D

Surfer: And Fake is eliminated!

Episode 2

Living Room

Amber: *hops around and sings* Hmmmmhmmm!



HOH Challenge (starts @5 PM est)

Surfwr: Today's challenge is to determine who are the most active. You have ten minutes to post. If you post in this ten minutes, you move on. Go! (First round lasts until 5:35 PM est)

Amber-Jane: I love Dark!

Dark: I love Amber-Jane!

Amber: Ahw! Yay!

Surfer: And you three make the next round! First two to post are our HOH's!

Dark: Amber-Jane Hurry!

Amber: Yay

Amber-J: NO

Surfer: Nominate! (Dark must go first. As soon as dark posts, amber can)

Dark: Lynn your rude.... Nemo your..... Nemo so gg <3

Amber: Zanna and BB! I'm sorry.

Battle of the Block

Surfer: You must climb across this tightrope! (3 lines) Go! (You may repost after 15 mins no posting and you only need one person)

Zanna: *climbs across the tightrope* (1)

Nemo: *climbs across the tightrope* (1)

Nemo: *climbs across the tightrope* (2) (15 minute past)

Zanna: *climbs across the tightrope* (2)

BB: *climbs across tightrope* (1)

Zanna: *climbs across the tightrope* (3)

BB: *climbs across the tightrope* (2)

Surfer: Zanna and BB win and dethrone Amber! They are immune, but AMBER IS NOT!

Power of Veto

Surfer: As HOH, Dark will compete. As nominees, Nemo and Lynn will compete. has decided that Alpha, BB, and Jordan will also compete. Your challenge is to decode this anagram:

Fi oyu ceddeo htis, oyu vahe onw.


Alpha: Wow pretty easy! Answer: If you decode this, you have won!

Surfer: Congrats, Alpha! Will you use your Veto? And if so, who will you take off the block?

Nemo: Use it on me!

Lynn: Why on you? You asking the POV holder to use the veto on you? Shame on you, Nemo. That is so disrespectful.

Surfer: Alpha does not use his veto. (Chat)

Eviction Ceremony 2: Nemo and Lynn

Surfer: Vote!

Amber-J: (DR) I vote for Lynn.

Alpha: I vote for Lynn. I dont know him too much so... bye!

Nemo: I vote for Lynn.

Blaze: uhhh...Alpha?, Lynn's a girl...anyway, i vote for HER, sorry.

Jordan: Nemo you did like ask to be vetoed so my vote is for you ;)

Amber: Ehh... bye Lynn! :D

Surfer: Lynn is evicted!

Episode 3

Living Room



HOH Challenge (starts at 5:30 PM est)

Surfer: Here is your challenge: It's the Platform Push! Push people off (one line) Last two standing are our HOH!

Amber-J: *pushes NLG off* :)

Surfer: Nemo is out! (You may repost after my post)

Amber-J: *pushes Zanna off*

Alpha: *pushes Amber-J off*

Dark: *pushes Alpha off*

Surfer: Zanna, Amber-J, and Alpha are out! Six remain...

Dark: *pushes Loenev off*

Jordan: *pushes Dark off*

Surfer: Dark and Loenev are out, leaving just four contestants!

Jordan: *pushes Liam off*

Liam: *drags Jordan down with him gg*

Jordan: *clings to the platform and kicks Liam off of him* I G G Bye

Surfer: Liam is out and three contestants remain!!!

Jordan: *pushes Blaze off*

Amber-J: YAY JORDAN YOU WON! And BB too gg.

Nemo: Please don't nominate me for eviction. I don't deserve it.

Jordan: You've made my choice easier, fanks.

Amber-J: *sighs*

Hemp: Sweet! She does not choose me! (CONF) Lets hope he picks his enemies, excluding me. *pause* (END CONF)

Surfer: Hey guys, change of plans. Since BB did NOTHING, Jordan is the only winner! Jordan, who do you nominate?

Jordan: I nominate Nemo and BB

Power of Veto

Surfer: as usual, Nemo, BB, and Jordan will compete. Blaze, Liam, and Amber-J will also compete. Today's challenge is to simply post (sorry, it's late. I'm tired.). First person to post wins!

