Note: This is a scenario. Do I actually think a Survivor season could happen backwards? No. Anyways, to the scenario...


Episode One

On the Brains Tribe, people quickly break into cliques of two: Kass and Spencer, J'Tia and Tasha, and David and Garret. Kass clashes early with the lazy J'Tia, Tasha comes to the latter's side. Spencer defends Kass, leaving David and Garret to watch the chaos unfold.

Meanwhile, on the Brawns Tribe, Cliff quickly reels in Woo, Sarah, and Lindsay with his star power, leaving Trish and Tony on the outs. Tony constructs his spy shack, which he shows to Woo and Trish. Woo claims he's on Tony's side and that he can bring Cliff along for the ride, but Trish doesn't buy it.

At the Beauty Tribe, an all-girl alliance is built, with the girls considering Brice as a fourth member. LJ and Jeremiah, realizing they are on the outs, struggle to reel him in, along with Morgan.

At the Immunity Challenge, Brawn dominates the physical aspect. Beauty and Brain struggle, but Beauty is in second at the puzzle. Brawn descends into in-fighting at the puzzle portion, and Brain finishes first, having gained ground with the mental part. It's a race to the finish, with Brice putting in the final puzzle piece just before Trish, sending the Brawns to Tribal.

Back at the Brawns camp, Tony and Sarah fight for Woo and Cliff's vote. Tony argues to Woo that the girls are weak, then shows him the spy shack. Woo talks to Cliff, who is completely against voting with the guys, saying it will hurt them strategically once both Sarah and Lindsay are gone.

At Tribal Council, Tony says that he knows he's on the bottom. Woo discusses his conversations with both sides, and Cliff explains his dilemma: keeping the tribe strong or being on top of an unbreakable alliance. With that, people vote. Tony votes for Sarah. Lindsay votes Tony. The rest of the votes are not shown. First vote... Tony. Second vote... Tony. Third vote... Sarah. Fourth vote... Tony. Fifth vote... Sarah. First person voted out... Tony.


Trish: I know I'm on the bottom, but I need to vote you out to get to the top.

Tony: This had better work.

Cliff: Sorry, man, you seem cool.

Sarah: Don't let the tdoor hit you on the way out.

Woo: You're just too strategic, and you're getting in the way of my alliance.

Lindsay: You try to vote us women out? Right.

Episode Two

When the Brawns return to camp, Trish is angry, but doesn't show it. She hopes to work her way into Cliff's alliance and fracture it, exploiting distrust. She talks to Woo, trying to convince him to vote out Cliff. Woo says he finds the pitch about Cliff being a famous threat interesting, but isn't sure if he wants to eliminate his friend. Meanwhile, Sarah and Lindsay find it suspicious that Woo and Trish are off on their own.

The next morning, the sun rises on the Brains Tribe, where the two duos are trying to reel in swing votes Garret and David. Kass and J'Tia continue to clash, with Spencer and Tasha joining in occasionally. David and Garret's initial reaction is to go with Spencer and Kass, since J'Tia is volatile, but they haven't decided yet.

At the Brawns Tribe, Sarah and Lindsay take their suspicions to Cliff, who brushes them off. However, with Woo and Trish going off every few hours, it seems that they might be right.

At the Beauty Tribe, the guys continue to try to appeal to Brice. However, they don't really click, and Brice flocks to the girls.

At Immunity, the Brawns start strong again, though Lindsay has trouble swimming. The Brains take an early lead which quickly falls apart, leaving them in last, just behind Beauty. However, at the puzzle, they excel again, winning the challenge. Sarah and Lindsay struggle, and they fall behind, while Brice and Morgan keep them in the challenge. Finally, Beauty finishes, and Brawn goes back to Tribal.

Back at camp, Sarah and Lindsay try to get Cliff to vote out Woo, but Cliff is unconvinced. Woo tells Cliff that he will be voting Trish, but Trish continues to try and pull Woo in. However, with only two votes, Trish knows she's in trouble. Woo says he's seriously considering voting Cliff, Cliff says he's seriously considering voting Woo, and the girls' votes are locked.

At Tribal, Jeff talks about the surprise that is the Brawns losing two challenges in a row. Cliff says they should vote off the weak players, but is still considering making a big move. The Girls argue that it's too late for the Brawns to vote out weak people, and they should focus on getting out the strategic threats. With that, the tribe votes. Trish votes Cliff. The rest of the votes are not shown. First vote... Cliff. Second vote... Trish. Third vote... Woo (Woo is stunned). Fouth vote... Cliff (Cliff is also shocked, and he looks at Woo, enraged). Fifth vote... Woo. It's a tie. They revote. None of the votes are shown. First vote... Woo. Second vote... Cliff. Second person voted out......... Woo.


Cliff: This was tough, but you aren't in my alliance and you're weak.

Woo: You're a real threat in the long run, and I can't have you running away with this thing.

Trish (1): This is really my only option.

Lindsay (1): We know you're betraying us for that old, ugly hag.

Sarah (1): Were you ever truly with us? Or were you just pretending so you could pull off a blindside?

Trish (2): Please let this work...

Lindsay (2): You dirty scum!

Sarah (2): I didn't think you would actually go through with it, but you leave me no choice.

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