Amber-J: *has swag*

Surfer: And Amber-J slides smoothly to victory! Will you use your veto?

Amber-J: NOPE!

Surfer: Well Nemo and BB are our nominees!

Eviction Ceremony 3: Nemo and BB

Surfer: Go ahead and vote!

Dark:(CONF) BB has said nothing.

Jordan: Nemo is now my bae so I vote BB

Amber-J; (DR) I vote BB, he never does the challenges.

Amber: (CONF) Who is BB, again? I vote him..

Surfer: For future reference, HOH and nominees should NOT nominate! Bb is evicted!

Episode 4

Living Room

Blaze: (in head) gosh, i really better start joining in on more of the challenges, if i don't then i might as well pack my bags now...i gotta do better...(grabs a book and starts reading)



HOH Challenge (starts at 4 PM est)

Surfer: Since we have a little time to kill and it's a Friday, this will be a rating challenge! Post your favorite character from any Christmas movie! Go!!!

Zanna: Buddy from Elf! :)

Nemo: Your missing the point. You need to post a picture.

Surfer; I never said that, I just said you had to post it, as in tell me who it is. Some people just went the extra mile.

Surfer: I gotta give it to Zanna, first, and amber, second. Zanna, who do you nominate?

Zanna: I nominate Nemo and Liam.

Surfer: And Amber?

Amber: I'm sorry but I have to nominate Dark and Amber-J. I'm so sorry, I hope you'll win the veto challenge <3.

Battle on the Block

Surfer: Nemo, Dark, Amber-J, and Liam, your challenge is to guess the number 1-10 that I'm thinking of. Go!

Memo: Surfer's lucky number. 7!

Surfer: That's... Not my lucky number. Guess again.

Dark: 5 is a safe bet.

Surfer: I'm sorry, but no!

Dark: 6?

Surfer: Correct!

Power of Veto

Surfer: Zanna, Nemo, Liam, Dark, Blaze, and Amber will compete. Just as you guessed my favorite number last time, you will guess my favorite letter.

Nemo: Your name! S

Surfer: Nope!


Alpha: Seriously? Anyway, W :).

Surfer: You may only make one letter guess at a time. Alpha, you are wrong.

Alpha: What about "U"! :D

Blaze:'s about....X?

Amber: Maybe it's V?

Surfer: Blaze is right! Blaze, will you use your veto?

Blaze: nah, i think i'll pass.

Eviction Ceremony 4: Nemo and Liam

Amber: (CONF) Voted with, sorry Liam! I vote you.

Dark: (CONF) Bye Nemo!

Jordan: (CONF) Saving my bae Nemo, bye Liam lmao Nemo: Sorry Liam, my bad! I vote for you.

Surfer: Nemo, we've been over this. If you are on the block, you can't vote!!!

Amber-J: (Conf) I vote for Liam because Nemo is bæ

Alpha: (CONF) I vote Nemo.

Nemo: I'm everyone's Bae. Like TF *list goes on*

Surfer: Then why have you been nominated three times? Anyways, Liam is evicted 3-2.

Episode 5

Living Room

HOH Challenge (starts now, bc last episode took like a year and no one was interacting anyways. You can go to the Living Room if you really want to XD)

Surfer: Today's challenge is a vote. You must vote for the two people you want to win HOH. People with the most votes win!

Amber: Alpha (cause your always doing your best and I respect that) and Dark (cause I nominated you and you deserve to be HOH)

Surfer: Oh, and you can't vote yourself. *looks at a certain contestant he knows would do that*

Nemo: I vote for Amber and Blaze. I'm everyone's Bae, still. Like some users. So vote Zanna. Then hope that I'm eliminated.

Dark: Amber-J you get my vote.... and also Alpha.... Nemo i'm everyone's bae so gg.

Nemo: I'm everyone Bae. Like Dark.

Dark: I don't like you...

Alpha: I vote Nemo (since nobody else will) and amber-j.

Jordan: I vote Amber and Nemo

Amber-J: I vote Dark and Jordan <3

Blaze: i guess i'll vote for....Amber and Dark. :D

Surfer: Amber and Dark are our HOH's! Dark has been randomly chosen to nominate first. Dark, who do you nominate?

Dark: Nemo and Alpha... sorry Alpha

Surfer: AMber's turn!

Amber: Zanna and Blaze! Sorry :(

Battle on the Block

Surfer: In honor of Christmas, think of a present for me! Best one wins!

Blaze: a're a surfer? (shot)

Neto: A Diamond for Surfer, a TV for Jimmy and a ray gun for Brent.

Alpha: Uh, I really have no idea maybe a... idk sorry. Not good with gifts :S

Surfer: Well, the diamond was nice... I'm not really shallow though... So Blaze wins and him and Alpha are off the block!

Power of Veto

Surfer: Similar to the last challenge, you must think of the gift you would want most! Nemo, Alpha, Dark, Jordan, Amber, and Amber-J are competing! GO!

Nemo: A Nintendo 2DS.

Jordan: Jamie Chung plox

Amber: Oh well, I'd love to have Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker! <'3.

Dark: Well... i really want a steampunk necklace.... but i would have to go with Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire!

Surfer: Dark wins! Dark will you use your veto?

Dark: I will use it on Alpha!

Memo: *whisper* Dark, pick Jordan!

Surfer: Whp will you put on on place of Alpha?

Dark: Nemo... i don't like you so.... Amber.

Eviction Ceremony 5: Nemo and Amber

Amber-J: Amber has nominated me a few times, I vote for her.

Alpha: I vote Nemo, He is bossy and you are nominated all the time.

Blaze: i vote for Nemo as well, sorry mate.

Jordan: Amber is more of a bae than Nemo, so Nemo has my vote :0

Surfer: And with that, Nemo is finally evicted! *people cheering are heard*

Episode 6

Living Room

Jordan: Nobody told me about this place :0

HOH Challenge (starts at 3 PM est)

Surfer: From this point on, there will be only one HOH. Today's challenge is building. You have one hour to build a tower. The tallest one (one with the most lines) wins. (You may repost after 15 w/ no posting)

Amber: *builds*

Jordan: *builds*

Amber: *builds*

Jordan: *builds*

Amber: *builds*

Jordan: *builds*

Amber-J: *builds*

Jordan: *builds*

Amber-J: *builds*

Jordan: *builds*

Blaze: (builds)

Amber: *builds*

Surfer: Jordan, who do you nominate as HOH?

Jordan: I nominate Zanna and Alpha :3 (do you mean eviction or w/e)

Blaze: (builds)

Power of Veto

Surfer: Everyone but Blaze will compete. You must make the new year's ball drop! It takes ten lines. You may repost after 15 mins of no posting.

Amber-J: *makes the ball drop* [1] 

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [1] 

Amber: *makes the ball drop*

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [2] 

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [3]

Amber-J: *makes the ball drop* [2] 

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [4]

Amber-J: *makes the ball drop* [3]

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [5]

Amber-J: *makes the ball drop* [4]

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [6] 

Dark: *makes the ball drop* (1)

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [7]

Dark: *makes the ball drop* (2)

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [8]

Dark: *makes the ball drop* (3)

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [9]

Dark: *makes the ball drop* (4)

Jordan: *makes the ball drop* [10]

Surfer: Jordan wins! Do you use your veto?!?

Jordan: Yeah, I'm going to save Alpha and put up Amber (Loenev) instead, since she'll clearly win a majority vote and win if she goes to the final :3

Eviction Ceremony 6: Zanna and Loenev

Surfer: You know what to do.

Dark: Ummm... Loenev #Blindside

Amber-J: Voting with my bae (my bae is Darky obvs) <3

Amber: That wasn't a surprise at all. :')

Amber-J: Okay. :'3

Surfer: Just waiting for Alpha and Blaze...

Alpha: Sorry I am late I vote... Zanna. Lonev is my bae I do not know zanna to much...

Blaze: sorry i'm late too...anyway i vote for Zanna.

Surfer: Uh oh. Tied vote. Jordan will decide!

Jordan: Yeah, I would feel extremely bad about getting rid of someone a lot more active than somebody who is completely irrelevant and inactive. So my vote is for Zanna, but Amber you do realize you are a HUGE threat lmao :P

Surfer: Well, Zanna, you have been eliminated!

Episode 7

HOH Challenge

Surfer: Houseguests, I have an announcement to make: Another user is debuting! You will play 20 questions to find out who it is, and the first person to correctly guess wins!

Jordan: Is it a well-established user???!?!?!?! :0

Surfer: Yes. They have been here a while.

Jordan: Is it Mabel

Surfer: No!

Amber: Is it TF?

Surfer: Wow, that was quick! Amber wins! Amber, who (besides TF) do you nominate?

Amber: The two who voted for me previous eviction ceremony. Sorry it's my only change to win. I nominate Dark and Amber-J.

Amber-J: OK.

Power of Veto

Surfer: Everyone will compete!!! The challenge is trivia from TDI Camps. First person to get five correct answers wins veto! First question: Who came in third in ASVU season one?

Amber-J: Dawn!

Jordan: Dawn :0

Amber: Dawnn <3. (that time was amazing)

Surfer: Amber-J is leading 1-0! Question 2: Who won Surfer's Survivor 2?

Amber: Chandler.

Amber-J: damn

Surfer: The score is 1-1-0-0-0-0!!! Next question: Who are the finalists in my OC TOURNEY

Amber-J: Luna and Lilac.

Surfer: And Amber-J is ahead, 2-1-0-0-0-0! Next question: Who hosted Total Drama Hotel 2?

Amber: Winston!

Surfer:And it's 2-2-0-0-0-0! Next question: Name three active admins/chat mods on the wiki!

Amber: TF, Racey & Liam! <3.

Surfer: Correct! Next question: How many characters have been confirmed for ASVU10?

Amber-J: 21 I think?

Surfer: And Amber-J has tied it up, again! Next: Name the top user on the Top Campers list.

Amber-J: TrentFan!  <3

Surfer: Amber-J is one point away! Who won Total Drama Hotel 2?

Amber-J: Elizabeth

Surfer: Amber-J wins the Power of Veto! Will you use it?

Amber-J: Yeah, I use it on Dark!

Surfer: Wait... What? You had the opportunity to use it on yourself... And you didn't?!? Whatever. Amber, who do you name as a replacement?

Amber: I have to replace Jordan.

Eviction Ceremony 7: Amber-J and Jordan

Surfer: After THAT shocker, here are your choices. Who will go home? Dark, Blaze, and Alpha will decide!

Jordan: beaten by them irrels amirite.

Amber-J: Ur rite. Good luck, Jordna Goddessa <3

Jordan: Oh Stop it you

Amber-J: Oh Stop it you I'm gonna miss you, even if I go, or if you go </3

TF: *in the air* I'm still in the air! I'm flying! also no wtf is this no @people who are nominated

Amber-J *looks up at TF, who, by the way, is in the air* IKR? It makes me cri. :'(

Jordan: Oh Stop it you I've already gone, good luck bae :0 @Amber

Amber-J: Oh Stop it you No I'm gone, good luck, bae!

Jordan: Oh Stop it you I've been evicted already!!! good luck bae :0

Amber-J: Oh Stop it you No huni I've been evicted already! @Jordna good luck bae <3

Jordan: Oh Stop it you I'm gone!!!!!! slay them bae :0

Surfer: I can't listen to this anymore! The person who is evicted is... TF! He was never debuting. *throws him in trash* You guys are staying in!!!

Amber-J: Oh Stop it you YES! TAKE THAT BASIC BI****S!!!!!!


Episode 8


Surfer: You will take out the trash, which contains TF. It takes 10 lines. Go! (You may repost after 15 mins of no posting)

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [1]

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [1]

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [2]

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [2]

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [3]

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [3]

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [4]

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [4]

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [5]

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [5]

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [6]

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [6]

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [7]

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [7]

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [8]

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [8]

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [9]

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [9]

Amber-J: *takes out the trash* TF no [10] Yas

Jordan: *takes out the trash* [10] Can there be two?????? :0

Surfer: Pffft, of course not! Amber-J wins! Who do you nominate?

Amber-J: Easy. Blaze and Alpha (Sorry guys but the rest of us are more active)

Blaze: (don't worry, no biggie) (CONF) easy....e-easy?...was it really that easy?...i swear it's like i sign up for shows like this just to be eliminated sooner. (chuckles)

Power of Veto

Surfer: Once again, everyone will compete. First, you must light a fire (3 lines). Then, you must light up the torch (4 lines). Finally, you will light the trash on fire (3 lines)! Go!

Amber-J: *lights fire* [1]

Dark: *lights fire* (1)

Blaze: (lights fire) (1)

Jordan: *lights fire* [1]

Blaze: (lights fire) (2)

Alpha: *lights fire* (1)

Amber: *lights fire* (1)

Dark: *lights fire* (2)

Blaze: (lights fire) (3)

Amber: *lights fire* (2)

Jordan: *lights fire* [2]

Amber-J: *lights fire* [2]

Jordan: *lights fire* [3]

Amber-J: *lights fire* [3]

Jordan: *lights torch* [1]

Amber-J: *lights torch* [1]

Jordan: *lights torch* [2]

Amber: *lights fire* (3)

Amber-J: *lights torch* [2]

Jordan: *lights torch* [3]

Amber-J: *lights torch* [3]

Jordan: *lights torch* [4]

Amber-J: *lights torch* [4]

Amber: *lights torch* (1)

Jordan: *lights trash on fire* [1]

Amber-J: *lights trash on fire* [1]

Jordan: *lights trash on fire* [2]

Amber: *lights torch* (2) :)

Jordan: *lights trash on fire* [3] yay!

Surfer: Jordan will you use your veto?

Jordan: I'll use the veto on Alpha tbh. :0

Surfer: So Alpha is off the block! Amber-J who do you put on as a replacement?

Amber-J: Loenev. Sorry. 

Amber: Yeah, I saw that was coming. Again. ;p

Amber-J: ;D

Eviction Ceremony 8: Blaze and Amber

Surfer: Jordan, Alpha, and Dark will decide your fate. Vote!

Jordan: You proved you were a threat during the previous HOH challenge, so sorry Amber you have my vote :0

Alpha: This was a hard vote.... sorry but I vote Amber, :( REmember I still love you bae.

Surfer: Wow. This was pretty shocking. Amber, you have been evicted.

Episode 9

HOH Challenge

Surfer: Tell me why you deserve to stay alive. Go!

Jordan: I think I should stay alive in this competition because I have been fierce in some challenges, even though I've been irrelevant in the early stages but that doesn't matter. I have won two HOH challenges and two POV and I think I have been a good player within the game... me @this

Amber-J: Because I have made very important strategic choices, pretty much run this game with my baes, and won a few challenges. :D

Alpha: I have lots of baes I have been nice and trusting, and I have never won a camp so I want to win!, I know I was inactive but I won't be here from now on! I want to atleast make it really far (I mean final 3/4 far.)

Blaze: to be honest i'm not sure if i do deserve to still be in this thing, which i say in most of the camps i actually participate in XD, so my argument is kinda invalid, but if you want an answer...then i guess all i can say is i'll contribute as much as i can to the camp and i'd like to think i'm pretty a pretty popular person! (chuckles)

Dark: I'm swaggy?

tf: i should win bc- wait i'm dead gg

TF: Well, um, wot @this. Well, uh, it basically goes down to Lucina and Homeslice, really, no offense to anyone else, but Blaze you basically begged me not to pick you,, yeah, and Dark, it's true, but no. Anyway, they were both pretty good compared to the others, but Homeslice put a bit more into his, so yeah. sorry @everyone i didn't pick; also die @surfer for burning me

Surfer: Go away, Tif. Anyways, Jordan, or Homeslice, who do you nominate?

Jordan: I nominate Alpha and Blaze tbh.

TF: *moves Surfer's litterbox to the street and then leaves*

Surfer: No, it's so far!!! *licks paw*

POWER OF VETO #all-caps

Surfer: Name all the letters, one by one. They stack, so one person says "a," the next says "b." Person who says "z" wins!

Dark: A

Surfer: Btw, you may repost after ten mins no posting.

Dark: B

Amber-J: C!

Dark: D

Amber-J: E

Alpha: F! Ftw :D

Dark: G!

Amber-J: H

Alpha: I.

Dark: J!

Alpha: K!

Amber-J: L

Alpha: M

Amber-J: N

Alpha: O

Alpha: P

Amber-J: Q

Alpha: R

Amber-J: S

Blaze: T (CONF) begged?...begged...OK, whatever...

Amber-J: U

Surfer: We are five letters away!

Amber-J: V

Alpha: W!

Amber-J: X

Jordan: Y (sun)

Amber-J: Z for Zoey (cries)

Surfer: Amber-J wins veto! Do you use it?

Amber-J:  No.

Eviction Ceremony 9: Blaze and Alpha

Surfer: Dark and Amber-J will decide your fates.

Amber-J: Blaze... Sorry <3

Alpha: Thank's Amber-j I wuv you bae.

Amber-J: <3

Surfer: Dark, vote!

Dark: Blaze...

Surfer: Blaze has been evicted!

Episode 10

HOH Challenge

Surfer: Post a picture of a house. Best one wins. Hello?!?

Surfer: Amber-J wins! Who do you nominate?

Amber-J: Alpha and I have to nominate Jordan, but you'll be safe bae. <3

Power of Veto

Surfer: Come up with an idea for SS7. Best one wins :3

Amber-J: Surfer's Survivor: Asia (every few episodes they move to new countries in asia)

Alpha: Surfer's Survivor 7: Elements (there will be 4 teams Fire, Ice, Wind, and Lightning and they will travel to different places like a Fire Planet Ice, Wind, Lightning, or maybe even into video games!) :D

Jordan: Surfer's Survivor 7: Anarchy/Free Agents (there are no teams at all and it is every person for themselves - pretty much merge for the entire game ;D)

Surfer: Jordan wins! Jordan, will you use veto?

Jordan: I'll use it on myself :3

Surfer: Ok! So Dark will replace you on the block!

Eviction Ceremony 11: Dark or Alpha

Surfer: Jordan, who's going home?

Jordan: I'll evict... Alpha tbh.

Episode 12

Surfer: Winner of HOH part one goes against winner of part two in HOH part three. Winner chooses who goes home.

HOH part one

Surfer: Run to grab the trophy for HOH part one (5 lines). You may repost after 15 mins no posting.

Jordan: *runs to grab trophy*

Amber-J: *runs*

Jordan: *runs to grab trophy* [2]

Amber-J; *runs*

Surfer: Where'd y'all go?

Dark: *runs* (1)

Dark: I quit!

Amber-J: nO!!!! D:

Surfer: Dark! Darn, she could have won! Well, it looks like Amber-J and Jordan are our finalists!

Episode 12

Former Contestants


Amber-J: Ily Jordna <3

Jordan: Ily 2 bae <33

Jury Vote

Surfer: Welcome back, all former contestants! It's time to decide upon a winner! Go into the CONF and vote for who you want to win!!!

Alpha: (CONF) I love Amber but she wins a lot of camps so I am voting Jordan since he deserves it *votes Jordan*.

Blaze: (CONF) i'm gonna vote for Amber, i think myself she deserves it more then Jordan does.

Amber: (CONF) Well, Alpha is right but Blaze is right too. Of course Amber-J won ASVU and Surfer's Survivor, but I think someone who deserves to win will win. So I vote Amber-J. Also I really think Jordan could be a amazing winner, but if I look back to this, Amber-J deserves it more even that she have voted for me a few times. (END CONF)

Liam: Jordan eliminated me instead of Nemo. Bye B!tch o/ I vote for Jordan.

Jordan: (CONF) I vote Amber the bae

Amber-J: (CONF) I vote Jordna

Dark: (CONF) Guess who I vote? DUHH Amber-J!

BB: *Votes Jordan* Nemo: Amber-J!

Zanna: I haven't really been paying attention to this but I'll just vote Amber-J.

Lynn: I'm not voting for anyone, you are both useless gnomes. I should win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan: Of course you should, being out in Episode 2 is flawless gameplay (sun)

Surfer: And the winner is... Amber-J!!!!!!!!! What do you think of your victory?

Amber: *rolls her eyes* Let's start season twooo!

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